For those who are already familiar with the world of cryptocurrency, probably asking about which coin they should pick as alternatives to Bitcoin. With so many options out there, Ethereum is said to be the next one.

And for those who are also familiar with faucet program, might one to check out to use to collect free ethereum coins. This is just one of many faucets offering ethereum as payment instead of Bitcoin.

Are they legit or scams? How much money can we earn for free from them? Can we use the program for free? How long before we can claim again using their faucet? Is there a way to make more money with them?

Those are probably just few of the questions that people might ask about any faucet program. On this article, I will try to share my review about based on my experience with them and what I can find about them.

Maybe this could be the next source for passive income?

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Sister Sites: (LTC) (Monero/XMR) (DASH) (Zcash/ ZEC) (DOGE) (DGB) (PPC/Peercoin) (BLK) (POT) (added July 2019, TRX)
Type: Faucet (ETH, 240 minutes)
Features: Lottery
Minimum Withdraw: 0.00000001 ETH (+1.5% fee to FaucetHub) and 0.01 ETH (FaucetHub to Wallet)
Referral Bonus: 20% for every faucet claim
Payment Method: FaucetHub
Started Since: 2017
Last Payment: November 2019

News and Update

November 2019, FaucetHub is closing down their service as a micro wallet. Please read my review for more information and development for the affected faucet programs.

Not long after the announcement, the owner of decided to shut down all of their faucets. On their website, the owner said that they might re-open again in the future.

However, the owner also open a chance for anybody to buy their domain. If anyone interested, they can contact the owner via any of those faucets.

Around June 2019, the owner of remove one of their sister site that offer Primecoin because of the very limited number of wallet or exchanger that accept that coin. On the same month, FaucetHub added two more coins on their system, Hora Token and Tron.

On July 2019, was launched, a sister site of Anybody can collect TRON or TRX coin for free from this faucet program once every 240 minutes.

Starting August 2019, FaucetHub made some changes to their policy about making withdraw from any faucet program into FaucetHub. Some owners might have to change how their faucets work.

There are some that chose to lower the earning per claim while other faucets chose to increase the minimum to withdraw. Different programs would have different solution the owner might take.

FaucetHub stated that there were owners who abused the previous system. So, it is possible that one of the program we used might even decide to shut down their business, or at least need more time to make some adjustment.

Payment delay could be one of the possible action. We just need to give them more time.

In the case of and all of the sister sites, the owner changed the minimum threshold to withdraw. Now, we need like 11 claims before we can withdraw to FaucetHub. Previously we can withdraw as soon after just one claim.

There might be other things that I haven’t noticed yet or even later. Please let me know if any of you find something and leave it using the comment section below and I will update this page.


I think that the name is self-explanatory but for those who are not familiar with it, this is a faucet program offering anybody to earn free Ethereum (ETH). Ethereum itself is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies and some people say it is the next Bitcoin.

Like a regular faucet, we can turn it on and off but instead of getting water, we get crypto coins, relatively for a very small amount. Usually after we turn it on, we have to wait for some time before we can turn it on again, for 5 minutes until 24 hours.

This type of program is one of the easiest model for anybody to use to earn free money online. Here on my website, I’ve written several review about program like this or other model of money making program, each with how we can make more money with them.

You can use the search bar on this website using faucet, or any cryptocurrency you might want to use or review, as a keyword. Hopefully you can find something or let me know on the comment section if you find another program I haven’t tried yet.

How can they offer free money?

There are different ways for any faucet program to make money but advertising usually is one of the source of income. In exchange for us to earn money here, we have to view one or more ads.

So it is not technically free, especially if we are using internet connections with limited data. But it is very little effort to do without interfering our daily routines.

Usually they need to have some alternatives, to diversify their income in order to survive. In the case of, displaying ads on every page on their website is a way to go. MellowAds is the one they use.

Some with distracting pop ups mechanism or even opening another tab if we try to click on it or close it. For alternatives, I think they rely on getting referrals for similar programs they recommend on their websites. They even created several websites dedicated to make a list.

There is no official statement for this so all I can share with you is just speculation. Usually for those offering cryptocurrencies, they also do some mining but I’m not sure if they actually have a mining operation and not just investing on other miner.

So, who are they?

There is no company profile about the website or the owner. Not even on other websites they own.

This is actually a common thing between any faucet programs. If you expect them to be transparent, maybe a faucet is not for you.

All we can find from using WhoIs tool is that they are US based. They registered the domain name using CloudFlare service since the end of 2016.

As I mentioned before that we can see a lot of links, recommended sites on Most of them are not theirs but they also have 11 similar websites offering other cryptocurrencies.

They call their group as coinwhip, and their main website,, leads to those programs. Every one of them has similar web script and design by Overfeat. is another website they own. Not only for coinwhip group but for all other faucets and other affiliate program. They tried and put some legit status.

This is a way for them to get more referrals and get a bonus from those programs.

The next part is how we can get more info about the owner.

Member of FaucetHub

FaucetHub is a micro transaction processor for cryptocurrency. The idea is that for every transaction with any cryptocurrencies, there is a minimum amount to make before we can send in order not to lose money.

The amount is considered too high compare to what any faucet can offer for free. This makes people have to wait too long before they can make a withdraw.

By collecting all of the faucet programs payment into one account before sending to any actual wallet, any faucet user can reach the minimum amount faster. That is how the FaucetHub works, as a collecting spot.

As a member of FaucetHub, any user can see the status of a program “health” balance on FaucetHub. FaucetHub suggests that any member with 40% or more on the health is ready to make a payment.

Otherwise, the faucet owner has to make a deposit first and we have to wait to before we can get our money. Of course that is just an indication that the owner has some money on the account, not their willingness to pay.

All of the programs from group is a member of FaucetHub. One program can have a low health but the other can be very high. I think we can assume that all of those can subsidize each other.

They also open for donation via FaucetHubs for every program. So anybody has more and enough coin to share, they can tip the owner and it will be sent straight to FaucetHub account for withdrawal purpose.

Support and Contact

For news and announcement for all of the programs from group, not just, they have twitter and telegram accounts. Make sure to follow them to get the latest news like, maintenance schedule, up or down or if they launch new program or limited time promotions.

There is also a contact form on the website to send ticket or ask questions. There is no FAQ page but mostly we can see some guide, or explanations on every related page.

I did send the owner a question via this form. Since there is no FAQ page, I asked Greg, his name  I assume, about the minimum amount to withdraw and fees, which they already explained it on withdraw page that I didn’t know.

So, I thought, he might not answer me at all. Turns out, he did but I assume we can expect him to reply on weekend only.

Since this program is using FaucetHub service, there is a dedicated page for every member who also faucets owners. This link is for the owner of On that page, we can see if he is online or not, every programs’ status and we can send him message from within FaucetHub. also provides us with uptime data, provided by UptimeRobot. The link is at the bottom of their website.

We can check all of their websites status in real time. Updated every 60 seconds.

Since they have the same script for all of their programs, we can check the status of one website on the other, assuming the other one is still working.

Signing Up and Terms for Account

The first thing to do to earn free ETH from this program is to sign up, here. We need to login before we can see other pages.

Sign up with any username we want, and we are going to use that everytime we login to this website. We will not get any notification about our registration but they will send email confirmation.

Email is just for notification and we can change that later on account settings. We can also change password and Captcha system we want to use.

It’s either Google reCaptcha or Solve Media captcha. I tend to suggest using Solve Media because Google reCaptcha is image based and sometimes really takes time to load, not to mention if we have to do it over and over again.

Like most online money making programs, multiple accounts is not allowed in here. Using bots or any automation attempt, VPN and proxies are not allowed as well.

There is no specific terms about having multiple accounts for one household but if they find out, it will lead to account suspension as well.


We can claim once every 240 minutes. I think we can expect to get $0.0005 worth of Ethereum. As of this time I can get 0.00000380 ETH (1 ETH = USD 131.5).

The price of ethereum they use to determine what they can offer is on the dashboard. It is provided by CoinGecko.

The value of ETH use a dynamic price. The lower the value of ETH the more we get each claim, and vice versa.

Even though the faucet is the main feature, but the page to claim is not the dashboard like other faucet program. The countdown on this page is actually not working real time.

We need to refresh them to know how long before we can claim again. Obviously there is no sound notification.

Like other faucet, when the timer is up, we just need to solve Captcha and we get the prize. Here, they only offer one prize, there is no jackpot where we can get more than the base prize.

That number group is useless. Maybe they were just using the same model as any regular faucet program. Not sure if they are going to offer more.

The Captcha feature is using Google reCaptcha by default. We can switch to Solve Media on our account settings.

The annoying pop up ads

Since we have to refresh the page to make sure the timer is up, we also refresh the pop up ad. The annoying part is that the pop up ad really take its time to show up.

So, right after we hit refresh button, the captcha is loaded, and as we try to solve it as soon as possible, suddenly the ad pops up covering the captcha. When we try to hit the x button of the ad, they open a new tab moving the faucet to a new tab and the previous become the ad.

Now we need to start over solving the captcha. So, my advice is just let the ad comes out first and try not to solve it before the one at the new tab is loaded.

I guess it is really a good thing that we just need to solve it once every 4 hours.

My comments

For user point of view, I think the 4 hours timer is too long. It is very unlikely for me to even remember that.

Not to mention they are making it hard without the countdown and no sound notification and those pop up ads can be annoying. But maybe that’s just me who get used to hourly faucet programs.

I always say that more claims per hour doesn’t mean more money. Since they only offer one group of prize, I guess making this even less often is better.

We can get $0.0005 per four hours, but we probably only get 3 times of $0.0001 for hourly faucet. We have to consider the time we lose for loading page, solving captcha and if we forget to claim.

For them, offering just free money is not a sustainable business model. Maybe making it harder to get is another way to keep them in this business.

They did change their original offer even shut down for a moment, I think. Some website said that they used to offer hourly faucet.

Making adjustment means that they still want to stay in business not just running away. This happens to any company, especially those that use cryptocurrency.

Ethereum is not like Bitcoin in the terms of value. But the value can still get higher or lower drastically.


This feature can be a lottery, a chance to hit a jackpot or it can also be a gamble if we choose to buy lottery tickets.

This is a daily lottery. We can get 1 free ticket every faucet claim, means we get only 5 per day.  The round will conclude and start over at 5.07 (UTC+7).

Unlike on the faucet page, the countdown on lottery page works a real time. No need to refresh them.

We can purchase more tickets for $0.00025 per ticket but in ETH. So it is also using a dynamic price.

Since there is no deposit feature, we don’t have to worry about wasting too much money. But it is still a waste if we spend those free coins for tickets.

The prize is based on total number of tickets. The more people use this program, the more they claim per day and the more they buy tickets will increase the total prize.

For total of 0.00901117 ETH (4,734 lottery tickets) here is the prize break down.

1st: 0.00378811 ETH 42%
2nd: 0.00180386 ETH 20%
3rd: 0.00090193 ETH 10%
4th: 0.00063135 ETH 7%
5th: 0.00054116 ETH 6%
6th: 0.00045097 ETH 5%
7th: 0.00036077 ETH 4%
8th: 0.00027058 ETH 3%
9th: 0.00018039 ETH 2%
10th: 0.00009019 ETH 1%

Another way to see this is, that every claim, not only they give us a free coins (ETH), they are also giving another free coins for each ticket.

My comments

After a round ends, they will reset the pool and all of the tickets will go to waste.  You might think that if the number of ticket is very low, it is a good chance to buy more to increase the chance to win.

You check them at the last minute and decide to buy. I’m not really sure but I think a lot of people will think the same way and they probably have more coins to spend and a better chance on winning.

Less than 4 hours before the round ends the number of tickets in the pool is over 13 thousands ticket. With my 3 free tickets from the faucet give me 0.02% chance of winning.

Based on round #383, there are total over 15,000 tickets. The total prize was around 0.029473 ETH. The result from previous round can be seen on the dashboard.

There is a history page if we want to track back all of previous rounds. If we try to look closely, most of the winners really just using the free tickets they get.

Sure it is just free money and very small amount each day. But it still can build up very fast that we can use for other purpose to generate a steady income.

I don’t recommend anybody to gamble their earnings on this. Do it at your own risk.

Instead of gambling our free ethereum on this feature consider to invest them on something else. Keep reading, maybe you’ll find out some alternatives.

The next feature is how we can earn unlimited income with this program.

On July 2019, I won three lottery rounds from two faucet programs that offers Blackcoin and PPC coin. They will send us an email to notify us that we won. Not really sure why on of the email is considered as Promotion on my Gmail account.

I guess that, for less popular coins, with lower number of users we can have higher chance to win. You might want to try that with the new Tron Faucet.

Referral / Affiliate Program

For those of you who are not familiar with online affiliate program, we can get money by referring other people to use a service of online company. In this case, the service to use is to earn free Ethereum coins.

We will get a link associated to our account ID, called a referral link. The one below is mine, and the number at the end is my ID for this program.

If anybody clicks on it and join the program, they will become my referral. And for this program, every claim of free Coins, I will get 20%.

If each claim anybody can get 0.00000400 ETH I will get free 0.00000008 ETH without doing anything just if my referral claim the free coin. In theory, we can get unlimited number of referrals that can give us unlimited passive income.

The bonus commission

All we can get from this program is that 20% of every claim made by every referrals we have. Other programs might offer other bonus like from purchasing.

In this program, we won’t get anything if our referrals buy those lottery tickets. But the 20% we get is a lifetime commission. Some of other programs might give us the bonus just for the first time only.

From what I heard they used to offer higher rates like 25%. So they did make an adjustment for this as well. We get less but they can keep offering us free money.

There was also one time promo that they increase the bonus to 50%. Only for half a month, maybe we can expect something similar in the future?

The promotional tools

So, the referral link is just one tool that we can promote. We can get our link and other tools on the referral page. Make sure we copy it right or we are going to lose some earning potentials.

We can share this link on any online platform like social media accounts, forum, or if we have our own website. Of course, we can share them in real life too but it will be hard to make sure people type it right.

They provide us with share button for several social media platforms to make things easier. They are right below the link.

Maybe they just type the website’s name and they will not become our referral. The link is very important.

Another tool they provide is banner. There are several different shape and size that we can use as image or with HTML code, the image can be a referral link as well to make it more attractive.

For any forum member, they also provide a code for signature. Not really sure if just any forum is going to allow that.

From the referral page, we can also see details about each referrals, not just total number of referrals or commissions we get. We can see their claim and income, last time login and the country where they are coming from.

There is no share back feature like, but we can still do it outside from this website. Maybe we can give them back our earnings by tracking their claim to motivate our referrals to join or keep using this service.

How to get referrals

As I mentioned earlier that we can share the link on other platforms we use daily. But, here is a thing. Nobody actually like being approached by a salesman.

So, if out of no where we tweet or post a link like this, anybody will immediately try to stay away. And if we try to do it more often, people might just leave you behind, no longer following us.

The same goes to forum. Nobody likes ads or spam.

So how do we get them?

Most people don’t like ads but that doesn’t mean there is no one looking for this kind of program. We just need to know which one and where.

But approaching someone still might just scare them off. After all, they don’t know anything about us.

The best way is to let them come to us. So the key here is how to make it easier for them to find us.

Having our own website is a good way to start. It’s like having a store, where people can keep coming back to. It is online so people can access them whenever they want from anywhere without waiting for us to wake up.

Like my website here, we can share with them about any program that I use. We don’t just talk about one program but as many as we can.

It’s about building our reputation as expert on the field and not just become a salesman to one product. So people will understand that we are not just over selling a product, but we already try other things.

We can also use other platform like Facebook but, there are limitations on how to use them. Don’t forget that they can also take it down the service any day and we are going to lose our work.

If you want to know more about building a website for online income and even turn them into a business, keep reading. There is an online training and community platform that you can try.

In the mean time, let’s head back to The next part can also help us build our income and reputation for our website.

Faucet List and Recommended Sites

There are two more tabs at the top of this website, the Faucet List and Recommended Sites. They are just a list of other programs that people can use but also become their referral for that program.

These programs have nothing to do with the operation of themselves other than become another source of income. Those green categories at the top left of this websites actually lead to this two tabs.

People can get mixed with other ads. So the categories are Faucet, Games and betting, PTC, Mining, wallet and Exchanges, Staking and masternode, domain and hosting, other payment system.

Group of

The owner of also has other similar program and website design but using other cryptocurrency as the payment method. We can see all of their program from their main website

Or we can access them from the dashboard of at the bottom. There are several cryptocurrencies logos, if we click on one of them it will lead us to their other website.

Another way is from those faucet list if there is a program with 240 minutes timer and has the same design like, they are probably from the same owner.

Or you can just look at my list below. If you are like me, maybe you are wondering, do we have to use every single coin? Or can we just pick and focus on some of them?

Then, the next question would be, which one? Hopefully it can help, I sorted the list below based on their market cap, considered as the real value of the coin not just the price.

I’m not saying that this is the best way to choose but this is what I’m going to use right now. If you have better suggestion, let me know.

From what I understand, higher market cap doesn’t mean higher value compare to USD. So, either we are going to collect coins for the sake of investing or for faster conversion to more popular coins or to fiat currency.

Here is the faucet web name, coin symbol, market cap rank and USD price at the time of this writing
(ETH, #2, $138)
(LTC, #4, $59.53)
(Monero/XMR, #13, $53.86)
(DASH, #15, $91.65)
(Zcash/ ZEC, #22, $57.13)
(DOGE, #28, $0.002058)
(DGB, #35, $0.014633)
(PPC/Peercoin, #235, $0.508389)
(BLK, #346, $0.116057) (no longer available)
(Primecoin/XPM, #446, $0.163634)
(POT, #471, $0.017997) (added July 2019, TRX)

What we get from all of these faucets in USD are the same, which is $0.0005 per claim. With dynamic price, we can get more money per each coin depending on when we convert them into cash.

The script and all of the features are the same between all of these programs. Let me know if you find something significantly different between these programs that I overlook.

FaucetHub considerations

Another thing to consider is to find other faucet program that give the same coin as one of these and also use FaucetHub service. Or it’s going to be a while before we can withdraw, not from the faucet program but from the FaucetHub.

I will let you know if I already try other programs.

Withdrawing from faucet program to FaucetHub is not a problem, at least for programs under We can withdraw immediately right after every claim.

The problem is withdrawing from FaucetHub to our wallet. There is a minimum amount before we can withdraw. Here is a list of minimum withdraw for each coin, coin we get each claim and number of claims we have to do from each coinwhip programs.

Ethereum: 0.01 ETH / 0.00000365 ETH =  2,740 claims
Litecoin: 0.01 LTC / 0.00000827 LTC = 1,210 claims
Dogecoin: 100 DOGE / 0.24752475 DOGE = 404 claims
Digibyte: 1 DGB / 0.03940110 DGB = 26 claims
Dash: 0.001 DASH / 0.00000553 DASH = 181 claims
Zcash: 0.01 ZEC / 0.00000891 ZEC = 1,123 claims
Monero: 0.01 XMR / 0.00000960 XMR = 1,042 claims
Blackcoin: 2 BLK / 0.00563698 BLK = 355 claims
Peercoin: 1 PPC / 0.00096805 PPC = 1,033 claims
Potcoin: 1 POT / 0.02767017 POT = 37 claims
Primecoin: 2 XPM / 0.00331697 XPM = 603 claims

As we can see, some of these are nearly impossible to withdraw if we rely only from one faucet and our claim alone. Not to mention, this is just the minimum amount. If we want to reduce the fees from FaucetHub, we need to withdraw more than that, which even longer.

As alternatives, we can always trade every altcoins to BTC and withdraw to BTC using the exchange feature on FaucetHub. We can either sell with lower minimum amount or buy with higher minimum amount.

The problem is that the trade is like an auction. If nobody wants to buy, there is nothing we can do but to wait for owners to buy from us. It is also based on dynamic price, which somebody can wait to buy from our offer while the price is very low.

I guess, finding other faucets is the only way. Otherwise consider not to use them at all. I will let you know other program we can use for each coin.

Wallet for FaucetHub Program

If you just need a wallet for most cryptocurrencies of Coinwhip and FaucetHub, I suggest to use wallet address from Exchanger like Coinpayments or Coinexchange.

From all 14 coins on FaucetHub, these are the coins those exchangers support. Use the link to open account for free.


We can generate a deposit address from either program, usually each wallet for each coins. Don’t forget to link it.

It is actually not a good idea to store our coins on wallet from exchangers program. But what we need is just a way to withdraw from  faucet to FaucetHub.

To do that, we just need to link the wallet address. So we can just generate the address from those exchangers but never actually make a withdraw to the exchangers.

As I mentioned above, we can convert all of those coins to BTC within FaucetHub. Withdraw those BTC to a more secure wallet.

Even FaucetHub won’t let us withdraw MONERO/XMR to those wallets and even I can’t find a wallet for Primecoin yet. So chances are we are going to sell those altcoins to a more popular one.

Even to sell them to cash we probably can only sell from ETH if not BTC.

My comments

All of these programs on the list mostly have a referral or affiliate program like the one on recommends this because they already try it and what they earn from those programs can help generate income for them or the group of

If ethereum-project is paying then we can assume that other programs from group are willing to pay as well. Something could still happen to specific coin and it could affect just one of those programs.

They already shut down a few programs even for limited time to make adjustment. Just follow their twitter account, @coinwhip to get the latest info.

We can try them all but here is a thing. The key to all of this affiliate program is to get a lot of referrals. Let our referrals do the work and we get some income without doing anything more.

We are not going to be rich just by using these programs on our own. It is not even worth the time. But of course, sometimes we need to make extra income for free before we can invest them to something else.

I might try them all one by one but just for the sake of trying and write a review like this. Maybe I already write a few of them here. Try to search for it here and read them to find out how to make money with each of them.

If there isn’t yet, let me know on the comment section below if you have another interesting program. I will try and write a review about it.

If I really want to use on of those programs, I will focus on those with longer timer like at least 60 minutes. We don’t want to waste our time like every 5 minutes opening a website, loading the page, solve captcha and earn some coins or pennies. Not to mention with a lot of programs.

Back then, I used a 20 and 30 minutes program so they gave me like a third or half from what I can get of 60 minutes program. When suddenly the price of the coin got too high, those lower timer program cannot give less money than they already have and eventually they shut down the program.

Maybe the same thing also happened to They used to offer a 60 minutes worth of coins but now they change to 240 with the same worth of coins.

This way, they still have a room to make an adjustment. This is very important for any program offering any cryptocurrency.

That is just for a faucet program. There are many other type of affiliate program that we can try and invest our time and money on them. Maybe you can find some here on my website.


This is a big question for any money making program online. How do we withdraw our money? Is there any fee? Any minimum amount?

Imagine if after spend a lot of time using this program, earn a lot of money, we suddenly can’t withdraw them. I do have account from several websites that I still can use them, earn money but can no longer withdraw. I can still use my earnings to purchase their service.

I’m not really sure the reason for that, but I think it is because I use public internet connection from my campus. Maybe somebody else also create another account and now they consider me as trying to create multiple account.

The only way to withdraw the money from is to have a FaucetHub account linked to our Ethereum wallet. The minimum is 0.00000001 ETH and there is also 1.5% fee from the FaucetHub.

You can sign up to FaucetHub, here if you don’t have one yet. We don’t need to have one to start claiming.

Don’t forget that we need the ethereum wallet as well. We put the ethereum wallet address on the withdrawal form after we link the address to FaucetHub.

Based on their withdraw page, the withdraw will be processed within 5 minutes. We can track our withdraw history status using the withdraw page.

We need to collect 0.01 ETH on FaucetHub before we can withdraw our ethereum to our wallet.

Withdraw Status

Other than pending and processed status, we can also have rejected withdraw. This could happen if, the address is wrong or not linked to FaucetHub.

Another reason is if balance is empty on FaucetHub. We have to wait before they make a deposit on FaucetHub which they say it can be about a day or two.

For faucet owner who use FaucetHub service, we can always check their balance status. In case of we can use this link.

All 11 programs of status are there. Make sure he has a balance first before we place a withdraw.

The last reason is if the API access is disabled due to the payout limit set by FaucetHub for security precautions. Usually it will be solved quickly. Just give it time until a day or two.

My comments

Since there is no benefit for keeping our earnings on this website, we might as well withdraw everytime we make a claim from the faucet. It is either we withdraw them or purchase some lottery tickets which in my opinion just a waste.

The fee is just percentage not flat fee per transaction, which means we are going to pay the same whether we split our withdraw or do it at once. Unless, of course, if we split the payment until the amount is too small.

My advice is to withdraw every 0.00001 ETH and do not withdraw all. Wait until the smaller amount reach 0.00001 ETH or we have to pay more for the round up.

As I said, we can actually withdraw every claim but that will waste our time. By setting to that minimum I suggested, we can wait for a couple of days instead of withdrawing 5 times a day.

Since this program is part of FaucetHub, we can collect 3 EXP per faucet claim from any faucet program using FaucetHub. We can level up our status after certain EXP and get higher referral commission.

If that is the target, then I suggest we withdraw every 0.00000200 ETH and pay 0.00000003 ETH fees. Which for the rate at the time of this writing means withdrawing every 4 hour claim, if you think it’s worth it.

Make sure we have our Ethereum wallet address ready since we have to paste it on the form everytime we make withdraw. There is no way to set the address as the default.

My suggestion would be to open the FaucetHub account first everytime we want to make a withdraw. Copy the wallet address from there to make sure we are using the right wallet.

My Withdraw

After joining this program for a week, I finally request my first withdraw. It was processed within 5 minutes to my FaucetHub account just like the explanation. Set my status as PAYING for this program at March 21, 2019.

Withdraw from FaucetHub

As explained above, there is a minimum amount of ethereum before we can withdraw to our wallet. That is if we want to have it as ETH.

Here is the minimum amount and fees per transaction
0.01 ETH with 0.001 ETH fees
0.05 ETH with 0.00075 ETH fees
0.1 ETH with 0.00025ETH fees

If we rely on this faucet alone, we need like more than 2,700 claims before we can withdraw. That can be 2 year of claiming everyday and that is just the minimum, with higher fee.

The worst scenario would be to sell them to BTC using FaucetHub trading feature for a lower price. With other coins we convert to bitcoin, we can reach minimum withdraw fast enough.

So, make sure we have a plan before we start collecting coins here. Either find another faucet or keep collecting referrals.

Read my Review for more faucet programs.

Advertise also offer a way for anybody to advertise on this website and other from the same group. If we scroll down to the bottom we can see a link ADVERTISE. If we click on it we can see just like the picture below.

What is Mellowads?

Mellowads is a advertising network just like Google Adwords and Adsense. We advertise on Adwords then Adsense will have a lot of publisher to display our ads.

Here on Mellowads, we can choose where exactly we want to place the ads., as publisher can submit several ads spot each with its own banner size.

So, what we can see from this ADVERTISE page is options to display ads for each website they own. The rate is the same, 30,000 satoshi per 1,000 impression or 500 satoshi per click.

The good thing about Mellowads is that they also offer a faucet program where we can get satoshi but only for advertising here on Mellowads.

We can’t withdraw that. This free credit can only be used for network campaign. Which means we let Mellowads to decide which publisher to show our ads. If we want to choose and advertise directly to specific website like, we have to pay.

It is a 24 hour faucet, just one claim per day. So, if you want to advertise here, I suggest to do it for free first. Claim your free satoshi here, to start advertising on Mellowads.


This is a rather simple program compared to Cointiply with so many features to earn money or even So there is not much to talk about further or features to discuss.

It has been more than two years since was launched which in my opinion is long enough to stick around. Those who are scams or mismanage their financial will not stand the test of time.

They made adjustment to what they can offer, probably disappointed some old timers but it is expected, especially from those dealing with cryptocurrency. The scams usually just run away when they are starting to lose money.

Here we cannot lose money more than we can earn for free. There is no deposit feature. We can only claim once every 4 hours but the amount we get each is enough to withdraw using the micro payment processor.

So there is no risk for using this program. Not worth it? Just pennies? What can we expect from something that we can get for free?

Nevertheless, it is a free money that we can build up with so little effort. For those can no longer afford the time but need to collect extra money first before investing to something better can still use this.

With the referral program, theoretically we can have unlimited number of referrals and turn this into a passive income. We don’t even need to claim ourselves so we can invest our time for something better.

There is no need for you to believe me. You can always try it yourself by joining here. It’s free.

Final Word

Once again that the key to success in online world is to use the affiliate program. Get as many referrals as we can for each program we use.

To put it in layman’s term, we have to do similar to what the owner of do with so many websites.

As we can see from the list they provide as recommended sites, there are a lot of programs but that is not all of them. Those are just programs offering online or digital service.

Here is my list of all affiliate programs that I have used.

There are some programs that offer real life product or service. Amazon is one of those that we can use. We can help promote products on Amazon, if somebody buy a product through a referral link we provide, we can get paid.

Maybe later I can write a review about some of them as well. So try to come back here, maybe you’ll find something.

As I mentioned before, if you really want to know more about how to make money online, this training program is one of the best that people can use. Here we learn and actually set up our website, grow them to become our online business by using affiliate programs.

It is also a community, where we can meet with other people like us, trying to earn extra money or have our own business, become the boss. We can even get help directly from the owners. You can read more about them from my review here.

Hopefully you can be the one of the success stories that I will write about like this guy, even without a college degree.

So that is all I can share with you about Did I miss anything? Do you have some other question about it?

Or maybe you want to share something else, maybe some tips or other program that we can use, don’t hesitate to use the comment section below. I would love to help if I could and learn more.

Hope this helps. Thanks for reading.



Mark M.

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