Everyday, there is a new online program that people can use to earn easy money for almost free. A faucet program, usually know as bitcoin faucet program is one of the easiest type to earn bitcoin very easy.

It can also be a faucet program for other cryptocurrency. Now, these programs offer more than just cryptocurrency with a lot of ways to earn money. Some even offers a game that we can play not a harder task like survey. People can actually enjoy it.

Cointiply is one of these programs. Not just a faucet but a lot more and they are still improving their program.

You are probably wondering about what kind of program or company is Cointiply? Are they legit? Really paying their members? How much can we earn? Is it free or do we need to pay first?

Those are just a few questions that people might be asking when they heard about Cointiply. On this review, I will try to share with you what I know about Cointiply based on my experience with them.

If you want to know more about program like this, I did write reviews for similar programs before and maybe I will keep adding another one later on this website. Here is one of those reviews.

Cointiply is a lot more complicated than this but I will try to compare them. Hopefully it can give you a better explanation.

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Type: 12 Hours Faucet (Cointiply Coin)
Features: Interest (5% annually at 35,000 Coins or more), PTC, Offerwall, Games
Payment Method: Bitcoin (Wallet), Doge Coin (Wallet), FaucetHub
Referral Bonus: 25% from Faucet, 10% from Offer walls and Games, 0.25% Multiplier game
Started Since: February, 2018
Minimum Withdraw: 30,000 Cointiply Coin for DOGE, 35,000 to Bitcoin FaucetHub or 50,000 coins for Bitcoin Wallet
My Status: PAYING
Last Payment: December 2023

News and Update

August 2023. Republished the article again from March 25, 2022.

I mostly used this for the PTC so I don’t know if they made some changes. The one that I noticed from the PTC was we get a chance to retry viewing an ad. Back then, if we made a mistake like accidentally closing the ad, we will fail and lost the chance to earn from that ad. Now, we have a chance to retry up to 3 times. It still doesn’t work if the advertiser is using a link to YouTube channel.

March 2022. Republished the article again from October 9, 2020.

June 2021. I didn’t realized this sooner but it seems they added other cryptocurrencies as alternative for withdrawing. We can now get paid with Litecoin or Dash and the minimum is 30,000 coin just like DOGE.

October 2020. Republished the article which was originally posted on 29 March 2019.

There was an update for Microsoft Edge browser which I have been using a couple months before. Since then, I can use without any problem like withdrawing unlike what I have stated in this particle previously.

November 2019, FaucetHub is closing down their service as a micro wallet. Please read my review for more information and development for the affected faucet programs.

In December 2019, we can no longer get paid via from We can still withdraw directly to either Bitcoin or Dogecoin wallet. However, did lower the minimum for both coins, 50,000 coins for Bitcoin and 30,000 coins for Dogecoin.

August, 2019. After about 5 months of using Cointiply, I finally got my first payout to FaucetHub. Got paid on Saturday around 2 am (GMT+7), which I thought it is going to be after Sunday. I submitted the request like a day before.

As stated from their FAQ page, I can’t submit the withdraw request using Microsoft Edge Browser. I used Opera and it worked even though it is not one of the recommendation.

For 35,000 coins I got about 33,449 satoshi on my FaucetHub. That 5 months was between the time Cointiply offers hourly faucet and what they offer today which is just claiming twice a day.

I can even only claim once a day ever since that. On the other hand, the number of ads on PTC went up drastically, like over 10 ads per day.

Not sure if they can keep that number. Nevertheless, even though I can’t no longer claim as many time as before from the faucet, I can still earn a lot from their Paid to Click ads.

My Cointiplier stays at 1.42 with no additional use on other feature. I even had the downtime about 1 month with almost no access to the website, starting over the loyalty daily bonus.

About Cointiply

There is no official statement or company profile on their website. The only thing we know is that Cointiply is a faucet program. Like any faucet program, we can earn money for free once every set of time.

Usually any users need to view some ads as compensation to earn the free money. Yes, it’s not totally free, we still need to do something. But Cointiply also offers a lot of ways for us to earn money like PTC, watch video, offer walls to complete some tasks.

They used to call this kind of program as Get Paid To (GPT) program. Back then, it was mostly PTC, to click, but like Cointiply there are other ways to earn.

So, how can they just give people free money?  Cointiply makes money from the ads they show, and  get a cut from the offerwalls and games they host.

Program like this just need to make sure that they get paid more from the ads than they can give to the members. The question now is, can they?

If we want to do more for background check like the WhoIs, all we can find about Cointiply is that it is based on Panama and we need to contact NameCheap, Inc., one of the most popular domain registrar to get their contact info. Here is the registered phone number +507.8365503 and the fax +51.17057182.

Cointiply Coins

This is the currency they use for their service on the website. Instead of using Bitcoin with its dynamic price, Cointiply use their own Coin. The coin value is tied to US dollars.

With so many features, using a dynamic price of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency can be very confusing. One day can be higher the next day lower. By using their own coin, they can offer relatively permanent service and member can get consistent earnings.

Members just need to learn when to withdraw or deposit bitcoin for to get better value.

Right now, 100 coins equals $0.01. With today’s value 1 Coin equals around 2.5 satoshi (1 BTC equals almost USD 4,000).

We can earn this coins for free and use them to pay for membership, advertise, earn interest, or purchase items from the game within the website.

About the website

The design is a bit dark, black background, white text and maroon color and a bit of blue. There are ads obviously but since March 2019 they display less than they used to. Even the pop up one on the bottom left corner is now less distracting.

This is so much better than other faucet or program which they seems so desperate to make money by displaying so many ads. Just need to be careful if we use internet connection with limited data while accessing these websites.

Several tabs at the top with white color text will lead us to other options to make money aside from faucet on the dashboard. We can tab on the username at the top right corner to get a drop down menu to page for other activities like withdraw money, deposit, or profile settings.

Signing Up and Terms for Accounts

What we need to do now before using Cointiply is to sign up. Just fill our name, email and password and we can login.

Just like other website with offer walls, we are going to have another sign up to a lot of third parties service to earn money by completing certain tasks. Cointiply suggests that we use our real information, not making it up just to earn money.

Multiple accounts are not allowed, obviously. Accounts can be limited due to the use of VPN and proxies or if we try to sign up using our own referral link.

Make sure to turn VPN off before signing up, logging in and using any service from Cointiply,

If possible, we should avoid using shared IP pools like internet on campus, school or cafetaria. Have and use our own internet connection at home.

Support and Contact

So far, there are two ways, Cointiply open communication channel outside their platform. One is twitter and the other is BitcoinTalk forum.

On their twitter account, @cointiplyfaucet, they use it to make an announcement about new features, new offer walls, or offline status for maintenance schedule. Make sure to follow them to get an update.

The thread on the forum was opened by the official themselves, using Cointiply as username. People can actually get a response for their ticket here.

At the time of this writing, the last time that user engaged with other member was on November 2018. They are still around on the forum but maybe we need to send a PM to them.

Helpdesk and Tickets

Cointiply also provides their members with a knowledge base FAQ page. You can find some tips of how to use certain features from Cointiply. The link is at the bottom of their website.

Almost everything is there, except about the offer walls, third party service. We need to access the offer walls website.

From this FAQ page, we can also open a support ticket. There is no priority level to choose for the ticket. We just fill in the subject and description.

One of the user said that he got response very quickly and helpful. The official only said that they always try to answer as many tickets as they can from the first day but as they have more members, probably will take longer now.

This is for technical problem only. To learn about the features, try to read the FAQ they provide. Use the search bar.

System Status

Cointiply also provide a link to check their website status. Based on info from this page, Cointiply use 3 servers, 2 socket servers for API.

We can also check their operation status for database, payment service and mining game payout. There is a green indicator lamp for each system.

They also provide an info about past incidents. The last past incidents was on February 2019, at the time of this writing.

No longer Hourly Faucet

Update per April 30, 2019, Cointiply changed the faucet from claiming every hour into once every 12 hours. They actually changed into once per day or 24 hours but it seems a lot of members getting upset with this change and within a day became once every 12 hours.

They reduced the number of coins we can get per claims so the numbers below might be different. Officially, Cointiply stated that they are not making any profit from this feature so they have to make some adjustment.

The last change was about the jackpot, they turn it into progressive jackpot. Start with 100,000 coins and every claim from members will add one coin until someone hit a jackpot and they reset again back to 100k.

Once every 12 hours we can roll for a number between 1-99,999. The number we get will determine the amount of free coins we get. Just solve captcha and we get the coins.

The captcha system they use is from Solve Media by default. I think this is much better than the alternative, reCaptcha from Google that we can also choose.

By default the system has sound notification to let us know that the one hour timer is up so we can roll again. In order to listen we have to keep the browser tab open for this page. If we move to another part of their website, we will not hear it.

Here is the list for the group of prize we can get.

1-69,999 (69,999 lucky numbers, 69,9%) get 15 coins (8+cointiplier bonus)
70,000-89,999 (20,000 numbers, 20%) get 23 coins (12 + bonus)
90,000-96,999 (7,000 numbers, 7%) get 45 coins (23 + bonus)
97,000-98,999 (2,000 numbers, 2%) get 90 coins (45 + bonus)
99,000-99,998 (999 numbers, 1%) get 210 coins (105 +bonus)
99,999 (1 number, 0.1%) get 100,000 coins

They also offer us extra 21 coins if we get prime number. If I’m not mistaken there are almost 10,000 prime numbers between 1-99,999, so it’s like almost 10%.

So the number of the coin we can get is not based on dynamic value of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. But it is not a fix number but Cointiply has a feature called Cointiplier to determine to give more or less coin.

The number above is just from my status as a new member.


So using the example above, for the first group of lucky numbers, I can get 15 coins. That is 8 coins as based prize and 7 coins from the Cointiplier.

Not really sure how this works but they also say that every member starts with 1.5x cointiplier bonus and that is what I saw every time I roll. Not less, not more, still 1.5 times.

Yet, instead of getting 12 (8 x 1.5) I get an extra 3. Not complaining but, maybe I missed something. I will let you know when I figure it out, or if you want to share with me, please use the comment section below.

In the mean time, let’s go back to Cointiplier.

It is also said that we can still change the rate based on our activity on using Cointiply. If we only use the faucet, the Cointiplier will go down so we need to use other features they provide to rise it up.

“Be a loyal user, leave our webpage open, complete offerwalls, click our PTC ads, watch videos, play our great video games, and refer active users which do the same.”

That is what they say about increasing the Cointiplier rate. Since we can also make money by using other features, basically they are telling us to make more money.

Are they really worth it? Read on to find out more.

After 7 days since I signed up with Cointiply, my Cointiplier went down from 1.5 to 1.42. As a new member I can get 15 coins at least for a roll and another 21 for hitting a prime number.

Now I only get 13 coins and for prime number additional 19. So the Cointiplier also affects the bonus prime number.

This is me just using Cointiply mostly for faucet, PTC, games, and offer walls just for PTC. Clearly those high paying offerwalls are the biggest factor in this.

Unfortunately, it is hard to find the right task or survey that I can do. I guess I just have to accept that my Cointiplier will go down to 1.0 and take what I can get from this.

One week later, my Cointiplier stays at 1.42x. I didn’t do anything more than my first week. So, hopefully it stays but I’m okay if it doesn’t.

Loyalty Bonus

Another feature for us to earn more coins here. Every coins we get from faucet roll, we get additional bonus, percentage of coins we just get from that roll.

Each member starts from zero%. We can get more bonus by keep logging in and at least claim once, adding 1% each consecutive day up to 100%.

It is said that we can also do other things for the day like doing offers but I think faucet roll is the easiest.

The counted days are based on UTC. It will reset to zero if we miss even just one day. Of course, we can build up again for 100 days.

We will be credited right after faucet roll but only if it worth 1 coin at least. So if we already have 2% bonus and get a jackpot, we will get another 2,000 coins, 2% of 100,000 coins.

But if we only get 15 coins, with 2% it is less than 1 coin so we will get nothing. We can check the bonus we get from activity history.

Unlike Cointiplier bonus, it is counted separately from the faucet claim history but as a bonus history. Use the filter accordingly.

As of March 2019, Cointiply offers an easier report of our loyalty bonus on the Dashboard. We can track back up to 100 days.

My Comment for the faucet

Hourly faucet is actually pretty good. For more frequent faucet like per 30 minutes or even per 5 minutes will not be efficient.

We will waste time even more for loading the page, solving captcha or if we forget about it. More rolls per hour doesn’t mean more money.

How they use Solve Media as the default captcha is actually very helpful. Hopefully Cointiply will never have a problem that will force us to use that Google Captcha.

Compared to, the highest prize might be lower. $200 jackpot from with 100,000 coins from Cointiply which equals like $10. Can we ever get it?

While the prize we get mostly from is $0.001 (over 90% chance) and we get like at least  $0.00008 (below 70% chance) from Cointiply. We can still add more coins for the base prize for free while on we need to wager.

There is a lot of features to use on Cointiply but they are still very young compared to Just within their first year, they already take out one feature. Of course, adjustment has to be made, even did.

Read more about them from my review here.

The question is, can Cointiply survive for more years to come? Those features they offer can be something that make them profitable or can take them out of business as well.

From what I’ve heard, they still have some plans to add even more features. I guess we just have to wait and see.

So, what is your experience with the faucet? Have you ever hit the Jackpot? Let me know on the comment section below.

In the mean time, let’s take a look on their existing features to earn us more money.

Offer Walls

Each offer wall program is from a third party, just hosted here on Cointiply or other similar website or program. Basically they are another program that we can access from a website and get credited using the host system.

Each of them can have task we can do to earn money, just like Cointiply themselves. The task can be PTC, survey, watch video, install apps, etc.

The idea is to earn more money using the host credit system so we can withdraw sooner. On Cointiply we will get paid using Cointiply Coin. We can access those same offer walls from other website as well.

Each of them has their own set of rules. For example, PTC Wall will only credit us after we make 20 coins with them, not with Cointiply. From Clix Wall, we can get every coins per ad, don’t have to wait.

That’s why Cointiply suggests that , generally, we wait for up to 48 hours before we get a credit. Probably new offer walls will be added with longer time.

Some can even issue a chargeback if they think we violate their terms. MinuteStaff is one those that will chargeback if we use VPN. Cointiply also forbids for any member to use VPN.

Some of them can also have limited target audiences. While Cointiply is open to all countries but the offer walls might not.

Cointiply can’t do anything with that. They only host the website. So if we want to complain, we have to open a ticket directly to the offer walls website not to Cointiply.

When we open one of the offer walls from Cointiply page, it is actually a pop up window. If we hit a refresh button, we will be back to the Cointiply page.

Trying to do the task usually will open a new tab accessing the offer wall website.

Based on their statement on the forum, those offerwalls will pay Cointiply if members got paid first. So, if one of them got out of ads and won’t credit members, Cointiply doesn’t get paid either.

If that is true, then this is probably one of Cointiply income source and it is pretty big. And this is why Offerwalls would be the most significant factor to determine our Cointiplier.

The higher coins we can get, the higher income Cointiply will get from those offerwalls. The question is, are we qualified to do the task from those offerwalls?

Video Tabs

The video tab is actually another offer walls. Maybe Cointiply didn’t have this many offer walls at the start so they put video as its own tab to earn money.

If we click on EngageMe / Adscend we will be sent to offer wall of Adscend Media. Try to click on Cointiply Video Ads tab on the right, we are just hitting a refresh button, back to that exact spot.

Based on the FAQ page, we need to see 3 ads between the video from Adscend Media, to get credit 51 coins. If there are not ads from them, we won’t get paid.

Sometimes they are running out of ads and we need to wait for 24 hours or even weeks before they have ads again. It is said that we can put the tab with video on, on the background while we can do something else.

Just ignore the video tabs and go straight to offer walls for Adscend Media.

List of Offer walls

We can say that every offer walls can offer anything now from survey, PTC, watch video. But some are better at one thing than the others. We just need to learn one by one.

Here is the list of available offer walls for now.

Adscend Media, 
Adgate Media,
Revenue Wall
Opinion Capital
Theorem Reach, added October 2018
Kiwi Wall
Offer Daddy
PTC Wall, added February 2018
Poll Fish
Clix Wall
Say So Rewards, added April 2018
Adwork Media
Super Rewards
Tap Research, added March 2019
Ad Gem, added March 2019
Enligne Survey, added March 2019

No longer available on Cointiply

OW Ads, added March 2019

My Comments

As I mentioned earlier, with a possibility to limited target audience, offer wall might not the best way to earn on any program like Cointiply. There is a chance that after trying to accomplish a certain task, they suddenly say we are not qualified for the task.

Those offering a survey task usually will have this problem. Another thing is that those offer walls might run out of ads to show. If that happens, we will not get paid even after do the task like watching videos.

What we can get from offer wall is lower than what we can get from the host. Take the PTC for example, which both Cointiply and offer walls are offering.

People advertise directly to Cointiply and they share money with viewers. While offer wall has to share their money with viewers and also Cointiply themselves as the host.

We can get like 8 coins from Cointiply PTC per ad but only 1 or 2 coins per ad from PTCWall, one of the offer wall. That is for the same amount of work.

The last thing about offer walls is that since users are most likely to use a lot of similar program like Cointiply with the same offer walls, be careful not to access them from two website at the same time. Preferably just use the offer walls service on the best host.

As I mentioned before that this is just to earn more money so we can withdraw money sooner. Not a daily thing to do.

Let’s say we just need just few more coins to reach the minimum to get interest or to withdraw, because it’s already weekend.  We can look for additional income from Offer Walls.

Obviously this is way better than gambling our money on Multiplier game just to earn extra coins.

So far, the only task I do from offer walls is PTC. Maybe just because I’m familiar with it and no need to fill in our data.

I’m not an expert on this so if you have better suggestion on using offerwalls features, especially for people not from US or Europe, let me know using the comment section below.

CointiPlay, Multiplier Game

This is a gambling game. If you are not prepared to lose coins here just skip to the next part.

Like on, they even run a contest of wagering. Not sure if they are still running the event.

Based on the news the last time was 3 months ago or before 2019. Probably not a weekly event. Total of 5.5 million coins for top 10 users for a week of wagering.

How to Play

The game is very simple, just pick a target. If we get red gem, we win if black, we lose. If we win, we can continue pick another target up to 11 times but if we lose we end that round.

We can take the multiplied coins we already get, no need to try all 11 times. It’s like the TV show game “Who Wants to be A Millionaire.” Keep going for more or lose everything. But here, there is no safe point.

Before we play we have to make a wager which if we win, it will be multiplied but if we lose we lose our initial bet. We can start over, make a new wager.

Based on FAQ page, a wager can be made from 10 coins to 50,000 coins . I think they changed it to 100,000 coins for standard member and 200,000 coins for premium.

Each consecutive red gem we get will add the multiplier up to 61.3x if we get all 11 targets as red gem. So we can get 613 coins from 10 coins wager or 3,065,000 coins for 50,000 coins wager.

Each red gem will give us multiplier from 1.4x, 2.1x up to 11 times for 61.3x. For every target or level we get like 2 out of 3 chance of getting a red gem.

My Comments

In general, I won’t recommend people to use any gambling feature like I did on the one from But unlike, here we can only lose the coin we wager while Freebitco can multiply the losing coin so we will lose even more.

Two out of three sounds not so bad. But remember that if we lose just once out of those 11, we lose our money.

It is still risky but we won’t suddenly lose everything. So, do it on your own risk. Just wager the minimum 10 coins and you will be fine.

DO NOT use the doubling feature to increase the bet at the end of every game. This is how people suddenly lose money.

Consider using other feature here on Cointiply before wasting money gambling. Try another program maybe here on my website.

So, how far have you go with this game? Ever being so lucky to reach all 11 levels? Let me know on the comment section below.

PTC Ads and Advertise

This is like other Paid To Click program. We click on an ad, view them within a certain time, perhaps solve captcha and get paid.

But since this is not their main feature, we get less number of ads available than regular paid to click program usually offer.

On Cointiply, they have a very unique captcha system. We just pick a picture out of five, that match with the hint they give.

Every after a few seconds, the pictures positions are switched between one and the other. It is also locked, so we need to stay active on the tab to make the countdown starts.

If we choose a wrong picture or fail to solve the captcha, we miss our free coin for that ads for that day. We have to wait until tomorrow, assuming the ads still has some views left.

If we want to track our earnings history from PTC, is in offerwalls category.


Like every Paid to Click program, they have to start with advertising service. Here, user can pay to post an ad which other user can see to click and earn money.

We just need to fill the form, pay with Cointiply Coins or deposit bitcoin first. Here is what they ask on the form.

  • Link or Ad URL, up to 200 characters
  • Title for Ad Link (Call to Action), up to 60 characters
  • Ad Description, up to 160 characters
  • Total Views / Clicks, choose at least 1,000, add per 1,000 until 10k, then the choice is for 12k, 15k, 20k, 40k, 60k, 80k, 100k
  • Click Duration, which cost 3 coins per second, we can choose from 5 sec, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, or 40 seconds

As a reference, 5 seconds ad for 15 coins, 8 coins goes to viewer, maybe 1 coin for the referral and the rest become a profit for Cointiply.

Guidelines of what are NOT allowed for the content

  • URL shorteners
  • illegal products or services (weapons, drugs, escorts etc.)
  • malicious websites or frame breakers / frame busters.
  • malware, viruses, spyware or ransomware.
  • infinite redirect loops.
  • browser locking scripts or other attempts to hijack the browser.
  • copyright infringing material.
  • x-rated adult content.

My comments for advertising on Cointiply

Like on other Paid to Click program, the best way to advertise is if we have similar new program. Can be our own program or just fresh program we find.

There is no filter to target specific audience so the ad is better for international user. I really can’t say about the conversion rate since I haven’t tried it or on other program.

I’m sure we will get several referrals to join the program we put on ad. But, the question is, how many we get from the minimum 15,000 coins we have to spend.

I think, there is still another way to advertise using features from Cointiply. One of them is to engage other members through the chat room.

On the chat room, we can talk about similar program like Cointiply. Anything related to faucet, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, etc.

Maybe somebody can mention a program and we can provide them with a review which contains referral link to that program. We just need to have our own website for the review. Read on to find out more.

I think one of the user has successfully get a lot referrals by doing so. And he also uses other free channel like the official forum of Cointiply.

Just saying that there is a lot of ways to advertise for free. Using the paying one is if we are the owner of the program and has to spend time managing it.

So, what is your experience advertising here on Cointiply? What is the conversion rate? Let me know on the comment section below.

Browser Games

One of the feature from Cointiply to earn more coins is to play a browser game. It’s just a game like those preinstalled on old Windows OS such as Solitaire or FreeCell. We can play those games even on Google but here we can get coins.

Here is a list of game types available on Cointiply for now. They probably will add more.

  • word game (crossword, word search, scrabble)
  • card game (solitaire, black jack, bridge, freecell)
  • puzzle (sudoku, jigsaw, mahjong, mathdoku)
  • Casino (slot, backgammon)
  • Arcade (pool)

Right now, they offer 16 coins everytime we reach 100% on activity bar. Other websites might have different rules on how to earn for playing these games.

On one website they want us to finish the game but we need to play at least for 2 minutes. Make sure we understand the website rules before we play.

For Cointiply, we don’t need to finish the game. We can switch games and play other game that we like. The progress will count everything.

The activity bar won’t stuck at 100%. They will automatically reset even within the same game. We can also resume the progress some other time. It won’t reset if we close the game.

Once we pick the game, it seems like we are looking on white screen. Try to scroll up to find the game. Make sure no ad blocker.

My Comments

It is also not that much of what we can earn playing. Just a reminder that it is there to use.

Maybe if we get bored while doing something, we can instead play here and get money.

Just try every game and pick the one we like and can play progressively not the one we can finish but require a lot of time.

Some games offer a hint, if we think it is too hard. We can still use them but the progress bar won’t increase that much. Just use them to help us finish the game.

I haven’t tried all games but I think each game offers a lot of features of hint that we can use for us to progress in the game. Don’t get stuck, progress is the goal here. Sometimes it feels like no progress at all, try different game.

Which game do you like the most? Any tips and tricks? Let me know on the comment section below.

CPU Mining

CPU mining is also a feature on Cointiply that we can use to earn more money. It is very simple, just hit the START MINING button, let our computer work to collect hashes.

The current rate is we will get 5 coins for 100,000 hashes. Only once we reach 100,000 we get credited.

It doesn’t mean get 1 coin for 20,000. We can check what we get on activity history because there is no notification.

There is no need to wait before our computer reach 100,000. We can hit the pause button but we need to keep that tab on that mining page. If we move to another page, we will lose our progress and will not get any credit.

My Comments

To be honest it is rather low. I tried it once on my laptop and I need few hours using the default settings and can no longer perform other task.

We can turn down the speed and thread but we also get less results. Use this only for desktop, with high spec maybe, and if possible while not working on computer. I think there is a lot of way to be more productive than this.

So if we want to use this, open at the start of the day on separate browser tab. We can turn it on and off the whole day and stop everytime we reach the target. Start again tomorrow if we want.

We can adjust the speed from 10 to 100%. Not sure how many threads can we use but it seems the result is not different that much.

It is also said that we need to disable some antivirus program. It is really best not to use the computer to perform other task at all. But again, we can earn more by doing other stuff.

Update for May, 2019, this feature is no longer available. Not really sure if they are going to bring it back again.


This is a feature of how we can earn more money by doing nothing. No need to roll, do any offer or task and we will be credited.

We just need to maintain the average 35,000 coins for a week and we will get 5% annual interest. The interest will be calculated daily but we will get paid weekly every Sunday night.

In general, just keep the minimum balance and don’t spend it or withdraw it. But sometimes, we might be in need of some cash right away so we withdraw them.

Since it’s just the average, we can have our balance empty for a few days and make a deposit more coins for the rest of the week, and still get the interest. For seven days we need 225,000 coins.

Just make a deposit with that amount of coins on the last day of the week.

No referral bonus from their interest.

Since this is not an initial feature since they launched, we need to activate this feature from our account settings. The default setting is off, not really sure why people don’t want to turn it on.

My comment

The interest we get is slightly higher than the one from The minimum balance we need is actually a lot higher.

At the time of this writing 35,000 coins equals almost 90,000 satoshi. Which means,  it is almost 3 times higher than minimum.

Probably doesn’t really matter if we have reached the minimum on any of them. Just so any member on both programs knows the difference between the two.

Based on my earning for the first 7 days, I can reach that minimum number within 10 weeks or so. Not sure if I can increase it, probably will drop down thanks to the Cointiplier system.

Premium Membership

Any member can upgrade their membership status to become premium for 17.000 coins / per month or 170.000 coins per year. Once we upgrade, it will be automatically renewed and can be canceled anytime.

Here is the list of what we can get as premium member

  • no pop up ads
  • no hover/ slide in ads
  • boost max wagering to 200,000 coins
  • skip to 2 days without resetting loyalty bonus
  • early access to new feature
  • premium support
  • access to premium chat room
  • premium badge
  • others to come

Other way to become premium

Cointiply offers one other way to become premium. Any member can pay 340 coins and join a pool which after there are 50 people, one of them will be chosen randomly to be a premium for a month.

Basically, we are collectively paying that one lucky member. For me, it’s like another gamble. Even just 340 coins or like $0.034, it is still a waste.

Not to mention that the perks is not really that interesting. Maybe they can add something better, later.

My comments

To be honest, I don’t think being a premium member is worth it. Out of those perks listed above, the only good thing is that we can skip 2 days without resetting the loyalty bonus.

Which means, we can have an entire weekend without a need to access this website. But, even that is not something too hard to do. Just login and do one roll. And even if we have to reset again, 100 days is not that long.

But, that is just me.

I do realize that there are people who love to gamble. So maybe the ability to bet 200,000 coins is good enough for them.

Not seeing ads on the interface is actually really good. Then again, I haven’t found an ad here on Cointiply main interface that is really annoying and very distracting.

Cointiply Mining Game, The Lost Game

This was once the most popular feature from Cointiply where member can earn money with cryptocurrency mining in the form of a game. Probably like Sim City? I don’t know, it happened before I become a member.

Basically,  on the planet of Cointiplanium, we buy a mine using our Coins, upgrade them and maintain them until we have 34 Mining Power Plant. Every plant will grant us  1 Coin per hour.

The game was shut down on December 2018. Right now, Cointiply is trying to return the money, any player has invested in the game.

Since there are a lot money and members involved, they can’t do it at once so people need to be patient and wait for their turn. In the mean time, they introduce a new feature, a reward system and game, Cointivity.

For those who are still waiting to be paid for their mining game balance, check this link.

Cointivity, The Reward Point System

This is a new feature they introduce in March 2019 and still in development. It can also help members to earn more coins.

I will try to update this section as they keep adding new features. The rumor is that we will get a marketplace to trade items with other members while now we can only sell to the system.

The idea is like a game, we need to gain experience for our profile to level up. After a certain level we can unlock more features to use collectibles and items for us to earn even more coins.

The level is based on Cointipoints, the experience points system. Each 10 Coins we earn from Cointiply, we will get 1 Cointipoint or if we wager 10,000 coins on CointiPlay.

My current Cointivity status as a new member is at Level 1, with 1 slot for equippable item and 2 slots for consumable items. Need 250 CointiPoints before we reach level 2.

But from level 2 to level 3 I only need like 25 Cointipoints.

We can get additional slots for equippable items at level 13, 47, 71. Additional slots for consumable item at level 7, 17, 23, 37, 53, and 67.

So how do we collect those items?


Buying Pods is how we can get item to use. There are three types of pods each with certain chance on getting three level of item rarity.

Common Pods, 89.9% Common Item, 10% Uncommon, 0.1% Rare, 1000 Coins or 100 CointiPoints.
Uncommon Pods, 70% Common Item, 28% Uncommon, 2% Rare, 5000 Coins or 500 CointiPoints.
Rare Pods, 50% Common Item, 45% Uncommon, 5% Rare, 10,000 Coins or 1000 CointiPoints.

Every item we can get is either equippable for unlimited time, consumable for limited time, usually within certain hours or it can also be parts of collectibles which if we complete all of the parts, we can have better item.

Using them on the open slot of our profile, it can boost the earnings we can get from other money making feature.

There are total of 72 equippable and consumable items and 5 of them are collectibles for now. Maybe later they will add more.

All of them are boost to earn more coins for doing offers. The highest boost is 5% bonus.

I guess unless we are doing a lot of offers, we might as well just sell them later. Let me know about your experience with this feature using the comment section below. Are they helpful to earn more coins?

Referral / Affiliate Program

This is not the latest but probably the best way to earn more money. With affiliate program, we invite people to join Cointiply using our referral link, and everytime they use certain features on Cointiply, we get paid.

Hypothetically, if we can get enough referrals, we can have our passive income. Read on to find out how.

The Commissions we get

Here is what we can get by having a referral. First, we get 25% faucet claims by our referral.

For the base, starter prize, we get 15 coins per our roll so we can get like free 4 coins per referral roll. If they hit the jackpot, we can get 25,000 coins.

Second, we get 10% from referrals earning when they complete offer walls or play games. If they get 20 coins from offer wall, we get 2 coins and if they get 16 coins from games, we get 1 or 2 coins.

The last thing is that we get 0.25% of their wagered coins, credited midnight everyday. But I don’t recommend anybody to gamble their money even if I can get something.

Do it on your own risk. Wager just 10 coins and I won’t get anything.

Promotional Tool

For those of you who are not familiar with online affiliate program, members usually get a referral link like the one below.

That is the link associated to my Cointiply account. Anybody click on that link and join Cointiply, will become my referral. We can share this link on social media accounts or other platform like forums or even our own website.

Other program might include our username or ID within the link but not the one from Cointiply. Make sure we copy the right one or we will be losing money potential.

Cointiply also provide us with two promotional banners to use. Usually other program might provide a code ready to use but not here.

If you want you can use the code below. Don’t forget to change the link with yours.

<a href=”http://YourReferralLink”><img src=”” /></a>

<a href=”http://YourReferralLink”><img src=”” /></a>

How to get referrals

The first thing is that, do not do it like a salesman. Out of nowhere we come to anybody and tell people about the link. Nobody likes that.

At least, if somebody ask about a faucet or making money online, only then, we can recommend a program by sharing our link. If they ask, it means they are already interested to know more.

For an online program, we need to have a place where anyone can always get back to. Like having a shop, people know where to find us anytime they want or at least contact us.

As I mentioned above, this can be anything from a forum, related to the program, our social media account, other website where we can have a page or even our own website.

By putting them anywhere online, it can work for 24/7/365 even when we are sleeping. Anybody can access our page with our link anytime they want, no need to wait for us to wake up. And it can be accessed from anywhere around the world.

There is also another way to promote by put an ad on advertising platform, like a PTC program. But we need to pay them and as I mentioned above on PTC and advertising sections, it is very limited probably without a good conversion rate.

If you want to know more about how to promote an affiliate program, keep reading. There is a training platform where we can learn how to set up a website and build them to become a business using many affiliate programs.

In the mean time, let’s head back to Cointiply other features.

Deposit (BTC only for now)

This is the way to put money on our Cointiply balance. Usually to purchase something or get the minimum for interest.

Right now, they only accept Bitcoin even though they will pay us with DOGE coins.

There is no minimum to deposit. But, based on the calculator, and probably the dynamic price of Bitcoin, we need to deposit at least 10 satoshi to get 2 coins.

Use the conversion calculator if we want to make sure to deposit the right amount. Send it to dedicated deposit address for our account.

Make sure it is the right address because we can’t undo the transaction. We will be credited after 2 confirmations.

The deposit page is actually just a pop up window.  Click on our username at the right top of the page and select DEPOSIT BTC from the drop down menu.


This is one of the most important thing. How can we withdraw our earnings? After so many times of completing tasks, it would be a disaster if we can’t get our money.

Here is the payment options offered by Cointiply

DIRECT to bitcoin wallet 100,000 coins minimum, once a week, every Sunday, could be sooner from Saturday or later on Monday
FaucetHub 35,000 coins, will be processed within 24-72 hours, few minutes before reach account (Bitcoin only)
DOGE wallet 50,000 coins, will be processed within 24-72 hours, few minutes before reach account

Read more from my Review.

Cointiply also says that there is no fees, but for this time. Maybe someday later they will charge us with something.

Cointiply also suggests that we wait for at least a week before opening a ticket. After 10 to 14 days, we can use the contact form.

From the FAQ page, we can’t use withdraw page from browser Edge and Internet Explorer. Try FireFox, Chrome or Safari.

Don’t forget that if we still want to get interest, we need to add another 35,000 coins to our balance. If not, we can just empty our account.

Either using bitcoin wallet directly or FaucetHub, we need to have a wallet for bitcoin. Use the link above to open account to each payment method. They are free.

Payment Status

We can check our payment status on a dedicated history page. Other than paid, our withdraw can have either one of the three, Under Review, Delayed, or Held status. Here is what they mean.

Under review. Sometimes there is manual review to suspicious account or activity that got flagged. The review will be done case by case. No need to open a ticket because it’s a routine procedure. Just give it time if we’ve done nothing wrong.

Delayed. There is nothing wrong with our account or activity, but the system can have a problem and the payment will be done soon.

Held. It means that the system already have proof that an account trying to game the system. If that’s the case, we need to open a ticket and Cointiply suggests that we should just be honest to them instead of trying to make up any excuses.

So what is your experience for withdrawing money? Ever got the HELD status? How did you resolve them with Cointiply? Let me know on the comment section below.

Earn More Coins from Similar Programs

There are a lot of other programs, not just faucet like this where we can earn more cryptocurrencies like BTC, DOGE, BNB and many more. Some of them will pay via the same micro wallet but others can just send the payment directly to our wallet.

Here are some that I have tried so far. Links are to a review article for each program. I recommend checking the article to find out the latest update.

Last update: August 2023

For programs that will pay via Remember that there is an exchanger feature on this micro wallet. (PTC, BTC) (faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins) (Ad Network, Bitcoin) (faucet, 5 minutes, BTC) (faucet, 5 minutes, USDT) (faucet, 5 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 2 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 5 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 1 minute, Multi Coins) (PTC, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 5 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 10 minutes, DOGE) (faucet, 10 minutes, BTC) (Faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins) (PTC, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins) (PTC, BTC) (Shortlinks, USDT) (Faucet, 60 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 30 minutes, BTC) (Faucet. 60 minutes, BTC)

Here are for programs that will send the payment directly to our wallet. (Faucet, 2 days, ALGO) Faucet
(Exchanger, Multi Coins) (Faucet, PTC, Offerwalls, Multi Coins) (Faucet, PTC, Offerwalls, Multi Coins) (Faucet, investment, BTC) and the Group (Faucet, Multi Coins) & Group (Faucet, Investment, Multi Coins) (Faucet, ZEN) (Faucet, Multi Coins) (PTC, offerwalls, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 1 week, ALGO) (Faucet, 5 minutes, BTC) (Faucet, 60 minutes, Multi Coins)

I don’t always update every article on this website. Please check this Complete List for the latest one.

With all of those programs, it will not take that long to increase our money in account which will lead to higher daily interest.

For every micro wallet, usually there are a lot more programs that we can use for free to earn more coins. Even if we just want to collect Bitcoin, we can easily use one of the exchangers.

There are also several more investment programs similar to One program can offer higher interest rate but the key to investment is diversification.

It is not very wise to keep our money in one place, including Who knows, maybe something bad can happen to or the people behind them. If that happens. we will lose everything.

We will always have to spread the risk and invest on multiple platform. Ideally, we also need to invest on other sector or industry.

So, I recommend that once we have enough funds in this digital platforms, we should start liquidate some part of it and invest on something real.

Sending DOGE, DASH, LTC accepts Bitcoin deposit but not Dogecoin. Therefore we can only send these altcoins to other platform from However, if we do send Bitcoin to, it will automatically change to their internal currency which we can then withdraw as any of these coins.

So, essentially, is an exchanger for BTC to either LTC, DOGE or DASH.

There are some other programs where we can send these coins to. Maybe for the same reason as Bitcoin where we can invest. Or to real exchangers for more cryptocurrency options.

Here are some that I have tried so far. There are many more others out there. (Exchanger) (Micro Wallet, PTC, Offerwalls) & Group (Faucet, Investment) (Investment, Exchanger, Faucet) (Exchangers)

Cointiply Chat

This is a feature for any member to get connected with the other on Cointiply. There are several chat rooms like for Mods or premium member but the only active one is the English only room.

Other than communal room where all of members can chat in public, Cointiply also provide a private message to get in touch with specific member only. We also can add some members to a Friends list to make it easier.

To open a chat room, just click or tab on the bottom right corner of the screen. We can also edit what to display for our accounts, like username, avatar or initials of our username.

Karma System

This is the Like button, the heart system or the thumbs up of Cointiply. Any member can give 3 karmas a day to other member they consider being helpful to the community.

Instead of giving it to the post, we give it to the member. We can check the leaderboard of those who is being helpful so far. Maybe we can ask them for help about Cointiply.

Those helpful members might not be an official of Cointiply, can be just another regular. Remember that this is not an official way to get a support. Admin of Cointiply sometimes just there to share about new features.

There are also Mods or moderator, which are also not Cointiply officials. But sometimes they get some insights.

Nevertheless, we can still learn from other member’s experience like how they earn more money, complete a task or survey from offer walls. Maybe some tips of getting referrals.

Chat Commands and CointiBot

There are several commands we can input on the chat. One of these commands will send our stats to the chat room for everyone to see.

Just input the commands below and CointiBot will reply with the requested status.

  • To share number of Coins use “/brag coins”
  • For revealing number of referrals we have, use “/brag referrals”
  • Showing our loyalty bonus level, use “/brag loyalty”
  • For sharing our Cointivity profile, use “/share profile”
  • To see how long it’s been since a member was online, use “/seen {username}”
  • To award another member a Karma point, use”/karma {username]”

My Comments

Be careful not to waste time reading chats. This can be like a social media. Members can actually talk about anything as long as they use English.

It can be about Cointiply or other useful program but sometimes it’s not. Try to focus on being productive or at least learn something new.

The downside is that it has limited chat history. The more people join in and talk, the harder it is to track down the conversation.

Just use it to ask questions. Or if we want to help other member.

I also know one of the member who keep sharing his website about Cointiply. Spamming is not allowed but if somebody ask a question, we can share some answer from our website to get a backlink.

The good thing is that a lot of people can see, even though for a limited time. Maybe we can do it once for a while.


I guess, that’s all I can share with you everything about Cointiply that I know. I’m still relatively new to this and the program itself is not done with its development yet. More features to come.

Cointiply is not just a faucet but they offer their members so many more ways to earn money. This can be either a good thing or a bad thing.

The good thing is that as a member I can earn more money for one day than I can get from, the faucet or, the PTC. I can get like almost 10,000 satoshi on my first week, like 1,000 a day while on I can only get around 500 or around 250 for btcclicks.

What we are looking for is a stable business that can last, maybe forever. Not just some company throwing away their money then suddenly out of business. With so many features, means it is more complicated, more unexpected things can happen.

One bad thing can bring down the entire business. Even though they already disappointed a lot of members by shutting down the mining game, the good thing is that they didn’t just run away.

Some adjustment has to be made for the long run. A lot of companies are facing this problem sooner or later.

Some members just have to be patient before they can get their money back.

Since they are still not done evolving, I suggest that any member should give them more time by not investing more money. We can earn money for free and using their features, we can even grow them without adding more effort.

Just take what we can get and invest on something else we know for sure can be profitable. Don’t get our hopes too high because another adjustment is going to happen again.

Maybe some months later, Cointiply can finally have a sustainable business model. We can start investing more without the need to feel the let down.

If you are still interested, then you can start earning and growing your money here. It’s FREE.

Final Word

Cointiply is just one of many ways to earn money online. Maybe you can find and try other similar programs here on my website.

It can be another faucet, another cryptocurrency, or another model like PTC. What we need to look for is a platform with affiliate or referral program.

Here is my list of all affiliate programs that I have used.

The key is to find a lot of referrals and we can earn money if they use any service offered by the program. Not working on those program on our own.

Eventually we can have passive income even while we are asleep. The question is how to get as many referrals for each program we use.

If you want to know how or want to learn more about online business, this training program is one of the best training you can try. You can read my review about them here.

As I mentioned above, on this training platform, we can learn and actually set up a website, build and grow them to become an online business. It is all by using affiliate programs like Cointiply.

You can try them out. It’s FREE.

That’s all I can share with you. Maybe I missed something and you have something to add or even question about the program, you can use the comment section below.

I will try to help if I can. Maybe you have a better program, tips or some experience on making money online, I will be happy to learn more. Please use the comment section below.

Hope this helps. Thanks for reading.


Mark M.

2 Replies to “ Review”

  1. Great review Mark. Cointiply is definitely one of the best Bitcoin rewards sites I’ve ever used and this is by far the best review I have read about it!

    I don’t think you mentioned that they do promo codes on their Twitter and give away free Coins a few times a week. Another eeasy way to boost your Coin balance.

    1. Thanks, Jay and for the info as well. I didn’t pay attention since they changed their faucet.
      So, Cointiply will announce a promo code via Twitter which only the first number of users can get. We can click the link and get free amount of coins.
      Cointiply also runs another giveaway for 1 million coins. We need to follow them and retweet. The winner will be selected randomly.
      Follow their Twitter account @CointiplyFaucet to be one of the first to get it.

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