Most people will just use cryptocurrency faucet program that offers the coin that they are collecting, which usually are those more popular coins. These came from major, more popular programs.

There is nothing wrong with that but eventually, those major programs become harder to use. Maybe they have to use more pop up ads, links, or somehow they have to lower the reward.

I thought, maybe we can find other programs that offer less popular altcoins and get used to trading via exchangers before getting what we are actually collecting. That was like hoping to get program with less amount of reward but easier claiming process.

With that in mind, one of the program that I found was A multi coins faucet program offering less popular altcoins without any pop up ads.

So, who is Is legit or scam? Which cryptocurrencies we can earn from them?

Those are probably just a few question that came to mind after hearing about Well, in this article, I’m going to share with you my review based on my experience and what I can find from the internet.

Hope this helps. Is going to be one of the best cryptocurrency faucet program?

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Type: Cryptocurrency Faucet (15 minutes, Multi Coins)
Feature: Lottery
Referral Commission: 1 – 100%
Payment Method: Coin’s Wallet (XLM, USDT, NPXS, XTZ, BTT, ZRX)
Started Since: 2018
My Status: SCAM
Last Payment: September 2020

News and Update

July 2023. Changed the status of this to SCAM. No payment.

April 2022. I don’t know if this one is paying or not but it takes too long just to reach the minimum. Even after almost 2 years I only reached like half the way.

I changed the status for this to PROBLEMATIC and I probably will not update any further unless they make significant change.

September 2020. I think they changed back the second page we need to go through in the claiming process.

July 2020. changed the second page we need to go through in the claiming process. Now we will be visiting page, as shown by the next picture.

Currently there is no captcha that we need to solve but I really doubt that it will stay like that. The process remains the same, there will be timer and a button we need to click to proceed.



Unfortunately, there is not a lot we can find about the people behind The owner didn’t open any thread on forum, and there is no social media accounts on the website.

This is actually typical among similar programs. Only some of them may reveal their slight identity, even if we need to dig it ourselves from multiple sources.

Nevertheless, I can only say that I already get paid once at this point. So, at least, they are probably a legit one, even though there is no guarantee that they will keep doing so. This is also true for most online earning program.

One thing that I noticed is that have similar script as Maybe they are from the same owner but offering different currency. We can try that as well, but at this point I haven’t withdrawn anything from there.

To use the website, we can first register an account via this link. This will redirect us to their homepage. To register, we can choose any of the coins and this will redirect us to the faucet page of that coin.

We can’t claim until we register and there is a link there. I don’t remember exactly but I think we need to have a wallet address immediately for that specific currency to register an account.

For those who don’t have one yet, we can use the wallet from here. We can still change them later.

Cryptocurrency Faucet

Cryptocurrency faucet is the main feature on From a cryptocurrency faucet program, anybody can earn money, usually in cryptocurrency, for doing almost nothing.

The least we need to do is just a click of a button. Most of them will require more and we have to like click and view ads, solve captchas, visit some links, etc.

The amount of money we can get is not that much, considering how little and easy the effort is. However, usually they allow us to claim multiple times, repeating the process and earn money over and over again. Eventually it can build up to something.

Usually, we need to wait for a range of time like 5 minutes to every hour, daily, or even weekly depending on the program. In the case of, we can claim like once every 15 minutes at this time.

There are several cryptocurrencies that we can get from Maybe they can even add more in the future.

At this time, we can earn free 0x (ZRX), Stellar (XLM), Tether (USDT), Pundi X (NPXS), BitTorrent (BTT), Tezos (XTZ). This is not a multi faucets in one program. We can only claim one of them, wait for 15 minutes, before we can claim again the same or the other currency.

How does it work?

To claim the free cryptocurrency, from the homepage after we sign in, we can click on one of the button of the available cryptocurrencies. Alternatively, we can click on the GET FREE COINS menu from the top right corner and we will see the page like the previous picture.

On that page, we can click on the CLAIM button at the end of the cryptocurrency row that we want to earn. In this example, I choose BitTorrent or BTT. The next picture is what we are going to see from that page.

As we can see there will be a timer that displays 00:00 and the CLAIM button again right below the timer. We can click on the button to proceed and the second picture is what we will see from the next page.

This time, the page will be similar, except that there will be no timer this time. There will be another green button that says GET REWARD. We can click on it to proceed. The third picture below is what we are going to see.

This page with white background is basically a shortlink. We will arrive on page. As we can see from the picture above, there will be another timer and right below it a captcha system from Google that we need to solve.

After the timer is done, about 15 seconds, and we get the green check mark for solving the captcha, a black button will appear. We can click on this NEXT STEP button to proceed.

The next picture is what we are going to see on that next page. The page will be similar with white background but if we notice, it is from different URL. This time the page is from So, this is basically a two layer shortlink.

What we need to do is the same as the previous. We have to wait for the timer and solve the captcha again. After that, another black NEXT STEP button will appear and we can click on it to proceed.

As we can see from the second picture above, we will arrive back to page, specifically the faucet claiming page. This time, the timer will start again from 15 minutes and the green button will say WAIT.

There is nothing we can do at this point but to wait for the timer before we can claim again. If we want to claim another cryptocurrency after the timer is done, we need to click on either the HOMEPAGE or GET FREE COINS menu to choose the different one.

Otherwise we will claim the same currency again and from my example above, another BItTorrent. That is actually it with how to claim the free money. To find out how much do we get per claim, we can check our profile by clicking on the username, from the top right corner of the page.

The last picture above is what we are going to see. We can see our current balance, deposit balance, the minimum to withdraw and the transaction fee for each cryptocurrency. If we have enough balance, the WITHDRAW button at the end will appear clearer.

If we want to know how much did we get per claim, we can access the REWARD LIST menu right after the claim. The page will display the last 3,000 claims from all of the members. We can search our username to filter our own.

The reward itself, as we can see from the first picture of this section, is a range of reward, that will be determined randomly. If we are lucky enough, we can get the highest reward.

Earning Rate and Comparisons

As mentioned before, we can find out the possible reward from the GET FREE COINS menu. If I understand correctly, the owner can change these numbers depending on probably the current price of the coins.

So, what we will see from the page or my next description will probably different by the time we read this article. Here is the possible reward at this time.

Stellar (XLM): 0.00317712 XLM – 3177.12 XLM
Tether (USDT): 0.00024847 USDT – 248.47 USDT
0x (ZRX): 0.00285535 ZRX – 2855.35 ZRX
BitTorrent (BTT): 0.2173913 BTT – 217391.3 BTT
Pundi X (NPXS): 0.41666667 NPXS – 416666.67 NPXS
Tezos (XTZ): 0.00002137 XTZ – 21.37 XTZ

The amount might seems different from one to another but if we convert those numbers into the same currency, we will get the same amount actually. In Bitcoin or BTC the reward is between 0.697 satoshi to 697,097 satoshi per claim.

That means we can say that the earning rate is 0.697 satoshi per 15 minutes or per hour we can get about 2.7 satoshi. This is just the minimum but expecting to get the highest possible reward is probably unreasonable. The minimum is what we will mostly get.

The question is now, is that a good earning rate? One way to find out is by making simple comparison to other similar programs. In this case, another cryptocurrency faucet program. Here is what I have tried so far., usually as my standard for good earning faucet, can give us like 25 to 30 satoshi at this time per claim every hour as the base reward which is what we will get most of the time. That is like 10 times higher than what we can get from for an hour., now the faucet can only give us 2 claims per day. For me right now about 20 coins a day and with 100 coins equals to $0.01 means $0.002 per day, or about 28 satoshi. We can get about the same amount from if we claim everything for 10 hours. and their group, each as hourly faucet can give altcoins about 1,867 litoshi at this time or in Bitcoin around 11 satoshi as the base prize. That one claim is almost 4 times higher than what we can get from for an hour., a 5 minutes faucet as well, with 50 claim limit, right now can give like 3 satoshi per claim or 150 satoshi per day. Even if we claim everything for a day, we can’t match that amount with the reward from, also can give constant amount but only 3 satoshi every hour at this moment, which could go less thanks to dynamic price. That is just one claim and it is already higher than for an hour., has a faucet feature, give around 15 satoshi in average per hour. Assuming the number is right, which, depends on luck, that is already more than 5 times higher than for an hour., as a 5 minute faucet, at this time, I can only get like 4 free claims per day each with 5 satoshi. Based on their explanation about the internal currency, we should get even less than that. We can match the number with if we claim everything for 7 or 8 hours. can give like 0.137 DOGE as the base reward per claim per hour or in BTC about less than 4 satoshi as the base reward. That one an hour claim is already higher than what we can get from for the same time frame., also no timer and no limit faucet can give like 0.12 DOGE (about 3 satoshi) per claim. That one claim without any timer is already more than 4 times higher than per claim., recently changed into 6 hour faucet, can give 20 Bitcoin satoshi per claim or 3 Bitcoin satoshi per hour. So, for an hour rate, this is already higher than for the same time frame., an auto faucet, at this time, with maximum bonus, can give like between 6 to 8 Bitcoin satoshi per hour. That one hour rate is already at least twice as much from faucet for an hour., an hour faucet, offers like just 1 Bitcoin satoshi per hour. We can get higher but it is almost impossible to achieve. and most of other faucet program can offer higher than this., recently turned into 30 minute faucet, offers like 14 satoshi per claim as the base prize. That one claim is already 10 times higher than for the same time frame., another hourly faucet with multiple faucets, offers like 17 satoshi in average per hour from the Bitcoin faucet only. That one claim is already 6 times higher than for the same period., a no timer faucet, with 20 claims per day will give about 300 LPONS per claim or about 3 satoshi per claim. That one claim is already more than 4 times higher than per claim. and their group, we can get like 8 satoshi in average per 30 minutes claim just one faucet without the bonus. That one claim is already 12 times higher than faucet per claim.

ES Faucet, another lump sum claim faucet, which we can earn from 5 minutes, offering 13 different coins, can give like 1.5 satoshi after waiting for 5 minuntes per faucet as the base prize only. With just 1 claim of 1 faucet here, we already get higher than one claim from, a 5 hour faucet, can give us like 20 satoshi as well as the base reward and with shortlinks, we can even get extra 8 satoshi. That is like 80 satoshi per day and even if we claim everything for a day from, we still can’t match the number., an auto faucet, could offer like 12 satoshi per hour or 288 satoshi per day. That hourly rate  is like 4 times higher than what we can get from for the same period., another auto faucet which we can get up to about 186 satoshi per day.  That is like over 60 times higher than what we can get from, an hourly faucet, can offer like 3 satoshi per hour or up to 72 per day. That one claim is already higher, slightly than faucet for the same period., a once a day faucet, can give us like just 1 satoshi per day with a bad luck. With just 2 claims from we can already match the number of this lowest reward. and their group offers like 0.3 DOGE per claim per 10 minutes or about 8 satoshi. That one claim is already over 12 times higher than one claim from, a 5 minute faucet can offer like 7 satoshi per claim or 84 satoshi per hour. That one claim is already over 10 times higher than one claim from, another lump sum faucet, offers like 8 satoshi after 15 minutes waiting, without the bonus. That one claim is already about 12 times higher than what we can get from per claim., another 1 hour faucet, offers like 8 satoshi per hour as the base reward with no links and no bonus. That one claim is already about 12 times higher than what we can get from per claim., an hourly faucet, can give us like 0.47 DOGE per hour or like 13 Bitcoin satoshi per hour as the base reward. That one claim is almost 20 times higher than what we can get from per claim., recently become a 30 minute faucet, can give us like 5 ALTH per claim or about 0.28 DOGE or 8 satoshi per claims. That one claim is already about 12 times higher than what we can get from per claim., a 30 minute faucet, can give us like 5 satoshi per claim. That one claim is already almost 7.5 times higher than what we can get from per claim., a 20 hour faucet can give like 8 satoshi per claim as the base reward. With about 12 claims from, we can match this number., a 40 minute faucet, offers like 6.8 satoshi per claim. That one claim is already about 10 times higher than one claim from, a 10 minute faucet, can give like 1 DOGE per day or about 28 satoshi of Bitcoin. We can match this number with if we claim like 40 times a day. and their group, a 60 minute faucet, can offer like 6 satoshi per claim. For the same period, that one claim is already over twice as much as what we can get from, offers a 6 hour faucet and we can claim like 2.7 satoshi per claim or 10.8 satoshi per day. We can get the same amount from with just 16 claims.

This is just comparing strictly between the faucet earning rate. There are more things to consider like the claiming process or how easy to withdraw.

Some programs can offer other earning feature or bonus that could make them a better choice. On the other hand, some users might not be able to use those other earning feature and can only rely on faucet.

Comment and Suggestion

Based on the comparisons above, I think we can say that is probably one of the cryptocurrency faucet with the lowest reward per claim. Usually we can expect more from a 15 minute faucet. Not to mention, considering they incorporate shortlinks within the claiming process.

The claiming process itself is not that easy. We need to go through two shortlinks and each with one captcha system. That is even with no alternative for captcha.

There will be some peak time when solving the captcha will become very difficult. However, weirdly enough it is not very rare that we can get instant check mark without even solving anything from this.

Luckily, there is no pop up. Maybe that is the trade off from not getting enough revenue with very low reward. Still, the two layered shortlinks is problematic.

The fundamental problem that could happen is that the shortlinks become inaccessible. If even just one of them has a problem, we can’t claim anything. At the time of this writing, this issue occurred.

I can still access the main website, but the two shortlinks are very hard. If this happens, we can only wait.

Also, I think this program and shared the same shortlinks. I don’t know if they are from the same owner. It’s just if one of them has the problem, the other usually will follow.

The shortlinks are always those two websites, with no other alternatives. No backup and no other income stream for the owner. I understand that sometimes those shortlinks could be scam but still there are many notable one that the owner can trust.

Usually with a very low reward, it is bad for the user. But there are a lot of other programs that initially offered relatively higher reward and couldn’t stay like that very long. Eventually they become scam.

It is true that there is no guarantee that can sustain their business though just because they offer low reward. At least, they have better chance.

If we see something like the picture above, that means, the faucet is currently not available. We can try refresh the page and if they display the reward again, we can start claiming again.

Otherwise, if we try to claim while it has problems as shown, we will not get any reward by the end of the claiming process. Sometimes the problem could take like a day to resolve.

Another problem that I have encountered is that the claiming button on either shortlink page can get stuck where we will not be able to click. I recommend wait for the timer to reveal the button first and check whether we can click it or not before we try completing the captcha.

Otherwise it will be a waste to solve that captcha. Just refresh the page and try again. Sometimes it can get stuck for a while as well.

It is rather hard to recommend this program. Especially if we don’t collect any of the supported coins. Another problem is that they don’t offer any exchange.

So, if we already collect one coin, we need to keep collecting until we reach the minimum to withdraw for that coin.  Otherwise it will be a waste. We can use them for lottery but for me it’s like gambling and still wasteful.

Regardless of the currency we choose, even though the reward is the same, but the minimum is different. Check out the withdraw section in this article to find out how many claims we need to reach the minimum.

I will also discuss the wallet or exchangers that accept those coins. Maybe that can help us decide which coin to collect.

Weekly Lottery

Lottery is currently the only other feature we can use on Like any lottery, we need to have tickets and if we are lucky enough, we will get a reward.

To participate in the lottery on, we can only purchase the ticket first. There is no free tickets from the faucet like on other similar programs.

Not only that, the lottery round will not start unless there are at least 500 tickets. Since offer multiple different currencies, the lottery for each currency will run separately.

The 7 day counts will start as soon as the minimum has been reached. Which is why, each currency can have different start but it will always run for 7 days.

After 7 days, 5 lucky winner will get the prize. The prize depends on the number of tickets for the round. To determine the total prize, it is the total value of the tickets minus 10%, probably for the owner.

Then, the first place will get 50%, 30% for the second, 10% for the third, 8% for the fourth, and 2% for the fifth.

To participate, we can click on the LOTTERY menu from the top right corner of the website. The next picture is what we are going to see on that page.

How does it work?

As we can see, we need to choose the currency first because there is no exchange feature on So, we can only buy the tickets and participate for the currency that we have the funds.

From the example above, the lottery for ZRX already started since there are over 4,000 purchased tickets. The other currency may also already started or still waiting to reach the minimum number of tickets.

In the middle of the page, there will be a table displaying the statistic for the current round. From the number of players, number of tickets and if we have some, they will display our tickets and the chance to win.

Right below the table, we can see a form to purchase the tickets. We can enter the number of tickets and they will display the total amount we have to pay right below that form.

Apparently, the price of ticket for each currency is different from one to another. How they determine the prize remains the same. Here is the detail.

0x: 0.000005 ZRX per ticket (0.0123 satoshi of Bitcoin)
Stellar: 0.00001 XLM per ticket (0.0072 satoshi of Bitcoin)
Tether: 0.000001 USDT per ticket (0.0146 satoshi of Bitcoin)
Pundi X: 0.001 NPXS per ticket (0.0016 satoshi of Bitcoin)
BitTorrent: 0.001 BTT per ticket (0.0123 satoshi of Bitcoin)
Tezos: 0.0000008 XTZ per ticket (0.025 satoshi of Bitcoin)

We can click on the BUY TICKETS button to purchase. As mentioned before, the lottery round will start after there are at least 500 tickets with the same currency. I think they need to have at least 2 users because 1 user can definitely buy 500 tickets alone. Even if that user will lose the money for sure.

Comment and Suggestion

As we can see from the profile page, I think planned to open a deposit feature so people can purchase the tickets not from the faucet but from outside. So far, I couldn’t find where to do it.

I really don’t recommend anybody to use this feature. For one, even if the deposit is available, I think they separate the funds between earning and deposit. Usually it means, we can’t withdraw again the funds.

We have no choice but to participate and hope that we can win so the funds can be transferred into main balance. This is just my speculation if they do add the deposit feature later.

The other reason is because this is based on luck. It is like gambling. We will more likely to lose than win here.

So, if anybody still want to use this, please do it at their own risk. I don’t recommended it.

But, this could be another way to donate money for Maybe there are some people who want to support the program, with a chance to get something back in return, they can instead buy lottery tickets here.

Otherwise, there are better ways to spend those money we earned from We can try investment programs like,, or even

Those programs may not accept any of the currencies from, but we can easily exchange them via platform like Usually we can start the investment with relatively small amount.

We can also use the funds to advertise like via PTC or ad network. By doing so, we can get referrals and earn passive income.

The interest from investment or commission from those ideas may not generate much, at first. But we can keep increasing the amount which can eventually build up to something. It is going to be a long term plan.

Winning the lottery may grant us relatively higher amount. But that is assuming we win. Otherwise we are just wasting the money and somebody else might get our money.

Check out my review for those programs in this article. Those are just some ideas. Hopefully anybody can reconsider when they are about to purchase any lottery ticket.

Referral / Affiliate Program

As mentioned before, the amount of money we can earn from faucet or any other cryptocurrency faucet program is actually not that much. They are just pennies and some people might think that they are not worth the time.

However, by offering a referral or affiliate commission, any program has the chance to become a source of passive income. In theory they could even become an unlimited one.

What we need to do to earn this commission is to invite other people to join the program and let those people use the service. In this case, the program is and the service is to earn free money from the faucet feature.

Then, as the referrer, we will get paid some commission based on some percentage of the referral’s earning. It is true that we will get even less but that is based from just one referral and one claim.

The more referral we have and the more they use the service will increase our commission. Moreover, we can earn it passively, no need for us to use the service, claim the faucet ourselves.

How does it work?

Like on any online program offering a referral or affiliate commission, each member will get a unique link with their ID attached to it. It is called a ref link or referral link and this one below is mine for

If anybody click on it and join the program, they will become my referral. And if they use the service, claim the faucet, I will get 1% as commission, only based on their earnings, not taking from the referral.

That is the base commission rate. The more referrals we have, the higher the commission rate. We can get up to 100% if we have more than 1,000 referrals. Here is the detail.

<5 referrals: 1% commission
>5 referrals: 5% commission
>10 referrals: 10% commission
>50 referrals: 20% commission
>100 referrals: 30% commission
>500 referrals: 50% commission
>1,000 referrals: 100% commission

We can find the link and these info from the profile page of our account, click the username from the top right corner. The previous picture displays what we can find there.

What we need to do is to share the link to anybody on any online platform that we regularly use. The platform can be our social media accounts, forums, group messengers for family or friends and even blog or website that we own.

Anywhere we can post the link and the public can access it will do. Even like Google Docs can work.

As we can also see there will be some statistic for the referral’s activity and the commission we get from them. But unfortunately, only the total number not per referral.

We can share the link using the arrow red button at the bottom right corner. Click on that and the page will display a lot more platforms that we can use. This is probably the share button with the most platforms.

Aside from that, there is no other tool provided by that we can use to help us promote the program.

IMPORTANT NOTE. The template for referral link from that page is missing one character. We need to add “/” right after the domain before the”?”. Check my link above to see the different. If we don’t fix it, it will not work.

How to get (more) referrals?

Well, sharing the link is a must but how exactly? Sharing to the wrong people is like a salesman approaching stranger. People hate that.

If we try to share on our social media, people might get annoyed if they are not interested. Especially if we are spamming, sharing over and over again like multiple times within a day.

We could lose our followers, risking any network we have built. Maybe it’s better to have alternate account specifically just to share this kind of program.

We look for community or other users that we know are interested. Or only when they ask, then we can share with them the link.

A better way might be to share on forums. Not just any forum of course, but related to online money making program, bitcoin or cryptocurrencies.

The problem with using any free platform like this is that we are probably not the only one who promote the same program. We have to offer something more than just the referral link like anybody else.

Another thing is that these free platforms have rules that they can suddenly change about promotion and not to mention, shutting down their service entirely. We have to start over our campaign if they delete them.

A better way would be to have our own website. We can share anything not just one program but others with the same, similar or related topics.

Having a website is like having a shop in real life. People can always come back to and find out more programs to use.

Then we can use those free platforms, forum or social media accounts  just for promotion. A good way to get backlink or generate traffic.

Since it’s an online shop, it will stay open 24/7, no need to wait for us to wake up and can be accessed from everywhere around the world. The best part of having our own place or website is that any search engine like Google will do the promotion work non stop.

And they will show the website as a result to exactly people who are interested in it. They use the search engine to look for it and get the website we build as the result. No need to worry about being annoying salesman.

Those people will access the website, see what we have to offer. Maybe a review like this, other or similar program we use, sharing experience, opinion, views to let people know that we understand this kind of program.

If they are interested, they will become our referrals for any program we promote. Once we have enough referrals for or every programs we promote, we can have passive income even full time income.

That is exactly how people can build their business online. They own a website, fill the website with contents that can help promote a program, and let it work automatically.

If you are interested to know more about how to build a website and turn it into an online business, keep reading. I will share with you later about a training program that anybody can use.

In the meantime, let’s head back to for a little bit.

Comment and Suggestion

First, the commission, just 1%, even though we can increase it up to 100%. This is probably one of the lowest possible referral commission. It is true that it is still better than nothing.

Also, it is a good thing that they offer altcoins and not Bitcoin or other coins with higher price. Even if just 1% we can still get something instead of getting rounded down.

For example, at this time, Tezos is probably has the highest price and each claim we will only get about 0.00002 XTZ. One percent of that means we will get 0.0000002 XTZ as the commission. On the other hand, coin like BitTorrent we can get about 0.21 BTT and 1% of that will be 0.0021 BTT. The smaller amount at the back can eventually become something.

But that is not up to the referrer to decide. The commission is based on what the referral is choosing to earn. Based on the number of user for each faucet, we will probably have better chance for XLM or USDT. Unless we can convince the referral to choose the right coin.

That is it for the amount we get as commission. About the rate itself, it is nice that we can actually increase it. However, realistically, how many exactly can we get?

On other program, some people claimed that they can get like hundreds of referrals. That is probably by advertising on PTC or such. So, for those who are interested, they can give it a try.

My question will be, will the referral stays or do they need to stay active and otherwise will be deleted. Unfortunately there is no further info from regarding this issue. If they are going to delete inactive account, then it will be much harder to increase the rate.

I think that is not the case, but still still have the right to adjust the rate. So, let’s say we can get 1,000 referrals, then they can just lower the rate. With that in mind, I really can’t recommend anybody to spend money to advertise just to promote this program.

One good thing about referral feature of is that they have registration process. This is essential for long term passive income because the referral can keep coming back using the same ID. Those referrals are tied to the referrer forever.

Unlike other simple faucet program where we just sign in with wallet address and get paid via micro wallet. For those kind of program, the moment the referral change ID or no longer access via our link, we will probably get no more commission.

Or worse, when those programs have to change micro wallet service, they decided to wipe out their entire database. If that happens, we will be losing our referrals. We need to collect again. That is not the case with

Even still, that is probably as good as it can get. The problem is not with the referral feature but the main one. A good referral program will rely on a good main feature. There is no point on having a lot of referrals if they are not willing to use the service at all or having hard time to use it.

The earning rate is already low and the claiming process, even though not hard but problematic. There is no other earning feature, no micro wallet to withdraw and probably a bit high for the minimum to withdraw.

There is no exchanger feature and the coins are at least not my first choices. It is really hard to recommend other people to use this, especially for those who are new to cryptocurrency.

I did say that any program with affiliate or referral feature can become a long term passive income. does have all the requirement to become one but not good enough.

The share button feature is a nice one but I’m not sure that all of them are working. At least, if they do, we don’t have to worry about copying incomplete link. I don’t know why but this is not the first program with missing character on the template for referral link. Some programs has the same exact problem, even those with different script.

With all of that in mind, unless make some improvement, this is probably not a program to focus on promoting. We can try other similar programs and promote those instead.

For more similar programs, check out this article.


Now that we already know how to earn money from, the next question is, how do we get paid? There will be some minimum amount we need to reach first and fees to pay.

Each cryptocurrencies usually has a unique system and will require different amount of minimum to transfer and fees between one to another. So, even if the earning rate per faucet claims are the same, with different minimum, we can probably get paid sooner if we focus on collecting one coin than the other.

Here is the detail. If I understand correctly, we only need to reach the minimum and they will take some of the requested amount as the fee. So, these numbers below are the result of that and if I was wrong, we need to claim even more then.

Stellar (XLM)
Minimum amount per claim: 0.00317712 XLM
Withdrawal Minimum: 3.00 XLM
Fee: none
Minimum number of claims: over 900 claims

Tether (USDT)
Minimum amount per claim: 0.00024847 USDT
Withdrawal Minimum: 10.00 USDT
Fee: 5.00 USDT
Minimum number of claims: over 40,000 claims

0x (ZRX)
Minimum amount per claim: 0.00285535 ZRX
Withdrawal Minimum: 3.00 ZRX
Fee: 1.00 ZRX
Minimum number of claims: over 1,000 claims

BitTorrent (BTT)
Minimum amount per claim: 0.2173913 BTT
Withdrawal Minimum: 40.00 BTT
Fee: 10.00 BTT
Minimum number of claims: over 180 claims

Pundi X (NPXS)
Minimum amount per claim: 0.41666667 NPXS
Withdrawal Minimum: 1,000.00 NPXS
Fee: 1.00 NPXS
Minimum number of claims: over 2,400 claims

Tezos (XTZ)
Minimum amount per claim: 0.00002137 XTZ
Withdrawal Minimum: 1.00 XTZ
Fee: 0.20 XTZ
Minimum number of claims: over 46,000 claims

As we can see from the numbers above, some we can request withdraw sooner with one coin than the other. The order of the cryptocurrency from the least number of claims to the most is as follow.

BTT < XLM < 0x < NPXS < USDT < XTZ

Which is why I recommend any users to claim BitTorrent. Otherwise it will really take a while before we can withdraw. We also need to remember that there is no exchanger here, hopefully yet.

That is the consideration, now, how to withdraw?

How to Withdraw

First, we can go to the profile page to enter the wallet address where we will receive the payment. Currently, doesn’t support payment via any micro wallet.

Typical for any cryptocurrency program, each currency will have their own wallet address. Depending on the registration process, we probably have entered one of them. We can still change them via this profile page.

What we need to do is just to paste the wallet address to the corresponding form. Make sure we use the right wallet for that specific currency. Otherwise we will lose the money.

After that, we can scroll down to the bottom of that page and click on the SAVE CHANGE button. I actually haven’t tried this but there might be some confirmation via email for changing or adding wallet address.

Once we have done with the setup, we can withdraw, assuming we already have enough funds.

As displayed by the first picture above, if we already have enough funds to withdraw, we can click the WITHDRAW button at the end. This is also on the PROFILE page that we can access by clicking on the username at the top right corner of the page.

The second picture above displays what we are going to see next. On, we can’t decide the amount to withdraw. We can only withdraw everything. As mentioned before, the requested amount will be deducted for the fee.

We need to solve that captcha from Google  and click on SUBMIT WITHDRAW REQUEST button to proceed. The third picture is what we are going to see after.

It is a notification that they have sent a confirmation link via email that we used to register on We need to click that link and the next picture is what we are going to see from the mail. There is also a reminder that we need to check the SPAM folder as well.

The last picture below is what we will see as the result. The request has been confirmed and the payment will be processed within at least 5 minutes up to 48 hours.

Based on my experience for withdrawing BitTorrent, it took like less than several hours. That is already included the time for network confirmation. I don’t know about other coins though.

Wallet, Exchangers & More Programs

Some people might be looking for information regarding which wallet platform to use for these cryptocurrencies. Usually each of them has their official wallet address that we can use.

I haven’t tried any of them because these are not coins that I want to collect. My idea would be just to use them as earning program, get the money as soon as possible and trade to other currency right away. For those who have the same idea, we could use wallets from exchanger instead.

My recommendation at this moment would be to use They don’t accept all of the coins from, only BTT, ZRX and USDT. With, we can trade them into other more popular coins or even to some fiat money like USD, RUB, and EUR.

Read more from my Review.

Alternatively, we can also use This one actually supports all of the coins from But based on how we use, at most we will only use one or two currencies.

The problem is, with relatively small amount per withdraw, we might have to trade them into BNB first before purchasing more popular coins. Otherwise, they require higher minimum just to start trading.

Here are some more programs that accept those coins. Hopefully this can help other people to earn more. (Faucet) for BTT and XLM. (Faucet) for BTT and XLM. (Faucet) for ZRX. (Faucet) for USDT.
ES Faucet (Faucet) for ZRX, XLM. (Faucet) for XLM.
KS Wallet (Micro Wallet) for BTT. (Exchanger) for all. (Wallet) for BTT, USDT.

For the latest update and more programs, check out this article.

Conclusion is one of the cryptocurrency faucet program where we can earn several different cryptocurrencies, one at a time. We can claim once every 15 minutes and we need to wait before we can claim other coins.

The claiming process is relatively easy, just more complex than most programs. Essentially for each claim, we need to go through two shortlinks and on each shortlinks, we just need to solve one captcha from Google.

There are no pop up ads or annoying redirecting but considering they use no alternative for captcha and shortlink, this can be problematic. At the peak time for Google reCaptcha and problem with the shortlink, we have no choice but to wait before they fix it.

The earning rate itself per claim is not much, probably one of the lowest. They say, it is possible to get higher reward if we are lucky which almost never happens. Regardless of the coin, each claim we will get the same amount of money if we use one and the same currency.

Even though they offer multiple different coins, currently there is no exchange feature. Not saying that they are going to add in the future but we can only hope that is the case. So, it is best if we just choose one of the coins and keep claiming that coin.

Otherwise, it will become a waste since it will take a while for withdrawing. Their script is ready for deposit feature but currently they are not available.

Alternatively, we can only spend the money again to purchase lottery ticket which is essentially a gambling. The lottery itself will run for  a week but will not start until at least 500 tickets has been purchased. Each cryptocurrency will run it’s own lottery. does offer referral commission. They have the essential feature to become a long term passive income but not good enough for people to use it.

The commission rate starts very low with just 1% but there is a chance to increase it up to 100% based on the number of referrals. As the referrer we can’t decide which coin to get from the commission. We need to convince our referrals to choose the right one. Otherwise, it is another lost.

For withdrawing, only support payment directly to the wallet for each coins. Each coin has different minimum amount and fees which we can get paid sooner for collecting certain coins than the others.

BitTorrent is probably the best choice to claim from this faucet. XLM and ZRX probably the next two to choose. The rest will take too long before we can withdraw.

Unless the owner of make some improvement like adding more earning option, exchange feature or use micro wallet service, it is really hard to recommend other people to use this.

Nevertheless, if you still consider this as another opportunity to earn or for passive income source, you can start earning by creating account with via this link. It is FREE.

Final Words

As I mentioned before that what we can get from or any faucet program is actually very low. The key is to use the referral program, get a lot of referrals and let them do the work and we get the commission.

No need to rely on just referral program from We can try and promote other referral programs as well. As many as we want.

In order to do that, it’s better to have our own website, promote the program until we can get enough referrals and they can generate income for us. This is not only limited to digital product but we can also promote physical product.

Share a link from a marketplace like Amazon, or directly from big brands like Apple, and if people buy something, we can earn some commission. It’s not limited to just tech product but any passion we have from food, travel, sports, movies.

That is how we can have an online business.

If you are interested to learn more about building a website and turn it into a business, even a passive income, there is a training program that you can try.

On this training, not only we can learn about how to, but we can actually set up the website, grow it until it can generate income. We can learn from a lot of experts who were once just like you and me, know almost nothing about online business.

This is an easy training program that even a guy without a college degree can use it. Within two years he started to have a full time income from his website and quit his regular job.

We can even ask the owner the help out directly. Try it. Join the program for FREE and try to reply their first message to you and see if they get back and help you out.

You can learn more about the training from my review here.

We grow the business and website by using affiliate programs just like faucet from Here is my list of other affiliate programs that you can try.

I will keep updating the page and add more programs. So, stay tuned.

Well, that’s all I can share with you about the faucet program, Maybe I missed something and you have more question about it, or if you want to add your experience, view, opinion, don’t hesitate to use the comment section below.

Maybe you also have other experience with other similar programs with this, hopefully a better one, you can suggest something as well. I would love to help if I could and learn more about online program.

Hope my reviews can help. Thanks for reading.



Mark M.

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