Final Autoclaim, Review

On this blog, I discussed a lot about cryptocurrency faucet programs. They are websites where we can claim cryptocurrency for almost nothing. While the amount of coin is small per claim but usually, we can repeat the process to earn more after waiting for a period of time.

There are also those that can be called a cryptocurrency autofaucet. The difference is that this type allows us to just claim once and it will keep generating coins. We don’t need to claim multiple times as often as the manual type.

One of them was Fire Faucet, which I already discussed in my review here. To be honest, I was not impressed with how it works to the point where I avoid other similar platform.

So, only now I decided to write a review for this next one, Final Autoclaim from DutchyCorp. This is definitely much bigger and offer more than that previous one.

So, who is this DutchyCorp and this autofaucet of theirs? Is Final Autoclaim legit or scam? How can we earn from them and how do we get paid?

Those are probably just a few questions that came to mind after hearing about the program. Well, in this article, I’m going to share with you my Final Autoclaim ( review based on my experience on using their platform and what I can find from the internet.

Hope this helps. Is Final Autoclaim going to be the best cryptocurrency platform to earn out there?

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Type: Cryptocurrency Faucet (30 minutes, Multi Coins)
Sister Site:
Features: Autofaucet, Offerwalls, PTC, Surf Ads, Shortlinks, SPACE token Bonus, Staking / Interest, CPU Mining, GUI Mining, Daily and Weekly Contest, Exchanger, Paid Membership, Deposit and Withdraw, Gift Cards, Gift Code, Advertise (PTC), Boost Potions, Achievement Bonus, Social Jobs, RainBot, Weekend Power Bonus, User Level Bonus.
Referral Commissions: 20% (Faucet, Shortlinks), 10% (Offerwalls, Games)
Payment Method:, Cryptocurrencies
Started Since: 2019
My Status: PAYING
Last Payment: September 2023

News and Update

June 2023. A bit update with the faucet. The extra boost will pop up a window with video ads instead of 2 square banners. All we need is to let it load the ads part of the video or at least until it allows us to skip. After that, the claim button should appear even before watching the main content of that video.

May 2023. Recently, they made announcement that users from China and Iran won’t be able to use the site again. Users from the 2 countries have time until 22 June 2023 to withdraw their coins.

Now there are only 2 captcha options. I think they are offering the one from Cloudflare if we pay the membership. I have to say that I hate the reCaptcha one. They combined it with pop ups for the faucet. What will happen is, I complete the captcha, then pop up happens and the captcha restart. So, I have to redo it again.

On the other hand, the other captcha, hCaptcha during peak time is also not easy to solve. I rarely complaint about this captcha but I really hate this one.

About Final Autoclaim (

I think not long ago, they recently rebranded their site to Final Autoclaim in February 2023, previously known as Final Faucet. It doesn’t seem to change how we use the platform.

According to the website, they have been operating since 2019, so probably worked with before switching to Actually, if we check their main domain, it says 2018. Their Twitter account was created in August 2018.

That domain itself will only lead to their blog, DutchyCorp Tech News. They have some articles about Smartphones, Video Games, anything related to digital technology product. I honestly don’t read them, so I don’t know how good the contents are. From what I understand, they actually use those page as part of their Shortlinks process.

So, DutchyCorp is also offering shortlinks or as shortlinks providers. We can find their name on various other cryptocurrency earning platforms that have shortlink features. If we try to complete the link, we will see pages from their blog.

On, the owner uses dutchybeatz as their username. According to the data from, they don’t seem to run another cryptocurrency faucet. At least not the one supported by the micro wallet.

DutchyCorp has several social media accounts that we can find on the site. From Twitter, Facebook and Discord channel. They occasionally share some limited Gift codes, individually on each channel so it’s probably the best to follow all of them.

If we don’t have any account with any of those platforms, we can still open support ticket from their Contact Page. The site also has chatroom which is mostly just for support. Their Facebook page says that we can also contact them by sending email to So, there are enough ways to contact them.

In addition to that, they also have FAQ page and each feature usually have a guide. I think they haven’t updated the FAQ page at this point. They also regularly post an update regarding the platform, giving information about latest feature addition to or removal from the site.

We can use this link to create free account with Final Autoclaim.

SPACE Tokens

It seems that Final Autoclaim is also behind the development of SPACE token. A utility token built in the BNB Smart Chain network specifically for Final Autoclaim, according to the official website for the token. This token itself was launched in April 2021.

According to that official page, it doesn’t seem that they have other actual use for this coin aside from anything Final Autoclaim is offering. We can find some sites, exchangers mostly that accept trading this coin but I cannot find any merchant that accept this as payment at the moment.

We can earn more SPACE tokens from their instant faucet, All we need is to enter our username for Final Autoclaim and any claim from that faucet will be sent to Final Autoclaim balance of that account. We can claim like 25 times a day and wait for 24 hours after each claim to reset.

Cryptocurrency Faucet

For me, cryptocurrency faucet is the main feature on or this Final Autoclaim site. From a cryptocurrency faucet, anybody can earn money, usually in cryptocurrency, for doing almost nothing.

The least we should do to earn the money is just a click of a button. Most of this kind of programs nowadays will require more. We need to click and view some ads, visit and going through some webpages, and solve some captcha systems.

The amount of money we can earn from a cryptocurrency faucet usually is not that much, considering how easy and little the effort is. However, some of them allow us to repeat the process and let us claim over and over again after waiting for a period of time.

Overtime, with multiple claims and from multiple different cryptocurrency faucet programs, those pennies can eventually become very big. Combined with the chance of increasing value of the cryptocurrency, people can earn a lot from this type of programs.

In the case of Final Autoclaim, there are 2 faucet features. One is to earn DUTCHY token, their internal currency and the other is to earn the cryptocurrency of the month. DUTCHY token itself is required to run their other feature, the autofaucet.

While the cryptocurrency of the month is voted by users and we just earn the coin from the faucet. Later, after certain amount, we can withdraw them to our wallet. Both of these 2 faucets work the same.

How does it work?

After signing in to Final Autoclaim account, we first need to click on the menu that says EARN DUTCHY at the top bar. From the drop down menu, we can either click on DUTCHY ROLL to earn Dutchy token or COIN ROLL to earn the voted cryptocurrency.

After that, we should find the faucet page which should be similar to the previous picture. As we can see from the page, we can find an animated present icon with yellow color. Right below the icon it should say YOUR ROLL IS READY.

If we scroll down a bit on that page, we should find a table about various lucky numbers and the reward in either Dutchy or the voted cryptocurrency. Right below that table, we should see a captcha system that we need to solve to earn the coins.

After solving the captcha, there should be 2 buttons. One will say ROLL and the other will say BOOSTED ROLL. If we just want to collect the base reward, we can just click on the ROLL button.

However, if we don’t mind looking at another ad for 14 seconds, we can get extra 50% from the base reward of that roll. As shown by the second picture below, a window will pop up after that Boosted Roll button and on that window, we can see 2 square banners. Right below the banners there is a progress bar and countdown timer for 14 seconds. We need to stay active in that window in order to let the countdown starts.

After the countdown is done, it will be replaced by another button that says ROLL. We can click on that to proceed and gain the reward. As shown by the third picture below, from that roll I got lucky number 9110 which gave me the lowest possible reward.

There is a notification with blue background that says I got either 300 DUTCHY + 20 XP. The base reward itself is 100 DUTCHY but I also got 100% loyalty bonus and another 50% from base plus loyalty bonus. So, it’s like I got 300%.

With the same system, from the Cryptocurrency faucet, I got 1,440 litoshi or 0.0000144 LTC. Litecoin because it was the voted one and the base reward is 460 litoshi at this moment per claim for that lucky number.

After the claim, the page will now have a countdown timer for 30 minutes. We need to wait for that timer before we can repeat the process to claim the reward again. If we stay on that faucet page, there should be a sound notification that sounds like a bell to let us know that we are ready to claim again.

That is it with how to claim from the 2 faucets. Both of them can be claimed once every 30 minutes. It’s not like we have to choose one from the 2.

Loyalty Bonus

There are two ways to increase the reward per faucet claim. One of them is the Loyalty Bonus. Basically, for every consecutive day, we claim from one of the faucet once, we will increase the bonus by 0.5% up to 100%.

So, we will reach the maximum bonus in 200 consecutive days. However, if we don’t claim anything for more than 24 hours, then the bonus will reset to 0 and we have to start over.

There is a dedicated page if we want to learn more. On the faucet page, there should be a section that tell us about LOYALTY BONUS and we can click on the question mark right next to it. That page should look similar to this next image below.

SPACE Holder Bonus

Another bonus to increase the reward is the SPACE holder bonus. Basically, we need to have certain amount of SPACE tokens in our wallet, not Final Autoclaim account to get the bonus. We also need to link the wallet to Final Autoclaim account in order to let the system know that we have some funds.

The bonus is still only up to 100% of the base faucet reward depending on how much SPACE tokens we have in the wallet. The minimum we need to have is 200 SPACE (about 5 USD) which will give us 1% bonus. We will need 100,000 SPACE tokens (about 2,500 USD) to reach the maximum bonus.

On that page, there is a button to link the wallet either using Metamask or any of the supporting wallet, both desktop or mobile wallet.

We can learn more about this by accessing the SPACE BONUSES menu under EARN DUTCHY menu at the top. The page should look similar to this image below.

Other Bonuses

Occasionally, Final Autoclaim runs some events which will give extra reward not just to the faucet but other features as well. One of them is for celebrating their SPACE TOKEN which happens in May every year.

In 2022, the bonus for the faucet was 1.5x reward. This run for the entire month. They may offer the same bonus or something similar every year.

Vote for the Next Cryptocurrency

As users, we can also participate in a vote to choose the next cryptocurrency that we can earn from the Coin Roll Faucet next month. There is a link on that COIN ROLL page that will send us to the voting page.

On the voting page, we can vote between 1 up to 20 coins. Based on the previous results, reported on that page, the highest number of votes can go up to 20,000.

We can also see the result at the moment to predict which one is likely to win the vote. It seems that we can’t get the same cryptocurrency 2 months in a row.

The voting runs for the entire month. This page below is the result about a week before March 2023.

Earning Rate and Comparisons

DUTCHY token itself is worth about 2.845 USD per 1,000,000 DUTCHY. From the faucet, we can get like 100 per claim per 30 minutes, that is about 0.0002845 USD.

For now, since they chose Litecoin, from each claim of Coin faucet, I can get 0.00000480 LTC as the base reward. With the current rate1 LTC is about 100 USD. That means the rate is the same as 0.00048 USD per claim per 30 minutes. I assume they are offering the same value even with different coins.

If we claim both, that means every 30 minutes we can get at least 0.00076 USD. We can triple the reward with the 2 bonuses and another 50% of that with boosted roll.

For hourly rate, 0.00152 USD as the base. In one day, assuming we can claim every 30 minutes for 24 hours, that is about 0.03648 USD per day.

The question is, is that a good earning rate? One way to find out is by making a simple comparison to other similar programs. In this case, other cryptocurrency faucet program.

Here are what I have tried so far. The value of each cryptocurrency is based on the value at the 3rd week of February 2023. Bitcoin is below 25,000USD per coin and very volatile., usually as my standard for good earning faucet, can give us like about 8 satoshi ($0.002) at this time per claim every hour as the base reward which is what we will get most of the time. There is a chance to get higher rewards per claim from this. That one claim is 1.3x higher than the hourly rate from Final Autoclaim., now the faucet can only give us 2 claims per day. For me right now about 20 coins a day and with 100 coins equals to $0.01 means $0.002 per day, or about 8 satoshi of BTC. 3 claims from each of 2 faucets from Final Autoclaim and we already get higher than this for a day., a 5-minute faucet can offer like 0.0009 DOGE ($0.00008) per claim. If we claim like from their 10 faucets once each in 30 minutes we get the same reward as Final Autoclaim. and their group, each as hourly faucet can give altcoins about 700 litoshi ($0.0007) at this time as the base prize. That one claim is lower than 2 faucets of Final Autoclaim in 30 minutes., has a faucet feature, give at least 1 satoshi (0.00024 USD) in BTC per hour. In 30 minutes, the 2 faucets from Final Autoclaim can give about 3x higher than this in an hour., an auto faucet, at this time, with maximum bonus, can give like 2 satoshi per hour ($0.0005). That hourly rate is slightly lower than the 2 faucets from Final Autoclaim in an hour., an hourly faucet, can offer like 2 satoshi ($0.00049) per hour or up to 96 per day. That one claim is about the same rate as the coin faucet from Final Autoclaim in 30 minutes. offers like 0.0019 DOGE ($0.00016) per claim per 10 minutes or about 0.001 USD per hour. The rate every 30 minutes is actually almost the same as the coin faucet from Final Autoclaim., another lump sum faucet, offers like 2 satoshi of BTC (0.00032 USD) after 10 minutes waiting, without the bonus. That one claim is slightly higher than the base reward of DUTCHY faucet from Final Autoclaim., a 30-minute faucet, can give us like 5 ALTH per claim or about 1 satoshi of BTC per claim ($0.00027). That one claim is almost the same as the base reward of DUTCHY faucet from Final Autoclaim., a 20-hour faucet can give like less than $0.0004 per claim as the base reward. One claim from the coin faucet of Final Autoclaim can give higher reward than this for a day., a 30-minute faucet, offers like 17.5 coin per claim or about 2.8 satoshi at this time ($0.0007). That reward is almost the same as 2 faucets from Final Autoclaim., an hour faucet and we can claim like 20 coins (about $0.0002) per claim as the minimum. That one claim is lower than the base reward of the DUTCHY faucet from Final Autoclaim., a 24-hour faucet offers multiple coins. If we claim all of them, we can get probably lower than $0.0015 or currently about 6 satoshi from various different cryptocurrencies. 2 claims from each of 2 faucets of Final Autoclaim and we can get higher reward than this for a day., a daily faucet, where we can earn about 0.00001519 ZEC ($0.0007) per day. One faucet claim from each 2 faucets of Final Autoclaim can give higher than that., a 5-minute lump sum faucet can give us like 1.36 satoshi ($0.00032) per claim. 3 claims from this in 30 minutes and we can get higher reward than 2 faucets from Final Autoclaim., as a 5-minute faucet can give us 1.2 satoshi of BTC ($0.0003) per claim. 3 claims from this in 30 minutes and we can get higher reward than 2 faucets from Final Autoclaim., offers 4 claims of 60-minute faucets that can give us about 0.0008 USD per one faucet claim. The daily rate would be 0.0128 USD. We can get the same reward from Final Autoclaim if we claim 16 times from the 2 faucets in a day., a 15-minute faucet can offer between 1 to 6 satoshi of BTC per claim (currently, about 0.000245 to 0.00147 USD). So, 2 claims from this in 30 minutes is just 2/3 of Final Autoclaim 2 faucets. is currently a 30-minute faucet from which we can earn about 0.8 satoshi of Bitcoin at least per claim which is about 0.0002 USD. This one claim is even lower than the base reward of just DUTCHY faucet from Final Autoclaim. with 60-minute multiple faucets can give like 0.000005 USD per hour from each faucet. Even one DUTCHY faucet claim from Final Autoclaim can give 57x higher than this in an hour. with 30 minutes interval time, can give like 0.0002 USD per claim at least. This one claim is even lower than the base reward of just DUTCHY faucet from Final Autoclaim., with 1 minute interval time but only up to 5 claims per day can give like 0.0007 USD per claim. 5 claims from each of 2 faucets from Final Autoclaim can give higher reward than this for a day., a 5-minute faucet can give like 1 satoshi per claim or currently about less than 0.0002 USD. Four claims from this in 30 minutes and we can get higher reward than the 2 faucets with base reward from Final Autoclaim. can offer like 2CP per 5 minutes which is worth 0.0004 USD from their faucet. 2 claims from this in 30 minutes and we already get higher reward than Final Autoclaim base reward. has multiple faucets with multiple timer and reward can give up to 0.00025 USD per claim after 5 minutes or so. For a day we can claim like 288 times and get like 0.072 USD in a day. 3 claims from this one faucet in 30 minutes can give higher rate than 2 faucets from Final Autoclaim., a PTC with faucet feature can give 0.001 USD per claim every 60 minutes. The hourly rate of Final Autoclaim with 2 faucets will give 1.5x higher than this., another Bitcoin faucet can give us at least 12 satoshi per day or about 0.003 USD. Four claims from each of 2 faucets from Final Autoclaim will give the same reward per day.

TheALGOFaucet, where we only need to claim once a week, can give like 0.0005 ALGO per day or about 0.000136 USD per day. Even one claim from the DUTCHY faucet of Final Autoclaim can give double of that daily rate., a 30-minute faucet where on average, we can get 6 satoshi per claim. At this moment, that is equal to 0.0014 USD per 30 minutes, double that amount with their sister site. That means, this gives 3.6x higher than the base reward of Final Autoclaim., now a 1-minute faucet can give 0.0002 USD per claim in DOGE. Four claims from this in under 30 minutes and we already get higher than Final Autoclaim 2 faucets., a 5-minute faucet can give about 0.0002 USD per claim in any coins. 4 claims from this in 30 minutes and we already get higher than the base reward from 2 faucets of Final Autoclaim., a 2-day faucet, can give 0.0001365 USD per day or 0.000273 USD per claim (2 days). That one claim is lower than one claim of DUTCHY faucet from Final Autoclaim.

These are just comparing strictly between the faucet earning rate. There are more things to consider like the claiming process or how easy to withdraw.

Some programs can offer other earning feature or bonus that could make them a better choice. On the other hand, some users might not be able to use those other earning feature and can only rely on faucet.

Comment and Suggestion

One more thing related to the faucet is the captcha system. On Final Autoclaim, we can choose the default captcha system. Currently there are 3 options: reCaptcha, hCaptcha and RainCaptcha. There is also one option that will always change the captcha automatically.

Not long ago, SolveMedia was another one but has been taken out. For now, I think the best option is hCaptcha. RainCaptcha is nice but probably it will take longer to load the captha. Usually, RainCaptcha also has ads on it.

In general, maybe reCaptcha is not bad. However, the other features on Final Autoclaim like the PTC also uses reCaptcha. I also use other platform where I don’t have other options for captcha system. So, it’s just a matter of time before the captcha consider my IP as too much load and the captcha becomes harder to solve.

I don’t have any problem with hCaptcha at the moment but of course, it has its own. But I thought it is on their end not in user’s side of a problem.

Back to the faucet itself, I thought the Boosted Roll feature was another integrated shortlinks like a lot of other faucets have done. It turns out, it’s just showing 2 banner ads. The fact that the 50% bonus is based on the increased reward after the other bonuses have been added, now increases the bonus to 100% of the base.

That is me, just from Loyalty Bonus. I assume, if I can get the Space Holder Bonus as well, the Boosted roll will become 50% of 300%. Which means, the total can be 450% of the base reward. To be fair, I think the requirement to reach the maximum bonus from the Space Holder bonus is too high for most people.

Still, even if we ignore that, what we can get from the Coin Roll base reward plus Loyalty Bonus and Boosted Roll is already high compared to other faucets.

It is still not the highest per claim but this could be one of the highest rate maybe per 30 minutes or per hour. The base earning rate itself is not very high but the bonus and how easy to achieve it, significantly increase the rate.

On top of that, it is possible to get higher reward because the faucet is based on lucky number roll. The highest one will give 30x higher than the lowest possible reward. So, at most, we will get almost 0.015 USD, base reward from that one lucky roll, of the Coin Faucet.

In practice, I did get a couple of the second lowest reward. Maybe like 10 times or less from almost 8,000 claims in 10 months of using this site. It is really just a bonus that we can get occasionally.

Even though the earning rate is not the highest but the ads are very minimum. I assume they didn’t put any pop ups on either faucet page. Of course, there is a chance that I spend a lot of times on that page and they run out of ads. But compared to faucet like, I can definitely notice the difference. I get annoyed sometimes from their pop ups but not here. Yet.

Like any other faucet, it is possible that they may change things in the future. If they think they need more revenue source, then they will add more. Hopefully it won’t go that way.

Thanks to trying to write this section with the earning rate, as we can see that the rate between DUTCHY faucet and the Coin Faucet is different. The Coin faucet will give significantly higher rate. I get that the idea of Dutchy is that they will increase it if we spend it for their Autofaucet feature.

Have I not made that rate analysis, I probably wouldn’t have noticed. I would assume that they are the same. What this means is if we don’t have time and have to choose just claim one, maybe go for the coin faucet.

The problem with that is we don’t know which coin we will get. Every month users will vote for the next coin. While we may get the same value at the time we claim the coin from the faucet, but the coin itself may lose its USD value. Or of course, it will gain value as well.

If we are not collecting the voted coin, then we probably should exchange them. Hopefully when the value just went up so we can get more. Maybe there are people who can predict when the coin is going up or down but not me. I guess it’s best just to ignore the price and sell regularly.

That means, even though we may get very high reward per claim based on the earning rate, we probably still lose some from exchange fee. Final Autoclaim will charge 5% if we use their exchange feature.

Another concern is the minimum to exchange. I think each coin has different minimum. Like for USDT, we need like 0.0009 USDT or so. At this moment, for Litecoin, it’s about 0.0014 USD. I guess it’s not a big deal if that is the minimum since we can achieve that with just several faucet claims. Also, we can just run the autofaucet to claim for those coins just to reach the minimum to exchange.

With the votes, it is possible, but I doubt people will choose for less reliable coins. At least in the past 12 months, all of the voted coins were in the top 20 of the market cap ranking, with the exception for SPACE token. Well, it’s not that we have any choice after it got voted. It’s just maybe we should be aware that we have to claim coins that we are not collecting.

The timer and the sound notification is nice. At least the timer is real time will not get delayed if we leave the window open and have to refresh the page regularly.


Now that we know how to earn DUTCHY token, we can now spend them to run the Autofaucet feature on Final Autoclaim. The basic idea is, in a regular cryptocurrency faucet, we need to manually claim the reward for every period of time. The Autofaucet allows us to just let the system do the claiming every period of time.

Unlike the manual faucet, we don’t need to repeat the process every claim like solve the captcha and deal with ads. This is done one time everytime we run the autofaucet.

All we need to do is just open the autofaucet window and it will run itself by consuming the DUTCHY token. As the result of that autoclaim, we will get cryptocurrency of our choice.

On Final Autoclaim, we can choose even all 74 supported coins if we want. They may add more coins in the future. Or of course, remove some. However, the more coins we choose the more DUTCHY token that the Autofaucet will spend.

How does it work?

The autofaucet feature can be accessed from the Dashboard. If we scroll down a bit after signing in, we should find a section that looks like the previous picture above.

There are 3 steps. 1st, we need to choose the PAYMENT METHOD and REFRESH TIMER, which are the 2 drop down fields side by side shown by the picture.

From the Payment Method, at this moment, there are 2 options: REFRESH or IN-PAGE. It used to have a third one which will send the payment directly to account. These 2 currently available options will send the coins to our Final Autoclaim account balance.

However, it seems the reward for the third is lower per claim and they don’t seem to offer it anymore.

We can click on the “?” icon next to that option and it will tell what is the different between the 2 options. Just to make it simple, I recommend just use the REFRESH one.

Next, we can choose the Multiplier. Here we can choose between 1x up to 5x as starter or free member. However, if we upgrade or reach Level 300, we can choose 6x or 7x.

What this means is, every autoclaim or every refresh of the autofaucet will convert DUTCHY token to the chosen coin once as the base setting. Maybe 10 DUTCHY to certain amount of coins per refresh. By choosing, let’s say 5x, every refresh, the autofaucet will now consume 50 DUTCHY per chosen coin.

If we just want to convert everything as soon as possible, then just choose the highest multiplier. But there are reasons we might want to hold those DUTCHY and use smaller multiplier instead of converting them. More about this below.

Now, we can go to the field on the right about REFRESH TIMER. We can choose between 1 minute refresh, 2 minutes, 4, 6, 8 or 10 minutes. From what I understand, the longer refresh time has lower DUTCHY cost or consumption. Here is the detail.

1 minute: 2 DUTCHY
2 minutes: 3 DUTCHY
4 minutes: 4 DUTCHY
6 minutes: 6 DUTCHY
8 minutes: 8 DUTCHY
10 minutes: 10 DUTCHY

The number above is the consumption that the autofaucet will do for every chosen coin.

Based on those numbers, we can say that the option between 4 minutes or longer have the same rate while the 2 shorter ones are more expensive. I think these options matter more back when they are still offering to send payment directly to

For now, maybe the 4 minutes is the best option. It will keep refreshing the page sooner than the 10 minutes. Regardless, we can give it a try for different settings.

2nd step of this autofaucet is to choose the Cryptocurrencies. We can choose any of the 74 supported coins, even all of them to get paid from this process.

As we can see on that page, all of the icons of the supported coins. We can click the box next to each and get the checkmark to indicate that we have chosen that coin. Above all of those icons, there is a button to choose every coin.

Then below those icons, the system will tell how many of them that we have chosen. It will also tell us how much DUTCHY will be spent for every refresh, based on the number of cryptocurrencies and the setting from step 1.

We can always change the coins later before running the autofaucet next time. It’s just if we want to leave the browser tab for a long period of time, with limited supply of DUTCHY tokens, then this can help us predict how long the supply is going to last.

3rd and final step of this Autofaucet is just to pass the Anti-Bot. It is by solving the captcha system. In my example below, the captcha is from hCaptcha and if we solve it, we should see a checkmark icon in that box.

Once we solved it, we can proceed by clicking on the button below it that says START AUTOFAUCET.

After clicking that button, the autofaucet will start and the page should switch to a different one similar to this next one below. As we can see there, all of the settings we chose previously for the autofaucet.

Right below those settings, there is a progress bar or the countdown before the page will refresh. Then, below the progress bar, we can see all of the chosen cryptocurrencies as the reward and how much of each coin they have sent to the account balance. Those are the reward for each refresh.

At the top of the page, we can find out how much DUTCHY tokens we have left. Also the remaining time next to the settings before the DUTCHY token runs out.

As the page says, we can just leave that page open and it will keep converting DUTCHY tokens to the chosen coins. If we close the tab then the conversion stops. We can close the window tab any time and repeat the process with 3 steps above to start the autofaucet again.

That is it with how to use the Autofaucet feature on Final Autoclaim.

Conversion Rate and Bonuses

From what I understand, the conversion rate is based on the actual rate 1:1 between DUTCHY token to each of the chosen cryptocurrencies. It’s like using their exchange feature but without the 5% fee and probably takes longer process. This is if we use the 4 minutes or longer setting.

The DUTCHY token itself currently is worth like 2.845 USD per 1,000,000 tokens. So, if I choose to convert to DUTCHY to USDT using this autofaucet, every refresh will give me 0.00000284 USDT per 1 DUTCHY token converted.

With 5x multiplier and refresh every 10 minutes, I should get like 0.00014225 USDT or 50 times the base reward by spending 50 DUTCHY. As we can see from my example above, I got slightly higher reward than that.

That is because there are bonuses that can increase the rate permanently or temporarily. One of the bonus is from the user’s Level bonus. By keep using the features on the platform, user can level up and every 1 level up will increase the bonus by 0.1%. So, if we reach Level 100, we will get 10% bonus.

In my example, I was at Level 115, so I got 11.5% bonus. So, the reward per refresh becomes or closer to 0.000158 USDT (1.15x). At this moment the maximum bonus is set to Level 700 or 70% bonus.

We can learn more about this rate by accessing the CLAIM RATES page. It can be accessed by clicking on the username at the top right corner of the page and one of the drop down menu will say CLAIM RATES.

That page also says that if we choose BTC, BNB, ETH and BCH to convert the DUTCHY to, it will cost more than other coins.

Another bonus that can increase the reward temporarily but regularly is the POWER WEEKEND BONUS. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we can get extra 20% for most cryptocurrencies when running the autofaucet for the same amount of DUTCHY tokens converted.

We can check the bonus by clicking on the cyclone icon that will appear in those 3 days next to the title at the top left corner. The third picture below is what we should find from that icon. According to the information from that, the bonus for BTC is just 0.24% and ETH is 3.43% at this moment while the other coins are 20%. Of course, they can always change this.

Comment and Suggestion

Basically, this is just a way to convert DUTCHY token to another cryptocurrency. Instead of just using the exchange feature and pay the fee for the exchange, we get at least the same value.

Overtime, by keep leveling up, we can get it higher, better conversion rate. It is also a permanent increase because we don’t lose our user Level.

People love this autofaucet because they think they don’t need to claim everytime, wait for the interval time and solve the captcha over and over again. That might be true if we do have some passive income that give us these DUTCHY tokens.

Otherwise, we still do the work to earn the DUTCHY first. Whether from the faucet or the other earning feature here.

With the faucet, as discussed above, every claim per 30 minutes, we get like 100 DUTCHY as the base, which is for now 0.0002845 USD. If we can get maximum bonus, that can be 4.5x of that amount or 0.00128 USD per claim per 30 minutes.

Even just the base rate, if we can get maximum bonus from the Level for this autofaucet, we can get 1.7x of that DUTCHY value. For that we need to be Level 700 which is far and far ahead. Unless we regularly use the platform to level up, it can take years to that point. Just as an example, at this point, I’ve been using this site for 10 months or so and only at Level 110.

With trying to get the most bonus by leveling up, then maybe holding DUTCHY and wait to level up first is probably a reasonable idea. Instead of converting them now with like 10% bonus, maybe we can get 20% in a year.

But here is the problem. It still takes time to convert those DUTCHY using the autofaucet feature. The multiplier is still limited by 7x, which requires reaching certain level. So, if we want to convert them fast, we need to choose a lot of other coins, possibly the coins that we do not want to collect.

If that is the case, then we still need to convert them again, using the exchange feature. So, in the end, we lose the value again with that 5% fee. Probably multiple of them.

Sure, we can just choose high value coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum. But if that’s the idea, then we usually want to convert the DUTCHY when the value of those coins is low. It’s like buying them. We need to buy them cheap and get more coins.

Then hopefully, the value per coin can go up. Like investing in cryptocurrency in any other way, if the value goes down, then we are still losing value. They are very volatile and for volatile coins, Final Autoclaim even only set a low percent conversion rate.

For a safe option, we can choose stablecoins for those who don’t want to rely on the volatility. There are 3 stablecoins here, USDT, BUSD and USDC.

Even the value of DUTCHY can go down. Since they are internal coins, the value is determined by Final Autoclaim operational cost. They may suddenly say that the value should go down to keep them in business. In that case, the bonuses really don’t matter.

I guess it is inevitable for any business. The only way it can go up is by offering extra bonus in promotional events in limited times.

With all of that in mind, this autofaucet feature feels like just making things complicated that actually can make us lose the value of the DUTCHY. It is not a guaranteed. They give us bonuses here and there but the question is, is it worth the trouble?

Why not just exchange the tokens right away and pay that 5%? I mean, sure, there is a limit of how much we can exchange in a day but the limit is 25 USD. Most people won’t have that much DUTCHY token everyday.

It feels like we have no choice because we are stuck with DUTCHY but to run the autofaucet.  Again, sure if we use the platform a lot and keep leveling up. Or has passive source for these DUTCHY. We can hold and get better conversion rate whenever it is.

It’s just I don’t get the idea of this autofaucet thing. It’s not better than regular faucet. People might say, we can use our time to do other things. That is not exactly true if we need to actively do something to earn the DUTCHY. So, if anything, we are doing twice the work.

Also, I think the autofaucet still takes the load to our device. Or the other things we do in the same device might hurt the autofaucet. Even if it is not a miner, it still takes the device memory or other resources.

If the memory is limited then they will compete with to other tasks. Another reason why I prefer regular faucet over this auto faucet. With the regular one, we can just claim the reward then close the window while autofaucet demands we let the window stay open which will consume more.

Just like problems with miners, we might end up paying more electricity bill  than what we can get from running this feature.

I do notice that when I open several websites while running the autofaucet, the autofaucet might get slowed down. The browser might even stop them from operating. Of course, this depends on the setting but if that’s the case, I need to check the autofaucet window regularly just to refresh the page. So, it kind of defeats the purpose a bit.

Even if it get slowed down, I think the system still has its own countdown. So, it will refresh after the chosen time without showing that in the progress bar. But if it is stopped, then I still need to refresh it.

Another thing that can make it stop is their cloudflare settings. If our IP access got timed out and we need to solve some captcha, then again, we have to restart the autofaucet. Maybe we don’t need to solve the captcha again but the idea that we can leave it while the autofaucet runs doesn’t work.

At least, this one still allows us to keep the coin in the chosen cryptocurrencies like Fire Faucet back then. Now, the autofaucet on Fire Faucet is even worse, just a way to allocate funds in different currencies, not necessarily have that coins. It is possible that this one can go in that route as well. Hopefully it won’t.

Even though I don’t see the benefit with this autofaucet feature, it is nice that they still allow us to just convert them directly. Maybe this kind of feature is more beneficial for the platform to make money than just regular faucet but I don’t know.

There are other faucets with also this autofaucet as secondary feature. But in those, we usually get free tokens from using their main feature. So, we can spend those free tokens for the autofaucet, instead of mainly working on it like this one or other mainly autofaucet platforms.

Like I said, unless we have a passive source of this DUTCHY or willing to use the site for a long time for the Level Up, we might as well just exchange the DUTCHY right away instead of using autofaucet.

User’s Activity Level

I already mentioned in the autofaucet section above that we can increase the conversion rate by increasing the user’s activity level. We can find more information about this from the Dashboard and there should be a section before the autofaucet.

That section will tell us about our current level, and the bonus as shown by the next picture below. As we can see, there is a progress bar as well about how much XP we need before reaching the next level.

We can click on the yellow button in the box that says YOUR CURRENT BONUS and this will bring to a dedicated page for that feature. That page should look similar to the second picture below.

The page mostly shows the bonus in percentage that we will get for each level for the Autofaucet feature and the one time bonus in DUTCHY token every 5 level. It seems that every first 5 levels, we will get 500 DUTCHY tokens and the second 5 levels, we will get the increments of 1,000 DUTCHY tokens.

So, at level 100, we will get 10,000 DUTCHY, 500 at level 105 and 11,000 at level 110. Usually there will be a pop up notification the moment we reach that level and the bonus.

At this moment, the bonus is only up to Level 700. If we look at the Leaderboard page about the users with the highest level, there are at least 15 users at Level 700 or higher. The highest one is almost Level 900 at this moment.

Of course, Final Autoclaim may add more bonuses in the future.

XP or Experience Points

To reach the next level, we need to collect XP. I cannot find the detail of how many XP that we need to get to the next level but it seems it follows the same formula. It is 100 XP more from the previous level.

For example, we need 11,600 XP to level up from Level 116 to Level 117. To reach Level 118 from Level 117, we need 11,700 XP.

So, how do we get these XP? It is by using some features on this platform. Different features will give different amount of XP. Here is what I can find out so far.

DUTCHY Roll / Coin Roll: 20 XP per claim.
Shortlinks: 100 XP per link
Offerwalls: 10 or 20% from the earned DUTCHY*
PTC Ads: 50 XP per ads
Surf Ads: 0 XP
Claim Staking Reward: 60 – 86 XP*
Games: 50 XP per minimum play

For offerwalls, the page says 20% but I did try and earned like 18 DUTCHY, which with 20%, I should get 3 or 4 XP. Instead I only got 2 XP, so it seems they set to just 10% to all type of offers.

Similar with the faucet as well that the page says we will get 50 XP per faucet claim while in fact only give like 20 XP for now. It’s possible that they changed the number but forgot to make an update and they can always change the current number as well.

I’m not sure about the reward from Staking. From the 2 that I’m using, both give different amount of XP after claiming the reward. Maybe it depends on the plan or the amount of of coin we stake, I’m not sure.

Daily and Weekly Contest

There are two contests related to this User Activity Level on Final Autoclaim: the Daily Contest and Weekly Contest. 100 users who gained the most XP within the last 24 hours or the past week will gain both DUTCHY token and SPACE tokens as reward.

For the Daily Contest, the highest reward for number 1 spot is 2,500,000 DUTHCY and 250,000 SPACE. That DUTCHY reward is worth about 7 USD and the SPACE reward is worth 500 USD just for the number 1 spot.

As reference, currently, user at the number 1 spot already got over 200,000 XP after half of the day. For the weekly contest, the number 1 spot already got over 1 million XP after 4 days or so. My stats as who use the site regularly for only faucet, and PTC gets about 2,000 XP daily or 14,000 XP weekly.

We can learn more about this contest by accessing the CONTEST menu under the EARN DUTCHY menu at the top. On that page, we should see the two tabs for these 2 contests individually, as shown by this next picture below.

PTC Wall and Surf Ads

I consider these 2, PTC Wall and Surf Ads as just 2 types of Paid to Click feature on Final Autoclaim. With Paid to Click, any user can click on an ad, watch them for a couple of seconds and get some reward. Before we get the reward, the system may ask the viewers to complete an Anti-Bot system or captcha system.

The ads themselves come from the other users who pay the platform to post their advertisement. We can even create our own, pay some fee and the other users might click, and view them to get the reward. That means, the advertisers are the one giving their money. Some people might consider it like a bribe so that people would look at the ads.

In the case of PTC on Final Autoclaim, the reward would be certain amount of DUTCHY tokens that we can convert to cryptocurrencies and XP to level up.

The difference between PTC Wall and Surf Ads is that we can choose and click on the ads from PTC Wall. With Surf Ads, we have to look the ads in the order determined by the system and get the reward accordingly. We cannot choose with the latter while with the former, we can first focus on ads with the highest reward or so.

How the PTC Wall works?

To access and earn from this feature, we can click on the EARN DUTCHY menu at the top. Then, from the drop down, we can click the one that says PTCWALL, which is the second menu from the top at the moment.

The next page we see after that should look similar to the previous image above. As we can see there, we can find 3 columns of ads in the middle. Each ad has its own square shape window with some information. We can see the title, a brief description, the duration and the reward for accessing the ad.

At the bottom corner on each box, we should see a button that says VISIT. The page will load the ad and start the earning process from it as shown by this next picture below.

The page will have 2 parts frame the top bar and the bottom. They will load the ad at the bottom portion. The top will have a progress bar and countdown at the top right corner.

We need to view the ad, stay active on that window untile the countdown is over. As shown by the second picture below, once the countdown is over, that section will be replaced by a button that says SUBMIT.

We can click on that to get the reward. That button also has reCaptcha system integrated on it. Usually, it will be solved automatically. But occasionally, the captcha window will pop up and we need to solve it in order to proceed and gain the reward.

Once it’s done, they will open a new window tab to completely load the ad without frame. The previous window tab will be back to the PTC Wall page. As shown by the third picture below, there should be a notification in green color that says about the reward in DUTCHY and 50 XP. It will also mention the link to the ad again.

That is it with the earning process from this PTC Wall feature.

We can repeat the process with the other available ads. Once all ads are visited, usually we can just wait until the server reset time. Which will be the next day and all ads will be available again.

As long as the advertisers still have some credits for their ads. The same ad with the same time restriction will give the same reward.

Surf Ads

For this one, we also need to access its own dedicated page. We can click the top menu that says EARN DUTCHY and from the drop down click the one that says SURFADS.

If there is available ads of this type, that click will immediately send us to the surfing page. As shown by the next picture below, the surfing page has 2 parts, the top bar and the bottom.

The bottom is where they load the ad. At the top right corner of the top bar, we can see the progress bar and countdown, similar to the PTCWall. All we need to do is stay active on that window while waiting for the countdown.

Once the timer is done, a button that says SUBMIT will appear on that top right corner. We can click on it to move to the next available ads. Like the PTCWall, sometimes we need to solve a captcha before we can proceed.

The next ad will be loaded similarly with its own timer. This time, the top left side that shows the amount of DUTCHY, will say something like “+24” next to it. That is the reward from previous ad.

We can keep surfing the ads and gain reward from them until the ads runs out. Then it will send us to the SurfAds page similar to the third picture below. It will say that all available ads have been watched.

For this one, usually the same ad can be visited again after 24 hours since the last time we visited. That is if the advertiser still has some credits for their ad.

While waiting for that 24 hours, other members can also advertise using this SurfAds type and the ad might show up for us. Sadly, there is no real notification for it. So, we need to regularly check the page to see if there is an available ad to earn from.

That is it with the earning process from this SurfAds feature on Final Autoclaim.

Advertise on PTC

As I said above, the ads from this PTC feature come from the other users on Final Autoclaim site. Any user can also advertise and their ads will be displayed to a different user for them to get paid via the PTC.

For those who want to promote some referral links or getting exposure to some webpage, they can use this advertising offer. Even if we are not interested in advertising and just want to earn from the PTC, learning about the advertise side can give a good idea how the money revolves on the site.

To access the Advertise on PTC feature, there is a link from either the SurfAds and PTCWall page. We can also access the page by clicking on the “?” icon at the top right corner of the page.

From the drop down menu, we can click on the one that says ADVERTISE. The next page we see should look similar to this next image below. As we can see there, the page will give 2 options: the PTC one or banner one.

The latter is a different way to advertise on Final Autoclaim which I probably will discuss separately. In this section, I will focus on the left one. We can click on the ADVERTISE button on that section to go to the main Advertise PTC page which will be similar to the second image below.

To advertise we need to have PTC tokens or credits first. So, the top half of the page will tell us how much PTC token that we have and how we can convert SPACE token to it.

The page says, at this moment the price is 0.35 USD per 1,000 PTC tokens. With SPACE tokens, we can get 1,000 PTC tokens by spending about 15.4 SPACE. The page only allows us to exchange SPACE tokens but we can always convert other cryptocurrencies to SPACE using their SWAP feature and about 5% fee.

Above the explanation about the PTC tokens, there is a drop down section that will explain how creating an ad works, including other methods from outside the platform to make deposit. However, there is a minimum.

As an example, we need a minimum of 200 USDT to make deposit from For BTC, the minimum is 0.0017 BTC which is currently about 40 USD. Another different minimum, if we use the Metamask option.

If we just purchase using SPACE, the minimum is 0.221 SPACE, which we will get like 14 to 16 PTC tokens. From what I understand, we only need 10 PTC tokens to start the advertisement. Using SPACE is probably the best option if we want to test first.

On the right side of this top half, we can see how much PTC token we need to spend per 1,000 views of our PTC ad. The price depends on the 2 types of PTC and the 5 different viewing duration requirements. With longer duration, we need to pay more.

Surf Ads is also cheaper, between 0.14 USD to 0.35 USD per 1,000 views. While PTCWalls option is more expensive, between 0.28 USD to 0.67 USD per 1,000 views. So, the PTCWalls is almost twice as much.

Then, the second half of the page is where we can create the PTC campaign. Here we can fill the form, starting with the URL. There is a test button to make sure that the promoted page can be displayed in framed window. This is important because otherwise, the viewer will see empty page and the advertising is a waste.

Next, we can enter the title and the description. 20 characters max for the title and 100 characters max for the description. If we choose the PTCWall type, then viewers will see these 2 before they click on the ads and again at the top banner of the framed window. The SurfAds type will only show these during the framed window.

With either option, the ads will still be visible after the viewing as previously watchd Ad on their page. So, the next part of creating the PTC campaign is choosing between the 2 PTCWalls or SurfAds.

After that is the duration. With either PTC type, there are 5 durations we can choose from: 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds and 40 seconds.  Then the last part is to enter how many views that we want this ad to receive.

Right below those fields, the page will automatically calculate how many PTC tokens we need to spend based on the settings. Then, we can also see the button to proceed. However, the button is disabled unless we have 10 PTC tokens.

Once the creation is done, it will be added to the list of campaign at the bottom of the page. On that table, we can choose to activate or pause the campaign as we want. According to the page, we can have up to 20 campaigns at a time.

There are also some restrictions about the ad we can advertise. We are not allowed to promote illegal products, adult contents or contents with pop ups and redirections. The system can ban the user who breaks that rule.

That is it with how to advertise on the PTC feature of Final Autoclaim.

Achievement and Boost Potions

If we earn from PTC ads a number of time, we are eligible to claim a Boost Potion. After the claim, every PTC ad we visit will give 20% extra DUTCHY reward until we run out of that potion.

The potion works for both the PTCWall ads and SurfAds type. Spending the potion after the claim is not optional. No way to turn it off. Ideally, we want to spend them on the highest value PTC ads, not just every ads to get the most benefit.

But with that mindset, it kind of limit our access to the overall PTC. Especially with the SurfAds since we cannot choose which ad to view. While having the potion, we probably shouldn’t visit the SurfAds at all as they give lower DUTCHY reward.

To access this feature, we need to go to the Dashboard, and scroll down to find the section about different ways to earn DUTCHY. One of them will say ACHIEVEMENTS and by clicking on that, it will send us to this feature.

To access the first set of potions from PTC, we need to complete 500 PTC or SurfAds visits. This will give 100 PTC Potions. The next one requires 1,000 PTC and will give 200 potions. At this point, I don’t know the next one is.

Earning Rate and Comparisons

Within this last 14 months, I managed to view more than 13,000 ads. I assume that is the number for both types. That means, in 1 month, I can get almost 1,000 ads or about 33 per day.

I think that’s a reasonable number. Sadly, I cannot tell how many of them are the 40 seconds, 30, 20, 10 or 5. That is also just a number when I’m actively checking the site. There are probably other ads that I didn’t get to view during  inactivity of each day.

Also not everyday will have the same amount of ads. It depends on when the advertisers are more likely to pay. Usually during weekends, maybe early in the month we can see more ads.

Here is the reward from viewing each ad.

5 seconds: 48 DUTCHY (0.00014 USD)
10 seconds: 60 DUTCHY (0.00017 USD)
20 seconds: 78 DUTCHY (0.00022 USD)
30 seconds: 96 DUTCHY (0.00027 USD)
40 seconds: 114 DUTCHY (0.00032 USD)

5 seconds: 24 DUTCHY (0.00007 USD)
10 seconds: 30 DUTCHY (0.00008 USD)
20 seconds: 39 DUTCHY (0.00011 USD)
30 seconds: 96 DUTCHY (0.00013 USD)
40 seconds: 57 DUTCHY (0.00016 USD)

So, the reward from SurfAds is exactly half the PTCWalls with the same setting and exactly half the cost.

If, let’s say that we get the same amount of ads of both type, that means we get 15 PTCWalls and 15 SurfAds. With the minimum reward, that is about 0.00315 USD in 1,080 DUTCHY. Of course, we will get higher than that.

Is that a good rate? Here are some comparisons. (formerly, can offer like 14 ads per day with 0.00075 USD per ad. That is just from the regular PTC. can offer at least 6 coins (0.0006 USD) per ad up to 25 ads per day. The viewing process is not that difficult but can be punishing if we do not solve the captcha correctly. can offer like 0.0005 USD per ad up to 20 ads per day. The claiming process is a bit more difficult though. This one also have the forcing feature., another PTC site can offer at least 0.00049 USD per ads up to 30 ads per business day, depending on our BAP level. I consider this as the one that has the chance to be a sustainable PTC and best for both users and advertisers because the encourage users to advertise. offers about 50 auto claims (0.0004870 USD) per PTC ads with about 10 ads per day. So far, the viewing process will take like 5 seconds. offers more than 30 ads each day in 3 types and each is worth at least 0.0004 USD. Two types of the ads require viewers to stay focus in order to start the countdown., an auto faucet where we can get CP from their PTC. Depending on how we convert those CP to currency, we can get up to 0.0072 USD with 0.0004 USD per ad as the minimum., another PTC can give like 4 coins per ad which is about 0.0004 USD with up to 10 ads per day. offers at least 0.04 RUB (0.00033 USD) per ad. We can definitely earn way higher than that with most of their ads. Those are just the lowest reward and we will mostly get higher. is another PTC from Russia, where we can find about 20 ads each day. This one also has a similar type as where we can earn about 0.02 RUB per ad. Currently with the Russia – Ukraine situation, that reward is about 0.00034 USD. occasionally has some active PTC ads. The minimum reward of 6 ALTH or about 0.0003 USD per ad. also has a PTC feature that can give us 50 coins per ad at least with up to 10 ads per day. That 50 coins of their currency is about 0.0002 USD. also offer PTC with up to 40 ads per day, each worth at least 17.5 coins (0.000175 USD). This is probably the lowest earning rate among PTC programs. also has PTC feature with about 38 ads per day. The minimum reward is 10 Bits or about 0.0001 USD up to 0.0004 USD per ad. currently has PTC feature with 5 or less ads per day. The minimum reward is 4 bits or about 0.0004 USD.

Those are just from programs that I have tried and written a review about. I think there are other programs out there that offer even more.

Comment and Suggestion

Based on the advertising cost above, advertisers will have to pay 0.00014 USD per view on their ad (SurfWall) or 0.00028 USD per view on their ad (PTCWall). This is using the 5 second timer.

Half of that cost will become the reward for the viewer. The same goes with different timer settings. That means, the other half is the revenue for the platform itself.

I think this is good for earning sites. If they rely only on let’s say faucet feature, then their revenue comes from displaying banners and possibly pop up ads from a 3rd party ad network. If the revenue from that drops or not many advertisers, and the faucet is still offering the same reward to the claimer, they will lose money.

With PTC, they manage the ads, create a new cashflow that will still circulate on the platform. So, users can still spend their earnings here if they want.

Well, they force users to use their exchangers to convert any coin to their SPACE tokens in order to advertise here. So, they get another potential earnings at least 5% exchange fee, if not from the autofaucet. A bit shady but I guess, that’s business.

On top of that, they also open a way to make deposit from outside. If a lot of users think that advertising here is a good deal, then this is a good business.

The reason I’m pointing this out is that with enough revenue, then the platform can stay in business longer. I’ve seen other faucets are struggling to stay in profit and eventually stop offering faucets as free features. This happened to ES Faucet and recently to some degree,

Currently, Final Autoclaim has almost 1 million users. Of course, not everyone of them is an active member. Based on the chat room, each day there re maybe around 5,000 to 10,000 active users.

Actually, according to their Advertise page, the daily active users is about 40,000. From that number we can get around 30 or 40 ads per day of each type is a good number in my opinion.

That indicates that the users are very active and they trust the platform enough. And that the PTC service that they are offering is good enough for the users that they are willing to use it.

Even though some people really don’t care that their ads are not showing at all. Maybe it still helps adding the cookie to the viewers so that when they do sign up to the promoted page, they still become a referral. But that means, advertisers must be aware of the other ads, promoting the same stuff. That is how the management can become handy or demanding, sadly.

As comparisons,, recently celebrated having more than 2,000,000 users few months ago. They only have like 20 ads per day.

Both types of PTC ads on Final Autoclaim have that forcing feature. Unless the viewers stay active on the ad, the timer will pause the countdown. In a way, that is good for advertisers, probably not so much for viewers.

Sometimes with that many ads, I think it’s not worth the time I spend earning from ads with low timer. If we use other platform as well, I think it’s better to use that viewing time, looking at other PTC ads with better value. While we can choose the ads from the PTCWall type but sadly not with the SurfAds.

Still, the SurfAds are also just half the value for the same amount of time spent. So, if we use multiple platforms with PTC features, then maybe SurfAds is the lowest priority.

My issue with this PTC feature is they use integrated reCaptcha system in the SUBMIT button or reCaptcha v3. There were moments when reCaptcha become inaccessible and therefore, we can no longer earn from this feature, none of the 2 types. Maybe because of the peak load on the captcha system.

In that case, we can only wait until the load is lower. I guess, it’s not bad for advertisers since they won’t lose any PTC tokens.

I think, maybe the best part of this PTC is the XP that we can get, 50 XP from each ad. That is huge compared to, let’s say their Shortlinks. With complicated process and multiple captcha systems that we need to solve that gives us just 100 XP per link.

Sadly, this only applies to the PTCWall type not the SurfAds. Which makes the SurfAds less useful. But does user know about this fact? Because before I wrote this, I assume both will give the same benefit.

For advertisers, on paper, clearly that the PTCWall offers something better. However, I don’t know how impactful to the users.

Let’s just say, I’m not the standard users here, but when I use PTC feature, in my mind it is mostly about the earning. Just click and ignore it while stay active  and wait for the timer. Of course, occasionally I will notice something interesting and probably will seek out more.

If the way I use represent how most users use this platform, then maybe it is not a good idea to advertise here. Maybe on any PTC at all. I think the only benefit is adding the cookie to the viewers, hopefully they will come back to the promoted page while still have that cookie.

I almost never advertise on PTC so I don’t know how useful they are. But it seems a lot of people manage to get a lot of referrals. Obviously, it’s better than not sharing any links at all.

I think we shouldn’t make a campaign just for promoting specific page or program that we have no control of. Those programs can shut down their business any time. In that case, then our PTC tokens will become a waste.

I assume we cannot edit the link and have to create a new one but still lose the assigned PTC tokens. Maybe it’s better to create a splash page with promoting links of multiple different programs. We can always edit that splash page while maintaining the same campaign.

Regardless, there are things we need to learn before getting benefit from advertising on any PTC. We do need to spend probably lose some PTC tokens before getting some results and noticing some promoting patterns.  Unless we are willing to spend that much money or time, maybe it’s not ideal to advertise.

This one is good for being an active platform with a lot of users. Which is a better option than just advertising on a site with very low exposure.


This is actually the first feature under that EARN DUTCHY menu. Offerwalls are 3rd party programs who collects job offers. They work with a platform like Final Autoclaim to display those jobs to the platform’s users.

If the user manage to complete the job, then the Offerwalls will pay the platform. They will use the platform’s chosen currency to pay. The platform will then share the reward with the user who completed the job.

There are many types of jobs depending on the Offerwalls. It can be about survey, installing mobile app, sign ups job or another PTC feature and watching some videos.

A platform can work with multiple different offerwalls, add more or remove them later. Each offerwall can have a number of jobs with different types.

At this moment, there are about 38 offerwalls that we can find on Final Autoclaim site. The reward will be in DUTCHY token which we need to either spend for the autofaucet or just exchange them with a fee to different cryptocurrencies. We will also get some XP for each completed job, a percentage based on the reward itself.

How does it work?

To access this feature, after signing in, we can click on the EARN DUTCHY menu, and from the drop down, click on OFFERWALLS. If we scroll down on that page, then we should find something similar to the previous image above.

As we can see, there are 3 columns and multiple rows of Offerwalls. Inside the box of each, there is a button to load the Offerwalls page. In my example below, I chose the one from Offer4All, which is one that offers PTC type of jobs.

This next picture shows how the page will have a smaller window to load the page from Offer4All. We can scroll down a bit and find a list of PTC ads. As shown by the picture, the ads will show the reward in DUTCHY.

So, as an example of the process, I clicked on the first one that says EARN 180 DUTCHY.  It will then open a new browser window to load the PTC system similar to the PTC from Final Autoclaim itself, as shown by the second picture below.

The window will have frames where the bottom will load the promoted page. At the top, we can see a progress bar or the timer. We need to wait or view the ad until the progress bar is full.

As shown by the third picture below, after the timer is done, that top section will have a unique captcha system. We need to solve it by clicking on the upside down pictures. If we do it correctly, then that browser window tab will load the promoted page in full page.

That is the end of completing the PTC type job from the offerwalls feature. Unlike the other built in feature, there is no notification about the completion of that job.

At this point, we can go back to the first browser tab and reload the Offerwalls page from Final Autoclaim. We can then check the top of the page and click on the history report.

It will show all of the job from offerwalls that we have tried to complete, as shown by the fourth picture below. That report says that I have completed the PTC task and earned 180 DUTCHY and the payment already has SENT status.

So, that is it. The other type of tasks like survey or sign ups will have similar process where we will access the offerwall page first, click on the job and try to complete them.

However, some jobs take times to get verified. In that case, we probably will see PENDING payment status. It can take several days, depending on the job itself. Once they have accepted and confirmed, they will send the payment and we can get the reward.

Not every user can access every job, especially with survey, we might enter the preliminary process first before even access the survey itself. Sadly, I have no access to them, so I can only show the PTC type which is usually universal and accessible to most users.

At the top of the Offerwalls page, Final Autoclaim has filters, specifically for offerwalls with Survey type and PTC type tasks. Everyday, it seems that Final Autoclaim will increase the reward from one Offerwalls which they will announce it at the top of the page.

However, several other offerwalls might get boosted as well.

I want to point out that Final Autoclaim can CHARGEBACK the users. What this means is, instead of paying the users, the user will have to pay DUTCHY. We can see an example from the 5th picture below. The status on history says SENT payment but in red color and it will say MINUS.

This happened to me because I attempted to complete one of the survey. I went through the preliminary questions and after that, there was no available survey. Somehow, the system thinks that I failed the job. So, instead of getting paid, I was charged and lose 200 DUTCHY.

Achievement and XP Potions

Final Autoclaim is offering extra XP boost if we complete enough offerwalls in the form of limited XP potions. We can also find this in their ACHIEVEMENTS feature page.

The first Achievement related to Offerwalls is for completing offers from TimeWall. If we completed 500 offers from this, we will get 50 XP potions.

Each potion will give 100% extra XP on the next Shortlinks, PTCWall and Faucet done, or 10% extra XP on the next offerwalls task done. I assume that the XP potion counts from every task in different features. So, those 50 potions can be spent all in 50 faucet claims or distributed in several different features.

Ideally, we want to spend them by completing a task that gives us more XP. Each shortlink will give us another 100 XP while the faucet only 20. Offerwalls might give higher but depends on the reward themselves.

The second achievement is for completing Survey from 5 CPX Survey within 24 hours. This will give us 10 XP Potions for the same benefit as the previous one.

The third achievement is for completing Offerwalls task worth higher than 2,000 DUTCHY each within 24 hours. This will also give 10 XP Potions for the same effects. Both the second and third will refresh daily and we can repeat the process but if we fail to claim the reward manually, we will lose them.

Comment and Suggestion

Well, the chargeback example above should be a good reason why I don’t like offerwalls. While some of the offers might give like several dollars just from one job, for the most part, it is not universally accessible.

To be fair, Final Autoclaim already said on their page that some tasks are only available to users from certain countries. Usually either US or to people from Europe.

The problem is that, some Offerwalls immediately show the warning and say that they don’t have anything available for me. In that case, I don’t get charged. It’s a bit unfair if then the Offerwalls didn’t say anything and I just give it a try then got punished for nothing.

So, for users not from US or Europe, the best bet is just to use the Paid to Surf or PTC type. Luckily, there are 12 Offerwalls that we can try just from that type. This is probably the host with the most offerwalls of that type. Nowadays, it is very rare to even have one Offerwalls with that PTC type.

In reality, some of them still don’t have anything for me or users from certain countries. Or, even if they have, the available number is only less than 5, maybe none.

Aside from that one rare 180 DUTCHY ad above, the rewards are about 18 DUTCHY, 45 DUTCHY or 9 DUTCHY. Compared to the ads from the Final Autoclaim PTC feature, the reward is even lower.

It should be expected. With their own PTC, Final Autoclaim already get full payment from the advertisers. While with Offerwalls, the advertisers pay the Offerwalls, then Offerwalls pay the host and the host pay us, the users.

While we still get XP on top of that DUTCHY reward, it’s only a small percentage of the reward. The PTC feature from Final Autoclaim will give 50 XP per ad, no matter how much the ad is worth. So, with the same effort to view the ads, we will get very low reward from offerwalls.

I always thought that offerwalls is just to help us reach the minimum to withdraw or so, not the main feature to earn. While it’s true with this to Final Autoclaim, but the reward itself is still in DUTCHY. To withdraw, we still need to exchange them, either directly with some minimum or via the autofaucet first.

I get that the other type of ads can give very high amount of DUTCHY. However, with high value task, it takes time to even get the payment. With the chargeback, we might end up losing money.

At this moment, one of the Survey can give like 1,000,000 DUTCHY, probably about 2.85 USD with just one survey. Like I said, that is if we can even get pass through the preliminary test.

The reason that the survey is not available to anyone is because usually they want to collect relevant data. If the survey is about expensive smartphone, then they won’t be asking users with low income. Or something like that.

Sign up type of job or installing mobile apps can also give very high reward. However, usually it requires much more effort. For example, if it is a mobile game, they can ask us to play the game until we reach certain level, or certain point of the game. That can take days or even weeks.

On top of that, there is still a chance that the Offerwalls will reject our work. In that case, we will lose money again. There are other issues like for sign ups, usually the platform doesn’t allow users to create multiple account. If we still do it just for small amount of money, by creating alternate account, we can get banned, both accounts.

Also, there is a problem because offerwalls are 3rd party programs. We can find the same offerwalls in other platform as well. They may not allow us to access them separately. Once I got banned not just from the offerwalls but the host as well.

So, there is a risk in using this feature. But still. Even though this offerwall feature is not for me. It’s still good that it’s there. Somebody else probably can still access them and maybe make money. And that somebody can become our referral. We can still get 10% from their work, even if we cannot access the task ourselves.

For other platform, offerwalls is probably one of the main revenue source and that is the money from outside. If it can bring money in and help the platform become a sustainable business, then, it is a good idea.

Users just need to be aware that it’s not a feature for everyone. If it works, good for that user and if it doesn’t then we should just move on and try other earning options.

SPACE Holder Bonus

I already mentioned this in the faucet feature section above. We can get higher reward rate on several earning features from Final Autoclaim if we hold certain amount of SPACE tokens in our wallet. Only the tokens in the network’s wallet counts, not just the balance of our Final Autoclaim account.

So, if we do earn the SPACE tokens from Final Autoclaim, then we need to withdraw them to our wallet. Then, we also need to link or connect the wallet to Final Autoclaim account. Once the system detects the balance, they will automatically apply the bonuses to every feature.

We can learn more about this feature by clicking on the EARN DUTCHY menu. Then, from the drop down, we can click on the SPACE BONUSES menu.

From what I understand, there are 2 bonuses here.

One requires having some amount of SPACE tokens in our own wallet that we then link the wallet. By having at least 200 SPACE at least, it will  increase the reward rate when using the AUTOFAUCET feature and the STAKING feature. The bonus for autofaucet can go up to 100% while the staking is only up to 20%.

The second bonus is invest the SPACE tokens from our SPACE wallet to their network chain to provide liquidity on one of their pools. We can choose either SPACE-BNB, SPACE-MATIC, SPACE-FTM.

If we allocate like 5 SPACE LP tokens (worth about 5 USD) to either of the pools, it will increase the reward rate for Faucet, Shortlinks and Offerwalls feature. The maximum bonus is 100% for both faucet and shortlinks and up to 20% for the offerwalls. For that maximum bonus, we will need to allocate 3,200 SPACE tokens on chain.

In either bonuses, we don’t really give the money or SPACE tokens to Final Autoclaim. But we do need to have some SPACE tokens withdrawn from the Final Autoclaim to our wallet. Then link the wallet to get the bonus.

So, if we use any of the features, regularly and for long term, maybe it’s not a bad deal to invest in SPACE. I actually don’t know any other place that accept SPACE tokens as payment.

On Final Autoclaim itself, we cannot exchange SPACE tokens to other cryptocurrencies. It’s a one way exchange. So, if we already stuck with some SPACE tokens, then maybe withdrawing them to the wallet to boost the bonus is the way to go.

However, there is alternative way for that. We can also invest or use the off-chain Staking option. Similar to this SPACE Holder bonus, we don’t actually lose the SPACE but invest them. As long as they are in the staking pool, we will get more reward passively.

The reward depends on what staking option is currently available. It can be another SPACE, DUTCHY or other cryptocurrencies. So, the choice is limited for now however, as I said, passively.

With this SPACE Bonuses, if we don’t use any of the boosted feature then the SPACE tokens don’t do anything for us. While with staking, we can just leave it alone, and it will keep generating the reward. The only limit is that Final Autoclaim may stop offering that investment anytime.

But in my opinion, as long as they are offering something, then, it is still a better option. More about the Staking or Invest feature below.


The next earning feature on Final Autoclaim is SHORTLINKS.

What we do here is we have to access a link from shortlinks provider, go through a couple of pages with a lot of ads and pop ups, solve some captcha systems and return to the host. That is how we complete a visit to shortlinks.

At the end of the process, we will be credited with the reward usually some amount of money. It is like a cryptocurrency faucet but from a 3rd party program, a shortlink provider. In this case, Final Autoclaim only acts as the host.

The provider will then pay the host and the host will share that reward with the member who did the work, visiting the links. Any host can work with multiple providers.

Each provider has their own links and pages alongside how to go through their pages. Links from one provider can be very easy to complete while other can be very difficult.

The host will be the one to determine how much money we get for completing each link. Usually, each link can be visited once a day and we can visit and get paid again the next day.

In the case of Final Autoclaim, we will also earn DUTCHY from each shortlink visit and gain XP. Currently Final Autoclaim is working with almost 60 shortlinks providers, including their own 3. The total links is almost 170 links which is worth about 8,000 DUTCHY.

How does it work?

First, we need to access this feature page. We can click the EARN DUTCHY menu again and from the drop down, click on SHORTLINKS. The next page we see should look similar to the previous image.

In the middle of that picture, we should be able to see a question mark icon. If we click on that, the page will show a step-by-step guide about this feature.

As we can see, after that section, we can find 3 columns and multiple rows of Shortlinks providers. Each has its own box with their name at the top left corner. All we need to do is just choose a provider and click the CLAIM button to proceed.

Usually, the [process will be similar regardless of the providers. They just have their own page. In this example, I chose the one from AdShort. Probably the one in the middle. I chose it because I’m familiar with it and rather easy to complete.

After clicking on the CLAIM button, the page will show a window with antibot system again, as shown by this next picture below. We need to solve it by clicking on the icon with that matches with the instruction.

In this example, it tells me to click on Candy Cane, so I click on the second from the left. Then, we can click on the GO button to proceed. This will bring us to the provider’s page as shown by the second picture below.

As we can see, in the middle of that page, we can find a button that says CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE. Usually it will be covered by pop up ads or triggers some pop ups and we need to close them first before clicking on it again.

After that, the page will reload. As shown by the third picture below, in the middle of the page, we can see a captcha system from reCaptcha. We need to solve it and get the check mark icon in that box. Usually, there will be some pop ups again.

After getting a checkmark, we can scroll down and find a button that says CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE. Then the page will load again and this time we should see a timer with 10 seconds.

We need to wait for it to finish the countdown. Again, there will be pop ups. While waiting, we can scroll down a bit on that page, and should find a button. The button will have gray color but when the timer is done, it will become blue color. We can click in it to proceed.

As shown by this next picture below, that button will send us back to the Shortlink page on Final Autoclaim. But this time, the page will have notification before that list of providers.

It will say that I have received 100 DUTCHY and 100 XP. Right below it there is  a voting system to give a thumb up or down to rate that provider. We need to complete 100 shortlinks before we can participate in that voting.

That is it with the process of earning from Shortlink feature on Final Autoclaim.

In this example, AdShort can only be visited once every 24 hours. So, before that, we won’t see that one again on the list. We can try the other available links. Some providers allow users to visit their link multiple times in 24 hours and get the same reward each.

The DUTCHY reward can go as low as 45 up to around 120 per link, depending on the providers. For the XP, it is always 100 XP.

Final Autoclaim or DutchyCorp themselves has their own Shortlinks on the list. All 3 of them will start with DS on their name. For these 3, the initial antibot is not available.

For the other providers, the process should be similar. Essentially we need to go through a couple of pages, solve some captcha systems before we can access the next one and deal with a lot of apps. Some may implement multiple captcha systems. Sometimes it can lead to endless redirecting and pop ups.

If we think the shortlink is very unreasonable to complete, then we can remove it from the list by clicking on the X button at the top right corner of their box. There is an option to bring it back later by clicking the button that says DISABLED SHORTLINKS.

Achievement Bonuses & Boost Potions

There are also ACHIEVEMENT bonuses. For the Daily Achievement, the idea is, if we can complete a number of shortlinks within 24 hours, they will increase the autofaucet reward temporarily.

For 25 shortlinks per day, they will boost the reward for random coin for 30 minutes, by 100%. If we can complete 100 shortlinks, the reward is increased by 50% but for all chosen coins and only for 1 hour autofaucet run.

There are also 2 one-time achievement bonuses in the form of BOOST POTION. For completing 500 Shortlinks, we can claim 100 Shortlink Potions. Each potion will give extra 25% DUTCHY reward from every shortlink we completed until we run out of those potions, one potion for one shortlink.

I assume there will be another achievement bonus after claiming the 500 shortlink bonus. Probably when we reach 1,000 shortlinks and for 200 potions, similar to PTC Potions.

We can also get more Shortlink Potions by following Final Autoclaim Twitter account. This will give us 100 potions for the same effect. Not sure whether we need to send a proof or not for this one.

Weekly Contest

Every week, there is a contest related to this shortlink feature on Final Autoclaim. 20 users who completed shortlinks the most will gain extra DUTCHY reward.

The highest reward is 100,000 DUTCHY which is about 0.2845 USD. As reference, currently, user at the number one spot already completed over 700 shortlinks after 4 days or so. It is also very close between the top 5 at least.

The contest ends on Monday and the reward will be transferred to the winner automatically. We can learn more about this by accessing the CONTEST menu under the EARN DUTCHY menu at the top. There should be a tab for Shortlinks.

Earning Rate and Comparisons

Since shortlinks are from third party program, we can actually find them on other host, complete the visit and get paid. Regardless of the host, the process remains the same for one provider.

The thing is that the reward is determined by the host. Some host can offer higher or lower or the same reward even though they come from one and the same provider.

Surely we can just visit them all and get the reward. However, for those who don’t have all time for that, maybe trying to complete on the host that pays higher is not a bad idea, considering that we need the same effort and time to complete them.

Back then, I only visited the links from EXE.IO or FC.LC as they were probably the easiest and have been around for a while. Nowadays, they are no longer the easiest but still very popular. I don’t know if I am ever going to try all of the providers here.

In the case of Final Autoclaim, the highest reward is 120 DUTCHY or about 0.00034 USD per link. The average is about 100 DUTCHY or 0.00028 USD per link.

Here are other hosts that I have tried that offers payments for these providers. offers to pay between 5 to 11 ALTH per link or about 0.0005 to 0.0011 USD per link, with up to 13 links per day. offers to pay between 0.0006 USD to 0.0009 USD per link with 9 links per day. offers to pay between 30 up to 126 Coins per link, which is about 0.0003 USD up to 0.00126 USD per links with 19 links per day. is offering between 100 to 200 Coins per link which is about 0.0004 USD up to 0.0008 USD per link with 18 links per day. offers to pay 50 ACP ($0.0005) per link, mostly and there are 44 links each day., depending on how we convert the CP to currency, can give between 0.002 USD up to 0.006 USD with the highest conversion rate. Currently they have 16 links per day. is offering 100 Bits per link, which is about 0.001 USD and there are hundreds of links available each day.

Remember that any of these hosts can always change the reward anytime. This comparison is based on the reward at the moment of this writing. Some may offer lower reward per link but there might be other bonus that user can gain for completing certain number of links.

Comment and Suggestion

First, I want to mention what makes this one unique, which is the voting or rating by users. In theory, that can help the platform to know that there are unreasonable shortlinks that are almost impossible to complete. Maybe because of endless pop ups and redirecting.

That way, the platform can just remove them from the list and users don’t have to waste their time to even try. However, looking at the page right now, every shortlinks on that page has negative votes.

Maybe people just don’t like the idea of shortlinks. What’s weird is that to be eligible in giving votes, the users must complete 100 links first. So, they are genuinely use the featuers and really hate them.

Since, I don’t have that rights to vote, I don’t know if I can change the votes later. Based on my experience, these providers can change their links in the future. Usually it will become more annoying and in that case, I might downvote them.

The list itself uses that rating to put them in order. So, people really should just focus on the providers at the top. Usually, if a platform has their own shortlinks, they will put them in special section so people will use them more often but not this one.

Based on comparisons above, Final Autoclaim is probably offering the lowest reward per link compared to other platforms. Even if with bonus from SPACE holder which can give 100% but with very high amount of SPACE, the reward is still very low.

Maybe the XP is nice, with 100 XP per link. But then, I probably choose PTC over this, view 2 short PTC ads and gain 100 XP than 1 shortlinks for the same XP. Sure that the reward in DUTCHY from shortlink is probably higher but there is a chance that we may fail to complete the link because of the constant pop ups.

As I said, shortlinks are from 3rd party and we can find the same providers on other platforms. If for the same effort and time for completing the link, we can get higher reward on the other platform, why should we choose this one?

For long term, maybe the benefit of leveling up can probably become something. But the question is, are we still using the site and gain the benefit at that point? Or should we just take the higher reward for now and do something about it? Like maybe invest on something.

Like Offerwalls, on other platforms, usually shortlinks is a good option to help us just reach the minimum to withdraw. The problem with this is that we still get DUTCHY that we need to exchange directly or via their autofaucet. With the latter, it still takes time.

Overall, it’s always nice to have more earning options, even if we don’t use them. Other users may get more benefit from it and if this can bring more users who are willing to keep using the platform, the owner can get more revenue and keep paying the users.

I heard on other platform that shortlink is one of the main revenue for the faucet platform, probably the biggest after offerwalls. However, I’ve also heard that the providers can suddenly stop paying and the host can go bankrupt because the host will still have to pay the users.

So, there is an issue with this. Even bigger platform like has decided to stop working with shortlinks because they are losing money with that feature. Usually if we can find the same providers on multiple platforms repeatedly, maybe they are legit, but still, there is no guarantee. But maybe it’s a good way to support the owner.

Interest / Staking

This is like the investment feature on Final Autoclaim. In the world of cryptocurrency, we can stake coins as part of the network confirmation process. Whoever stake their coins gets to take the reward of that confirmation process or network transaction fee.

To make it simple, Staking is similar to making a deposit to an investment plan. After certain period of time, we can get the reward or interest. The more coins we stake, the higher the reward we can get.

In general, we will get the same coin that we stake. However, a platform can create a pool and people can collectively stake small amount of coins. So, we are just lending out money to the platform and the platform will do the actual staking themselves. We only get the reward passively.

However, the platform can offer something different from the coins that they accept for staking. As an example, on Final Autoclaim, we can stake DUTCHY and earn SPACE or vice versa, depending on their plan.

As long as they hold our money, and as long as the plan is still working, they will keep generating interest. Depending on the platforms, there is a restriction as how flexible we can take the staked money out and stop getting reward.

Even if they allow us to take the money away right after staking, usually we only get the reward after the next 24 hours or so. So, if we take it out too early, we won’t get any reward.

At this moment, Final Autoclaim still has 8 Active Investment or Staking Plans. There were 8 others that are no longer available.

Currently, they only accept SPACE for deposit so we need that coin in our balance in order to start the investment. For earnings, we can either earn SPACE, ATOM, BTT, DUTCHY, SHIB OR WAVES.

How does it work?

To access the page for this feature, we can click on the menu at the top that says STAKING. Alternatively, we can find the same link is under that EARN DUTCHY menu. The next page we see should be similar to the previous image above.

If we scroll down on that page, we can see a list of different investment plans. The cryptocurrency icon at the top of each plan indicates the reward that we can get from the plan. If the status next to it says ACTIVE, then we can make a deposit in there and earn some reward.

Then right below it, we should find the detail about each plan, like the annual interest rate, how much SPACE have been staked here and how much reward the plan has generated. Further down, we can find the minimum and maximum amount of SPACE that they will accept as deposit.

As an example, the first plan allows us to STAKE SPACE and EARN SPACE. The minimum is 100 SPACE tokens and up to 200,000 SPACE TOKENS. At the bottom of each plan, we can see 2 buttons, one to stake and one to deposit.

The deposit button will send us to the deposit feature which will be discussed later in separate section of this article. So, assuming we have the minimum amount of required SPACE tokens, we can just click the STAKE button to start.

This will bring us to a dedicated page of that investment / staking plan as shown by this next picture below. As we can see there, there are 2 sections. The one on the left is to stake the coins or add coins to stake while the right one is where they will have the reward available. So, the reward will stay there until we choose to claim it.

As also shown by the picture, I already have 100 SPACE tokens invested, so there are 2 buttons. I can add more SPACE tokens or I can unstake the invested amount. The minimum of 100 SPACE is just to start. We can add any amount after the initial deposit.

If we click the STAKE button on the left side, then a window will pop up, as shown by the second picture below. Here we can just enter the amount of SPACE and then click again the STAKE button.

The system will then deduce the amount of SPACE from the account balance and place the coins in this plan. According to this feature page, we will get the first reward 12 hours after the staking. After that, we can get the next reward every 4 hours. So, after 12 hours, we can go back to that specific page and check the right section if we have some rewards.

If we do have some rewards, then all we need to do is to claim by clicking on that CLAIM button. They will then transfer the reward to our account balance. Otherwise, the reward will stay there.

As shown by the third picture below, the page will show a green notification at the top right. It tells us how much reward we just claimed and the XP reward of that process.

The fourth picture below shows a window that will appear if we want to UNSTAKE the coin. We can choose how much coin we want to redeem and click on the REDEEM button. The system them will transfer the deposited coin back to our account instantly.

There is a chance that Final Autoclaim might stop offering any of that plan. The plan will then have ENDED status. We still need to Redeem the deposit and Claim the reward manually or they will stay there. It is recommended to pay attention to any news regarding this or check the page regularly so we can allocate the funds for something else.

Two of the plans are offering on-chain staking while the other are off-chains, which I just described the process. For the On-Chain Staking, we need to have SPACE tokens in our wallet, link the wallet and assign them in the liquidity Pool.

I haven’t tried this one but it seems it works similarly with the off-chain option. The difference is where we need to have that SPACE token available for staking.

That is it with how to invest on Final Autoclaim.

XP Reward and Membership

According to the Staking page, we will get XP reward differently based on the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of the plan and our membership level. This image below shows the table of all possible options.

I honestly don’t know for sure if the numbers are still relevant. My first claim since I invested, I got 86 XP from that first plan (STAKE and EARN SPACE). Then I tried claiming again about 1 day since and I got 1 XP. Based on that, if I understand correctly, the XP reward will accumulate. It’s not something that we need to claim regularly.

SPACE Holder Bonus

As discussed above, we can increase the Staking reward rate using the SPACE Holder Bonus. Specifically, we need to have SPACE tokens in our wallet, not this Final Autoclaim account and link the wallet.

If we have at least 200 SPACE in the wallet, then the reward is increased by 0.2%. The reward can go up to 20% if we have 100,000 SPACE tokens.

Comment and Suggestion

Initially, I was planning to take advantage of the SPACE holder bonus, which I need to have more SPACE tokens. But then, I don’t see the benefit of having SPACE tokens as asset long term, mostly because it can only be used on Final Autoclaim. On top of that, we cannot exchange the SPACE tokens back to other coins.

So, if we already stuck with some SPACE tokens, then it doesn’t hurt to invest them. The only other option is to spend them for advertising.

With all of the different reward options, I’m not sure with the cryptocurrencies we can get from this Staking feature. Maybe ATOM and SHIB but mostly because they are at the top 25 market cap while WAVES and BTT are out of top 50. Not that these rankings make them better than the other.

The goal for this staking is so that our coins will not just stay there but can work or generate income. Any option is better than nothing. We don’t lose the coin anyway. The question is just which asset is better and likely to gain more value.

I personally don’t know which. Especially during this time of bear market when the value can still go down. If they have the option, I prefer choosing to get stablecoins at this time. Well, we can choose any of the cryptocurrencies, then exchange them later with that 5% fee. So, just don’t Stake to earn SPACE if we have no plan to advertise.

If we are planning to use the platform long term, then the one offering to earn DUTCHY is not a bad option. We can then exchange them to other coins using the autofaucet with better exchange rate.

Back then, we can also invest our DUTCHY tokens, even if just gain more DUTCHY. At least it’s better than the coin doing nothing while waiting for the autofaucet to refresh.

Now, since we need to buy SPACE tokens which is almost like one way exchange, I cannot recommend anybody to even use this platform as investment. It’s almost the same as losing the money, if we don’t plan on spending the SPACE tokens later.

Maybe in the future, they might offer something more interesting or better coins. Even then I cannot recommend it if they only accept SPACE. Almost every major cryptocurrency platform will try to offer this kind of investment / staking. There is a good chance that we may find a better choice of cryptocurrency as reward and without the need to buy tokens with limited use.

It really doesn’t matter if they are offering higher APY if we cannot do anything with the coins later. The rate for the off-chain is between 7 to 10% APY. That means, if we convert money to SPACE, assume that we lose that SPACE, it takes 10 to 14 years just to reach BEP. And that is assuming that the coin will retain the value and before paying any exchange fee.

So, again, it’s not a bad option if we have some source of passive income for SPACE and utilize it. But I cannot recommend buying SPACE just to invest in here.


This is the latest feature at the time of this writing. They actually added the feature when I was still writing this one. What it does is it provides a lot of video games that we can play on this platform and gain a reward.

The reward is in DUTCHY and some XP. According to the page for this feature, there are about 26,000 games available with almost 20 different categories.

All we need to do is pick a game and then play it for 1 up to 3 minutes, depending on the game. Once we have passed that minimum threshold, a button will appear for the reward. We need to manually claim it.

At the moment, the reward is set to 100 DUTCHY and 50 XP per minimum play. But the page says that they might adjust the reward in the future.

How does it work?

We can access this feature by clicking on EARN DUTCHY menu and from the drop down, click on GAMES. The next page should look similar to the previous image.

As we can see, we can find 4 columns of games and just keep scrolling down to load more. At the top left corner, there should be a category that we can choose to narrow the choice.

Once we have found the game we want to play, we can just click on them. The page will go to a dedicated page to load the game as shown by this next image below.

In this example, I chose the Build a Truck game. After that, we can just follow the instructions of the game and play it for 1 minute or so.

Once we have reached the minimum requirement of playing time, we can scroll down on that page, and find the description of the game as shown by the 5th picture below. Right above the description, we should be able to find a button that says CLAIM 100 DUTCHY.

We can click on that and the button will disappear immediately. There should be a green notification at the top right corner that says the reward, 100 DUTCHY and 50 XP have been added to the balance.

That’s it with how to earn from this game feature on Final Autoclaim.

We can repeat the process with the same game or different games to earn more. I don’t think there is a limit to this but they might change anything in the future.

Weekly Contest

If we play the game a lot, we have the chance to win a weekly contest. 20 winners will gain some DUTCHY and SPACE tokens as the reward. The highest one is 50,000 DUTCHY (0.14 USD) and 5,000 SPACE tokens (100 USD).

They will choose the winner based on the number of reward claims after playing the game. As a reference, in the middle of the week, the number 1 position already claimed like 2,700 times, multiplied that with 100 DUTCHY per claim. They will pick the winner every Monday and a new contest will start.

We can check the current leaderboard on the CONTEST menu under EARN DUTCHY. There should be a tab for Weekly Games Contest.

Comment and Suggestion

At this point I’ve only played 3 or 4 games out of 26 thousand games. I have to say that don’t expect some serious video games like the one we can find on consoles or app store.

Some of them are casual and others can be very interesting. I found one about Spiderman Skating that feels like a broken game, lose the game in 1 second and nothing we can do about it. The retry button will only load the video ads that seems to be the main revenue.

I thought that, maybe just replaying the ads will also give us the reward if we manage to reach that minimum playing time but it’s not. Or maybe it is but I don’t care enough to try further.

That is the idea of this feature. They put the video ads almost everytime we try to access the next page of the game.

With the chance that we might fail to receive any reward at all, I cannot recommend using this feature. 1 minute play and get 100 DUTCHY is probably not bad, especially if the game is good.

Compared to PTC, 40 seconds and we get like 114 DUTCHY. So, PTC, specifically PTCWall feature is still better and we will get the reward. While it’s true that we only need 1 minute to play but it still hasn’t counted the loading time and the video ads. Also, maybe the load to our device that leads to electricity.

So, maybe not a good idea to earn but if we are looking for something to have a bit fun while still get some reward, then, this serves that purpose. But I think there are dedicated platforms where we can actually play and earn something. On that, the game should have gone through better play test or so.

If the reward goes lower in the future, then I cannot recommend it at all.

To be fair, this is still a new feature. They may add something that can help make them better. Maybe something like voting for their Shortlinks. Let the users votes their favorite games so people can find out which games they should try.

Or anything to help users pick a game. Rating or numbers like most played games. I definitely not going to try every single game or even spend time looking for one out of all 26 thousands.

The easier users can find the right game, the sooner this platform can make money out of it. Show users the best games not something that’s broken and unplayable. Otherwise, users will just give up immediately.

Like the other features on Final Autoclaim, the reward is still in DUTCHY so we need to exchange them either directly or via their autofaucet. Unless we are planning to use the platform long term, maybe this is not really something to focus on.

I don’t know if this feature works for other users. Sure, it gives more reason for users to stay and use the platform but not how significant are they? At least, as referrer we get like 10% or 10 DUTCHY then from our referral’s play.

CPU & GPU Miner

I don’t use this feature a lot so I probably cannot tell exactly how it works. These 2 are the cryptocurrency mining tools that we can run on our device and it will process cryptocurrency hashes.

The more hashes they process, the more reward we can get. Currently, Final Autoclaim is offering 567 DUTCHY for 1 million hashes. According to their page, they will pay DUTCHY every 500,000 hashes. Between that number, the system will accumulate the hashes if we let the miner runs for every 30 seconds (CPU) or 60 minutes (GPU).

This feature allows us to adjust the speed or hashrate to process them. Higher speed means more hashes per time but it will consume more power from our device

So, how efficient the miner works depends on our device specification. There is a limit and low spec won’t reach the same result as the higher one.

There are two types of miner here. One is CPU and the other is GPU. CPU miner is the same as browser. We need to open browser, access this miner page and let the system run to process those hashes.

For the GPU, we will need to download their app, extract and install it on our computer and then run it as separately from the browser. Based on that page as well, they say that the GPU miner will perform better. However, this one is still based on the device’s spec.

From my experience with other platforms, the reward is still not that much. Of course, maybe just my device spec is not that high. But still, what we need to understand is that this will still consume electricity and increase the bill.

There is a chance that the bill will be higher than what the device can produce. Or we will lose money. People might say that this feature will work passively. However, if we use it on the same device that we use for other task, it will slow down the other process or the task.

We might as well invest in real mining tools and mine and earn Bitcoin instead of DUTCHY. With DUTCHY, again, we need to convert it to other coins, with fee or time to run the autofaucet.

So, I personally don’t recommend using it. For those who are still interested, then they can access this feature’s page, either the CPU MINER (browser) or the GUI MINER menu, both under the EARN DUTCHY menu.

As I said, for the CPU miner, we just need to open that page and click on the START MINER button. It will run automatically processing hashes and we can see how much it has processed. There is also a feature to increase or decrease the speed.

Not sure about the GUI or GPU Miner but we do need to access that page then download and install the app. Similar to the CPU miner, after running the program, we can click on START MINING button. It will then process the mining until we close the app.

Referral / Affiliate Program

There is a way to turn Final Autoclaim or from an active income source into a passive one. That means, we don’t need to do a lot or actively use the earning features but we can still earn something passively.

That is by using the referral or affiliate features. What we do is we invite other people to join the program and let them use the platform. In this case, the program is Final Autoclaim and they can use the platform to earn.

Those invited will become our referrals. As their referrer, we will earn commission, a percentage of the amount they earn from using the platform.

That is true that it means we will get even lower amount. However, that is based on just one activity of one referral. The more referrals we have and the more active they use the platform will increase the chance to get more commission.

Moreover, we will earn those commission passively, 24/7 even while we are asleep. The earnings from the commission can be higher than if we actively do ourselves.

This one is a bit different compared to referral feature on other platforms. The question is, can this one from Final Autoclaim be as good as it sounds?

How does it work?

Like on any online program offering a referral or affiliate commission, each member will get a unique link with their ID attached to it. It is called referral link or reflink and this next one is mine for Final Autoclaim.

If anybody click on that link and use the program, they will become my referral. And if they use the platform, according to their page, as the referrer we can get commission. Depending on the feature, we can either get 10% if the referral earns from Games and Offerwalls or 20% from Faucet and shortlinks.

I guess we will not get anything if the referral earns from PTC. Nothing from the advertising feature, deposit, exchange or interest / staking. Since the referrals will earn DUTCHY, so as the referrer, we will get the commission paid in DUTCHY as well.

What we need to do is to share the link to anybody online on any platform that we regularly use. The platform can be our social media accounts, forum, group messenger for family and/or friends, email or even website or blog that we own.

Anywhere we can post the link and the public can access it will do. Even Google Docs can work, if we let the file visible.

We can find our own unique link on the user’s Dashboard, at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, we can access this referral feature page by clicking on the username at the top right corner and click on REFERRALS. This should bring us to the page similar to the previous image.

On that page, we can find some tools like tracking system and details about our referrals. From their username, their activity from using any features on the platform, and where they found our links and the last time they were active.

On that page as well, there is a link to their promotional banners. We can find several banners in various shape and sizes but the same design and information. All of them are ready to be used as HTML code.

How to get (more) referrals?

Well, sharing the link is a must but how exactly? Sharing to the wrong people is like a salesman approaching stranger. People hate that.

If we try to share on our social media, people might get annoyed if they are not interested. Especially if we are spamming, sharing over and over again like multiple times within a day.

We could lose our followers, risking any network we have built. Maybe it’s better to have alternate account specifically just to share this kind of program.

We look for community or other users that we know are interested. Or only when they ask, then we can share with them the link.

A better way might be to share on forums. Not just any forum of course, but related to online money making program, bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies.

The problem with using any free platform like this is that we are probably not the only one who promote the same program. We have to offer something more than just the referral link like anybody else.

Another thing is that these free platforms have rules that they can suddenly change about promotion and not to mention, shutting down their service entirely. We have to start over our campaign if they delete them.

A better way would be to have our own website. We can share anything not just one program but others with the same, similar or related topics.

Having a website is like having a shop in real life. People can always come back to and find out more programs to use.

Then we can use those free platforms, forum or social media accounts  just for promotion. A good way to get backlink or generate traffic.

Since it’s an online shop, it will stay open 24/7, no need to wait for us to wake up and can be accessed from everywhere around the world. The best part of having our own place or website is that any search engine like Google will do the promotion work non stop.

And they will show the website as a result to exactly people who are interested in it. They use the search engine to look for it and get the website we build as the result. No need to worry about being annoying salesman.

Those people will access the website, see what we have to offer. Maybe a review like this, other or similar program we use, sharing experience, opinion, views to let people know that we understand this kind of program.

If they are interested, they will become our referrals for any program we promote. Once we have enough referrals for Final Autoclaim or every program we promote, we can have passive income even full time income.

That is exactly how people can build their business online. They own a website, fill the website with contents that can help promote a program, and let it work automatically.

If you are interested to know more about how to build a website and turn it into an online business, keep reading. I will share with you later about a training program that anybody can use.

In the meantime, let’s head back to Final Autoclaim for a little bit.

Referral Contest

Once we have 30 Active referrals, we can participate in the monthly contest. The winner at number 1 can win 10,000,000 DUTCHY or about 28.45 USD. There will be 20 winners every month.

The contest is not based on the number of referrals but the referral’s activity. More DUTCHY they generate as our commission, the more likely we can win extra DUTCHY bonus.

Just as reference, the previous winner at the time of this writing got over 3 million DUTCHY from about 150 referrals’ activities. The referrer then got 10 millions. It’s possible that they work together, and they share the reward after the win.

The contest ends every 1st day of the month and the reward will be delivered automatically. We can learn more by accessing the CONTEST menu under EARN DUTCHY menu. There should be a tab for REFERRAL CONTEST.

Comment and Suggestion

At this point I haven’t gotten any referrals for Final Autoclaim. Because of that, I cannot tell for sure whether the feature is working or not. What I’m about to say is based on my experience with other similar programs and assuming it will work the same way as the others.

To start, the commission, between 10 or 20% is not bad. However, other platform can offer up to 50% commission but for the faucet only. I think offering different commission rate for different features is a good idea, at least for the platform to stay in business. Especially with offerwalls since the reward can vary widely.

I don’t understand why they are not offering anything with the PTC feature. Maybe it doesn’t help the advertisers? Also, they should be offering commissions for bringing in advertisers, or people who would make deposit to the platform. Or buy membership. Sadly, most platform don’t, so I won’t expect this one will.

The payment is in DUTCHY so we have to convert them, either directly or using their autofaucet feature. At least, it’s not in SPACE tokens as we cannot do anything with them besides for advertising.

I think this is better than just random coin to correspond with what the referral chose to earn. We can get just pennies for several different currencies just because referrals try to earn differently. In that case, we need to pay the exchange fee as well for each different coins.

My concern is whether they count anything less than 1 DUTCHY as the reward. Either round it up or round it down. The lowest reward I can think of from all features is like 9 DUTCHY from one of the offerwalls. So, 10% of that means 0.9 DUTCHY, either we get 1 DUTCHY or not at all. Most other features will give us enough DUTCHY, so no need to worry about it.

Based on their Leaderboard page, shortlinks is probably the feature that users use the most. The highest from one user is over 140,000 links while offerwalls and faucet only got 60,000 from one user. PTC is even lower with only 40,000 from one user.

I guess this is because there is an incentive to complete a lot of shortlinks within a day that the other features don’t have. Not everybody will use it but some is enough to make it the most used feature.

At least, with multiple earning options, they give a lot of reasons for users to stick around and keep using the platform. This is essential for long term passive income. Even if they don’t use everything or even have access to those features, some of them will try. Specifically for offerwalls, maybe promoting this to people from US or Europe will give a better chance to increase our commission.

Another good thing from this is that they require proper registration process with emails instead of just signing in using a wallet address. People can always easily change their wallet address like those instant faucets. It is very easy for people to just get a new wallet address and come back with a new account which usually is no longer as our referrals.

Luckily that is not the case with Final Autoclaim. Users have to comeback using the same email address which is less likely to be changed. Of course, user can always create another account using different email as well. But at least the system doesn’t necessarily allow them to.

That is what we should be looking for, for building a long term passive income. We can get more and more referrals which can happen if the referrals keeps coming back using the same ID.

According to their Terms page, if the user becomes inactive for 365 days, they will reset the account. At that point, we already lose the referrals anyway. The referrals probably don’t care to even come back or maintain anything.

It will be helpful if Final Autoclaim provides a tool that allows referrer to interact with the referrals. Only a few platforms are doing this. Like on one platform, we can give back the commission that we got from the referrals who generate those commission. The tool is automatic and will send the commission back every week or so.

This idea will allow referrer to give their own incentive to the referral. It can encourage more referrals to join under those referrers. So, we may lose the commission at all but the goal is about creating a community.

Maybe the referral can promote different links of different platforms to the referrals. Because the referrals now trust the referrers, they will use those links and generate commissions in different way. So, if not that specific tool, just a way to communicate between referrers and referrals will be nice.

Of course, referrer can do it on their own. Maybe create a Discord channel or social media account as a way to promote and communicate with referrals.

On another platform, we can even create our own contest related to the platform. We can set a prize that only our referrals can get. It can be based on activity as well. Multiple referrals can participate and generate commission and from those commission we can give to just some lucky winners.

Of course this can happen if there is an advanced tool for the statistic about each referral’s activity with more detail data. Luckily, this one have as we know each referral’s activity and the commission they generate. We just need to provide a communication access between us and our referrals. Ask them their username and we can offer them some refback or other benefit.

Sadly, since there is no feature to transfer money between users, we probably also need to find external ways, possibly not paying in DUTCHY but other coins. That means, we need to do the conversion rate as well, manually.

So, there are a lot of interesting stuff with this referral feature from Final Autoclaim. Not the best but good enough for a long term passive income. It’s just maybe we need to learn a bit how to utilize it efficiently and also help referrals to do the same.

Social Jobs

If offerwalls are jobs, or tasks from 3rd party programs, Social Jobs are jobs from Final Autoclaim themselves. For completing the job, we can either earn DUTCHY token or SPACE tokens as the reward depending on the task.

The jobs in this section are related to promoting Final Autoclaim platform on other online places, even social media platforms. This is actually a good opportunity to get more referrals by sharing our links as part of the post or promotional contents required by the job.

We can find out more about this feature by accessing the dedicated SOCIAL JOBS page. It is under the EARN DUTCHY menu.

After doing the job, we need to kind of make some proofs by capturing screenshots that shows the result of our work. Then, we need to go to this Social Jobs page and submit the proof. Final Autoclaim will then check the work if they accepted the result then we can get the reward.

Posting fake proof will lead to account ban.

There are 2 types of job here. One type can be completed multiple times while the other type is for one time only.

For the REGULAR JOB, there are 3 available jobs currently while the ONE TIME has 8. They may add more in the future or take them out from the list.

Here are the regular Jobs. Make a post or comment on CMC Live Chat to support SPACE tokens. We first have to click on Bullish or Bearish Button before commenting. The comment must have 10 words minimum and #SpaceToken. The reward is 1.25 SPACE per post. Vote to support SPACE token. Submit the screenshot as a proof to gain 1.00 SPACE. Vote to support SPACE token. Submit the screenshot as a proof to gain 0.50 SPACE.

Here are the One Time Jobs. Add SPACE token as the watchlist. Submit the screenshot to gain 2.00 SPACE. Add SPACE token to portfolio. Submit the screenshot to gain 2.00 SPACE. Post a payment proof and honest feedback. The post must contain at least 20 words, in either English or French with the exact amount of money received. It also must be unique and new post, don’t just copy and paste from previous post. Submit a screenshot to gain 4,000 DUTCHY. Post a payment proof and honest feedback. The post must contain at least 20 words. It also must be unique and new post, don’t just copy and paste from previous post. Submit a screenshot to gain 4,000 DUTCHY.

Any Crypto Related Forum. Open a thread on related forum and post a promotional content, giving impression about Final Autoclaim. The post must have at least 50 words, publicly visible and the forum itself must have at least 5,000 members. Submit a link to gain 5,000 DUTCHY as the reward. Share referral link with a brief description, 10 words at least about Final Autoclaim. The tweet must contain #SpaceToken $SPACE $DUTCHY #FinalAutoclaim #BSC #Dogecoin. Submit the link or screenshot to get 2,000 DUTCHY within 48 hours since the tweet. Give some feedback about Final Autoclaim on Facebook. The post must contain at least 15 words and not just Nice Job or Good Service. Submit the link to get 2,000 DUTCHY. Create a video promoting Final Autoclaim. The video must be a minimum of 10 minutes, set in 360p quality. DUTCHYCORP Final Autoclaim must be included in the title or description.

The content must explain every feature of Final Autoclaim and how it can be beneficial for users. All languages are acceptable. Submit the video link to get 25,000 DUTCHY. For each 2,000 views reached, we can request another 25,000 DUTCHY.

Upgrade Membership

Users of Final Autoclaim can purchase membership to gain more benefit. The benefit can be higher referral commission rate, low exchange fee, higher exchange limit per day, free PTC tokens to advertise, and unlock exclusive features.

There are 3 levels of paid membership:  SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM. Every member will start as Free member. Users can choose to pay per day and gain the benefit accordingly.

Users can pay with any of over 70 supported cryptocurrencies on Final Autoclaim, including DUTCHY and SPACE. At this moment, the cost is 1.8 USD per month for Silver, 5.4 USD per month for Gold and 10.8 USD per month for Platinum, divided by 30 to pay per day. That means the cost per day is 0.06 USD for Silver, 0.18 USD for Gold and 0.36 USD for Platinum.

We can access this feature page by clicking on the username at the top right corner and from the drop down, click on MEMBERSHIP. As we can see from this image below, there are 3 columns for the 3 paid memberships and their benefits.

At the bottom, we can find a button to subscribe for the corresponding membership. It will open a window and we can choose the currency to pay and for how long we want to subscribe, as shown by the second picture below.

Benefits and Comparisons

Here are the comparisons between the 3 paid memberships and free.

Daily Withdrawal Limit
Free: 20 USD
Silver: 30 USD
Gold: 35 USD
Platinum: 40 USD

No Popups on Roll Games
Free: No
Silver: Yes
Gold: Yes
Platinum: Yes

All Multipliers Unlocked
Free: No
Silver: No
Gold: Yes
Platinum: Yes

Exclusive Daily Roll Game
Free: Yes
Silver: Yes
Gold: Yes
Platinum: Yes

Higher Referral Payout
Free: 1x
Silver: 1.25x
Gold: 1.5x
Platinum: 2x

Higher Offerwall Referral Payout
Free: 1x
Silver: 1.1x
Gold: 1.2x
Platinum: 1.4x

Exchange Fee
Free: 5%
Silver: 4%
Gold: 2%
Platinum: 1%

Higher XP Bonus for Staking Claim
Free: No
Silver: +50%
Gold: +100%
Platinum: +150%

Exchange Daily Limit
Free: 25 USD
Silver: 50 USD
Gold: 100 USD
Platinum: 200 USD

PTC Tokens (Subscribe for 1 Month)
Free: 0
Silver: 300 PTC Tokens
Gold: 600 PTC Tokens
Platinum: 1,200 PTC Tokens

The PTC tokens will be divided by 30 and delivered each day. According to that page, the Exclusive Daily Roll Game is only once per day but multicoins. I’m not sure since I haven’t tried it.

Comment and Suggestion

The obvious question is, should we upgrade our membership? Are they worth it? I think the best answer is if we earn a lot in a day that can cover the cost per day or per month, then, maybe it is not a bad idea.

At this moment, the cost is 1.8 USD per month for Silver, 5.4 USD per month for Gold and 10.8 USD per month for Platinum, divided by 30 to pay per day. That means the cost per day is 0.06 USD for Silver, 0.18 USD for Gold and 0.36 USD for Platinum.

Based on my experience, I can make at least 1 USD per month. That is by claiming the two faucet everyday and almost every PTC. Probably about 30 PTC ads per day and claim like 12 times each faucet per day. I guess to go for Silver is not impossible.

Even still, I’m not sure I will get any benefit by upgrading to Silver. They increased the daily withdrawal limit but then we can just withdraw each day with smaller amount.

Popups on the roll faucet doesn’t really bother me. It is not as bad as faucet on other platform. Not that this applies to Silver anyway. Same goes with unlocking all multipliers. The thing is, if we don’t have any DUTCHY, higher multiplier means nothing.

The question is the Exclusive Daily Roll. I don’t know the earning rate from this once a day faucet. Also, if the claim must be 24 hours after each claim, then we will lose a chance a lot. If they reset based on server time, then it is better.

Exchange fee is reduced, which is nice. But then again, if I constantly use the autofaucet to exchange, then the fee doesn’t affect me. This is good for those who don’t use the site everyday. Maybe they earn DUTCHY passively like from referrals and don’t have the time to run the autofaucet. Then that feature becomes useful.

With my situation, I also never exchange that much to even reach the limit. Same as withdrawing, we can just exchange smaller amount daily even if we need so.

300 PTC tokens is nice if we are willing to advertise. That amount is worth 0.105 USD. If we don’t advertise, then maybe we can sell to other people and tell them that we will advertise for them.

That means, the best benefit are those related to referral. If we have enough active referrals and they can generate enough commission, maybe it’s not a bad deal. But I still don’t think it is worth it. It will increase our DUTCHY earning from referral commission. Again, unless we regularly run the autofaucet, we have to suffer exchange fee, still. Not even get benefit from loyalty or activily level bonus.

I think this upgrade membership can work if we really have active referrals that can help us win those daily and weekly contests. We will then get a good amount of DUTCHY or SPACE tokens. Then we can probably choose to just exchange directly.

Until then, I say, just ignore this feature. Promote the referral link and once we know we earn enough passively, then we can evaluate. There is a chance that referrals will also stop using or not as active. In that case, we may lose money instead of getting anything.

I think the biggest problem with this membership is that they don’t offer any incentive for us to use the site actively. That means, there is no point on being more active other than just covering the membership fee. In that case, we should just stop completely.

Sometimes they run promo like on Black Friday and we get 30% off or such to purchase membership. It’s still not worth it unless we have that many active referrals.

I don’t know. Maybe there are members with specific situations that can get the most benefit from this membership. I just don’t see this works for most users.

Gift Code

Other platforms may call this Promo Code. Final Autoclaim will occasionally distribute limited Gift Code on their social media accounts. We can enter the code on the Gift Code page, we may gain certain reward.

To access this feature, we need to click on the GIFT icon at the top, between My Wallet menu and the FAQ & Help Center. By clicking that icon, a window will appear as shown by this next image below.

The second image below is from their Twitter feed where they announced one of these Gift Codes. As it says that code is limited to only first 100 claimers. Different codes may have different restriction.

Just enter the code in the field and click on REDEEM YOUR GIFT button. If the code is still available and we are eligible for the gift, then we can get the gift.

I don’t see any specific event when they will regularly offer these codes. Based on previous codes, it could be about celebrating the number of Twitter followers, or Christmas event, or Bitcoin halving moment and probably others.

The best way is probably to follow all of their social media accounts, Twitter, Facebook, Discord and Telegram. It also seems that if the code is related to that platform, then they will announce it exclusively on that platform.

Banner Advertisement

Besides advertising on the PTC feature, there is one more advertising option on Final Autoclaim. It is by advertising with promotional banners. The banners will be displayed on every Final Autoclaim page, right below the top navigation bar and randomly on their Shortlinks page.

They only accept one banner format which is 728×90. To start, advertiser must create the banner campaign first. Once accepted and active, the advertiser can pay per day.

The banners will then join the pool with banners from other advertisers and will be displayed randomly on all of the designated spaces. According to the data on their page, there are over 270 other banners already available, competing for exposure.

If we create one, the banner will get 0.3676% of the daily traffic. The banner is estimated to get about 60 clicks per month.

We can pay with any of the supported cryptocurrencies on Final Autoclaim, including SPACE tokens but not DUTCHY. The cost is about 0.04 USD per day but if we pay for longer period, we can get a discount. Once the credits runs out, the campaign will automatically pause. We can resume by paying again, no need to create a new campaign.

DutchyTalk and Rainbot

Final Autoclaim has a chatroom called DutchyTalk that we can find on every page of the site. Usually, when minimized, it will be at the bottom right corner and we should see SUPPORT CHAT, followed by the number of active users.

I don’t use the feature but this is now specifically just for support and not for talking about anything else. Especially not related to the platform. For talking about other things, they suggest their Discord Channel.

For me, I just check them once in a while, usually when I run into technical issue with the site. See if there are other users having the same experience. Maybe there will be announcement as well. But so far, I almost never visited that feature.

One thing that I want to mention is the Rainbot, which is built-in system from that chatroom. What it does is, it will occasionally distribute random amount of coins of different cryptocurrencies to random 100 active users.

So, if we check our balance from time to time, we might see that we get some coins even though we didn’t claim them using autofaucet or swap coins to those currencies. The amount of free coins, divided by 100 users is probably not that much. They are not even enough to reach the minimum for swapping.

In my opinion, they are trying to encourage users to diversify. By giving small amount, maybe they expect the user will start collecting those coins, use the autofaucet and exchange feature to get those coins even more.

Since it’s all random and no notification if we actually get it, I just ignore them. It’s nice if we get lucky for the coin we are collecting but it is very rare and not worth it. I mean like 0.00000004 ETH. Sure, I can swap other coins for that just to reach the minimum to swap but I will end up paying more exchange fee than what I actually get.

I assume that we only need to be active using the platforms, not necessarily about active on the chatroom itself. It seems the rain happens every hour for 3 or 4 different cryptocurrencies.

So, how active any user to be eligible for the rain is determined by their activity in the last hour. We are considered as active even if just do one of the following: Shortlink, Offerwall/Surveys, PTC Wall, Surfads, Roll Games, Dice Game, Toss Game, DUTCHY Exchange, Autoclaiming or Achievement Claim.

They actually have a page about this RainBot which displays the minimum amount of coins of each currency that they will distribute during the rain. We can find more about it here, as shown by the second picture below.

The page also says how we can trigger the rain ourselves by making a donation and the other users will get the Rain Bonus.

Gift Cards

This is different from Gift Codes. Gift Cards is actually one of the way to get paid from Final Autoclaim by redeeming the money in the form of Digital Gift Cards. Or in different perspective, we can purchase Gift Cards by spending DUTCHY balance.

After we redeem the card, we will get a code or barcode or PIN that we can enter on the corresponding merchants for the discount. I assume there will be no change if we use them to overpay.

Some of the Gift cards only valid for certain number of time after it was redeemed. We have to use it before then.

Final Autoclaim works with different companies that will accept the corresponding Gift Cards. The page will be sorted based on the country and usually those Gift Cards can only be used in that country. But any user from any country can redeem the cards for people in different countries. Maybe we want to have an international contest where any user from around the world can participate. The winner can get different reward but for the same value.

As an example, there are about 300 Gift Card options that work in US. Some of the options are PlayStation USA, TGI Friday, Skype, Netflix and many more. The value can be as low as 1 USD up to 200 USD at this moment. If we click any of them, usually each of them can offer higher value for the same type of Gift Cards but predetermined.

For every company, Final Autoclaim will show instructions of how the Gift Card can be used in the corresponding language of that country. They also share contact info of that company so we can make sure that the card works before we can exchange them.

The cost is almost the same as the value of converted DUTCHY tokens itself. Currently, 1 USD is about over 350,000 DUTCHY. So, for a Gift card worth 10 USD, we have to pay more than 3,500,000 DUTCHY.

I actually found one that says the card is worth 1 USD but we need to pay 500,000 DUTCHY, which is supposed to worth 1.4 USD. So, it’s best to check the specific Gift Card page and the page will tell us how much DUTCHY we need to pay.

Currently Final Autoclaim is offering 6% discount for purchasing any Gift Cards. Since this is still a new feature, I assume the offer is temporary.

I suspect, it is almost impossible for most users to even reach that amount of DUTCHY to buy any of these Gift Cards. The only way to have that much DUTCHY is by making a deposit through their DEPOSIT feature which will be discussed below.

Payment Methods

This is probably the most important thing to know when using a platform for earnings. How do they handle money and how do we get paid from them?

On Final Autoclaim, we can earn DUTCHY token, their main native platform’s currency from all of their features. We can then trade, swap or convert those DUTCHY tokens into other supported cryptocurrencies and withdraw those cryptocurrencies as payments.

To withdraw, we can either get paid via the cryptocurrency’s blockchain network or directly to the wallet, or via, a micro wallet service. For the latter, the micro wallet service only accepts 15 different cryptocurrencies while the blockchain option can be for any of the supported coins. Currently we can get paid with 74 different cryptocurrencies on Final Autoclaim.

Usually, coins where we can get paid via, will have lower minimum compared to the blockchain option. The blockchain option itself can offer payments in different network like BNB Smart Chain, Polygon – MATIC network, Bittorrent Network, Juno Network, Cronos Network, Fantom Network but not all.

Probably it’s best to check the wallet page to find out whether we can get paid with specific coin via specific network. For example, with USDT, there is only USDT for TRC-20 but not ERC-20. Ethereum itself can only be paid via micro wallet, Polygon or BNB.

Personally, I recommend getting paid via for faster payment and lower minimum. A lot of major coins are in those 15 supported coins and maybe they will add more in the future. We can also exchange on the micro wallet service, with possibly better conversion rate.

Currently, the supported coins are BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC, DASH, BCH, DGB, TRX, USDT, FEY, ZEC, BNB, SOL, XRP and MATIC.

Learn more about it from Review. Use this link to create account with

To get paid using this micro wallet service, we need to register the email address we used to sign up with the micro wallet service to our Final Autoclaim account. No need to enter all of the linked wallet addresses for each coin.

If it’s okay to wait longer to reach higher minimum and get paid using other currencies, then, we can try the blockchain option. On the MY WALLET page, Final Autoclaim has a list of wallets and exchanger to use for each cryptocurrency. Some of them are wallets from the exchanger themselves like Binance.

Any wallet works as long as we know how to use them, how to get the money out like their minimum, fee. Otherwise, the money might get stuck there.

Since we can also advertise, buy membership, and invest with their Staking, Final Autoclaim is also accepting deposits. For deposits, we can send a cryptocurrency and our balance for that coin will be updated or we can send a cryptocurrency to buy DUTCHY tokens.

Some features only accept DUTCHY tokens and some others, we can pay with different coins. So, before making deposit at all, make sure to know what we are going to do with the money after the deposit.

The deposit for the same coin can be done via the cryptocurrency’s blockchain network or Both will have different minimum deposit even for the same cryptocurrencies.

Different cryptocurrencies probably have different minimum. It’s best to actually check them on the deposit page before sending them one.

Unlike the withdrawing part, making deposit using will have higher minimum than the deposit using the blockchain.

The minimum is way lower if we choose to buy DUTCHY with deposit instead. It’s almost like they don’t want us to deposit a coin. If the minimum is too high, we can still purchase DUTCHY and then swap them for a fee.

We can exchange one coin to any of the supported coins. I cannot check everything but it seems exchange to SPACE and from DUTCHY are the only 2 one-way swaps on Final Autoclaim. Depending on the membership, there will be exchange fee and daily exchange limit.

How to Exchange

To exchange, we can click on the top menu that says SWAP. This will bring us to the swapping page, similar to the previous image.

As we can see there, we can first choose the coin we want to sell and then choose a different cryptocurrency to buy on the right. To look for specific coin, probably it’s best to type the name of the coin instead of the currency at the end, like Tether instead of USDT. The system will then display the current balance between the two.

Right below that, the system will also display the minimum. We can enter the amount to exchange and the system will automatically preview the calculation. How much is coins we will get after the fee for that exchange.

If we meet the restriction, we can proceed by clicking on the EXCHANGE button at the bottom middle of the page. As shown by the page, for FTM, HNT and SCC, the daily limit is set to 5 USD, regardless of the membership due to high volatility of the value.

This is probably just for the current situation. They may set restrictions for different coins in the future. Make sure to check the page first if we are planning to exchange above that limit.

That is it with the exchange or swap process on Final Autoclaim.

How to Withdraw

For withdrawing, I can only share the payment process using First, we can click on the MY WALLET menu at the top and we should see a page similar to the previous image.

Here we can find all coins and our balance for each. Each of them will also tell us the minimum required to withdraw. There is also a green bar that indicates the balance status, that the platform has funds for the coins.

I honestly don’t know exactly what amount of coins they consider as low balance or half filled. Just assume that as long as it is within the daily limit and the bar has color, we can just try.

To make a withdraw request, we can click on that WITHDRAW button on the corresponding cryptocurrencies. A window will popup with detail form of the withdraw, as shown by this next picture below.

At the top, we can choose the method, if multiple methods are available. Right below that, the system will display how long they will process the payment. With, the payment usually takes 2 minutes while with blockchain, it can be up to about 30 minutes. They say that it is due to waiting for getting confirmation from the network. They payment itself is automatic right after the submission.

The window will have all of the information we need like the minimum and the payment fee. We can then change the amount to withdraw if not all by default. Right below that, we should see either the wallet address we send the coins to or the email address for

If the address is empty, we can click on the yellow pen icon to register the address first. Once everything is set, we can proceed with the withdrawal request by clicking on the REQUEST button at the bottom.

As shown by the second picture below, a notification will appear in green at the top right corner. It will say that the coin was sent to the account. The third picture below is the payment history on with an entry from Final Autoclaim.

That is how we get paid from Final Autoclaim, using method.

For payment via blockchain, there will be waiting time before we get all of the confirmations to validate the payments. We can check the withdrawal history at the top and we should find a link from all previous withdrawals to the transaction explorer from the network.

How to Deposit

To make a deposit, we can click on the username at the top right corner, and from the drop down, click the one that says DEPOSIT. A window will popup, as shown by this next picture.

As we can see, we can choose between deposit a cryptocurrency or buying DUTCHY tokens, by depositing cryptocurrencies. With the latter, we can trade DUTCHY tokens to any of the supported cryptocurrencies but not the other way around. The minimum deposit for the latter is also lower so, it is the best option.

If we click on the DUTCHY tokens choice, the next page should be similar to this second picture below. On that page, we can choose the payment processor to make a deposit. Here are the options. for 29 cryptocurrencies supported by for WAVES only. for 15 cryptocurrencies supported by
Metamask: for 92 different cryptocurrencies over 15 Networks.
Phantom Network: for SOL only using Phantom wallet.
Tronlink: for TRX and 14 other TRC-20 tokens.

In this example, I chose This next picture below is what we should see after that. As we can see that the page will tell us that the minimum is 500 DUTCHY. According to that page, the conversion rate is about 6.1 USD for 1 million DUTCHY.

However, if we use their exchanger, the conversion rate is lower. For 1 million DUTCHY, we will only get 2.845 USD, before the fee. Obviously, this is their incentive to attract people to keep using their DUTCHY tokens.

Sometimes, Final Autoclaim offers additional promo. If we see a yellow tag icon at the top of the payment method, we will get more DUTCHY than the standard deposit rate.

To proceed with the deposit, we can enter the amount of DUTCHY we want to buy and choose the cryptocurrencies we want to use to pay. Assuming the payment method supports multiple currencies. That page will then calculate how much cryptocurrencies we need to send to them for that DUTCHY tokens amount.

After that, we need to solve the antibot or captcha system by clicking one of the icon that correspond to the instruction. In this example, the instruction says MONERO so we need to click on the first icon that shows MONERO symbol.

The chosen symbol will be highlighted in darker color and only then we can proceed with the DEPOSIT button. This will send us then to the page for payments.

Unfortunately, I haven’t tried making a deposit myself. So, I cannot share anything further. This second picture below is what we will see if we instead choose to deposit a cryptocurrency, not to buy DUTCHY tokens.

As we can see there, we can find the 3 payment options in 3 columns. Each column will then show the supported cryptocurrencies. If we click any of them, we will see the deposit form as shown by the third picture below.

We need to enter the amount of coins we want to deposit. The page will tell us the accepted minimum. Different payment methods even for the same cryptocurrency might require different minimum.

That’s all I can share about this deposit feature on Final Autoclaim.


Final Autoclaim, previously known as Final Autofaucet is a cryptocurrency autofaucet platform run by Dutchy Corp. Like other autofaucet, we can just open the feature page, and it will automatically claim cryptocurrency as the reward.

Unlike the regular manual faucet, we only need to solve the captcha system once. Depending on the setting, the autofaucet will repeat the process and claim the reward again after the interval time which can be between 1 minute up to 10 minutes.

As the reward, currently we can choose up to 74 different cryptocurrencies, at once. For every chosen cryptocurrency and for each interval time, the autofaucet will consume some amount of DUTCHY tokens until we run out of tokens or we choose to stop it. This is the native platform’s currency.

So, basically the autofaucet is a converter between DUTCHY to any cryptocurrency. The platform itself has its own exchange feature that allows us to swap DUTCHY tokens but with a fee and instantly.

Using the autofaucet, allows us to convert with better rate, especially with various bonuses but it will take longer. The bonuses can be from user’s activity level, SPACE Holder Bonus, Power Weekend Bonus or some seasonal bonuses.

Some people might think that autofaucet is a better option than the manual faucet because we can earn passively. But we still need to actively do something to earn DUTCHY to run the autofaucet. While on other platforms, with the same effort, we can immediately earn the reward.

The other earning features on Final Autoclaim is basically about earning DUTCHY tokens with a few exceptions. They also have 2 manual faucets with 30 minutes interval each. One will give us DUTCHY tokens and the other will give us a chosen cryptocurrencies voted by the members.

This manual faucet itself is not bad, with minimum pop ups. The earning rate for the DUTCHY faucet is way lower than the other. Compared to other platform, both are still lower. Even if there are ways or bonuses to increase the rates, those bonuses are either temporarily or take times to reach the maximum.

One interesting aspect from the faucet is they allow us to get 50% higher reward by waiting for extra 15 seconds viewing just 2 square banners. This is much bettern than those faucet with integrated shortlinks.

Final Autoclaim also has PTC or Paid to click feature, with two types of ads. One is PTCWalls and the other is SurfAds. The difference is that for the latter, we cannot choose which ad to view first. Also, the reward is lower for the SurfAds.

Both will force users to stay focus or the timer will not start. They use reCaptcha v3 integrated to the claim reward button. So, occasionally, we have to solve it but for the most part, it will be automatic. On average, we can get like 30 ads per day from each type. It’s better to focus on the higher value ones than trying to earn from everything.

Compared to other platforms, the reward rate is lower. While the bonuses can help but eventually we still only get DUTCHY, which we still need to convert or swap. Also, I think PTC is the best way to increase XP to level up but only with the PTCWall type.

The next feature is Offerwalls. They work with multiple different offerwalls company. What’s interesting is that they have several offerwalls dedicated to PTC type task. Of course, the reward is even lower than their own PTC.

For the other types of task, they have survey, signups, mobile apps just like any other platform. One thing to keep in mind that they have chargeback policy. This can even happen if we try to participate in survey and it turns out that the survey doesn’t even have the right one for us. We can lose money even for trying. It’s really hard for me to recommend this.

They are also offering reward if we hold some SPACE TOKENS. Not sure, but maybe they are the developer of that token. The reward is actually better rate of the other feature. To gain this benefit, we need to have certain amount of SPACE tokens in our wallet, not our Final Autoclaim balance.

It’s not like we need to spend the tokens but as long as we keep that amount in the wallet, we keep getting the bonus. My problem with this is that there is no way for now to spend SPACE tokens other than on Final Autoclaim. We also cannot trade SPACE tokens to other coins, at least within the platform. So, unless we are willing to pay for some features like membership or advertise, it’s like we will lose the money by buying SPACE.

They also have Shortlinks, still to earn DUTCHY. Since this is also based on 3rd party services, we can find the same providers on other platforms. Compared to other platforms, the earning rate is also lower per link, even after the bonuses for the same effort.

The interesting part with this feature is we can vote or rate the provider, giving them thumbs up or down. This can help other users to find the better providers. Unfortunately, all of them have red value or more thumbs down than up. But at least, we can still see the better one. Even though they have their own shortlinks, they don’t give the best reward.

Final Autoclaim also offers investment in the form of Staking. We can deposit some coins, get them locked up and we can get reward every 4 hours or so which we need to claim the reward manually.

The problem with this is that the plan is not interesting. They only accept staking either SPACE or DUTCHY to gain more of them or some limited other cryptocurrencies. I already mentioned about having SPACE above and why it is not recommended. At least, this is a more flexible option than SPACE Holder bonus if we have SPACE tokens in our balance.

We can also earn DUTCHY by playing a couple of video games. Thousands of games are available and if we play any of them in certain minimum of time, we get to claim reward manually.

The problem with this is, it’s like every page of that game has video ads that we need to watch. Most of the game is too simple to make it interesting. Almost like just an activity. Some are even not properly functional if not broken. Not really comparable to mobile games or console games.

Another way to earn DUTCHY is by using their GPU or CPU miners. This depends on our device’s spec and performance. We can get better earning rate if we increase the consumption which will reduce the productivity of doing other task in the same device.

There is a referral features, which again to get more DUTCHY as commission. At least, we can turn this to a passive income source. We get different commission rates from different features. None of them is from bringing in investors or whoever make deposit, just mostly from earning features.

There are a couple of social jobs that we can try to complete which can also help us promote our referral link. The tasks are related to popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and many others.

We can also upgrade membership to 3 different levels by subscribing for a number of days of our choice. Most of the benefits becomes relevant if we do have enough active referrals. Until then, we probably will lose more money than from earnings. We still need to be active to gain the benefit.

If we follow their social media accounts, they are occasionally distributing Gift Codes for more DUTCHY. Probably the best to follow all accounts because some codes are related to the social media platform and they only share the code in the corresponding platform.

They have DutchyTalk, their chatroom, which is now just for supports. However, every hour they will send random amount of coins from 3 or 4 different cryptocurrencies. This will be divided to 100 random active users in the past hour. The reward is probably too small for us to care but this is the reason if we notice some balance in our wallet.

Since they have PTC feature, we can also advertise. There is also an option to advertise using promotional banners but with just one specific size.

Final Autoclaim accepts deposits for cryptocurrencies, so it works like a wallet or to spend them immediately to buy DUTCHY. But using them as a wallet to accept cryptocurrencies require way higher minimum than just use them to buy DUTCHY. The withdraw is instant, assuming the funds are available for the specific method.

We can also buy digital Gift Cards by spending DUTCHY as form of payment. They work with multiple different companies based on the user’s country.

Overall, Final Autoclaim is a nice earning platform with multiple earning features, possibly for long term passive income as well. it’s just the idea is to gain DUTCHY and use them for their autofaucet. Which means, we still need to actively at least run the autofaucet to really gain the benefit.

If you still consider this as an opportunity for more income source or even to build as passive income, you can start by signing up with Final Autoclaim using this link. It’s FREE.

Earn More Coins from Similar Programs

There are a lot of other programs, not just faucet like this where we can earn more cryptocurrencies like BTC, DOGE, BNB and many more. Some of them will pay via the same micro wallet but others can just send the payment directly to our wallet.

Here are some that I have tried so far. Links are to a review article for each program. I recommend checking the article to find out the latest update.

Last update: March 2023

For programs that will pay via Remember that there is an exchanger feature on this micro wallet. (PTC, BTC) (faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins) (Ad Network, Bitcoin) (faucet, 5 minutes, BTC) (faucet, 5 minutes, USDT) (faucet, 5 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 5 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 1 minute, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 5 minutes Multi Coins) (PTC, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 5 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 15 minutes, BTC) (Faucet, 1 hour, Bitcoin) (Faucet, no timer, DOGE) (Faucet, 1 hour, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 10 minutes, DOGE) (Faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins) (PTC, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins) (PTC, BTC) (PTC, BTC) (Shortlink, USDT) (Faucet, 30 minutes, BTC) (Faucet, 5 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 30 minutes, BTC) (Faucet. 60 minutes, BTC)

Here are for programs that will send the payment directly to our wallet. (Faucet, 2 days, ALGO) Faucet
(Exchanger, Multi Coins) (Faucet, PTC, Offerwalls, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins) and the Group (Faucet, Multi Coins) (Faucet, Investment, BTC) & Group (Faucet, Investment, Multi Coins) (Faucet, ZEN) (Faucet, Multi Coins) (PTC, offerwalls, Multi Coins) (Investment, Exchanger, Faucet, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 5 minutes, BTC) (Faucet, 1 week, ALGO) (Faucet, 10 minutes, Multi Coins)

I don’t always update every article on this website. Please check this Complete List for the latest one.

Final Words

As mentioned before that we cannot earn that much from Final Autoclaim or any of the cryptocurrency faucet. Usually, the key is to use the referral program, get a lot of referrals and let them do the work and we get the commission passively.

There is no need to rely on just referral program from Final Autoclaim. We can try and promote other referral programs as well. As many as we want.

In order to do that, it’s better to have our own website, promote the program until we can get enough referrals and they can generate income for us. This is not only limited to digital product but we can also promote physical product.

Share a link from a marketplace like Amazon, or directly from big brands like Apple, and if people buy something, we can earn some commission. It’s not limited to just tech product but any passion we have from food, travel, sports, movies.

That is how we can have an online business.

If you are interested to learn more about building a website and turn it into a business, even a passive income, there is a training program that you can try.

On this training, not only we can learn about how to, but we can actually set up the website, grow it until it can generate income. We can learn from a lot of experts who were once just like you and me, know almost nothing about online business.

This is an easy training program that even a guy without a college degree can use it. Within two years he started to have a full time income from his website and quit his regular job.

We can even ask the owner the help out directly. Try it. Join the program for FREE and try to reply their first message to you and see if they get back and help you out.

You can learn more about the training from my review here.

We grow the business and website by using affiliate programs just like Final Autoclaim. Here is my list of other affiliate programs that you can try.

I will keep updating the page and add more programs. So, stay tuned.

Well, that’s all I can share with you about DutchyCorp’s Final Autoclaim, a cryptocurrency autofaucet program. Maybe I missed something and you have more question about it, or if you want to add your experience, view, opinion, don’t hesitate to use the comment section below.

Maybe you also have other experience with other similar programs with this, hopefully a better one, you can suggest something as well. I would love to help if I could and learn more about online program.

Hope my reviews can help. Thanks for reading.


Mark M.

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