As I’ve been saying for the past view posts here on this website that there are a lot of ways to make money online. Some can be free with very little thing to do, like viewing ads. BTCClicks is one of the program that will pay their members for doing so with Bitcoin or BTC.

How does this program work? How much money can we get? Are they legit or a scam? How do we get paid?

Those are probably just few of many questions people might ask about BTCClicks. In this article, I will try to share with you everything I know about BTC Clicks based on my experience with them.

What we might get just from the clicks might not get us anywhere becoming rich. But still they offer us some features that we can use to make even more money.

Keep reading to find out how.

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Type: Paid to Click (PTC)
Features: Premium Membership, Rent Referrals
Referral Commission: 80%
Minimum Withdraw: 0.0001 BTC
Payment Method: Bitcoin
Started Since: June 2013
Last Payment: December 2020

News and Update

August 2021. So, it has been a couple of months and I still cannot click and view any ads. Maybe the problem is on my end or maybe theirs, but I can no longer recommend this one.

Do not even make any deposit or advertise on this platform.

May 2021. I don’t know why but right now, when I click on the ads, instead of seeing a timer, it will keep telling me to reload. If they fix it, I will change the status back again.

December 2020. Republished this article. Originally published on March 22, 2019.

Two weeks after my account got suspended, they reinstated again, saying there is an issue with their system. Below is the email that I got.

November 2020. I don’t know why but they suspended my account. They thought I was doing fraudulent activity or such. The worst thing about this is not because they suspended my account suddenly but because it happened right after I was trying to withdraw the funds.

That means, people can try to earn and reach the minimum, without even knowing that they have been suspended. Just beware.

I still think they are legit but there is a risk and it is not like I was earning a lot from this. Good luck for those who are still getting their money and want to keep using this.


BTC Clicks is one of the Paid to Click (PTC) Program. One of the form of Get Paid to (GPT) website. Users can get paid by doing something for the website.

Like any other PTC program, they started as a place for people to advertise. In order to get viewers, they offer some money for people join and watch the ads.

So this is how they make money. They get paid from advertisers and they share the money with viewers. The only thing to do is to make sure what they share is less than what they get.

Since they have been around since 2013, it is long enough to be sured that they manage the money very well. Other source of revenue is by displaying ads, from other website, CoinAds, in the form of banner at several spots on the website.

The business model of PTC has been around long before this company but the use of Bitcoin as one of the payment method is not as widely accepted until 2013. At that time, this is like the main feature they promote since not a lot of similar companies accept Bitcoin.

There is a problem for using bitcoin like the fluctuation of the price. They even follow the dynamic price several months after the launch. It was something special at first but no longer so.

BTC Clicks was started not as a free platform, but now anybody can use it and earn money without need to pay anything.

About the website

We can see that the website design is very unique. It’s not like standard design from regular PTC. In fact, it was actually designed specifically for Bitcoin.

Probably not that important, but the fact that we can change the unit system from BTC to mBTC or BITS is a proof of that. Other website might just use BTC only.

We can change it at the bottom, beside TOS and Privacy Policy. There is a blue sign that we can click on it to pick the unit we want.

1 BITS= 0.001 mBTC = 0.000001 BTC

Some companies with standard design usually don’t care about this. Eventually they just use the template even for the content like FAQ page or Terms of Service page.

They thought that the program is the same and people won’t be asking too much about it. But this can create a confusion.

On the other hand, any user can also think that the program as the same with others and might not care about the different things. Read on to know that we can easily get banned here.

Of course that this is just what we can see from the outside. What really matter is how they can deliver good service and stay in business.

After over five year, we can assume that they are a legit company since scams usually is not going to be around after a year or two.

But There is no Company Profile

This could be a deal breaker for some people. There is no about us page, or company profile, not even on the FAQ page.

Even the contact page is just a contact form. There is no other way to contact support like email address directly to support.

This is the only thing that we can get even from their social media accounts.

“BTCClicks is an advertising platform where advertisers can receive quality traffic and members can earn bitcoins.”

So if we try to look at the WhoIs tools, at least there are still some information that is not redacted for privacy. It is based in PANAMA and this is their phone number +507.8365503 and Fax number +51.17057182.

A bad sign? To be honest, among other PTC websites, I think this is a common thing to do.

But yeah, I did send them a question and still not getting any response. Hopefully they will reply for something more important like withdrawing money.

Contact and Social Media

Here are two of their official accounts, and

Here they used to make announcement, mostly about new features, decreasing fees, change to system, contest,  website maintenance schedule and when it is up again, payment, change to terms, etc. There is nothing more to see right now since they probably reach their ideal state.

Who knows? Not really a bad idea just to follow their accounts maybe they are offering new things.

Even if it is a bad news, like shutting down the whole service. At least, we can be prepared.

There is also a contact form on the website. They may reply within 48 hours, depending on the work load.

I think I sent them one question. Don’t remember what it was but I didn’t get any reply.

Signing Up

The first thing we need to do before we use this program is to sign up here. Use the EARNER SIGNUP page.

We will use email to login, no username like other program. Just fill the email, password, solve captcha and we can login right away on EARNER LOGIN and not the Advertiser login.

Everytime we login we just need to use email and password, no captcha. Unless if we make a mistake, probably get mixed with other website password, they will immediately ask us to solve captcha.

I don’t know why but I had troubled with captcha in the past not just for this program but others as well. Sometimes it is hard to solve even though we thought we do it right and they can keep make us try again.

I need to use other browser besides Chrome just because of this issue. Hopefully you have better experience with this.

After we login, we get to the EARNER DASHBOARD.

Terms for Account

Back to BTC Clicks, there are some rules that we need to remember to keep our account. The first thing is about having multiple accounts.

It is pretty standard for any program that we are not allowed to have multiple accounts. But there is a chance that it is not for us but for other member of the house, family or friends under the same roof.

For BTC Clicks, only one account allowed per one IP address per device. So for those who live in the same house, using the same internet connection, they can only have one.

Unless, you have several internet line like one for the house and other for mobile devices. But we are still not allowed to use the same device, like from one laptop.

If you can keep each account separated with each their own internet connection and device, you will be fine. But, the problem is usually if we keep switching from mobile data to WIFI network for home.

We also are not allowed to use VPN or another way to make anonymity. So for those who keep switching between using VPN or not, you might want to be more careful. Turn it off before accessing this program.

The biggest issue is once we make enough money to withdraw, we suddenly can’t do that because this problem. They will consider us as trying to do fraudulent clicks or having multiple accounts.

Instead of banning from the start, they keep it quiet. Some people who said that this is a scam program, most likely due to this particular issue. They were not trying to cheat but probably forget to read. this rules.

After spending times clicking, suddenly they can’t withdraw. So, it is better to withdraw as soon as we can just to make sure that we are not wasting our time.

There is also 45 days limit for inactivity. They will reset our account upon reactivation and delete all of the balance, even referrals we already get but not our history. Once we have enough referrals, we need to keep login once for a while.

Or if we choose to stop using this service, make sure we already withdraw our money.

Main Feature – PTC

After we login as earner, we can click on SURF ADS tab at the top banner. That will lead us to a page with list of ads we can see.

From the picture above we can see there are 8 ads. Each ads we can see the tagline, timer and value or money we can earn for viewing the ads.

The list is not sorted based on the value. So make sure to pick the one with highest value first because while watching one ads, the other might get expired.

Read on. You will find out about Advertising with BTC Clicks to understand how it works between the value and the timer.

Just to describe, 100 sec ads equals 0.0002 mBTC and 200 sec ads equals 0.00026 mBTC. The value is based on dynamic price of Bitcoin. It might be different from time to time.

The higher the price of each bitcoin, the lower the value of ads we get. The value on USD remains the same but it’s a matter of how we can collect more coins while the price is low but sell them while the price is high.

Viewing Ads, Solve Captcha and Get Paid

If we click on one of the ads, we will open a new tab to view. At the top there will be a bar with BTC Clicks logo and a timer, and another banner of other ads.

We have to see and stay active on this tab in order for the countdown to start. If we switch to another tab or window or use other program, the timer will stop and it won’t resume until we move back to that tab.

At least, that is what btcclicks say on their advertise page. Based on my experience, we can still switch to other tab or window and the countdown still works just slower.

When the countdown reach zero, we have to solve a captcha system. It’s to prove that we are human using the system not a robot try to automatically exploit the system.

There are three possible captcha system that they can offer randomly. Google picture based Captcha, Solve Media text based Captcha, or solve equation based captcha. There’s also a chance that they might not ask us.

Since there are other program that will not credit us if we fail to solve the captcha, I have to inform you that we don’t need to worry for this one. Just hit the refresh button. But we still have to wait for the timer again and there is a chance the ads or other ads are running out of views while we are viewing one.

After we solve it, we will get paid to our account balance. At the place where we can see the timer, there is a new line, “You have been paid 0.000?? mBTC”. We can close that window now.

Back to the surf list page, we can see that the ads we just saw is now has a “CLICKED” blue mark. We can re watch the ads again after 1 day if we want to get paid again for the same ad.

The ads will reset at 00.00 UTC. I can get like 25 ads per day by checking every hour.

There is also a chance that while waiting for 1 day, somebody might advertise here and earner is going to have another ads to view.

Obviously that we can keep checking for 24 hours to see if there is a new ads. But it would be a waste of time.  It’s just, if we do find one, don’t forget to click it.

View every ads, do it every day until we can withdraw. That’s it.

But BTC Clicks offers some features to earn more if we know how to use it.

Keep reading to find out.

Referral / Affiliate Program

Just like any standard PTC nowadays, on BTC Clicks we can have two types of referrals. Direct or Rent. We get 80% the amount of money they earn from clicking. We don’t get anything if they advertise here.

Rent Referrals

Rent Referral means that we pay BTC Clicks to have one or more temporary referrals. The idea is to get money or commission from their clicks.

These referrals they offer are members without any sponsor, or join directly to BTC Clicks. The rate to rent is 0.00105 mBTC per referrals per day.

We can set the duration for 7, 15 or 30 days. After that the referrals will go back to circulation probably become rent referrals for another member.

They are not always available. It is said that we can check any update every 6 hours. It used to be every 8 hours.

This is due to the fact we have to compete with other members to rent them.

BTC Clicks only guarantees that the chosen referrals we rent was at least surf 25 ads for the last 5 days. Not sure but they probably haven’t updated their FAQ page because it still says 15 ads.

BTC Clicks do not guarantee that the referrals will click in the future. And also it is not refundable, no recycle feature. It means that, the one we rent can suddenly stop clicking right after we rent them and it will be our total lost.

This is why it is a bad idea to use this feature. We really don’t know how active they are. It is much better to look for the second type, DIRECT REFERRAL.

Direct Referrals

People will become our direct referral if they join BTC Clicks using a referral link associated to our account. Unlike rent referral, this one is permanent, unless we forget to login for more than 45 days and get our account suspended.

This is a better way since we don’t spend more money, unlike rent referrals where we might rent again. And we don’t have to worry if our referrals are not clicking.

Besides referral link, BTC Clicks also provide us with banners as promotional tool. There are several sizes. We can access all of them on Referral/Affiliate tool page.

There is also a share button for facebook and twitter to makes thing easier. We can still change the content before sharing to make it less spamming. Just be careful not to alter the link.

The downside for this is, of course, that it is harder to get referrals. Just sharing a link doesn’t magically getting referrals. Instead, our follower from social media can block us or at least stop following us and we get bad reputation.

But still, it doesn’t mean that there is no way. Read on to find out how.

Premium Membership

BTC Clicks offers their members to double the earnings from clicking ads by purchasing premium membership for a duration of time. They also double the earnings we get from our referrals’ clicks.

Here are the options available for premium membership. We need to pay them using purchase balance.

  • 90 days for 2.025 mBTC
  • 180 days for 4.05 mBTC
  • 360 days for 6.48 mBTC

Is it worth it?

Maybe. But only if we are willing to surf the ads everyday and if we already have a lot of referrals.

It is best if we observe a month before to know whether our referrals are clicking or not. It is just a prediction. There is no guarantee they will keep doing the same.

Perhaps we can run a contest or make a deal with our referrals like if they click within our membership, we can share our earnings. Of course, in order to do that we need to have a channel to connect with our referrals.

Making our own website, like this one could be a way. Read on to know how.

Deposit, Purchase Balance and Withdraw

If we want to buy rent referrals or buy premium membership, we need to deposit first to the purchase balance. Either from our wallet or from the account balance. Once we make a deposit, it is not refundable.

The minimum amount to deposit and/or to transfer to purchase balance is 0.1 mBTC. We get our own bitcoin address if we want to deposit from another wallet.

To make a deposit, there is a button on the earner dashboard. If we deposit less than the minimum, they won’t process it and won’t return it. They also give us a refresh button to check whether they have processed our deposit or not.

We can withdraw our money once we reach 0.1 mBTC on main balance. Just need to fill our wallet address and solve captcha. If you don’t have any wallet for bitcoin yet, try using

There is 0% fee to withdraw. Not sure about how long does it take before we get the money since they didn’t state it on FAQ page. Based on other members experience it can take within 12 to 24 hours.

My Withdraw

After we have enough balance, the warning will disappear and we can click on the withdraw button after solving the captcha. Make sure we put the right wallet address. will send us a confirmation email that we need to approve within 24 hours or the request will be cancelled automatically. This is a good safety procedure that we can also reject if we didn’t make the request and it’s an indication that somebody else knows our password.

This happened before not just to me apparently. Another blog said that time, even after changing the password the hacker can still get inside.

Ever since then, they add some security feature like 2FA that members can use. There is no point on keeping too much money here so I suggest we make the withdraw right away.

My first withdraw after I started using this program again was after clicking by myself for around 2 months reaching the minimum threshold. It wasn’t processed right away.

I have to wait a couple of hours I think before I no longer see the pending withdrawal sign on the members dashboard. The sign will appear next to the balance.

After they processed it, I still need to wait again for a few hours before the confirmation from the bitcoin network. At first, I was worried about getting no confirmation since there is no transaction fee to pay the bitcoin network.

But I finally got it the same amount that I request, no fee. I think do provide some incentive for every transaction just maybe not that much.

Change My Status to PAYING at May 4, 2019.

Got another payment again in October 2019. So I need like 5 months since the previous payment to reach the minimum of clicking almost everyday. Maybe 4 since one of the past month I almost didn’t access

Another payment again in May 2020. Still about 5 months from zero to 10,000 satoshi again.

Advertise with

I think this is their original feature. Like any other Paid to Click program, originally they offer a service of displaying ads. Opening a chance to earn while viewing ads is just any PTC way to make sure there are viewers.

They say that there is no need to sign up to advertise but they will keep the record of advertising under the email we register. So it’s like automatic sign up where they will give a password for that email.

What they offer

There are several advantages that BTC Clicks mention for using their advertising service.

The first thing they mention is about archived advertisements. Means that once the ads expired, they will not delete them, but they will keep it on record.

The good thing about this is that if we can somehow make visitors bookmark our ads, this will be a great permanent backlink. Maybe we offer some useful information, tell them to bookmark to get an update.

The second thing they offer for using their advertising service is that they will guarantee that the visitors will be Bitcoin users. This means that the preferable ads we need to show has to be about Bitcoin or at least how to use Bitcoin.

This can still mean a lot of things, since there are a lot of exchangers from bitcoin to another payment method or other cryptocurrencies. Maybe back then, Bitcoin is not as widely accepted as now and they need to look for one.

So we can say that this is no longer mean anything.

Another thing is that the visitors will be forced to watch ads for the entire countdown. When they switch to another tab or window, the countdown will stop.

What we can do with this, is to create a content that is long enough for the package we choose. Can be several pages that interesting enough for people to follow one link to another. Or maybe just one that is long enough for people to read.

Advertising Package

Here are the rates for advertising with BTC Clicks.

  • 10 sec advertisement for 40 satoshi CPC (Cost per Click)
  • 20 sec advertisement for 48 satoshi CPC
  • 30 sec advertisement for 52 satoshi CPC
  • 40 sec advertisement for 58 satoshi CPC
  • 50 sec advertisement for 62 satoshi CPC
  • 60 sec advertisement for 68 satoshi CPC
  • 70 sec advertisement for 74 satoshi CPC
  • 80 sec advertisement for 78 satoshi CPC
  • 90 sec advertisement for 82 satoshi CPC
  • 100 sec advertisement for 84 satoshi CPC
  • 110 sec advertisement for 86 satoshi CPC
  • 120 sec advertisement for 90 satoshi CPC
  • 130 sec advertisement for 92 satoshi CPC
  • 140 sec advertisement for 94 satoshi CPC
  • 150 sec advertisement for 96 satoshi CPC
  • 160 sec advertisement for 100 satoshi CPC
  • 170 sec advertisement for 102 satoshi CPC
  • 180 sec advertisement for 104 satoshi CPC
  • 190 sec advertisement for 108 satoshi CPC
  • 200 sec advertisement for 110 satoshi CPC

Not sure if the price is a fix one. Since they also use dynamic price of Bitcoin, maybe we can assume that the price will be different from time to time.

Maybe we can take advantage more by advertise only when the bitcoin price is very high. I think their fee is the same but since the bitcoin value is fluctuating, we can either pay more or less coin.

Let’s say that the fee is $10. If 1 BTC equals $1 means we pay 10 BTC but if 1 BTC equals $100 means we pay 0.1 BTC for the same package.

Just a consideration should we choose to advertise here.

We need to buy at least for 1,000 clicks or the multiply for that number. There are also two additional features that we can add on for the package, with extra fees.

The first one is to remove banner ad at the top, beside countdown for additional 10% to total CPC. This way, viewers won’t get distracted and can focus on the ads we provide.

The second thing is for demographic filtering for additional 50% to CPC. This feature allow us to select targeted country or countries for our ads.

I think we can choose as many countries as we want but too many of them would defeat the purpose. This is a good feature if our ads use non English contents.

We can also get a detailed report about where the visitors came from. Maybe we can try it first without the filter. Review the result, then we can use the filter for better conversion.

As mentioned above that the backlink is still there, they keep the expired ads, not deleting them. Another thing is that we can still get more clicks from other people without account because it will not be counted.

Of course, assuming there are non members visiting here.

Here are their rules about what kind of content is not allowed. If they find out, the ads will be taken down and no refunds.

  • Adult (18+) content
  • Illegal products and services (drugs, organs, unlicensed weapons, prostitution)
  • Malware, viruses, spyware, ransomware, etc.
  • Unsolicted or automated downloads
  • Framebreakers, framekillers, framebusters
  • URL shorteners with ads.
  • Copyright infringing material
  • Websites that load indefinitely intentionally

My Comments

I might be biased on this since I don’t use this feature to begin with. At least, I can still share my point of view as one of the visitors.

As many other visitors, I’m here to earn money not to spend money. For that I have to become a member.

I’m not really sure that any people will eventually look for advertisement, let alone visiting a site like this. Regular, non member visitors usually just look for one from their daily apps or, search engine like Google.

What I’m trying to say that this platform is really limited to just one type of person. The best way to use this feature is if you want to promote another online program that people can make money from. Or at least, help them make more money.

Most users here don’t actually care about the ads. Especially if they already look at the same website everyday and probably few times a day. Imagine that they probably use another similar platform and see the same thing.

If we have our own program, and maybe something new, we can try advertise here and probably other PTC platform for a while. After that, we should just let other guy advertise their membership with us.

More Bitcoin from/to Other Programs

I don’t recommend sending money to to advertise. But there are other ways to increase the earning rate like sending to investment platform from here.

We might also want to find more programs to earn more Bitcoin. Some of these might be a better platform to earn than

Here are some that I have tried so far. (Last Update January 2021) (Faucet, Investment)
(Faucet, PTC, Offerwalls) (Faucet) Faucet (Exchanger) (Faucet) (Faucet, PTC, Offerwalls) (Exchanger, Faucet) (Micro Wallet, PTC, Offerwalls) (Investment, Exchanger, Faucet) (Faucet via CoinPot) (Micro Wallet, Exchanger) (Faucet) (Faucet via (Faucet, PTC, Offerwalls, Shortlinks) (Faucet, PTC) (Faucet)


it is  a legit program, means it pays. Other way to look at it, it means that they can manage their company very well since it is still running their service since 2013.

Although, as mentioned above what we can get is extremely low. Very decent for the amount of work which is just clicking. Among other similar program, not really that different.

Some, of course, says that this is not worth the time to make money.

I tend to agree.

But other ways that can make more money sometimes require more time, more energy, or even money just to start.

Not everybody can afford that.

Like investing, we still need money first before we can invest. BTC Clicks is a way to build up, especially if we have very little time. We can invest our earnings on other things., for example, will give us a daily interest just by making a deposit from bitcoin we earn here, without we need to do anything. We can also use them as a wallet to keep our bitcoin we earn from

In theory, it can grow itself. You can read more about them from my review.

So, this is not a program to stick around very long, especially if we rely on our own clicking. It would be different if we can manage to get A LOT of direct referrals and let them click for us.

Don’t forget that there are rules about accounts that I mentioned above that we have to follow or can suddenly get banned to withdraw money. Not to mention the 45 days limit that we need to keep login for time to time.

This actually can be a deal breaker. Nevertheless, just use this to make quick money, withdraw as soon as possible and move on.

Alongside with other programs, or similar programs to this, we can make initial money that we can invest in something else. Maybe you can find other programs here on my website.

If that is what you are, in need to earn some little money before making an investment elsewhere, you can start right away here. It’s FREE.


BTC Clicks is just one of many Paid to Click programs. And PTC is just one type of money making program online that we can use for free to earn money.

There are many more to come. Some are legit, some are not and some can suddenly turn into scam. But we are not going to run out of options.

Here is my list of all affiliate programs that I have used.

We can earn easy money here by doing easy task. But it is very low income and eventually it will take our time more than it can give us.

Sure, we can use as many programs as we want but eventually it will feels like working for 24 hours. Everyday, with very little income.

The key to be successful with these programs is not to do the work alone but to use their referral / affiliate programs. We just need to get more referrals, and if they use the service of the program, we can get paid.

If you want to know more about how to make more money with affiliate program or other online business model, you can try this training.

Here, we can meet and learn from other similar people building online business. We can learn and actually set up our website, which will run automatically 24 hours everyday for us to get more referrals from other money making program.

Read more about the training from my review here.

Instead of keep getting pennies forever from PTC, we can use the money we collect to invest for our website. Eventually our website can become a business and passive income.

If that is what you want, It’s FREE to try.

That’s all I can share with you about BTC Clicks. If I missed anything, and you have something to add or questions to ask about the program, you can use the comment section below. I would be happy to help and learn more.

Hope it helps. Thanks for reading.



Mark M.

2 Replies to “ Review”

  1. hi Mark
    I reached the 10000mbt withdrawal limit on btcclics,but when i requested a payout,they said that my account had been frozen because of fraudulent activity.As far as i know i did not do any such thing.I also cannot get responses from them via email.Is there any way i can get my money from them?

    1. Hi, Watney. Thanks for stopping by.
      I had the same problem with other PTC. I can still use them but can no longer withdraw. The only way I can do is to use the money to advertise on their platform. I’m not sure if we can do the same here on
      If we can still advertise with our earnings, we can promote other program similar to Or, we can offer to advertise other people’s ads. Try to contact those who regularly advertise here. We do the advertising and get paid by those people instead of
      But the minimum cost to advertise requires us to click even more.
      So, if you are not willing to wait any longer and with a chance that it can’t be done, I think you should let it go. A lot of people had been trying to contact them and like you, they got no reply.
      Try another programs, to diversify the income source so when things like this happen, we still have other alternatives.
      Sorry for the bad news. Hope it helps.
      Mark M.

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