After more people start to recognize cryptocurrencies as a way of investment in the end of 2020, the price or value of cryptocurrencies become very high. People who have a business offering payments using these cryptocurrencies suddenly have a problem because they cannot afford to pay anymore.

The same thing happened to any cryptocurrency faucet owner. There were a lot of them that decided to shut down their business.

For those who still try to stick in the business, they need to make a change with their internal currency. They have to switch to a script that allows them to use fiat money as the basis for their currency. This way, the owner have a better control managing their finance.

One of the most popular one is using a script called VIE that anybody can buy. This next one, is one of them.

So, who is this Is legit or scam? How do we get paid? Which cryptocurrency do they support? What are the earning options?

Those are probably just a few questions that came to mind after hearing about the program. Well, in this article. I’m going to share with you my review based on my experience and what I can find from the internet.

Hope this helps. Is going to be the best cryptocurrency faucet program out there?

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Type: Cryptocurrency Faucet (5 minutes, Multi Coins)
Feature: Daily Achievements, Auto Faucet, Shortlinks, PTC, Task, Offerwalls, Advertise, Activity Contest, Account’s Level Bonus
Referral Commission: 25%
Payment Method:
Started Since: January 2021
Last Payment: April 2021

News and Update

June 2021. The last payment I got from this was in April 2021. Shortly after that I requested several withdraws but they never processed them.

In May 2021, their website was down. I thought that would be the end of it. Yet, they become accessible again in this month.

The problem is that all of my withdrawal requests were deleted. I made a new request and they still haven’t processed it. I don’t know if it will ever and I also noticed that they still on the list.

Ever since then, I tried looking for replacement with the similar script as this. One of them is which right now  is not accessible as well.

So, with those experience that I had, I’m hesitant to try more faucet programs with Vie Script again. Currently I’m using, which I think also similar to this as well. They are still paying but who knows.


I think the owner of is the same one as One of their shortlink provider is the one from which other host may not have it.

On both, the owner offers the same 4 cryptocurrencies, BTC, LTC, DOGE and TRX.

I guess that explains why both of them have the word “clicks”. Unlike this one, is more of an instant simple faucet program where there is no registration process.

We just need to enter the wallet address and claim the reward right away. Learn more from my review.

Unfortunately, there is no contact info on There is nothing on their sister site as well.

There was a time when the micro wallet they use got hacked and they have to switch to another one from Now, they already returned to the previous micro wallet.

The script does have some way to prevent users with ad blockers but they will not ban us. We just need to turn the blocker off first before using their platform again, especially their faucet.

Somehow, they add firewall lock. Before we can continue claiming their faucet, we need to once in a while unlock the firewall by solving their captcha. I think it is probably just to earn more revenue from the captcha itself.

We can create account with via this link. We just need to enter an email, username, and password.

Cryptocurrency Faucet

One of the features that we can use to earn money from is the cryptocurrency faucet. From a cryptocurrency faucet, anybody can earn money, usually in cryptocurrency, for doing almost nothing.

The least we should do to earn the money is just a click of a button. Most of these kind of programs nowadays will require more. We need to click and view some ads, visit and going through some webpages, and solve some captcha systems.

The amount of money we can earn from a cryptocurrency faucet usually is not that much, considering how little the effort is. However, some of them allow us to repeat the process and let us claim over and over again after waiting for a period of time.

Overtime, with multiple claims and from multiple different cryptocurrency faucet programs, those pennies can eventually become very big. Combined with the chance of increasing value of the cryptocurrency, people can earn a lot from this type of programs.

In the case of, we can claim once every 5 minutes. After we have reached the minimum amount to withdraw, we can request a payout in one of the supported cryptocurrencies.

Currently, the 4 supported currencies are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Tron. The payment will be sent via, a micro wallet service manually.

How does it work?

After we sign in to our account, we need to click on the MANUAL FAUCET menu from the left navigation widget. This will send us to the faucet claiming page as shown by the previous picture.

There are 2 things we need to do here. The first one is to solve the captcha system, currently only from hCaptcha. While the second one is to complete the antibot script which we need to click on three words in the order as indicated by the instruction.

If we click the hCaptcha box, a small window will appear where we will see a series of pictures as shown by the next picture. The captcha may require us do complete something different. At the end of the process, we will get a check mark on that captcha box.

For the Antibot, everytime we click on the box of words, the box will disappear. We have to do it correctly before we proceed with the COLLECT YOUR REWARD button. Otherwise we have to repeat the whole process.

There is a reset button right after to the instruction which will reload all three boxes so we can click on them again one by one. Once we have finished, we can click that blue button.

As shown by the second picture below, we will see an announcement as a result on that page. It will say that 0.0003 USD has been added to our balance. At the top left corner of that faucet page, we can then see a timer that will countdown from 5 minutes.

We have to wait for the countdown before we can repeat the process to claim more money.  The page also says that there is a claim limit which they have changed a couple of times since the start.

However, we can still claim more even if the page says otherwise. Just wait for 5 minutes and repeat the process and we will earn more.

That is it with the claiming process. There might be some pop up ads along the way. The script will also detect if we use some adblockers.

It will not ban us but we have to turn the blocker off before we can continue claiming the money.

Account Level Bonus

The more we use, we will earn EXP. After we have reached some EXP, our account’s level will go up. By doing this, we are eligible to earn extra reward from each faucet claim.

The bonus is additional 0.001% per level. So, for example, at level 28, we will get 0.028% extra reward from the faucet.

If the faucet reward is 0.0003 USD, the bonus is  0.000000084 USD. Each faucet claim will give us 1 EXP. We probably need like 100 EXP for each level.

Unfortunately, there is no page that explains how high we can increase our account’s level. From the leaderboard, the highest level is currently at 119.

Each user will start with level 0. So, we will get no bonus at the start.

Daily Achievement

If we can claim a certain number of time from faucet within a day, we are eligible to earn some bonus. We can access the bonus by clicking on the ACHIEVEMENT menu. This will bring us to a page as shown by the next picture.

Once we have reached the achievements, we will see a full blue bar, with a black check mark that we can click on. We just need to click that check mark to claim the reward.

The page will show an announcement of getting that reward. We can repeat this process of claiming achievement bonus everyday. The system will reset at 00:00 UTC.

As the bonus, we will earn money and ENERGY. The Energy can be spent on to run the auto faucet. More about this later.

Here are the details of the current bonus.

5 faucet claims: 0.001 USD + 25 Energy
10 faucet claims: 0.0025 USD + 50 Energy
20 faucet claims: 0.005 USD + 100 Energy

Weekly Contest

Another possible reward that we can get by claiming more from faucet is from the weekly contest. Whoever top four accounts to claim the most within a week is eligible to win a reward.

Here are the details

1st place: 0.02 USD
2nd place: 0.01 USD
3rd place: 0.005 USD
4th place:0.0025 USD

The weekly contest always starts and ends on Sunday at 00:00 UTC time. Currently the highest claimer can claim like 480 times or about 70 claims a day.

Comparisons to Other Programs

As we can see from the faucet page, we can earn 0.0003 USD per claim with one claim every 5 minutes. That means, assuming we can claim without any daily limit, we can claim up to 288 times a day.

Within a day, the potential earning rate is 0.0864 USD. That is before the reward from account’s level, or the daily achievement or the contest.

The question is, is that a good earning rate? One way to find out is by making a simple comparisons to other similar program. In this case, other cryptocurrency faucet program.

Here are what I have tried so far., usually as my standard for good earning faucet, can give us like less than 4 satoshi ($0.002) at this time per claim every hour as the base reward which is what we will get most of the time. There is a chance to get higher rewards per claim from this. We need 7 claims from to get the same as that one claim from this., now the faucet can only give us 2 claims per day. For me right now about 20 coins a day and with 100 coins equals to $0.01 means $0.002 per day, or about 3 satoshi. With 7 claims from and we already get higher than this., a 5 minute faucet can offer like 44 satoshi of BNB ($0.0002) per claim. That one claim is slightly lower than one claim from and their group, each as hourly faucet can give altcoins about 286 litoshi ($0.00075) at this time as the base prize. With just 3 claims from and we already get higher than one claim of this., also can give constant amount but only 1 satoshi every hour at this moment. That one claim is higher than one claim from but lower daily rate., has a faucet feature, give at least 1 satoshi in per hour. That one lowest reward is higher than one claim from but lower daily rate., a 1 minute faucet and no limit can give random amount per claim, currently about 0.0013 DOGE ($0.0003) at least. That one claim is about the same reward as one claim from, an auto faucet, at this time, with maximum bonus, can give like 1 satoshi per hour ($0.0005). That one hour rate is just slightly higher than one claim from, an hour faucet, offers like just 1 Bitcoin satoshi per hour. We can get higher but it is almost impossible to achieve. and most of other faucet programs can offer higher than this., an hour faucet, can give us like 0.0016 DGB or about $0.0002 per claim. One claim from is about 1.5x higher than this.

ES Faucet, another lump sum claim faucet, which we can earn from 30 minutes, offering 13 different coins, can give like 0.27 satoshi ($0.00015) after waiting for 30 minutes per faucet as the base prize only.

We need 2 faucet claims from this to get the same reward as one claim from, an auto faucet, could offer like 0.02 DOGE ($0.0056) per day. With 19 claims from and we can get about the same reward as this., an hourly faucet, can offer like 1 satoshi per hour or up to 24 per day. With the current rate of BTC, that one claim ($0.0005) is already slightly higher than one claim from and their group offers like 0.0035 DOGE ($0.0009) per claim per 10 minutes or about 0.021 DOGE per hour. That one claim is three times higher than one claim from, a 6 minute faucet can offer like 1 satoshi per claim or 10 satoshi per hour. With the current rate of BTC, that one claim ($0.0005) is already slightly higher than one claim from, another lump sum faucet, offers like 2 satoshi of BTC after 10 minutes waiting, without the bonus. With the current rate of BTC, that one claim ($0.0011) is about three times as high as one claim from, a 30 minute faucet, can give us like 5 ALTH per claim or about 0.0047 DOGE per claim ($0.00027). That one claim is slightly lower than one claim from, a 20 hour faucet can give like less than $0.0004 per claim as the base reward. With 2 claims from and we already get higher than this for a day., a 40 minute faucet, offers like 17.5 coin per claim or about 1.25 satoshi at this time ($0.0007). With 3 claims from and we already get higher reward than one claim of this., an hour faucet and we can claim like 20 coins (about $0.0002) per claim as the minimum. One claim from is already higher than one claim from this., a 15 minute faucet can offer like $0.000036 per hour or $0.000864 per day. With just 3 claims from and we already get higher rate than this for a day., and their group can offer like 0.0026 DOGE ($0.00015) per claim and we can claim once per 5 minutes per faucet. One claim from is actually twice as much as this one., a 24 hour faucet offers multiple coins. If we claim all of them, we can get about $0.0018 or currently about 3 satoshi. With about 6 claims from and we already get the same as this one., a daily faucet, where we can earn about 0.0018 DOGE ($0.0005) and 0.0000031 ZEC ($0.0007) per day. With 4 claims from and we already get higher than this. a once a day faucet can give us like 9 satoshi or about $0.005 currently per day. With 17 claims from, we can already get more than this., a 5 minute lump sum faucet can give us like 0.71 satoshi ($0.0004) per claim. That reward per claim is slightly higher than one claim from faucet., as a 5 minute faucet can give us 92 litoshi ($0.0003) per claim. The reward is the same as but there is no bonus to boost the reward with this one., a 30 minute faucet can give us like at least 5 tokens per claim ($0.0005). With 2 claims from within half an hour, we can already earn higher than this., a PTC with 60 minute faucet, can offer like $0.0015 per hour as the minimum. With 5 claims within an hour, we can earn higher than this with, a 5 minute faucet, can give us like $0.0003 per claim up to 20 times a day per faucet. The reward per claim per faucet is the same but we can do more with, another 5 minute faucet, can give us like $0.0004 per claim per faucet up to 20 times each per day. That one claim is higher than one claim from but with daily limit. has a 2 minute faucet where we can claim up to 20 times a day, and get up to $0.017 per day. That is about a fifth of what we can get from, an auto faucet can give us like $0.01546 per day. That is just more than a fifth of what we can get from per day., a 2 minute faucet, can give us 400 satoshi of LTC (about 0.0013 USD) per claim up to 33 times a day. That means for a day we can get up to 0.0429 USD which is about half of the potential rate from

This is just comparing strictly between the faucet earning rate. There are more things to consider like the claiming process or how easy to withdraw.

Some programs can offer other earning feature or bonus that could make them a better choice. On the other hand, some users might not be able to use those other earning feature and can only rely on faucet.

Comment and Suggestion

There are a lot of other faucets that use the same script as this. Some may offer higher reward per claim but less bonus. Yet, the higher one is still without any pop up ads.

We may argue that it is just a matter of time then. Either the higher one will reduce the reward or add more ads.

Some may offer different interval time. The other one that I currently use is set to 1 minute per claim.

I guess most of them, including are still relatively new. They still change and adjust things. For example, the daily limit used to be 100 claims while other programs that I have tried set to 200.

Then both of them change the limit. set to 25 before the recent one to 20 claims per day. Like I said before, this is just about the achievement. We can keep claiming even the limit says otherwise.

I don’t know why they didn’t just set to 25 or even higher if they allow us to claim more. At least, I only realized that because I was trying to write this review and explore the platform.

If I knew that the limit is useless, I would have claimed even more.

Also, they can always change the achievement. But as it is, there is no reason not to claim them. That is an extra money worth of at least 17 faucet claims that we can get with just a click of a button, no captcha.

I think using multiple faucet with the same script is not necessarily a good idea. The problem would be the captcha. While the script allows the owner to add alternatives, but most of them stick with just hCaptcha.

If all of them set the claiming to a very low interval time, it’s just a matter of time before the captcha becomes harder to be solved. So, I guess we can only use one of these faucets with Vie script.

In general, I think hCaptcha is better than Google but Solve Media is still easier. The problem with hCaptcha is that they are currently have different type of captcha that we need to solve.

Some can be easier, while the other can be annoying. Like Google’s, hCaptcha still forces user to load pictures. The 3×3 even comes with multiple set that we need to solve each time, almost like Google at its peak load.

Sometimes, it seems like the captcha doesn’t load as we cannot see the box. We can actually try to click on the area where the captcha box is and it will load the small window that we need to solve the captcha on.

Also, because they set some pop up ads, it is recommended trying to click on any part of the faucet page before trying to solve the captcha. This way, we don’t need to waste time solving two captchas for one claim.

Another consideration when choosing other faucet with Vie script is that probably for the weekly contest if they have it. Maybe with lower number of users, we have better chance on winning.

Like other programs, at the start, we might be able to be at the top. However, overtime, there will always be new users that are willing to do even more.

For that, I would say, the reward is not worth it. I suggest just do the optimal number of claims for ourselves and check whether we have a shot to win the reward. Otherwise, just ignore it.

What I like about this faucet is the bonus from our level. That means, overtime, we will get higher and higher reward.

The small extra amount can build up overtime. Still, the owner will always have the rights to change whether the reward per claim or the bonus rate itself. Removing them completely is also possible, I guess.

Usually it will be based on their revenue. Hopefully it will take a while before we get to that point.

Auto Faucet

The next feature on that we can use to earn is the auto faucet. The manual faucet is where we have to manually claim the reward with the clicking and solving captcha.

On the other hand, auto faucet will automatically claim the reward just by opening the page. However, it will require ENERGY, which is the reward that we can get from the achievement.

To access this feature, we just need to click on the AUTO FAUCET menu under the EARNING section from the left navigation widget on The next image displays what we will see from that page.

As we can see, there is a countdown timer and a bar that will automatically start after we open the page. The page says that we will need to wait for 60 seconds to get 0.0001 USD.

After the timer is done we will see an announcement as shown by the second picture below. It will also immediately start the next cycle and countdown.

That is actually it with how to use the auto faucet feature.

However, each cycle will consume 10 Energy. If we run out of Energy, we will find out after the timer is done and the page will tell us.

Alternatively, we can go to the dashboard. The energy that we have is right next to our balance.

To get more energy, other than the reward from daily achievement, we can also try to use the SHORTLINK feature. More about this later.


Shortlink is also another earning option that any member can use on

What we do here is we have to access a link from shortlinks provider, go through a couple of pages with a lot of ads and pop ups, solve some captcha systems and return to the host. That is how we complete a visit to shortlinks.

At the end, we will be credited with some amount of money. It is like a currency faucet but from a 3rd party program, a shortlink provider. In this case, only acts as the host.

The provider will then pay the host and the host will share that reward with the member who did the work, visiting the links. Any host can work with multiple providers.

Each provider has their own links and pages alongside how to go through their pages. Links from one provider can be very easy to complete while other can be very difficult.

The host will be the one to determine how much money we get for completing each link. Usually, each link can be visited once a day and we can visit and get paid again the next day.

How does it work?

To access this feature on, we need to click on the SHORTLINKS menu from the left navigation widget. The link will bring us to a page as shown by the previous picture.

As we can see at the top of the page, there is a summary. Currently there are 25 shortlinks available, worth a total of 0.0124 USD + 600 Energy.

Then, if we scroll down a bit, there are some boxes, each represent a link to a provider. It will tell us the name of the provider in bold font, the amount of reward and energy we can get for completing the visit to the link, and a blue button to start visiting the link.

The blue button will have a number which indicates how many visits can we do to that link within 24 hours. Most of them can only be visited once and we have to wait for 24 hours before we can repeat the process for that link.

The exception would be the one from BITLINKS.PW and CLAIMCLICKS which can be visited 3 and 10 times respectively. If I understand correctly, CLAIMCLICKS is from the same owner as

As an example, I will be visiting the one from EXE.IO provider to show how it works. To start, we just need to click on the blue button of the corresponding provider and it will open a new browser tab to load the page of that provider.

The first page is shown by the next picture. Simply, we just need to click that blue button that says CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE.

However, a couple of pop up ads will be there. We just need to keep trying to click that button and it will bring us to the second page, which is shown by the second picture below.

This time the page will say EXE.IO at the top. We can see that in the middle of the page, there is another blue button that says CONTINUE.

Like before, we simply just need to click that button. However, aside from possible pop up ads, occasionally we have to solve a captcha from Google before we can proceed to the next page.

Once we have successfully get through that second page, we will see the third one as shown by the third picture below. This time, we will see a timer and after the page has been loaded completely, it will automatically start the countdown from 10 to 0.

It is possible another pop up ads will appear and we have to keep clicking the page or the countdown won’t start. Once the countdown has reached zero, the button that says PREPARING THE LINK will be replaced by another one that says GET LINK.

That is the final button that will bring us back to the host, or in this case, As shown by the fourth picture below, when we arrive back on, we will see an announcement that they have credited our account with the reward.

Notice that the square for EXE.IO provider is no longer available now. The remaining available links, rewards and energy has been reduced now.

That is actually it with the process of completing a shortlink, specifically for the one from EXE.IO provider. Other provider will have their own page and process but the general idea is usually more or less the same.

Even EXE.IO has changed their pages a couple of times so far. As I said earlier, we can repeat the process, complete another visit to EXE.IO or any provider again 24 hours since the last visit to that provider on the same host.

Each shortlink we visited will give us 2 EXP.

Daily Achievements

Like the faucet, if we can complete a certain number of shortlinks within a day, we are eligible to claim extra bonus. We can access again the ACHIEVEMENT page and there are 3 achievements related to shortlinks.

Here are the details at the moment.

5 shortlinks: 0.001 USD + 50 Energy
10 shortlinks: 0.0025 USD + 100 Energy
15 shortlinks: 0.005 USD + 200 Energy

Once we have meet the requirements for the achievement, the progress bar will be full and we can click on the black check mark at the right end of it to claim the reward. Like the achievement for the faucet, this will reset each day at 00:00 UTC time.

Weekly Contest also runs a weekly contest for completing shortlinks. We can see the details on the LEADERBOARD page as shown by the next picture.

On the the top 4 users with completing the most shortlinks visit will get the reward. The contest starts and ends every Sunday at  00:00 UTC time.

Here are the details of the price.

1st place: 0.05 USD
2nd place: 0.025 USD
3rd place: 0.01 USD
4th place:0.005 USD

The page of the leaderboard is either real time and will be updated every 10 minutes. We can see who is in the lead and how far our position is and maybe we can try to get to the first place.

Reward and Comparisons

Since shortlinks are from third party program, we can actually find them on other host, complete the visit and get paid. Regardless of the host, the process remains the same for one provider.

The thing is that the reward is determined by the host. Some host can offer higher or lower or the same reward even though they come from one and the same provider.

Surely we can just visit them all and get the reward. However, for those who don’t have all time for that, maybe trying to complete on the host that pays higher is not a bad idea, considering that we need the same effort and time to complete them.

Usually I only visit the links from EXE.IO or FC.LC as they are probably the easiest and have been around for a while. I don’t know if I am ever going to try all of the providers here.

For both EXE.IO and FC.LC, is offering the same reward, which is 0.001 USD + 40 Energy or 0.0014 USD for each. Here are other hosts that I have tried that offers payments for those 2 providers. offers to pay 0.0016 USD for EXE.IO and 0.0012 USD for FC.LC. That means, one is higher and one is lower than but if we complete both, they are the same. offers to pay 31.25 Coins ($0.0012) for each to both FC.LC and EXE.IO as the base reward. That is almost the same reward as and we can increase it by being active. offers to pay 9.72 ALTH ($0.000972) for EXE.IO and 9 ($0.0009) ALTH for FC.LC. This is lower than what we can get from offers to pay 72 Coins ($0.00072) for FC.LC and 60 Coins ($0.0006) for EXE.IO. That is just about half of what we can get from offers to pay 7 token ($0.0007) for the EXE.IO. This is just half of what we can get from offers to pay 0.05 RUB ($0.00066) for EXE.IO. So, this one is lower than if we complete it on offers to pay 50 ACP ($0.0005) for completing a visit to FC.LC links. We can get almost three times higher than this with offers to pay 0.00183891 EXS ($0.0004) for the FC.LC provider. This is lower than what we can get from also offers shortlinks from those providers but they are integrated to the faucet. The reward itself is just up to 1 satoshi of Bitcoin or about 0.0005 USD. also offers to pay about $0.00006 for visiting any of the shortlinks on their platform as part of the faucet claiming process. This is way lower than

Remember that any of these hosts can always change the reward anytime. This comparison is based on the reward at the moment of this writing.

Based on comparisons above, the reward from a lot of hosts can be very competitive. They don’t offer something significantly different. We just need to avoid the ones that offer rather low.

Comment and Suggestion

If can keep the reward as it is, this should be probably the one that offers the highest reward. At least based on the two providers. If we can only complete them on one host, this should be one of the first to complete.

Remember that we also need to spend the ENERGY to run the auto faucet in order to get all of the reward. They may also change the amount of ENERGY that we can get.

I kind of wish that they can reset all of the shortlinks at the same time instead of 24 hours after the visit. That way, for people who try to complete them in regular basis, they don’t have to change the time. Otherwise, the time will always shift.

Right in the middle of this writing they changed the number of visit we can do to their own shortlinks, Claim Clicks from 10 to 1. I don’t know why but that is the possibility.

Their own shortlinks is not that hard to complete. I want to suggest completing them if we are trying to go for the daily achievement. Now that it is gone, getting even 5 is probably difficult. Let’s just hope they bring back the other 9 times.

So, if we want to go for 5, my favorite would be EXE.IO, FC.LC, ADBULL.ME, ADSHORT.CO and their CLAIMCLICKS. Again, each of them can change how we need to go through their links, possibly makes it even more difficult to complete.

It is nice that they offer some extra reward for completing more. At least, that gives a reason for members to try completing a number of providers in a day instead of just one per day.

Shortlink is probably the first feature that I would use after the faucet. The reason is because most of them are accessible for any member. Unlike the offerwalls which usually have some requirements before we can participate.

The potential reward is lower than offers or offerwalls which will be discussed later but there is no point on having higher potential reward if we cannot access them.

From all of the shortlinks, EXE.IO is probably one of the most popular and easiest ones. We can always find this one on different hosts.

It used to be even less complicated than this but the nature is, these providers will have to find a way to generate more income. That is by adding more ads, or pages within that links.

Eventually some of the become too difficult to solve and yet offer very low reward. That is why we need to get familiar with providers.

Compared to other earning options, shortlinks give rather lower reward. From the faucet we can earn at least twice as much as the highest reward from shortlinks. The claiming process from faucet is less annoying in my opinion.

Compared to PTC, in average the reward from shortlinks is still lower than the average of PTC ads. We don’t have to deal with hard captcha or pop up ads if we earn from PTC.

Considering that shortlinks comes from 3rd party programs, it is possible that we can earn more on other host but from the same providers. For example, on, we can earn like 3 satoshi per visit to EXE.IO link or earn about $0.001, which is slightly lower than

However, offers extra reward the more we use them and the reward can go higher than Sadly, there is currently no feature to boost that extra reward specifically for the shortlinks feature here.

As I said before, we can just try to complete the shortlinks from the same provider on multiple different hosts. However, if we can only complete some of them, we need to know which can offer the highest reward for the same time and effort. Of course, there are other consideration like managing the internal currency.

I think the idea of these additional earning options from 3rd party programs is to help us reach the minimum to withdraw faster so we can get paid sooner. For me, the minimum from is not that high and we can easily reach that by the faucet.

So, I will only earn from the shortlink just once in a while for the sake or withdrawing the minimum.

The thing is that sometimes the host rely on these 3rd party programs to sustain their business. The host may get more revenue but at the same time, opening to a risk.

There have been some owners who got scammed by one of the shortlinks providers. Hopefully this will not happen to or as a user, we have to prepare for losing another earning option.

Paid to Click (PTC)

Paid to Click is another earning option that we can use on  The way it works is that we just click on ads, view them for a couple of seconds, probably solve some captchas and earn money.

Some may consider it as a bribe so people would look on the ads. It is like a faucet but the difference is that these ads come from other members.

Like any PTC feature on any host, we can also use it for advertising. So, if we advertise on PTC, we are basically paying other members to view our ads.

Which is why, the available of the ads and thus as the earning option is limited. If there is no other member that is willing to spend their money to advertise, we will see no content on PTC and can earn nothing from it.

Most of the time, the advertisers need to pay for a number of views or clicks right upfront, like 100 views as the minimum. This can mean 100 views by multiple different users within a day or 100 views to a the same user once each day.

So, it is possible that we can earn multiple times from the same ads, assuming the advertiser still have some credits left. Advertiser can also rerun their campaign from which we can earn more.

How to Earn

After we sign in to, we need to click on PTC menu under the EARNING section of the left navigation widget. This will bring us to a page as shown by the previous picture.

As we can see, at the top, the page will tell us the number of ads and their worth. Then, right below the stats, we can find all of the available ads, each will have a box with a blue button.

From each ad, we can see the title and a bit of description, the reward and the timer. To start earning, we simply click on the GO button. This will bring us to a page similar to the next picture.

That page will have a framed window of two parts. The top part will have a timer while the bottom one is to display the ads. All we need to do is to wait until the timer is done counting down and another smaller window will appear with a captcha system as shown by the second picture below.

We need to stay active in that window or the timer will not start the countdown. Then, we just need to solve the captcha and click on the green VERIFY button to proceed.

As shown by the third picture below, we will return to the PTC page and see an announcement that says that our account has been credited with the reward.

That is it with how to earn from the PTC feature. We can repeat the process on other available ads or wait for the next day and see if there are more ads.

At this point, each PTC ads we view will increase our EXP by 1. Currently, does not offer any achievement reward related to PTC.

How to Advertise

Up to this point, we can only advertise on the PTC feature of Maybe they will offer more options in the future.

What it means to advertise using the PTC is we will be the one creating the ads that other member can view and earn money from us. Usually that is in the hope that some of the viewers will be interested enough to join the program we promote.

To access this feature, we first need to create the campaign of our ads. We can click on the CREATE CAMPAIGN menu under ADVERTISE section from the left navigation widget. This will bring us to a form to create the campaign as shown by the next picture.

As we can see, we just need to fill in all of the fields. Starts with the title of the campaign, then the description and URL. The fourth field is for the viewing credits or how many views or click are we going to buy.

The last part is the duration. Currently they are offering only one plan, which the ad will have 15 seconds timer and the minimum is 100 views. The price is 0.0004 USD per view. We can click on the CREATE CAMPAIGN button to proceed.

From what I understand, we can only pay using the DEPOSIT BALANCE, a separate one from our main balance in which we will collect our earning. We first need to use the TRANSFER feature, also under the ADVERTISE section to transfer money from the main balance to the deposit balance.

There is also a DEPOSIT feature which we can pay via COINBASE (USD), FAUCETPAY.OI (BTC) or PAYEER (USD). To be honest, I’m not sure how this actually works.

Since they don’t offer an explanation of how to use it, I suggest try not to make the deposit at all. We can use our earnings to advertise using the TRANSFER feature.

However, once we have transferred, we cannot transfer it back. Unless we are planning on advertising at all, do not even transfer because we cannot withdraw the deposit balance.

After we have created our campaign, there is a page to manage the campaign later. Using this page, we can pause the campaign to preserve the advertising credit or resume the campaign.

I’m not sure if we can edit the campaign but usually we can buy more viewing credits.

Comment and Suggestion

Right now, since there is only one advertising plan, the reward is always the same. For every 0.0004 USD that the advertiser pays, the viewer get 0.0003 USD and that means 0.0001 USD goes to as the administration fee.

The ad is always 15 seconds and viewers need to stay focus on so that the countdown will start. Right now the captcha is only hCaptcha as well to verify viewing the PTC ads.

On other program with the same script, they definitely can change the timer, the captcha system and the price per view. Also, they can setup reward for daily achievements where doesn’t offer.

However, it doesn’t mean we can achieve them because the availability of the ads depends on the advertiser. So, I kind of understand the limitation here.

The number of available ads in a day is less than 10 ads at this point. We cannot really expect to earn much from this feature.

For earning, the one from is probably not the first one we should try. On the other program with the same script, they even use reCaptcha v3 to verify.

That means most of the time we just need to click the button and it will automatically verify which is way easier than this. Even they offer higher reward than

Clearly the reward and the potential daily earning rate is lower compared to other programs where PTC is the main feature.

Like where we can earn 0.00065 USD per ad and with way easier viewing process and up to 30 ads per day. can offer at least 6 coins (0.0006 USD) per ad up to 25 ads per day. The viewing process is not that difficult either for that level of reward. also offers like 6 token (0.0006 USD) per ad but only less than 5 ads per day. We always have to view within 12 seconds. offers at least 0.04 RUB (0.00052 USD) per ad. We can definitely earn way higher than that with most of their ads. can offer like 0.0005 USD per ad up to 20 ads per day. The claiming process is a bit more difficult though., another PTC site can offer at least 0.00049 USD per ads up to 30 ads per business day, depending on our BAP level. I consider this as the one that has the chance to be a sustainable PTC and best for both users and advertisers because the encourage users to advertise. offers about 50 auto claims (0.0004870 USD) per PTC ads with about 10 ads per day. So far, the viewing process will take like 5 seconds. can offer like 1 satoshi (0.0005 USD) per ad but that is because they cannot go even lower. The available ads are less than 5 per day and we need to view like 2 minutes at least. also offer PTC with up to 40 ads per day, each worth at least 17.5 coins (0.000175 USD). This is lower per ads but easier claiming process than

Those are just from programs that I have tried and written a review about. I think there are other programs out there that offer even more.

But based on the comparisons, PTC is clearly not the recommended one. We can spend the same amount of time on other programs and get higher reward.

That is for the user who wants to earn from What about the advertisers? Should we advertise here?

The minimum budget to start advertising on is 100 x 0.0004 USD or 0.04 USD for 100 views. With 133 faucet claims, we can start advertising.

Compared to that requires 0.85 USD as the start and get 1,000 views. That is more than twice the price if we purchase the same amount of credits as

With, we need like 1.3 USD for 1,000 views. That is more than 3 times the fee from

With, we need like 0.06 RUB (0.0008 USD) per view and I think we can start as low as 1 view. They also offer more expensive option if we pay with Bitcoin.

With, we need like 1.4 USD to start the advertising and get 2,000 views. This is an expensive one but I guess the quality is good.

With, we can start with just 1 USD. If we buy their Bulk Ads, we get more long term benefit than just 100 views that can increase our earning rate.

With, we can start with just 0.05 USD to get 50 views. This is definitely more expensive than

With, we need to purchase at least 2,000 views with currently 6 satoshi per view. That is about 6 USD just to start.

With, we need 0.025 USD to start advertising and get 100 views. This is a cheaper option than

The comparisons above are just comparing the price per view. We need to understand that each of them offer different quality of how they deliver the ads.

Some may offer forcing mechanism like where user has to stay focus on that ad or the countdown won’t start. We also need to consider the number of active users on that platform.

Some also offer targeting system where they will only show the ads to people with specific background like geographical location. For these type, we can probably promote something local. is probably the best option if we really look for quality but they are indeed, expensive. However, there is no guarantee that we will get a good result.

Usually we need to advertise in multiple different platform and each we do multiple times. That way we can get enough data to find out which gives the best conversion rate.

If the goal is to get as many referrals as we get, getting more doesn’t mean that all of the referrals will be an active one. We will get a small percentage of them that will be active for a while if not forever.

The question is, will the earnings from those referrals cover the expense? It is possible that we will spend more than we earn.

Personally, I don’t recommend it. But that is from someone who never advertise in this kind of programs. I think there are a lot of people who successfully get a lot of referrals by advertising on PTC.

In my opinion, there are a lot of cheaper ways to advertise or even free. But then, if we spend our earnings from the PTC itself, I guess we can also consider any of these options as free.

We can always advertise on forums, our social media accounts or our own webpage like mine here. Sure, there will be some extra cost, but it stays in longer term while on PTC, only as long as we have the credit.

If we still want to advertise, I suggest promoting a page with a list of multiple programs instead of just one program. There is a chance that the program we are promoting will not stay forever.

Most of these advertising platforms will not allow us to transfer credits from one campaign to another. So, if we promote a list, at least we can maintain the list while replacing the program.

We also need to understand that these platforms are online earning platforms. Most of the users have one and the same goal, which is to make money.

We can of course, promote something else completely unrelated, but the result may not be that good because the users just don’t care. Also, we need to consider that other users may promote the same program as ours. If that is the case, the user will just ignore because they already know.

The best program to promote is probably the program that we own or something relatively still very new. That can attract more users to check the program.

In general, this is an advertising platform with limited type of audience. Like advertising anywhere else, unless we can really stand out from the crowd, we probably will not get any good result.


This is the next earning option that we can access from the menu. However, currently it is empty.

If we check on other program with the similar script, it is meant for the owner to create their own offer. Unlike offerwalls where the owner will add 3rd party programs. More about this later.

For example, the next picture displays the TASK from, another program with the same script. There are only four of them at the moment and each of them is one time only.

The task can be about promoting the platform itself on multiple different social media or such. Each task will have a list of requirements that we need to meet before we are eligible for the reward.

That includes submitting a proof. The reward can be money, energy and exp to level up. From these examples, one task can give us 1 USD. 100 Energy and 50 EXP.

I guess we can only wait for the owner of to utilize their own features. This kind of task can actually help them get more users to the platform.


Offers, in this industry, usually means a task that any member can try to complete them and in return, that member will get a compensation or reward. Offerwalls are the providers of these tasks, usually 3rd party programs that work with the host.

The tasks can be anything from sign up to affiliate links, viewing ads like PTC, watching videos, doing survey, trying mobile apps, even visiting a shortlink, etc.  So, it is like all of the other earning options that have been discussed previously in this article.

The difference is those previous earning options are being done by and so, as the member, we can advertise and create the task, or ad for the PTC. From offerwalls, we have to contact the providers directly, if we want to create the offer.

Any host can work with multiple different providers and we can find the same providers on different hosts. The idea of offerwalls is that we can get an earning option which will pay with the currency of the host.

This will help us get higher earning rate and eventually reach the minimum amount to withdraw faster. In the case on, we can see that there is a drop down menu.

This is meant to have a list of multiple different offerwalls or providers. Currently they are working only with WANNADS offerwall.

It is possible that they may add more in the future. On the other hand, if the host think that the offerwall is a scam or doesn’t pay, they can just remove them from the platform.

We have to understand how each of provider work individually if we want to earn from their tasks. The problem is that some of these tasks are not universally accessible.

Those with the match criteria might be able to access and earn if they can complete it. Which is why I cannot tell for sure how each of them work., as the host, will only become the browser to access the provider’s page. The providers will pay the host which the host will share the reward to those who completed the tasks.

How does it work?

To be honest, I haven’t tried any of them yet so I don’t know for sure if this will actually work.

First, we need to access the offerwall page from by clicking on OFFERWALL menu and choose the provider from the drop down. Currently there is only one provider and the link will bring us to a page similar as the previous picture.

As we can see from that page, the page will load the WANNADS offers. We can immediately find a list of available offers that we can try to complete and get paid.

Each task will display the reward that we can find at the right end of the row. Below the reward we can find the type of task like sign ups, surveys, game, etc.

What we need to do is just click the reward and it will open a new browser tab that will load the offers. We have to go through their pages, probably with sign ups and at the end of the process we will return to the page.

Some of the offers may require manual confirmation. If they consider that we have completed the task or offers, they will then pay the host and the host will pay our account.

There is a chance that we may not be eligible to participate with the task, mostly with surveys. They may ask a couple of questions first and if the answer that we give them doesn’t match with their criteria, they may not allow us to proceed with the main survey.

The manual confirmation may take a couple of days. There is no guarantee that they will accept our work.

If we thing something is wrong, we can only send the complaint to the provider directly instead of the host. In this case, the WANNADS offerwalls.

Comment and Suggestion

Personally, I’m not a big fan of these offerwalls, mostly because of the accessibility. Another reason is that for some type of offers, we will not get paid immediately. There will be some manual confirmation before we get the reward.

Which is why I usually prefer PTC type of tasks. They are rather easy to access and complete, even if the reward is lower compared to other type of task.

I use them mostly just to help us get extra money so I can withdraw immediately but not as the main source of earning. PTC offer is very easy to complete and we will get paid immediately without any confirmation.

Unfortunately, we cannot find any PTC offers here.

As mentioned before, since offerwalls are 3rd party programs, if we have issue with them, we have to contact the providers directly. The host can only add or remove them based on whether the host get paid or not.

Another possible issue that can happen with offerwalls, not specifically for the currently available ones are that some of them can have a chargeback policy. If they think we violate something like using multiple accounts, the least penalty would be just get blocked but for some, we can even lose money.

This could happen if we try to complete the same task from the same provider but on different hosts at the same time. If we use similar websites with the same providers, we should just try to complete them on just one host.

We have to wait like at least the next day, if we want to switch. Unlike shortlinks, I think the reward has been determined by the provider, regardless of who the host is.

So, we can just complete them anywhere. It is just a matter of which internal currency that we want to be paid with.

It’s a good thing if any host or platform can offer multiple different offerwalls that we can choose from. Different members can try to earn from different providers.

It is not impossible to expect that they may add more in the future. But at the same time, there is a chance that those providers can be removed as well for whatever reason.

Usually offerwalls are also the source of revenue for the platform. There is no way the host will remove them if they can make money from this feature.

Referral / Affiliate Program

As mentioned before, the amount of money we can get from  or any faucet program is not that much. They are just pennies and some people think it is not worth the time.

However, by offering a referral or affiliate commission, any program can become a source of passive income. What we need to do is to invite other people to join the program and let them use the service.

In this case, the program is and the service is to earn money by claiming the reward from the faucets. As the referrer, we will earn commission. The amount is based on some percentage of the referral’s earning.

It is true that is even lower than what we can get by ourselves. However, that is just from one claim of one referral.

The more referrals we have and the more active they use the platform will increase the commission we can get. Moreover, we will earn those commission passively, 24/7 even while we are asleep.

That is the basic idea of any referral or affiliate feature. The question is, can this one from be as good as it sounds?

How does it work?

Like on any online program offering a referral or affiliate commission, each member will get a unique link with their ID attached to it. It is called referral link or reflink and this next one is mine for

If anybody click on that link and join the program, they will become my referral. And if they use the service, earn from any of the earning feature, as the referrer, I will earn 25% commission. This will not be taken from the referral’s hard work.

What we need to do is to share the link to anybody online on any platform that we regularly use. The platform can be our social media accounts, forum, group messenger for family and/or friends, email or even website or blog that we own.

Anywhere we can post the link and the public can access it will do. Even Google Docs can work, if we let the file visible.

We can find our own unique link by accessing the REFERRAL page from the left navigation widget on The page will be similar as the previous picture.

The link will be at the top of the page within the green bar with a red font color. Unfortunately, does not provide more tools to help us promote their program.

Not even a copy button. So, we need to make sure that we copy the complete link or we will lose a potential income source.

Weekly Contest

Like for their faucet and shortlinks, also runs a weekly contest related to their referral feature. The top 4 referrers of the week will get a money bonus.

Here are the rewards.

1st. place: 0.02 USD
2nd place: 0.01 USD
3rd place: 0.005 USD
4th place: 0.0025 USD

Like their other weekly contest, this one will reset every Sunday at 00:00 UTC time. It doesn’t matter if we don’t actively use the platform ourselves. If we can get more referrals within a week than other members, we will get the reward.

How to get (more) referrals?

Well, sharing the link is a must but how exactly? Sharing to the wrong people is like a salesman approaching stranger. People hate that.

If we try to share on our social media, people might get annoyed if they are not interested. Especially if we are spamming, sharing over and over again like multiple times within a day.

We could lose our followers, risking any network we have built. Maybe it’s better to have alternate account specifically just to share this kind of program.

We look for community or other users that we know are interested. Or only when they ask, then we can share with them the link.

A better way might be to share on forums. Not just any forum of course, but related to online money making program, bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies.

The problem with using any free platform like this is that we are probably not the only one who promote the same program. We have to offer something more than just the referral link like anybody else.

Another thing is that these free platforms have rules that they can suddenly change about promotion and not to mention, shutting down their service entirely. We have to start over our campaign if they delete them.

A better way would be to have our own website. We can share anything not just one program but others with the same, similar or related topics.

Having a website is like having a shop in real life. People can always come back to and find out more programs to use.

Then we can use those free platforms, forum or social media accounts  just for promotion. A good way to get backlink or generate traffic.

Since it’s an online shop, it will stay open 24/7, no need to wait for us to wake up and can be accessed from everywhere around the world. The best part of having our own place or website is that any search engine like Google will do the promotion work non stop.

And they will show the website as a result to exactly people who are interested in it. They use the search engine to look for it and get the website we build as the result. No need to worry about being annoying salesman.

Those people will access the website, see what we have to offer. Maybe a review like this, other or similar program we use, sharing experience, opinion, views to let people know that we understand this kind of program.

If they are interested, they will become our referrals for any program we promote. Once we have enough referrals for or every programs we promote, we can have passive income even full time income.

That is exactly how people can build their business online. They own a website, fill the website with contents that can help promote a program, and let it work automatically.

If you are interested to know more about how to build a website and turn it into an online business, keep reading. I will share with you later about a training program that anybody can use.

In the meantime, let’s head back to for a little bit.

Comment and Suggestion

At this point, I still haven’t gotten any referrals for So, I’m not sure if their referral feature actually works or not.

Unfortunately, their referral page doesn’t explain how it works further in detail. So, what I’m going to say has a lot of assumption in it.

As we can see from the previous picture the winner of the contest can get up to 14 referrals in a week. That is even if the user is still at level 1.

I guess that means, we can actually earn a lot just by promoting the program. That is just the reward from the contest. We can earn more commission if any of those referrals are active users.

However, the owner can always change the reward of the contest or even stop running the contest entirely. Still, it is a nice reward. I mean 0.02 USD is equal to a commission of 270 referrals’ clicks.

That can be achieved automatically and within a day. Compared to actively claim the faucet ourselves, that is also equal to almost 70 faucet claims.

Again, that is just from the contest. The commission can keep coming even we stop trying to win the contest. Of course, there is no guarantee that the referral will keep using the platform or even become an active one. They may not even do anything after the sign up.

That is typical for any referral programs. Only a small percentage will be an active one but as long as we can keep getting more referrals, the potential income is indefinite.

As for the commission itself, 25% is not the highest but certainly not the lowest. The highest possible one from other similar program is 50% but of course there are others that offer lower like 10 or 5% or even not at all.

Since the script already use USD as the internal currency, unless they change the reward we can tell how much commission we will get. For the faucet, if the reward is 0.0003 USD per claim, we will get 0.000075 USD as commission per referral’s claim.

That is also the reward and commission from PTC feature. From shortlink, the lowest reward is 0.0005 USD, so as commission we can get 0.000125 USD.

If we also get commission from auto faucet, if the reward is 0.0001 USD, we will get 0.000025 USD as commission. I don’t know about earning from TASK but from Offerwalls, the reward is different between one offer to another.

Currently, the reward is between 0.01 USD to 3.00 USD. That means the potential commission is between 0.0025 USD to 0.75 USD if the referral manage to complete them.

Honestly, I’m not sure if we can get commission if the referral wins some of the contest. They only say about commission from earnings but with no further explanation. Also, I’m not sure about the extra reward the referral can get from leveling up their account.

This is a nice thing of a program with a lot of different earning options. That way we can promote this to anyone and get a better chance on generating commissions.

It will be different if, let’s say, they only offer like commission from offerwalls. We need to promote the program to just specific people who can actually access the offerwalls.

Here, even if we cannot access the feature ourselves, we can still have referrals that can.

Personally, I like this kind of programs where there is a registration process. The reason is because they will keep some data about their members and each referral is usually tied to the referrer forever.

That is the most important aspect for building a passive income source. As long as the referrals can keep coming back using the same account, they can generate commission again later.

At the same time, referrer can keep having more and more referrals to increase their commission rate. I think there is a way to lose the referrals that we already get but not because they change their wallet address or so. Just very small number of that can happen.

The things that I wish that they can improve specifically to and possibly any similar programs with the same script is more tools that can help members to promote the program.

This can be promotional banners with code ready to be used or just a simple copy and share buttons to different social media platforms. At least we don’t have to worry about copying incomplete link.

Maybe it will be too much to ask for tracking system or even a way to contact the referrals. At least, we can use other means outside the platform.

But that is just a minor thing but a room for improvement. As long as they keep the data and we can keep increasing the number of referrals, this is good enough for long term passive income.

Withdraw Money

I already mentioned that we can also make a deposit to but that is just to pay for advertising. We cannot withdraw the deposit later so we cannot use this platform as a wallet for cryptocurrency.

Now the question is, how do we get paid? After the time that we have spent from the earning features, how do we get the money?

Currently, only offers payment via, a micro wallet service. We can get paid with one of the 4 supported cryptocurrencies, either BTC, LTC, DOGE or TRX.

The minimum is 0.05 USD, which will be converted to any of those coins. I have seen other programs with the similar script that offers payment with other processor. Maybe we can expect the owner to add more options later.

Learn more from Review.

How does it work?

There is no dedicated withdrawing page on We can submit a request from the DASHBOARD.

If we scroll down a bit, we will find the withdrawing option as shown by the previous picture. There is a section that says WITHDRAW.

At the top of that section, we can see all of the supported cryptocurrencies. Each displays the value at the moment.

To submit a request, we need to fill in the AMOUNT part. It will automatically enter the entire balance by default.

Using the current value of the coins, the system will automatically calculate how much coin of the chosen cryptocurrencies are we going to get from the request.

We can find the minimum amount to withdraw right below that field to enter the amount.

To withdraw, we then enter the wallet address to the field at the bottom of that section and click on the green WITHDRAW button. As far as I know, will then process the payment manually.

It will take a while before we can see the money in our account. There is a withdraw section on the HISTORY page to find out all of the pending and processed requests as shown by the next picture.

Usually once they have processed the payment, we can see a notification at the top right corner of the page. When we do get paid, there will be a payment entry on that says CRYPTOCLICKS followed by the chosen currency as shown by the second picture below.

Comment and Suggestion

As we can see from the picture above, I currently have multiple pending payments. I don’t know why, but I already got the payment before.

Back then it will take like one or 2 days. Now it has been almost a month since the last payout.

Thanks to that, I know that on their homepage, there is a payout section which only shows the request, not exactly about the processed payments. Anybody can probably find my requests there.

I can only hope that the owner is just having tough time getting the specific coins to replenish their funds. Hopefully they can keep sending the payment again soon. Currently, they are still sending payments on their sister site,

Another note from this withdrawing system is that we don’t actually need to choose the currency. Choosing the currency is just to tell us the conversion from the requested amount.

What will decide which coin to get paid with is the linked wallet address that we use to request the payout. So, we can choose, let’s say Dogecoin and enter a wallet address for Bitcoin, and the result will be we are getting paid with Bitcoin. does support sending payouts using registered email address. I’m not sure if that will work on

Depending on the browser, I guess, we can easily switch between multiple  saved wallet addresses if we want to get paid with different coins. If not, we probably have to choose just one of them or we need to keep copying and pasting from the micro wallet.

Usually a program like this will allow us to register a wallet address on the PROFILE page. If that is the case we can just register all wallet addresses for the supported coins. Sadly, that is not the case here.

The reason why I have multiple pending payment is because they use USD currency. Withdrawing is the only way we actually buy the cryptocurrency.

If we think that the value will go up, buying as soon as possible is the better way to secure the value. Which is why I always requested everytime I reach the minimum to withdraw.

Of course, I will be losing money if the value goes down later. However, if the owner cannot process the payment immediately, there is no reason for doing so. That is also if the owner is still paying.

For me, it is better to just get paid as soon as possible and trade the coins later on

I know that it is a hard time for any faucet owner to keep the supply of their coins. But then it is also a possibility that they are not capable of running a business like this, not because they try to be scam.

Conclusion is one of the cryptocurrency faucet program that uses a script from Vie, which is probably the most popular one at the moment. The script allows owner to offer reward in USD currency and then pay the users in cryptocurrencies. itself has a lot of earning options. The faucet let us claim once per 5 minutes and get 0.0003 USD per claim which is probably the standard reward.

To claim, we just need to solve a captcha from hCaptcha and an antibot system. We probably need to deal with a couple of pop up ads.

There is a way to boost the reward by leveling up. The more active we use, the more EXP we get and the higher our account’s level and so the bonus.

The next earning feature is the auto faucet. On the platform, we can collect ENERGY, which we can spend to run the auto faucet. We can earn energy from using the faucet and shortlinks feature, so they can be considered as extra rewards for those features.

Their shortlinks feature has 14 different providers, including from Claim Clicks, their own. Currenty, popular ones like EXE.IO, FC.LC are offering probably the highest reward compared to other host.

For faucet and shortlinks, also offers daily achievement bonus which we can claim after completing those features a number of times within a day. It is also another way to earn energy.

The next earning feature is PTC, with standard reward and not that many advertising options. To verify viewing each ad, we need to solve another captcha from hCaptcha.

The script allows the owner to create their own task, another earning feature. Sadly, there is no active offer at the moment.

The last earning option that we can actively use is the Offerwalls. They only host for one provider, at this moment, which is Wannads. also offers referral commission with 25% commission rate. This is actually a good one for long term passive income, considering that they do require some registration process to join so each referral is tied to the referrer.

However, they don’t offer any tools to help us promote the program. Not even copy or share button. also runs several weekly contests based on referrals, shortlinks, faucet and overall activity. The top 4 most active users of each category will earn money.

As for the payment, the minimum is set to 0.05 USD which will be paid in one of the 4 supported cryptocurrencies, either BTC, DOGE, LTC or TRX. Currently, they will send it via micro wallet only.

It will take a couple of days at least before they manually send the payment. Currently I have multiple pending payments for almost a month at this point, which is a bad sign.

We might want to look for alternative program with the same script. is still relatively new at this point, started just in early 2021 and keeping the supply of those coins can be a tough one at this moment.

They may not even survive. Only time will tell.

So, if anybody still consider this as more earning options or opportunity for building another passive income source, we can start by creating account with via this link. It’s FREE.

Other Faucet with Vie Script

Since there is a chance that will stop paying or become scam, I thought it is a good idea to always look for some alternatives. Here is the other one that I have tried. offers 0.0005 USD per faucet claim and we can claim once every minute. However, for the achievement, we need like 5 claims then 50 claims.

All of the contests also offer lower rewards than So, at the moment, this is a better faucet option compared to considering just the faucet itself.

The other difference that we need to consider is the payment method. This one offers to pay into 2 micro wallets, and and pay with either Dogecoin or Tron currently.

Their PTC section is also easier but lower reward for the shortlinks. They also have some tasks, and the offerwalls is from CPX Research.

Usually I will not use other faucet with similar script. It is possible that I may add more in this section if the new faucet does offer something different and significantly better than this one.

Alternatively, if anybody is interested on running their own cryptocurrency faucet program using this script, we can buy the script for $55 via this link.

Final Words

As mentioned before that what we can get from or any faucet program is actually very low. Usually, the key is to use the referral program, get a lot of referrals and let them do the work and we get the commission passively.

There is no need to rely on just referral program from We can try and promote other referral programs as well. As many as we want.

In order to do that, it’s better to have our own website, promote the program until we can get enough referrals and they can generate income for us. This is not only limited to digital product but we can also promote physical product.

Share a link from a marketplace like Amazon, or directly from big brands like Apple, and if people buy something, we can earn some commission. It’s not limited to just tech product but any passion we have from food, travel, sports, movies.

That is how we can have an online business.

If you are interested to learn more about building a website and turn it into a business, even a passive income, there is a training program that you can try.

On this training, not only we can learn about how to, but we can actually set up the website, grow it until it can generate income. We can learn from a lot of experts who were once just like you and me, know almost nothing about online business.

This is an easy training program that even a guy without a college degree can use it. Within two years he started to have a full time income from his website and quit his regular job.

We can even ask the owner the help out directly. Try it. Join the program for FREE and try to reply their first message to you and see if they get back and help you out.

You can learn more about the training from my review here.

We grow the business and website by using affiliate programs just like Here is my list of other affiliate programs that you can try.

I will keep updating the page and add more programs. So, stay tuned.

Well, that’s all I can share with you about the faucet program from Maybe I missed something and you have more question about it, or if you want to add your experience, view, opinion, don’t hesitate to use the comment section below.

Maybe you also have other experience with other similar programs with this, hopefully a better one, you can suggest something as well. I would love to help if I could and learn more about online program.

Hope my reviews can help. Thanks for reading.



Mark M.

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