A 5 minutes faucet usually has a number of claim limit per day. With that, we have a choice whether to spend few hours consecutively claiming or spread them and claim the entire day.

If you are looking for a faucet program with 5 minutes timer, but with other earning options, you might want to try Right now, this could be one of the faucet with the highest amount of bitcoin based on the earning potential from faucet alone.

So who are they? Are they legit or scams? How much money can we get? Is there any downside with this program?

Those are probably just a few question we have in mind after hearing about With this article, I’m going to share with you my review based on my experience with them and what we need to know about them.

Hope this helps answer some questions. Are they the next best faucet for Bitcoin?

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Type: Faucet (5 minutes, Bitcoin)
Feature: Slot Game, Offerwalls, Web Mining
Referral Commission: 20% (Faucet), 10% (OfferWalls & Games), 5% Mining
Payment Method: FaucetHub (Bitcoin), Direct to Wallet (Bitcoin), Coinbase
Started Since: 2018
Last Payment: November 2019

News and Update

January 2021. My account for this has turned into dormant status and I have to contact their support to fix it. I don’t think I’m going to do that.

First of all, even if I can get my account working again, I have to go through the same problem again with the check in process. The earning rate is not that good as well.

Also, they have an internal currency but we still need tor reach the minimum amount to withdraw in Bitcoin. With the price keeps getting higher, there will be a point where we cannot withdraw at all.

So, for those who are still using, just a reminder, I’m not using this program anymore.

October 2020. As we know that everyday we need to check in before we can use this program any further. The problem is they rely the check in process to a 3rd party which doesn’t work for everybody it seems. They also suggested to try the other offerwalls which are either not working for everybody as well or incredibly annoying.

December, 2019. suddenly announced that the last payment to was on December 1st, not sending payment anymore on 8th. already use several payment methods and can continue their service even without

In general we can submit a manual withdraw request after we have 20,000 satoshi at least to get paid directly to our wallet. So far, there is no update about adding micro wallet replacement.

November 2019. as one of the payment method on, has announced their closure as micro wallet service starting December 10, 2019. Read more from my Review regarding the development of affected program.

On July 2019, maybe even before, started to use their own currency Bitcoins For Me Token (BMFT). At this time, they will automatically convert the amount we get into Bitcoin right away.

It is possible that will add more coins as options to withdraw the funds. We just have to wait and see.

Another change they made was how the faucet works. Right now, the number of claims we can do is just 4 per day. We can still add it by visiting bonus links which is no longer give free roll for Slot game.

Thanks to this, is no longer one of my favorite program. It has become very annoying to claim this way. The earning potential remains the same though, just more process for each claim.

I assumed they are not done implementing more feature. I might even need to write another review later since how it works is no longer the same.

Starting August 2019, FaucetHub made some changes to their policy about making withdraw from any faucet program into FaucetHub. Some owners might have to change how their faucets work.

There are some that chose to lower the earning per claim while other faucets chose to increase the minimum to withdraw. Different programs would have different solution the owner might take.

FaucetHub stated that there were owners who abused the previous system. So, it is possible that one of the program we used might even decide to shut down their business, or at least need more time to make some adjustment.

Payment delay could be one of the possible action. We just need to give them more time.

In the case of, I haven’t noticed anything, maybe yet.

There might be other things that I haven’t noticed yet or even later. Please let me know if any of you find something and leave it using the comment section below and I will update this page.


I don’t know why, maybe they use script from old website but the site says that they have been around since 2012. We can see this at the bottom of the website, beside the copyright sign.

All I know is that the official opened a thread on a forum on July 2018 but on another forum somebody opened a thread on March 2018. The traffic data from Alexa only shows traffic from July.

Like other similar website, it is very typical that we can’t actually find out about the owner of the website. No ABOUT ME page or company profile, only statement from the FAQ page that they are a faucet program. The FAQ page is on menu at the bottom of the website.

A faucet program let people get some free money in exchange of doing almost nothing. Usually we need just to view ads or solve captcha and we get paid after. Of course the amount is not that much.

No contact form on the website but we can send email to There are also several social media accounts we can follow and get in touch with the

I think the main one is the twitter. Not a lot of tweet since 2016. They made announcement about maintenance, additional feature, seasonal event, offerwalls, or retweet about cryptocurrencies.

Their Facebook account is like the twitter but I think with less information. We can see some people are still getting help from there.

Google+ account is not working anymore. At least the link on their website. As mentioned above, we can also check the forum they officially opened but the account doesn’t seem very active there.

Sign Up and Terms for Accounts

We can sign up using Facebook account or do it manually. Just fill in username, email and password then solve the captcha but we are going to use email to login not the username.

Like any other faucet program, we are not allowed to use any VPN/ VPS/ Tor/ Proxy/ Tunnel. Only 1 account per person/household/IP Address.

Bitcoin Faucet

This is their main earning feature. A 5 minutes faucet with 40 claims limit per day. The counter will reset at 00:00 (GMT+0).

As of June 2019, we need to click on CHECK IN first, once every 24 hours. Enter the check in page and click on the green button inside it and it will open a new window. We just need to solve the captcha and maybe wait a few seconds. After we finish the check in process, we will get 1 roll for slot game and earn from faucet.

To use the faucet, from the member dashboard, click on the green circle with a drop of water sign above the word FAUCET READY!.

How does it work?

Then we will move to the claiming page like the picture above. All we need to do is solve the captcha and click on the blue CLAIM NOW! button.

The captcha system is using the service from Google by default. There is a link to switch from reCaptcha to SolveMedia below the blue button.

Clicking on that link will reload the claiming page. What we will see next is like the picture below.

There is an announcement about how much money we get. Right now is 10 satoshi fixed amount every claim.

Usually we can also get randomly 1 credit to roll the slot game, further explanation on the next section. Then there is a timer before we can claim again.

That’s it for the faucet. At the bottom, there is a blue button either to RELOAD THE FAUCET button or BACK TO DASHBOARD button.

Click on BACK TO DASHBOARD button but if we get RELOAD THE FAUCET button,  we can just wait at that page. On member dashboard now the green circle button will be different a bit.

Now it says FAUCET CLAIM READY IN, and the timer, like the picture below. Wait until the timer is up and it will change back and we can click on it again.

That is actually it with the faucet feature.

Earnings Potential and Comparison

As mentioned above that what we can get from this is a fixed amount, 10 satoshi for now every 5 minutes and 40 claim limit per day. So we can say that everyday we can get 400 satoshi.

At the time of this writing 1 BTC equals around $6,000. As of May 13, 2019, 1 BTC has reached around $7,000 and we can only get 8 satoshi per claim.

Whether this is a good amount or not, the one way to find out is to compare them with other faucet program., usually as my standard for good earning faucet, can give us like 25 satoshi at this time per claim every hour. We need to claim like 16 times a day to reach the same amount, which for me it’s rather impossible., their sister site, only offers like 8 satoshi per hour per claim. Of course both of them give a chance to reach higher amount or jackpot., now can only give us 2 claims per day. For me right now about 20 coins or almost 30 satoshi per claim or 60 satoshi per day. Way below from and their group, can give members like 8 satoshi per claim every 240 minutes or 4 hours. Only up to 40 or 48 satoshi per day, even worse., a 5 minutes faucet as well, can give us at least 15 satoshi per claim and no claim limit per day. This might be the biggest one but with a very irritating claiming process., 30 minutes faucet, can give about 10 satoshi as the average amount. About 20 satoshi per hour or we need 20 hours to reach the same amount as and their group, each as hourly faucet can give altcoins which if converted to bitcoin is about 13 satoshi. But that is just the base prize., relatively similar to, a 5 minutes faucet as well, with 30 claim limit, can give like 8 satoshi per claim as the average amount. We can get more, and after the claim limit, we can still claim but longer timer or interval., also a 5 minutes faucet as well, with 50 claim limit, right now can give like 4 satoshi per claim. Just 200 satoshi or half from and the amount can change based on dynamic price of bitcoin., also give fixed amount but only 5 satoshi every hour. No way to reach the same amount and it could go less based on the dynamic price., has a faucet feature, give around 15 satoshi in average per hour.

Based on all of these comparison, we can say that, even with 10 satoshi, can give us higher amount than other faucet. Of course, that the amount is subject to change, maybe like Cointiply, they could suddenly drop their number.

At this time, is still relatively new. Adjustment could happen to sustain their business by cutting the offer but at the same time, there is a chance they would add more earning features.

Comment and Suggestion

First of all, the ads, we will still need to view them and on the claiming page, sometimes there is an invisible layer of ad that we have no choice but to click. Right now the claiming process is not that irritating but it could go worse.

I could be doing this wrong, but since I have to move back and forth between the claiming page and the member dashboard, sometimes, I forgot to even finish the claiming process. But this is just me for using multiple faucets at the same time.

But the most annoying thing is because the login time limit. I still don’t know how long we can stay inactive but we could suddenly logged out and need to log back in.

I think it’s not only for being inactive but there are some certain times within a day where we will automatically log out. Not really sure.

Thanks to this, I can’t use this faucet as an hourly faucet because it would be too long, logging back in would waste the time. So I think it’s better to consecutively do 40 claims right away.

Timer on claiming or result page sometimes can get stuck. There is also no sound notification to let us know that the timer is up.

We can see the balance and it is updated frequently. Not really sure the purpose for providing that information.

Usually if we use FaucetHub, there is a chance that the owner could run out of cash to pay on their account, not getting broke per se, and they need to make deposit first. But since they only pay weekly, and so far has been making enough deposit to pay, still not sure the purpose.

This is just one of their earning feature. There are others that we can try.


This is also a feature where we can earn free money or bitcoin. Like a slot machine we just roll or spin and see if we can get the right picture from the three.

To access this feature, on the dashboard, click the green circle with the slot machine logo. It is right next to the faucet circle.

How does it work?

After we click on that green circle, we will access a page like the picture above. Then we can click on the green box PLAY NOW! to roll the slot.

The slot has three logos to show. Those are logo for cryptocurrencies.

There are four possible ways to win. Here is the list of combination.

Get 1 Bitcoin logo: 10 satoshi
2 Bitcoin logo: 50 satoshi
3 of a kind: 100 satoshi
3 Bitcoin logo: jackpot

For the jackpot, the prize can differ from time to time. It will add up with the more people playing the game.

Not really sure how it works but maybe if someone didn’t win, the prize will go up. And it will reset after someone get a jackpot.

So far I saw other members can get from around 700 satoshi to over 5,000 satoshi, could be more. We can see on that page as well how big the jackpot is at the moment.

We can play the game only if we have at least 1 credit or free credit every hour. It also says that there is an additional free credit for every win even if it’s just the smallest prize, but I think only the first win.

I did have consecutive win but the free additional spin is just from the first one. Get 1 free, win, get another, win again and no more bonus spin.

But I also did get a win from the hourly free credit but no bonus free credit at all. I honestly don’t know how this particular matter works. Maybe still in development or that “FREE SPIN 4 YOUR WIN” means something else like only the 4th win?

As mentioned above, to get free credit, we can use the faucet but it is random. Another ways are from Bonus Links, or from Offerwalls and it will be explained further later.

Comment and Suggestion

We can actually tell if we win before the game finish spinning. On the right side of that machine, we can see the latest winner and we can see our username there with a star and bold font. Not that it matters.

There is also a pop up ad. But it will only show once everytime we access the page.

I think there are to ways to make the most of this game. One is to use right away every credit we have, get the prize if we are lucky enough.

Or two, we can keep collecting the credits and when the time is right, we spend everything in the hopes to get the jackpot. Not that it is going to guarantee a winning but still a better chance.

We can still play every hour, use the free credit since we can’t accumulate that and the free spin will go first before using the credits we have. Or not use the free credit at all.

Of course there is a risk that someone might hit the jackpot first before we do. Or since it is a pure luck, even with hundreds of credits, we can still fail to get the jackpot.

At least we can say that this is not a feature to skip or miss. Really just with a click of a button, no need to solve any captcha, we can get 10 satoshi.

Based on my first week, I already get maybe 10 wins. Not that bad I think, fun and still get some free money.


This next feature is another options to earn more money for doing small task. The task could be signing up to a program, review, watch video, apps installation, paid to click, survey, etc.

Offerwall is actually a third party program. Here, works as a host to several offerwalls, become a browser to access each one of them.

The idea is, for a program like, usually they have a currency that can only be used on itself but not others. So, instead of creating another currency on their own website, those offerwalls work with the host and pay user using the host currency.

This way, it is easier for the host member to earn money faster, and faster to reach withdrawal threshold. As a third party, each one of those offerwalls has their own set of rules, like how to complete the task and how to get paid or credit.

The same offerwalls can have different rules on another host because they still need to follow the host rules. We can see the same offerwalls on several different host.

Available Offerwalls

To start earning with offerwalls on, we can click on the green circle again on the dashboard with calendar logo above the word OFFER WALL.

Right now, there are only 10 offerwall programs available at Usually they can add more in the future but they can also take them out of service.

The available offerwalls are Adscend Media, MinuteStaff, Offers4All, PTCWall, PollFish, OfferToro, KiwiWall,WannAds, OfferDaddy, and SuperRewards which the first six are considered as the most popular. I think there was Tap Research but not anymore.

For additional video offer we can click on VIDEO green circle. Right now I don’t have any video offer, not sure if it can be different from others.

Click on the green EARN NOW button from any offerwalls that we like and the next page we see is the page browsing the offerwalls website but still in The picture below is the one from PTCWall, which other offerwalls will have similar appearances.

We can see that within the offerwalls itself usually there are categories for the tasks if they offer multiple options. Some can offer every possible task but usually they are better at one category.

My Comment

To be honest, I’m not a big fan with offerwalls. Some people can make a lot of money from offerwalls, even more than they can make from the host but some can’t. Why?

Well first of all, the task revenue can be based on ads. Usually this is for watching video. If the ads are target specific, just to certain user not universal, we are not the target, we won’t get paid.

Since most of the programs offered usually are limited to America or Europe, so people from outside those continents has lower chance to get any task. The same goes for survey task.

Even survey with my own native language, they can be targeted to specific audience and I might not be one of them. It doesn’t matter if the reward is high if we are not qualified, we won’t even get an access to the task.

There is even a chance that we already do the task or at least spend the time trying to complete it and suddenly they say we are not qualified.

Secondly, we are going to work with a third party. If we have problem with payment we can’t ask or complain to the host, of this case. We need to ask the offerwalls directly.

Based on what I heard from other host, these hosts usually will get paid only after the user complete the task and get paid. So offerwalls are paying both at the same time.

And third, these offerwalls are actually just a network platform. They collect the task and publish on hosts. So the tasks are actually from advertisers, another party.

The advertisers pay the offerwalls, then the offerwalls pay users and host. What we can get is actually rather small compared to the original value.

My suggestion

Still, offerwalls can be an income source. If you want to earn, try to understand how each offerwalls works and their rules. Remember that even the same offerwalls can have different rules for different host.

For example, PTC Wall on Donkeymails can pay right away to the balance after each click on ads. While on and on Cointiply, we need to wait until certain credits before the money is transfered to our balance on the host.

Here on, the currency is using bitcoin satoshi as the unit and we can get down to a hundredth satoshi as the least amount of earnings. Thanks to this system, we can get paid right away from PTCWALLS instead of collecting credit first.

Some offerwalls can even charge us back if they think we were trying to cheat so be careful. I think MinuteStaff is one of those.

If the offerwalls doesn’t work for you, like it’s hard to be qualified, just move on and try other offerwalls.

Paid to click task, even though they pay the lowest between other type of task, is actually the simplest task to complete and mostly universal. As for PTCWall, somehow it’s is very hard to access their website.

Also on, using PTC offerwalls from MinuteStaff or PTCWall can give us additional credit to play slot game. Based on me using PTCWalls, we can get like 0.1 credit per ads or clicks. And yes, we need 10 of those before we can spin.

Remember that the purpose is to add earning options so any user can reach the minimum withdraw faster. But since we can use FaucetHub or Coinbase and can withdraw relatively with very small amount, not to mention the scheduled time, even with just using the main feature, the faucet, it is enough.

No need to work so hard with the offerwalls. Of course it would be different if we want to get paid directly to our wallet. More about withdrawing later.

Web Mining

Another feature to earn more free coins from is by using the browser or web mining. With web mining, we let use our computer hardware resources, to collect hashes.

We get paid based on the number of hashes we make using our computer. The current rate at this time is about 40-50 bitcoin satoshi per 1 million hashes or about 23-27 thousands hashes per satoshi, based on the current price of bitcoin at the moment, which is around $5,000 to $6,000 per BTC.

Based on the FAQ page, it is actually to mine another coins, Monero(XMR), Bytecoin(BCN), Aeon(AEON), DigitalNote(XDN and Electroneum(ETN). But they will convert those coins and pay use with Bitcoin. Maybe for now, since they seem to have a plan for adding new coins later as currency.

To start using this feature, we can click on the green circle with a pickaxe logo above the word MINING from the member dashboard.

How does it work?

The picture above is what we are going to see on the mining page. What we need to do is just click on the START button and it will work itself.

Just remember that this is going to use the computer hardware resources. That means, if we do other things with the same computer, the productivity will go lower, the speed of how many hashes we collect per second will be lower.

We need to let the browser tab open. There is a STOP button to pause the progress and use the START button again to resume.

Once we close, the progress will also stop. No need to stay active on that tab and we can still do other things but it will divide the resources and as I said, lowering the productivity.

We can also adjust some parameters to manually lowering or rising the performance such as speed and threads. The speed is already set at the highest at 90% but we can still add the thread.

We don’t actually need to wait and let it reach 1 million hashes before we get paid. The picture below is the example of how it is calculated and credit the balance.

Based on that picture, we can say that will update our earning status from mining regularly. The lowest possible payment to balance is 4 digits behind decimal or about just 2 or 3 hashes.

Comparison to other program

So far I have found other programs that offers similar feature. Since the performance is based on the hardware resources, we can say that we can only use one of them.

Using multiple miner at the same time will be counterproductive. Making comparison to see which one has the best rate is a way to choose.

Here is the rate from other program. Maybe I will add more if I find again later. used to offer this feature. I just realized with the recent change, they also shut down this feature.

The rate back then was about 8 satoshi (5 Cointiply Coins) per 100,000 hashes. Too bad that this is no longer avaiable since they pay higher but we need to reach that 100,000 hashes to get paid. mining has similar rate to, about 45 satoshi per 1 million hashes. But they will only credit the balance once we reach 4 satoshi worth of hashes.

We can get paid faster with other coins with lower price. The process is per 10 minutes only and it will automatically restart after.

Comment and Suggestion

To be honest, I don’t recommend people to use this feature. We can be more productive, use our computer for doing something else. Can’t even play games while using the miner.

Of course, using other computer we rarely use is an option. But I’m not sure the earning we get can cover the electricity to use it, not cost effective.

A better options would be to use software miner or we have a dedicated hardware and computer just for mining. I think also offers a browser extension for Chrome, Opera and Firefox but I haven’t try it yet.

And again, the only way to make profit would be when the price of bitcoin go higher later, assuming it does.

If you still consider to use it, I suggest to use desktop not laptop. The best way to use it is while taking a break from our work, maybe having meal, taking a phonecall or bathroom break, etc., when we don’t use the computer for awhile.

Since there is no notification of how we get paid during the progress on the mining page, I suggest we open another browser tab for the dashboard. We regularly refresh the page to see the transaction history.

And as mentioned from another feature above, there is a chance we get automatically logged out. This could happen while we keep running the miner and we won’t get paid for the progress after.

This is why opening the tab for dashboard is important to check.


If you have used the faucet and the member dashboard from, you probably have heard about Bonus Link. It is said to increase the earnings.

But is it?

Bonus Links is just like paid shortlinks. By clicking one of the link we will be sent to other pages of shortlinks where we have to view ads, verify that we are not bots by solving captcha and wait for timer to get the links and get paid.

From my previous posts about other faucet programs, the similar example would be like or from In the case of the shortlinks page would be and here we only get paid with credits to slot game. usually has about 10 – 15 links per day and we can view each of them once per 24 hours. It’s like a PTC with much more complicated process and we can view again at 00:00 (GMT+7) every day.

To access this feature we can click on green circle button again with a BOX OF PRESENT logo above the word BONUS LINKS.

How does it work?

If we access that green button link, we will see a page like the picture above. We can click on one of the green box links that says VISIT NOW! and it will open a new browser tab to or page.

We can solve the captcha either from SolveMedia or reCaptcha the click on blue CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE button. After that we have to wait again for 10 seconds countdown and a link will appear that we can and need to click it.

Then we will be sent back to page, with an announcement that we have completed the task and get the reward. We can now close the tab and return to the main bonus link page to visit another link if we want.

That’s it with the process. Along the way we may have to click on ads, opening more tabs.

I’m not a fan about this one so I could be wrong. But, so far the only reward I get is 1 free credit for slot game per link we visit.

Comment and Suggestion

So, yeah, with the free credit to play, we can play the slot game again. No need to wait every hour.

We can get more money but only if we are lucky enough. After all of that trouble there is no guarantee to get the money.

Yes, as mentioned on the slot game section above, we can get a jackpot or at least 10 satoshi. But will it happen?

Since we can still get free credits just from the faucet, I would suggest to keep collecting from there instead from the bonus links. The process could be very irritating, annoying.

Based on my experience with other similar program, we could fail the process midways, thanks to opening new tab and keep changing the page. The shortlink page is another third party program like an offerwalls.

If we complain, would only say that this is not something that they can do to fix. At best, they would remove the problematic shortlinks programs which if they still make money, I doubt they would even do that.


At this time, it has been about a year since was launched. They still have plans to improve and add more features but at the same time, they also have taken down existing features to improve it due to cheating and hacking attempt.

We can see this from the CLICK AND EARN green circle button. One of them is the video offer walls from MoreTVTime and the other was Games, where we could watch the video or play games and get paid.

If we look at the menu at the middle bottom of the website, there is one more, raffle or lottery. We can actually play the games using the link at the bottom menu.

Other features would be to add more cryptocurrencies as payment method. Try to click on the YOUR BALANCE from dashboard status, not at the top.

We can see that they are planning to add Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and Dogecoin so far. There is a poll that any member can cast a vote on which coin to add. Maybe exchanger later but right now only links to official website for each coins on that page.

I guess we just have to wait until they make an announcement once they are ready with the features. When that happens I will try to update this page.

Referral / Affiliate Program

As discussed on previous section, is probably one of who give the highest amount from a faucet compared to other programs. Right now, hopefully, they will not change, we can get up to 400 satoshi per day just from the faucet alone.

Still, in reality, with the rate at the time of this writing, it’s still just cents or pennies of dollars. But, with affiliate or referral program, any program, even like can become a full time passive income.

What we do is we invite other people to join, and let those people use the service and we get paid. In the case of, or other faucet program, the service is to earn free money.

So we get paid by inviting other people to earn money. It is actually not a bad idea.

Those people become referrals. Let them do the claiming and we can get percentage of their earning as our income.

In theory, with unlimited number of referrals, we can get unlimited income as well.

How does it work?

Like any other company who offers online affiliate program, they will give members as affiliate a unique link with member’s ID attached to it. The one below is mine for

If any non member person click on it, join, they will become my referral. And if they use the service from, I can get paid.

Right now we can get 20% from any referral faucet claim, 10% referral’s earning from offerwalls and games, and 5% of their mining earning but not from any bonus like the slot game. From the faucet alone, assuming the referral make 400 satoshi per day, we get 8 satoshi.

Not much? But that is just from one referral. More referral more earnings and unlimited referrals could be unlimited earnings. The best part is that we don’t need to make the claim ourselves, like a passive income and we can use our time for something else.

We just need to share the link anywhere we know like a forum, social media, even a blog or website like this. The link can be found on member status on dashboard, at the left part.

We can also access the green circle above the word REFER & EARN. Beside the link, also provides one banner with a code as promotional tools.

There are share buttons for several social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, G+ and LinkedIn to help us share the right link. Missing just one character from the link, we could be losing potential income source so make sure we copy a complete link.

How to get (more) referrals

Well, sharing the link is a must but how exactly? Sharing to the wrong people is like a salesman approaching stranger. People hate that.

If we try to share on our social media, people might get annoyed if they are not interested. Especially if we are spamming, sharing over and over again like multiple times within a day.

We could lose our followers, risking any network we have built. Maybe it’s better to have alternate account specifically just to share this kind of program.

We look for community or other users that we know are interested. Then we can share with them the link.

A better way might be to share on forums. Not just any forum of course, but related to online money making program, bitcoin or cryptocurrencies.

The problem with using any free platform like this is that we are probably not the only one who promote the same program. We have to offer something more than just the referral link like anybody else.

Another thing is that these free platforms have rules that they can suddenly change about promotion and not to mentioned, shutting down their service entirely. We have to start over our campaign if they delete them.

A better way would be to have our own website. We can share anything not just one program but others with the same, similar or related topics.

Having a website is like having a shop in real life. People can always come back to and find out more programs to use.

Since it’s an online shop, it will stay open 24/7, no need to wait for us to wake up and can be accessed from everywhere around the world. The best part of having our own place or website is that any search engine like Google will do the promotion work non stop.

And they will show the website as a result to exactly people who are interested in it. They use the search engine to look for it and get the website we build as the result. No need to worry about being annoying salesman.

Those people will access the website, see what we have to offer. Maybe a review like this, other or similar program we use, sharing experience, opinion, views to let people know that we understand this kind of program.

If they are interested, they will become our referrals for any program we promote. Once we have enough referrals for or every programs we promote, we can have passive income even full time income.

That is exactly how people can build their business online. They own a website, fill the website with contents that can help promote a program, and let it work automatically.

If you are interested to know more about how to build a website and turn it into an online business, keep reading. I will share with you later about a training program that anybody can use.

In the meantime, let’s go back to a little bit.


After all the claiming, solving captcha, waiting for the timer, viewing ads maybe promoting to get referrals and make some money, the next question is how do we get paid from

It would be terrible if we suddenly can’t withdraw our money or if it turns out the fee is very big that we almost get nothing from it.

Withdraw Options

Here is the list of possible withdrawing options from The payment will be processed every Sunday and based on my experience, at around 16:30 (GMT+7). But we should wait until the end of the day on their time (UTC).

Direct to Bitcoin wallet (10,000 satoshi fee, 20,000 satoshi minimum)
FaucetHub, no fee, 500 satoshi minimum
Coinbase, no fee, 500 satoshi minimum

We need to set the payment method first so it can be processed automatically. There is a link to payment page like the picture above, on member dashboard.

Click on EDIT, above the transaction history to choose the payment method and to register the wallet address. There is also a payment report to every member at the bottom menu but only for the latest payment, like the last 2 weeks.

Read more from my Review.

Comment and Suggestion.

Some people might want to get their money right away directly to the wallet. We can do it but the fee is very high. Ten thousands of satoshi is just the fee, that we need like 25 days of 40 claims everyday just to pay the fee, assuming that is not going to change the amount they offer on faucet.

It’s a good thing they offer a micro transaction processor like FaucetHub or Coinbase. I think they also offer to Xapo wallet but not sure we can still do it.

I didn’t know before that we can do the same with CoinBase. Right now, I’m not using CoinBase so I really can’t share much about it. I will update this part if I find it better.

With CoinBase we can also use their wallet while with FaucetHub, we need a third party bitcoin wallet. But FaucetHub is a place where a lot of other faucet programs are gathered.

By having more faucet programs, means we can reach the minimum threshold to withdraw faster no need to rely on one program. If someday, a lot more faucet programs switch to or use Coinbase, maybe I will give it a try.

From to FaucetHub and then go straight to wallet. We just need 20,000 satoshi and pay about 400 fee to get our money from FaucetHub to our wallet. No fees from to FaucetHub, we just have to wait for a week.

If you don’t have any bitcoin wallet yet, try using It is actually another faucet, but we can use them as a wallet and by keeping some money there, we can get daily interest.

So, in theory, the money can grow itself there. Read more about from my review.

After that, you need to link deposit address to FaucetHub. To open a FaucetHub account, use this link.

By using the Bitcoin deposit address we get from on FaucetHub registration form, it will automatocally link the wallet to FaucetHub. Don’t forget to set it as withdraw address on

Problem that could happen

So I was waiting for an automatic withdraw on one Sunday. The time passed and I realized that I didn’t get paid. did mention not to contact them the whole day because the withdrawal process could take longer until the end of the day, probably with more members. Monday came in and no transfer to my FaucetHub.

After that I decided to contact them via email. They responded back, maybe within an hour or two. They asked me to check again the address.

I told them that I already got paid before with the same address and didn’t change anything since. They asked me again to confirm that the address is right and they promised to try again. finally processed the payment within that day. They said that there was a problem with FaucetHub. Mine was just one of the 90 failed payments that week.

This thing is a regular thing that could happen to anybody. After all FaucetHub is just a third party here.

I’m just saying that for those experiencing the same problem, no need to worry. Just contact them.


At this time, it has been about a year since was launched. Looking at the website is like looking at UNDER CONSTRUCTION sign from a building. We can expect them to add more features or fix the one they offered before.

As a faucet program, compared to others, is probably one with the highest amount of free money from the base prize. We can only get one fixed amount from the faucet while on others we have a chance to get higher amount per claim or jackpot. That is if we are lucky enough.

Right now a 5 minutes faucet, 40 claim limit, with 10 satoshi per claim. That is 400 satoshi that we can get within 4 hours. But, adjustment could happen later in the future like Cointiply.

Just solve the captcha, Google or Solvemedia very simple process maybe some ads. But we need to move back and forth between the dashboard and the claiming page.

We can still get a jackpot by playing slot game for free every hour. There is additional free roll we can get randomly from claiming or doing task from offerwalls.

By using satoshi as the main currency unit instead of BTC, we can get even less than 1 satoshi as payment to the account. No need to collect credit first from offerwalls but we can get paid instantly.

The same goes for the web mining. Just need to run the miner until about 200 hashes and we can already get paid.

One thing that could be annoying from, aside from some minimum number of pop up ads, is getting logged out. Not only for being inactive for some time, but I think there are certain times within the day that we will need to sign in again even if we stay active.

There are about 10 offerwalls right now and we can expect them to add more. Probably even fix the video offer.

In the future, maybe we can expect them to bring back the game, the lottery and maybe some exchanger features where we can trade between cryptocurrencies. But, as mentioned earlier, there is no point to add more feature if they are not making any money.

Hopefully the things that happened to Cointiply, can do it better. If you still consider this a chance to use as one of the income source, you can start claiming using this link.

Final Word

As I mentioned before that what we can get from claiming the faucet is actually very low. The key is to use the referral program, get a lot of referrals and let them do the work and we get the commission.

In order to do that, it’s better to have our own website, promote the program until we can get enough referrals and they can generate income for us. That is how we can have an online business.

If you are interested to learn more about building a website and turn it into a business, even a passive income, there is a training program that you can try.

On this training, not only we can learn about how to, but we can actually set up the website, grow it until it can generate income. We can learn from a lot of experts who were once just like you and me, know almost nothing about online business.

This is an easy training program that even a guy without a college degree can use it. Within two years he started to have a full time income from his website and quit his regular job.

We can even ask the owner the help out directly. Try it. Join the program for FREE and try to reply their first message to you and see if they get back and help you out.

You can learn more about the training from my review here.

We grow the business and website by using affiliate programs just like Here is my list of other affiliate program that you can try.

I will keep updating the page and add more programs. So, stay tuned.

Well, that’s all I can share with you about faucet from Maybe I missed something and you have more question about it, or if you want to add your experience, view, opinion, don’t hesitate to use the comment section below.

Maybe you also have other experience with other similar programs with this, hopefully a better one, you can suggest something as well. I would love to help if I could and learn more about online program.

Hope my reviews can help. Thanks for reading.



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    1. Hey, Antonio. I’m sorry I couldn’t understand what you are saying so I have to use Google translator. If the translation is correct, then you are saying that you didn’t get any email confirmation after registration.

      Can you contact their support? You can send email to
      You can also try to contact their Twitter account: @bitcoinsforme
      Maybe you can use Google translator as well because they did say to contact them in English.
      Send them email with subject:
      No email confirmation or activation mail

      Hope it helps.

      Esta é a minha resposta em Português:

      Ei, Antonio. Eu sou pesaroso eu não pude compreender o que você está dizendo assim que eu tenho que usar o tradutor de Google. Se a tradução está correta, então você está dizendo que você não receber qualquer confirmação de e-mail após o registro.

      Você pode entrar em contato com o apoio deles? Você pode enviar e-mail para
      Você também pode tentar entrar em contato com a conta do Twitter: @bitcoinsforme
      Talvez você pode usar o tradutor do Google, bem como porque eles disseram para contatá-los em inglês.

      Envie-lhes e-mail com assunto:

      No email confirmation or activation mail

      Espero que ajude.

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