As we may know, from a cryptocurrency faucet program, we can either get paid via a micro wallet service or directly to our wallet. The micro wallet helps us to get paid from the faucet program faster, with relatively smaller amount than the latter.

If a faucet program choose not to use any micro wallet, it will take awhile for their user before they can withdraw. Especially, if they only have one earning option.

So, it’s either use the micro wallet or add more earning option like offerwalls, PTC, mining, etc. It will be better if they can use both solution.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a faucet program without a micro wallet service but several earning option, you might want to try As the name suggests, it is another faucet program where we can earn Dogecoin.

So, who is Is legit or scam? Do they have any other earning option?

Those are probably just a few questions that came to mind after hearing about Well, in this article, I’m going to share with you my review based on my experience and what I can find from the internet.

Hope it helps. Is going to be the best faucet program?

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Type: Faucet (60 minutes, DOGE)
Feature: Shortlink, PTC, Multiplier, Promo Code, Rainpool
Referral Commission: 50%
Payment Method: Dogecoin Wallet,
Started Since: December 2019
Last Payment: April 2020

News and Update

September 2020. I’m changing my status for to NOT PAYING. It has been more than 2 weeks and they still haven’t processed the payment.

I also noticed that they no longer on list. Maybe it has been months before and I didn’t know. I’m willing to change their status back but it is very unlikely to happen.

March 2020. It seems that has added, a micro wallet as another payment method. However, it seems that nobody has asked to get paid there yet.  Probably one of the reason is because the minimum is a bit high, 70 DOGE.

This is also the minimum to get the payment sent directly to the wallet. So, it got higher from the previous 50 DOGE. No additional fee for payment via though.

Use this link to create account with

Read more from my Review.


The first thing that came to my mind after looking at their homepage, is that it reminds me of another dogecoin faucet program several months before, called Read more from my review.

Other than the same cryptocurrency that both of them are offering, there are many other similarities that we can easily see. However, I have to admit that there are some improvements. There were some problems with and they didn’t stay long enough with their service, even though they were a legit program and I already get paid several times.

I don’t know for sure if both of them has the same owner. Maybe it’s just somebody who use or buy the same script and rebrand it as

Persoally I don’t mind if they really came back as a new program as long as they can deliver their service. There are a lot of other faucet programs with just the same script just changing the name. was launched in around December 2019. So, it is relatively still new and we can expect some improvement to the platform.

We can access and follow their Twitter page which they have shared some promo or coupon codes. There is also a contact form on the website.

So far, they didn’t open any official thread on forums. But if something goes wrong, we can try those channel and also from the Telegram.

We can immediately sign up, filling our username, email and password. No need to have any wallet address immediately. We can even change the username later. The START EARNING NOW button on the homepage will lead to the registration page.

Multiplier Bonus

This is not the main feature of but this is a bonus reward to boost the earning rate from the faucet or the main feature of We have to claim this bonus first so the next faucet claim, we will get the extra reward added.

To claim this bonus we can access the MULTIPLIER page by clicking on the third menu from the left navigation widget on, after we sign in. The next picture is what we are going to see.

How does it work?

From that page, we just need to click on the yellow button in the middle that says CLAIM! and we will be redirected to another page. The example below is that we are going to access website which will look like the next picture below.

What we need to do here is just to click the red button that says I’M HUMAN. If we try to click on that button, it will open a new browser tab that reload this same exact page and the previous tab will load an advertisement.

This will happen several times. If we succeed to get through, we will see like the second picture below. There will be a timer about 3 seconds and we have to wait for the countdown before we can click the red button that says GET LINK. We can click on it, and we will return to the website.

On page, we will see a captcha from Google like the next image. We can solve it and click the SUBMIT button and the page will load the result like the second image below.

We will get a random percentage as the bonus and there will be a countdown timer from 12 hours. The bonus means that on our next faucet claim, we will get additional amount based on this bonus. From the picture the bonus is 38%.

So, if we claim 0.6 DOGE from the faucet, we will get additional 0.228 DOGE and the total for that claim is 0.828 DOGE. The multiplier bonus only works for one claim and we need to wait for the timer before we can repeat the process.

If we claim the bonus after the faucet, the bonus will be added on the next faucet claim.

Comment and Suggestion

So, the bonus is basically adding a shortlink visit to increase the reward. This is a common practice among similar programs. The difference is that the bonus is only available once every 12 hours. Other program can offer like once every claim.

I think the problem as why they can’t do that with this is the shortlink. Usually the shortlink is a 3rd party program and if any faucet program want to use them, they can only be accessed once every 24 hours or they have to use multiple shortlink service.

So, is just one of the available shortlink provider. It is possible that the owner is the same as Maybe they can add other provider in the future but I really can’t tell.

I thought at first that the bonus will work for every faucet claim in the next 12 hours. But it turns out, only the first claim that get the bonus. Moreover, the bonus is random number as well.

One time we can get like 100% other time getting 1% is possible. So, if we get very unlucky, then it is just a waste of time.

The good thing is that the claiming process is relatively easy, even though a bit annoying. However, that is only with the current shortlink provider. If they change or add other provider, the process can be more difficult and it will just become inefficient.

So, even though I recommend people to do this first before claiming the faucet because that is how it works but in general, for me, I would just skip the bonus. This is not a daily loyalty bonus like other program would offer that we can build up or increase each day.

It’s a nice way to boost the reward and we should get it while the process is still very easy. But there will be some point where we should just ignore it. Getting the bonus is not exactly going to make us richer faster.

Dogecoin Faucet

Dogecoin faucet is the main feature of From a cryptocurrency faucet program, anybody can earn free money, usually in cryptocurrency for doing almost nothing. The least we should do is just a click of a button and for the most, we may need to visit some links or ads, solve captcha, watch video, etc.

The amount is not much, considering how little and easy the effort is. However, usually we can repeat the process after waiting for a time frame, to earn more free money. And if we use multiple programs, it could eventually build up.

In the case of, as the name suggests, we can earn free Dogecoin. We can claim the faucet once every 60 minutes so up to 24 times a day.

To use ths feature, after we sign in to, we can click on FAUCET menu from the left navigation widget. The next page we see will look like the next image.

How does it work?

From that faucet page, we just need to click on the yellow button in the middle that says CLAIM. This will send us to another page of shortlinks provider, with as the URL with the bee logo at the top left corner of the page. We can see the example from the next picture below.

There will be a 5 second timer at the top right corner of the screen. We have to wait before a button appears that says SKIP AD. We can click on it, and usually it will open a new browser tab that load the page like the second picture below. It also has the bee and logo.

As the page says, we need to allow them to give notification. There will be a pop up notification from the browser we use that will ask us to allow this or not. Unless we allow it, we will only get stuck on that page.

Once we have allowed it, after a couple of seconds, the page will automatically load back to page like the third picture below. There will be a captcha system from Google and we have to solve it. We can then, click on SUBMIT button to get the result.

The faucet uses a lucky number system. Basically, after we click on submit, we roll for a lucky number and that lucky number will determine the reward of Dogecoin that we can get.

At this time the amount of Dogecoin we can get is from 0.42 DOGE up to 1.25 DOGE. As we can see from the table on that page, we will more likely to get the lowest reward.

So, after the SUBMIT button, the page will display the result like the next picture like which lucky number that we get, the reward and if we already claim the bonus from the multiplier, that will be added as well.

Then there will be a timer, 60 minutes countdown. We need to wait for that time before we can repeat the process to earn more Dogecoin.

Coupon Code

Alternatively, there is one other way aside from waiting for the timer so we can claim again right away. It is by using a coupon code that the owner occassionally will share via their Twitter account. As we can see from the previous picture, if we scroll down a bit on that page, there will be a box where we can fill in with the coupon code.

We can click on the Twitter logo there to access their account or use this link. On the Twitter page, we can look at their latest tweet and we can find some code that is still valid like the next picture.

As we can see from that image, they will state the date about the validity. Unfortunately they don’t state which time zone are they using.

Nevertheless, we can try it out, copy the code and paste on page. We can then click on the GO button. If it still works, we can claim the faucet right away again.

They also say that we should enter the code right after we claim because this will reset the timer. So, if we enter the code before claiming, that will be a waste. That also mean that if the timer is about to finish, we should just wait for it and claim, then we can use the code.

Earning Rate and Comparison

So, we can say that we will more likely to get the lowest or the base reward of the claim. At this time it is 0.42 DOGE and we can say that the earning rate is 0.42 DOGE per hour.

I think like other similar programs that offers cryptocurrency, this number could change as adjustment to the current price of the coin. The higher the price, the lower we can get.

At this time 1 DOGE is about 28 satoshi in Bitcoin. Or we can say that the earning rate is about 11 or 12 satoshi per hour.

The question is, now, is that a good earning rate? One way to find out is by making simple comparisons to other similar programs, in this case, another cryptocurrency faucet program.

Here are some that I have tried so far., usually as my standard for good earning faucet, can give us like 20 to 25 satoshi at this time per claim every hour as the base reward which is what we will get most of the time. Compared to this, only offers half that number., now the faucet can only give us 2 claims per day. For me right now about 20 coins a day and with 100 coins equals to $0.01 means $0.002 per day, or about 25 satoshi. We can claim the same amount with just 2 claims from and their group, each as hourly faucet can give altcoins about 1,408 litoshi at this time or in Dogecoin around 0.31 DOGE at this time as the base prize. The base prize is lower than but they offer higher possible prize., also a 5 minutes faucet as well, with 50 claim limit, right now can give like 0.1 DOGE per claim or 10 DOGE per day. We can get the same amount from with 23 claims or waiting each hour for 23 hours., also can give constant amount but only 3 satoshi every hour at this moment, which could go less thanks to dynamic price. With, we can get almost 4 times higher just with the base prize., has a faucet feature, give around 15 satoshi in average per hour. Assuming the number is right, which, depends on luck, that is slightly higher than what we can get from, as a 5 minute faucet, at this time, I can only get like 4 free claims per day each with 5 satoshi. Based on their explanation about the internal currency, we should get even less than that. We can get the same amount with just 2 claims from can give like 0.117 DOGE as the base reward per claim per hour or in BTC about 4 satoshi as the base reward. We can get about 4 times higher from but just the base prize., also no timer and no limit faucet can give like 0.13 DOGE per claim. If we are willing to claim over and over again, this one can give higher than even with the full bonus and links., 2 hour faucet, can give 25 Bitcoin satoshi per claim or 12.5 Bitcoin satoshi per hour. That is just slightly higher from the base prize of, an auto faucet, at this time, with maximum bonus, can give like between 6 to 8 Bitcoin satoshi per hour. We can get up to twice as much from, an hour faucet, offers like just 1 Bitcoin satoshi per hour. That is the highest but almost impossible to achieve. Obviously, or any other faucet can win over this., used to offer like 200 satoshi per day or 10 per claim for 20 times. If the number is still valid, we can get higher for a day from with about 18 claims each with just the base prize., another hourly faucet, offers like 10 satoshi per hour as the base prize. That is slightly lower than the base prize from, another hourly faucet with multiple faucets, offers like 17 satoshi in average per hour from the Bitcoin faucet only. This is like 1.5 times higher than and their group, we can get like 8 satoshi in average per 30 minutes claim just one faucet without the bonus. This is almost 1.5 times higher than

ES Faucet, another lump sum claim faucet, which we can earn from 5 minutes, offering 13 different coins, can give like 2.5 satoshi after waiting for an hour per faucet as the base prize only. Use 4 or 5 faucets from this and we already get higher than, a 5 hour faucet, can give us like 20 satoshi as well as the base reward and with shortlinks, we can even get extra 8 satoshi. We can three times higher with per hour rate., an auto faucet, could offer like 6 satoshi per hour or 144 satoshi per day. We can get almost twice as much with per hour rate., another auto faucet which we can get up to about 80 satoshi per day. With 7 or 8 claims from, we already get higher., an hourly faucet, can offer like 2 satoshi per hour or up to 48 per day. We can get it with 4 or 5 claims from with just the base prize., a once a day faucet, can give us like just 1 satoshi per day with a bad luck. With just one base prize claim from we already get more than 10 times higher. and their group offers like 0.30 DOGE per claim per 10 minutes or about 1.8 DOGE per hour. So, potentially this is 4 times higher than base prize., a 5 minute faucet can offer like 10 satoshi per claim or 120 satoshi per hour. That is like 10 times higher than base prize, assuming we are willing to claim every 5 minutes., another lump sum faucet, offers like 10 satoshi after an hour waiting, without the bonus. That is just slightly lower than base prize., another 1 hour faucet, offers like 7 satoshi per hour as the base reward with no links and no bonus. We can get 1.5 times higher with base prize.

This is just comparing strictly between the faucet earning rate. There are more things to consider like the claiming process or how easy to withdraw.

Some programs can offer other earning feature or bonus that could make them a better choice. On the other hand, some users might not be able to use those other earning feature and can only rely on faucet.

Comment and Suggestion

First of all, at this time, they are still relatively a new program. Usually a new program can offer very high but they will lower the reward slowly, not just because of the dynamic price of the coin. So, hopefully that is not the case, but we can expect that to happen.

Based on the comparisons, the earning rate is not very high but not very low either. In fact, I have feeling that it is too much and it is just a matter of time before they lower them. Again, hopefully that is not going to happen.

I probably have mentioned this before but this website has a lot of similarities with which is also a one hour faucet for Dogecoin. Read more from my review.

Even the number is similar. It is possible that the same owner just use their previous settings. If that is the case, I hope that the owner learned from their previous program and make something better. was a legit one but maybe they just couldn’t manage their number right so they can’t stay for awhile. One thing that is different between and is the multiplier bonus.

On the bonus was not a random number but a daily loyalty bonus which we can increase up to 100%. Eventually they even offered lower amount of the base prize.

That is no longer the case with which the bonus is just for the next 1 claim while on the bonus is for every claim. I know that it is bad for user to earn lower but if they can sustain the business better, maybe that is a good thing.

Moreover, on, we now need to visit a shortlink for every faucet claim so they have another income source. Even so, the shortlink is not that hard to get through. They are a bit annoying with the pop ups but still not the worst compared to other similar programs.

The promo or coupon code is nice to add more claims, assuming the shorlink we have to visit remains the same. It will be helpful if they add the time zone for the validity of the code instead of just stating down to the minute considering that anybody from around the world can become the member.

That is it for the faucet feature. There are still other features on, also with similarities compared to


Shortlink is another earning option on What we need to do to earn from shortlink is to get through a series of pages with a lot of ads, clicking some button or solve a captcha. At the end, we will return to the host page, or in this case, and get the credit to our account balance.

It is similar to the visit link on the two previous feature, the faucet and the multiplier on The difference is that we don’t have to wait for the timer, we can claim again immediately. However, each link can only be visited for limited number of times a day. Some only allows once and other maybe 2 or 3 times, depending on the provider.

So, we can say that the timer will be 24 hours right after we have finished visiting the shortlink.

To start earning from this feature, we can access the SHORTLINK page by clicking the fourth menu from the left navigation widget on member dashboard. The picture below displays what we are going to see.

How does it work?

As we can see from the picture, the bold ones are the name of the providers. Each provider will display the reward we will get for each link we visited. The reward is different between one provider to another.

As I said before, one provider allows once a day and other can offer at this time up to 3. can add more providers in the future or take the current ones off the list in the future.

The new providers can then offer like 10 visits but probably lower reward each.

What we need to do to start earning is to click the number at the right end of each provider’s box. The next couple of images will display what we are going to see from shortlink as the example.

As we can see, there is a CONTINUE button we have to click and it will generate another captcha system from Google. After that the page will have a timer, about 3 seconds to countdown and we can click on the GET LINK to return to

From the 3rd image below, it shows the result in a green box, the reward that I get for visiting the link and the provider’s box no longer has the button to click again. After 24 hours, we can repeat the process visiting that same link again.

In the meantime, we can try visiting other listed shortlinks to earn more Dogecoin. There are currently 8 providers available offering up to 12 shortlinks per day.

Each of these has similar process in general but there will be some differences like the number of pop up ads, the timer, the template of the page, etc. Some providers can be very hard to get through or even impossible to complete so we can try them out and if it doesn’t work, we should just avoid them.

Comment and Suggestion

Just a reminder since we are going to access a shortlink, which is a 3rd party program, there is a risk of threat like virus, malware or they will force us to download something. It’s recommended to always scan the device with antivirus each day. Another recommendation is to set the browser so they will not allow any website to automatically download anything. may not try to harm us but we can’t really sure with whom they are offering their service is.

From the currently available providers, I can say that these are relatively very easy shortlink to get through compared to other ones out there. We will get a couple of pop ups, but they are mostly just one or two pages.

There are other providers where we have to go through like 5 or more pages. Some even can use shortlink within a shortlink or double layer form which will double the things we have to do as well to get through.

Another good thing about the shortlink feature is that we will get the credit right away. Other program can offer only to claim the faucet right away, just to reset the timer and as we have discussed, the faucet itself has another link we have to get through to claim.

There are not many but this could be helpful for users to reach the minimum faster so they can withdraw their earnings.

If we compare to, they don’t have this feature back then, if I recall correctly. Even if they do, there is a problem of reaching the minimum to withdraw too fast. This will be discussed later in withdrawing section.

I think shortlink feature was the latest added feature on up to this date.

Paid to Click (PTC)

Paid to click is also another earning feature on From a paid to click or PTC, we can earn more money by clicking and viewing on ads. Usually we have to view for a couple of seconds and solve a captcha as well.

The difference is that there will be no additional pop up ads except the one that we click on to view. The process is relatively easier compared to the other features but the reward is lower as well.

To start earning from this feature, we can access PTC page by clicking on the menu from the left navigation widget as well after we sign in. The next picture is what we are going to see.

How does it work?

As we can see from the picture above, like the shortlink feature, we will see a list of available ads that we can click and earn money from. We can see the name in bold fonts, how many times it has been viewed, and on the other corner, the reward and the time we have to spend viewing the ads in seconds.

At this time, there are currently 12 available ads. We can see the number at the top of the page.

What we need to do now is to click one of those ads, the title in bold font. The page will then load the ads in framed browser tab. At the top frame we can see the name on one end and a timer on the other. The bottom frame will then display the ad.

We have to wait for the timer to finish the countdown. After that the timer will be replaced by a picture with a series of letters in it and we have to enter correctly as the captcha that we need to solve. We can then click the CONTINUE green button to proceed.

If we do that correctly, we will then return to the PTC page, with the announcement of the result. Otherwise, the page will reload the ad and the timer, and we have to try again.

The viewed ads will be gone and usually we can view and earn from it again the next day. In the meantime we can try viewing other available ads.

We can see  the process from the next series of images.

Comment and Suggestion

First of all, the captcha is hard, not to solve it but to read the instruction. We can only read the last few characters partially. This can be annoying. While we can just try again, I’m not really sure if they will allow multiple error over and over again.

I tried to open the picture with the character on other browser tab and it didn’t help. Hopefully the owner can fix this, just make them more visible.

If it can help, the captcha is not case sensitive regarding the capitals, as far as I know and there is no number. But with just 1 mistake of those letters, we have to start over.

So far, I probably will not use this feature to earn too much. Somehow I have a feeling that it is by design so the viewer will have to look or load the ads more, considering there is no focusing mechanism.

One thing that is missing from a paid to click feature is the option to advertise. Usually the ads come from another member who spend their earning or make a deposit to advertise on the programs or in this case,

So, I really don’t know how they got advertisers. Maybe those ads just come from themselves and they could add the advertising feature later.

Since there is no advertisement feature yet, we can’t really tell much about the quality about how they display the ad. From what we can tell, we have to make sure that the ad or the website that we advertise here can be displayed in multi frame windows. Or we will see something like the picture above.

Also, with the frame at the top, that means the ads will be displayed less. If we have a page that with a lot of ads at the top, that means anybody will have to scroll a bit to see the main content.

From the available ads, the timer is always 30 seconds but the reward is different. The reward means viewers can get like 0.4 DOGE or about 1 satoshi per click or ad. I think that is a reasonable price for any advertiser if they do want to offer later, like 3 or 4 satoshi per view.

Again, since we don’t know much about this, the discussion is just speculation. Maybe we should just wait for to improve their platform.


The last of currently available earning option from is the rainpool. But it is more about lottery and there is nothing we can do.

By just claiming once each day, we will automatically enter the pool and has the chance to get the free coins of the day. The more people make a claim that day will increase the bonus.

Each day will pick 10 lucky winners and divide the total reward evently. From the current data, the last rainpool each winner get about 1.71 DOGE, as shown from the image below.

The page will display the countdown which will end everyday on around 12:00 (GMT+7).  Maybe that is the server time if we want to take advantage for the promo or coupon code.

There is no further explanation as how they calculate the reward and if we can increase the chance by claiming more for that day.

There is nothing we can do on that page as well. If we win, we will automatically get paid to our account balance.

This is actually one feature that has back then.

Referral / Affiliate Program

As I have mentioned before, the amount of money we can earn from or any faucet program is very low. They are just pennies and some people might think they are not worth the time.

However, by offering an affiliate or referral commission, any online program has the chance to become a passive income. In theory, they could even become an unlimited one.

What we need to do to earn this commission is to invite other people to join the program and let them use the service. In this case, the program is and the service is the faucet, which they can claim the free money.

We, as the referrer will then get some percentage based on those invited people’s earning as the commission. It is true that we will get even lower but we wille earn it passively. We don’t need to do the claiming ourselves.

Moreover, that is just from one claim from one referral. We can have as many referrals and the more referrals we have and the more claims they do will add the commission we get. In theory, with unlimited number of referrals, we can get unlimited income. A passive one.

How does it work?

Like on any online program  offering affiliate or referral commission, each member will be get a unique link with their ID attached to it, called ref link or referral link. This one below is mine for

If anybody click on it and join the program, they will become my referral. And if they use the service, claim from the faucet, I will get commission, based on 50% of their earnings.

What we need to do is to share this link to anybody on any online platform that we use. The platform can be our social media accounts, forums, group messengers for family or friends, or even blog and website that we own. Basically anywhere we can post the link and the public can access it like even Google Docs. actually has a dedicated page for this referral feature and we can access them by clicking on the username at the top right corner of the screen. There will be drop down menus and we can click on REFERRAL.

The previous image above is what we are going to see. There is the link and we can just do one click and it will automatically highlight so we can copy. Below the link we can also find several promotional banners and some data about any active referrals at the bottom of the page.

We can actually find the link on the member dashboard as well.

How to get (more) referrals?

Well, sharing the link is a must but how exactly? Sharing to the wrong people is like a salesman approaching stranger. People hate that.

If we try to share on our social media, people might get annoyed if they are not interested. Especially if we are spamming, sharing over and over again like multiple times within a day.

We could lose our followers, risking any network we have built. Maybe it’s better to have alternate account specifically just to share this kind of program.

We look for community or other users that we know are interested. Or only when they ask, then we can share with them the link.

A better way might be to share on forums. Not just any forum of course, but related to online money making program, bitcoin or cryptocurrencies.

The problem with using any free platform like this is that we are probably not the only one who promote the same program. We have to offer something more than just the referral link like anybody else.

Another thing is that these free platforms have rules that they can suddenly change about promotion and not to mention, shutting down their service entirely. We have to start over our campaign if they delete them.

A better way would be to have our own website. We can share anything not just one program but others with the same, similar or related topics.

Having a website is like having a shop in real life. People can always come back to and find out more programs to use.

Then we can use those free platforms, forum or social media accounts  just for promotion. A good way to get backlink or generate traffic.

Since it’s an online shop, it will stay open 24/7, no need to wait for us to wake up and can be accessed from everywhere around the world. The best part of having our own place or website is that any search engine like Google will do the promotion work non stop.

And they will show the website as a result to exactly people who are interested in it. They use the search engine to look for it and get the website we build as the result. No need to worry about being annoying salesman.

Those people will access the website, see what we have to offer. Maybe a review like this, other or similar program we use, sharing experience, opinion, views to let people know that we understand this kind of program.

If they are interested, they will become our referrals for any program we promote. Once we have enough referrals for or every programs we promote, we can have passive income even full time income.

That is exactly how people can build their business online. They own a website, fill the website with contents that can help promote a program, and let it work automatically.

If you are interested to know more about how to build a website and turn it into an online business, keep reading. I will share with you later about a training program that anybody can use.

In the meantime, let’s head back to for a little bit.

Comment and Suggestion

First, the commission rate, 50% is probably the biggest among similar programs. There are other programs who offer the same rate but there are other as well that offer even less like 25%, 15%, 5% or even nothing at all.

I think even offered very low back then. However, there is also a chance for them to eventually lower the rate for whatever reason.

There were those who started with the same rate and after they got hacked or something bad, they got no choice but to lower not just the earning rate but the referral commission rate as well. Let’s just hope that is not going to happen to as well.

A good referral program will have to rely on a good main feature as well. There is no point to get very high commission rate if the referral or nobody is willing to use the service at all.

We can see the discussion above but from my perspective it is not the best but good enough. Hopefully they can keep improving it.

There is no share button. So, we have to be careful and double check when we copy and paste the link to share it manually. Missing just one character from that link means losing a potential income source. The single click to highlight is very helpful though.

If it is any help, the number at the end is the ID. Just try to remember the last digit.

It’s a good thing that they have some registration process. Unlike other simple faucet program where we can just sign in with a wallet address which the referral is probably not for a lifetime. But here, as long as they keep using the same email address, they could return as our referral.

That means, the referral feature from is good for a long term. We can have a long term passive income that we can keep building up.

From the referral page, we can see the username of our referrals, the date they joined and the commission we have earned from them. This is a nice thing actually.

Other program like can offer a share back feature. The commission we get we can give it all or partially to our referral based on their activity. With that feature, we can give some incentive to our referral to claim more, boosting their income rate. Another thing is that this will give a reason for anybody to become our referral instead of joining other member.

It is not that we can’t make that feature ourselves manually with It’s going to take a lot of work and time and will require some communication with the referral.

With the data from the referral page, maybe we can leave our contact info as well and ask those who are interested to leave their contact info. Maybe later we can ask for their Dogecoin address and we can share some bonus manually.

If they use a micro wallet service like, we can also offer to pay Dogecoin in relatively smaller amount. Otherwise we can only offer when they have generated enough commission for us, high enough for the network fee. Or, we can ask them the minimum they want to get.

So, they do offer some promotional banners so we can use them immediately for advertising. The HTML codes are provided for each banner.

Some people say that using the banner might not be a good idea because other people can consider them as another ad, which they hate. It’s better to use the link within a sentence which is going to give better conversion rate.

If we do want to use banner, maybe designing one ourselves can be a good idea. It will be unique and only we can use it and it can attract other user better since they would consider it as a new program.

For some reason, the provided banners don’t even include the name. So, people can think about other things.

There are many improvement options that they can add to this platform. This has a lot of potential to become one of the best faucet program that we can build as passive income.

I guess we just have to wait for the owner to add those new features.

Payment and Withdraw

As I have mentioned before, there is no deposit  feature yet but considering they do have a paid to click feature, maybe they can add them in the future. It is also possible that they would just do that outside platform.

So, now we should just talk about how to withdraw the funds, request a payout. We can submit a withdraw request by accessing the withdraw page.

To access, we can click again the username at the top right corner of the website and from the drop down, click on WITHDRAWAL. The page will be similar to the next picture.

How does it work?

On that page we can click on a green button below our username that says REQUEST A WITHDRAWAL. A small window will appear like the picture above.

As we can see from that image, we will have a form for the withdrawal request. The main page only display the transaction fee, which is 1 DOGE at this time and if we request at least 200 DOGE, it will have no fee.

It turns out, there is a minimum, which at this time is 50 DOGE and the maximum per request is 5,000 DOGE. We can fill in the amount of Dogecoin and the Dogecoin wallet address.

The payment will be sent directly to Dogecoin wallet, not a micro wallet. After that, we can click on the REQUEST button.

The fee will be taken from the amount we requested. So, if we request 50 DOGE, then we will get 49.

Based on my experience, the payment will be processed instantly. However, like any cryptocurrency payment, it can take up tp several hours before getting a confirmation and we can see the funds on our wallet.

The page will also display a transaction ID from the payment history. We can click on that ID and it will open a new window to display the network data.

With the nature of cryptocurrency, it is recommended to withdraw the funds in higher amount rather than as minimum as possible especially if we are planning to store them in our dedicated wallet. The more payment we get with lower amount will increase the transaction fee later. It is better to get less number of payment but higher amount each.

If is indeed the successor of, this manual withdraw is probably the best improvement. Back then with, we will be forced to withdraw everytime we reach 15 DOGE on weekend which is going to increase the transaction fee later.

With, we can set ourselves the amount we want to get and the minimum is 50 DOGE. This is going to help any user who barely know about cryptocurrency as they tend to withdraw as soon as possible.

Dogecoin Wallet and Exchange

Any Dogecoin wallet will do. However, for those who don’t have any Dogecoin wallet yet, I recommend creating one with

It is actually another faucet where we can earn free Dogecoin as well per hour. With their deposit feature, we can ask the payment from to be sent to account and it will work like a wallet.

Another reason is that they offer an interest, compounded daily just by keeping some funds there. In theory, the money can grow itself. Read more about it from my Review, from the same group as

Use this link to create account with Alternatively, we can also get the same feature from with lower minimum to get the interest. We can use this link to create account with

If we don’t want to collect any Dogecoin, we can just ask them to send to any exchanger platforms that accept Dogecoin. There are also some dedicated wallet with the exchange feature built in it but it is usually between cryptocurrencies. is one of the micro wallet and we can send our Dogecoin there and exchange to about 20 cryptocurrencies. Use this link to create account with

If we want to exchange Dogecoin directly to fiat currency like USD, EUR, or RUB maybe we can use It is an exchange platforms and they also offer some faucet to earn free money as well. There are several ways we can accept the fiat currency from like VISA, PM, Epay.

Sometimes the payment methods are under maintenance and temporarily unavailable but we can still get paid using other cryptocurrencies. Use this link to create account with

Whichever method we want to use, the process is always the same, withdraw the funds from to the deposit address of the platform we want to use. Here is another thing we should consider.

Those platforms usually may accept any amount of deposit. However, to get paid after we exchange, there will be some minimum and fee as well. We have to take that into account or our funds will get stuck in there until we can deposit some more funds.

Conclusion is a cryptocurrency faucet program where we can earn free Dogecoin. We can claim once every 60 minutes from the faucet.

To claim the faucet, it will require us to visit a link and solve a captcha from Google. Occasionally, the owner will share a promo or coupon code, limited time, that we can use to reset the timer right away via their Twitter account.

The faucet uses a lucky number system which we can get higher amount up to 1.25 DOGE per claim but mostly at this time 0.42 DOGE as the base. That earning rate from the faucet is actually the average among similar programs.

They do offer a way to increase by claiming the multiplier feature. Like the faucet, we have to go through a shortlink and solve a captcha to generate additional bonus in percentage. The bonus then will be added to the next faucet reward. Only one faucet claim and we can claim the multiplier once every 12 hours.

Not very interesting feature, not a loyalty bonus type which we can increase each day. Instead it will generate random number of bonus which could be 1% up to 100%.

The next earning feature that is available on at this time is shortlink. There are several providers, different from the faucet or multiplier, with different reward and number of links per day. So far, the available providers are not the annoying ones, just 2 pages to go through and several pop up ads. We can visit again, I think after a server reset time.

Each link will give us the reward immediately, not just to reset timer for the faucet or such.

The other earning option is paid to click. It is probably still in development since there is no advertisement feature.

The claiming process is relatively easy, just a captcha similar to Solve Media but the instruction is often hard to read. It is not case sensitive about the capital letter but with just 1 letter mistake and we have to start over.

There is also a rainpool feature which is basically just a daily lottery which any member will automatically participate after just one faucet claim. There is nothing we can do, either we get it or maybe next time.

The referral feature is a nice one, good for long term and very high commission rate. They provide not just the link, but some banners, and referral activity statistic. It is not the best but has the potential to become one. at this time is relatively still very new in the business. However there is a chance that they are the successor of Back then, offered several bad features and they couldn’t stay in business very long.

Regardless, for me is way better than We just have to see if they can stay in the business for a long time.

So, if you still consider this as an opportunity for another extra income or even source of passive income, you can start earning by creating account with via this link. It’s FREE to use.

Final Word

As I mentioned before that what we can get from or any faucet program is actually very low. The key is to use the referral program, get a lot of referrals and let them do the work and we get the commission.

No need to rely on just referral program from Doge,ninja. We can try and promote other referral programs as well. As many as we want.

In order to do that, it’s better to have our own website, promote the program until we can get enough referrals and they can generate income for us. This is not only limited to digital product but we can also promote physical product.

Share a link from a marketplace like Amazon, or directly from big brands like Apple, and if people buy something, we can earn some commission. It’s not limited to just tech product but any passion we have from food, travel, sports, movies.

That is how we can have an online business.

If you are interested to learn more about building a website and turn it into a business, even a passive income, there is a training program that you can try.

On this training, not only we can learn about how to, but we can actually set up the website, grow it until it can generate income. We can learn from a lot of experts who were once just like you and me, know almost nothing about online business.

This is an easy training program that even a guy without a college degree can use it. Within two years he started to have a full time income from his website and quit his regular job.

We can even ask the owner the help out directly. Try it. Join the program for FREE and try to reply their first message to you and see if they get back and help you out.

You can learn more about the training from my review here.

We grow the business and website by using affiliate programs just like faucet from Here is my list of other affiliate programs that you can try.

I will keep updating the page and add more programs. So, stay tuned.

Well, that’s all I can share with you about the faucet program, Maybe I missed something and you have more question about it, or if you want to add your experience, view, opinion, don’t hesitate to use the comment section below.

Maybe you also have other experience with other similar programs with this, hopefully a better one, you can suggest something as well. I would love to help if I could and learn more about online program.

Hope my reviews can help. Thanks for reading.



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