Ever since Bitcoin was introduced back in 2008, the world began to offer other alternatives of cryptocurrencies. More than a thousand coins are available now.

Some making it’s way to replace Bitcoin as the most popular while other stays behind with lower value but accepted by some merchants as payment method.

If you are looking for a faucet program that offers a lot of cryptocurrencies to claim from, you might want to try Even though they haven’t offer all coins available as their name suggest, they are making their way to keep adding more.

So, who are they? Are they legit or scams? Which cryptocurrencies can we get? How much can we earn from

Those are probably some question we had in mind after hearing about With this article, i’m going to share with you my review based on my experience and what I can find online.

Hopefully this helps people to learn more about, how to use and earn money from them. Are they the next thing to become a passive income?

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Type: Faucet (5 minutes, Multi Coins)
Feature: Miner, Auto Faucet, Paid to Click, Offerwalls, Exchanger, Games
Referral Commission: 25% (faucet only)
Payment Method: FaucetHub, Coin’s Wallet
Started Since: April 2018
Last Payment: February 2021

News and Update

February 2021. Republished the article from the original date, May 31, 2019.

Just a couple days after I republished this article, they suddenly logged me out from When I tried to log back in, they say that my account is banned for bad usage.

I don’t know why but I have been using this one for almost 2 years with no problem until this time. If anything, I use this more often than before considering now they force us to complete a shortlinks from time to time.

So, I don’t know exactly the reason and I’m not currently willing to seek out. If they still care and want to help me fix it, I’d be happy to continue using this.

Otherwise, I’m not updating this one any further. I changed my status for to PROBLEMATIC. I put SCAM as well because the fact we can send money there via their deposit feature and can suddenly ban us like that.

Maybe it was on me. All I can say is that this could happen to just anybody. I don’t deny that they have been paying me every month up to this point and I still got some coins left in my account.

January 2021. So far, they no longer log me out again after certain period of inactivity. I removed the PROBLEMATIC status and changed back to PAYING for now.

I still sometimes have problem when they use hCaptcha though. They keep forcing me to repeat over and over again.

December 2020. Somehow it’s getting more difficult to use this one. I keep getting logged out and cannot login again. I have to wait for the next day or a couple of hours in which I can only claim the faucet once.

August 2020. just launched their new version for the website. Currently, there are things that haven’t worked right but here is the screenshot of the new website.

January 2020. delisted DGB, PIVX, BTG, ZEC, ETN, RDD, BSV. That means, there are only 13 supported coins which we can still deposit, withdraw and exchange. In addition to the list below, the new ones are TRX, BTT, IDA Token.

They also lowered the minimum to withdraw Bitcoin to 5,000 satoshi with another 2,000 satoshi as fee.

December 2019, we can no longer accept payment via from From what I can tell, the owner of did registered to several micro wallet service, maybe trying to find a new replacement.

However, so far, they haven’t found the right one yet. We just need to rely on payment to the wallet directly which will take longer before we can withdraw.

November 2019, FaucetHub is closing down their service as a micro wallet. Please read my review for more information and development for the affected faucet programs.

On June 2019, changed the fees for withdrawing directly to the wallet.  This is not necessarily a good thing since, we can withdraw sooner but the confirmation will take longer times.

FaucetHub also added new coins to their system Tron and Hora Token. Some faucets that use FaucetHub service and offer multi coins payment will likely to add these coins.

On July 2019, added TRON faucet to the system and we can withdraw them to FaucetHub. At the same time, also unlisted UBQ or Ubiq coin from their system. Any user who has that coin can still exchange them to other existing coin using the exchanger feature on

Starting August 2019, FaucetHub made some changes to their policy about making withdraw from any faucet program into FaucetHub. Some owners might have to change how their faucets work.

There are some that chose to lower the earning per claim while other faucets chose to increase the minimum to withdraw. Different programs would have different solution the owner might take.

FaucetHub stated that there were owners who abused the previous system. So, it is possible that one of the program we used might even decide to shut down their business, or at least need more time to make some adjustment.

Payment delay could be one of the possible action. We just need to give them more time.

In the case of, I haven’t noticed anything different yet except that we can withdraw higher amount to FaucetHub.

For example, the maximum amount to withdraw ETH via FaucetHub was about 54,000 gwei per withdraw and now we can get like 270,000. I recently made a withdraw request after the change and nothing’s different about the minimum, and no higher fee.

There might be other things that I haven’t noticed yet or even later. Please let me know if any of you find something and leave it using the comment section below and I will update this page. has been adding more coins that we can earn from faucet but at the same time they regularly delist some very unpopular coins. In October 2019, has added Bittorent, Bitcoin SV, IDA token, and TRON.

Coins that get delisted since July 2019 werre UBQ, PINK, GAME, MNX, KMD, SYS, STRAT, GRS, BCD and XVG. Try to check their news regularly and it is better to exchange or withdraw immediately after the delisting announcement.


Like other similar program, if you consider for a legit program based on the existence of official company profile, might not be for you. It is very typical for program like this not to offer one.

There is no ABOUT US page,  just explanation about the website on FAQ page. Since they are also using FaucetHub service, the only information we can find is what we can see from the picture below.

Since I can’t find the website from site search on FaucetHub, I assume is one of the program only shown to premium member of FaucetHub.

Not sure why but regular member even non FaucetHub member can still join and use it.

Signing Up and Accounts

To start using service, we can sign up from their homepage, usually a pop up window to register will automatically appear or click on REGISTER button. Just fill in the username, email, password and solve their captcha.

We can still change the username later but not the email because we use email to sign in later. If we want to change the email, we need to delete the existing account first via member’s profile page before signing up again.

Signing up multiple accounts using one and the same IP can lead to permanent ban for all of the accounts. Usually there is a warning on register form if there already is a member.

It is very easy to get banned here due to this problem. Based on their FAQ we also need to use residential IP, no VPN, proxies and adblocker are allowed.

Be careful on using mobile connection because one guy stated that he got banned immediately.

There is also an inactivity limit. We need to access our account and make transaction at least once a month.

Transaction can means just claiming from faucet. If we have referral, their claim is also considered as transaction.

Support and Contact

So there is a contact form on the website but it is dedicated for a visitor, not for member. We can access them from the left menu at the bottom before the tool to select language, there is a letter sign.

For English only, just fill the email and solve captcha. As we can see from that page for a member, they say there is another contact form or support ticket dedicated for members.

The only way to access that page is via FAQ page, and check out the last question. There is a link that will send us to support ticket page.

On that page, we can first select the topic regarding the problem. For most topics they would suggest members to ask in chat room first.

If the MODs can’t help then they would suggest members to get back to this page and send the support ticket. Usually for urgent or technical problem.

It is supposed to be on member’s profile page. But, again, I cannot find the link from there.

From that support ticket page, there is also a link to HELPING GUIDE page. It’s like a summary of how we can use the website, not the FAQ page.

They also provide video links to various languages on YouTube, made by members. Videos in English, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi, German, and Chinese are available.

As far as I know, there is no link to social media account on their website. We can still contact or ask further question from various forums, which some officials are still very active there.

There was one guy who get banned from chatting for using caps lock too much, and he then used forums to continue talking with officials. Some forums we can try in English are FaucetHub forum, BitcoinTalk, and BeerMoneyForum. I think only threads on the first two were opened by officials so we can try contact those.

Usually after a withdraw they will suggest some other forums we can access  that use other languages like Russian (BitsMedia, Zarabotok, cc-Mining), Italian (Guadagna) , French (NetBusinessRating) and Indonesian (ForumBitcoin). Since they only allow English on website, we can assume we can ask other members there.

Every Coins Available

Right now there are 31 coins available. They say they will keep adding more coins to get and as a member we can cast a vote for which coin.

Here below is the list. We can see the name of the coin, the amount we can get for each claim in coins and in USD, the price for 1 coin in USD based on the CoinGecko and from this website, and the rank of market cap. There are also the withdrawal threshold and fees.

They use dynamic price so the number below is from the time of this writing. It might be different from the time you read this. At least you can consider this as a basis and see if the price goes up or down.

Bitcoin (BTC)

#1 on market cap,
1 BTC = $5,400.96 (CoinGecko), $5412.05 (

Per claim: 0.00000004 BTC (0.00022 USD)

Direct to Wallet
Min. withdrawal : 0.00015000 BTC/withdraw
Max withdrawal : No max
Withdrawal fees : 0.00005000 BTC

Dogecoin (DOGE)

#28 on market cap
1 DOGE = $0.00280032 (CoinGecko), $0.00276 (

Per claim: 0.08324285 DOGE (0.00023 USD)

Direct to Wallet
Min. withdrawal : 12.00000000 DOGE/withdraw
Max withdrawal : No max
Withdrawal fees : 4.00000000 DOGE

Litecoin (LTC)

#6 on market cap
1 LTC = $76.96 (CoinGecko), $77.48 (

Per claim: 0.00000298 LTC (0.00023 USD)

Min. withdrawal : 0.00300000 LTC/withdraw
Max withdrawal : No max
Withdrawal fees : 0.00100000 LTC

Ethereum (ETH)

#2 on market cap
1 ETH = $171.71 (CoinGecko), $172.17 (

Per claim: 0.00000133 ETH (0.00023 USD)

Direct to Wallet
Min. withdrawal : 0.00360000 ETH/withdraw
Max withdrawal : No max
Withdrawal fees : 0.00120000 ETH

Dash (DASH)

#14 on market cap
1 DASH = $122.56 (CoinGecko),  $123.53 (

Per claim: 0.00000186 DASH (0.00023 USD)

Direct to Wallet
Min. withdrawal : 0.00300000 DASH/withdraw
Max withdrawal : No max
Withdrawal fees : 0.00100000 DASH

Monero (XMR)

#13 on market cap
1 XMR = $69.37 (CoinGecko), $68.97 (

Per claim: 0.00000333 XMR (0.00023 USD)

Direct to Wallet
Min. withdrawal : 0.03000000 XMR/withdraw
Max withdrawal : No max
Withdrawal fees : 0.01000000 XMR

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

#5 on market cap
1 BCH = $291.98 (CoinGecko),  $293.99 (

Per claim: 0.00000078 BCH (0.00023 USD)

Direct to Wallet
Min. withdrawal : 0.00030000 BCH/withdraw
Max withdrawal : No max
Withdrawal fees : 0.00010000 BCH

Ethereum Classic (ETC)

#20 on market cap
1 ETC= $5.87 (CoinGecko),  $5.95 (

Per claim: 0.00003872 ETC (0.00022 USD)

Direct to Wallet
Min. withdrawal : 0.00300000 ETC/withdraw
Max withdrawal : No max
Withdrawal fees : 0.00100000 ETC

Stellar Lumens (XLM)

#9 on market cap
1 XLM = $0.113336  (CoinGecko) $0.1146 (

Per claim: 0.00200698 XLM (0.00023 USD)

Direct to wallet
Min. withdrawal : 2.00000000 XLM/withdraw
Max withdrawal : No max
Withdrawal fees : 0.10000000 XLM

Ripple (XRP)

#3 on market cap
1 XRP = $0.324707 (CoinGecko) $0.3258 (

Per claim: 0.00070423 XRP ( 0.00023 USD)

Direct to wallet
Min. withdrawal : 2.00000000 XRP/withdraw
Max withdrawal : No max
Withdrawal fees : 0.10000000 XRP

As we can see from the list above, what we can get per claim for any coin is more or less has the same value in USD. The difference would be how long before we can reach the minimum threshold, especially using a direct to wallet withdraw.

If we use FaucetHub, the minimum is the same for any coins, its 0.0000002. We can actually withdraw after every claim but more about withdrawing later.

Except for Bitcoin. If the price is higher, maybe we need to make several claims before we can withdraw it.

With the exchange feature here on AllCoins. pw, we can convert the coin we get to other coins. But more about that later.

There are 14 coins available to withdraw via FaucetHub. FaucetHub also has its own exchanger feature but we need to sell it to Bitcoin first.

Faucet – Main Feature

As a faucet program, this is their main feature. After we log in, we can see from the main homepage window at the right bottom side.

We can see a line with EARN FREE COINS FROM FAUCET, and below that is a list of all available coins we want to get. These links will lead us to the faucet page.

How does it work?

We just need to pick which coin we want to get. On the faucet claim page, we can click on the blue CLAIM! button. Solve the captcha on the next page then we will get the coin on our balance.

There is a green cloud announcement at the top right part of the screen. It will tell us that the coin has been added to our balance and it will disappear shortly after.

After that, the page will show us the countdown. We need to wait for that timer before we can claim again the same coin or other coins.

Right now they offer a 5 minutes timer from the initial 4 minutes. We can only claim one at a time, no multiple claiming at the same time.

The page will show the countdown process but there is no sound notification. Sometimes it could get stuck but will automatically refresh when the timer is done back to the first claiming page with the blue and green button.

There is also a limit for claiming, 50 claims per day. After that, we have to wait until the next day before we can claim again. The limit resets at 4.00 pm (GMT+7) but their server time is based on GMT+2.

The captcha is from SolveMedia by default. We can switch to reCaptcha if we want.

That’s it. But there are things to be careful with.

Things to be careful with

Based on some complains on several forum, easily get banned is one of the problem here. So there are things from using faucet that could cost us to lose the membership.

Some random times after we make a claim, instead of returning to the claiming page, we will see an anti bot checker page. There is a yellow button that says “I AM NOT A BOT” that we need to click.

We could get banned if we skip that part and click the blue CLAIM button again. Even this part of the warning will show randomly.

Usually there are only two buttons, the blue one to claim and the green DONATE button. If we click on the donate button we won’t get paid, and no need to solve captcha. But we need to wait again for the timer.

The placement between button can change. Sometimes the blue is on the left side of the green. Make sure we wait for the button to appear completely.

The dangerous part is sometimes there is a third button, the red bot checker button. If we try to click as fast as we could and end up clicking the red one, we could get banned.

The blue CLAIM button could even float around the screen. Which we need to catch it. If you are having trouble, the tip would be to scroll down to the bottom and up to the top of the screen as the button would follow.

The annoying part would be that the button will move to part of the ads and we could accidentally click on the ads.

How much we can get compared to other program?

What we can get is more or less the same for all coins so we don’t need to worry about getting less. You can check the coin section above.

With the rate at the time of this writing it’s about 0.00022-0.00024 USD which is lower than the initial 0.00036 USD based on information from forum.

We can expect to get even less later with the more member they have. For 50 claims per day we can get like $0.01.

In BTC, we can get like 4 satoshi per claim or 200 satoshi per day. Compared to as my standard with the rate at the same time, we can get it with 8 claims or within 8 hours of claiming each hour but we have a shot to get higher amount.

Here, assuming we make 50 claims right away, we need like 4 hours claiming every 5 minutes. Compared to other 5 minutes faucet,, we can get around 10 satoshi and no limit but way more annoying ads and captcha to solve.

Also, we get less if we claim other coins on So here, we can get slightly less.

My comment and suggestion

Well, if you have to choose which coin, I would say pick those 14 coins with FaucetHub. At least we can get paid immediately to the FaucetHub. Unless we use other faucet, we are still going to wait before we can withdraw to our wallet, either way.

For FaucetHub users, since we are going to rely on other faucet, it’s better to focus on just several coins. It’s better to have some alternative instead of focusing on one coin but still not too many coins.

At the time of this writing the price of several coins are raising and it seems that faucets are holding their service or lowering their offer. It’s going to be harder for some coins to reach the minimum withdrawal threshold.

Check out the status first and whether the wallet is available or not. Based on some statement on the forum, some less popular coins might have problems with the wallet and we need to give them time to process.

Also, make sure we have the wallet that we can use first. Sure we can exchange to other coins but with a fee. Usually if we want to sell, it’s is easier to sell from the most popular coins.

If you still need suggestion, I would say, Bitcoin is a must as one of the alternative or Ethereum. People say that Ethereum is the next Bitcoin.

I could be wrong about this and this could change in the future. Let me know if you have better suggestion or consideration.

Whichever coin we choose, don’t forget to use the favorite button so we can switch easily using the widget on the left. The problem is that it will reset everyday since no button to remove it back.

Another consideration maybe to pick those with lower value to USD. If we use Bitcoin for example, with the price over 5 grand, 5 minutes faucet can only give us less than 10 satoshi or 0.0000001 BTC per claim.

They are going to have some trouble lowering the offer when the price keeps going up. WIth lower price to USD such as Dogecoin, we can get like 0.08 DOGE. Those digits in the back could build up very soon with a lot of claiming.

Remember that the amount we can get per claim is the same for every coin. Just a matter of how fast we can withdraw and how to sell them.

Unless we want to keep them as investment, wait until the price goes up to sell, then we need to find a way to turn those coins into cash. Make sure we can find local trader who accept those coins and pay with local fiat currency.

There is no way to indicate that we already reach the claim limit except by making a claim and they will tell us after we wait and solve the captcha. If people don’t pay attention, they could mindlessly keep claiming thinking they can still get it.

One more thing about the faucet. Be careful about being generous with the donate button. There is still a chance we have to prove that we are not bot by click on the yellow button. The risk to get banned is still there.

That is just from the faucet. Since also offers other way to earn money, maybe we need to look at that as part of consideration.


With regular faucet I mentioned above, it is called a manual faucet which we have to do it manually. We click on the claim button, solve captcha, wait for timer, etc. Autofaucet will do it for users automatically.

This is the next feature on We can access this feature by click on Miner & Autofaucet from the left widget menu. It will open a drop down menu and we need to click again the AutoFaucet.

How does it work?

In order to make it work, we first need to collect AutoClaim. AllCoins,pw give members free 2 autoclaims everyday they log in.

Not really sure, I think the time they give the free claim is based on the exact hour when we sign up. For me, this is different than the time they reset the claim limit for manual faucet.

We can accumulate these free autoclaims and after we think we have enough, we can launch the actual Autofaucet page.

We then have to wait for 5 minutes before we get paid and use the autoclaim. If we choose to get paid only for one specific coin, we will use the autoclaim one by one.

We can see the progress bar and the time left. If we close the page before the time, we won’t get paid but the claim remains.

Let’s say we have 10 autoclaims, we can launch the autofaucet for the coin we choose. We keep the browser tab open and will get paid every 5 minutes for 10 times or until we spend all of the claims.

To make it more efficient, we can actually launch autofaucet for multiple coins. One tab not multiple tabs each for different coin, because that’s not allowed.

From the multiple coin autofaucet, every 5 minutes we can use up to 3 autoclaims instead of one. But we can only do it for 3 different coins, not 1 coins for 3 autoclaims.

Getting AutoClaims

To get more autoclaims, we can click on the yellow button from the autofaucet main page that says GET 4 MORE AUTOCLAIMS BY VISITING A LINK.

By clicking on this button it will send us to a shortlink page. Here we will have to solve a captcha first and wait for 20 seconds countdown before we can proceed to the next page.

On the next page we have to wait again for another 20 seconds countdown before we can get the link and click on it. After that we will return to the main page for autofaucet.

On those two pages we will see a lot of ads and we are going to open several more tabs for the ads cloaking the button. I think they have several options of links and there is a chance that we just need to access one page and still get those 4 autoclaims.

If you don’t want to get annoyed by those ads, we can always wait to collect the free autoclaims, maybe wait for a week or a month before we launch it.

How much can we get?

What we can get per round for each autoclaim is actually half the amount from manual claim. Since what we get from manual claim is more or less the same for all coins, the same goes for autofaucet.

It doesn’t matter if we use multiple coins autofaucet or just one coin autofaucet. The amount we get is the same.

My comment and suggestion

If we only use the free autoclaim they give us everyday, it’s actually not that bad. We don’t have to solve captcha or risking to get banned for clicking the wrong button.

If we use multiple coins, we just need to wait for 5 minutes to get 3 instead of 1. This might also support my suggestion before about choosing several coins to collect from manual claiming.

Choose at least 3 coins from the available coins. The same consideration can be used, like focus on FaucetHub coins, Bitcoin as the main, and one more coin with low value but with a lot of other faucet programs.

Just to make it efficient on using the autoclaim, maybe we can try to keep the number of autoclaim we have to multiples of 3 since that is the maximum per session. We already get 2 free everyday, add just one shortlink to get 4 and we get total of 6.

As I mentioned above, wait for a week or a month. Then we can launch until we run out of autoclaim.

Web Miner

Another feature to use from is the mining program. There are two of them. This part will discuss the web miner.

Maybe you’ve heard about mining for cryptocurrencies. Essentially, any cryptocurrency needs to process some digital data. In order to do that, they need computer CPU as the hardware and power supply.

The software to give command for the process can be installed or via browser. Web Miner use the browser to process the data using the user computer as the power source and processor.

How does it work?

From the left widget menu, click on Miner and Autofaucet to open a drop down menu. Click on the third choice, the web miner.

From the web miner main page, we can choose the coin we want to get paid with. Click on the chosen coin web miner and we will go to next page, the actual mining page.

Just leave the tab open for 10 minutes and it will automatically work. The computer we use will be processing the data and collect hash.

We will be paid with the rate based on the hashes. After 10 minutes, if we have enough hashes for the minimum payment, we will get paid.

Otherwise, we need another sessions until it’s enough. Once it finish, it will start another session right away.

We can control the speed. By default it is set for 100% capacity but we can drag it to the desirable speed. Changing the speed will automatically restart the session.

We don’t have to finish the session to keep the hash. But in order to get paid, we need to finish it, assuming we already have enough.

The hashes are accumulated on the same pool for all coins. We can collect hashes on one coin and resume it on another. Choosing the coin is about how we get paid.

The hash rate and the speed are based on the computer spec not from choosing the coin. The payment rate is the same for all coins but it is based on dynamic price of cryptocurrencies.

The rate is based on 1 million hashes but we don’t have to wait that long. Only until we reach the minimum for the coin.

Coin with higher value of USD such as Bitcoin, will require more hashes. For 1 million hashes we can get around 60 satoshi for today’s price.

The minimum payment is 4 satoshi for BTC, which equals to around 66,666 hashes, it is impossible to pay lower than that. WIth my computer I can only get around 2,500 hashes per round so I’m going to need like 30 rounds.

With the same 2,500 of hashes, we can get 0.003345 DOGE. One round is enough to get paid with DogeCoin. So, coin with the lower value in USD, we can get paid with smaller amount of hashes.

We can also use multiple device. They provide us with a link that can be use for other device to access directly to the web miner page. The link is unique for each coin.

Not really sure if we can use it from another device using another internet line or IP. Since they easily ban members, I will not making any risk.

My Comment and Suggestion

Since we will leave the process alone, let it automatically work, just choose the right coin from the start. So we don’t have to worry about getting paid using the wrong coin. Or, we don’t have to keep changing coins.

As we can see that even on their main web miner page, they say the web miner is very unstable and will give a very low hash rate. This feature will consume our computer hardware performance, reducing our productivity.

If we use it while performing other task with the same computer, the result will decrease.

With my old laptop, sometimes, if we change the speed, the speed and the hash we get doesn’t show the right number. But if we restart the mining process, we still get the progress.

Of course with a better spec of computer, the result might be better. But still, doing another task would be hard if not impossible, while I think we could be more productive than that.

Besides, the rate here is rather low as well compared to similar feature on Cointiply. Here, we can get 60 satoshi per 1 million hashes or 6 satoshi per 100,000 hashes.

Cointiply will give us 5 Cointiply coins per 100,000 hashes. With 1 coins worth around 1.8 satoshi means we can get around 9 satoshi.

So, I would say, if we still want to use, I suggest we use the one from Cointiply. There is no point to use both since the result will be divided.

The good thing is that, on we just need 10 minutes and we can stop anytime, resume maybe another days. I think on Cointiply we have to reach that minimum 100,000 hashes or we will lose the progress completely.

If we still want to use this web mining feature, I suggest we use not while working. Maybe while taking a break for lunch or dinner or bath.

Use it with desktop not laptop, especially not the old laptop. Maybe try their software mining. It is said that the software mining can be 3 to 100 times faster, produce more hashes than web mining.

Command Line Crypto Miner / Cmd Miner

This is software mining. Instead of using a browser and access website, we download a software and run it on our computer.

We can access the page from the same left widget menu. Click on Miner and Autofaucet and from the drop down menu click on CMD MINER.

To be honest, I haven’t tried this one, so I can’t share a lot about this. Maybe later if I have the chance, I will update this page.

The rate at the time of this writing is 0.6815 satoshi per 10,000 hashes or we can say around 68 satoshi per 1 million hashes. More or less the same with web miner and they will update the rate hourly.

There is a CASHOUT button. So, I assume that the payment doesn’t go straight to our balance.

We can only get paid using bitcoin, no other coins. The miner is actually to mine MONERO currency.

But they will convert our earnings to bitcoin, no option to keep Monero. They provide members with installer for Windows, for both 64 and 32 bits and for Linux.

The software can use both CPU and GPU or we can choose to run just one of them. We can also do it on multiple devices.

Maybe if we have other computer that we rarely use, we can use that for mining and our main computer for doing other stuff.

I suggest anybody to use desktop instead of laptop should they want to use this feature. Preferably a good spec. They didn’t provide us with spec requirements but we can assume the better spec the better the results.

The key to make this profitable is by getting more bitcoin than the cost for electricity for running the program. Unless we have a plan on trading the bitcoin we get to cash when the price is higher, there is a chance we are losing more money to use this feature.

Maybe we should try a direct mining to the pool instead from other program like This is just a secondary feature.

I don’t have any experience in this area but I think we can get more money without a middle man. Let me know if you have experience regarding this matter.


The next feature is crypto games. From the left widget menu click on GAMES and we can see a drop down and some games or click on MORE GAMES.

Right now there are 8 games available. Most of them require user to spend some money to play. Some can be considered as gambling, so try to stay away from those.

Like other program they are promising big price, multiply our money but just like any gambling, we will lose most of the time. I don’t recommend anybody to play so if you still want to do it, do it at your own risk.

Still, there are some free features that we can use to earn money. Right now, they only accept and reward players with bitcoin.

We need to exchange if we want other currencies.


The free stuff we can get is from FREEROLL games. Everyday we can get free two rolls without making any bet.

We need to reach level 10 before we get the free tickets. More about it on MEMBER’S LEVEL section.

Still not sure but I think we get the two free rolls separately within the same day. Try to use it first thing of the day. We get one free roll again after 12 hours.

First, we have two options, to hit the jackpot or the simple roll. With simple roll we will get 20 satoshi if we roll and get lucky number between 5021 to 9999.

We just need to click on the yellow button, FREEROLL (FREE) and see the lucky number we get. For the jackpot, we can get three possible prize based on the lucky number we get as well.

8,001 – 9,900: what we bet x 4.2 (19% chance)
9,901-9,998: the bet x 10 (0.9% chance)
9,999: the bet x 1,000 (0.1% chance)

For a free freeroll jackpot we can only get up to 10,000 satoshi. Get up to 0.15 BTC with the bet.

I could be wrong about this, but even with just 10 satoshi, we can get at least 42. Even the simple roll doesn’t guarantee to get, 20% vs 49.78%

The jackpot we can get higher but very lower probability. Since it is free roll, we can try our luck or just accept to get 40 satoshi per day.

Based on the amount of Bitcoin we can get from faucet, 40 satoshi per day is quite a lot. Try not to miss it.


The second free stuff is from the HARVEST game. The game is very simple. We just need to place a worker on the map that we believe has a lot of resources. The resources we get can be converted into bitcoin.

The free stuff is actually the worker. Paid and more expensive worker can work faster. Here is the options

Purple (0 BTC, 1% speed)
Red (100 BTC, 8% speed)
Yellow (250 BTC, 25% speed)
Cyan (1,000 BTC, 110% speed)

The fee is for 24 hour only. We can set for longer term.

We pick the worker and place it on the map for 24 hours. The spot we choose can have a lot of resources or can be totally empty.

A tip about where to place is that we can see where other people are placing theirs. Our worker is the big dot and the others are the smaller ones.

Where the dots are concentrated, there is a chance that the spot has a lot of resources. But of course, the resources then will be divided to all of the workers on the same spot.

Paid and more expensive workers will extract more resources. Could already be empty if we place the workers too late.

With that strategy, my first try, I got 8,000 resources equals 11.4286 satoshi after 24 hours from the free workers. Still not sure why but it seems I need to wait some time after 24 hours work to place the worker again.

It’s a free thing after all. Just keep checking, and if the previous status of our earnings has disappeared, we can place the worker again.

Below the map, we can see the status for our worker. The remaining time left and the resources that the worker already get.

There is also an option to buy the worker a coffee for 100 satoshi. It says it can help the worker to work harder for short period of time. Click on the blue cup of coffee sign.

We can also move the worker to a different spot once per day with 50 satoshi as a fee. Click on the four direction arrow to move the worker.

No need to keep the tab open. It will work while we use other feature from the website.


The last free game is PUZZLE. It is a word search game where we need to find 12 words but in the right order. If we win we can get from 5,000 satoshi to 100,000 satoshi depending on the game level.

They actually give us a list of possible words containing 2048 words. Only one winner per round. If you are an expert for word search game, maybe you should give it a try and see if you could finish before other members.

The problem with this game is that, when a member find the answer, they can’t just submit the answer and win but they need to open a bitcoin wallet access that wallet and transfer the prize money.

These 12 words are like a backup phrase for the wallet. So there is a chance, without knows, somebody could have solved the puzzle and get the money. Even a non member.

Aside from these free stuffs, other games require players to bet which I will not recommend anybody to play them. Do it at your own risk if you still want to.

If they add more games or more free stuff from the existing game, I will update this part.


This next feature is another options to earn more money for doing small task. The task could be signing up to a program, review, watch video, apps installation, paid to click, survey, etc.

Offerwall is actually a third party program. Here, works as a host to several offerwalls, become a browser to access each one of them.

The idea is, for a program like, usually they have a currency that can only be used on itself but not others. So, instead of creating another currency on their own website, those offerwalls work with the host and pay user using the host currency.

This way, it is easier for the host member to earn money faster, and faster to reach withdrawal threshold. As a third party, each one of those offerwalls has their own set of rules, like how to complete the task and how to get paid or credit.

The same offerwalls can have different rules on another host because they still need to follow the host rules. We can see the same offerwalls on several different host.

Available Offerwalls

To start earning with offerwalls on, we can click on PTC & OFFERWALLS from the left widget menu and from the drop down menu, click again on OFFERWALLS. On the next page, we will see the available offerwalls that we can choose to complete the task from.

Right now, there are only 7 offerwall programs available at Usually they can add more in the future but they can also take them out of service.

The available offerwalls are from AdGateMedia, AdscendMedia, OfferToro, PTCWall, OfferDaddy, KiwiWall, RevenueWall.  With AdGateMedia as the recommended one and PTCWall as the low rewards.

Click on any of them and the next page we see is the page browsing the offerwalls website but still in The picture below is the one from PTCWall, which other offerwalls will have similar appearances.

We can see that within the offerwalls itself usually there are categories for the tasks if they offer multiple options. Some can offer every possible task but usually they are better at one category.

My Comment

To be honest, I’m not a big fan with offerwalls. Some people can make a lot of money from offerwalls, even more than they can make from the host but some can’t. Why?

Well first of all, the task revenue can be based on ads. Usually this is for watching video. If the ads are target specific, just to certain user not universal, we are not the target, we won’t get paid.

Since most of the programs offered usually are limited to America or Europe, so people from outside those continents has lower chance to get any task. The same goes for survey task.

Even survey with my own native language, they can be targeted to specific audience and I might not be one of them. It doesn’t matter if the reward is high if we are not qualified, we won’t even get an access to the task.

There is even a chance that we already do the task or at least spend the time trying to complete it and suddenly they say we are not qualified.

Secondly, we are going to work with a third party. If we have problem with payment we can’t ask or complain to the host, of this case. We need to ask the offerwalls directly.

Based on what I heard from other host, these hosts usually will get paid only after the user complete the task and get paid. So offerwalls are paying both at the same time.

And third, these offerwalls are actually just a network platform. They collect the task and publish on hosts. So the tasks are actually from advertisers, another party.

The advertisers pay the offerwalls, then the offerwalls pay users and host. What we can get is actually rather small compared to the original value.

My suggestion

Still, offerwalls can be an income source. If you want to earn, try to understand how each offerwalls works and their rules. Remember that even the same offerwalls can have different rules for different host.

For example, PTC Wall on Donkeymails can pay right away to the balance after each click on ads. While here and on Cointiply, we need to wait until certain credits before the money is transfered to our balance on the host.

Some offerwalls can even charge us back if they think we were trying to cheat. So be careful.

If the offerwalls doesn’t work for you, like it’s hard to be qualified, just move on and try other offerwalls.

Paid to click task, even though they pay the lowest between other type of task, is actually the simplest task to complete and mostly universal. As for PTCWall, somehow it’s is very hard to access their website.

To make sure we are getting paid for our clicks, we need to see the announcement about getting paid on their website like the picture above.

It seems like bitcoin is the main payment method for offerwalls on If we use FaucetHub, we can easily reach the minimum withdraw threshold just by using main feature. No need to work so hard with the offerwalls.


This is another feature to earn more money from From the left widget menu, click on PTC & OFFERWALL, and the second option from drop down menu is PAY TO CLICK. Click on it to access the main page for PTC.

Just like a faucet, with paid to click feature, we click on an ad, view it and get paid. Faucet is a term known since people start using bitcoin or cryptocurrencies.

Essentially, there is no different but faucet usually use ad from ad network while PTC offers advertising and publishing themselves. So, here offers a chance for members to advertise as well.

How does it work?

As we can see from the picture above, here on, we have two types of PTC. We see the ads and get paid after the timer is up or we see the ads by going from pages to pages of shortlinks before we get paid.

The one on the left is for the timer and the one on the right is the shortlinks. We can see the number and remaining of available ads on each.

There is a blue button SEE THE PTC AD to start view the ads and get paid. If there is no ad available, the button will say NO MORE ADS and they will tell us to come back and check again tomorrow.

Both type of ads are worth 15 satoshi for each ads. The one with the timer is not as complicated as the one with shortlink.

We click on the blue button on the left and they will open a new tab for the ad while the first tab will change to a timer.

As far as I know, we don’t even need to see the ads, just look at the timer for 30 seconds. But the countdown will stop if we look at other tabs or window or, if we close the new tab with ad.

After that we will return to PTC main page and there will be a green notification on the top right screen saying that the payment has been added to the balance.

The one with a shortlink will open a new tab as well and the main page will change to a page similar with the timer but instead of countdown, we will see the page saying awaiting for shortlink pass.

The new tab will open the shortlink page from or or similar if we use the autofaucet claim mentioned above.

First, we will have to prove that we are not a bot again by solving a captcha and wait for 20 seconds. After that, we go to the second page to get the link after we wait again for 20 seconds.

The actual process is not that simple. We will see a lot of ads, opening several tabs. The first timer would easily get confused with the process.

Between the picture of ads and the button we need to click it’s a bit hard to tell. Not to mention a lot of cloaking ads. Don’t worry, we’ll get used to it after a couple of ads.

The shortlink also has time limit to pass. Not really sure how long but if we don’t get the link in that time, we need to start over.

We can tell that the process with shortlink ends if we return to the main page where we can see the available ads and choose between two type of ads.

Another way to know that we actually get paid is to check our profile page on the bottom left widget menu before the tool to select language from Google. There is a record of our recent earning history.


Just like any other paid to click program, also offers a way to advertise. The ads will be seen by members to get paid on PTC.

As mentioned above, there are only two options of advertising packages. One is to display the ads with timer and the other is via shortlink.

The price is 50 satoshi for the one with timer per view and 25 satoshi for the shortlink. We have to pay at least for 100 views for one option only, can’t buy both for 50:50.

As mentioned above the timer is set for 30 seconds only. No other options.

If we want to advertise, we can access the page from the left widget menu again. Click on PTC & OFFERWALLS and from the drop down menu we click on advertise.

We just need to fill the form with our link, the name or tagline of the website, choose how many views and the displaying options. Click on the blue AD MY LINK button to submit.

We can only pay with Bitcoin. So either make a deposit first, or exchange other coins to BTC or claim bitcoin from the faucet.

Members can only view the ad once per 24 hour. So, it is considered unique view everyday.

Advertise via MellowAds

Another options to advertise on website is by using MellowAds service. offers 3 advertising spots each with the same price, CPM: 0.0002 BTC or CPC: 0.00015 BTC.

I don’t know why they didn’t advertise this on their website. Usually the one I can spot on is on the dashboard home, where we click anywhere and they will open a new tab.

MellowAds is an ad display network where people can advertise or offer their website to publish. We can even start advertising for free by claiming from their faucet which the earnings can only be used to advertise not to withdraw.

If we pay using our money, not from MellowAds faucet, we can select a publisher, like, that we consider can have a good conversion rate.

We can see their views and clicks data. For free advertising, we let MellowAds to decide which publisher to show our ads, not limited to only.

You can start here if you want to start advertising for free on MellowAds.

Comments and Suggestion

I think 15 satoshi per ad is quite high for earners. Compared to other PTC program, for example,, 15 satoshi we need to view for 50 maybe 60 seconds.

From a faucet with the same rate, we can only get like 4 satoshi. So this is like almost 4 claim per ads.

But still, the number of ads available are not as many as those from PTC program. At most we can get like total of 4 ads per day.

The one with timer is a must but the one with shortlink can be very annoying. The worst part would be to see an error page after the whole shortlink pass.

Our views didn’t count and we get no credit. Still, it seems a lot of people prefer to advertise using shortlink since they can get cheaper.

Since the availability of the ad is limited, maybe we should do PTC first instead of faucet. We can always get 50 claim of faucet everyday but we can’t get the same from PTC.

People can advertise anytime so keep checking the page from time to time while waiting for the faucet is not a bad idea. I think people prefer to advertise at the start of the weekend or during the weekend. Try to check them out that time to get more ads before they run out of views.

Remember that we can only see the ad once every 24 hour. If we see a lot of ads on one day, check again at the same time at the day after. We can get the same number of ads again, assuming they still have views left.

The more important question might be about whether we should advertise here or not instead of click or not. To be honest, I really don’t have any experience on advertising so I don’t know much about the conversion rate.

The quality of advertising is not that good. We don’t actually need to see the one with the timer and the shortlink is too distracting.

Other PTC can offer to force people to actually look at the ads. But on here is not that good.

And the one with shortlink, after forcing user to open a lot of tabs for a lot of ads, people will no longer care about the ad we actually advertise which at the end of the shortlink pass process. At least, that’s me.

The cost to advertise is a bit high here compared to But, the minimum to purchase is lower. Here, people can start advertising as low as 2,500 satoshi while on the cheapest price to start is 30,000 satoshi.  Yes, the one on has better viewing quality.

Usually I will tell people not to pay for advertising. Especially on PTC. Except if they have a brand new program or they are the owner of the program.

If not, they need to create a landing page or splash page, very interesting and totally different instead of using what the program offer. So people might think that the program is new and they will try to find out.

I would also suggest that people do not pay or making any deposit but instead try to use the free money from faucet. This means we need to choose bitcoin as the payment from other feature.

Here we can only advertise to other member and maybe for similar program with We can withdraw our earnings and pay other platform, maybe ad network such as MellowAds and they will publish on a lot of websites.

If not, maybe try the one from Google, the Adwords, which would be displayed on other program or website that publish Google Adsense. I’m sure that one way or another we will get one or two for advertising numerous times here.

I suggest people to try every possible advertising options outside and see which one give the best conversion rate.

CHAT also provides their members a platform to interact with each other. Members can also ask for some help with from MODS.

To access the chat room, we can click on the conversation bubble logo at the top right corner of the screen. This will show a small pop up window and we can click on SHOW THE CHAT.

The rules for chat room are quite simple. English only chat, no promotion, no personal info including wallet address, no begging, and try to be nice.

Breaking these rules and trying to abuse something could lead to permanent ban. Aside from rules and the chat room, we can also see some commands and list of MODS and whether they are online or not.

Right now there are around 7 MODS and they are looking for more. The MODs list also show their ID number since we need that to contact them directly.

Here is a list of commands to contact MOD.

/pm # YOUR MESSAGE. This is to send PM to other member with ID number we put it. If we know the MODS ID we can contact them via this command.

/pm MOD your message. This command is to send PM to ALL of MODS online.

/callmod. And this is if there is no MOD online, we can use this command to come online. Check their status first or we could get banned.

There are hidden commands. Only VIP member can use them. To become one we need to make donation or deposit and make a bet. occasionally will run a quiz on chat room from time to time. They ask a question and whoever give the answer first will get some bitcoin satoshi. We can check out about the quiz using command /quiz. They will wait until there are enough members join the chat room.

We can also buy lottery ticket for 25 BTC satoshi per ticket using command /lotto NUMBER OF TICKETS. I don’t recommend people to buy this but I think it is safer to buy directly from the lottery page. Read more on lottery section below.

Comment and Suggestion

Well, unless we have a problem with our account, I suggest people not to hangout on chat room. We could waste our time there talking about random stuff just like social media.

Try to be more productive by doing something else. Or use it at the end of the day before going to sleep.

We can discuss more about other similar program, or about cryptocurrencies with other members. Use the chat room to learn, maybe some tips and tricks about how to play games.

We can just read the backlog. No need to actually interact.

The chat room is actually pretty nice. A whole page instead of just small side widget which can be very crowded to look at.

And without allowing any promotions and links, somehow a bit empty.


We might miss this feature since they don’t put it anywhere on left navigation menu widget. Need to access this from the HOME and select LOTTERY from the list of way to earn.

This is a monthly lottery so it starts new round at first of every month and ends at the last day of the month at around 3 pm (GMT+7). Could be 28 to 31 days depending on the month.

From the lottery page, there is no status on how many tickets in the pool already. I think we can only guess based on the reward.

More tickets in the pool means more money to earn. Every month 10 lucky winners will be chosen randomly to win a prize. Here is the list of prize based on March lottery round.

1st: 0.00036613 BTC
2nd: 0.00014452 BTC
3rd: 0.00008671 BTC
4th-10th: 0.00003854 BTC

Unlike lottery feature from other program that I’ve reviewed, offers the same prize for the 4th until 10th winner instead of giving lower prize for lower rank.

Based on the numbers above, we get a total reward of 0.00086714 BTC. If it is based on the price of tickets which is 25 satoshi, we get almost 3,500 tickets.

About 42% of that number become prize for the 1st, 16% for the 2nd, 10% for the 3rd and around 4% for the rest.

Comments and Suggestion

If my math is right, for a monthly lottery, less than 3,500 tickets is rather low. I think the low number is because there is no dedicated menu to access this feature.

If people use mainly the faucet, they will not remember to see the HOME page again, let alone, click on lottery page. Even if they were, they might think that it is just another game or gambling. And they are right.

Another reason is don’t give free ticket as a bonus like other program.

Maybe someone can actually make an effort to win it buy buying a lot of tickets. But still, the ticket price is a bit high. We might be losing money instead.

Other program can sell them with half the price or even just 1 satoshi per ticket. And that’s after they give free tickets from faucet.

I suggest that people do not buy the lottery tickets since they only valid for one round. It takes too long anyway, that we might forget about it.

Other program can run it more often like weekly even daily thing. Save and invest our money with other program to let it grow.


With so many cryptocurrency options, provides tools to convert and exchange from one coins to another. We can access these tools from the left menu widget, clicking on TOOLS.

From the drop down menu we can pick either EXCHANGE or CRYPTO CONVERTER. I will start with the second one.

The Converter

This tool is just to compare the value between one currency to another or to USD currency. From the CONVERTER page we can see the rate for USD per coin for each coin.

To compare with other coins, we can just select the coin we want to convert and fill the value. We don’t even need to click on the blue OK button because it will show right after we change the value.

That’s it. The tool is just to give some idea about the value between each currencies. If we have a blog or website, they also provide a code to use this tool on our website with the same exact look from the one on

The exchange

Now after we know the rate to trade, we can also trade them here on using the exchange tool. First we select the coin or currency we want to buy and click on EXCHANGE button.

Then on the next page, we can select which coin to sell and the value. They will also show us the amount we have on our balance.

Like the converter, we can see the preview of how much coin we are going to get for the trade. Before we hit another EXCHANGE button, notice that this process has a fee.

As an example, I will try to exchange my DOGECOIN to BITCOIN. At the same time, the converter shows with 1 DOGE I can get 47 BTC satoshi and from the exchange 1 DOGE I can only get 41 BTC satoshi.

There is around 15% difference between the converter and the exchanger.

Comment and Suggestion

I’m not suggesting that people should find other way to exchange it. Maybe we can find a better rate, maybe not, I really don’t know.

Just remember that even so, with so many process from withdrawing first maybe to FaucetHub or directly to wallet, we could end up losing more. We are going to pay fees for each platform.

This is still a convenience way to exchange. Just a reminder that when we choose a coin from faucet or maybe web miner, make sure we really want that coin, and try not to exchange it.

Maybe you can collect one coin and suddenly the price when up and we can get profit by exchanging them to other coins. But still, I really don’t recommend people to keep a lot of coins here.

And unless you are an expert trader in cryptocurrencies, just forget about it. Just keep withdrawing regularly and invest the money right away or sell them to cash.

Of course if by any chance we were in that situation, don’t forget that we can exchange them here. Maybe you find something online you want to buy but need specific currency, we can do it here since they seem to keep adding more coins.

Referral / Affiliate Program

If we want to be realistic a bit, how much money can we earn from faucet? With today’s rate, we can get like $0.01 after 50 claims per day spending like 250 minutes or almost 4 hours.

What we can earn is just pennies and some people might think that it isn’t worth the time we spend. But, with referral or affiliate program, we can turn it into a passive and even full time income.

We invite other people to join and use service, the faucet, and we can get paid. Inviting other people to earn money and get paid is not really a bad idea right?

How does it work?

Each member will have a unique link with their ID attached to it. The one below is mine with my ID on the end for

If anybody click on it and join the program, they will become my referral. And if they make a claim from faucet, I can get 25% from their earnings.

We can share our link on blog, forum, social media account or anywhere online. If people are interested, they will join.

The more referrals we have, the more money we can get while not doing the claiming ourselves. We can even get paid while we are asleep since this is an online program and our referrals could be from anywhere and use the service anytime.

We can get our link by clicking on REFERRAL & BANNERS from the left menu along with other promotional tool like codes for banners with several different sizes.

There is no tool to track earnings from referral. Only total number of referrals.

How to get more referrals?

Like I said, we can share the referral link to any online platform we usually use. Social media, forum, blog, website, even emails to our contact.

But, in reality that is not going to be that easy. We can’t just keep sharing the same link over and over again. People might think we are spamming and if we use social media, we could even lose our followers.

It’s like being a salesman, approaching any stranger. Even to people we know, people would hate that.

We need to share this to people who are interested in this kind of stuff. Forum might be a better one since that is where the community would gather.

But, we might not be the only one to share the same program on that forum. Still better than nothing though.

Another way is to have our own blog or website. We don’t need to rely on free platforms where a lot of people can do the same.

They have some rules and limitations, which could be change in the future or take down the service entirely. Our marketing effort would be gone and we need to start over.

By having a website, we can set our own rules. We can share our experience, more pictures, more link from other programs not only

It’s like having a store in real life where people can always get back to. We keep building the website until people can discover it. How?

Maybe just like how you get here, from search engine like Google for example. If we keep adding more content to our website, we can get traffic, and eventually get the referral for any program we promote.

Don’t forget that search engine will be the one to do promotion. And that is for 24/7/365.

Once we get enough referrals, we can have a passive income. And with promoting other similar programs, it can be a business.

If you are interested on how to build a website and turn it into an online business, keep reading, I will share with you how.

In the mean time, let’s get back to a little bit.

Member’s Level

With so many feature to use on, the more we actively use this program, we can get some rewards. Our activity will be measured by our LEVEL.

Just like a game, we collect experience points (XP) to level up. When we reach certain level, we can get rewards or open more features to use.

We can see our level status by clicking on LEVEL on the left widget navigation menu, below our username. On that page, we can also see how many XP we need to the next level.

How to level up?

We can also find how to level up from that page. Here is the list of how to get XP to level up.

  • 1 XP per Faucet claim or referral claim
  • 50 XP per offer on OfferWall
  • 2 XP per Game Bet (except on boomerang)
  • 5 XP per won on the chat Quiz
  • 2 XP per 10 sats earned on Command Miner
  • and more XP on deposit, depending the deposit amount.

Rewards and More Features

There are rewards when reaching certain levels.

  • Faster payments on OfferWall at level 10
  • Free Freeroll at level 10
  • Higher withdrawal limits at level 20
  • Fastest payments on OfferWall at level 25
  • Tipping commands on chat at level 30
  • All payments instant on OfferWall at level 40
  • 0.00000500 Bitcoin reward at level 50
  • Higher withdrawal limits at level 75
  • Choose your color tag in chat at level 80
  • 0.00002000 Bitcoin reward at level 100
  • Higher withdrawal limits at level 125
  • 0.00005000 Bitcoin reward at level 150
  • Higher withdrawal limits at level 175
  • 0.00015000 Bitcoin reward at level 200
  • Higher withdrawal limits at level 225
  • 0.00100000 Bitcoin reward at level 250

Comment and Suggestion

Even if we only use faucet, eventually we can get XP and reach higher level, get the rewards. Other than getting some bitcoin satoshi, other rewards might not be as useful as it sounds.

For example, higher withdrawal limits. Do we really need that? If we use FaucetHub, we might want to withdraw as fast as we can which we can always do with just one claim.

We might need this for other coins. But still, we can keep collecting and maybe by the time we have enough we already reach that level.

Free Freeroll is the first one to get. By doing 50 claims a day for abit more than a week, we can already reach that, maybe with other earning.

Just don’t gamble or spend money only for the sake of leveling up.


With so many ways to earn, claiming from faucet every five minutes, the next question would be how can we get the money we’ve earned. It would be a disaster if we suddenly can’t get it.

To withdraw we can start by clicking on WITHDRAW from the left navigation menu. Each currency has it’s own withdraw page that can only be accessed if we have some funds in that coin.

The picture above is the main page for withdraw where we can see our balance for each coins. Each coins has three buttons, yellow to exchange them, green to deposit and blue to withdraw.

If we don’t have any funds in any coins, the blue button will appear as gray. Click on the blue button to open withdraw page for the coins we want to cashout like the picture below.

From the withdraw page dedicated for the coins, we can see the available balance and the wallet address. If we don’t submit the wallet address yet, we can access the link to our profile setting.

Fill the address, make sure we put it on the right coins and every change or adding new address, we need to fill the password.

After that, we can get back to the withdraw page. For some coins, there are two options to withdraw, to FaucetHub or regular wallet.

Since they will keep adding more coins, there is a chance that they don’t even have the wallet yet. The picture below is an example of PINKCOINS with no way to withdraw yet.

If this happen, the only way is to exchange them or wait until they are available. FaucetHub on the left options and regular wallet on the right.

Just fill in the amount we want to withdraw and click on the blue WITHDRAW button. After that will send an email with confirmation link that we need to click before they process the withdraw.

If we don’t click it, the transaction will be automatically cancelled after 12 hours. We are still going to pay the fee even if it’s cancelled.

What is FaucetHub?

What we can earn from using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, either from faucet or other money making program, usually very little, just pennies. The higher the price the lower we can get.

On the other hand, there is a network fee for transaction and we need to reach certain threshold or minimum before we can withdraw those coins. There is a chance that people might give up claiming early before they can even make a withdraw.

FaucetHub is a way to collect those pennies from a lot of programs, so we can reach the minimum amount to withdraw faster. We can withdraw as low as 2 satoshi for BTC from any faucet, like to FaucetHub while if we withdraw to regular bitcoin wallet, we need to wait until 15,000 satoshi.

This is good since even has an inactivity limit. We can just claim for one day, withdraw right away, and just forget about, keep our money on FaucetHub instead of getting deleted.

This only works for program that use FaucetHub service. Not every faucet.

If we want to use FaucetHub, make sure we already link the wallet address to FaucetHub first. The process and funds is actually on FaucetHub. By linking the wallet, it will be processed automatically within 5 minutes while with regular wallet, we need to wait up to a few days.

We can open a free account on FaucetHub via this link. From the user dashboard, click on WALLET ADDRESSES tab.

Paste the regular wallet address there, select the right coin, and link it. Only after that we can withdraw from to FaucetHub account.

Right now FaucetHub only supports 14 coins, BTC, ETH, XMR, LTC, DOGE, DGB, PPC, POT, BLK, XPM, DASH, BTX, BCH, ZEC. All of them are supported by

Comment and Suggestion

FaucetHub is the reason we need to choose and focus on those 14 coins accepted instead of other. Since we can get our money right away, we don’t have to worry about keeping account.

Remember that it is very easy to get banned here. Just keep withdrawing regularly. Especially if we use laptop and want to move and use different IP connection, it’s better if we withdraw first.

There is also no interest feature here on, so there is no point to keep our money here. The fee for FaucetHub is percentage based not fee per transaction.

It means that there is no different to make several withdraw transactions or just one. The fee is the same, 1.5%, unless, we withdraw less then 0.000003.

There is no point on using FaucetHub if we are not planning to use other faucet or other program. The withdraw from FaucetHub to our wallet also has the same minimum threshold and unless we want to pay more, we have to wait until Sunday for their regular payment. promises to process the regular withdraw within 48 hours. So here is a list of other program that use FaucetHub service that you can try. I may add some more later. (BTC, 12 hours) (ETH and more, 4 hours) (All FaucetHub Coins, no timer) (Bitcoin, 5 minutes) (Bitcoin, 5 minutes) (Bitcoin, PTC) (Multi Coins, 1 Hour) (DOGE, no timer)

For other coins, with the case of PinkCoin, we can say that accepted by doesn’t mean it is ready to use. Before we start collecting coins for the long run, claim once, and check whether they can be withdrawn or not.

There is also a chance that FaucetHub can add more coins they accept. But in the mean time, I suggest anybody to make a plan which coin to focus on.

For more faucet programs, read my Review.


This is the last part of We can deposit some money to our account by accessing the DEPOSIT menu from the left widget.

On the deposit page, we can select the coin we want to add funds and we can click on DEPOSIT button to generate a deposit address. Then we can send money to that address.

There is a 1% fee to make the deposit.

The question is what for? What can we do with our money here?

From previous sections we can play games, means, gambling our money which I don’t recommend. The same goes with lottery.

We can also advertise but it is only limited to Paid to Click part, which I think the quality is not very good. The last options I can think of is to make a donation.

Donation and VIP member

Other than making a donation via faucet, after we do 50 claiming per day, there is a donation section that we can access by clicking on the DONATION link, at the middle bottom of the website.

We can only donate BTC, so either make a deposit with bitcoin or we need to exchange them, with a fee. By making a donation for 0.0001 BTC or more, our membership status will become a VIP member.

As a VIP member there is a hidden command on chatting we can use and we get to access 2FA feature to secure our account. Other than making a donation, we can also use the money to wager or the exchange.

I’m not sure if we can accumulate the donation from faucet. Assuming it can, we need like 2,500 claims and not sure if we can do it with other coin or only BTC.

As I said, there is a risk of getting banned if we forget to click on anti bot checker. And I don’t see any use for becoming a VIP member.

Maybe later if add new features like interest, that would be a good  reason to become one. Since they are barely one year old at this time, maybe we can expect more additional feature to come.


Hopefully those are everything I can talk about As a faucet program we can claim every 5 minutes up to 50 claims per day.

The potential income from faucet is slightly lower than the standard, could be even lower later. But, they provide us with some bonus like autoclaim for autofaucet and free games stuff.

They also offer other earning method like from offerwalls, which could be added and paid to click which good enough to earn but not to advertise.

Claiming process still requires to view some ads, some even force to open new window. But the process is not that hard, just solve captcha from SolveMedia.

Right now they accepted over 30 cryptocurrencies and they will keep adding more coins, which could be confusing and we should just focus on those accepted by FaucetHub since they use it’s service. Be careful with new added coins because there is a chance they are not ready to be withdrawn.

Nevertheless, if we need to collect for specific coins, we can always check out The amount we can get from every coin is the same and we can always exchange them to other coins within the website with a fee.

What we can get is still just pennies. But with referral or affiliate program, the potential to turn this into a passive income remains the same. Too bad they don’t have a lot of tools to promote other than banners.

They have a nice chat room and it seems the support is very active not only here but other platform like forum as well.

The main concerns might be about how easy it is get banned here. Just use residential IP, and one account only and be careful not to miss the anti bot checker on faucet.

Withdraw as soon as we can via FaucetHub or at least do it regularly.

If you are still interested to start claiming free coins from, you can do it here for free.

Final Word

As I mentioned before that what we can get from claiming the faucet is actually very low. The key is to use the referral program, get a lot of referrals and let them do the work and we get the commission.

In order to do that, it’s better to have our own website, promote the program until we can get enough referrals and they can generate income for us. That is how we can have an online business.

If you are interested to learn more about building a website and turn it into a business, even a passive income, there is a training program that you can try.

On this training, not only we can learn about how to, but we can actually set up the website, grow it until it can generate income. We can learn from a lot of experts who were once just like you and me, know almost nothing about online business.

This is an easy training program that even a guy without a college degree can use it. Within two years he started to have a full time income from his website and quit his regular job.

We can even ask the owner the help out directly. Try it. Join the program for FREE and try to reply their first message to you and see if they get back and help you out.

You can learn more about the training from my review here.

We grow the business and website by using affiliate programs just like Here is my list of other affiliate program that you can try.

I will keep updating the page and add more programs. So, stay tuned.

Well, that’s all I can share with you about Maybe I missed something and you have more question about it, or if you want to add your experience, view, opinion, don’t hesitate to use the comment section below.

Maybe you also have other experience with other similar programs with this, hopefully a better one, you can suggest something as well. I would love to help if I could and learn more about online program.

Hope my reviews can help. Thanks for reading.



Mark M.

4 Replies to “ Review”

    1. Hi, Gilbert. Thanks for the question.

      Unfortunately, my account for was banned since April 2021. I can no longer access their website, so, I can’t tell how they work.
      If I recall correctly, they do have a chat room and support ticket. Maybe you will get better answer by asking them directly there.

      Sorry if my reply doesn’t really help that much. Good luck.

      Best regards.

      Mark M.


    1. Hi, Jessa.

      Thanks for stopping by and for the input about That is the reason why I’m not a fan of any offerwalls.

      As the host, or any site can decide how much profit they want to take from the offer. Maybe there are other sites that will share higher cut for the users than this one.

      If anybody know which one, please do share. Hopefully we can find better site than this one. That way, we spend the same amount of time working on the same offerwalls but earn more.

      Best Regards.

      Mark M.

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