FaucetHub.io Review (After December 10, 2019)

If you have been following my website for awhile, and read most of my reviews, you must have heard about FaucetHub.io. FaucetHub.io is one of the micro transaction processor or as they call it micro wallet for accepting cryptocurrency as payment.

There are almost 3,000 websites currently using FaucetHub.io service and many more to come. Not only we can accept payments from there, but any user can also become an owner of  a faucet program.

Yes, FaucetHub.io is a legit program that I have been using to accept payment from a lot of programs. But, who is FaucetHub.io? Which cryptocurency do they accept? What other feature can we use?

Those are probably just a few question that came to mind after hearing about FaucetHub.i. Well, in this article, I’m going to share with you my FaucetHub.io review based on my experience with them and what I can find from the internet.

This review will only cover mostly their features for the user or owner only. I might need to write another one for any faucet or program owner, if I do get a chance for that.

Hope it helps. Do we need to use FaucetHub.io service?

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Website: faucethub.io
Type: Micro Transaction Processor
Feature: Exchange, Lottery, Offerwalls, Games, Forum, Faucet Manager for Owner, Chat Room, Rainpool, Premium Membership
Started Since: December 2016
Last Payment: December 2019

News and Update (Please Read)

2020 Update. The owner has launched a new website, FocusGames.io.

November 2019, FaucetHub.io is shutting down their service as a micro wallet service and will no longer functional as it is after December 10, 2019.

Here is the official announcement. Please read that page’s comment section as well.

Update November 23. Previously, FaucetHub.io said they will keep paying Bitcoin even after December 10. The latest update was, we can only withdraw ALL COINS, INCLUDING BITCOINS BEFORE December 10.

Based on the announcement, the reason is that they need to follow some regulation as a financial company. They will need to track, monitor, control, and predict the monetary movement of the citizen in the country.

After careful consideration, the owner no longer see this as a viable business. It will be way too expensive, too complicated and time wasting to keep FaucetHub.io as it is.

Therefore, the owner is now planning to relaunch and rebrand FaucetHub.io as a new platform which will focus on offering service as an offerwalls provider. The owner said that the new platform is to be expected in early 2020.

The website will take most of their features off, especially related to faucets program, including those for the owners, like the anti fraud, faucet manager, premium membership, FaucetHub API.

Another thing is that FaucetHub.io will only keep Bitcoin as the accepted currency for the new platform. None of the altcoins will be supported anymore.

What we need to do now? We have time until before December 10, 2019 to withdraw all of the funds in Altcoins. They will not process them right after that date.

We can still withdraw our Bitcoin though. So, we need to either withdraw them or just sell the altcoins into Bitcoin using FaucetHub.io exchange feature.

In case we want to withdraw, then, in this one month, we have the chance to increase our funds to reach the minimum to withdraw. The problem is, if the only way to increase them is from the faucets, which would take a while, then the best advice would be to just sell those altcoins.

I’m not really sure if those faucets remain functional or available as well. Some might already closing their faucets right after the announcement.

The minimum to sell for each coins is relatively small but we still need to sell them before December 10, 2019. They are planning to take off the exchanger feature as well.

Unless we are planning to withdraw the funds immediately, just remember at the end of November 2019. Keep claiming the remaining faucets until then, so any earning can still be withdrawn.

Please also read what every owner’s decision regarding their faucet. Check the news on their website. They could just shut down or look for another solution.

There will be some programs that might not be affected with FaucetHub.io decision. Programs that do have account registration, keep some balance, and offer to send payment directly to our wallet, probably even offer multiple earning feature and not just faucet.

In this article I put those programs in the first category. Programs like AllCoins.pw, BitsFree.net, and some other will have no problem to run on their own without FaucetHub.io or any micro wallet service.

However, the owner from each program might have other things to consider and decide the other way. So, I suggest keep checking their news and possibly their chat room if they have it.

I will try to update my article for each program with their decision. Let’s just hope that they do make some announcement, instead of just leaving their user in the dark.

I have to say the owner, MexicanTarget did a great job offering a micro wallet service for 3 years. Sadly, this must come to an end.

For any faucet owner, MexicanTarget is currently offering to write a script so anybody can have their own mini micro wallet service. I’m not entirely sure what it means.

MexicanTarget even create an ad for the FaucetHub chat room, saying that if anybody interested, they can access hostingforbtc.com regarding the new script. However, he also said that he will provide no support or answering follow up question later.

The last part of his post also mentioned for major faucet owner to create qTox account to discuss about solution.

FaucetHub.io has lowered the minimum amount to withdraw due to a lot of suggestion from the users. A lot of faucet owners has been expressing their interest to keep their program working even without FaucetHub.io.

Every Supported Faucet Programs’ Decision

In this section, I will try to update any development from programs who have been using FaucetHub service, at least for those that I have tried so far.

Hopefully you can find the program you are using here. Feel free to share any other info if you have using the comment section below.

AllCoins.pw will keep offering their service and we can still withdraw our earning from them directly to our wallet. They even offer to keep some coins from FaucetHub if we have any and they will be stored in AllCoins.pw via deposit feature.

Some coins from FaucetHub that will not be accepted by AllCoins.pw are POT, BTX, BLK, XPM, PPC since they only have FaucetHUb as the withdrawal method from AllCoins.pw. However, we can easily exchange those coins to another with a fee.

Starting November 20, we can no longer get paid with several coins supported by FaucetHub.io from AllCoins.pw. We can see that AllCoins.pw has been added on ExpressCrypto.io list but still zero balance.

Cointiply.com also said, on FaucetHub chat room ad, that they will continue offering their service. They will post the official announcement in the next 24 hours.

Cointiply.com has been offering payment to be sent directly to our wallet in either Bitcoin or Dogecoin. So, it will not be a problem for them, just require higher minimum to withdraw.

Cointiply.com has lowered the minimum to 30,000 Coins for payment to Dogecoin wallet and 50,000 Coins for Bitcoin wallet.

Etherum-Faucet.org and the entire Coinwhip.com group will be at least temporarily closed on November 23, 2019. The owner has posted announcement on several of his faucet that he is offering other people to purchase some of the domain names.

He also advised any member to withdraw before November 20, 2019. Per November 10, 2019, every faucet from CoinWhip.com group has been disabled. The minimum to withdraw has been lowered so we can even get paid with just 1 satoshi.

SatoshiLabs.net, based on the owner’s chat, it seems they are planning to set a payment directly to Bitcoin wallet. That is in case, the owner of FaucetHub doesn’t come up with a better solution.

3BTC.org, has posted an announcement regarding this issue on their website. They have no problem with this as they have been offering payment to wallet as alternative. Payment via FaucetHub will be suspended starting December 1, 2019.

So far, we still can’t withdraw the coins formerly supported by FaucetHub.io. We need to exchange those coins to the other that we can get paid directly to the wallet like Ripple, Bytecoin, Stellar or Bitcoin Gold.

The latest update is that they are going to add CoinPot as the new micro wallet service. However since not all FaucetHub.io currencies are supported by CoinPot, 3BTC.org decided to stop offering those coins.

Unless, CoinPot will add more currencies in the future. CoinPot.co currently support Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash.

It seems this one didn’t work. 3BTC.org instead added MicroWallet.co and ExpressCrypto.io as the new micro wallets. This will open to a lot of currency choice. We still can’t make any withdraw to those yet.

BitsFree.net and their sister site, already made an announcement that they will continue offering their service. They would just stop sending payment via FaucetHub at the end of November 2019. The owner also reminded users that to get paid Dogecoin via CoinPayments, there will be 12 DOGE as fee.

November 23, BitsFree.net has announced that they are not going to use ExpressCrypto.io as the new micro wallet. They will try using KSWallet.net instead.

FireFaucet.win has announced that they will continue to offer their service and find other payment method. Any member can participate in their polling to help the owner to choose from the available payment options.

With the script v4.0, we can now get paid directly to our cryptocurrencies’ wallet. They added several new features as well.

Script v4.1, has been implemented. They have added FaucetPay.io as the new micro wallet for payment. Currently because of the micro wallet, we can only get paid there for 4 cryptocurrencies, BTC, LTC, ETH, DOGE.

AltHub.Club, has stated that they are going to continue offering the service as well. At least, for that website, not sure about the other faucet programs from the same owner.

Dogeflip.tk, the owner, in their chat room, has expressed his plan to keep their website running even after FaucetHub.io. Currently looking for some recommendation for the alternative.

In December 2, 2019, the owner decided to close down DogeFlip.tk service. He said that while the website can generate passive income for them, it will take too much trouble to start over with the new micro wallet.

Lolifuu.com has stated about migrating to ExpressCrypto.io starting from November 21, 2019. We can still earn from the and get paid to FaucetHub.io until then. Even on November 22 I can still get paid via FaucetHub.io.

I did notice that the website is on the list of ExpressCrypto.io. It seems they are running an auto faucet.

Latest update: not available

Qwerofaucet.com, on November 22, 2019, already run their beta version with the new micro wallet, ExpressCrypto.io. I already got paid via the new wallet. The mechanism is similar, just different coin.

AdBTC.top has announced about stopping payment via FaucetHub.io but no info regarding the replacement. They lowered the minimum to 2,500 satoshi per withdraw.

A-Ads.com recently run a polling on Twitter about a replacement for FaucetHub.io. From the three options, their followers chose ExpressCrypto.io the most. They will stop paying via FaucetHub.io and switch to the new micro wallet starting on December 6, 2019.

December, 2019. Payment via FaucetHub.io is no longer supported and we can instead use ExpressCrypto.io. We need to update the withdrawal settings.

FreeDGB.com, via the twitter account has said that they are going to close down, at least for a while. There is still a possibility that they will come back.

CoinPot group, has added ExpressCrypto.io as the new payment method. I think they also sign up with KSWallet.net.

MonitoCoin.com has added FauectPay.io as the micro wallet replacement. We can still get paid via Payeer after exchange the Bitcoin we earned to either USD or RUB.

Latest update, Monitocoin.com uses FaucetPay.io as the new micro wallet. We just need to link the same Bitcoin wallet address to FaucetPay.io or if we want to use a new one, then we need to contact MonitoCoin.com to replace our address.

BitcoinsFor.me has stopped sending payment via FaucetHub.io. The last payment was on the 1st and will not send another payment on 8th. They can continue even without any new payment method. No info about adding one as well. After all, they already have CoinBase at least.

DigiTask.ru, I think the owner signed up with ExpressCrypto.io but for a new auto faucet script. Not sure if they will continue with the one they used on FaucetHub.io.

The latest update is DigiTask.ru, including their auto faucet, has added microwallet.co as the new payment method.

DailyFreeBits.com is still paying right until the last day. However, it seems that the owner is not going to spend more money for more API credits. Any user might have to wait the next day to get paid.

Currently, DailyFreeBits.com is using FaucetPay.io as their payment method replacement for FaucetHub.io. If we use the same wallet address to sign in, we won’t lose our balance from the previous account.

GoldenFreeSatoshi.ru and their sister site use CedsonHub.site as the new micro wallet service.

Freecoin.today recently replaced the payment method with ExpressCrypto.io.

Sato.host, which I thought no longer available, currently offering their service again via ExpressCrypto.io.

4Miner.me are currently using 2 micro wallets as the replacement for FaucetHub.io. They are MicroWallet.co and WalletHub.club. I already received payment via MicroWallet.co, but not yet to withdraw to my wallet. Still not sure about how WalletHub.club works.

Now, to use 4Miner.me, we need to withdraw the coins manually by accessing the referral page using our wallet address for each coins. Currently only Litecoin and Bitcoin works with MicroWallet.co.

4Miner.me recently added FaucetPay.io as another alternative for micro wallet payment, works for BTC and LTC only for now.

Cryptoneros.ru is now using ExpressCrypto.io. We can use the unique ID to start over.

One of the faucet from TakeBitco.in group has started using MicroWallet.co as the new payment method. Maybe the rest of their sister sites will be joining as well.

Other programs that I have tried and currently not paying via FaucetHub.io are O-Bitman.com, PurseFaucets.com. Maybe there are others. They could have stopped the program or currently in the process of migrating. Most of them don’t even make an official statement.

CryptoScourge.com actually increased the minimum to withdraw from 30,000 satoshi to 50,000 satoshi. Making it even harder to get paid.

So far, in the last day before December 10, 2019, there are still no news from a lot of faucet programs whether they want to continue or not. I don’t see those programs registering with any alternative micro wallets as well. Hopefully yet.

Micro Wallet Alternatives

ExpressCrypto.io is considered as one of the alternative that I have tried so far. The interface is similar to FaucetHub.io, we also need to link our wallet addresses.

They accepts more cryptocurrencies there like XRP, STRAT, NEO, WAVES, LSK, EXG, EXS, BCN. Twelve currencies from FaucetHub.io are accepted, excluding HORA, BTX, XPM, BLK.

The difference is that we don’t use the wallet address on the supported faucet programs but instead we will use our ExpressCrypto.io ID number. Linking is just for withdrawing to the wallet, no need to have any wallet to get paid from the supported programs.

There are currently only like 50 supported programs which will pay Bitcoin, more for other coins. Some of FaucetHub.io programs have started migrating to this micro wallet.

The minimum to withdraw is currently 15,000 satoshi for Bitcoin. ExpressCrypto.io was launched in around April 2019. Some claimed that they are getting paid. I did get my first payment in December 2019.

Here is the list of programs that have migrated to ExpressCrypto.io. These are just the programs that I currently use.

CoinPot.co Group
Snail Racing Faucet

Use this link to create account with ExpressCrypto.io.

November 23, BitsFree.net has announced that they are not going to use ExpressCrypto.io service as micro wallet due to the site has so many error and the owner is considered as ignorant. This is the first commentary from a faucet program owner regarding ExpressCrypto.io.

Learn more from my ExpressCrypto.io Review.

Another alternative would be KSWallet which I recently created account. Currently there are about 30 programs accepted by KSWallet.net, not really sure if we can already use any of those. About 20 cryptocurrencies are accepted there but some of them are still suspended. (November 23, 2019)

Use this link to create account with KSWallet.net.

One more alternative that I noticed recently was FaucetPay.io. Some of the former FaucetHub.io faucet programs has migrated there like Fautsy.com, StarBits.io. Currently only 10 or so programs and two currencies are supported, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The system is like on FaucetHub.io where we need to link our wallet address for each coins. Then we can use them to sign in with faucet programs.

Here is the list of programs that has integrated with FaucetPay.io


Use this link to create account with FaucetPay.io.

Read more from my FaucetPay.io Review.

CedsonHub.site is another micro wallet service that came right after FaucetHub.io closure. There are not many programs currently but they support Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin.

On CedsoHub.site, we use our username to sign up with the faucet and get paid, no need to link any wallet address unless we want to withdraw. GoldenFreeSatoshi.ru and their sister site are the programs that use this micro wallet.

Update December 23, 2019. The owner of GoldenFreeSatoshi.ru currently disabled their faucet. So far, no additional programs supported by CedsonHub.site.

Use this link to create account with CedsonHub.site

MicroWallet.co is also another one that came out right after the end of FaucetHub.io. They currently support 5 currencies, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

We also need to link our wallet address for each coins like on FaucetHub.io before we can receive payment from the supported faucet program. Here is the list of programs that have migrated to this micro wallet.


Use this link to create account with MicroWallet.co.

FaucetHub.io owner did mention something about writing a new script for another micro wallet. Not really sure how it went, maybe only the faucet owners will know.

About FaucetHub.io

As we can see from the bottom of FaucetHub.io website, it says that FaucetHub.io is operated by mexicantarget. That is the owner’s username on FaucetHub.io itself and some other forum.

He was also the owner of former Faucet Gaming Network (FGN) which is no longer functional. Other than that he also manages PTCWALL, one of the offerwalls providers and BTC.ms, a shortlinks provider, which no longer available since October 2019.

From that profile, we can send the owner a PM in case we need to. The other social media accounts are outdated, still using the name FaucetGaming and the last activity was in 2018.

I don’t know why he himself got banned from the forum but at least, from the NEWS section we can still get the announcement from him regarding the website. The forum section will also have a section for technical support, but on the main website there is a link to create support ticket at the bottom left corner.

The CONTACT US menu at the bottom right will lead us to an FAQ page. We need to read them first in case the question has already been answered before.

From what I can tell, the owner has been very active on another forum to promote their program. We might be able to find him not on their thread but on others which he invited other program owners to join or use FaucetHub.io service.

If he does that it is not just randomly but he claimed that a lot of members have been suggesting. We can also notice that there are some accusations which are more likely from scammers that we should just ignore.

Some other user has been saying that FaucetHub.io owner is very friendly to help and answer some questions. No need to believe other people, we can just ask him directly.

Cryptocurrency Micro Transaction Service

FaucetHub.io’s main service is a micro transaction service for cryptocurrency. What is micro transaction service or wallet and why do we need that?

This section will explain about the nature of cryptocurrency, a faucet program and why we should use a micro transaction wallet like FaucetHub.io.

There were many other similar service in the past which already become scam or inactive and there are probably more in the future. But the reason behind each of them are more or less the same.

The Nature of Cryptocurrency

The nature of any cryptocurrency is that they are based on a block of data, called blockchain. For a digitalized fiat money, we can just send the amount of money from one account to another, like using the ATM.

But for cryptocurrency, we are not just sending the amount of money but we are also sending a data like about the owner, the receiver, the transaction of what we buy or sell. Those data are converted into a series of characters.

Each transaction has a data and each data will have a size. The larger the size will require more electricity to process which will raise the fee later.

Another problem is that each data of transaction will be carried on. With more transaction to that account, the larger its size and the harder to process and the fee will be more expensive.

So, even if we are sending the same amount of money, or coins in this case, transferring them over and over again will eventually add more loads to the data. It means, it is not impossible that the fee will be larger than the amount itself.

This is why there will be some minimum threshold before we can transfer the money (and data). For Bitcoin, at this time it is about 10,000 to 30,000 satoshi, depending on the price.

Of course it is possible to send like 3,000 satoshi per transaction, but then the fee will be larger. Sending like 4 times each with 3,000 satoshi will have more expensive fee than sending just 1 with 12,000 satoshi altogether.

That is just the minimum, and it doesn’t mean we should immediately ask to get paid right after we reach that number. It is because the rule still applies even in larger number.

Four times transactions with 30,000 satoshi each will have more expensive fee than just sending one with 120,000 satoshi. It is also possible that each of those 30,000 satoshi transactions are made of several more transactions will lower amount.

This will add the load and also the fee. So, if suddenly, we can’t send any coins because the fee is high, it is not because of the wallet.

Some even suggest sending money only after we reach like $100 worth of coins. Using cryptocurrency is like being our own bank, which we should set the amount of fiat money to print out instead of just sending any random number.

Cryptocurrency Faucet Program

A faucet program is usually a program where anybody can earn free money for almost free. Just click on few buttons and we get paid, and in this case with cryptocurrency.

They are originally intended as a giveaway to introduce the new currency to the public. The amount of money we can get from faucet program is relatively low,  but back then it was worth 1 coin for Bitcoin.

Then, suddenly the price of the coin raise so high and some people started to consider a faucet program as another feasible way to earn extra money. Today, there are a lot of faucet programs that offer not just Bitcoin but  a lot more other altcoins.

With the earning rate so low, for some programs, it takes like months just to reach the minimum threshold. Some people will eventually give up before they make any withdraw.

The recent example would be Bitnyx.com, where we can earn like 7 satoshi once every hour. We need like 25,000 satoshi before Bitnyx.com send us the money. They eventually become scam with a lot of people not getting anything.

There are others like faucet from BestChange.com where we can withdraw like after we reach 3,000 satoshi. But, as mentioned above, withdrawing every this amounts will lead to higher fee than what we have.

This is the reason why we have a micro transaction service or wallet like FaucetHub.io. We can earn from a lot of faucet programs, where the payments are collected first into one hub before they send it to our wallet.

What the service like FaucetHub.io do is they don’t actually process the cryptocurrency transaction. They only send the amount of coins but not the data.

This way, we don’t have to rely on just one faucet program. If one program becomes scam, we already get our small amount of earning from them, then we can move on and try another program.

With a micro wallet, we can send or receive as little as just 1 satoshi without the need to worry about increasing the load of data or the network fee. For regular cryptocurrency transaction, each transaction will happen on that currency network.

With a micro wallet, the transaction only happens within the FaucetHub.io, between the earner’s account and the owner’s account. They are transferring just the amount and not the data.

But from the micro wallet to the wallet, where we actually get paid, the transaction is like regular cryptocurrency transaction. Sending the amount along with the data, with the minimum threshold.

Other Micro Wallets

FaucetHub.io is not the first one but they are currently the biggest right now. Other micro wallets were ePay.info, Paytoshi.org, FaucetBox. Most of them already become scam.

This is another problem in the world of faucet programs that use any micro wallet. They could suddenly got their money stolen.

It is not impossible that the same thing could happen to FaucetHub.io. But after more than 3 years FaucetHub.io is still around. There are thousands of programs currently supported by FaucetHub.io.

Even CoinPot, another popular micro wallet is now connected with FaucetHub.io. As a user we should be aware of this risk, and regularly withdraw the funds instead of keeping them on FaucetHub.io forever.

Other micro wallet service like XAPO and COINBASE are initially just regular wallet. But if we have any account with them, we can have the same benefit like FaucetHub.io.

Those other micro wallet service don’t have as many program as FaucetHub.io. Maybe it is just a matter of time before they can be another alternative.

FaucetHub.io also supports other type of programs, not just faucet. This can be PTC, ad network, or other gambling game, as long as they are accepting the supported coins.

At this time, FaucetHub.io supports 16 different cryptocurrencies. But, Bitcoin is still the main currency for FaucetHub.io.

Sites List

Since the main service of FaucetHub.io is for processing the payment from other programs, then the next question is what are those programs that we can use? To find out, we can click on the SITES from the menu at the top row.

Anybody can actually access this part. There is no need to have any account.

Of course, there is a limit which only premium account can access. Those with free accounts can see as much as the non member.

At least, anybody can find some programs that they know are supported by FaucetHub.io. The next picture is what we are going to see from that SITES menu.

Filtering the List

There are two filters that we can use. The first one is by choosing the cryptocurrency we want to get. The default setting is Bitcoin.

That means, if we scroll down, the programs that we are going to see will give Bitcoin as the main reward.

As mentioned before, FaucetHub.io accepts about 16 different cryptocurrencies at this time. We can choose any of those coins to filter out.

So we can choose between, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hora Token, TRON, Monero, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Zcash, DigiByte, Bitcore, Blackcoin, Dash, Peercoin, Primecoin, Potcoin. That is the list for this time, and FaucetHub.io can add more in the future.

The number beside each currency is the number of available programs including the restricted ones for premium only. So, for non or free member, the list will show less.

The PREMIUM tab from the filter will access the page about the benefit for being premium member and how to subscribe. The FAQ will explain a bit about the list but more for the owner.

The second filter is based on the type of programs. On FaucetHub.io, we can find not only programs that has faucet feature.

At this time from the filter, here is the list of options.

PTC and Offers,
AdNet (Advertising Network),
Mining / Auto,

To be honest, I really don’t think this second filter works well. From what I know, they are based on how those programs owners manually put the programs in categories.

Some programs also offer multiple type of features. For example, they can be a faucet program but offer paid to click feature as well. It is also possible they add or take off features.

From their STATS or statistic page, at this time there are about 2,663 active websites. About 428 of them offers Bitcoin.

How to Read the List

From the list, we can see some info about the programs. Understanding those info will help user to choose easier.

First, the name of the program. Right below each name, we can see a person logo and another username. That username indicates the owner or the manager of the program.

We can click the username to open their profile. Maybe they have another program that is supported by FaucetHub.io as well.

The second column of the list is when the program was added. Some could be a few years ago, and others can be fresh from the oven, like few hours ago.

The third column is the reward in satoshi or the lowest possible reward for each cryptocurrency. If the reward is set for Bitcoin, that means the amount of satoshi of Bitcoin not the other cryptocurrencies.

Since the list is initially for faucet program, so, this means a reward from each claim. Other type of features will have to follow.

The fourth is the interval timer. Again, since they were for faucet, it means the time we need to wait before we can claim the faucet again. Other type of feature that doesn’t use this mechanism can set the timer into zero.

The fifth column is about the payment for the past week. How much money did the program pay to users via FaucetHub.io service.

The average number below the payment is just the result of dividing the payment amount with the number of users. The number of user is the sixth column.

The eight column is the health bar. The bar indicates the funds each program has within their FaucetHub.io account.

The bar can display a full funds, with 100%, green color which means the program is ready to pay their user. Or the bar can display a full red color with EMPTY word, which unless the owner refill, no user will get paid.

Then the last column is the link to visit the program. It will open a new browser tab and before we access the website, it will display a warning from FaucetHub.io. The warning is just a statement that we are accessing a 3rd party program which FaucetHub.io has no responsible with the content.

Comment and Suggestion

First of all, we should be aware that those programs are just a 3rd party programs to FaucetHub.io. FaucetHub.io doesn’t have any control of how the program works.

It is also possible that a scam could just say that they are using FaucetHub.io while in fact, they don’t. Or, they were but suddenly they stopped.

If a program use FaucetHUb.io service, that doesn’t mean that is the only payment method. It is possible that a program also offers to pay directly to our wallet, not to FaucetHub.io first.

It is also possible that a program will use FaucetHub.io not as a micro wallet but like regular exchangers. The example was Dogecoins4free.com, which is no longer available.

Instead of asking the wallet address linked to FaucetHub.io, they instead asked for Deposit address into FaucetHub.io.

Currency Choice

A program can also offer to pay with multiple currencies options but only limited or even just one currency to FaucetHub.io. Cointiply.com, for example, they offer to pay with Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

But if we want to get paid via FaucetHub.io, we can only get paid with Bitcoin. Cointiply.com will send the Dogecoin payment only to the wallet, not micro wallet like FaucetHub.io which is why we can only see Cointiply.com from Bitcoin list but not Dogecoin.

Usually any program can handle payment for each currency separately which will be counted as different program. So, each coins will have its own funds and health bar. The owner can keep refilling one currency but not the other.

For example, FireFaucet.win was recently having trouble with the funds. They encouraged their user to exchange the coins into Bitcoin, which later the owner add some fee.

Of course, there are also programs that handle the payment with just one account like 3BTC.org or AllCoins.pw. Any owner can offer to pay with every currency, some can choose just several or just one.

I’m not sure if this can be the a rule of thumb but we can usually get higher earning rate from a Bitcoin faucet than other altcoins. It is because the mechanism within FaucetHub.io for exchanging coins.

We need to exchange from any altcoins into Bitcoin first before we can buy other coins. Which is why any owner offering multiple coins will likely have to pay double the fees if they need to exchange. One from altcoin to Bitcoin and one more from Bitcoin to another altcoin.

From what I can tell, the programs are not that many especially for less popular currencies. Most of them are just from the same owner, using the same script but offering all of the possible coins separately.

At most, the programs will likely to offer Bitcoin (over 400 programs) and Dogecoin (over 300 programs). Other than that, usually the programs will offer all of the coins.

Program’s Information

The information regarding each program can be irrelevant. The owner can change the name later, but they need to pay for that. At least, we can still find out their program.

The reward and the interval timer are subject to change. Usually they have to follow the dynamic price of the coin. If the price get higher then they need to lower the reward and vice versa.

The interval time will follow based on their profit. Both longer or shorter interval is possible. Claimfreecoins.io used to offer one claim every 5 minutes before they changed into zero timer.

On the other hand, programs that offers auto claim or auto faucet will likely to add for longer interval time. For example, DigiTask.ru used to offer one claim per minute, before they changed into 5 minutes and at this time, 10 minutes.

Change or adjustment is inevitable but the problem is that owner will less likely to update those part. Unlike the rest of the info about user, payments and funds health which are generated automatically by FaucetHUb.io system.

Usually the added time is the only one I would consider. If the program has been around for awhile like a year at least, it is possible that the program is a legit one.

Not only that they are paying, but they will likely to have overcome a lot of problems along the way. Any program owner can get scammed like DailyFreeBits.com or BitsFree.net.

For those with the same experience usually will choose to just shut down the business. While those who are still around, will try to find a way to cover the lost which is not an easy choice.

New programs can pay as well but it doesn’t mean they can sustain their business. A lot of people trying to cheat with bots, or exploit some bugs in the system or even their partner from offerwalls or shortlinks can scam the owner.

We can try some new programs, maybe they offer relatively higher reward but less annoying ads. Keep using them until they stop running their business.

Premium Account and Hidden Programs

For those who are interested in getting premium account with FaucetHub.io, if you are not an owner, I would say don’t do it. Premium membership only worth it for the program owner.

The SITES from FaucetHub.io even says that the list which anybody could see is considered as the premium programs. So, why would we as just a user should be paying to look for non premium programs?

The hidden programs are not because they are better but because the owner is not paying and getting benefit from the premium membership. In fact, those premium owners can even display those hidden programs with their website.

For example, BestFaucetSites.com display the complete list of FaucetHub.io programs. BestFaucetSites.com has the same owner as Ethereum-Faucet.org, which is the faucet supported by FaucetHub.io.

You can also find those programs or website here on my website. Assuming that I have tried them. I will keep updating the list so stay tuned and keep checking here.

I’m not any faucet owner so I can’t really tell about what happen behind there.

As for the owner, being a premium account doesn’t mean the program is good and being just regular member doesn’t mean the program is bad.

That is just about the benefit from FaucetHub.io for the owner. I’m not sure but I think a program like AllCoins.pw and 3BTC.org are not bad programs with the owner stays as free member.

I could be wrong though about their status. At least, at this time, I can’t find them from the premium list.

How those programs handle payment

Every program works differently for handling the payment. The simplest version is they keep the funds on Faucethub.io only. Each claim from the faucet will just send order to transfer the funds between the faucet owner to us as user or earner.

Example of this kind of programs are ClaimFreeCoins.io, DigiTask.ru, DogeFlip.tk, QweroFaucet.com or 4miner.me.

Another possible concept would be, they keep the funds within their own website first. We can then, either manually request a withdraw or automatically send like once a week.

For this concept, the example would be Cointiply.com, Ethereum-Faucet.org, DailyFreebits.com, AllCoins.pw, Monitocoin.com and many more.

With the first type of program, we can immediately check whether the programs are paying or not right after each claim. We can check our FaucetHub.io account and if the funds is there, that means the program is legit.

On the other hand, if somehow there is a problem with FaucetHub.io system, we need to wait before we can claim again. There are some exceptions to this though like the one from 4miner.me.

While programs with the second concept, we can still claim, just need to wait before we can withdraw. The problem is then we don’t know for sure if the program is still running their business or planning to scam the user.

That’s why it is best to withdraw the funds regularly like once a week. Or if we have time to claim as many times as we can within a day, withdraw immediately.

Some of those programs will set a minimum threshold or withdraw limit like only once every 24 hours. Usually the payment will then be sent instantly right after the request, assuming they have the funds.

Of course, there are some programs that handle the payment manually like AdBTC.top or CoinPot group. We have to wait like a couple of days, maybe even in business days only to get paid.

With the recent policy change from FaucetHub.io, the more often any programs send order to transfer funds using FaucetHub.io, the owner will have to pay more. It means, the second type of programs will make better profit instead of just paying fees.

Personally, I prefer the second type of program because they usually will have better website not just a simple faucet claim page. There will be a lot more earning features as they keep some data about each users.

As a user, we can help those owners stay in business by withdrawing not too often. We don’t need to tip them.

Some programs will also charge users some fee for each withdraw. A 1.5% fee would be the common choice. While from other programs, we can get exactly the same amount we request to withdraw.

From what I know, the fee is actually if the owner make a deposit, new money, into FaucetHub.io network, not from circulating. But, it is their choice if they want the user to pay.

Which Currency to choose?

First of all, If we really know which coins to collect, then choose accordingly. Maybe we know which coins will have its price raise in the future and want to collect them, then do it.

If the programs are not that many, then we need to find a away to exchange them. Get the other coins, exchange them into Bitcoin within FaucetHub.io then use the Bitcoin to buy.

For me, since I’m not an expert on cryptocurrency. Which coins to invest or collect or which will get higher price, I really don’t know.

I would just stick to how I can get money from them. Collect every coins and trade them into fiat money. Or maybe other online programs that we are using regularly and can spend coins on them.

Right now, my local traders only accepts Bitcoin or sometimes Ethereum to get my local currency. So, this would be different for anybody. Just make sure we know how to spend or sell them not just collecting them.

If I can choose one more currency, my choice would be Dogecoin as it is accepted by most exchangers. As mentioned before, Dogecoin also has the most programs supported by FaucetHub.io.

Another reason would be the low price. If we try to collect currency with higher price, like Bitcoin, what we can get from most faucets are just 1 or 2 satoshi. It’s like already the lowest possible amount to offer.

When the price gets even higher, can we even get less than that? On the other hand, coins with lower price will give us higher amount in coins. We can get 1 Dogecoin per claim not 1 Dogetoshi (satoshi for Dogecoin). Those digits behind the decimal points will eventually add up.

Again, I could be wrong with my choice as I’m not any expert. At least, that is how I decide for now. Please do share on the comment section below for better advice.

Choosing Programs to Earn

FaucetHub.io are mainly intended for faucet programs. But, there are other type of programs we can use but also some that we should stay away from.

First, I would say to stay away from any gambling or betting sites. We are only going to lose money there.

There are also some legit sites which offers gambling features as well. Earn money from their other features but do not ever spend anything on gambling. This includes the lottery features.

Any Advertising Network like A-Ads.com (Anonymous Ads) will be good for those with a website.  We can earn passively as long as we can keep building some traffic. No need to deal with clicks, ads, captcha, timer.

Paid to click can be a better option than faucet where we can just spend maybe an hour or two per day. There is no need to wait for the timer. AdBTC.top is one of the example.

Similar to PTC are faucet programs with very short interval timer like below 5 minutes. Usually they will have claim limit like 50 or even 100 per day. But there are also those without any limit at all like DigiTask.ru.

We can just spend the same amount of time to use every claim quota for that day. For this kind of program, the example would be AllCoins.pw.

Then we have a regular faucet with relatively longer interval timer like between 15 minutes to under an hour. Personally I would prefer at least for an hour interval.

We don’t need to spend most of the time waiting and claiming. The earning rate would be lower but easier to claim. Of course, there are some exceptions we have to stay away from.

Next are regular faucet programs with long interval time like more than an hour. I think the longest would be one claim every 1 day but I haven’t tried anything like that from FaucetHub.io programs. Ethereum-Faucet.org and their sister sites offer once every 4 hours.

The earning rate is relatively lower and some even with rather annoying claiming process. The good thing is that we can claim less number of times.

The last would be about mining and auto faucet features. This would be great option if we have a dedicated computer with high specs to generate income automatically.

We can just turn on the computer at home and go to work or someplace else, perform other task. The computer will generate income as long as there is internet connection.

From my experience, the earning rate is relatively even lower. The main advantage is that we don’t need to look at the computer screen at all.

So far, for me the best auto faucet would be the one from DigiTask.ru. While the others will require us to collect some kind of auto claim quota or credit before we can start the engine to generate income.

In order to collect those credits, we have to claim, do other task which will defeat the original purpose. The example would be FireFaucet.win or the one from AllCoins.pw.

I really can’t recommend anybody to use mining, especially a web mining. The earning is very low and we can’t even perform other task with the same device. Auto Faucet will be a better choice.

Some programs also offers a game concept to make the claiming or earning process more interesting. But, based on my experience with Satoshilab.net as the example, we can actually lose money by playing their game without a proper plan.

Choosing Programs for Passive Income

Earning is one thing. But most of these programs actually offer a relatively low earning rate. Our time to claim the faucet or complete certain task is limited.

We can earn from ad network but we are going to need a website. As mentioned before, we just need to focus on building content for traffic, no need to deal with view or click on ads, captcha, timer, etc.

Another thing we should consider is the affiliate or referral feature of those programs in FaucetHub.io. How we can get paid some commission by inviting other people to do the work.

The more referrals we have the more income we get passively. In a long term, our income will shift from the active income, where we do the task ourselves, into a passive one.

Most of these programs offers affiliate features with their own terms and rules. Some has better tools for long term income while the other we should really learn on how to get the benefit from them.

Having good earning feature is a must. There is no point on having a good referral features without a good earning feature.

For example, a program like ClaimFreeCoins.io offers a good earning rate. But they only have a simple claiming page without any dashboard for members to look for their data.

From a good referral program, we can check out our referrals, their activity, the numbers and the commission from them. Some can even have a tracking tools to find out which source can give the best conversion rate for an active referral.

But these simple faucet programs doesn’t even offer any promotional banners. We can’t even keep the referrals, only get paid as long as they access the program from our link.

If the next day they use different link to access, like their own, we will get commission no more.

For program like this we can only use them to earn by ourselves. Usually the earning will be higher, probably because these referral features is bad.

These programs usually have similar characteristics. Get paid instantly to FaucetHub.io, instead of keeping the earning on balance within their website.

There is no registration process, we just sign in with a wallet address. They don’t offer other essential pages, let alone other features.

If we really want to build a passive income, we should avoid promoting this kind of program. They have a good earning rate but no alternative earning features.

The previous picture is an example of GR8 script for the simple faucet programs supported by FaucetHub.io service. This script has been used for a lot of programs and we can easily notice the same interface. There are probably other scripts but with just little improvement to this.

A program like Cointiply.com, BitsFree.net, FireFaucet.win, or AllCoins.pw is a good start. We use email or username to sign in, they have a lot of earning features, and we can track some data about the referrals.

As we can see from those programs, any user will have a lot to do within the website including the chat room. Although it is not a guarantee but this can be an indication for an owner developing a serious program.

There are also programs that in between the two categories. We also need to consider for new programs that has the potential to grow. Obviously that the simple faucet script will not have that option.


Other features from FaucetHub.io require any user to have an account before they can access. Each user can become both earner or program owner.

In order to use any program from their list we need to create account with FaucetHub.io. Having a FaucetHub.io account doesn’t mean we will immediately have an account with those programs.

Some of them will have its own registration process. While the simple faucet program will require any user at least, to first have a wallet address linked to the FaucetHub.io.

We can first sign up by using this link and click on SIGN UP from the second menu at the top right corner.

Signing Up and Login

To sign up with FaucetHub.io we need to fill some info like username, email address, password and a Bitcoin wallet address immediately. So, if we don’t have one yet, from that same page, they will have a link to Bitcoin.org which will have some options for the right wallet for us.

After we fill all of the information,  click the box to agree with the terms and condition and how FaucetHub.io will handle personal data. Solve the captcha from SolveMedia or we can choose reCaptcha as alternative.

Click on the SIGN UP button at the bottom. FaucetHub.io will then send an activation code via email that we need to click.

After that we can login by clicking on LOGIN menu beside the SIGN UP. Use the username and the password and solve the captcha again.

Usually for the first time, FaucetHub.io will send a one time password via email again. We need to copy and paste on FaucetHub.io before we can access the account.

This will happen everytime we access the account from different IP address or internet connection.

After we login, notice that the SIGN UP and LOGIN menu has changed into USER+ menu. If we click on it drop down menus will appear for USER DASHBOARD, FAUCET MANAGER, REFERRAL and LOGOUT button.

Dashboard OVERVIEW

After we login, we will see a page like the next picture. If not, we can click on the USER DASHBOARD from one of the drop down menu of USER+.

As we can see, we will have a second row of menus and what we see is the OVERVIEW. Right below that row, after the ads banner, is the account status.

After that we will see the balance for each cryptocurrencies supported by FaucetHub.io. The top of that part are estimated conversion of all coins into Bitcoin and in USD based on the rate at that time.

Scroll down to the bottom of that, we can see today’s earnings history from any programs supported by FaucetHub.io. But this is only if they have sent the payment to FaucetHub.io not if the program keeps the money within their website and we need to manually request a withdraw first.

Dasboard STATS

The second tab from the second row of menu is STATS. From here we can check our earning history for the past 30 days for each coin.

Since Bitcoin is still the main currency for FaucetHub.io, from this page we can have a full history down from which website or programs we have earned. Scroll down from that same page, we can see the last 500 transactions.

This part is similar to the previous tab but it will be updated less often. If we really want to check instant payment like in the past 5 minutes, we need to look at OVERVIEW tab.

From this STATS tab, we can also check our earning from other feature like offerwalls, chat rain and tip, dice and other game.


The next tab is WALLET ADDRESSES. Here we can add and link our wallet address for each coins before they can be used to accept payment from any FaucetHub.io supported programs.

This part is how to link a wallet address with FaucetHub.io.

We just need to paste the wallet address in a box below LINK A NEW ADDRESS then select the right currency.

Click on the green ADD THIS ADDRESS+ button. Scroll down to check if the address has been linked or not. Only then, we can use the wallet address to accept payment.

The bitcoin wallet address we use to register an account with FaucetHub.io will be automatically linked. So, right after registration we can immediately use it to accept Bitcoin payment from any faucet or other program supported.

From each address linked, we can also check its detail about earning and withdraw by clicking on STATS button beside UNLINK button. This button will have the same page as the CHECK BALANCE menu from the first row, except that we don’t need to paste the wallet address.

So, this is like another filter based on wallet address and currency. the page will be similar to previous tabs but it display the transactions from exactly the last 30 days.

Dashboard WITHDRAW

The next tab is WITHDRAW which will be similar with the one from the OVERVIEW. It will show balance for each coins and a withdraw button to the withdrawing page of the coin.

The picture above is an example of the dedicated withdrawing page for each coins. Each coins will have the minimum threshold and fees. The difference between coins is we can only get paid with Bitcoin on Sunday while we can get paid with any Altcoins almost within a day.

We can pay higher fees to get paid with Bitcoins right away. The extra fee is 0.001 BTC.

Each coins usually have a specific note for itself, especially about the wallet. Read it before making a withdraw.

Each coins will also have different threshold for fee. Usually with higher amount to withdraw, we can pay lower fee.

Check FaucetHub.io Fees for the complete info for withdraw and deposit as well.

Here is the list of minimum threshold to withdraw for each currency.

Bitcoin: 0.0002 BTC
Ethereum: 0.01 ETH
Hora Token: 50 HORA
Tron: 50 TRX
Monero: 0.01 XMR
Litecoin : 0.01 LTC
Dogecoin: 100 DOGE
Bitcoin Cash: 0.0002 BCH
ZCash: 0.01 ZEC
DigiByte: 1 DGB
Bitcore: 0.01 BTX
Blackcoin: 2 BLK
Dash: 0.001 DASH
Peercoin: 1 PPC
Primecoin : 2 XPM
Potcoin : 1 POT

Dashboard DEPOSIT

This tab is another way to accept payment transfer into our FaucetHub.io account. Usually this is intended for the faucet owner so they can refill the funds.

The fee is 1.5% of the amount. There will be a minimum amount for each coin in order for the deposit to be processed as shown from the second picture above. Sending less than that means losing the money.

Here is the list of minimum threshold to deposit for some currencies. I’m not sure about the rest of the currencies not listed here. Please ask FaucetHub.io directly before making any deposit for BCH, BTX, XPM, POT, BLK, PPC and ZEC.

Bitcoin: 0.00025 BTC
Ethereum: 0.01 ETH
Dogecoin: 250 DOGE
Litecoin: 0.0025 LTC
Monero: 0.0001 XMR
DigiByte: 10 DGB
Dash: 0.001 DASH
Tron: 1 TRX
Hora Token: 1 HORA

Please check FaucetHub.io again before making a deposit. They could change this policy anytime and the only way to know is by accessing this DEPOSIT tab.

For any user, we can actually use FaucetHub.io as a wallet address, although it is not recommended to keep funds here. At least, if we want to exchange from one of the supported altcoins into Bitcoin, we can do it here with their exchange feature.

For any faucet or program owner, this is not how to use FaucetHub.io as micro wallet to pay users. Sending payment using the Deposit feature will happen via currency network which will be processed by the miner and require network fee.

We can generate deposit address for each coins. Use the smaller icon at the corner to generate a new one.


This next tab is the offerwalls menu, the same if we click OFFERWALLS (only after we sign in) from the first row of menus at the top. This is where we can get paid from FaucetHub.io.

We will be credited with FHBUX which will be converted right away into Bitcoin. At this time the rate is 1 FHBUX equals to 0.2723 satoshi.

I’m not sure but since 1 satoshi would be the lowest amount we can get, there will be a rounding from the conversion. For example, from one of the PTCWALLS offer, I can get like 8 FHBUX which then converted into 2 satoshi instead of 2.1784 satoshi.

From the page like the picture above, we can choose which offerwalls providers by clicking on each green VIEW WALL button or from the tabs.

Then the page will load the offerwalls website provider within FaucetHub.io. If it doesn’t work, we will have another options to either open on a new window or tab.

To find out whether we get credited or not, use the second tab STATS and click on offerwalls sub tab.

This offerwalls tab also has a referral link at the bottom. We can share the link to get 2% of the referral’s earning as commission.

I’m not sure, but I think from the available share buttons, only share button to Facebook that works. There is a dedicated page for referral program with other tools. Click on REFERRAL from one of the drop down menu below USER+.


These are the last two tabs that we can use as FaucetHub.io user. From the SECURITY tab, we can configure 2 Factor Authentication settings as a second layer of security.

We can either choose from email, Google Authenticator or use the secret code. The default setting is from the email.

We can also enable a login notification. FaucetHub.io will notify everytime somebody access our account if we enable it via email. The email will also include a mechanism to lock down the account if somebody other than ourselves trying to login.

The SECURITY tab also has an activity log for the past 7 days. The last one is a way to delete the account.

The SETTINGS tab, will have the mechanism to change some details about our account like username, email address and password. Changing the username will be charged with a fee, 0.0001 BTC.

The last part is for chatting. We can set up how our username will be displayed instead of using just a plain text but with a fee for 0.0005 BTC.

Try no to use any abusive or disruptive one or we will get banned. We can also ignore some users from the chat room, forum or PM and this SETTINGS tab will display the list and their messages that were hidden.


Updated December 2019. Probably no longer updating this part again due to FaucetHub.io shutting down their service.

Here is the list of programs that I have tried so far and for some written a review about. I will keep updating this list but probably not on daily basis.

They are paying so far but it is possible for some to no longer offering their service. Usually I will give them some time before moving them into INACTIVE category.

As mentioned before that this list are not based on their PREMIUM status or not in FaucetHub.io. So, some of those hidden faucets are listed as well.

Multiple Earning Features

Program with multiple features means we can earn not only just from faucet. Usually they will require an account not just signing in with wallet address.

They will have user dashboard, manual withdraw which user will have a lot more to do than just faucet claiming page. Of course there will be some exceptions, these are just to give general idea.

The features that they are offering can be different from one to another. It could be shortlinks, offerwalls, PTC, mining, games, which they could add more.

If somehow FaucetHub.io are having problem, we can still use these websites to earn. We just need to wait for the withdraw until FaucetHub.io get fixed.

If they do offer another payment method like directly to our wallet,  we can still use it then as alternative.

Each links are connected to my review. I consider all of these programs as the better one for long term income. We can find and track about each referral we have invited.

All of these programs listed in this category only has the potential. Whether they could become the best program or not really depends on how their owner develop them.

Cointiply.com (Bitcoin, Faucet, 12 hours)
Monitocoin.com (Bitcoin, Faucet, 2 hours)
3BTC.org (Multi Coins, Faucet, 1 hour)
BitsFree.net and Group (Multi Coins, Faucet, 1 hour)
FireFaucet.win (Multi Coins, Auto Faucet, 30 minutes)
AllCoins.pw (Multi Coins, Faucet, 5 minutes)
Bitcoinsfor.me (Bitcoin, Faucet, 5 minutes)
Lolifuu.com (Multi Coins, Faucet and Shortlinks, no timer)

Instant, Manual Withdraw

This sections are for programs that offers mostly just faucet program. The payment will be kept in their website first but we can get paid instantly after submitting a withdraw request.

This is the mid ways between the previous and the next category. We can sign in immediately like the next category but we will still have more pages to visit like the previous one but nothing essential.

I’m not sure but I think the owner can still improve them. But, to be honest, these may not be the top programs to use.

For these programs, like the previous category, at the time FaucetHub.io server has some problem, we can still claim their faucet. We just need to give them sometime before they can process the withdraw.

Read the review by visiting each link.

DailyFreeBits.com (Bitcoin, Faucet, 1 hour)
PurseFaucets.com (Bitcoin, Faucet, 10 minutes)
QweroFaucet.com (Random Coins, Faucet, Random timer)

Automatic Payment

This category is for programs that will send the payment automatically to our FaucetHub.io account. They don’t have anything else to offer but just claiming the faucet.

We sign in right away using a wallet address we have linked to FaucetHub.io account, and just follow the claiming process. At the end of the process, we will get paid. There is nothing else to do.

Some could have more pages but not really essential. Usually we can get higher amount of rewards here due to their poor referral program. But of course that is not always true.

Unlike the previous two category at the time FaucetHub.io has a problem with their server, we can’t make any claim from these websites. We need to wait until FaucetHub.io get fixed before we can claim again.

Read the review to find out which one is better by visiting each link.

4miner.me (Multi Coins, Faucet, 1 hour)
FreeDGB.com (DigiByte, Faucet, 1 hour)
ClaimFreeCoins.io (Multi Coins, Faucet, no timer)
DigiTask.ru (Dogecoin, Faucet, no timer)
TakeBitco.in and Group (Bitcoin, Faucet, 30 minutes)
GoldenFreeSatoshi.ru (Bitcoin, Faucet, 5 hours)
O-Bitman.com (Bitcoin, Faucet, 1 hour)

Non Faucet Programs

These are the non faucet programs. Not everybody can spend their entire day waiting for the timer and claim the faucet again.

These can be an alternative but we need to know how to use it. Paid to Click (PTC) are for those with just limited time per day to spend. They could just click and view the available ads right away, no need to wait for interval timer.

Ad network can be very profitable if we have a website or blog. We can earn passively as long as we know how to generate traffic to our website.

There are some more programs which I haven’t tried yet. Maybe never for programs like gambling, casino or dice game.

Read the review by visiting each link.

AdBTC.top (Bitcoin, PTC)
A-Ads.com (Bitcoin, Ad Network)

Paying but no Review yet

These are programs that I have tried and get paid from. It’s just that I don’t have the time yet to write a review for each of them.

I will move to the right category after the review is done. Use the links to try the access each program.

CoinPot.co Group (BTC/Multi Coins, Faucet, Lump Sum)
SatoshiLabs.net (Bitcoin, Faucet, 5 minutes)
100Count.net (ETH/Multi Coins, Auto Faucet, 24 hours)
99BitcoinFaucet.com (Bitcoin, Faucet, 1 hour)
Cryptonetos.ru (Bitcoin, Faucet/Shortlinks, no timer)
Snails.racing (Dogecoin/Multi Coins, Faucet, 1 hour)
A-EarnMoney.Biz (Dogecoin, Faucet, 20 minutes)

Under Trial / Testing

This section is for programs that hasn’t paid me yet. I will most likely to try programs that other people have said that they got paid.

Of course it is not a guarantee. So, you can just try it out yourself with the risk of not getting anything or consider trying other program first.

CryptoScourge.com (Bitcoin, Faucet, 1 hour)
Freecoin.today (Bitcoin, Faucet, 1 hour)
MinDoge.ru (Dogecoin, Faucet, 1 hour)
AltHub.club (Multi Coins, Faucet, 3 minutes)


The program from this list did pay me before. But for some reason they are no longer functional. Either the owner doesn’t refill the funds, or disable Faucethub.io service.

It is possible that they could just wait for the right time to get back, or completely shut down their service. If somehow they do come back and we can earn again from them, I will move them from this list.

Sato.host (Bitcoin, Faucet, no timer)
DogeFlip.tk (Dogecoin, Faucet, 2 hours)
Ethereum-Faucet.org  and Group (Multi Coins, Faucet, 4 hours)

Community Forum

FaucetHub.io is not just a micro wallet where user or earner can find faucet or other program to use. They also offer a platform to interact between user and owner in the form of a community forum.

Like any other forum, we can open a thread to discuss certain things. In the case of FaucetHub.io, we can talk about FaucetHub.io itself in general, any program supported, and cryptocurrencies. On this part as well we can send a private message directly to specific user, perhaps to some owner.

There are 4 sub forums. FaucetHub Central is more for the FaucetHub.io itself, their website, any improvement announcement.

General Talks if for discussing any online earning program, including the faucet program supported by FaucetHub.io. There is a section about Investment, Gambling and Game, and Scam related.

The third sub forum is Crypto Currencies. We can find discussion about Bitcoin or other altcoins each with its own section, trading, mining, and other related services.

The last sub forum is for FaucetHub.io technical issue. Mostly for faucet owner but user might be having problem with their account as well.


Before we can make any post on FaucetHub.io forum, we first, need to have an account, obviously. But we also need to accept the rules.

There is no need to have any account if we just want to read any discussion here.

To accept the rules we can access FORUM from the top main menu, and click on RULES from the second row. That page will have a green button that we need to click to accept it.

By accepting it, we can get banned if we break any of the rules. Here is the list.

  • All threads that are created, are manually approved by our moderation team. In case your thread is not posted in the right section of our forum, it will be deleted. Please make sure you post in the right section. This is the best way we can combat spam and keep the community clean.
  • You cannot post URLs unless you are level 15 or higher. Attempting to circumvent this rule will result in a ban.
  • Using referral links in your post is not allowed either. You can put links in your signature and in your Public Website social link on your profile.
  • Treat members with the same respect you wish to be treated with and the respect they deserve.
  • Personal attacks, flaming and insults via public posts or private messages is not acceptable.
  • Spam posts (useless, short, non-contributing) is not allowed, and can lead to being banned.
  • Only write in English in the main sections, using the language specific sections for your language.
  • Keep the language clean, keep the topics clean.
  • Extreme topics such as racism, strong political views, etc. will not be tolerated.
  • Posting of pornographic, sensitive or any content considered to be illegal is not allowed.
  • Do not post any personal information that could be used to identify you. This is for your own safety and for the sake of Data Protection.

So, based on the forum rules above, the level status of each account has another benefit. At least only until we reach level 15 and we can post a referral link.

There is no need to accept the rules. We can just be a silent reader.

Profile, Status, Settings and Search Bar

Even if we don’t want to accept the rules or make any post, by creating account we will already have a profile page. We can set an avatar, put our social media account for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the website that we own.

We can put some referral links on the signature part of the profile. By doing so, we can tell other people to check our profile account to find out which faucet programs that we use.

The picture above is an example of the profile from one of the faucet owner. Not only we can find their social media account, we can also send message by using the envelope icon.

The red dot means the user is currently offline. The green one indicates they are available at the moment.

The status at the right will show about whether the user is a premium account or not, faucet owner or not, veteran or new members. I think there are two more status, frozen and banned, which we can no longer contact them.

Veteran only means that the account was created at least a year ago. There is one more for Administrator. I’m not sure what OG means but based on the explanation, the member is considered as unique and valuable.

For any user I suggest updating this part. It will be better if we have a website or blog for sharing more referral links. We can also use public document maybe from Google Docs instead of a webpage.

The search bar is not for the forum but for our message, so only member will see that feature. This makes it rather hard to find any profile or forum post even for members.

The only way to do it, at least how I do it is by using Google or other search engine. Use the command below on any search engine as the keyword.

“site:faucethub.io (username / program)”

But we still need to know the exact name of the account or program. The command “site:” is to find only within the website that follows that command. We can also just type the website and the username without the command but the result could be from other website as well.

Try it out. Find FaucetHub.io owner’s profile, “mexicantarget”.

As we can see that there is still MEMBERS menu from the forum section which is no longer working. They used to offer access to database about each member.

Another way to find the exact member is by checking the right side widget where there is a list of currently online members. We can click their names to open their profile.

Too bad, that there is no feature to follow certain members. Either we should make our own list or bookmark their profile page. Bookmark the page seems to be a better option considering that any user can change their username.

Unanswered Thread or Post

This is the last menu from FaucetHub.io forum section. By clicking on that menu, we can find, usually the latest or recently created thread without any reply.

Maybe we can use this opportunity to help other members by giving them some answers. At the same time, we can get more exposure to our profile, the signature with the referral link or link to our website.

Just make sure if we are going to execute this plan, the profile is ready and accept the rules to make a post. If we can actually help those people, it is not impossible that they are willing to become our referral for some programs.

Please do it only if we really know the answer or solution to their problem. Not just for the sake of making a post which based on the rules it is forbidden to do so.

Comment and Suggestion

To be honest, I’m not really a fan of any kind of forum but sometimes the information I need can only be found there. With the lack of certain features, FaucetHub.io forum is rather hard to use.

What I will be looking from this forum is obviously about any program supported by FaucetHub.io or at least the review from other user. Not every owner will open a thread or discussion about their own program but we can find one or two that is not on the premium list like AllCoins.pw.

It is possible that we can also find other programs that is not supported by FaucetHub.io. Based on the owner’s statement, they are planning to use FaucetHub.io though.

Another valuable info would be about new program that is still in development process. We can help the owner and get start early even though that doesn’t guarantee of how long they are going to stick around.

As we can see that FaucetHub.io can be used by anybody around the world. Some programs also use the owner’s language with or without English.

This is why we should check out the language based section of the forum. It will be helpful if we can understand the other language.

There are 12 languages with a dedicated sections available on FaucetHub.io. Other than those language are collected into one section. There is also a thread to request any language specific section to add.

Here is the list of languages with dedicated section at this time.

Chinese, German, French, Indonesian, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Turkey, Indian, Filipino, Spanish, Portuguese.

I don’t recommend anybody to really hangout on forum and use it like a chat room. FaucetHub.io already provide a chat room even though there are only 8 language based channel, including the general in English.

For owners or those who are interested into becoming one, forum is the best way to start. I think there are several people who are developing a script compatible with FaucetHub.io system.

I’m not an owner so I really can’t tell. Maybe we could also find some discussion on how to manage a faucet like the shortlinks provider or offerwalls the finance, etc.


Chat room is another feature from FaucetHub.io where user can interact with each other to chat publicly. Anybody even without the account can see from several pages of FaucetHub.io. But in order to participate in the discussion, we need to have an account.

The chat room is the vertical box at the left side widget on FaucetHub.io. Anybody can see them publicly from EXCHANGE page, SITES page, GAMES+ and Premium Account page. For member we can see from every tab of user Dashboard.

There are several dedicated chat rooms which most of them are based on languages. Here is the list.

English chatroom / Public
Games Chatroom
Advertisement Room (AD)

There is also a tab for RULES. We can find out what is allowed and what isn’t and we could get permanently or temporary banned. We can also find out about their chat room lottery and command we can use.

Right below the chat room there are several icons. The first is just the number of active users in chat room. Then the conversation icon will display any message mentioning our username when we are not online at the moment.

The letter or envelope icon is to send PM via the forum feature. The umbrella icon is for the lottery, which will be explained on the next section.

The rules are pretty standard like any chat room. They just want to create a pleasant environment.

We are not allowed to spam or share any referral link. The AD room is there for advertising purpose. If other user ask for link, tell them to do it via PM.

We are also not allowed to use any shortlinks feature. Only share full URL.

Chatroom Command

Here is the list of commands we can use in the chat room of FaucetHub.io.

  • /me message – Speak an action message
  • /tip user amount currency – Tip bitcoin satoshi to another user
    e.g. /tip rainmaster 100 BTC tips “rainmaster” 100 BTC satoshi
  • /rain amount numberofusers currency – Make it rain!
    e.g. /rain 1000 10 BTC rains 1000 BTC satoshi on 10 users
  • /pm user message – Send a PM to another user
  • /ignore user – Ignore another users chat messages
  • /unignore user – Remove a user from the ignore list
  • /ignorelist – List users you’ve ignored

All amounts are in satoshi (e.g. 0.00000100 should be written as 100). We can also click on the username and the message box will automatically copy that name.

Rain Pool / Lottery / rainmaster

Rain pool will have a pool of Bitcoin satoshi that we can see the amount right below the chat room, actually below the AD box. Half of this free Bitcoin will be distributed randomly to 50-120 lucky users every hour 5 times.

Any user can tip the rainmaster to increase the pool. In order to get the rain or fee satoshi, we need to be active in conversation.

But we are not allowed to just send very short and meaningless message. Message like just “gl” or “good luck” and other single post is considered as not fair to other user who spend a lot of time engaging with another.

This is not like buying just one lottery ticket and we can win. FaucetHub.io will instead give that user a warning and if he keep doing that, he could get banned.

If we do get the rain, we can see the earning report from the member dashboard alongside the other tip we get from other user. We also need to claim any faucet. If we are eligible, the umbrella icon will have a green color instead of red.

The picture above is what we are going to see when the server or rainmaster distribute the coin.

Even if we can earn from this, consider it as just bonus. It is not something we should be focusing on, and spend too many times here. Do not beg so other user will tip and increase the pool and don’t whine for not getting any rain.


FaucetHub.io also offers a way for user to advertise via chat room. We can choose which of the 9 channels or chat rooms to display the add. The fee is 233 satoshi per view per channel at this time.

We can either choose to display in one channel or all of them for 1,165 satoshi. To advertise, from the ad box below the chat box, click on POST YOUR ADD green button.

Half of that fee will be sent to rain pool. Each advertisement will give the advertiser 2,000 EXP.

The chat box will then change the chat box to display the AD channel. At the top, it will have a form we need to fill and pay before we can set up an advertisement. We can also add the number of views and how frequent the ad will be displayed. The options are from 2 minutes apart to 6 hours.

Then we can write or paste the advertisement and link like just chatting. Hit the SEND button but make sure it is on AD channel or we could get banned.

After that we need to wait before the ad’s turn to be displayed. We can see below the chat ad box, the number of ads in queue. Currently there are almost 3,000 ads on the waiting list.

That number is the total available ads waiting to be displayed. I honestly don’t know how it works. Some ad can be displayed like only 20 seconds before the next one replace it. Sometimes its even less while the other could take more than a minute.

Personally I really don’t recommend anybody to advertise here. We really can’t tell when exactly our advertisement will be displayed. If we try to advertise on other than English channel, then there is a chance that the ad will be displayed when the room is empty or almost with no user at all.

Link to program with English language would be the best to advertise here. We can also take advantage of the GAME channel. I don’t know the purpose of choosing just AD channel to display the ad. From what we can see, every ad will go there as well.

I could be wrong though about this but I think there are other better way to advertise. Maybe using an ad network service will give a better result.

We also need to spend some minimum amount before we can actually see a good result instead of paying just one. From what I can tell other programs like PTC can give lower price per view.

For example, we can get one view for 20 satoshi on Allcoins.pw PTC. At least, on PTC we will get the click but here, using the chat room, we need to design it so the ad could be attractive to other user.

Try to create a very long one, maybe repeating the same URL. Use color, symbol to make it more interesting instead of just posting one URL.

Remember that the audience is very limited here. Most of them will only care about similar program to faucet or online earning program or cryptocurrencies category.

Comment and Suggestion

So, from what I know we can use this chat room feature to have a transaction with other user, maybe trading without a fee. However, FaucetHub.io doesn’t recommend it and we could get scammed.

Unless we really know for sure who we are dealing with, try to use the exchange feature provided by FaucetHub.io. FaucetHub.io will not help anyone if they lose their money from this action. They will just consider it as sending a tip between user.

I also don’t recommend anybody to spend or waste their time hanging out within the chat room. Unless, we need some info and we know that we can get it here.

Or if we do have something to promote and we want or need to explain the program further to other user. I would suggest contacting the faucet owner directly via PM if it is still possible.

Chatting here will be like spending time on social media account. We could get easily distracted with other people business and waste our time while we could instead be more productive. The room is also very small, at least for me, it is really hard to read.

I’m not sure but since this is a live feed, if we keep opening the browser tab with the chat room, it will eventually add load to the computer we use. I suggest closing the tab or we could move to another page of FaucetHub.io without that chat room. For example, the homepage.

Currency Exchanger Feature

By accepting 16 different cryptocurrencies, FaucetHub.io also offers a service to exchange the currency for their members. We don’t have to worry about earning the wrong coins because we can always sell that coin and buy the other.

This makes FaucetHub.io not only works as micro wallet but an exchangers service. The difference is that every trade needs to use Bitcoin, no direct exchange between one altcoin to another.

Sell any altcoin to Bitcoin first, then we can buy another altcoin with that Bitcoin.

This is also not an auction platform where we can set our own price. FaucetHub.io will use the rate based on coin price data provided by CoinGecko.

So, the process will happen automatically, although not instantly. We might need to wait because the buyer or seller is the other user. FaucetHub.io says that this feature is more like coin swap between member.

To start exchanging, we can click on EXCHANGE menu from the top. Then we will have the option to access the BUY or SELL page separately as shown from the next image.

Non member can access this part but exchanging will require an account.

Minimum Order and Fee

To exchange coins on FaucetHub.io, there will be a minimum order to buy or sell. We can’t just trade any amount as we want. Below is the list for each currency based on the rate at this time.

Ethereum (ETH)
Buy: 0.00027513 ETH (600 satoshi)
Sell: 0.00000230 ETH (5 satoshi)

Hora token (HORA)
Buy: 279.06976744 HORA (600 satoshi)
Sell: 2.32558140 HORA (5 satoshi)

Tron (TRX)
Buy: 3.22580645 TRX (600 satoshi)
Sell: 0.02688173 TRX (5 satoshi)

Monero (XMR)
Buy: 0.00086105 XMR (600 satoshi)
Sell: 0.00000718 XMR (5 satoshi)

Litecoin (LTC)
Buy: 0.00086170 LTC (600 satoshi)
Sell: 0.00000719 LTC (5 satoshi)

Dogecoin (DOGE)
Buy: 20.77562327 DOGE (603 satoshi)
Sell: 0.17313020 DOGE (5 satoshi)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Buy: 0.00021793 BCH (601 satoshi)
Sell: 0.00000182 BCH (5 satoshi)

ZCash (ZEC)
Buy: 0.00131989 ZEC (601 satoshi)
Sell: 0.00001100 ZEC (5 satoshi)

DigiByte (DGB)
Buy: 6.88389169 DBG (599 satoshi)
Sell: 0.05736577 DGB (5 satoshi)

Bitcore (BTX)
Buy: 0.20562029 BTX (601 satoshi)
Sell: 0.00171351 BTX (5 satoshi)

Blackcoin (BLK)
Buy: 1.03986135 BLK (602 satoshi)
Sell: 0.00866552 BLK (5 satoshi)

Dash (DASH)
Buy: 0.00068678 DASH (599 satoshi)
Sell: 0.00000573 DASH (5 satoshi)

Peercoin (PPC)
Buy: 0.17084282 PPC (600 satoshi)
Sell: 0.00142370 PPC (5 satoshi)

Primecoin (XPM)
Buy: 0.51635112 XPM (563 satoshi)
Sell: 0.00430293 XPM (5 satoshi)

Potcoin (POT)
Buy: 6.98324022 POT (631 satoshi)
Sell: 0.05819367 POT (5 satoshi)

As we can see that the minimum amount is more or less the same in Bitcoin. If somehow the price of the coins get changed, the minimum will follow.

Please refer to this page for the actual minimum order and fee.

There is no fee in selling altcoin to Bitcoin but buying any altcoin with Bitcoin will have a fee based on membership. For free member the fee is 0.5% and 0.3% for premium member. I’m not sure what moderators are, maybe mods for forum, but they get 0.2%.

As we can see that we need to buy in large amount but we just need very little to sell. Since the transaction will be between users, that means when someone place an order to buy, then they are going to wait from some members to sell until they reach the right amount.

Which is why there is a PARTIAL FILLS tab from this exchange section. We can still cancel the order if we only get the amount partially. Nothing if we sell but if we cancel after we buy, they will not refund the fee.

Auto Sell (Premium Feature)

From the exchange section, there is a tab for AUTO SELL. The page will have a button to activate or deactivate the feature.

By activating this feature, our funds in every altcoins will be automatically placed in sell to get Bitcoin. This feature only works for premium member.

If we only want to collect Bitcoin, this maybe useful, no need to wait for it to be filled. Otherwise we should just decide manually.

Sell for Bitcoin

From the Currency Exchange page, click on the PLACE SELL ORDER button. Alternatively, we can also click on the SELL tab from the same page.

The next page, like the picture above, will display the available balance of each coins. We can fill the amount to sell in the box right next to SELL and choose the right currency.

Try to copy from the available balance for the right amount then adjust.

After selecting the currency, the amount next to it will display the estimated conversion result into Bitcoin. We can still adjust the amount to sell and the estimated result will change as well.

Click on PLACE SELL button then. The result will be similar to the picture above. On the right side of the balance, we can see the order we just created.

We can use the red CANCEL button to cancel the order. Now, we just need to wait for other member to buy.

I think the buyer will be more likely from the faucet owner who offers that same coins on their program. They need to refill their balance so they can keep paying their users.

Which is why for more popular coins, with a lot of programs offering them, it will take less than an hour before the order is filled. While the other might even take a few days.

Of course we should consider on how the owner manage their finance. Maybe they have a buying schedule like before and/or after weekend.

I don’t have the number but I think it is very reasonable to think that weekend is when most users will be very active. For me, I suggest selling the coins right before weekend.

The next picture will have a notification about when the order is filled at the top right corner. This can be both partially or fully filled.

Try to sell with the lowest amount to get paid sooner and not more than the minimum threshold to buy. Another consideration would be to sell with minimum amount to withdraw or some parts of it like half or a quarter.

I’m not saying that this will be a good idea. But maybe there are those who really want just to buy some coins and get the coins out as soon as possible.

The selling page will also have the exchange rates at the bottom for each coins. For those who is observing the price of certain coins whether they get higher or lower, maybe they can find a better time to sell.

FaucetHub.io says that what we might get from the exchange can be different from when we place the order. The result will be based on the rate at the point of sale, meaning when there is a buyer.

So if the buyer is already available, making the order first, then we can get almost the same amount as estimated. On the other hand, if the buyer is not available or take very long to buy, the price might be totally different.

FaucetHub.io don’t recommend to use this feature as a mean to trade, especially to gain profit.

Buy with Bitcoin

To buy any altcoins supported by FaucetHub.io with Bitcoin, we can access the buying page by clicking on BUY NOW button from the currency exchange page. Alternatively, click on BUY tab from the second row of menu.

The page will be similar to the selling page. Try not to be confused. Buying will have a fee displayed.

As shown from the picture above, the page will also have our available balance for each coins but this time is to help user to decide whether to buy more or not. Maybe just need add a few coins before we can withdraw.

At the bottom of the page will also have the exchange rate for each altcoins with Bitcoin. The exchange rate at the bottom will display how much 1 Bitcoin worth to other coins (altcoin/BTC). I’m not sure but I think the number at the bottom is right or they need to switch the currency.

If we want to know how much the other way around, BTC/altcoin, we can choose the currency from the form at the top of the page. The rate will be displayed at the right side after the symbol “@”.

We can fill the amount of altcoin we want to buy and select the right currency next to it. The result will be displayed as a total including the fee, right below that along side how much fee we have to pay.

Click on the green BUY NOW / PLACE ORDER button to proceed. The order will be added to the list at the right side of the page, also with a cancelation button.

Remember that if we cancel the order, we are going to lose the fee we have paid. So, think first before placing any order.

After we place the order, we just need to wait until another member sell the right coin. As mentioned before that the minimum to buy is larger than the minimum to sell.

We are going to need like up to 12 orders to sell that specific coin. It is going to take longer than waiting just to sell.

The amount we will get will be higher or lower than the estimation. If we need 12 orders before it is filled, then each exchange from those orders will have different exchange rates.

The difference from some could be very little but it is not impossible that it can be very high. High enough that we should consider on canceling the deal. Either losing the fee or getting very less coins.

For just earners or users this might not be a big deal but for faucet or program owner, they could suddenly lose profit. Which is why they need to constantly adjust the amount of reward  they offer and let their balance empty.

As the rule in trading: Buy low and Sell High. For faucet owners offering altcoins they need to buy that altcoins when altcoin/BTC is high or when Bitcoin gets higher price. They need to lower the amount of reward then.

I don’t have any experience managing a faucet or program so I really can’t tell much of how to use this feature in better way. If any faucet owner would like to share theirs, please do so using the comment section below.

Comment and Suggestion

As for the user or earner, this exchange feature can be very helpful. We don’t need to worry about collecting a wrong coin. Just exchange that and we can get at least Bitcoin.

This, then open the possibility to use a lot more programs supported by FaucetHub.io. No need to stick around with just one or two programs. The more popular programs can be very heavy to use as they need to handle a lot more users.

We can use less popular programs instead. At least the owner of the program itself will buy back the coins we have earned from him.

Another benefit from this feature is that we don’t actually need to have a working wallet address for currency that we don’t really want to keep. We will need one only if we want to make a withdraw with that coin.

So, even if it is not recommended, we can use the wallet address from any exchanger programs. Just make sure we have a dedicated wallet for Bitcoin and some others that we want to keep.

This is also works for programs outside FaucetHub.io, as long as the coin is supported. We can use FaucetHub.io deposit feature to accept payment from another program, exchange them to Bitcoins here and withdraw Bitcoins to our wallet.

Just remember that we should deposit more than the minimum threshold set by FaucetHub.io.

Maybe in the future, FaucetHub.io can support and add more coins in their system. The more programs we can use to earn then.

But if the wallet we use already accept that coin and also have their own exchangers, It is better to have the payment sent to the wallet directly.

Whichever methods we want to use, try to consider other aspect like the fee, the result after the exchange. Or if we want to use FaucetHub.io and get Bitcoin, we should remember that payment to our wallet only happens on Sunday unless we want to pay higher fee.


Games are another FaucetHub.io feature where we can also earn more Bitcoin. The problem is that those games involve some kind of gambling or betting to win.

Anybody will more likely to lose money than earn. So, I recommend we should just stay away from them. Don’t spend anything on these features.

But if you still want to try it, do it at you own risk. You’ve been warned and don’t say that FaucetHub.io is a scam because you lose your money here.

There are 3 games at the moment. The lottery, Rock-Paper-Scissors Game and the Dice game.

Anybody can access those pages even without any account but to play we need an account. Each game will use Bitcoin as the main currency except for the lottery.

Comment and Suggestion

Even though I keep telling people to stay away from this kind of features, we can’t deny that there are still a lot of people who loves gambling. Moreover, a lot of online programs even use it as one of their income source. So it seems the same also happen for FaucetHub.io.

For the lottery, Faucethub.io only run one contest but multiple contests with different time frame each. From 1 minute, 5 minutes, every hour, every half a day, daily, weekly, and monthly.

I don’t know why but each time frame can use different currencies. Only 2 for half a day contest, up to 6 currencies for the monthly. Each currencies will have its own contest.

Longer time frame contest will cost more expensive lottery ticket price. More tickets in the pool means higher prize for the 10 lucky winners. FaucetHub.io will take some percentage of the funds as the profit for them.

If you think you can predict the outcome of the lottery, maybe trying to buy the more ticket than the pool in the last minute, forget it. There is another benefit for being a premium member.

Premium members can participate in stealth mode and some bot features to automatically buy or stop buying. That doesn’t mean we should become a premium member because we still can’t know who the other premium member is.

At least if we want to support FaucetHub.io, instead of donating our money straight to the owner, we can still spend it here. There is a better way though, like advertise which we can also get EXP. Here we get 1 EXP for every 10 tickets we buy.

Rock Paper Scissors game or as they name it Rock Paper Bitcoin is an interesting game where we can play with other players one on one. We place a bet and the system will find other players with similar betting amount or close enough.

From this game FaucetHub.io will take 2% of the total bet only if there is a winner not from the tie. We will also get 1 EXP for betting every 50 satoshi.

The last game is the dice game or as they name it Rambo Dice. Just because the game says that it is provably fair, it doesn’t mean we can’t lose money playing this game.

It is very typical among similar programs offering this game. This is where we play against the house or FaucetHub.io directly and it is probably the most profitable for them.

To play the game, anybody just need to place a bet and guess whether the next roll is higher or lower. You might be wondering if there is a formula that will guarantee we are not going to lose. Just don’t. You can spend the time better with other stuff.

But once again, if you still want to do it, be my guess. Do it at your own risk.

If we lose, the house will get the profit and 0.5% of that will come into the stash. The stash will be rewarded to encourage people to play more. Not sure about this but I couldn’t find any statement that playing this will grant user EXP like the other 2.

Should we play for EXP though? No.

The level system is completely useless for now. But again, if you really want to support FaucetHub.io playing the game is one of the way to do it. If you are lucky you can get that money back.


Offerwalls is another feature from FaucetHub.io where we can earn free bitcoins. As mentioned before we can either access this feature from one of the main menu (only after we sign in) or from the user dashboard and click on the FREE BITCOINS tab.

Offerwalls will offer some tasks that if we complete them, we will get paid or credited. The task can be anything like survey, paid to click, installing and testing an app, polling or watch videos.

Each will grant different amount of reward. There will be task or offerwalls providers, which works as a 3rd party program, each with their own rules.

Like any other online program with offerwalls feature, FaucetHub.io here only works as the host. They use one page of their website to browse or access the offerwalls provider sites.

The idea is that for every online earning program, they usually will have an internal currency which only works within their program. Instead of creating a new one, those offerwalls will try to use the host’s currency.

This way, any user can have another income source. This can help them reach the minimum amount to withdraw faster.

In FaucetHub.io we will be credited with FHBUX which will immediately be converted into Bitcoin. The current rate is 1 FHBUX = 0.2677 satoshi, which will be dynamic, following the price of Bitcoin.

Currently, there are 6 offerwalls providers that we can access from FaucetHub.io. One of them, PTCWall is owned by the mexicantarget, the same owner as FaucetHub.io. Here is the list.

Wannads Survey
AdGate Media
Offer Toro

It is very common that the host can add more providers or even take them off the list.

As we can see from the picture above, each providers can offer just one type of task or they can be multiple. Usually, for those offering more than one type, they will have a better quality on delivering just one.

Comment and Suggestion

To be honest, I’m not a fan of offerwalls. Some people can make a lot of money from them but some others will even have a problem just to find one task that they are qualified to participate in.

The reason is that these tasks are most likely will have a specific target audience. Only user from the right background can be given the task.

After all, those people who created the task will want to get some relevant result or converting result They are not just going to throw away some money randomly.

Survey related task, is probably one of type that offers higher reward but not anybody can access them. Even I can find provider with the same language that I use, it doesn’t mean I can find one that I’m qualified.

The same goes with video. Anybody can view the video but the ads apparently is not for everyone. Therefore the offerwalls can’t make any profit and they are not going to pay just any user.

Paid to click is probably the only one type of task that anybody can use. The problem is that the number of ads is very limited. Even the number of offerwalls offering this type of task is already very low.

Most of these tasks are intended, I think for users from US or Europe. So, if you are from any of those, you will have a better chance on getting a high paying task.

Which is why it is not that I don’t recommend people to use any offerwalls, it is just not for everyone. We have to try but if they don’t work, we should just move on and try another one.

There is also a chance that we are qualified to enter the task but the result is not. Or we have to wait very long because the one who give the task has to confirm the result manually. Which makes this kind of wasting our time.

As mentioned before, offerwalls, the providers are a 3rd party program which the host has no control of how user can get credited or paid. Any user will have to contact the providers directly.

Faucethub.io as the host can only take them down if the offerwalls don’t pay the host. User can only remind the host that the offerwalls are not paying them or problemtic. A good host will then find and add an alternative.

The last reason that we should be aware of these offerwalls is that some may even chargeback the user. Instead of getting paid, we have to pay the penalty.

Maybe not from the listed above but it is possible. If they think we are trying to cheat like using VPN or bot, they might at least ban the account.

That is just the offerwalls in general. The question is now, should we do it on FaucetHub.io?

Those offerwalls can also work with another hosts and in this case, every program supported by FaucetHub.io. We can complete the task there, get paid and send the payment to FaucetHub.io.

I’m not sure but I think the rate, from the same offerwalls will be more or less the same, wherever we complete them. Sure we can do both or from every hosts, assuming we are qualified.

If we complete the one on FaucetHub.io we can get paid, but we also get some EXP. The problem is that the level system and EXP on FaucetHub.io is completely useless for now.

On other host what we get can be varied aside from the earning. Program like FireFaucet.win or AllCoins.pw also has their own level system and completing an offerwall will also grant some EXP to level up.

So, the limit would be our time. We need to know which host will give the best benefit.

Again, since I’m not qualified for most of the offerwalls, I couldn’t tell much about it. If you are one of the qualified one and want to share, please do it via the comment section below.

Premium Account

FaucetHub.io offers a way for user to upgrade their membership. By paying $0.16 worth of Bitcoin per day, we can get some additional benefits. The fee will then follow the dynamic price of Bitcoin to the market.

Each member can subscribe and even set the frequency when they are going to pay again. FaucetHub.io offers to save 0.0001 BTC if we subscribe more than 30 days.

We can try it out first, just one time payment or we can set to pay automatically every terms.

To activate, we can click on MORE+ from the main menu and from the drop down, click on the first menu, PREMIUM ACCOUNT. If we already have an account that page will have the subscription form.

The Benefit

Every user from FaucetHub.io can either just an earner or they could also become an owner of the program. Becoming a premium account, we can get additional benefit for both user and  owner.

Here is the list of benefit as we can also see from that page like the picture above.

  • Unlock access to the remaining HIDDEN FAUCETS in the Faucet List! (For users)
  • Get a 20% discount on chat advertisement posts (For Promoters)
  • Reduced trade fees in Exchange from 0.5% to 0.3% (For Owners & Users)
  • Post clickable links and formatted text in the chat (For Owners & Users)
  • Your chat username will receive a and become decorated, showing off your title (For Owners & Users)
  • Unlock access to bots for Dice, Lottery and RPS (For Owners & Users)
  • Your faucets are automatically put into the Premium Faucets list and get seen by everyone (For Owners)
  • Receive an email when your faucet is out of funds and requires a top-up (For Owners)
  • Your faucets are protected by our Transparent Anti-Fraud System (For Owners)
  • Access to the exclusive Faucet List API for building external list sites & rotators (For Developers)

So, based on the explanation above, there are two more type of users who can get benefit from being a premium account, the developers and the promoters. Actually, I can’t find more about these two from that same page but here is what I know.

Promoter is just any user that can invite other people to advertise on FaucetHub.io. The benefit is if that promoter themselves want to advertise as well, they can get lower price.

As for the developers, this is just an owner who develop his own script. The benefit is if they want to create a list of all faucet programs supported by FaucetHub.io on their website, they will have the access by being a premium account.

As an owner, there is no need to become a premium account.

Comment and Suggestion

So, should we upgrade our membership to FaucetHub.io premium account? I would say if we are just a user who earn from programs supported by FaucetHub.io we don’t really need it.

With today’s price 1 Bitcoin equals to around 8,000 USD, then each day we have to pay around 2,000 satoshi as Premium member. Honestly it is pretty big.

We can check our average daily income using the CHECK BALANCE feature and use the Bitcoin linked wallet address. If we get even just the same amount, we shouldn’t even consider buying one.

For me, the benefit is not worth it for just users. Let’s take a look at each benefit.

First, we get to see the list of hidden faucets. From what I know, they are hidden not because they are better but because the owner become a premium member and their program will be included to the premium list.

As we can see from one of the benefit for owner. The premium list is what anybody even without an account can see.

Moreover, those owner can also display a list themselves which is not going to hide the remaining list. For example, we can find another list from BestFaucetSites.com.

Even someone like me, just a user, don’t have any faucet program, free member, can create a list. Check out here on my website.

For owner, the benefit is that common user will think that our program is a good because it is labeled as PREMIUM. Just make sure we can get more profit with more users. FaucetHub.io doesn’t guarantee that any owner will make a profit or not losing their money.

So, we can find those hidden faucets for free. Then the next benefit on the list is for the chat room.

By being a premium account, we can post a clickable link, and our username can be decorated to look more interesting. If we don’t spend any time on chat, then we should just forget about it.

This is an interesting feature but I think it is still more for the owner. Not just owner of faucet but we as long as we are promoting online program, even if the program doesn’t use FaucetHub.io service at all.

The problem is that those who use FaucetHub.io, the audience, is very limited background. So, this will be beneficial for related program only like earning online or cryptocurrencies category.

Or at least, if the language the program use has a dedicated chat room, maybe we can still advertise wider program.

Consider planning a thorough campaign first before becoming a premium account to advertise. If the program we promote is just a seasonal, no need to subscribe for long term.

For the promoter benefit, again, unless we are not going to advertise anything, then we won’t get the benefit at all. The discount price as benefit is only if we do the advertisement ourselves.

Then as premium member we can get lower fee for trading Bitcoin into another altcoin. Again, although it is not impossible for just user to use this feature but this is also more for owner.

At most, the earner or just user will get altcoins and if they want to sell them into Bitcoin, there will be no fee at all. The fee is only if we want to buy altcoins using Bitcoin.

I’m guessing that will only happen once in a while. Maybe we just need like a day to pay that fee. It is not worth it. The owner will need that but not the user.

Another way for owner to increase the profit even just slightly.

The last benefit for just user is to unlock bot feature to play the game. As mentioned before, I really don’t recommend anybody to play any of those game because it will be like gambling. We will more likely to lose our money there.

The rest of the benefits are for the owners, which can be very useful. Get notify if the program needs a refund as one of the benefit.

Again, we have to make sure that having more user means more profit. Or else, we are just sharing or giving away free money. Topping up the account is not necessary but that could hurt the credibility and trust if we let it empty for long time.

The best feature is probably the anti-fraud system. With this feature, the program we have will be protected by FaucetHub.io from users who try to cheat or abuse the system.

I’m not sure how those abuser do but here is what I know. They will use their referral link and sign up with multiple account to increase the commission.

Since the transaction will more likey happen within FaucetHub.io network, they can be caught easily. Another benefit is that we can save some funds from getting stolen to some extent.

Based on the current statistic, in the last 2 weeks the system caught over 10,000 cheating account, protecting about 42 faucets, saving over 0.001 BTC.

The problem is that, I think, this only works for the simple faucet program where user can get paid instantly to the FaucetHub.io account. Not for those program with registration process, more pages than just faucet claiming page and manually withdraw the funds.

For those program, they will have to set up their own security rules. So, for owner, they need to understand how this really works because the benefit won’t work for them.

Faucet Manager for Owner

As I have mentioned before that FaucetHub.io is not just a place to accept payment for earners. Any user can have their own program not just faucet and use FaucetHub.io system.

After we sign in, from the USER+ menu there is a feature to manage the program. That page will have a button to activate.

Since I’m not an owner there is not much I can share with you about it. There is also a warning that non owner is not allowed to activate or use this manager feature. We could get banned for that.

If somehow I have a chance to become one in the future, maybe I would write a separate review for the owner. For those of you who are interested into becoming an owner, there are several pages in FaucetHub.io that we can visit to find out more.

Other than those previously mentioned features, there are pages regarding the API set up, migration document from another micro wallet service and PHP library. We can access this from one of the menu at the bottom.

For member we could also access this from MORE+ menu after we sign in.

Referral / Affiliate Program

FaucetHub.io also offer one more way to earn from them by getting referral commission. With referral or affiliate commission usually any online program has the chance to become a passive income. In theory, it could even become an unlimited one.

What we need to do is we invite other people to join FaucetHub.io and let them use the service. Those people will become our referral and we will get some commission from their activity.

This way, we can earn passively, no need to do the work ourselves. The more referrals we have will add more income for us.

To know more about FaucetHub.io referral features, we can access the dedicated page after we sign in. Click the USER+ from the main menu and then click on REFERRALS from the drop down.

How does it work?

Like any other online program offering an affiliate commission, each member will get a unique link with their ID attached to it, called referral link or ref link. This one below is mine for FaucetHub.io.


If anybody click on that link and join FaucetHub.io, they will become my referral. If they earn from the offerwalls within FaucetHub.io service, I will get 2% of their earning as the commission.

From that page we can still see that we can also get commission if the referrals earn from mining as well. But so far, it seems they are no longer available.

Another possible earning is from the advertising on chat room. We can get a discount but only if we ourselves advertise there.

We can find the our own link from this REFERRAL page or from the user dashboard and click on FREE BITCOINS tab. What we need to do now is to share the link to anybody on any online platform that we use.

This platform can be our social media account, forum, any group messengers for family or friends, on blog or website that we own. From that page there is also a share button but only for Twitter that works.

Aside from that we can also find some promotional banners, ready to use each with their HTML code. There is also some statistic data about the number of referrals, their activity and the commission that we earn from them.

We can also increase the commission rate by leveling up our account status. Each 10 level will increase 0.1% the commission rate.

Comment and Suggestion

To be honest, even though this could still become a passive income, this is not really a good affiliate program. First of all, they don’t offer commission from their main feature as micro wallet but instead from offerwalls or mining which are just their secondary feature.

We won’t get additional payment if the referrals earn from one of the supported programs.

Most of other user will just use FaucetHub.io as micro wallet. They could at least offer commission if any referral make a deposit, become premium account, or become a faucet owner.

Sure they offer something on advertise but that is even only if we advertise. Which means get something after we spend something. The advertising feature, as mentioned above is not really recommended to use.

As for the offerwalls, like I said before, I’m not really a fan. Even if I do, I would rather complete the offerwalls elsewhere, from maybe on of those program supported by FaucetHub.io. The number of available providers are very limited as well.

The leveling and EXP feature is nice to increase the commission rate. But if nobody is completing any offerwalls, what is the point then? It will also take a while before the rate is decent.

Offering 2% is actually very low. Even if we could increase the level like 550, we can only get less than 10%. Most of other user who has reached that level are faucet owners, almost not a chance for just users.

So, unless FaucetHub.io make some improvement with this feature, I suggest just ignoring this feature completely. Instead we should spend more time promoting those programs they have been supporting.

After all most of those programs will still need FaucetHub.io service. We can then promote this micro wallet as a package.


FaucetHub.io is a micro transaction or micro wallet service so any user can send small amount of cryptocurrency without the need to worry about increasing the network fee. The initial purpose was to support faucet programs that often offering very low amount like just 1 satoshi but without this micro wallet, we need like 30,000 before we can withdraw.

With this service, we can also get paid from multiple faucet programs which reaching the minimum threshold to withdraw via network easier and faster.

After several years, not only faucet programs but many of other type of programs like ad network, paid to click, shortlinks and offerwalls are supported by FaucetHub.io. Currently there are almost 3,000 programs using this micro wallet service, making it the biggest among similar service.

Any user can just accept payment but they could also become a faucet owner using a lot of features from FaucetHub.io service. They even provide a forum platform so any user can discuss about becoming one, buy some scripts, work with other service and get technical support.

At this time, FaucetHub.io system supports up to 16 different cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin as the main one. Any member can also trade those coins, but must involve the Bitcoin and with the deposit feature, FaucetHub.io can be used as a small exchanger. Trade between members based on the rate from CoinGecko.

Not just to accept payments, there are several other earning feature we could use like offerwalls, but very limited. Try to stay away from Games because they involve gambling and betting. But if we do want to support FaucetHub.io but not just donating money, feel free to play those games with a chance to win back some.

There is a chat room with several language based channels, to socialize with other user. I don’t really recommend to hang out there but we can find some info regarding this faucet world, tip or send money to other users and even advertise our ads, with a fee though.

We can also send PM, maybe to the faucet owner if we have trouble which is connected with the forum profile. Try to complete the profile for additional campaign media. Post some links there and share it.

Any member can also subscribe to upgrade their membership to get additional benefit as Premium Account. This will be beneficial mostly for owners.

The referral commission can be considered as useless that we can only earn from referrals completing offerwalls but nothing from the main feature. The commission rate is rather low and even if we can increase it with the level system, it is not worth it.

We should just focus on promoting the supported program instead. They will need FaucetHub.io service after all.

We just need to know which programs is suitable for us. Offering a good earning rate and has the potential to become a long term passive income.

No need to rely on just one program. With FaucetHub.io service, we can try out as many as we can and there will be a lot more programs to come.

So, if you still don’t have any account yet, use this link to create account with FaucetHub.io. It’s FREE to use, just need a Bitcoin wallet address first.

Final Word

As mentioned before that with program like FaucetHub.io, we can have a passive income. The key is to use the referral program, get a lot of referrals and let them do the work and we get the commission.

No need to rely on just referral program from FaucetHub.io. We can try and promote other referral programs as well. As many as we want so we could have multiple income sources.

In order to do that, it’s better to have our own website, promote the program until we can get enough referrals and they can generate income for us. This is not only limited to digital product but we can also promote physical product.

Share a link from a marketplace like Amazon, or directly from big brands like Apple, and if people buy something, we can earn some commission. It’s not limited to just tech product but any passion we have from food, travel, sports, movies.

That is how we can have an online business.

If you are interested to learn more about building a website and turn it into a business, even a passive income, there is a training program that you can try.

On this training, not only we can learn about how to, but we can actually set up the website, grow it until it can generate income. We can learn from a lot of experts who were once just like you and me, know almost nothing about online business.

This is an easy training program that even a guy without a college degree can use it. Within two years he started to have a full time income from his website and quit his regular job.

We can even ask the owner the help out directly. Try it. Join the program for FREE and try to reply their first message to you and see if they get back and help you out.

You can learn more about the training from my review here.

We grow the business and website by using affiliate programs just like FaucetHub.io. Here is my list of other affiliate programs that you can try.

I will keep updating the page and add more programs. So, stay tuned.

Well, that’s all I can share with you about a micro wallet service, FaucetHub.io. Maybe I missed something and you have more question about it, or if you want to add your experience, view, opinion, don’t hesitate to use the comment section below.

Maybe you also have other experience with other similar programs with this, hopefully a better one, you can suggest something as well. I would love to help if I could and learn more about online program.

Hope my reviews can help. Thanks for reading.



Mark M.

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