As you might have known that I have written here on my website several reviews about faucet programs where we can earn money, usually cryptocurrency, for free. In any of them I told people that I will not recommend anybody to use less than 60 minutes faucet.

Based on my experience before, a shorter timer means less money. More claims per hour doesn’t always mean more money.

But then, the small amount of money we can earn from faucet programs has leave me no choice but to look for other alternatives. We can’t really rely on just one program or even one coin.

For coins other than bitcoin, there is a limited numbers of faucet that we can use, especially the one with more than 60 minutes timer. Then, I tried

This 5 minutes faucet, yes, you read that right, 5 minutes timer program has changed my views about a short timer faucet. Since I already got paid instantly just right after the first claim and ever since, I have to write a review about them.

I do recommend this, for now, but there are things we need to understand about using them. So, here, I will share with you my reviews about based on my experience with them.

It’s not about whether they are legit or scam anymore, but more about how we can use this to earn more money. And probably some insights about their business.

Click or tab on any sections from the table of contents to jump right to that part. Use the red arrow button on the bottom right corner of the screen to head back to the top.


Sister Sites:
ETHEREUM (up to 320 gwei)
LITECOIN (up to 2,500 litoshi)
DOGECOIN (up to 0.4 DOGE)
BITCOIN CASH (up to 500 BCH satoshi)
DIGIBYTE (up to 0.04 DGB)
DASH (up to 1,500 dashies)
TRON  (up to 0.04 TRX)
BNB (up to 450 satoshi)
ZEC (up to 1,000 satoshi)
USDT (up to 0.002 USDT)
FEY (up to 0.5 FEY)
Type: Cryptocurrency Faucet (5 minutes)
Feature: Multiple Cryptocurrencies
Referral Commission: 50%
Payment Method: FaucetHub,
Started Since: May 2018
My Status: PAYING
Last Payment: May 2023

News and Update

February 2023. Shortlink Faucet again.

January 2023. Back to simple instant faucet.

November 2022. They integrated the faucet with shortlinks again. Some of them can create infinite loop.

October 2022. I didn’t realize that they changed the interval time to 0 minutes. So, we can keep claiming the coins from their faucets. The limit would be their balance.

June 2022. Republished the article from previous date, January 8, 2021.

April 2021. As updated their platform and added more coins, also added more sister faucets. We can now earn Binance Coin, Feyorra, Tether and ZCash. We can use any of these links to earn those coins.

BNB (up to 450 satoshi)
ZEC (up to 1,000 satoshi)
USDT (up to 0.002 USDT)
FEY (up to 0.5 FEY)

January 2021. Republished the article, originally from April 26, 2019.

November 2020. I have decided to give this one another try, considering that they have settled to use their initial script and integrate with micro wallet,

The claiming process is still similar to what I have described in this article. The difference is that the use different website for the shortlink or the second layer of captcha.

We can use this link to create account with Learn more from my Review.

January 2020. got a rebranding for their website. It is no longer a simple faucet program where we can claim and get paid instantly and automatically to our micro wallet.  They actually use the same script as their sister site Here is the problem though.

So, they also reset their database, deleting every member data and their progress without any prior announcement first. I already contact them and still no reply.

I do believe that this one is a legit but since there is a chance that they could do it again, I really can’t recommend anybody to use this. The website is similar to so anybody can read my review to learn how to use it if they want.

So, I will set my status for as PROBLEMATIC. The same goes for their sister site Maybe I could eventually use it in the future if there is no other faucet programs again. Or if they at least reply back to me, maybe I will change the status again.

Just keep that in mind, the risk if anybody want to use any program of their group.

November 2019. the only payment method for announced their closure as micro wallet service. Read more from my Review about the development of other affected programs.

So far, there is still no update about a new replacement of micro wallet service for The owner also has one more faucet program that doesn’t rely on micro wallet service to earn, which has the same script with We can still get paid directly to our Bitcoin wallet from that program.


If you are looking for a real company where you can see a company profile on the website, the photo of the owner, or some social media accounts to interact with them, then (Claim Free Coins) is probably not for you.

There is no ABOUT ME/US page, no contact form or social media to follow. Since they use .io domain, not even WhoIs data is available and that is if they are not redacted for privacy.

Then again, we can get paid without paying anything. The only data we submit is just our cryptocurrency wallet address. No credit cards, no email, nothing.

Part of FaucetHub Program

As a part of FaucetHub program, the picture below is what we can see as a profile about the owner of Nothing much to see, but at least there is a channel to send the owner a private message or we can even chat in public.

FaucetHub is not just a payment processor for faucet programs, but it is also a community platform where users and owners of faucet can become a member. Even a user can become an owner, probably like

The status on FaucetHub says that the owner already become a member since 2 years ago while the program he offered is barely a year old. No official statement about this but I’m guessing he starts like anybody else.

They used and still use a lot of other faucets, collect enough money before starting their own. There are many who follow this same path.

Some probably still active and some already retired for offering free coins. So, there is a chance they can grow into something else or shut down the business completely.

Maybe it’s just a matter of time before they add more information about themselves. Add some company profile or social media account, or not.

The point is that what they do, among other owners is very typical. If they give more, it’s a bonus.

News and Update

As of July 2019, or maybe even before since I didn’t pay attention, is no longer a 5 minutes faucet. No need to wait for the timer and we can claim again right after.

The homepage, where we can choose which coin still says about 5 minutes so they haven’t changed it. There is also a change to timer within the shortlink or the second layer of captcha. It is no longer a 10 seconds timer but a 5 seconds.

FaucetHub actually added more coins to their system, Tron coin and Hora Token. hasn’t add another faucets page for these coins. Not sure if they ever will in the future.

Starting August 2019, FaucetHub made some changes to their policy about making withdraw from any faucet program into FaucetHub. Some owners might have to change how their faucets work.

There are some that chose to lower the earning per claim while other faucets chose to increase the minimum to withdraw. Different programs would have different solution the owner might take.

FaucetHub stated that there were owners who abused the previous system. So, it is possible that one of the program we used might even decide to shut down their business, or at least need more time to make some adjustment.

Payment delay could be one of the possible action. We just need to give them more time.

In the case of, I haven’t noticed anything different since the update from FaucetHub. Only that about 1 day since the implementation, the faucet redirected some users to another website because of misconfiguration on the FaucetHub.

The problem has been resolved and we can use the faucet like before.

There may be other things they have changed and I didn’t notice yet. The rest of the review is still based on their previous policy. Some may still applicable but some may no longer so.

Please let me know if any of you find something and leave it using the comment section below and I will update this page. Faucet – How to claim free coins itself actually only have one feature, just the faucet. But it rely on other program to use and there are a lot of ads and coins which can be very confusing.

These are the steps that we are going to do before we can start claiming, until we can get the free coins to our wallet. Also some consideration and suggestion from me so we can earn more with this program.

Setting Up Wallet

Since is using FaucetHub service, and we can claim from that program by submitting a wallet, we first have to make one. If you don’t have any wallet for cryptocurrencies, I suggest using to keep your bitcoin.

It is actually another faucet but not using FaucetHub service. The great thing about them is that we can use them as our wallet and they offer a compounded daily interest if we keep 30,000 satoshi to our balance. To learn more about the wallet, here is my review for

After we signup with, use the green DEPOSIT button at the top of the main member dashboard. Copy the wallet address. Double check everytime we paste it to make sure we are doing it right.

Link to FaucetHub

The next thing is to link the wallet address to FaucetHub. Use this link to signup for free.

On FaucetHub member Dashboard, click on WALLET ADDRESSES tab to link a wallet. On this page we can add any cryptocurrencies wallet, not just bitcoin. Just make sure we choose the right currency.

Paste the address on the box below “link a new address” and select currency on the next box. Then hit the green button “Link this Address+”.

Only after this, we can use the address to login to

Claiming Process

If you’have been following my suggestion to use the bitcoin wallet, we can start earn BTC using this link. Other coins must use other links from

The picture below is what we are going to see.

Input our wallet address linked to FaucetHub. If we use other wallet that we haven’t linked or wallet for other coins, we won’t get paid. Copy them from the FaucetHub to make sure.

After that we need to hit the login button. Scroll down to find the blue login button. It is right after 2 square ads and before the referral link like the picture above.

As we can see from the picture below we are now logged in, with the address we use for FaucetHub. We now need to click continue button. It’s at the same place as the blue login button before.

After we hit continue, there is a pop up window just like the second picture above. It’s for the captcha system and anti bot checker that we need to solve both of them correctly in order to move the next step.

It doesn’t matter which one we solve first. For the captcha, we will get the check mark sign if we solve it. The default setting is to use the reCaptcha system from Google but we can pick SolveMedia as alternative but the latter won’t show a check mark until we submit.

If we want to switch, make sure we do switch it first instead of solving the second captcha or the anti bot checker. This is due to if resetting the entire page if we switch, right back to before the continue button.

A tip for this part. Just be patient to wait until the page is fully loaded before we hit continue button.

If we stop the page before it is fully loaded, there is a chance that the captcha or the anti bot checker is not complete and we have no other choice but to reload. Everytime we reload or refresh the page, we automatically switch to other captcha options.

For the anti bot checker we need to pick four words in the right order. Everytime we click on each word, it will disappear. After we click the 4th word, the VERIFY button will appear at the bottom even if we are doing in the wrong order.

If we click verify when it’s done in the wrong order, we will be send back to the logged in page again and start over by clicking that CONTINUE button again. Once we do it right, we will now enter to page like the picture below.

At the top part of the page, between ads, we can see there is another reCaptcha system again. This is why I recommend people not to switch to SolveMedia because for this part, we only have reCaptcha.

I think if we use BTC faucet for the first time, this page is a little different. Just the placement though, but it’s like we are redirected to other website but in fact, we just need to scroll down.

The second part of this page is an FAQ page about cryptocurrency if we want to read it. After we solve the captcha, we can now hit the button “CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE” to go to the next page.

The next page is another timer. In general we just need to wait 10 seconds and we have to stay on the page for the timer to start. If we arrived to a slightly different page of, we need to wait for 15 seconds.

After the timer is done, the green button will change to GET LINK. As shown in the picture below, we arrive at the end of this process and that is our announcement of how many coins we get for this claim.

The coin we just claimed is transferred right away to FaucetHub. There is no minimum and no need to withdraw anything.

Hit the refresh button again and now we get to the 5 minutes timer just like the picture below. After 5 minutes, this will lead us back to the login page where we need to put our wallet address.

No need to paste the address again but still need to hit the blue login button. Restart again the claiming process.

That’s it for We can redo this process or we can try claiming other coins from this website while waiting for the 5 minutes.

The process is the same for all coins. I think we can open multi tabs, for all faucet for each coins to claim all of them at the same time.

But it’s going to be very confusing and not sure about being more efficient that way. The whole claiming process for one coin needs like 1 minute, assuming everything is doing right.

Remember that we need to have wallet for each coin before we can use the faucet program. Make sure we have a wallet that accept the coin we want to collect and link them first to FaucetHub.

Problems that could happen

Bad things can happen while claiming and at some point it can be very annoying. As we might have realized to this point that the business behind this service is about showing ads.

The reason they can offer us free money is by forcing us to load and view ads. The more ads they can show, the more profit they can get.

After a couple of times, the system sometimes will force us to pop up a new tab or even resetting the whole claiming process. The annoying part is when this happen in the middle of solving those captcha, suddenly send us back to the homepage.

Nothing is really free and for this program, this is how we pay them.

Since this program is relying on FaucetHub service, when FaucetHub website is down, usually will follow. Especially on weekend.

People are going to use this program heavily, I mean, like every 5 minutes, accessing all 14 coins, keep moving from one page to another. A downtime is to be expected.

There is going to be a time when the captcha system, as a third party, is not going to work. Not to mention if we use other similar program as well.

Having SolveMedia as alternative can be a great help for this situation. I really don’t know how it works but the second layer of captcha which we only have reCaptcha to use, seems to be working when the first one doesn’t.

Back to the FaucetHub

On FaucetHUb, we can try to refresh the Overview page to see if we really get paid from the program. We can also check the STATS page, but it’s only updated like once every hour.

Now we have to choices. One is to keep collecting coins until it reach the minimum amount to withdraw to our wallet. Each coin has its own threshold.

Or two, we can exchange them all to bitcoin so we can reach faster just the minimum amount of bitcoin to withdraw. Even though FaucetHub accept a lot of different cryptocurrencies, they are still bitcoin centered.

Just because we need to have a working wallet for each coin, it doesn’t mean we have to withdraw as that coin. On FaucetHub, we can buy other coins, but we need to exchange them to BTC first, no direct swap between altcoins.

To exchange every altcoins to BTC, each coins has its own minimum threshold again. But, based on my experience, we can always trade them after each claim from this program.

We need like 20,000 satoshi minimum. If we want to cut the fees to minimum, we need like 1,000,000 satoshi for each withdraw.

What to do next?

Based on my experience, we can earn like 10-20 satoshi per claim per coins. See the section below for more elaborate.

That number is not really that high, considering there are a lot of coins we can collect from here and it’s just a five minutes faucet. Not to mention that we should try other program as well.

After all, that is the point of using FaucetHub. To collect every claim from a lot of faucet programs in one account so we can reach the withdraw threshold faster.

This is the one I have tried, and maybe I will keep adding more reviews about other programs we can use from FaucetHub.

Of course I don’t recommend people to waste their time collecting from faucets. What we can get is still just pennies.

But if we have nothing to do, instead of wasting our time with social media, reading feed from other people, at least collecting pennies can lead to something.

If you follow my suggestion above to use as wallet, wait until 30,000 satoshi or keep collecting until we reach that number so we can get daily interest.

If we can keep building it, we can get enough coins daily just from the interest. And that is without the need to do the claiming ourselves.

That is just one way of how we can turn these pennies into an investment. Maybe you can find some alternatives here on my website.

Use the faucets program only if you have a plan like that. After all we still need some money to start the investment or even a business.

How much can we get?

This is a big question for anybody looking for a faucet program. How much money can we earn per claim? offers people to claim all 14 coins supported by FaucetHub. It is very easy to just jump in and claim right away assuming that they are offering the same value. But are they?

Other faucet program from FaucetHub, and their group offers like $0.0005 per claim for all coins they offered. So what about

What they offer

Here is what we can get based on what they say on their homepage

BTC: up to 100 satoshi
ETH: up to 2,000 gwei
XMR: up to 5,000 piconero
LTC: up to 10,000 litoshi
DOGE: up to 1 dogecoin
BCH: up to 1,500 satoshi (bitcoin cash)
ZEC: up to 5,000 zetoshi
DGB: up to 0.25 DGB
BTX: up to 0.01 bitcore
BLK: up to 0.1 blackcoin
DASH: up to 3500 dashies
PPC: up to 0.01 peercoin
XPM: up to 0.01 primecoin
POT: up to 0.2 potcoin

The actual number

This is the actual amount I get within several consecutive days claiming around 100 times for 9 coins. I don’t use the rest of them since my wallet doesn’t accept them so I can’t use their faucet from this website.

Maybe not yet. If you have similar data for those coins, let me know.

BTC: 15-35 satoshi, average: 25 satoshi
ETH: 150-470 gwei, average: 325 gwei
LTC: 537-1014 litoshi, average: 757 litoshi
DOGE: 0.158-0.31 dogecoin, average: 0.24 dogecoins
BCH: 223-399 BCH satoshi, average: 304 satoshi
ZEC: 580-1142 zetoshi, average: 882 zetoshi
DGB: 0.026-0.051 dgb, average: 0.0384 dgb
BTX: 0.0012-0.0002 btx, average: 0.00157 btx
DASH: 368-642 dashies, average: 506 dashies


Since this is a FaucetHub program, we can either get paid using those coins or we can sell them using their in built exchanger to get BTC. We cannot swap between altcoins, sell to BTC first then buy altcoins and we have to pay fees for two transaction then.

If we try to convert those numbers above into bitcoin (BTC), here is what we can get.

BTC: average 25 satoshi, 100 satoshi max.
ETH: average 11 satoshi (325 gwei), 104 satoshi (3000 gwei) max.
LTC: average 11 satoshi (757 litoshi), 148 satoshi (10.000 litoshi) max
DOGE: average 12 satoshi (0.24 dogecoins), 51 satoshi (1 dogecoin) max.
BCH: average 12 satoshi (304 BCH satoshi), 61 satoshi (1,500 BCH satoshi) max.
ZEC: average 12 satoshi (882 zetoshi), 69 satoshi (5,000 zetoshi) max.
DGB: average 11 satoshi (0.0384 dgb),  74 satoshi (0.25 DGB) max.
BTX: average 11 satoshi (0.00157 btx),  72 satoshi (0.01 bitcore) max.
DASH: average 12 satoshi (506 dashies), 83 satoshi (3500 dashies) max.

The numbers above are based on the price and exchange rates on FaucetHub at the time of this writing. So, as we can see, claiming BTC is worth more than other coins.

Even the lowest number of BTC per claim is still higher than the average of other coins. The maximum amount we can get varies but we can’t really rely on that, right? Just consider them as a bonus.

Comparison to other faucet programs

You can check out my website to find my reviews from other similar programs like Here are the comparisons of what we can get.

From, at the time of this writing, we can get like 25 satoshi as well but only once per hour. We can get here in average, more or less the same amount but every 5 minutes.

It means that if we just need to claim once or twice per hour and we already get more. The same goes between dogecoins here and

I consider offer as the standard amount. So here, we can get more but we have to deal with the two layers of captcha and one of them is double system.

Not to mention the ads we have to see, page by page we have to access. There is also no additional feature like daily interest and the lack of tools for referral programs which I will describe later.

Which coin to choose?

Based on the number alone it is very obvious that we should at least pick Bitcoin faucet. We can get almost twice per claim and other currencies are not as widely accepted as bitcoin.

The problem is, that using just one faucet and relying on one coin might not be enough. Another thing is that the key to any investment is to diversify to spread the risk so when the investment go down, we still have some other.

The next question would be what else? The answer is depends on our goal with cryptocurrencies.

To be honest I’m not entirely sure about the future of each coins. I’m not an expert but based on what I heard is that using cryptocurrencies is inevitable.

Not as investment instrument but at least as a payment method. Right now there are more than hundreds maybe thousands of alternative coins.

It’s like a forex between official fiat currencies. Some people can make money from them but some people lose them as well.

Unless we are giving our time to learn about it, they are just speculation.

They say that a lot of alternative coins have better solution system than Bitcoins. But in order to replace Bitcoin, they still need Bitcoin, because that is what most people know.

Just like FaucetHub itself. Even if they accept 14 coins and they may add more in the future, but they are still relying on bitcoin.

If you want, you can do it like me. First focus on bitcoin, we can claim more coins. To diversify, just choose one and my recommendation for now would be to collect Ethereum and withdraw them not as bitcoin.

No, this is not an expert opinion, just ordinary people. We can add more but I’m not sure about which is the next.

Maybe the rank for those coins based on market cap would help you. And based on that the next coin to choose from this program would be Litecoin and Monero next.

I think, optimally we can claim up to four or five coins from this program. So, either the last three is just to speed up to reach bitcoin minimum amount to withdraw.

Some Warning

I ended up using all of the coins offered except for PrimeCoin because I haven’t found any wallet yet. At first, I used just 10 of them and the others are like alternatives, which when I want to change from collecting one coin to another. But that is not the only reason.

I’m not really sure since I’m not an expert but I use Opera as a browser to use Somehow, after the CONTINUE button, where we access the shortlink page, Opera said that this site is considered as dangerous.

The weird thing is that it happened to one coin but not the others. I thought it was a temporary thing maybe some ads could be dangerous so I keep switching from time to time.

Another reason I think, would be because the volatility of cryptocurrencies price, maybe the owner wouldn’t want to take any risk of paying too much. Either way I really don’t know.

Eventually I ended up only using two of them since Opera gave a warning to other coins one by one from this website claiming page. I don’t know if they are going to be accessible again but until then I’m not taking any risk.

Maybe I will keep on checking from time to time but I’m not holding my breath for it. In the mean time I will keep looking for alternative programs to use hopefully find a better one.

Maybe I’m just being paranoid. Let me know about your experience about this.

There is no warning when I switch to Google Chrome as the browser.

Wallet for FaucetHub Program

Another consideration would be whether we have the wallet or not for those coins. Whichever coins we pick, make sure we have the wallet to keep and exchanger to sell, perhaps the one that can pay with local money.

If you just need a wallet for most cryptocurrencies of FaucetHub, I suggest to use wallet address from Exchanger like Coinpayments or Coinexchange.

From all 14 coins on FaucetHub, these are the coins those exchangers support. Use the link to open account for free.


We can generate a deposit address from either program, usually each wallet for each coins. Don’t forget to link them to FaucetHub.

It is actually not a good idea to store our coins on wallet from exchangers program. But what we need is just a way to withdraw from faucet to FaucetHub.

To do that, we just need to link the wallet address. So we can just generate the address from those exchangers but never actually make a withdraw to the exchangers.

As I mentioned above, we can convert all of those coins to BTC within FaucetHub. Withdraw those BTC to a more secure wallet.

Even FaucetHub won’t let us withdraw MONERO (XMR) to those wallets and even I can’t find a wallet for Primecoin yet. So chances are we are going to sell those altcoins to a more popular one.

Even to sell them to cash we probably can only sell from ETH if not BTC.

Read more from my Review,

Referral / Affiliate Program

Usually this is the feature that people can use so the program can generate more money. It can be a passive income.

The problem is that compared to other affiliate program, this is actually not a good program. On this section I will tell you why.

How does it work?

With referral program, we can invite other people to join this website and if those people use the service, we can get paid.

For, the service is to earn free coins. So, we can get money by inviting other people to get money. It is actually not that bad, right?

Usually, as the company with the service, will give us, the affiliate a referral link with our ID on it. The one below is mine for this.

If anybody click on it, join and use the faucet program, they will become my referral. We can get 50% the amount our referral claim.

The ID at the back is actually our wallet address. Not a username or email or member ID and it’s kinda hard to remember.

Why they are bad

If we have tried using the faucet, we should have realized by now that there is no member dashboard for this program, let alone our referral status page. The only way to know if we have a referral or not is to check the status on FaucetHub, see if we get half the amount of claim we usually get from

I’m not entirely sure since I really can’t prove it, but  it seems they are not going to let us keep our referral. Usually on other affiliate program, those who join us will be a referral for a long time if not forever.

There is a term called recurring commission, which when our referral use the service again, we will get paid again. But, since there is no database for member, I suspect that we can only get commission if the referral make a claim only at the time they access our link, not the next claim after 5 minutes.

Referral has to comeback using the link again or we won’t get paid.

Another bad thing about the program is that every coins have their own referral code. Since we have to use our wallet for specific coin to login, different coins will need different wallet address therefore a referral to one coin probably not to another.

Sure, you might think that it’s just pennies, but consider if we can have a lot of referrals and each of them make several claims a day.

Little by little but it can eventually be big enough. It could be an investment.

I could be wrong about the long term referral but still, people can easily change and link a new wallet address. Don’t even mention about providing more promotional tools like banners or tracking system.

If we want to compare this program with just as simple faucet program, try the faucet from this program. They don’t provide us with tools to promote as well but they are still keeping track of our earnings and referrals on their website which we can check every claim.

Is there nothing we can do?

Just because they don’t provide us with enough tools, doesn’t mean that we can’t really do anything about it. The only way I can think of is to follow what most of the faucet programs do. Make a list.

On our own website or other platform, we create a page with a list of programs we use or just specific to faucet program we use and recommend to other people. Make it more interesting and add more useful information so people will bookmark the page.

If they do, they will keep coming back to those page, use our link to access Since we have to use the link separately for other coins, then create multiple pages for each coin. For example, the top # best faucet programs for “X” coin.

To make it even better, put our “best”, or “hot” stamp next to link and it can help people choose it from other programs. Other way is to put the link at the top of the list.

Don’t forget to add more information about the program so we can help anybody to understand why they should choose this program and not the others. It can be a earning potential, timer, captcha system, or a link to another page containing a review about said program.

I’m not saying that we should actually promote but it can be a suggestion for other program with similar condition. If there is a better one, we should promote that instead of this.

Let me know if you have a better one than

How they can offer free money

As I said before, nothing is really free. In exchange to earn those free coins, we have to view some ads.

I think there are other sources of income for the owner to keep running this kind of business. Let’s try to look more about that, maybe can inspire those who wants to do the same.

The ads we have to see

On the homepage, there is no ads to see. Just link to each faucet.

Then the login page. From the top, one horizontal banner, two vertical ads and two box of ads in the middle. After the referral link, there are three more.

Next is the logged in page which essentially the same page. So it has the same number of ads. When we hit the CONTINUE button for the double captcha system, there are two boxes of ads and one in horizontal shape.

Inside, we have two more ads before and after the captcha. After we solve them and hit another continue button, two more ads to see.

Then at the result page, back to the login page again, with the same number of ads. So there are around 30 spaces for ads not counting the failed attempt and the pop up ads.

All of that to earn around 10-20 satoshi. I don’t have any experience or knowledge of how much money we can earn from displaying those ads. But I guess what they share as free coins probably is not that much.

They might not change the maximum coins offered but based on the script, they can still change the average number. This is a good way for a sustainable business so they won’t run out of funds suddenly because of dynamic price of cryptocurrencies.

There are four more pages containing other programs each specific for one category. There are no ads in any of them.

Other Affiliate programs

As we can see at the top of website there are four more categories besides their own faucet programs. These are all programs that offers affiliate program as well and can get money from us if we join those programs using the link from any of these page.

At the time of this writing there are 24 faucets program, 22 URL shorteners, 24 PTC and 16 Mining programs. Most of them are related to cryptocurrencies or at least we can pay or get paid with crypto.

Based on my experience with PTC and faucet, we can only get pennies from a program, maybe a few dollars at most. That is if we are doing the work ourselves. But the point with any affiliate program is, if we can get enough referrals, they can do the work and generate enough income for us.

There are some faucet programs who use FaucetHub service as well but there are those who doesn’t. If we look at the owner profile on FaucetHub, the owner already became a member for two years while the faucet programs is barely a year.

So I think the owner took some time maybe to learn or even collect coin from other faucets first before he decided to launch his own program. Maybe get referrals until it is enough to pay daily premium membership for FaucetHub.

There is no guarantee that the recommended programs will pay or continue to pay. To, they are just another third party programs.

But, at least, if this is an income source for them, will promote a paying one. Not wasting some space to scams.

These programs are just small part of other affiliate programs. There are many more. Maybe you can find some others from my website here.

The initial setup cost

I’m not saying that these are the only cost but at least it can give some part of the picture of how to start this business. First is for the FaucetHub program membership.

We need like 4.000 satoshi a day to get some benefit as the owner of faucet. It is a good deal, to boost some promotion within FaucetHub so we need to make sure that we can afford that first.

Then we need to top up our account, fill our balance with some money. Since this website doesn’t keep any members balance but pay right away within FaucetHub, we need some initial money to keep.

Of course that we don’t have to launch all programs right away. Maybe start with one type of coin and preferably not BTC first. We can always offer less coin to make sure the engine is running for longer.

Now the script of the website. We can use the same script as, GR8 Faucet Script, buy them for $100. There are already other faucets who do the same. We can buy them from this link.

Alternatively we can try using script from Overfeat. The price is similar but it is not connected directly to FaucetHub. Users will have to submit withdraw request first.

Another thing is that the one from Overfeat probably not for multiple coins. Other faucet that use this script is

Maybe as the last part, we need some hosting and pay for domain. Based on some warning page sometimes displayed on, I think they are using Namecheap service. Maybe for both domain and hosting.

Those .io domain is rather expensive compared to the usual .com or .net. But I’m guessing that name is already taken.

So, maybe with a few hundred dollars, we can already start this business. Again, there are probably other cost but maybe not that much.

We just need to make sure that the amount of coins we offer is less than what we can get from ads. Understand how and when the currency value will go up or down can help to decide when to buy and sell to get more profit.

So far, is still paying. But the programs are barely one year old. If they can keep long enough, maybe this business is not a bad investment after all.


So, that is all I can share with you about It is a simple program, just faucet offering multiple cryptocurrencies.

Like any other online program, the ads that we have to load and view can be very annoying. All of them just to earn 10-30 satoshi per claim per five minutes.

Usually I really can’t recommend a faucet program with less than 60 minutes timer because the shorter the timer less money we can claim. But, turns out, this program offers almost the same amount per 5 minutes as those with 60.

It means, that even if we use them as if they are a 60 minutes faucet, we can get just almost the same amount. For me that is good enough.

Another reason is because as a part of FaucetHub program, we can’t just rely on one program. It will take forever before we can withdraw if we just use one program. So, can be an alternative.

The problem with is the referral or affiliate program. With lack of promotional tools, tracking system, or even just referral status, we can’t really use it for a long term, unless, we can try my suggestion above.

Nevertheless, what I can get here using their faucet for multiple coins is far more than other faucet program I’ve ever used. Not sure if they can keep offering the same amount as a sustainable number for their business.

Since the program is relatively very new, and we can get paid instantly, I suggest if people want to use them, use it right now. And again, this is not for a long term investment, just to collect money until it is enough to invest in something better.

I’m guessing that this is just a one man enterprise, or just a group with small number. There has been a lot of retired faucet programs with FaucetHub. They can be the next one.

Hopefully you can still use this program when you read this. Here is the link to start earning your free BTC right away. Remember that we need at least a bitcoin wallet address and link them to FaucetHub first before we can use the faucet.

Update: Use this link for the faucet and this link for the micro wallet.

To claim other coins from use these links.

ETHEREUM (up to 320 gwei)
LITECOIN (up to 2,500 litoshi)
DOGECOIN (up to 0.4 DOGE)
BITCOIN CASH (up to 500 BCH satoshi)
DIGIBYTE (up to 0.04 DGB)
DASH (up to 1,500 dashies)
TRON  (up to 0.04 TRX)

Earn More Coins from Similar Programs

There are a lot of other programs, not just faucet like this where we can earn more cryptocurrencies like BTC, DOGE, ETH and many more. Some of them will pay via the same micro wallet but others can just send the payment directly to our wallet.

Here are some that I have tried so far. Links are to a review article for each program. I recommend checking the article to find out the latest update.

Last update: June 2022.

For programs that will pay via Remember that there is an exchanger feature on this micro wallet., BTC) (Faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins)
(Ad Network, Bitcoin) (Faucet, 5 minutes, BTC) (Faucet, 5 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 1 minute, Multi Coins) (PTC, Faucet) (Faucet, 5 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 15 minutes, BTC)
(Faucet, 1 hour, Bitcoin) (Faucet, 1 hour, Multi Coins)
ES Faucet (Faucet, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 10 minutes, Dogecoin) (Faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins) (PTC, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 45 minutes, BTC)

Here are for programs that will send the payment directly to our wallet. Faucet (Exchanger, Multi Coins) (Faucet, PTC, Offerwalls, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 40 minutes, BTC) and the Group (Faucet, Multi Coins) (Faucet, Investment) & Group (Faucet, Investment) (Faucet, ZEN) (Faucet, Multi Coins) (PTC, offerwalls, Multi Coins) (Faucet, PTC, Shortlinks, Multi coins) (Investment, Exchanger, Faucet, Multi Coins) (Faucet, BTC) (Faucet, 10 minutes, Multi Coins)

I don’t always update every article on this website. Please check this Complete List for the latest one.

Final Word

As I said earlier that what we can get is from a faucet program is just pennies. Easy to do and yet it can still take a lot of time and at some point would no longer be worth it.

We need to have a plan to invest those earnings so eventually it can grow itself even while we are asleep. If you follow my instruction above to keep bitcoin earnings in this wallet, we can earn daily without we need to do the claim.

With enough balance, we can get enough money from the interest. The problem is it’s a long way from faucet to become a passive full time income.

We need to use other affiliate programs to generate and diversify more income. You can start using their recommended programs or from my website here.

Here is my list of all affiliate programs that I have used.

The key is to do like, to have our own website. This way, people can have a place to keep coming back to. Our referral can use again the program we recommend and we can keep adding more.

Get enough number of referrals for each program so we can have a lot of income stream. If you are interested on how to build a website and turn them into an income or even a business that you own using those affiliate programs, there is an online training you should try.

With them, we can learn how and actually setup a website, grow them until it can generate a passive income for us. Learn from experts who were once just like you and me, know almost nothing about online business.

You can read more about this program from my review here. It’s an easy to use program, even a guy without a college degree can do it and already become successful.

We can even ask the owners themselves to get some help. Try it, join the program for FREE and reply to the message from the owner, see if they contact you back.

So, that is it with Maybe I missed something and you have more question or share your experience with this or other similar program, don’t hesitate to use the comment section below.

I would love to help if I can and learn more online program. Hope this helps. Thanks for reading.



Mark M.

4 Replies to “ Review”

  1. I actually wrote something like yours, just not that detail of it.

    What I can suggest is to get the crypto browser and auto faucets to boost your income.

    You can read more about it here on the medium.

    Or you can look up my facebook page BitcoinSlushFund.

    Nice to meet a fellow faucet collector anf thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Julian, and for the input.
      If you look at my other articles, I already use for the auto faucet. There are others as well. This article is one of my earliest post.
      If you mean CryptoTab Browser, I haven’t tried it yet. Maybe I will give it a try later.
      Good luck

  2. Ok mark, nice info,

    When we go to

    We see right top the site

    This website provide infomation about

    Cloud mining section, is that site legit? Cause i try 1 website, and after want to withdraw, it ask to pay


    1. Hi, Saul. Thank you and thanks for stopping by.
      To be honest I haven’t tried any of them. All I can say is that if put them there means they can earn some money from those programs. But they are third party programs, outside just like me with themselves. I can’t guarantee that will keep paying in the future, so there is no guarantee that those programs will, even if they are legit now. should just take them off the list if they suddenly stop paying.
      My advice is that before you spend some money on any of them, try to look for reviews about those programs from another blogs or forums. Spend the money only if you can afford to lose them.
      Hope it helps.

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