ES Faucet, Review (Probably the Final Update)

It has been a while since all of those Moon Faucets from group introduce the concept of “we decide when to claim” for faucet. I’m not sure if they are actually the first one.

The idea is that the longer we wait between each claim will still increase the reward until the next claim. So, with just one program we have the ability to claim right after 5 minutes to earn more with little amount each or just get the lump sum for claiming less often.

If you like that kind of concept, you will love using ES Faucet. It’s like a better version of group, where we can decide when to claim and the reward will increase the longer we wait. Except that all the faucets are within one website and we can earn more different cryptocurrencies.

So, who is ES Faucet? Is ES Faucet legit or scam? Which cryptocurrencies we can earn from them? How to use their mobile app?

Those are probably just a few question that came to mind after hearing about ES Faucet. Well, in this article, I’m going to share with you my ES Faucet Review from based on my experience and what I can find from the internet.

Hope it helps. Is ES Faucet going to be the best faucet program?

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Type: Faucet (Multi Coins, 30 minutes)
Feature: Offerwalls, Web Mining, Weekly Bonus, Daily Loyalty Bonus, Extra Daily Loyalty Bonus, ES Coin Bonus, Marketplace, Buy Referral, Advertise, Mobile App, Exchanger, Paid to Click
Referral Commission: 20%
Payment Method: Directly to Wallet (BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, XLM, DGB, DOGE, BAT, BCH, ETC, ZRX, TRX, DASH, ZEC) or CoinBase,,
Started Since: 2019
My Status: SCAM
Last Payment: September 2022

News and Update

October 2022. Apparently, they eventually restricted the withdraw just to user who upgrade their membership. Honestly, I’m very disappointed in this one.

I changed the status for this to SCAM.

September 2022. This month, we can no longer use their faucets for free. In order to keep using them, we need to pay membership for $2.99 per month or if we pay yearly, we can a get about $2.5 per month.

Luckily, even if we can no longer use the faucet, we can still earn BTC from their PTC feature and withdraw all of our earnings. So, they eventually blocked the access to their PTC feature as well unless we pay the membership. I already got paid after the restriction.

Honestly, I’m not sure if the membership is worth the price. I mean for $3 a month or about $0.1 per day, we need like 1,000 faucet claims per day since per claim, we can only get 0.0001 USD. Even with about 20 faucets, we need 50 claims per faucet, which is not possible for the interval 30 minutes.

Even that will only cover the membership. We are not making any money then. Actually, we could probably lose money just for that membership if we are not ready to commit. I cannot recommend it.

For now, I changed my status for this to PROBLEMATIC.

Not because they are not legit, but it seems they are having a financial issue here. I doubt that this membership will help but maybe they do. If they are not helping, then, it’s just a matter of time before they become bankrupt.

I thought I can still use their PTC to earn. But as it is now, they might as well consider my account as non-active which after 30 days, they will delete my account. So, here is my suggestion to any reader of this article.


Republished the article from the previous date of April 23, 2021. This is probably the last time I’m updating this article because I can no longer use the site without paying the membership.

July 2022. A couple of weeks ago, ES Faucet has started using a new domain for their online earning platform. For now, we can still use the old referral links, but I can only hope they won’t remove it completely. Otherwise, we have to update the link on any place we share the link or we will lose a potential income source.

June 2022. Apparently, they recently launched a new interface. So far, I can still use the site like the previous one.

April 2022. ES Faucet added a couple more cryptocurrencies and their faucets to the platform. The new ones are USDT and SHIB. Somehow they also reduced the minimum ES Level to access for ZEC and DASH. At this moment, we cannot get paid with the newer coins via micro wallet yet. Not sure if they will ever add them.

Thanks to the USDT faucet, I realized that they have decreased the reward rate per claim. After 30 minutes, we can get 0.0001 USD worth of cryptocurrency from these ES Faucet as the base reward.

March. 2022. It seems they rebranded their group. ES Faucet is now under Cryptela group. I also noticed that they redesigned the interface for their PTC section.

The video ads are fine but I think the PTC ads is a bit problematic as we have to keep refreshing the page manually after each view. Otherwise we cannot tell which ads have been viewed.

February 2022. Recently ES Faucet added Cardano (ADA) faucet. I don’t know if they are going to restrict it based on our current user level, but for now, we can claim from it.

January 2022. For those who were using as payment method, please read the latest update from my article here. Immediate action required before 30 January 2022.

April 2021. Republished the article from the original date, November 29, 2019.

I forgot when exactly this happened. The URL for PTC part is now, no longer with the separate domain.

December 2020. I think they added too many ads, including the video one. To the point where the website became very slow. I think they have fixed it a bit but it was bad enough to make some people stop using this.

October 2020. ES Faucet added another coin faucet to their platform. We can now earn ZEC or ZCash but we need to reach level 77 at this point.

I’m not a big fan of this leveling system because they keep increasing the minimum level to access the new faucets. At some point, we will not be able to keep up even if we claim each faucet every 30 minutes.

Also, somehow my membership got upgraded to the IRON level which I don’t know how. The extra reward is nice but they should have announced so I can also claim the BONUS section. Keep an eye, maybe we can get lucky next time.

June 2020. Another big improvement from ES Faucet. They introduced a leveling system for our membership. We can increase our level by gaining XP and this will open some new and old features.

For example, as another additional features, they added new cryptocurrency DASH, which we can use the faucet once we have reached level 30. We also need to do the tutorial in order to open some of the earlier faucets.

The weekly bonus or weekly faucet is now available after we have reached level 2. To claim, that feature is put under the BONUS section from the EARN menu.

April 2020. ES Faucet has added two micro wallets, and as payment method alternatives. Not every supported coins can be withdrawn to both or even one of them.

At least we can still exchange the none supported one. It is unfortunate that we will have to pay fee for exchanging but at the same time, we can now withdraw the funds with relatively small amounts.

We can withdraw BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, DGB, DOGE, BCH, ETC, and TRX to

Use this link to create account with

Learn more from my Reivew.

Only four coins can be withdrawn to and they are BTC, ETH, LTC and BCH at this moment. There is a chance they might add more since the wallet also accepts DOGE and DGB.

Use this link to create account with

Read more from my Review.

In November 2019, ES Faucet launched their Paid to Click feature using a dedicated domain URL, ESPTCO stands for ES (Euryalos Studios, their identity), PTC (Paid to Click) and O from Offers.

We can actually sign in using ES Faucet username and password. From the ES Faucet main website, there is a menu for Paid to Click which will send us to

For the paid to click feature, if you are like me, using Edge browser, the PTC might not work. I already notified ES Faucet regarding this and they only suggested using Chrome and we will have no problem. Opera works as well.

Each ad from the PTC will open a new browser tab for the ads and we will need to stay active on that tab. The main browser tab will then runs a background timer and we can see from the tab title whether the timer is done.

We need to go back to the first tab which will now have a captcha to solve before we can get paid. Either from Google or Solve Media and we will get paid with some Bitcoin. The earnings will be collected to our ES Faucet account.

There is also an hourly faucet from the dashboard. We can claim them once every hour like a faucet to earn free 30 ES Coins.  Like any Paid to Click platform, we can also advertise there.

Below is their official video about


ES from ES Faucet itself stands for Euryalos Studios. The faucet is a subdomain to the, a news portal for Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies.

From what I can find, the domain was registered from Canada in February 2019 but the faucet was like several months after. This is probably the first faucet program that I have tried so far with so many social media accounts.

From Facebook, Instagram, Discord, and they even created a YouTube channel with official videos as how to use their website. You can find those videos in this article or on the website. I’m not sure what when wrong with their Twitter though. ES Faucet offers some bonus just to follow and share their posts.

Within their website, ES Faucet also offers a contact form, or we can send email directly to There is also an FAQ page which even though they are great but not enough, I think, especially about the update. I’m not sure but aside from the news at the top of the dashboard, I can’t find any news page about them.

To start earning from ES faucet, use this link to sign up. The next video is their official one to help the process.

Faucet – Main Feature

As their name suggest, ES Faucet offers multiple faucets to earn free cryptocurrencies. Currently there are up to 12 cryptocurrencies and we can also earn their own internal currency, ES Coins, will be explained later.

With a cryptocurrency faucet program, anybody can earn free coins for doing almost nothing. at the very least, we just need to click a button but usually there will be captcha to solve, ads to click or view.

The amount is not much, considering how little the effort is. After we make a claim, usually we will have to wait some interval time before we can repeat the process to get more free coins.

In the case of ES Faucet, we can claim right after 5 minutes and the amount will increase with the longer time between each claim. Each currency will have their own faucet and the claiming page.

While waiting for the timer of one coins, we can claim the others, so it is not just one claim and we need to choose only one faucet.

How does it work?

To start claiming, we just need to login, and from the main dashboard, we will immediately see every faucets available on ES Faucet. Click on the VIEW button under coins we want to claim and a drop down menu will appear.

Then, click on FAUCET to enter the claiming page for that coins. We can also access the page from the left side navigation widget by clicking on FAUCET then choose the coin from the drop down menu.

On the dedicated claiming page for the coins, we will see our balance for that coin, daily bonus, extra bonus days, ES Coins bonus, and withdraw amount.

To claim we will need to scroll down and find the line CLICK HERE TO CLAIM. It is a button and if we click on it a captcha system will appear right below that.

The click usually will trigger to open a new browser tab or window for ads. We can close them immediately and go back to the claiming page.

The captcha system use the one from Google as the default setting. We can switch to SolveMedia as the alternative by clicking the button right below the captcha system.

After we solve the captcha we can click the VERIFY button to claim. If it works right, we will see the result on the same page replacing the captcha as shown from the last picture above.

We will see the amount we get from that claim, the bonuses and the total earned. After this, we can wait for at least 5 minutes to claim again from the same coin or we can access faucets of other coins to claim them as well.

The Bonuses

As we can see there are three bonuses that we can get and increase which will give additional amount of coins for each claim of any faucets on ES Faucet. It is said that we can get up to 350% bonus for the amount we claim.

First, the Daily Bonus. This is very common among similar programs and it also goes by the name loyalty bonus. By claiming consecutively each day at least once, we will get additional 1% bonus up to 100%. Missing just one day and we have to start over again

Each faucet will have their own for this so we need to do once of each within 24 hours at least. Missing on one and we will have to start over again for that one only while retaining the others that we can still claim.

The second, the ES Coin Bonus. This is a unique one and just for ES Faucet. They are based on how much ES Coins we have on our balance. After we reach some minimum amount of ES Coins, as an ES Coin holder our level will go up.

Each level will grant different amount starting with 0% on level 0 and will add 5% on each level. The more ES Coins we have, the higher our level gets and thus the bonus.

This bonus will be applied for every faucets and not just to get more ES Coins but for the coins we are claiming. We can get up to 150% bonus from this one.

The bonus is permanent, as long as we can keep the minimum amount of ES Coins. See the ES Coins section on this review to find out more about the bonus, the level and the requirement.

The last is OFFER Bonus. Unfortunately, there is no further explanation for this one or I couldn’t find it. Since ES Faucet says that we can get up to 350% of all bonuses combined, that means from this offer bonus we can get up to 100%.

How do they calculate it exactly, I really can’t tell since I don’t have full access to complete the offerwalls. The offers page only states that we need to complete the task to get the bonus and we can’t get it from video offers.

Is the bonus a permanent one or we have to maintain by completing at least one task each day? Please do share with me using the comment section below if any of you have a better access for the offers.

The Earning Rate

With so many faucets, people might be wondering about how much we actually get from each coins. Are we getting the same or different amount if we convert them into the same currency?

Should we claim every 5 minutes? Will they keep going up if we wait longer before we claim again?

Here is my data regarding the amount we get for each claim of each faucet. I want to test out every hour but I don’t have that much time to do that.

The yellow color means that we will get higher amount compared to the upper cell. Orange means lower and white means the amount will not change again.

The USD on the last column is based on the Bitcoin amount converted into USD. I tried to convert each coins but the amount in USD is more or less the same.

As you may notice that I need a couple of days to track these numbers and while doing so, the price of the coins in USD could fluctuate.

Here is my conclusion based on the data above. Obviously we will get more if we claim every 5 minutes in the same time span than just claim once at the end of the range.

Until the 12 hour mark, we can make sure that the longer will grant higher amount for each claim. But right after 12 hours it is not so obvious but at least for ES Coins, there is no point not to claim after 12 hours.

The same also applies for the amount in USD. Right after 12 hour mark it can go up or down. I would say, that the optimum way would be to claim once every 12 hours.

Based on that numbers from one faucet of ES Faucet, in Bitcoin we can get like 1.58 satoshi per 5 minutes claim or 7.4 satoshi per 12 hours claim. Remember that this is just the base reward before we add the bonuses which we can get another 2.5 to 3.5x of that amount. And this is just from one faucet which we can use all 12 available.

For 5 minutes claim
per claim: 1.58 satoshi (up to 5.53 satoshi bonus)
Hourly rate (12x): 18.96 satoshi (up to 66 satoshi bonus)

For 1 hour claim
per claim: 2.56 satoshi (up to 8.96 satoshi bonus)

For 12 hour claim
Per claim: 7.4 satoshi (up to 25.9 satoshi bonus)
Hourly rate (1/12): 0.6 satoshi (up to 2.16 satoshi bonus)

Comparison to Similar Programs

Is that a good or bad earning rate for a faucet program? One way to find out is by making simple comparison with other similar programs to ES Faucet.

Here is from every faucet program that I have tried so far., usually as my standard for good earning faucet, can give us like 20 to 25 satoshi at this time per claim every hour as the base reward. With ES Faucet, claiming after an hour, we can get higher if we use all of the faucets., their sister site, no longer offering their faucet, used to offers like 0.09 DOGE per hour per claim or like 2.5 Bitcoin satoshi. ES Faucet offers the same rate with just one faucet, claiming after an hour., now the faucet can only give us 2 claims per day. For me right now about 20 coins a day and with 100 coins equals to $0.01 means $0.002 per day. With ES Faucet, even if we just claim once a day, we can match the earning rate with 3 faucets. and their group, can give members like 275 gwei per claim every 240 minutes or 4 hours. In Bitcoin that is like 5 satoshi per 4 hour or just 1 satoshi per hour. If we also claim after 4 hour on ES Faucet, the rate will almost match but we can get bonus here., also a no timer faucet, can give us at least 5 satoshi per claim with 7.5 satoshi in average at this time and no claim limit per day. ES Faucet offer lower than this but as the base reward and way easier claiming process. and their group, each as hourly faucet can give altcoins about 1,377 litoshi or in Bitcoin around 8 satoshi at this time. If we also claim after an hour on ES Faucet, we need like 3 or 4 faucets to match this for the base reward., also a 5 minutes faucet as well, with 50 claim limit, right now can give like 2 satoshi per claim or 100 satoshi per day. On ES Faucet, if we use all of the faucets, we can get the same amount even just claim once a day., also give contant amount but only 3 satoshi every hour at this moment, which could go less thanks to dynamic price. We can get almost the same from one faucet on ES Faucet after 1 hour., has a faucet feature, give around 15 satoshi in average per hour. That is depends on luck, we can get the same if we use all of the faucets on ES Faucet., as a 5 minute faucet, at this time, I can only get like 192 token per day. If 1,000,000 token equals to 1 USD, I can get like $0.000192 per day. I’m still not sure if the number is right since they are not done with the new token. But if the number is right, that is just the rate from 1 faucet after 1 hour on ES Faucet. can give like 153 gwei as the base reward per claim per hour or in BTC about 3 satoshi as the base reward. We can get almost the same from just one faucet after one hour on ES Faucet., also no timer faucet can give like 0.09 DOGE per claim or about 2.5 Bitcoin satoshi. Potentialy, ES Faucet is higher but this one is very easy to claim and has no limit., a 10 minutes faucets, can give like 1 Bitcoin satoshi per claim or up to 6 satoshi per hour. We can get the same with just 2 or 3 faucets after an hour claim on ES Faucet., 2 hour faucet, can give 15 Bitcoin satoshi per claim or 7.5 Bitcoin satoshi per hour. If we also claim after 2 hours on ES Faucet, we need like 4 faucets to match this and that is just the base., an auto faucet, at this time, with maximum bonus, can give like between 6 to 8 Bitcoin satoshi per hour. If we claim after an hour on ES Faucet we can match this number with 3 or 4 faucets., a 2 hour faucet, offers like 0.04 Doge per hour or like 1 Bitcoin satoshi per hour. That is just from 1 faucet after 5 minutes on ES Faucet., an hour faucet, offers like just 1 Bitcoin satoshi per hour. That is the highest but almost impossible to achieve. Obviously, ES Faucet or any other can win over this.

BitGame /, at this time can give like 200 satoshi per day or 10 per claim for 20 times. We can match this number on ES Faucet with just ten 5 minutes claims of all of the faucets., another hourly faucet, offers like 15 satoshi per hour as the base prize. We can already get higher on ES Faucet with just one 5 minutes claim of all the faucets., another hourly faucet with multiple faucets, offers like 17 satoshi in average per hour from the Bitcoin faucet only, 30 satoshi if we use all of the faucets. If we also claim after an hour, we can get the same on ES Faucet using all the faucets., another hourly faucet, offers like 0.0233 DGB or in Bitcoin it is like 2 satoshi. We can get higher on ES Faucet with just 1 faucet after an hour as well., another faucet with no timer but 100 daily claim limit, can offer like about 4 satoshi per claim or 400 per day. We will need 20 claims after 5 minutes using all the faucet to match this without the bonus. and their group, we can get like 8 satoshi in average per 30 minutes claim just one faucet. We can get the same with just 4 faucets and claim after 30 minutes as well.

This is just comparing strictly between the faucet earning rate. There are more things to consider like the claiming process or how easy to withdraw.

Some programs can offer other earning feature or bonus that could make them a better choice. On the other hand, some users might not be able to use those other earning feature and can only rely on faucet.

Comment and Suggestion

First of all, to claim all of the faucets on ES Faucet will take like 10 minutes. What I like is that we don’t need to open different browser tab or windows just to access different faucets for different coins. We can claim on one then move to the next.

They even offer a next and previous button to make it even easier. Unfortunately from the last faucet, we can’t get to the first unless we access from the navigation widget, directly to the faucet.

Based on the comparison above, ES Faucet offers actually similar or lower rate compared to similar programs. But it is very easy to increase the bonus, at least for the first two.

Another main advantage for ES Faucet is the multiple faucets while the other might only offer one. Even if the other have several, we will need to access different websites, and probably more complicated claiming process.

There are ads, obviously, but I think they are not really that annoying. Offering two captcha system as alternative is great. When one of them becomes harder to solve, we can easily switch, no need to reload the page or redo the entire claiming process. I have to admit that some problem could occur even for both at the same time.

I would suggest to claim every single faucets here even if we don’t collect the coins. The rate is the same regardless of which coins and we can easily exchange them.

If we really just want to earn several and has to choose which coins, I suggest reading about other feature on ES Faucet in this article’s other section like withdraw, and fee. Some of them like Ripple will take too long just to withdraw.

The bonus is great, and I suggest focusing on ES Coin Bonus as it will be permanent. Claim the other coins and sell to ES Coins. Only spend ES Coins after we have reached the maximum bonus. Buying them from external payment might not be a bad idea.

Regarding the daily bonus, I think it is possible that we can claim even after 24 hours without losing the bonus. I could be wrong, so please check again or correct me but from what I know, they will only reset based on the server time.

I’m not sure when but it seems like midnight on UTC. We will only get the bonus reset if the last time claim is over 24 hours and pass the server time for the next claim.

To avoid that I would suggest claiming at least twice a day as the 12 hours mark will give the optimum result. Once again, read the other sections in this article as well to understand how ES Faucet works.

ES Coins

ES Coins is the local currency of ES Faucet and can only be used or obtained from ES Faucet. There are several things we can do with ES Coins and how we can earn it.

ES Coins is not a cryptocurrency which we won’t find it on any exchangers. ES Faucet only threat them just like a cryptocurrency, which we can claim from a faucet.

Here is the list of how we can earn ES Coins. Some of these can be very easy to obtain, almost for nothing. While some other require things to do or spend real money. See other section below on how to use other feature to earn ES Coins or other reward and bonus.

ES Coins faucet
following and sharing ES Faucet social media account
Sell other Coins to buy ES Coins
Payment from completing offers
Web Mining payment
Weekly Bonus
Additional Bonus of Weekly Bonus
Commission for referral program
Referral Commission of their faucet claim
Buy using crypto from external payment
Newsletter Bonus

Here is the list of what we can do with ES Coins. Some spending might be pointless but some other can be useful. See each section below for more information regarding what we can get from each ES Coin spending.

Buy other Coins
Pay to participate in ES Faucet poll
Advertise with ES Faucet
Increase ES Coin holder Level
Buy Referrals
Purchase Daily Bonus for each faucet
Buy Extra Bonus Days for each faucet
Pay for withdrawal fee
Additional reward from each faucet

ES Coin Holder Level

By having ES Coins in our account, we can get a lot of benefits. One of them is to increase the ES Coins Holder Level.

Increasing this level can give us higher bonus from each faucet claim. The bonus is not only to get more ES Coins but the faucet we use.

So, for example, if we have reached level 5, we can get 25% bonus. Everytime we claim any coins from the faucet, we can get extra 25% for that coin, separately from the daily loyalty bonus.

The bonus is permanent, as long as we can keep the amount of ES Coins to the minimum for each level. Spending ES Coins until it gets lower than the requirement for that level means losing the extra 5% bonus.

Here is the list of all level, the requirement and the bonus we can get.

6,000 ES Coins, 5% faucet bonus, Level 1
10,000 ES Coins, 10% faucet bonus, Level 2
16,500 ES Coins, 15% bonus, Level 3
22,500 ES Coins, 20% bonus, Level 4
30,500 ES Coins, 25% bonus, Level 5

45,500 ES Coins, 30% bonus, Level 6
68,500 ES Coins, 35% bonus, Level 7
102,500 ES Coins, 40% bonus, level 8
154,000 ES Coins, 45% bonus, level 9
230,500 ES Coins, 50% bonus, level 10

350,000 ES Coins, 55% bonus, level 11
520,000 ES Coins, 60% bonus, level 12
850,000 ES Coins, 65% bonus, level 13
1,250,000 ES Coins, 70% bonus, level 14
2,500,000 ES Coins, 75% bonus, level 15

3,750,000 ES Coins, 80% bonus, level 16
5,000,000 ES Coins, 85% bonus, level 17
8,000,000 ES Coins, 90% bonus, level 18
12,000,000 ES Coins, 95% bonus, level 19
19,000,000 ES Coins, 100% bonus, level 20

24,000,000 ES Coins, 105% bonus, level 21
30,000,000 ES Coins, 110% bonus, level 22
36,000,000 ES Coins, 115% bonus, level 23
42,000,000 ES Coins, 120% bonus, level 24
50,000,000 ES Coins, 125% bonus, level 25

61,000,000 ES Coins, 130% bonus, level 26
72,000,000 ES Coins, 135% bonus, level 27
83,000,000 ES Coins, 140% bonus, level 28
94,000,000 ES Coins, 145% bonus, level 29
105,000,000 ES Coins, 150% bonus, level 30

It is best to wait until we reach the maximum bonus to spend ES Coins. Or at least, when we are sure that the spending will not pass the minimum of the current level.

Based on their LEADERBOARD page, the highest one at the moment has reached about level 24. ES Faucet says that they are going to add more ways to earn and spend ES Coins.


With so many cryptocurrencies accepted, ES Faucet offers a feature to exchange those coins into another, including the ES Coins. Exchanging coins in ES Faucet has to be done in one way on their dedicated page for each coin.

If we want to change it back, we need to access the other coins exchange page and sell them there. To exchange we can choose the coin we want to sell and from the main dashboard page, click VIEW under the chosen coin.

Then, from the drop down menu, click on EXCHANGE.

Selling Coins

From the exchange page for the chosen coin, we will see the name of the coin, the balance, the coin price in USD. Then we will have a box to choose which coin to buy. Selecting the target coin will load the price for that coin in USD.

We can fill the amount we want to sell and there is a MAX button if we want to sell everything we have for that coin. The next box will load the result of conversion, how much coins we are going to get.

To confirm the sell, we must input our password there and click the CONVERT button. In a couple of seconds, the page will notify that the exchange has been processed.

We can go back to the dashboard and check the coin we just bought. If we want to convert back, we need to access the latter coin’s exchange page, not the previous coins.

We can also track the exchange history from the main dashboard page, at the bottom.

Comment and Suggestion

From what I know, there is no fee for the exchange. I could be wrong though but this is based on me exchanging back the minimum amount we can get from the faucet, which is 5 minutes claim.

We will get relatively the same amount regardless of the coins. If there are some differences it is probably because the price of the coin in USD fluctuates.

However, this doesn’t applies for ES Coins. The price of ES Coins on exchange feature is set for 0.000001 USD while we can get like 0.000008 USD per ES Coins from the faucet.

For example, if we claim right after 5 minutes, we will get about 16.25 ES Coins or if we use Bitcoin, we can get around 1.58 satoshi. Try to compare the earning for 5 minutes timer for other coins and convert them to Bitcoin, we will get relatively the same amount.

But when we try to convert that amount of ES Coins to Bitcoin, we will only get like 0.179 satoshi. If we try to sell Bitcoin to get ES Coins, with 1.58 satoshi, we can get like 143 ES Coins.

So, if that number is right, I would suggest only buy ES Coins, and do not sell. For the other, it is depends on other factors like do we want to collect them or not.

Consider also things like minimum to withdraw, and fees. Read more from the WITHDRAW section below. Some coins will reach the minimum threshold to withdraw sooner than the others with the same number of claims.

Buying and holding ES Coins will be great with so many benefits but only until it reaches some points. After we reach the maximum bonus, spending ES Coins will not be a bad idea but certainly not to trade them into other coins.

ES Coins might change their policy in the future. It is possible that one day we will need to pay some fees just to exchange.

At least this is a good feature so we don’t have to worry about collecting the wrong coins. With the exchange feature we can also collect the coins we don’t really want to have then exchange them into the coins we want.

They can be useful to pay fees when we want to withdraw, or just increase the amount unti it reach a no fee amount. If we use all of the faucets, we don’t have to wait for 5 minutes. We can just claim everything one faucet after another and at the end of the last faucet, it’s already passed 5 minutes.

Sell the other coins to the one we want to get paid with or to ES Coins to increase the level and bonus.

Offers or Offerwalls

Offerwalls are another earning feature we can use from ES Faucet. From offerwalls, any user can choose a task to complete and get paid.

The task can be about completing a survey, watching videos, view ads, join a program, installing apps, etc. On ES Faucet, the tasks are divided into three main categories.

First is the tasks from ES Faucets themselves, which are labelled as special offers. The task from this list is usually only a one time task for each ES Faucet account. Of course, ES Faucet can add more in the future.

The second one is from a 3rd party offerwalls providers. Each providers has their own task and rules. Currently there are about 6 providers but ES Faucet as the host can add more later.

The last one is to view the videos. This one is strictly for user from US

We will get paid with mostly ES Coins, and each task will grant us different amount. To start earning ES Coins from offerwalls, we can first access the offerwalls page by clicking on OFFERS from the left side navigation widget on user dashboard.

Special Offers from ES Faucet

As we can see from the image above, all of the 3 categories are listed within the same page not separately. To access the special offers from ES Faucet, we can click the purple bar SPECIAL OFFERS. The hidden list will appear right after.

There are currently 14 tasks at the moment and we can only complete them once. First, we can see the title of each task and the reward. If we are interested with the task, we can click the READ MORE purple button and the complete description and instruction will appear.

The instruction can be about what to include like tags. There is also an upload button to submit the screenshot of our work. The OPEN OFFER button will have a link to the designated platform or forum thread where we need to complete the task.

Here is the list of available task at the moment.

Improve your business and get paid! Fiverr Freelance Service (15,000 Bitcoin satoshi)
Advertise with ES Faucet (1,000 ES Coin)

Download CryptoTab Browser and earn 10 cent or 0.10 USD (10,000 ES Coin)
Register on Coinbase and Deposit $100 (60,000 Bitcoin satoshi)
Download Litoshi Stacker & Earn atleast 5000 litoshi (10,000 ES Coin)

ES Faucet Review on BitcoinTalk (1,000 ES Coin)
YouTube video for ES Faucet
(30,000 ES Coin)
ES Faucet Review, post it on blog or website (20,000 ES Coin)

Payment Proof, post it on FoxyRating (10,000 litoshi)
Ethereum Payment Proof, post it on Twitter / Facebook or Instagram (5,000 gwei)
Stellar Payment Proof, post it on Twitter / Facebook or Instagram (0.01 XLM)
Litecoin Payment Proof, post it on Twitter / Facebook or Instagram (500 litoshi)
Bitcoin Payment Proof, post it on Twitter / Facebook or Instagram (50 Bitcoin satoshi).
Doge Payment Proof, post it on Twitter / Facebook or Instagram (0.1 DOGE)

Comment and Suggestion

Aside from the first task, most of these special offers are about using ES Faucet. We can get paid from earning the free coins from them and post the payment proof or review.

It is not really a hard task, but maybe not everybody are willing to do it. There is no time limit but of course ES Faucet can take them off the list anytime even though I think it is very unlikely.

If we already get used to any of the platforms they want us to use, it is not a bad idea to get extra free coins. Another thing is that this could help the user to get referral by using the referral code on any post they do.

So, even though we are doing something for ES Faucet as the task giver, the result can be very useful for us. We can repost, share, retweet everytime somebody else asks about this in particular, or any earning online related topics.

Unfortunately for the payment proof, there is no offer for all the accepted currencies. But we can earn the other coins and just exchange them for the offer one time.

The reward is not that much as well, so don’t force ourselves on doing it. It is just like a one time claim if we include the bonus.

There are several tasks where we need to spend some money first but the rewards is not worth it. Like the first task, from Fiverr, the advertise or the Coinbase. It is not like we are going to lose money but we need to make sure we know how to get the benefit from it.

Using the freelance service from Fiverr is not a bad thing. I think the animation work is great but it will only be useful if we have a project not just spend for nothing. Check the ES Faucet YouTube channel for the artist, Usman Murtaza’s work.

Also, make sure we use the provided links on those page instead of accessing them directly. Some of them require users to become ES Faucet’s referral on those platform.

I don’t recommend anybody to create another account from those platform just to complete the task. We could get banned from those platform for doing so.

So, if we already have an account from any of those platforms, and we need to become join under ES Faucet to get paid, we can’t do that. Just let it go and move on to the next task. Which is also the reason I try to avoid these offerwalls.

3rd Party Offers and Videos

So, here, ES Faucet only acts like a host. We  can use ES Faucet to browse the offerswalls providers website to complete the tasks there.

Each providers has its own rules, on how we can get paid. If we run into problems like we don’t get any credit, ES Faucet can do nothing about it. We need to complaint directly to the offerwalls.

Those offerwalls providers will then pay us and the host right after the task is considered as completed. As long as ES Faucet get paid, usually the offerwalls will stay there and the problem is considered in the user’s end.

Currently there are 6 providers at the moment and it is possible for additional in the future. Here is the list.

Theorem Reach (Surveys, up to 100,000 ES Coins)
Adscend (Offers, Surveys, Video, up to 100,000 ES Coins)
Wannads (Surveys and offers, up to 100,000 ES Coins)
Offertoro (Surveys, offer and video, up to 100,000 ES Coins)
Offer Daddy (Surveys and offers, up to 100,000 ES Coins)
AdGem (Surveys, offers and Video, up to 100,000 ES Coins)

To access them, we can click the purple box that says OFFERS on that page, and the hidden screen to browse the offerwalls provider website will appear right below it. Otherwise we can click each providers box and a browser tab will open to load those website.


This is the last category of ES Faucet Offers. I’m not sure how it works because apparently none of them work for me due to my location. I think the top offer which says US ONLY is another video that only US user can take.

For the rest, any user should just give it a try and see if they works for you. Clicking on any of it will open a new browser tab for the video. Since I can’t access them, what I can see is just an apology and a white screen.

There are 10 links for videos, each with its own topic. From lifestyle, gaming, celebrity, food, or music.

Comment and Suggestion

Apparently, most of them has survey related task and only some has watching video task. It is true that those are the most profitable type of task from any offerwalls. The more user can earn, the more ES Coin or any host can make profit.

Unfortunately, not everybody can access those tasks, which is the reason why I’m not a fan with offerwalls. If anybody can access them, they could actually earn a lot. But, if not, we are just wasting our time there.

Offers like survey will have a specific target audience and mostly are location related. Unless we are user from either US or Europe countries, we might have less chance to access them.

Even if I do get some from my country, even using my native language, there will be another requirements like salary, user of certain product.

So, these surveys are not just some random things. There could be one or two but they will most likely trying to gain some relevant info, make sure get something in return after what they pay.

Those providers are also just a host for the task giver. The task giver pays the providers, then the providers pays the main host, ES Faucet in this case and us as the user.

So, it is also possible that we won’t get paid at all. Because some will need to be approved by the task giver manually or we won’t get paid.

The same goes with watching videos from any of the offerwalls providers or the third category of ES Faucet offers. The videos might be universal but the ads that will make money for them is not. The ads will be based on the user location as well.

Since I will not have full access for any of them, I can’t share much about these.

All I can suggest about these offerwalls is that we need to give each of them a try. There are some that might work for you but not me. If it doesn’t then move on, try another one.

For me, I would rather just use another program outside ES Faucet or any host to earn more.

Miner, Web Mining

Web mining is another feature from ES Faucet to earn ES Coins. What we do is we just open the page, start running the miner and it will automatically collect hashes. The amount of hashes we have collected will then be converted into ES Coins.

How much can we get from it is based on the hash rate or speed which will use the CPU usage of our device or computer. The better the spec of the device can generate better result.

To start collecting hashes, we can first access the web mining page of ES Faucet by clicking on MINERS from the left side navigation widget.

How does it work?

The next page we see is the miners page similar to the picture above. We just need to click on the turquoise START button and it will automatically generate hashes.

Above the button is the status and progress chart. We can still modify the threads. The default is set on 7, the higher will increase the performance but with higher CPU usage as well.

As recommended by that page, to avoid overheating, try to use low threads. Like any web mining feature on other program, we need to wait for awhile before the hashes will be credited to our account.

From the status, we can see the number of ACCEPTED SHARE. If it increase, that means the progress has been updated to the server and our account will get the credit.

If we stop before that, it is possible that the progress will be lost, not counted. Right after the increase of accepted share, like the picture above we can see another additional status, number of hashes submitted and the amount of ES Coin we get from that.

Those number will disappear after a couple of seconds. If we want to stop the progress, it is better to stop right after that announcement.

We need to keep the browser tab opened while the miner is running. Closing the tab will stop the progress and to avoid accidental closing, there will be a pop up warning.

Right below the START and STOP button, we can see a link. We can also mine with multiple devices, have a browser tab opened on each to access those links. The result will be credited to the account associated with the link.

Each account or member will have their own link as well. Make sure we use our own link or we might end up letting the device work for other account.

The ID number on that link will be different from our account’s ID. We should just copy from that page instead of trying to modify it.

Based on the explanation on that same page, the earning rate will fluctuate, depending on the crypto exchanges rate and the mining difficulty.

Comment and Suggestion

I have to say that among similar programs that offer this web mining feature, this one from ES Faucet might be a better one. First of all, we can easily find out when we get the credit by looking at the accepted share.

On another program, we really can’t tell. I always suggest opening one more browser tab to their dashboard and keep reloading the page until the hashes we have collected are submitted to the system.

We could be losing the progress if we close the browser tab too soon. Fortunately, we don’t need to do that on ES Faucet.

I think the progress will be updated within short time frame but depending on the hash/s rate. This is typical to web mining from other similar program. The best one regarding this would be from which they will update every 5 or 10 minutes not matter how much instead of waiting for some minimum like the others.

Here, ES Faucet will pay us with ES Coin and we can easily convert them into any supported cryptocurrencies if we need. Keeping them as ES Coin might be more beneficial for the long term though.

I don’t understand why they can’t just let us know the submitted hashes at least longer if not permanently. This way we really couldn’t predict the earning rate.

Aside from what is shown from the previous picture, which every 341 hashes we can get like 0.2898 ES Coin, I also noticed 441 hashes for 0.4284 ES Coins. So it is like between 0.00085 ES COin per hash to 0.00097 ES Coin per hash and for 1 million hash we can get around 850 to 970 ES Coins. I think it is possible that we could even get lower or higher than that.

If 1 ES Coin equals to around 0.086 BTC satoshi, then the rate for 1 million we can get like 73 satoshi or 83.42 satoshi. I have to be honest that I’m starting to doubt this number since that is like 3 times higher than those that I have tried so far.

Just as reference, at this time offers like only 24 satoshi per 1 million hashes.

Usually we can get more or less the same regardless from which program we use. If this number is right, then we should just use this one to mine but if it isn’t please let me know.

There is no point on using every single web miner at the same time. The web mining performances would be based on the device we use. More web mining to use will only divide the result.

SInce ES Faucet gives higher earning rate, we should just focus on this. But again, assuming that my number is right.

Usually other programs would suggest to use other type of mining since their web mining really have very low rate. So far I don’t see any warning from this one, so they might be true.

To be honest, I would not recommend anybody to use web mining. It is true that we can just let it stay opened and we can leave it to go somewhere else or perform other task. That is if the task will not require to use the device.

The best way to use any mining feature would be to have a dedicated hardware. If we try to run web miner one the same device where we work, one of them or even both would be underperform. Don’t sacrifice being productive just to collect very small amount of coins.

If we do have a dedicated device for this, it is still better to mine the coins directly instead of doing it for ES Faucet. Remember that we still also need to pay for electricity for this mining process. Unless we have sufficient budget to wait until the coins price gets higher, I don’t recommend on using this.

We could even get higher and faster from other earning feature like faucet, shortlinks from other programs. Again, it is really depends on each user situation, can’t really be generalized.

Maybe there are those people who really don’t have extra time or energy to use the manual earning feature. This web mining would be ideal for them.


ES Faucet also offers a way for their member to advertise on ES Faucet. We can promote our website to other member of ES Faucet.

Based on the video below, it seems that ES Faucet are planning to offer multiple advertisement packages. But currently, as stated on the advertisement page, there is only one type, the pop up banner. I think the ads are those that opens up a new browser tabs or windows everytime we try to click anywhere on ES Faucet page. I could be wrong though.

To start the campaign, we can click the ADVERTISE menu from the left navigation widget on the dashboard.

How to advertise?

From the advertisement page, we first need to get our site approved. There is going to be a SUBMIT A SITE FOR APPROVAL button which, if we click on it a form will appear. We need to enter the campaign name and the URL we want to promote.

Based on the explanation from that same page, each site approval will cost about 2,500 ES Coins. After we get the site approved, we can then assign the number of impressions, daily impressions limit and hourly impressions limit.

If the campaign runs out of impressions credit, we can add again, no need to get approval again, as long as the campaign remains the same. Click the button under ACTION to fill the campaign status.

We can also choose whether we want to display it to anybody or just the unique impressions. Unique impressions means, each viewer will only see the same ad once per day.

The price is different. We need to pay 50 ES Coins per ad impressions and 500 ES Coins per unique impressions. For each campaign, we can see the statistic by clicking the statistic button.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anywhere on ES Faucet for more information regarding their advertisement. I mean like what kind of sites are allowed or not, minimum impressions or we can just advertise for one, etc.

If I missed that, please let me know via the comment section below.

Comment and Suggestion

In general, I wouldn’t recommend anybody to advertise on platform like this. Unless, we have a totally new program,  still fresh and we are among the first one to know. Or, we are the owner of the program or website.

The program we are going to promote must be about cryptocurrencies, faucet or anything related. The only one to view those are very limited audience, not just anybody. Promoting an unrelated one would be a waste of money.

Moreover, I don’t see any targeting option so it is best to promote a universal program, not just for some countries and in English.

If the display method in question that I mentioned before is correct, I don’t think it is a good way. Usually I will immediately just close the new browser tabs that open since I knew that is just the ads not what I want to see from ES Faucet.

Somehow, the new window for ads work better at least for me. I get to see once in a while the page. I don’t know if we can set the option for that. The problem is that the window will only display the website in mobile version, like in vertical mode instead of desktop or horizontal.

So, at least, we have to make sure to promote a mobile friendly website. Check them out first via our smartphone before submitting a site for approval.

About the Rates

If the rate is right, from the faucet 1 ES Coin equals to about 0.097 satoshi. It means per viewing credit we need to pay about 4.85 satoshi for any impressions or 50 satoshi for Unique IP impressions.

But if we consider the price of ES Coins from buying, which 1 ES Coins equals to 0.02 satoshi, then the advertising rate is 1 satoshi per viewing credit for any impressions or 10 satoshi for Unique IP impressions.

I think the rate is rather high. For comparison, we can advertise with 20 or 40 satoshi per view on

On, a PTC we can start with 5 satoshi per view and already get a unique IP impressions. We can get 15 satoshi per view on, another PTC., another faucet, we can start advertising with just 13 satoshi on their PTC feature, get a unique IP impressions. offers like 16 satoshi., a display ad network, the rate can fluctuate but at the right time we could get about 20 satoshi per view., another faucet program with PTC feature, we can advertise with about 13 satoshi per view.

So, depending on how we get the ES Coins, the advertising rate can be a bit too expensive or very cheap.

We can have a lot of other ways to advertise with relatively cheaper price using other platform instead of ES Faucet. I still don’t recommend anybody to advertise in any of these platforms but if we do want, maybe we could consider the alternatives.

Of course, the comparisons are just about the rates. As an advertiser we should consider other aspects and more importantly about the conversion rate.

If we really must advertise on ES Faucet, I think that unique IP impressions would deliver better conversion rate. ES Faucet offer multiple faucets that we can use all of them, a couple times a day, passing through several pages each to claim.

So, if we pay 10 non unique impressions (500 ES Coins), we will more likely to spend all of the credits just to one user. That is more or less the same with 1 for unique impressions.

I don’t have any experience in advertising anywhere so I really couldn’t tell. But, I think it is better to spend on unique impressions, and the ad will be displayed to the same user in the next couple of days. Yes, we should have some minimum budget not just spend 1 credit and hoping to get result.

Again, ES Faucet is probably not the best choice to advertise. Since, they said that they are going to add more package, I think we should wait for that or advertise somewhere else.

As mentioned before, the audience would be very limited to just ES Faucet user. If we advertise on ad network like, MellowAds, or Google Adwords, the ads can be displayed on multiple websites.

Depending on the program we promote, maybe ad network can be a better choice.

If we are mostly an earner, using the faucets ES Coins can be valuable to increase the earning rate. Spending them for advertising will decrease it. I suggest waiting until we get the maximum bonus from having ES Coins., spend it only after that.

Market Place

Marketplace is the store of ES Faucet. We can buy ES Coins there or spend ES Coins to buy some features from ES Faucet.

To access this feature, we can click on MARKET PLACE from the left side navigation widget on dashboard. Currently there are 4 categories of sales we can find on that page.

The next picture is what we are going to see. We can click each category’s purple bar to hide or display the sales.

Buy ES Coins

The first is for purchasing ES Coins. Start with 250,000 ES Coins and with higher amount, we can get a bonus.

ES Faucet uses CoinBase wallet as payment method. If we have that account as well, we can transfer the funds without any fees but if we send the funds from other wallet, we might need to pay.

There is a button to create account with, an exchanger for various options of cryptocurrencies.

Here is the available sales.

250,000 ES Coins for 0.50 USD
5,000,000 ES Coins for 1.00 USD
1,000,000 ES Coins for 2.00 USD
3.750,000 ES Coins (+250,000 ES Coins bonus) for 7.5 USD
5,000,000 ES Coins (+1,000,000 ES Coins bonus) for 10.00 USD
7,500,000 ES Coins (+1,500,000 ES Coins bonus) for 15.00 USD

If we click on each button for the item in sales, we will be directed to CoinBase payment. A pop up window will appear and after we enter our email address we will have a payment choice from paying with Bitcoin within CoinBase, or using other cryptocurrencies.

The available options for cryptocurrencies are Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, or Litecoin. If we use CoinBase, we will need to login to our account.

For cryptocurrencies, they will generate the wallet address to send payment and the amount to send. There is also a time limit after the address was generated and we need to pay within 60 minutes.

Buy Referrals

The second category of item to buy is the referral. By having referrals, we can get 20% of their earning added to our balance. See the Referral / Affiliate section below for more info.

At this time the cost per referral is 173,913 ES Coins. I noticed that the amount can fluctuate just like the page says.

They also says that the price depends on the availability of the referral. So that number is based on 46 available referrals and I think with more available referrals, the price can be cheaper. (56 referrals with 142,857 ES Coins each)

These referrals are any member who joined ES Faucet without any referrer. Just like the page says, ES Faucet has a bit of requirement before selling those members as referrals. Those members need to have a verified mails, older than a week as ES Faucet member and active in the last 4 days.

However, as a warning, they also stated that there is no guarantee about their activity in the future after the purchase. There will be no refunds.

We can fill the purchase form with the number of referrals we want to buy. Click the purple bar with the price on it and there will be a pop up confirmation to make sure we want to make that purchase or not.

Buy Daily Bonus

As we might have known, by claiming the faucet at least once a day consecutively, we can get a daily bonus. Each day we make a claim will increase the bonus by 1% for the faucet or currency we use and we can get up to 100%.

From the market place we can actually increase the bonus by purchasing for each currency. The cost for adding 1% bonus is about 10,000 ES Coins.

For each faucet or currency, including the ES Coins faucet, we have to pay separately. On that market place page, we can set the amount we want to buy and click the purple button with the price on it.

Make sure we buy for the right currency. There is no currency’s logo to distinguish one coin to another.

I don’t think we can increase more than 100% bonus, so if we already reach that, there is no point on buying these. This is also not to keep the daily bonus from getting reset due to not claiming within 24 hours. The next category of the market place is for that purpose.

Extra Bonus Days

As mentioned before, every faucet on ES Faucet will have a daily loyalty bonus. With the bonus, if we just claim at least once per 24 hours we get additional 1% the amount of reward from that claim.

We can get up to 100% for claiming consecutively but the bonus will get reset back to zero if we don’t. It is not going to happen right after 24 hours since every faucet will have the EXTRA BONUS DAYS, starting with 2 days.

We can increase those extra days by purchasing from this fourth category of the market place. The price to add one day per faucet is 10,000 ES Coins and we need to buy per faucet separately.

This would be good if we want to have a vacation without even accessing ES Faucet at all. No need to claim but we won’t lose the bonus back to zero.

Like the previous category, there will be no currency icon to tell the difference between sales. So, make sure we buy the extra bonus days for the correct currency.

Comment and Suggestion

First, for the ES Coins sales. I think this is a great deal. We get 250,000 ES Coins per 0.5 USD or 0.000002 USD / ES Coin.

This is way cheaper than if we claim from the faucet. If my number is right 1 ES Coin should be worth of 0.000008 USD / ES Coin or about 4 times for that sale.

We can get even lower with the highest package and pay with CoinBase since there will be no fee. Since ES Coins can be useful for a lot of things here on ES Faucet, maybe buying them is not a bad idea.

But still, I really don’t recommend it since we can always get it for free.

The second, buying the referral. This is actually not a bad idea as well. Unlike some PTC model, where we can only rent, or temporary, here we can get referrals permanently.

That means, the earning from commission, will be a lifetime. But that is, only as long as the referral keep earning from the faucet.

Maybe we can say that the average rate is about 150,000 ES Coins per referrals or about 0.3 USD if we buy the ES Faucet or in Bitcoin about 3,000 satoshi per referrals. That is equals to about 150 – 300 viewing credits if we want to advertise on other platform to get referrals.

I don’t have any experience or data regarding the conversion rate. If you think we can get more referrals with that same amount of budget, maybe you should try advertising.

The result will be the same. There will be no guarantee if the referrals will keep earning or not. And of course, if somehow ES Faucet going bankrupt or shut down their service, then this will be a waste of money.

Remember that ES Faucet also provides some tools to help us promote the program and get referrals. If we have a website, we can even advertise for almost nothing. Read more about this on REFERRAL / AFFILIATE section below.

The third, buying daily bonus. This is probably the worst way to spend ES Coins but at least, for me. Increasing just 1% for 10,000 ES Coins.

Even by having ES Coins we get another bonus and it will be permanent. While these daily bonuses will reset if we forget to claim. They will be beneficial only if we are planning to claim like every 5 minutes right after we make the purchase.

Even so, 100% bonus is really not that hard to achieve, just claiming for 3 or 4 months everyday once a day. It is not going to make us rich suddenly even after 100%. With no claims and we get no bonus.

The 4th, for the extra bonus days. As mentioned before, that this could be very helpful if we are going for a vacation without the need to worry about losing the bonus.

Or if we suddenly have something urgent, accidental event and we could not access the website at all in that time. But that means we also need to have the ES Coin ready.

Even so, like the previous category, how hard it is to start over and reach back again to 100% bonus? Instead of sacrificing the bonus from ES Coins, maybe we should just let it go.

For a long inactive time, and if we use all of the faucets the cost can be very high just for one day.

So, the general idea would be, keep earning or collecting ES Coins for the maximum bonus, then we can spend the rest to buy some of these features. Maybe wait until we have enough to buy about 7 days extra for each faucet we use.

The next to buy would be the referrals. If we don’t claim actively ourselves, then this should be the first. We can get a passive income from referrals, no need to worry about getting less or losing the bonus.

Another suggestion would be about diversification. Since we can easily exchange any coin, maybe some people might be thinking about trade them into ES Coins to purchase some of these features.

I think it will be wise if we can just choose some coins we want to earn then, let the rest converted into ES Coins. This way we can lower the risk, and get paid a bit.

Weekly Bonus

ES Faucet also offers a similar feature to a weekly faucet to earn free ES Coins. We can only claim once and then wait for exactly 7 x 24 hours before we can claim again.

To claim this bonus, we can access the WEEKLY BONUS menu from the left side navigation widget on user dashboard. In order to be eligible for claiming this bonus, we must first become a level 1 ES Coin holder, by having at least 6,000 ES Coins.

We have to access the page and claim manually. Forgetting to claim will not increase the reward like their faucet.

After we enter the page, we just need to click on the purple button.

There will be a pop up notification saying the bonus has been added to our balance. The base reward is 2,000 ES Coins but as the page says we can get additional amount depending on our level as the Coin holder.

After that, if we refresh the page, the button will change into a timer, stating how much longer we need to wait before claiming the bonus again.

I don’t know how they calculate the extra amount but from me as a level 5 ES Coin holder, I get another 1,000 ES Coins. So, it doesn’t seem they use the same percentage mechanism for the faucet which should be 25% or just 500 Coins.

I didn’t know about this until I was writing this review which I already reached level 4, missing all of the bonus from earlier weeks.

Mobile Application

ES Faucet offers a way to earn from their faucet via their mobile application. This way we can install the app on our smartphone and we can claim the faucet anywhere we have the phone.

The apps are for Android but from what I know, we need to install manually, not something we can find from Google Play Store. At this moment there is no official app for IOS but there is a tutorial guide how to create a mini app and make it appear on home screen.

We also need to install the app for each faucet separately. There is an option to download all of them at once, but we need to use it individually.

To install the app, we can access the MOBILE APPLICATION menu from the left side navigation widget on ES Faucet user dashboard. On that page, we can choose the installer for the right operating system.

Clicking on that OS button will open another page for step by step installation guide. There will be a statement of which Android version has been tested, number of downloads and the last updated time.

The page also says that the installer has gone through various virus checks. Since I don’t use them myself, I really can’t tell much about the app.

I think it is mostly just for claiming the faucet but there is a link for the offer.

Each APK file has about 5 MB size. We can download all current 13 faucets one by one or zipped files for all faucets.

The mobile app page also offers 2 more apps for Android from CGamers, available in Google Play Store. I don’t know if they are from the same owner as ES Faucet or not.

There is an offer to earn free Litecoin for using Litoshi Stacker, currently none for the Crypto Math. See the section about OFFER or OFFERWALLS in this page and make sure we use their link if we want to get the bonus.

Comment and Suggestion

While this could be very helpful and make it easier to claim the faucet, I really don’t recommend to use them. First of all, I think the best thing of ES Faucet is that we can use multiple faucets with just one account or website, instead of using like different programs separately.

If we only install for one faucet, that might not be a problem but if we use all of them, moving back and forth between one app to another can be very annoying.

Maybe just install ES Coins as they can help increase the bonus for all of the faucets.

Another thing about using mobile apps for any faucet program is that we have to make sure to use our own internet connection. Most of similar programs will not allow any user to use public internet connection like from café or library.

Another user can also use the same line, and if the programs finds out, those with the same or similar IP can be considered as making multiple accounts. They could ban users for this reason because they think those users are trying to cheat the system.

So, only claim after we disconnect the wi-fi and use mobile data only. We can switch back if we don’t claim. But the risk is there, and we could end up losing a potential income source instead of earning more.

The same also applies if we use the same internet connection from other user’s house. Both our account and that user’s could get banned.

So, this is if we are at home and we don’t want to use computer or laptop. We can just open those app on our phone and we can even do it while in bed.

Even so, I think we can also still access the website from browser, no need storage for just app.

Referral / Affiliate Program

Even though ES Faucet offers a lot of free coins from their multiple faucets, offerwalls and other bonus, what we can get from a faucet program is actually very low. They are just pennies and some people might think they are not worth the time.

However, by offering an affiliate or referral commission, any online program has a potential to become a passive income. In theory, they could even become an unlimited one.

What we need to do is we invite other people to join the program and let those people use the service of the program. In this case, invite them to join ES Faucet and let them use the faucets to earn.

By doing so, ES Faucet will pay us based on those people earning as a commission. Let those people do the work, claiming the faucet and we can get paid passively.

That is just from one person. The more referrals we have will add more income for us. With unlimited number of referrals we could get unlimited income.

How does it work?

Like any other online program offering an affiliate or referral commission, each member will get a link with their ID attached to it, called referral link or ref link. This one below is mine for ES Faucet.

If anybody click on it and join ES Faucet, they will become my referral. And if they use ES Faucet service, claim the faucet, I will get 20% of their faucet earning as commission for a lifetime. Both the referral and the referrer will also get a one time 2,500 ES Coins bonus.

The referral must activate their account first from their email before we get the bonus commission.

That is just the base commission. With every bonus we can get, from the daily bonus and ES Coins bonus, the referral’s earning will increase and so will our commission.

What we need to do is to share the referral link to anybody on any online platform that we use. The platform can be our social media accounts, forums, group messengers for family or friends, or on blog or website that we own.

We can find our own link by accessing the REFERRAL page. Click on MY ACCOUNT from the left side navigation widget on ES Faucet member dashboard. From the drop down menus, click on REFERRAL.

The next image is what we are going to see from that page.

As we can see from that page, instead of getting a referral link the page will only have a referral code. This code will be the ID on the referral link.

From my link above the code is placed at the end of the link right after “ref=”. To use this code, we will need to remind the people we have invited to add the code on registration process.

This is not a good idea since it has to be done manually while any people would prefer to just move on right away to the earning process. But, if they access the website from the link, then the code will be included in the registration form automatically.

To use the code as the link, you can use my link above and replace the code with your own. Be careful to replace the exact code. Missing just one character or letter means losing one income source. Use the COPY button next to the code.

Alternatively, we could find the link from the promotional banners by scrolling down on that referral page. We need to copy the link from the HTML code below any available banners there.

Copy from “https” until the last character of our code so it will be like my link above. Share this link to get referral.

Aside from the referral link and code, as we can see there are several promotional banners to use. If the platform we want to promote on accepts banners code, copy the whole HTML code.

Once we have a referral, the page will have a button to unhide referrals’ status. We can view their email, username, how many claims and the last time login.

Update: I recently noticed that the HTML code for the promotional banners has a wrong template for each banner. At least they don’t work for me. I already contacted the owner but it seems they haven’t fixed them.

Hopefully this one below can help which is the one that works for me. The problem is about the single and double quotation marks and also missing at some part.

<a href=”″><img src=”” alt=”ESFaucets” /></a>

How to get (more) referrals?

Well, sharing the link is a must but how exactly? Sharing to the wrong people is like a salesman approaching stranger. People hate that.

If we try to share on our social media, people might get annoyed if they are not interested. Especially if we are spamming, sharing over and over again like multiple times within a day.

We could lose our followers, risking any network we have built. Maybe it’s better to have alternate account specifically just to share this kind of program.

We look for community or other users that we know are interested. Or only when they ask, then we can share with them the link.

A better way might be to share on forums. Not just any forum of course, but related to online money making program, bitcoin or cryptocurrencies.

The problem with using any free platform like this is that we are probably not the only one who promote the same program. We have to offer something more than just the referral link like anybody else.

Another thing is that these free platforms have rules that they can suddenly change about promotion and not to mention, shutting down their service entirely. We have to start over our campaign if they delete them.

A better way would be to have our own website. We can share anything not just one program but others with the same, similar or related topics.

Having a website is like having a shop in real life. People can always come back to and find out more programs to use.

Then we can use those free platforms, forum or social media accounts  just for promotion. A good way to get backlink or generate traffic.

Since it’s an online shop, it will stay open 24/7, no need to wait for us to wake up and can be accessed from everywhere around the world. The best part of having our own place or website is that any search engine like Google will do the promotion work non stop.

And they will show the website as a result to exactly people who are interested in it. They use the search engine to look for it and get the website we build as the result. No need to worry about being annoying salesman.

Those people will access the website, see what we have to offer. Maybe a review like this, other or similar program we use, sharing experience, opinion, views to let people know that we understand this kind of program.

If they are interested, they will become our referrals for any program we promote. Once we have enough referrals for ES Faucet or every programs we promote, we can have passive income even full time income.

That is exactly how people can build their business online. They own a website, fill the website with contents that can help promote a program, and let it work automatically.

If you are interested to know more about how to build a website and turn it into an online business, keep reading. I will share with you later about a training program that anybody can use.

In the meantime, let’s head back to ES Faucet for a little bit.

Comment and Suggestion

Every good affiliate feature depends on the main feature to use. If nobody is willing to use their main service, there is no point on inviting other people to use.

In case of ES Faucet, their faucets, as the main service is a good feature. They are very easy to use, and offer different coins. Any user can get a lot of bonus and even if they don’t collect certain coins, they could easily just exchange into one or some that they collect.

It’s a good thing that we have to sign up to use ES Faucet and not by using wallet address but email.  This will be good for a long term and to keep some referrals for a lifetime, not just when they access the website from our link.

It is very easy for anybody to just change the wallet address. If the referrals change it, they might no longer be our referrals anymore and no more commission for us. But here, that is not going to happen with ES Faucet.

We could even get in touch with our referrals. Maybe they are interested to know more similar programs and we can easily send them email with links.

If we are willing to track their claims, maybe we could even offer additional bonus like share back our earnings. This could be an incentive for referral or something that makes them join as our referrals and not others.

No need to share back all the commission. I’m not sure if we can even track very detail about the referral activity. What we can see from the referral page is just the number of claims. The claims can be after 5 minutes or after a day which they get different reward and thus the commission.

Offer something like, do a number of claims and get free coins. Or run a contest like the highest number of claims will get bonus.

Unfortunately, it seems that we have to share it manually and use other platforms to send coins between users. Since the earning can be very low, we need  to use a micro wallet like, to send small amounts to avoid the fees.

We can ask the referral to create account with them and ask for their username. Use the tipping feature to send coins between users.

If we use CoinBase, we can also do the same. Get paid first from ES Faucet, then we can send to our referral as bonus.

The commission rate is rather low, just 20% while other program could even offer up to 50% but of course, there are those that offer even lower or nothing at all.

We have to remember that those are just the base commission. The bonus that any user can build up, we as the referrer will get some of that as well as commission.

The promotional banners are great. ES Faucet provides like 3 different designs with several different shapes and sizes. This would be great for those who want to promote by advertising.

The only problem regarding the info on each banner would be about the number of faucet. Hopefully if they add more they would update that. Other than that the info can be for a long term.

To be honest, I’m also not a fan with banners. Some people might consider them as another advertisement which people would hate. From what I know, the best way would be to use the referral link within words or phrases in a sentence.

Also, some other user might be using those banners as well. It will not be a bad idea to have our own design that only we can use. This way, other people might be thinking that the banner is for another new program, not directly think it as ES Faucet.

As mentioned before, the use of referral code that has to be filled manually on registration is not a good idea. Use the link from the banners instead as it will be easier for the referral. Making it hard and the invited people will just skip it.

I have to say, even though it will be very risky, buying referrals from the marketplace might not really be a bad idea. There might be a lot of people who tried to promote by using the code and failed which those invited people will become available to buy.

Using these tools is a way to get referrals for free but we need to understand how.

So, in conclusion regarding ES Faucet affiliate or referral feature, I think this could be one of the best referral feature among similar programs, supported by the great main earning feature. It is good for the long term income, something we should be focusing on to promote. Build it as a passive income.


After all the claims and maybe completing some tasks, the next question would be how to get our earnings out from ES Faucet. We can’t withdraw ES Coins since it can only be used internally within ES Faucet.

For other coins, each will have their own minimum and fee. We can pay the fee with ES Coins, instead of the currency’s balance. Each coins will also require different amount of ES Coins as fee.

Most of the coins are supported by CoinBase wallet. If we use CoinBase, the transaction will not happen in the currency network, so there will be no fee.

It’s like the, a micro wallet feature of CoinBase which they will only transfer the amount not the data. Except that the minimum is rather higher, not as little as 1 satoshi like

For DigiByte, Dogecoin and Tron, which are not accepted by CoinBase, we can also withdraw with no fee but we need to withdraw with higher minimum.

How to withdraw

To withdraw, we first need to access the withdraw page for each currency. We can access them by clicking on the MY ACCOUNT menu from the left side navigation widget and from the drop down, click on WITHDRAW.

The next page is the crypto collector page. We need to click the SHOW DETAILS blue button for the currency we want to withdraw to access the dedicated withdraw page.

On each currency’s withdraw page, as shown from the image above, we can see our balance, the minimum for CoinBase or other wallet, fees with the coins or ES Coins. If we want to pay fee with ES Coins, click the red toggle to turn it from red color (OFF) into green (ON).

Below that part, we can fill the amount to withdraw, the wallet address or CoinBase email, and optional Withdraw Tag. WIthdrawal Tag is mostly for exchangers who provides them and we can leave it empty.

We can also input the wallet address from the profile so we don’t have to input them everytime we want to withdraw. Click the MY ACCOUNT menu again but this time choose PROFILE. Paste the wallet address or CoinBase email to the right currency box and click on ADD DETAILS button.

Then we can click the CONFIRM WITHDRAWAL button at the bottom of the page. A pop up window will appear notifying that the request has been submitted.

After that we can see the transaction history by clicking on MY ACCOUNT menu and choose TRANSACTION. On the next page, click on SEE DETAILS for the currency we just withdrew.

It is said that ES Faucet will process the payment up to 48 hours, depending on the network. Based on their FAQ page, it could even go up to 72 hours. Once the payment has been sent, the status will change from PENDING to COMPLETED.

It is possible that the payment could FAILED. Mostly this would happen for CoinBase like if we use wrong email and user will get a refund.

Make sure we use the right wallet address if we want to get paid directly. Sending to a wrong address means losing the money.

The FAQ page also says that it is possible that the failure is based on security measures. When that happens it means ES Faucet consider the user obtained the coins not in a fair way. Don’t hesitate to contact them if that is not the case.

Once they can send the payment, we will get a notification via email.

Minimum and Fee

Here is the details about the minimum threshold and fees for each currency at the moment. ES Faucet could change them or maybe add more coins here. It is also possible that CoinBase might also accepted more coins in the future.

Please keep checking on ES Faucet website for the latest update.

Bitcoin (BTC satoshi)
Minimum to CoinBase: 11,000 satoshi (no fee)
Minimum to Wallet: 60,000 satoshi
Fee for wallet: 30,000 satoshi or 500,000 ES Coins

Ethereum (ETH)
Minimum to CoinBase: 0.0015 ETH (no fee)
Minimum to Wallet: 0.005015 ETH
Fee for wallet: 0.000015 ETH or 10,000 ES Coins

Litecoin (LTC)
Minimum to CoinBase: 0.00121 LTC (no fee)
Minimum to Wallet: 0.002025 LTC
Fee for wallet: 0.000025 LTC or 12,000 ES Coins

Ripple (XRP)
Minimum to CoinBase: 8 XRP (no fee)
Minimum to Wallet: 20.7 XRP
Fee for wallet: 0.7 XRP or 8,000 ES Coins

Stellar (XLM)
Minimum to CoinBase: 0.75 XLM(no fee)
Minimum to Wallet: 5.3 XLM
Fee for wallet: 0.3 XLM or 5,000 ES Coins

DigiByte (DGB)
Minimum to Wallet: 15 DGB
Fee for wallet: 2 DGB or 5,500 ES Coins
Minimum with no fee: 25 DGB

Dogecoin (DOGE)
Minimum to Wallet: 40 DOGE
Fee for wallet: 5 DOGE or 5,000 ES Coins
Minimum with no fee: 100 DOGE

Basic Attention Token (BAT)
Minimum to CoinBase: 1 BAT (no fee)
Minimum to Wallet: 8 BAT
Fee for wallet: 0.1 BAT or 8,000 ES Coins

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Minimum to CoinBase: 0.002 BCH (no fee)
Minimum to Wallet: 0.0055 BCH
Fee for wallet: 0.0005 BCH or 12,000 ES Coins

Ethereum Classic (ETC)
Minimum to CoinBase: 0.1 ETC (no fee)
Minimum to Wallet: 0.505 ETC
Fee for wallet: 0.005 ETC or 8,000 ES Coins

0x (ZRX)
Minimum to CoinBase: 0.3 ZRX (no fee)
Minimum to Wallet: 0.83 ZRX
Fee for wallet: 0.03 ZRX or 5,000 ES Coins

Tron (TRX)
Minimum to Wallet: 2.3 TRX
Fee for wallet: 0.3 TRX or 1,000 ES Coins
Minimum with no fee: 15 TRX

Comment and Suggestion

First of all, I don’t recommend using ES Coins to pay the fee. Unless we have already reached the maximum bonus for faucets, then we can use the rest.

If we need more coins to pay the fee, then we can just exchange the other coins for that payment. Which is why, I suggest claiming the other faucet as well even though we are not collecting those coins.

I didn’t notice until I wrote this review that the fee for Bitcoin is very high if we want to get paid directly. Unless we are using CoinBase, maybe use those Bitcoin for something else, like exchange it to pay the fee for other coins as explained above.

As for the CoinBase, I’m not entirely sure about using them. There have been some bad reviews about them. They used to be a great service but there are better alternatives out there.

The main problem with CoinBase would be the ID verification and they are keeping track the payment. This kind of diminish the idea of cryptocurrency.

If you are having no problem using CoinBase from making deposit until you get back your funds to your own wallet, then go for it. Use CoinBase to accept payment from ES Faucet or other service.

CoinBase is a US company, so it might be easier for US people to use it and probably people from Europe. Beside those countries, I’m not sure if we won’t get any trouble using them.

I would recommend just send the payment directly to our wallet, not an exchangers like CoinBase. This would be a problem if we want to collect Bitcoin from ES Faucet.

I think there are a lot of wallet services out there where they also offers an exchange feature to get Bitcoin. We should just collect other coins and then exchange them within our wallet.

The last thing about sending any cryptocurrencies. I understand that we always want to get paid immediately. But, the nature of cryptocurrencies, everytime we use the network to transfer funds, they will add some load of data which will increase the network fee later.

To avoid that, we should only transfer funds above some threshold, possibly higher than the minimum set by ES Faucet. Their minimum is actually already high enough but I recommend to add more.

This will not be a problem if they use other micro wallet like Apparently, they only use CoinBase which has another problem.

So, my only suggestion would be to just focus on collecting several like 3 coins but keep collecting the others. At the time we want to get paid with the chosen coins, exchange the others to that coins to increase the amount. Except for ES Coins, keep it for the bonus.

If my number is right, each claim from the faucet will give the same amount, regardless of the coins. With different lowest possible minimum threshold for each coin, we can get paid sooner from one than the others.

Bitcoin (BTC satoshi)
Lowest Minimum (CoinBase): 11,000 satoshi (no fee)
Per 5 minutes Claim: 1.58 satoshi
Number of Claims before withdraw: almost 7,000x

Ethereum (ETH)
Lowest Minimum (CoinBase): 0.0015 ETH (no fee)
Per 5 minutes Claim: 739.5 gwei
Number of Claims before withdraw: over 2,000x

Litecoin (LTC)
Lowest Minimum (CoinBase): 0.00121 LTC (no fee)
Per 5 minutes Claim: 241.174 litoshi
Number of Claims before withdraw: over 500x

Ripple (XRP)
Lowest Minimum (CoinBase): 8 XRP (no fee)
Per 5 minutes Claim: 0.0004415 XRP
Number of Claims before withdraw: over 18,000x

Stellar (XLM)
Lowest Minimum (CoinBase): 0.75 XLM (no fee)
Per 5 minutes Claim: 0.001989 XLM
Number of Claims before withdraw: almost 400x

DigiByte (DGB)
Lowest Minimum (Wallet): 15 DGB
Per 5 minutes Claim: 0.016307 DGB
Number of Claims before withdraw: over 900x

Dogecoin (DOGE)
Lowest Minimum (Wallet): 40 DOGE
Per 5 minutes Claim: 0.04805 DOGE
Number of Claims before withdraw: over 800x

Basic Attention Token (BAT)
Lowest Minimum (CoinBase): 1 BAT (no fee)
Per 5 minutes Claim: 0.000492 BAT
Number of Claims before withdraw: over 2,000x

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Lowest Minimum (CoinBase): 0.002 BCH (no fee)
Per 5 minutes Claim: 0.00000056 BCH
Number of Claims before withdraw: over 3,500x

Ethereum Classic (ETC)
Lowest Minimum (CoinBase): 0.1 ETC (no fee)
Per 5 minutes Claim: 0.0000281 ETC
Number of Claims before withdraw: over 3,500x

0x (ZRX)
Lowest Minimum (CoinBase): 0.3 ZRX (no fee)
Per 5 minutes Claim: 0.0003987 ZRX
Number of Claims before withdraw: over 700x

Tron (TRX)
Lowest Minimum (Wallet): 2.3 TRX
Per 5 minutes Claim: 0.008336 TRX
Number of Claims before withdraw: almost 300x

Remember that this is just the lowest possible minimum which mostly use CoinBase. I think we can safely say coins like Ripple is just to pay the fee or something else. Not sure if it is possible to reach the minimum to withdraw.

Based on the numbers above, from the highest number of claims to the lowest, the order will be:

If you notice some error with my number, please do inform me. Hopefully this could help anybody to choose which coins to focus on. While there are other things to consider like investment or which coin will get higher price in the future, for me I would suggest just getting paid sooner and convert them into fiat money.


ES (Euryalos Studios) Faucet from the is a platform that offers multiple faucets offering up to 13 different currencies which we can do multiple claims to get all of those coins. The faucet uses the same mechanism as the Moon Faucets from group.

We can decide when to claim as the longer waiting time will increase the amount of reward per claim.  Just like those moon faucets, we can start claiming after 5 minutes and claiming multiple 5 minutes claims will get higher result than just one after longer time with the same range.

ES Faucet also has a daily loyalty bonus that we can increase or maintain the bonus by consecutively claim at least once a day. Each faucets will have their own bonus for this.

Another bonus we can add is based on how much ES Coin we have on our account. ES Coins is the internal currency on ES Faucet which we can buy and spend to purchase some features, including bonus, referrals or advertise and many more.

The more ES Coins we have will increase the holder level. Each level will then give additional amount of reward from claim by 5% up to 150% for level 30. The bonus is not just to get more ES coins but for other coins as well. They also offer some kind of weekly faucet to earn more ES Coins.

The last bonus is from completing offers, which is another earning feature on ES Faucet alongside web mining. The amount of reward of faucet will be the same no matter which coins, except for ES Coins but they will fluctuate based on the price in USD.

Each accepted cryptocurrencies will have different requirement to withdraw and fees.

ES Faucet doesn’t support micro wallet like but we can get the same result with CoinBase except for DOGE, DGB and TRX. There is no need to worry about collecting the wrong coins as we can easily exchange them.

Regardless, some coins like Ripple will take too long to withdraw even with the lowest amount possible. We should just collect these to convert them to the coins we are collecting. Either to pay the fee or just increasing the amount.

Having a great faucet program like ES Faucet will help attract other user to join which will be good for their referral feature. Unlike some simple faucet program that doesn’t even keep any data about their member, here we can track our referrals, their email and earnings.

We can contact them to offer more incentive, or probably other program to join as well. ES Faucet offers a referral code which the invited people has to input them on registration manually.

If we want to share link, we need to copy them from the promotional banner’s HTML code which some people might not understand how it works. As the last resort we can just buy referrals permanently but it will be too expensive.

The last thing about ES Faucet is that they offer app for their faucets individually which I don’t recommend on using them. We also need to download the apk file and install manually since there is no official app from the Google Play Store.  For IOS user they only have a guide on how to create a mini app.

I have to say that ES Faucet offers probably one of the best faucet program to use even though the earning rate is not that high. They have a lot of potential to add for earning and to buil as long term passive income.

If you still consider this as an opportunity for another income source, you can start earning by creating account with ES Faucet via this link. It’s FREE to use.

Earn More Coins from Similar Programs

There are a lot of other programs, not just faucet like this where we can earn more cryptocurrencies like BTC, DOGE, BNB and many more. Some of them will pay via the same micro wallet but others can just send the payment directly to our wallet.

Here are some that I have tried so far. Links are to a review article for each program. I recommend checking the article to find out the latest update.

Last update: September 2022.

For programs that will pay via Remember that there is an exchanger feature on this micro wallet., BTC) (Faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins)
(Ad Network, Bitcoin) (faucet, 5 minutes, BTC) (Faucet, 5 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 5 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 1 minute, Multi Coins) (PTC, BTC) (Faucet, 5 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 15 minutes, BTC)
(Faucet, 1 hour, BTC) (Faucet, 1 hour, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 10 minutes, Dogecoin) (Faucet, 10 minutes, BTC) (Faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins) (PTC, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins) (PTC, BTC) (PTC, BTC) (Faucet, 5 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 45 minutes, BTC)

Here are for programs that will send the payment directly to our wallet. Faucet (Exchanger, Multi Coins) (Faucet, PTC, Offerwalls, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins) and the Group (Faucet, Multi Coins) (Faucet, Investment, BTC) & Group (Faucet, Investment, Multi Coins) (Faucet, ZEN) (Faucet, Multi Coins) (PTC, offerwalls, Multi Coins) (Faucet, PTC, Shortlinks, Multi coins) (Investment, Exchanger, Faucet, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 5 minutes, BTC) (Faucet, 10 minutes, Multi Coins)

I don’t always update every article on this website. Please check this Complete List for the latest one.

Final Word

As I mentioned before that what we can get from ES Faucet or any faucet program is actually very low. The key is to use the referral program, get a lot of referrals and let them do the work and we get the commission.

No need to rely on just referral program from ES Faucet. We can try and promote other referral programs as well. As many as we want.

In order to do that, it’s better to have our own website, promote the program until we can get enough referrals and they can generate income for us. This is not only limited to digital product but we can also promote physical product.

Share a link from a marketplace like Amazon, or directly from big brands like Apple, and if people buy something, we can earn some commission. It’s not limited to just tech product but any passion we have from food, travel, sports, movies.

That is how we can have an online business.

If you are interested to learn more about building a website and turn it into a business, even a passive income, there is a training program that you can try.

On this training, not only we can learn about how to, but we can actually set up the website, grow it until it can generate income. We can learn from a lot of experts who were once just like you and me, know almost nothing about online business.

This is an easy training program that even a guy without a college degree can use it. Within two years he started to have a full time income from his website and quit his regular job.

We can even ask the owner the help out directly. Try it. Join the program for FREE and try to reply their first message to you and see if they get back and help you out.

You can learn more about the training from my review here.

We grow the business and website by using affiliate programs just like ES Faucet. Here is my list of other affiliate programs that you can try.

I will keep updating the page and add more programs. So, stay tuned.

Well, that’s all I can share with you about the faucet program, ES Faucet. Maybe I missed something and you have more question about it, or if you want to add your experience, view, opinion, don’t hesitate to use the comment section below.

Maybe you also have other experience with other similar programs with this, hopefully a better one, you can suggest something as well. I would love to help if I could and learn more about online program.

Hope my reviews can help. Thanks for reading.


Mark M.

4 Replies to “ES Faucet, Review (Probably the Final Update)”

    1. Hi, Ayenis. Thanks for stopping by.
      I think you can withdraw your Bitcoin to you Bitcoin wallet on Binance from your ES faucet account. However, it must be done via the Bitcoin network not the Binance Smart Chain network. Currently, ES Faucet doesn’t support payment via BSC network.

      The problem is the minimum and fee is quite high from ES Faucet. I suggest withdrawing via first, then from that micro wallet you can send Bitcoin to you Binance account. The transaction fee and minimum from is much lower at this moment.

      Alternatively, you can also exchange your Bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies before sending them to Binance. Coins like TRX or Litecoin, for example. Later, you can exchange your coin back on Binance to Bitcoin. But this is also not a cheap option. You need to make sure that you have enough coins to meet the minimum for trading on Binance.

      Hope that helps. Regards.

      Mark M.

  1. Hey Mark,
    This is one of the most detailed articles on Es-Faucets we have read so far, Thank you for taking the time to analyze it in so much detail, it gave us insight on many things as well and will help us optimize ESFaucets to be even better and function better. Really enjoyed the recommendation as well Thank you

    1. Wow, I didn’t expect that ES Faucet themselves would read my article. Thank you for stopping by and for taking time reading it.
      Good luck with ES Faucet. I’m sure a lot of members, including me, look forward to more features and improvements from ES Faucet.

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