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There are a lot of ways to get money on the internet. Some of them we can even get without doing too much work, like just watching ads.

Some require us to do more like completing a survey or even selling a product. And of course, some are scams that we need to avoid.

One of the easiest way to earn free money is from a faucet program. Like a faucet, we can turn them on but instead of getting water, we get some money.

Usually we can’t turn them on and off as many times as we like it to be. There are limits. After all, nothing is really free. is one of this program. They offer DOGE coins as payment, it is one of the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

How much can we get? Not much. Maybe just $0.003 per hour. After all, what do you expect from a free program.

Nevertheless, it is a free money that can build up. It is very easy to use as well.

They also offer some features that we can use to make more money from it. Keep reading to find out how to turn this into a passive income.

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Type: Faucet (Hourly, DOGEcoin)
Features: Multiplier Game, Share Coins
Payment Method: DOGEcoin
Referral Bonus: 50% base prize faucet
Minimum Withdraw: 50 DOGE
Started Since: 2014
My Status: SHUTTING DOWN (September 2019)
Last Payment: August 2019

News and Update

Towards the end of August 2019, decided to stop offering their faucet program. We can no longer earn free Dogecoin from them due to some abuse to their program.

We can still use their other feature, the multiplier, which essentially just gambling. Maybe the idea is to spend the remaining funds there. If we still have large amount of coins there, I suggest withdrawing right away and use other service like as they also offer daily compounded interest.

Based on their statement, will eventually shut everything down, including the multiplier itself. Not sure when that will happen. The owner stated that they will keep running, their sister site.

ABOUT FREEDOGE.CO.IN is like a sister site to one of the longest bitcoin faucet service, As the name suggest, they offer another cryptocurrency here, DOGE coins.

I can’t find the reason they choose dogecoin over other cryptocurrencies aside from bitcoin. If you want to know more about dogecoin, they have a FAQ page about it on their homepage. You can read about it here, just need to scroll down and click or tab “READ MORE”.

Based on the year listed on the bottom of their website, they have been offering their service since 2013. Which more or less right after their first one.

If you already familiar with using Freebitco platform, this site has similar but less feature on it. I will explain the differences later. But, if you haven’t tried Freebitco, you can read my review here.

Why less feature?

Actually it is the same feature as their sister site initially offered. But over the time they didn’t succeed to develop this one. So if you already know how to use, this one is easier to understand.

There are many factors, maybe you can find out later if you keep reading. Nevertheless, it’s been like five years since the launch, while scams usually don’t last more than a year or two.

How can they offer free money?

Okay, there is no official statement about how they manage their money or how they get their income like they put it on But I think we can assume that they are using the same business model as, or at least some part of it.

I don’t see any ads from my browser to roll on this platform but there are disclaimer at the bottom of their website which indicates that they used to display advertising. We get money from viewing those ads.

If they use the same business model as, their source of income would be from the DICE game, hi-lo game feature. Another source would be from cryptocurrency mining and they keep expanding their mining.

I think that there is one more way of income. They use the money from they make from to support this one. But, it is just me guessing.

Regardless, they are still here offering free money for 5 years and more, despite the lost they claimed from fraudulent attempts by users or hackers.

I think this is a very sustainable business. If they really do the same model as, it means that they have made diversification for their income sources which could prevent shutting down the business.

Shutting down often happens for business with cryptocurrency. The high fluctuation of the price sometimes unpredictable and can bring down a company within days.

Read on how to start claiming your free money.


If we want to join, we can sign up here. Unlike other faucet, we can only sign up using our email account not options to sign up using our wallet ID to log in.

But, we also need to register the wallet ID ro register an account. We have to make one first if we don’t have any wallet yet.

The platform recommends us to use wallet. We can click or tab the line “DON’T HAVE A DOGECOIN ADDRESS?”.

A WORD OF WARNING for wallet

Don’t forget to copy wallet ID right after you sign up. That is the ONLY way to login. You might want to check the spam folder because mine got in there.

And it is a pop up announcement, so be careful not to skip it. If we lose wallet ID or password, we cannot login.

The ID number is similar to any cryptocurrency wallet address so it is very hard to remember. We need to copy them.

I thought that we can login using our email we register. No, I think the email is just to provide notification if we get payment.

If somehow, we missed the ID announcement, we can logout right away and try to log back in. Usually the ID is still there.

Don’t worry, we can always change our wallet on account.  Just in case we choose to use the wallet they recommend, this is something to remember.

Changing our wallet ID requires confirmation by clicking a link sent to our email. We need to login again after from the same browser within 30 minutes.

Clearly we need ti find a better wallet. If you know a better wallet for Dogecoins or other cryptocurrency, please let me know using the comment section below.

In the mean time, let’s move on back to What do they offer here?

FREE DOGE, the free dogecoin faucet

This is the main feature of the platform. Hourly the platform will give us several dogecoin, depending on the dogecoin price. Play, solve captcha, get a lucky number which will determine the number of dogecoin.

Here is the lucky number and the prize list.
0-9885 (9886 lucky numbers) for 0.25 DOGE ($0.0003)
9886-9985 (100 lucky numbers) for 7.47 DOGE ($0.015)
9986-9993 (8 lucky numbers) for 74.75 DOGE ($0.15)
9994-9997 (4 lucky numbers) for 747.46 DOGE ($1.5)
9998-9999 (2 lucky numbers) for 7,474.61 DOGE ($15)
10000 (1 lucky number) for 74,746.09 DOGE or equal to $150 (maximum)

The prize list above is based on 1,000 DOGECOINS = 2.05 USD. The higher the price of dogecoin, the lower we will get per roll. When you read this, the price could be different.

Don’t forget to turn on the notification sound to remind us when the timer is up. On browser, we need to keep the tab open so we can hear the sound.

The differences from

$150USD is the maximum amount we can get every roll. Yes, it is lower than Freebitco, their main platform.

Another thing is that we don’t get any lottery ticket or reward points like There is no reward or lottery tabs at the top of the screen.

Notice that between second and the next group of lucky numbers there’s a 10x difference but between the first and the second it’s like 30 times while in case of Freebitco it’s like 20 times.

In case of Freebitco, back in the day they used to give one tenth of the second group for the first one. Not sure about this one.

The fluctuating price of dogecoin or any cryptocoin are forcing them to set a lower price in case something unexpected that could happen instantly like within days.

If the price was getting lower, the house makes profit but otherwise, they could suddenly become broke. So this is to ensure the safety for longer term. And it worked since they are still here offering their service.

But it seems there is another reason for this. They also put it on the main dashboard. At the top we can see this “Why has the minimum faucet reward been reduced?”

If we click or tab on it, here is what we get.

We have been operating at a loss for the past few years and have been running it as a sort of charity because we like the principles behind Dogecoin. The website has seen increasing amounts of fraud which negates any profit that could have been made from legitimate users.

As a result of this, we had to choose between shutting the website down entirely or reducing the minimum reward and we chose the latter so that legitimate users can still get some free dogecoins while at the same time, it becomes unprofitable for abusers to steal from the faucet on a large scale. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”

So, based on the statement above, we can assume that they did try to turn this platform into something like their first one. But over time, they have decided not to because of many reasons.

One of the reason that I can think of is that dogecoin, the cryptocurrency they use on this website is not as popular as bitcoin. With Bitcoin, they can generate income with mining as their other source of income.

But here, they only have the hi-lo game. It is not as widely acceptable in real life which they can’t offer the reward system to be redeemed for physical product.

For comparison, with today’s value one roll we get like $0.001 for Freebitco and we get like $0.0003 for every hour. There are other differences with Freebitco, that I will explain it later as I describe other feature they offer.

So, yeah, this is even worse than what Freebitco can offer, which it is not going to make us rich, especially if we just trying to roll on our own.

But still, it is a free money. If we are lucky enough we still can get  free $150 and with very little thing to do here.

There are still other way to make this worth. Keep reading to find out how.

My experience so far

Generally, within a year, from a well established cyrptocurrency, its value can fluctuate drastically. In 2017, Bitcoin reached the value of $20,000, and now is around $3,000, and maybe it can go up again.

The same thing also happened to Dogecoin but in the same scale not the number. Since I just recently tried this, maybe I have to wait until a year or two for that to happen again.

This affects the number of free coin we can get from this platform. The higher the price, the lower of coins we can get and vice versa.

For less than a week, I already rolled like 100 times and get like almost 25 coins. So I need like more or less a week to reach the minimum amount to withdraw.

If I use more of this platform, maybe I can get lucky to hit another group of prize and get more coins. Like on, I think I got the third group only once but several times for the second group over the past year.

That is me, spend most of my time in front of computer. Maybe we can get more if we use the mobile app.

Have our own internet line

So in general, we can only have one account. They could ban us if they find out that we have multiple.

From the same internet line, we can only roll the FREE DOGE once. The timer will not reset and we have to wait if there is another account or device recently rolled using the same connection.

Sure, we can try using different multiple internet providers which we can use specifically for different devices. As long as we can keep them separated, maybe we can do it.

Nevertheless, I don’t recommend anybody to do this. Do it on your own risk. Besides, it is not that worth just to set up another internet connection solely for getting this free money.

More Rolls doesn’t mean more money

One roll per hour is actually quite good. There are other faucets who lets us get like every 30, 20, 15 or 5 minutes. It sounds like we can get more play within an hour but it’s not. And the price becomes very low.

With this faucet 20 satoshi per hour means we can only get like 6 or 7 satoshis per roll for 20 minutes faucet. Or even 4 satoshi per 5 minutes roll program.

The thing is that it will distract us every 5 minutes. And we will lose some times for page load, solving captcha, submitting, etc. So 1 roll every 5 minutes doesn’t mean 20 rolls per hour, we will lose at least few seconds every roll.

Not very efficient.

Not to mention that the amount we can get is based on actual dogecoin price. As dogecoin gets higher we only get lower doge coins from this faucet.

Eventually when dogecoin price gets higher, those lower duration faucet will give only 0.00000001 coin or even lower cause them to run out of business.

As we can see, we are most likely to get the first group of lucky number since it has over 9000 possibilities. After using the similar service from for 2 years with more than 8000 rolls I already got more than 10 times from the second group. Maybe the third one once, I can’t really remember.

I used other programs which offers more frequently roll and they are now gone when the price is too high.

CAPTCHA is also a problem here

So CAPTCHA is a tool to determine if the user is a real person or just a robot or program to automatically exploit the system. Yes, even for this easy and free money, people will try to do this.

To solve CAPTCHA, we just need to pick several pictures that correspond with the clue they give us. The problem is, that after years of doing this, it can get boring. Sometimes the pictures are too hard to be recognized.

Another thing is that the system could be broken as well. Even after we try to pick the right one, the system could always ask us to do this over and over again.

Sure, sometimes, the system could also recognize us and automatically get solved. I really don’t know how it works but I used to browse from my computer via Chrome.

But now the CAPTCHA always fail and I have to use another browser to do it. Not just for but for all other programs using CAPTCHA system.

Since this is a tool from a third party, even the platform realize how troublesome this could be. actually offer another CAPTCHA options aside from Google using Solve Media. So far, it still doesn’t work and I have to stick with the one from Google.

Unlike, they don’t offer a way not to solve CAPTCHA here. But then, I don’t recommend anybody to use it if they do.

THE MULTIPLY BTC, so called provably fair hi-lo games BUT with no CONTEST

It is going to get us bored. Feels like wasting our time. Even i felt that. And the multiplying games is really tempting to try. A provably fair HI-LO games.

It is a dice game where we need to bet our DOGE coins, and we need to gamble whether the dice is higher or lower. If we bet it right, we will make money but other than that we will lose.

When I use Freebitco, I thought to myself maybe there is a way to play with that. I even searched some Youtube videos.

In the end, playing that hi-lo game is just a gambling. The house will always win. There will be times when we can score, then we are getting hooked to play even more and suddenly we lose everything.

I’ve already lost like 50k of satoshis on Freebitco. Not much, back then, since 1 BTC only equals like 500 USD but if I didn’t, now it can worth like 9 times the price.

So don’t fall for that just because they say it is fair or that you can multiply your coin 4,750 times. There are some features like automatic bet which I’m not going to explain here as I won’t recommend any people to fall like I did.

Another different thing with Freebitco, they don’t make a contest out of it here on The highest wager of the month will get a prize.

Nevertheless, I don’t recommend anybody to use the gambling feature and if you still want to try, do it on your own risk. I don’t even get the money if you do, unlike on Freebitco.

So it is a scam?

Overall? No. They are paying. But the dice game, multiplying btc is not a good way to make money. It’s a way for us to spend our earnings in gambling. It is our own fault if we choose to participate.

Some people said that it is not even a good dice game since the house has a higher chance to win. So if you want to play dice game, gambling your money or even earnings, try it on other dice program.

We will actually see a lot of people are complaining and saying that this is a scam, just because they lose some money using this gambling feature. Hopefully you won’t be one of them.

The next feature will let us earn more money or DOGE without need to play.


Here is another feature that we can use to make more money, getting referral with affiliate program. They will give us an URL with our account number attached to it and we can use this URL to get more referrals. This one below is a link or URL with my account number.

If anybody click on it and join, they will be my referral. Everybody will have their own URL with their own account number.

Share that link on social media, or create a website like this one. If somebody click on it and join, they will become referrals to the account. They can use any feature here and we can get paid. Here is the number.

We earn a massive 50% commission on all free play earnings made by our referred users. I’m still not sure about this since it is very unlikely to happen but this is the one thing that is better than Freebitco.

From Freebitco we can only get 50% of the base prize but here, there is no statement about only getting the base prize. Which means, if our referral get very lucky and hit the $150 prize, we can get 50% of it.

Like I said, it is very unlikely to happen since we and our referrals probably only get the base prize most of the time. I will let you know when my referrals hit the jackpot.

The commissions we get from referrals are updated in real time to our balance but the statistic are updated hourly.

Share Coins

This is also a feature that we can get from Freebitco as well. The difference is that on Freebitco, the amount we share can be limited to just the commission we get from the referrals, using the percentage automatic share.

But here on we can only set the amount of coins to share which is based solely on the balance. We can give more money than we can get from our referrals. There is no feature to share percentage of commissions we get from referral.

With this feature, we can’t share coins directly to specific referral, we can only share to all of our referrals. But, we can set it to be distributed equally or based on their activity, which means the one more actively using this platform, get more money.

Maybe we can promote something like this, “Giving away total of 100 DOGE to all of my referrals.” It is actually not a bad promotion.

Advanced Tracking Tools

From the REFER page, there is also a tracking tools that we can use to know how many referrals we get from different sources. If we promote our link using several platforms, maybe like Twitter, Facebook, from forum or build our own website like this one, we can identify which campaign deliver referrals the most.

There is a chance that using one platform, we can get a lot of referrals but most of them are not really an active user. Maybe we can add more content or more marketing by writing about the benefit and all of that features that they can use from

This way, we can prioritize which platform to maintain our campaign to get a steady number of referral. In order to do that, we can add tag parameter (&tag) to our referral URL.

Above is an example of my URL added with tag parameter. Let’s say we put this on Facebook, and if I want to know the number of signups from Facebook, I will select the tag “source1” on REFER page.

This might be a bit complicated for most of people. I just want to remind anybody that the feature is there to use.

For me, it’s better if we can write everything on an article on platforms or our own website like this one. We can then share a link to this page from other platforms. Keep reading on how you can start a website.


For drawing dogecoin from account we can use the green WITHDRAW button at the top. That will lead us to 2 withdrawing options.

Automatic Withdraw. Every Sunday. 50 DOGE minimum. 0.25 DOGE for transaction fees.

Instant Withdraw. Within 6 hours. 50 DOGE minimum. 0.25 DOGE for transaction fees.

I don’t see any point on depositing money here. Unlike Freebitco, they don’t offer interest for saving some money here.

But still, maybe you want to share some coins as bonus for any people becoming your referral, you can always use the green DEPOSIT button at the top. Just remember that we can still use the free coins we get here.

Since we don’t need to keep to much money here, we can just use automatic withdraw options. Enable it on the withdraw pop up window. But there is still fee for every withdraw that could build up.

We can see the countdown to next payout. For my timezone that would be at Sunday at 21.00 (GMT+7).

My recommendation is to use instant withdraw options and withdraw regularly like once a month, if we can afford that. The instant option allows us to set the amount of coins we want to withdraw, unlike the automatic options that will empty our balance.

The fee is not higher and we don’t have to wait until Sunday to get our money.

My withdraw

So I tried to make my first withdraw using automatic withdraw on March 17 2019. Turns out, that automatic payment doesn’t mean we will get it right away. It is just we don’t need to hit the withdraw button and they will take it from our balance every week.

After that we will get pending balance, waiting to be sent. We can see a notification on dashboard.

I finally got my money less than 5 hours after the automatic withdraw time. There is no additional fee deducted except that 0.25 doge.

2nd payment, 2 weeks from my first, using automatic withdraw again. Already got it within 2 hours since the scheduled withdrawal time.

3rd payment, 3 weeks since the second, automatic withdraw. Already got it within 2 hours since the scheduled withdrawal time.

4th payment, May 12.2019, automatic. Got it again after 2 hours.


So that is pretty much all I can say about program. With, where they offer so much more than here, it’s still not enough to make us rich, especially if we try to do it alone. Imagine what we can get from here.

And yet, this is still a free money and it is very easy to do without too much interfering with our daily routine. Consider it as a free lottery where we can magically get $150.

This is clearly not as successful as, but that is not entirely the owner’s fault. There are always people try to take advantage and exploit even for something they can get for free.

We can still be assured that the owner which has been offering their service here for years and on their main platform, that they are a legit one.

A bad one can’t stand the test of time. More than five years is good enough while others can barely stay a year or two.

As long as we know how to use it, we can make enough money to start another investment maybe from another programs. If we don’t deposit, just use the free money we can get for free, it is not a gambling, more like a reward system.

It would be helpful if we can learn more about dogecoin price or how cryptocurrency works to find out when is the right time to trade or sell the free coin we get. But if not, at least learn how to sell our free coins.

If you are interested to start getting and growing your free money, you can join here. It’s free.

FINAL THOUGHTS ON HOW TO MAKE MORE MONEY WITH THIS is just one of many Dogecoin faucet program out there and there are many more to come. We can try to learn how to use them one by one to get more money.

Dogecoin is also just one of many cryptocurrencies out there. Many more will keep coming. No need to try them all at once. Just pick and focus on the good one.

Don’t forget to try their sister site if you haven’t. To learn how to use all of their features to earn even more money, read my review here.

Remember that this is also just one type of making money online. Just one of many more affiliate programs that we can use for free.

There are a lot of things we can promote online, from digital to physical product. We can promote products from Amazon using a link like the referral link I mentioned above. If somebody clicks on it and buy something, we get money.

The point of trying other program is to diversify our income and investment. Having a lot of income sources is the way to make money online.

Here is my list of affiliate program that I have used.

The key is to have as many referrals for each program we use instead of working those program on our own. When a referral succeed on making money, we can get some of it as well. Eventually we will have a passive income even while we are asleep.

If you want to know more about how to make money online, this program is one of the best training you can try. You can read about them from my review here.

On this training program, we can learn and actually set up a website to build our online business. Together with a lot of people like you, learn from many experts even the owners themselves. It is free to try.

That’s all I can share with you. Maybe I missed something or you still have more questions, you can leave it on the comment section below. I will try to help if I can.

Of course, if you have more, additional info to add, I would be happy to learn more. Don’t hesitate to add them below. Maybe another programs, tools, or tips on making money online.

Hope this helps. Thanks for reading.


Mark M.

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