Review – Free Money with Compounded Daily Interest

There are a lot of ways to earn free money on the internet. Free here means that we don’t need to pay anything first but we still need to do something.

Programs that offers free money using bitcoin as payment method is usually called as bitcoin faucet. Like a faucet, we can turn it on but instead of getting water, we can get bitcoin.

Usually we can’t just turn the faucet on as many time as we want. There are limits, to the amount of money and the number of time we can get money per duration of time. Since the value of one bitcoin is very high, bitcoin faucet lets us get only a small amount of satoshi, parts of bitcoin for free or in exchange to view some advertisements.

Freebitco is one of the bitcoin faucet and it is one of the easiest model of offering free money. There are other programs that we need to do more like taking a survey before we get paid.

It is a free money that we can get while working on our computer, or waiting for someone or traffic. Mobile version is available so we can use this program on our phone while we were outside. Every hour we get a notification, solve a captcha for a few seconds and get satoshi.

It is a very small amount. As of this writing, 1 BTC equals around 4,000 USD we can only get like 20 satoshi per hour and we need 100 million satoshis to get 1 BTC.

It is very small amount but what can we expect from a free program? That is if we only rely on just our hourly play.

There are some features we can use and other opportunity to make more money using this small amount of satoshi. If you want to know how, keep reading.

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Type: Faucet (Hourly, Bitcoin)
Features: Interest, Multiplier Game, Lottery, Reward Points, Share Coins, Betting
Payment Method: Bitcoin and FunFair Wallet
Referral Bonus: 50% base prize faucet, 0.4% Wager, 25% Interest
Minimum Withdraw: 30,000 satoshi
Started Since: 2013
My Status: PAYING
Last Payment: March 2024

News and Update

March 2024. Republished the article again from 12 May 2023.

May 2023. Republished the article again from January 22, 2022. I guess I should at least add their Twitter account.

January 2022. Republished this article again from August 14, 2020.

Finally reached 100,000 reward points, traded to 100,000 satoshi.

October 2021. Withdraw with the slow method, got paid more than 6 hours. The page said that the request would be manually confirm within 24 hours.

April 2021. recently added Funfair (FUN) token to their platform. So, now not only we can use our account as a wallet for Bitcoin but also for FUN token.

They allow us to buy and sell FUN using our Bitcoin. We can even earn some BTC commission if our referrals buy some Funfair Tokens using their BTC.

The difference is that we will not earn any interest for having FUN in our account. However, If we do reach certain amount, it will boost the interest rate for the Bitcoin saving.

We need at least 12,500 FUN in order to get this extra boost. and that is if we hold it for at least 30 days in our account.

I think this is a good move because if the price of Bitcoin keeps getting higher, we will not be able to use the faucet from again. Eventually, they have to change to other coins with lower value and I guess they went with FunFair.

FUN is also accepted by Binance. So, we can use their wallet as well.

Use this link to get FUN token wallet from Binance.

August 2020. This post was originally published around 16 February 2019.

ABOUT FREEBITCO.IN is one of the longest service of bitcoin faucet. Since 2013, Freebitco has changed or added some features and still can offer free money.

They also run another program for other cryptocurrency coin,, which we can get Doge Coin. The program is similar but less feature than the one in Freebitco.

With Freebitco, we can get free satoshi from their faucet. We can also wager our satoshi on a dice game to win more money. The most recent feature is daily interest based on our balance which to be the only faucet that offers this feature, not even on their

All I can find about the company is from their email notification. This is their address,, 3rd Floor, J and C Building, PO Box 933, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

How can they offer free money?

I didn’t know for sure but back in the day, they said Freebitco used to display ad that we need to see before we get paid with satoshi. Any company who wants to display their ad, can pay Freebitco, and Freebitco will display those ads with their members.

If any member see the ad, they will get paid. It’s actually like a paid to click (PTC) program.

They no longer use this method since they have other options for them to generate income, from any user wagering and they do their own mining operation. Any earning they get from users wagering, will be used to expand their mining operation.

So, in order for them to maintain their funds and keep sharing free money, they split their funds into three parts. First, fund ready for withdrawals which can be done automatically every week or within 24 hours.

Second funds is for multiply BTC, the wagering, the dice game. Some people can lose and give their money to Freebitco, but some people can also win and Freebitco need to have funds to pay them.

Third, is funds for expand bitcoin mining operation. They buy new hardware so they can generate more income.

Bitcoin business requires alternative sources of income

After serving for so long, I think we can assume that Freebitco business is very sustainable. Having several different sources of income let them survive with the very high fluctuation price of cryptocurrency based business.

There are other similar programs that can’t keep up. Not because they are scams or poorly maintained but because the price of Bitcoin can suddenly jump very high and also drop very low.

Higher price of Bitcoin doesn’t necessarily mean a profit for this business. If they display ads, it will be harder to find the right price to offer the viewer.

The value of bitcoin they offer might be the same in terms of USD but offering 1 satoshi tend to discourage member to view ads or even use this program. On the other hand, lower price of bitcoin will be harder for any miners since they can’t cover up operational cost.

If you are not familiar with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and want to learn more about them, there is a FAQ part about Bitcoin on Freebitco homepage. Just need to scroll down and click on READ MORE button for further explanation.

Read on to start claiming your free bitcoin.


If we want to join Freebitco, we can either sign up here, using our email address or we can sign up with our Bitcoin Wallet address. Whichever method we use, we need to log in again with that and we can’t easily change that but not the other.

My recommendation is for anybody to sign up with email address since it is easier to remember. Probably doesn’t matter if we only access this website using our computer from home or from mobile phone that we can be sure we won’t lose it. We can just stay logged in.

If we use the wallet address, and somehow we want to change that, we might end up changing our account entirely, losing all the bitcoin we’ve earned. If we use email, we can’t change the email but we can still change and use different wallet addresses to deposit or withdraw money.

This rule usually applies to any other cryptocurrency faucet program.

Another thing is if we try to log in to Freebitco from different internet line, the platform will send us a notification, asking for confirmation, whether we know about this action or it is some form of hacking attempt. We have to access our email account.

From the link they send us, we need to confirm, then we are given limited time like 10 minutes or so to log in again. Of course, if we move back to our previous internet line, we need to do this again.

Have our own internet line

In general, we are not allowed to have multiple accounts. Freebitco could ban us if they found out. From the same internet line, the timer will not reset if there is another account trying to use Freebitco. We have to wait.

Of course we can have multiple internet provider. Maybe one for home cable and another for our mobile. As long as we can keep them separated, we can have multiple accounts.

I don’t recommend anybody to do this, so do it on your own risk.

FREE BTC, the free bitcoin faucet

This is the main feature of the platform. Hourly the platform will give us several satoshi, depending on the bitcoin price. Play, solve captcha, get a lucky number which will determine the number of satoshi.

Here is the lucky number and the prize list.
0-9885 (9886 lucky numbers) for 22 satoshis ($0.001)
9886-9985 (100 lucky numbers) for 470 satoshis ($0.02)
9986-9993 (8 lucky numbers) for 4,699 satoshis ($0.2)
9994-9997 (4 lucky numbers) for 46,992 satoshis ($2)
9998-9999 (2 lucky numbers) for 469,922 satoshis ($20)
10000 (1 lucky number) for 469,9215 satoshis or equals to $200 (maximum)

$200 USD is the maximum amount we can get every roll. The prize list above is based on 1 BTC = 4,282.47 USD. The higher the price of bitcoin, the lower we will get per roll. When you read this, the price could be different.

Every play /roll we also get 2 free lottery tickets and 2 reward points

Notice that between second and the next group of lucky numbers there’s a 10x difference but between the first and the second it’s like 20 times.

Back in the day they used to give one tenth of the second group for the first one. The fluctuating price of bitcoin are forcing them to set a lower price in case something unexpected that could happen instantly like within days.

If the price was getting lower, the house makes profit but otherwise, they could suddenly become broke. So this is to ensure the safety for longer term. And it worked since they are still here offering their service.

Don’t forget to turn on the notification sound to remind us when the timer is up. On browser, we need to keep the tab open.

My experience so far

No, this is not going to make us rich. I already played for 2 years even with annual interest only get me to less than 500k satoshi. That is just from rolling the FREE BTC by myself. Read on about how to use all the features to get more.

I started when 1 BTC equals like less than 500 USD and they could give me like 100 satoshis per hour. It is based on the price so at the highest point last year which if i recall correctly 1 BTC equals almost 20k USD and they only gave me like 10 satoshis.

The value of satoshis that we can get remains the same but in order to make this a profit, we need to cash out into money when the bitcoin price is high.

This is not the problem with the faucet itself. Any other money making program like PTC will suffer the same problem if they use Bitcoin as their payment method. They will give us the same amount of money but it is just a matter of how to exchange at the right time for the right price.

More Rolls doesn’t mean More Money

One roll per hour is actually quite good. There are other faucets who lets us get like every 30, 20, 15 or 5 minutes. It sounds like we can get more play within an hour but it’s not. And the price becomes very low.

With this faucet 20 satoshi per hour means we can only get like 6 or 7 satoshis per roll for 20 minutes faucet. Or even 4 satoshi per 5 minutes roll program.

The thing is that it will distract us every 5 minutes. And we will lose some times for page load, solving captcha, submitting, etc. So 1 roll every 5 minutes doesn’t mean 20 rolls per hour, we will lose at least few seconds every roll. Not very efficient.

Not to mention that the amount we can get is based on actual bitcoin price. As bitcoin gets higher we only get lower satoshi from this faucet. Eventually when bitcoin price gets higher, those lower duration faucet will give only 1 satoshi or even lower cause them to run out of business.

As we can see, we are most likely to get the first group of lucky number since it has over 9000 possibilities. After using this service for 2 years with more than 8000 rolls I already got more than 10 times from the second group. Maybe the third one once, I can’t really remember.

CAPTCHA can be very problematic

So CAPTCHA is a tool to determine if the user is a real person or just a robot or program to automatically exploit the system. Yes, even for this easy and free money, people will try to do this.

To solve CAPTCHA, we just need to pick several pictures that correspond with the clue they give us. The problem is, that after years of doing this, it can get boring. Sometimes the pictures are too hard to be recognized.

Another thing is that the system could be broken as well. Even after we try to pick the right one, the system could always ask us to do this over and over again. Sure, sometimes, the system could also recognize us and automatically get solved.

I really don’t know how it works but I used to browse from my computer via Chrome. But now the CAPTCHA always fail and I have to use another browser to do it. Not just for Freebitco but for all other programs using CAPTCHA system.

Since this is a tool from a third party, even the platform realize how troublesome this could be. Freebitco also offer us a way to roll numbers without CAPTCHA but it requires more money that we can make it here.

Alternatively they also offer another CAPTCHA from picture based to text, similar to Solve Media We just need to read two lines of alphabets and type them correctly. You might want to try switch and figure out which one the best for you.

This option is not always available. Sometimes, even if it is, doesn’t mean it’s working.

Considering how hard the captcha from Google can be, I now always use this second one. The more we solve the one from Google, especially within a short period of time, Google will consider us as a bot.

This will be problematic if we use multiple different programs where Google reCaptcha is the one they use. We may be able to solve the one from but we will have a hard time on other platform.

THE MULTIPLY BTC, so called provably fair hi-lo games and the CONTEST

It is going to get us bored. Feels like wasting our time. Even i felt that. And the multiplying games is really tempting to try. A provably fair HI-LO games.

It is a dice game where we need to bet our satoshi, and we need to gamble whether the dice is higher or lower. If we bet it right, we will make money but other than that we will lose.

I thought to myself maybe there is a way to play with that. I even searched some Youtube videos.

In the end, playing that hi-lo game is just a gambling. The house will always win.
There will be times when we can score, then we are getting hooked to play even more and suddenly we lose everything.

I’ve already lost like 50k of satoshis. Not much, back then, since 1 BTC only equals like 500 USD but if I didn’t, now it can worth like 9 times the price.

So don’t fall for that just because they say it is fair or that you can multiply your btc 4750 times. There are some features like automatic bet which I’m not going to explain here as I won’t recommend any people to fall like I did.

They even made it as a contest, wagering contest. The highest wager of the month will get a prize. They also provide us with special banners just for this contest to promote.

If we look at the CONTEST page on member area, we can see that there are people who love to use this gambling feature. They consider that the prize is reasonable.

Nevertheless, I’m not recommending anybody to use the gambling feature and if you still want to try, do it on your own risk.

So it is a scam?

Overall? No. They are paying. But the dice game, multiplying btc is not a good way to make money. It’s a way for us to spend our earnings in gambling. It is our own fault if we choose to participate.

Some people said that it is not even a good dice game since the house has a higher chance to win. So if you want to play dice game, gambling your money or even earnings, try it on other dice program.


This one is new additional feature, launched on April 2019. It’s betting, another gamble feature so I’m going to go ahead and say DO NOT use this feature because we are going to lose.

It says that we need to pick what we are going to bet about. There are six topics available at the start like who is going to win in F1, prediction of bitcoin price in 2019 and 2020.

For every 500 satoshi we bet we can get another 1 free lottery ticket and 2 reward points. Early bets will get bigger share of prize pool.

Consider on focusing to other feature here. The next feature will let us earn more btc without need to play or betting anything.

Compounded Daily Interest Feature – Grow Our Money without Doing Anything More

It is like a bank that will give us interest based on the balance we keep on our account. They will give us 4.08% annually or equal to 0.0109589% daily interest, rounded down to nearest satoshi.

So if we keep 1 BTC on our account we can get like 10k satoshi per day.

I’m not really sure but people said that this is the first one if not the only one to offer this feature. They didn’t offer this from the start in 2013.

We just need to maintain 30k satoshi on our account as minimum requirement to start getting an interest from day one. There is no lock-in-period, since the interest will be calculated and paid daily to our account so we can still withdraw our money anytime.

But, they don’t want us to game the system, so there is no fixed time when we will get paid within a day. It could be sooner or later. So if anybody try to deposit and withdraw right away just for the sake of getting interest of the day, they will more likely to fail and lose money. Not to mention, the fee they have to pay for withdrawing.

I don’t know the purpose of this but we can disable this interest feature on our profile page. So we won’t get any even if we maintain the minimum balance.

They said that they can change the rate but will notify us at least 30 days before via their twitter account.

Don’t forget. It is a compounded interest.

Which means, the interest we get daily will be added to the balance and will be counted for the interest for the next day. In theory, we don’t need to do anything, just keep some money here, and we can get our money keep growing.

Let’s do another math. If we keep 1 BTC on our account we can get like 10k satoshi per day. After one year, we can have at least 1.0365 BTC on our balance without doing anything.

Start growing your money automatically for free, here.


Here is another feature that we can use to make more money, getting referral with affiliate program. They will give us an URL with our Freebitco account number attached to it and we can use this URL to get more referrals. This one below is a link or URL with my Freebitco account number.

If anybody click on it and join Freebitco, they will be my referral. Everybody will have their own URL with their own account number.

Share that link on social media, or create a website like this one. If somebody click on it and join Freebitco, they will become referrals to the account. They can use any feature here and we can get paid. Here is the number.

The Commission we can get

We get 50% base prize from every referral when they use FREE BTC feature, the bitcoin faucet. With my example above, with 1 BTC equals around 4,000 USD, we can get like 20 satoshi for our roll and 10 satoshi for every referral roll.

We will also get 1 free lottery tickets and 1 reward points for every free BTC roll our referrals play.

Remember about the compounded daily interest feature? We will get 25% from the interest our referral get. Don’t forget that the interest is based on their balance on their account. The higher their balance, the higher interest and the higher we will get paid.

With my example before, if our referral has 1 BTC on their account balance, they will get roughly around 10k satoshi as interest and we as their sponsor will get 25%, like 2,500 satoshi, everyday. As long as our referral maintain the balance.

I know that I will not recommend anybody to use the wagering feature but nevertheless, there are people who love to gamble and could be one of our referrals. If they use the MULTIPLY BTC feature, we will get paid. It is based on their wager, it doesn’t matter if they win or lose.

We will get like 0.4% of our referral wager. We will only get paid if the commission is at least 1000 satoshi or if our referral wager at least 250k satoshi.

Share back the commission

On the REFER page, we can also share back the commission we get from our referrals. Why do we want to give them money?

It’s like an incentive we can offer for anybody to join as our referral. So we can promote something like this “Join and become my referral and you will get bonus money.”.

Or, maybe we want to help them reach the minimum number to get the daily interest. When they reach that point, they don’t need to roll or play everyday, and we will still get some money.

Remember that we still get lottery ticket and reward points for their effort of using Freebitco. So it is not a exactly a waste to share them back every commission we get. I will explain the two features later and how to make more money with them.

It’s a share back, so only limited to the amount we get from them not from our own roll, deposit or daily interest. If we want to offer this give back money, it is only after they use one of the features, not as sign up bonus.

To share back the commission, we can setup the number of satoshi or we can set percentage of commission with weekly automatic share. We can also set to which referral we share back but the option only offers either we share all the commission we get equally or based on their activity.

The default setting is to share them based on activity from the last payout.


If you join Freebitco using any link from this page, you will become my referral. I already set 100% share back the satoshi I get from my referrals’ roll of FREE BTC, play on MULTIPLY and INTEREST.

This way you can make money faster. Maybe to reach 30,000 satoshi minimum for daily interest.

You can also use this method as an offer to get you referrals.

Get your coin back right now here.

Share the Coin we have

So, not only we can share back the commission we get from our referrals, we can also share the coin we already have or put it on our balance.

Like the share back this feature can be an incentive for our referrals to roll more. We can occasionally, share coin from time to time.

We can make a promotion like, “The more you roll the more you get. I’m giving away total of 1 BTC for all of my referrals.”. Since we have an options to distribute coin either equally or based on individual activities, the more our referrals roll FREE BTC, the more they will get it.

Advanced Tracking Tools

From the REFER page, there is also a tracking tools that we can use to know how many referrals we get from different sources. If we promote our link using several platforms, maybe like Twitter, Facebook, from forum or build our own website like this one, we can identify which campaign deliver referrals the most.

There is a chance that using one platform, we can get a lot of referrals but most of them are not really an active user. Maybe we can add more content or more marketing by writing about the benefit and all of that features that they can use from Freebitco.

This way, we can prioritize which platform to maintain our campaign to get a steady number of referral. In order to do that, we can add tag parameter (&tag) to our referral URL.

Above is an example of my URL added with tag parameter. Let’s say we put this on Facebook, and if I want to know the number of signups from Facebook, I will select the tag “source1” on REFER page.

This might be a bit complicated for most of people. I just want to remind anybody that the feature is there to use.

For me, it’s better if we can write everything on an article on platforms or our own website like this one. We can then share a link to this page from other platforms. Keep reading on how you can start a website.


First, the lottery, for me, like another gambling. Especially if we buy the lottery tickets instead of using the free one we earn from rolling FREE BTC and maybe from referrals.

The lottery is drawn weekly. Ten winners every week and the first price was around 0.4 BTC. Back then, the first price can be 1 BTC, so we can say it will get lower.

Two free tickets every roll. Let’s say we can roll every hour for the whole week, we can only get like 336 tickets against for now around 200 million tickets. And the total number keeps getting higher every week.

I’m not going to recommend anybody to buy the ticket for 2 satoshi per ticket to increase the chance. It is not worth it.

Let’s do the math.

One ticket equals 2 satoshi. If we have 1 million tickets that equals 2 million satoshi or 0.02 BTC. For lottery round 182, we need to get at least the fifth place, which was almost 0.026 BTC.

Don’t forget that this is just for one week chance. If we don’t win anything for that week, we will lose the money, we have invested in.

The good thing is that we can convert the free lottery tickets that we get into a long term feature, the REWARD POINTS.


As mentioned above that we also can get this for free. We get 2 points from every roll of FREE BTC, 1 points for every roll by our referral and if we wager. No. Don’t wager.

We can convert our free lottery tickets to reward points by disable them on PROFILE PAGE. This way, every lottery tickets from FREE BTC roll by ourselves and our referrals will convert to reward points. So we get another 2 points every roll and 1 point per referral roll.

What can we do with RP?

There are several options they offer to exchange RP with a prize. We can exchange them with some physical product like electronics or wallets, but there is a chance that we need to pay for shipping.

For reference, they offer iPhone X 256 GB for 16,186,667 RP. Other options is digital product. Gift Card from eGifter, $500 gift card for 6,666,667 RP.

The next option is to exchange them into Bitcoin. Around 2 satoshi per RP but we need at least 100,000 RP to exchange.

The last option is to boost a bonus for either free bitcoin, lottery tickets or RP from FREE BTC roll. By exchanging RP into this bonus, we can get more every roll. But this bonus only valid for 24 hours. So in order to make this worth it, we need to roll every hour.

For free bitcoin or satoshi, the bonus only valid for the first group of lucky number. So if we somehow get lucky numbers from other groups within 24 hours we won’t get any bonus for that roll.

Of course, the amount of satoshi we get from other group is already higher than the highest bonus we can get. Here is the exchange rate.

1000% bonus for 3200 RP
500% bonus for 1600 RP
100% bonus for 320 RP
50% bonus for 160 RP
10% bonus for 32 RP

This is actually not really a good idea to use RP. The bonus is based on the amount of free satoshi we can get and it is based on the actual price of bitcoin.

If Freebitco can keep the number, 3,200 RP can be converted into 6,400 satoshi. With 10 times bonus, and assuming 24 times roll we need at least 27 satoshi for the first group to reach break even point.

Don’t forget that we have to roll 24 times within 24 hours which is impossible. So if we want to make this profitable, the first group of lucky numbers has to be around 30 free satoshi. That way, we need only around 10 or 11 times to roll per day.

Maybe one day when the bitcoin price is not so high, we can use this method, assuming Freebitco didn’t change their conversion rate. Still, this is a way to convert RP to satoshi right away without need to wait for 100,000 RP.

After two years, I only got around 30,000 RP from my FREE BTC roll. I wasted my chance on my lottery tickets, I didn’t know that I could convert them into RP.

Yes, we can use RP for more lottery tickets but since they will be gone within a week, I won’t discuss about it further. The last option is to boost bonus for RP itself. Here is the exchange rate.

100 RP / roll for 1200 RP
50 RP / roll for 600 RP
25 RP / roll for 300 RP
10 RP / roll for 120 RP
1 RP / roll for 12 RP

This is pretty obvious that the rate is the same, just the amount of RP we use at a time. We just need to roll 12 times within 24 hours to reach break even point. This is still a reasonable number since we still have 12 hours left. Do it on our phone, so we can do it anytime unlike on our laptop which we need more time to turn it on.

The more we do it the sooner we can reach 100,000 minimum RP to exchange to bitcoin. But, if we forget to do it, we can lose the RP. Just make sure when we exchange this RP we can roll.

Don’t forget. We also get free 1 RP and 1 lottery ticket from our referrals rolls. The more referrals we get the faster we will make more money.


They occasionally run a promotion offering two times of free RP we can get from FREE BTC from us and referrals. For example, a Black Friday deal, they run it every year for the entire weekend.

So far, I didn’t get any email notifying me for this promotion but I got several about the wagering contests. I’m not sure but if I notice other promotion regarding FREE BTC, I will update this article.

For the time being, maybe you might want to follow their twitter account, to be notified for news regarding promotions before it starts. They also announce the lottery winner here.

We can also read the news on the main dashboard like in the picture. There are several yellow boxes there. We can get up to 5 times bonus rewards.

If they are not changing the pattern, we can get 2x reward points on one weekend, 3x on the next weekend, 4x the weekend after that until 5x and they will repeat those pattern. Weekend on March 8, 2019, they offers the 5x reward points bonus for 48 hours.

The weekend promotions always starts at 00.00 UTC.


For drawing bitcoin from Freebitco account we can use the green button at the top. That will lead us to 3 withdrawing options.

Automatic Withdraw. Every Sunday, minimum 30,000 satoshi, 1080-3000 satoshi fee. Enter bitcoin address on PROFILE PAGE, it will withdraw all the balance.

Slow Withdraw. Within 6-24 hours, minimum 30,000 satoshi, 1080 satoshi fee. Enter bitcoin address on WITHDRAW PAGE and the amount of bitcoin to withdraw.

Instant Withdraw. Within 15 minutes, minimum 30,000 satoshi, 4,590 satoshi fee. Enter bitcoin address on WITHDRAW PAGE and the amount of bitcoin to withdraw.

Turns out, they change the withdraw fees from time to time. I don’t know how they calculate, maybe based on the bitcoin value or maybe from my balance?

Let me know if you have figured it out. You can use comment section below.

Deposit and Use as Wallet

Hopefully you don’t need to deposit anything as we can get our free Bitcoin or satoshi without even deposit anything. But maybe you want to reach the daily interest minimum balance, you can use the green DEPOSIT button on top adjacent to the withdraw button.

There is a feature to generate new deposit address once every 24 hour. Double check when copying the address to make sure you send it to the right address. No minimum amount.

I didn’t realize this until recently but we can actually use this feature as a wallet address where we can accept payments from other program or other people. There is no minimum so any payment can be accepted, just need to follow requirements from other program.

Should we want to use this as wallet, be careful not to spend it on the gambling feature. This possibility is the reason for me not to recommend people to make any deposit.

But, consider this as a hot wallet not a cold storage. Once we have big enough on our balance, better move it to a hardware wallet.

Don’t forget to enable 2 factor authentication to secure the account. But remember not to lose the secret key since Freebitco won’t reset it.

Which withdraw method to use?

With automatic withdraw, we don’t need to submit anything but they will withdraw all of the balance we have once we have reached the minimum amount.

If we want to keep certain balance in order to make money with interest, we might want to unchecked this options. It would be different if we rely our earnings from our referrals.

Once we have enough referrals, eventually we can make money without even accessing this platform and get paid automatically. But still, we will have to pay every fee for every withdraw.

Some people would think that any online program could turn into scams. So instead of waiting and end up losing everything, maybe paying those fees is not a big deal.

On the other hand, there is a problem with cryptocurrencies transaction. For every transaction, we are not just sending the amount of money but we also send a data, a block of data called Block Chain.

What it means is that the more transaction we do the bigger the data we have to send and this could lead to a bigger network fee even if the total amount is the same. Eventually the network fee can even be bigger than the amount we are going to send or have.

Sending 1 Bitcoin in 1 transaction could have cheaper network fee compared to 10 transactions of 0.1 Bitcoin. This way, we have to be careful on using automatic withdraw options as this will withdraw our money every week no matter how small. Yet, the network fee is based on the minimum size of data per transaction.

My best advice is to set our own limit to when we will withdraw without losing too much and still make money. Use the slow withdraw options and do it regularly.

Some people suggest that we should withdraw to wallet when we have like $100 worth of Bitcoin, not every satoshi we have. Transferring small amount could be done if the programs use micro transaction wallet such as FaucetHub. But even with FaucetHub, withdrawing directly to wallet could have the same problem.

Just something to consider.

Payout time

If we use automatic withdraw, we will get paid every week. We can see the countdown on WITHDRAW pop up window or from REFER page.

Based on the countdown, I will get paid every Monday at 10.00 in the morning (GMT+7).

Earn More Coins from Similar Programs

There are a lot of other programs, not just faucet like this where we can earn more cryptocurrencies like BTC, DOGE, BNB and many more. Some of them will pay via the same micro wallet but others can just send the payment directly to our wallet.

Here are some that I have tried so far. Links are to a review article for each program. I recommend checking the article to find out the latest update.

Last update: March 2024

For programs that will pay via Remember that there is an exchanger feature on this micro wallet. (PTC, BTC) (faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins) (Ad Network, Bitcoin) (faucet, 5 minutes, BTC) (faucet, 5 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 2 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 5 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 1 minute, Multi Coins) (PTC, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 5 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins) (PTC, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins) (PTC, BTC) (Faucet, 60 minutes, Multi Coins) (faucet, 30 minutes, BTC) (Faucet. 60 minutes, BTC)

Here are for programs that will send the payment directly to our wallet. (Faucet, 2 days, ALGO) Faucet
(Exchanger, Multi Coins) (Faucet, PTC, Offerwalls, Multi Coins) (Faucet, PTC, Offerwalls, Multi Coins) (Faucet, investment, BTC) and the Group (Faucet, Multi Coins) & Group (Faucet, Investment, Multi Coins) (PTC, offerwalls, Multi Coins) (Faucet, BTC) (Faucet, 60 minutes, Multi Coins)

I don’t always update every article on this website. Please check this Complete List for the latest one.


So that is pretty much all I can say about program. As I mentioned earlier, this is not enough to make us rich, especially if we try to do it alone.

And yet, this is still a free money and it is very easy to do without too much interfering with our daily routine. Consider it as a free lottery where we can magically get $200.

The amount of time has been offering their service, we can be assured that this is one of the good platform to use. A bad one can’t stand the test of time. More than five years is good enough while others can barely stay a year or two.

As long as we know how to use it, we can make enough money to start another investment maybe from another programs. If we don’t deposit, just use the free money we can get for free, it is not a gambling, more like a reward system.

It would be helpful if we can learn more about bitcoin price or how cryptocurrency works to find out when is the right time to trade or sell the free coin we get. But if not, at least learn how to sell our free coins.

If you are interested to start getting and growing your free money, you can join here. It’s free.

Final Thoughts – WHAT ELSE DO WE NEED TO DO NOW? is just one of many Bitcoin faucet programs out there and there are many more to come. Learn about them one by one and focus on a good one. I will let you know if I found another good program like this one.

Bitcoin is also just one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. There are many more with a lot of faucet. We need to learn about them as well. Just try them one at a time.

Remember that this is also only one type of affiliate programs that anybody can use to make money online for free. There are many others affiliate program we can follow, maybe with physical not digital product like those on Amazon.

Dogecoin is another cryptocurrency that we can try. is a program from the same company as, offering us free dogecoin. You can try collecting them here, it’s also free. Or you can read my review about it here.

Here is my list of every program that I have used. Maybe you can try them out.

The point is to diversify our investment and there are a lot of options out there. I will keep adding posts about other programs here on this website as soon as I try them out. Having a lot of income sources is the way to make a lot of money online.

Don’t forget that the key is to have as many referrals for each program we use instead of working on them on our own. When our referrals succeed on making money, we can get some as well. Eventually we can have a passive income and keep making money while we are asleep.

In order to do that we need to have our own platform. Set our own website like this one so we can add information about similar programs. This way, people can keep coming back here to become our referrals for a new program we use.

If you want to know more about how to make money online, this program is one of the best training you can try. You can read about them from my review here.

Here you can learn and actually try how to set up a website and actually create content to build your online business. It is free to try.

That’s all I can share with you. Maybe I missed something or you still have more questions, you can use the comment section below. If you have something more to add, I would be happy to learn more, so please don’t hesitate to add below. Maybe another programs, tools, or features.

Hope this could help you. Thanks for reading.


Mark M.

2 Replies to “ Review – Free Money with Compounded Daily Interest”

  1. Hey, nice post dude.
    But you forgot to mention the BitBot auto roll app (only Android users) that could make the job for ya.
    Like a clock, it claims every hour your satoshis.
    I’ve installed it on my unused old devices and it works fine, especially with self referral I made on multiple accounts.
    Let me kno
    Bye 4 now

    1. Thank you for stopping by and sharing that info.

      I didn’t know about BitBot before and now I learnt something new.

      Is it safe to use?

      As far as I know, there are websites like that don’t allow us to have multiple accounts with self referring like that. Some usually don’t allow us to automate the process as well and if they find out, they could ban our account.

      That is the reason I try not to learn those third party tools because I could end up losing the access to my account. Especially, where I can get interest by keeping my coins there.

      If you don’t mind, can you share more about your experience? How long have you been using BitBot? How much more coin can you get from using it compared to without BitBot?

      Thank you.

      Mark M.

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