At first, I thought only faucet programs that use a micro transaction processor such as FaucetHub. It is not because of the faucet program itself but more for the cryptocurrencies.

Since cryptocurrencies become a thing now, other types of money making programs such as PTC also offer payment with those currencies and some are supported by the micro transaction processor.

Turns out this kind of payment processor could be very beneficial not only for users to earn more but for the PTC program itself as they are connected to other programs and attract more users and advertisers.

If you are looking for a PTC supported by a micro transaction processor, you might want to try One of the PTC program supported by FaucetHub, a micro transaction processor.

So, who is Are they legit or scam? How much money can we earn from them?

Those are probably just a few questions that came to mind when we first heard about With this writing, I’m going to share with you my review based on my experience with them and what I can find about them.

Hope this could help. Is going to be the best PTC program?

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Type: Paid to Click (PTC)
Feature: Auto Surf, Buy Referrals, Chat Room, Rating System
Referral Commission: 10% (Surf), 5% (Advertise)
Payment Method: FaucetHub (BTC), Bitcoin (Direct), Payeer,,
Started Since: 2017
My Status: PAYING
Last Payment: December 2023

News and Update

November 2023. Republished the article again from 4 November 2022.

November 2022. Republished the article again from March 2021.

January 2022. For those who were using as payment method, please read the latest update from my article here. Immediate action required before 30 January 2022.

September 2021. is currently offering 1 satoshi per click on our referral link. They started this since July 2021. I guess if we can promote the link like on other PTC ads we can already make money even if the viewer didn’t sign up. We just need to make sure that the cost per click is lower.

June 2021. added Video Ads on their platform. For earners, we can earn RUB from watching some videos.

Like the auto surfing, we need to access that feature ourselves. The ads won’t be included with the SURF Ads automatically like the Active window one.

April 2021. I already got my payment but unusually on weekends.

March 2021. Republished the article from the original date, July 19, 2019.

I got the first payment via Payeer. It seems that there is no extra fee for accepting payment on Payeer system.

I still don’t know the minimum. Maybe we can request as low as 0.01 RUB. We need like 200 RUB before we can convert them into any of the cryptocurrencies.

February 2021. As we may know the price of Bitcoin and altcoin has raised up since the end of 2020. This will affect the reward and probably advertising fee on

Most programs have switched their internal currency to USD or their own utility tokens. So far, we still have not seen any change for

Update: it seems has started to use RUB as the main internal currency. We already started to see some separate advertisement where we can earn this fiat money.

The page says that we cannot exchange RUB to cryptocurrency in their platform. It is recommended to do that on Payeer payment system.

So, I guess eventually will stop offering Bitcoin. That means we will not see the need for micro wallet as well. It is just a matter of time since the reward is getting lower and lower as the price of Bitcoin keeps getting higher.

This is a good change to keep them in business. We just need to withdraw more often and trade RUB to cryptocurrency as soon as we can to secure the value.

We can use this link to create account with Payeer.

June 2020. Maybe they already did this the previous month but we can now withdraw via micro wallet service. As usual we need to register the unique ID to before we can request the withdraw.

Use this link to create account with

Learn more from my Review.

February 2020. has added as the new replacement for micro wallet. We can submit the withdraw with 2,000 satoshi as the minimum and 20,000 satoshi as the maximum at the moment. Like with before, it will take up to 3 business days before the payment will be processed manually.

Use this link to create account with

Read more from my Review.

November 2019, as one of the payment methods is closing down their service as micro wallet. Please read my Review for more information and the latest update. has lowered the minimum to withdraw via to 2,500 satoshi and they will send payment until the last date. However, since every payment will be processed manually and will take about 3 working days, any user will have to withdraw at least 3 working days before December 10, 2019.

We have to withdraw from to our wallet before that date. Otherwise, we should just wait until we reach 30,000 satoshi and get paid directly to our wallet. There is still no info regarding a replacement for the micro wallet.

Starting August 2019, FaucetHub made some changes to their policy about making withdraw from any faucet program into FaucetHub. Some owners might have to change how their programs work.

There are some that chose to lower the earning per claim while other faucets chose to increase the minimum to withdraw. Different programs would have different solution the owner might take.

FaucetHub stated that there were owners who abused the previous system. So, it is possible that one of the program we used might even decide to shut down their business, or at least need more time to make some adjustment.

Payment delay could be one of the possible action. We just need to give them more time.

In the case of, they changed their minimum threshold to withdraw to FaucetHub. We need to have at least 4,500 satoshi to withdraw, increasing from their previous 4,000.

There might be other things that I haven’t noticed yet or even later. Please let me know if any of you find something and leave it using the comment section below and I will update this page.

In September 2019, the minimum payment is 5,000 satoshi to FaucetHub. I think they already implemented this even before that.


First of all, is a Russia based website but there is a language setting to choose between English and Russian. The domain itself was registered in 2016 but I think the website were launched in 2017.

Based on their referral market, the oldest available member was registered since September 27, 2016. It is probably just a dummy account since there is no activity at all but has the highest price.

Since they are based on Moscow, Russia, the server time use UTC+3. This would be important for any paid to click programs with the same reset time for all ads.

A paid to click program is a basically a website that shows advertisements. In order to generate views for advertisers, they give some incentive by paying people to click on ads and view or read them.

Of course the amount of money they offer would be very low considering how little what we do. Although it is not strictly to advertise online programs but that is what we are mostly going to see in any PTC.

There is no company profile page, which is very common for most similar program. Also, there is no social media account so I really couldn’t find out about the company behind. Not even sure I can understand even if there is since they probably use Russian language.

They use FaucetHub service and usually every owner will have some profile. Appearantly what we can find is only the picture below and they didn’t open any thread on the forum.

The only way to get in touch is by sending email to Not sure if we can still get some help if we send something in English since even the staff on chat room seems only respond with Russian.

There is also a HELP page like the FAQ which is, I think, not much to see. The good thing is that the website is not that hard to use. We can access them from the member dashboard or from the menu at the bottom right corner of the website.

The website also have option to choose between light and dark interface. It’s just black or white background.

Signing Up / In 

To start using service from, we can sign up via this link. Click on SIGN UP button on the homepage.

We signup by submitting email, password and Bitcoin wallet address. We can change the wallet address later but not the email as we have to sign in with it.

Then we can sign in using email and password, then solve the captcha. The captcha is not the typical from Google but just visual math expression and we need to enter the answer.

After we log in, the site will first ask us to make another confirmation before we can use the website. A confirmation code will be sent to our email and we have to copy and paste it on the website.

By default the wallet we use on registration is set for direct withdraw. We need to set it first if we want to withdraw via FaucetHub.

To change the wallet requires another authentication process via email. Another code to copy and paste again.

The Chat Room

There is a small chat room that we can open by clicking on the box at the bottom right corner of the website. There is also a number, at this time usually around 2,000 that indicates the number of active users.

We can keep scrolling up on the chat room mini window to read previous chat. Not sure if there is a limit but we can track down very far back.

The chat room is filled with a mixed between English and Russian users., mostly Russian. There is a staff to moderate but based on one time observation, this officials only respond with Russian.

Maybe we can ask the staff for help about the website if we can speak Russian. The chat service is from Chatango and we need to sign up and log in separately from the account.

We can set a name, or it will be set as anon and a number. The camera icon is to take picture for avatar.

Rating System

This is one of the unique feature on The rating system will give score to each member and this could affect how member can use the entire website.

We can see tha rating between the flag language sign and ID number on member dashboard page. There is a blue question mark beside it that we can click to find out how the rating will be calculated.

Every member will start at 0.00 and I think there is no way to go lower than that. There is no evidence but I think this could affect member’s price, maybe it could go lower than the standard.

Based on that rating system page, here is how the rating can increase or decrease.

10,000 satoshi earned from surfing, get 1 point.
5,000 satoshi earned from autosurfing, +1 point
10,000 satoshi spent on advertisement, +1 point
10,000 satoshi spent on advertisement by referrals, + 1 point
Buying referral from market, +0.1 point
No activity on site for 7 days, – 1 point

We don’t have to wait until we earn 10,000 satoshi to get 1 point. It means 100 satoshi can get 0.01 point.

The rating system can also affect how many ads we can see before we have to solve another captcha while surfing ads. Based on my experience with 0.25 rating I will have to solve captcha every 2 ads and with around 0.3 I can get one after 3 ads.

For advertisers there is a targeting or filtering member based on the rating system. We can show ads only to members with certain rating points.

For earners, it means the higher the rating, there is a chance to see more ads and more money to earn. For advertisers as well, the page says that after we get higher than 100 points, we can get discounted price for advertising.

Balance, Ad Balance, Deposit

As the name suggest, uses bitcoin (BTC) as currency within the website. Every earning we have will go to the main balance and we can withdraw from there,

To spend the money, provide a way to separate funds by having an Advertising Balance. Any spending within the website like buying advertising package or referrals, maybe there will be others, must use funds from this balance not the main one.

To transfer between the two, we can click on DEPOSIT link from the top left corner of the website. It will send us to a page like the picture below.

The deposit address has already been generated specifically for each account. Sending bitcoin to the address on the picture will be considered as mine. There is no minimum and will be processed after 1 confirmation.

From this page as well, we can transfer funds from the main balance to the advertising one. We can transfer as little as just 1 satoshi.

Another way to make deposit is by using Payeer with 0.1 USD minimum. At this time with 1 BTC = 10,000 USD, we will get like 1,000 satoshi.

I haven’t tried making any deposit from outside but usually it will go straight to advertising balance. We can only spend the advertising balance, no way to withdraw or transfer back to main balance.

Just be careful before making any deposit or transfer funds. Unless we really have plan about what to do with it, I suggest not making any deposit.

Paid to Click

This is’s main feature. We click on ads, view them and we will get paid. The ads are from another users that advertise here in

Like any other paid to click program, there are some requirements about how to view the ads before we are eligible to get paid.

Usually we will be given a minimum time to view the ads, hoping or forcing any user to actually read, scroll or access other pages from the ads. Sometimes we need to solve some captcha to prove that the user is not just a bot.

Each of them has its own unique mechanism. We can view once a day and ads will reset every day or if the advertisers buy advertising package again. I’m still not sure but even though the server time is based on Moscow, UTC+3, the reset time happens at 01.00 (GMT+3).

Based on how to view the ads on, there are three types of ads that user can view to earn some bitcoin. The categories are, Surf Ads, Active Window Surfing Ads, and Autosurfing Ads.

Surf Ad

To start earning, we can choose one of the menu from the EARN section at the left navigation side. The first category of ads is the regular surf ads.

Click on that menu, if this is the first time, the site will ask the user to solve a captcha first before seeing the page with ads. The captcha is just solving visual basic math expression.

After that, we will see a page similar like the picture below.

If there are clickable ads available we can see the page showing how many sites available and the amount of reward in Bitcoin we can get. The picture above shows there is only one ad available worth about 5.6 satoshi.

Otherwise, the page will say that there is no available site and we should try to comeback later as there might be new ads or someone re advertise. This could happen even before the reset time.

In order to get paid, we need to click on |START| button usually with background color that change between one ad and another. The button position also changes which could be anywhere on the screen and get mixed with the menu or the banner ads. As long as it says that the ads are available, we just need to look for it.

Before we click on the START button, we can see the preview about what type of ads we are going to see, the description, the price we are going to get and the timer. We can even skip or report the ad if we don’t like it. But that means we are losing a chance to get paid.

Clicking on the START button will open a new browser tab which will load the ads. The first tab, the one with the START button before will now show a timer.

We can use this time to view the ads. Scroll down or access other pages from that ads while waiting for the timer.

After the timer is done, we have to click on the previous tab again to get paid. Otherwise it will seem to get stuck. Then we will automatically get back to the SURF ADS page and continue with other ads.

Depending on the rating system, users will have to complete the captcha again after viewing a couple of ads before continuing. If there is no available ads, the page will also show a link to the top earners of the day.

Not really sure about the purpose of this ranking thing but maybe later they are going to reward them somehow. From that page, we can see the user’s email, not completely, and every ads they have viewed for the day.

At this time there are about 70 ads per day for this category that we can view with over hundreds of satoshi as earning potential. That is just when the clock reset, there are a few more from those who advertise again within a day.

Realistically, there is no way we can get it all because of the quota and the number of other users. We view one, and suddenly the number of available ads decrease drastically.

Based on my experience on one weekend, 80 ads worth around 500 satoshi. I can only get like 20 ads and get like 200 satoshi.

Not to mention, the distraction from completing captcha over and over again while the ads are viewed by the others. Maybe this is why the higher rating can be very useful because we will get less captcha confirmation.

Maybe there are other users who only get one captcha every 10 ads, unlike me as a new registered member who have to do it every 2 ads. The captcha itself might take only few seconds but if we consider the time to load the page and how often we get, we might only get like 10 ads out of that 70. Maybe we can get more if we include those who redo the advertising.

At this category, we don’t actually need to view the browser tab with the ads itself. We can just wait at the main tab showing page, or even viewing another tab showing another website.

This is why advertising on this category might not be a good thing. No forcing mechanism. Even so, it seems like this is the most popular choice out of three for the advertisers.

Active Window Surfing

The next category is ACTIVE WINDOW SURFING as the second type of ads offered from If we click on the menu on the left navigation side, we will see something like the picture below if there are ads available.

The page will show every ads available at once, instead of one by one like the previous category. The ads are sorted based on the value or price we can earn with the highest one at the top.

We can see the description in blue font color that we can click to open a new window. Unlike the previous category, this one will have a split frame within the new tab which the top part is for the countdown and the bottom part for displaying the ads.

We have to wait for the timer to finish and after that it will change into a captcha system showing 4 images. Click on one of the two similar images to proceed on getting paid. See the picture below.

After it shows the amount of payment we get, we can close this tab and go back to the first browser tab. The ads we just viewed will disappear from the list and we can do the same for the next ads.

If there is no more ads to view, the page will tell us to come back later within a day for more ads as the advertisers might advertise the same one again. Or if they still have view quota, we can view and get paid again the next day.

The page will also show us the total amount of payment we already got for the day.

Unlike the previous ad category, we actually have to view ads on this in order to start the countdown. This can enforce earners to actually take their time with the ads.

Of course there is no guarantee that they will actually see but maybe encourage them to at least scroll down. Not to mention, at least the captcha system at the end will give earners a glimpse of the ad.

I don’t have any actual number but this should have better conversion rate than the previous category. A bit annoying maybe for earners but better for advertisers.

And yet, the number of available ads is very low for this one. Even right after reset time, we might not have any ads at all.

Based on one Saturday night, this category can give me about 80 satoshi within a day. Not really sure how many ads for that number and on weekdays, probably will get lower.

Autosurfing Ads

This is the last category of earning from To access this, just click on the third category, AUTOSURFING,  from EARN menu on the left navigation side.

If there are ads available, the next page will tell us the number of available ads and a START button. If there are none, the page will tell users to come back again later and it will also show the amount we get from this category.

This one is very simple compared to other categories of ads. With just one START button it will open a new tab with ads.

Unlike the second category which we still have to view and solve the captcha at the end of every ads, this one will move to the next ad automatically. There is still timer so we have to wait but we can just click the START button and leave the computer and do other things.

So, this category might be the easiest one for any earners but very bad for advertisers because nobody will actually see the ads. I guess at least the number of available ads for this category each day reflects that.

Even so, we can still see several ads per day which any earner can get paid from. Just need to check them from time to time.

For this category, based on one Saturday night, I can get like 50 satoshi within a day. Not really sure how many ads to reach that number. We can also expect less than this number for weekdays.

Comment and Suggestion

Since there is no other direct earning way from, such as offerwalls or survey, we have to earn from this. The question is how to get the most of it.

The first thing is that since they have a scheduled reset time, the best viewing time would be around that time, 04.00 (GMT+3). Other paid to click program such as Donkeymails, the reset time is based on the last time we view the ads not resetting everything at the same time.

We have to wait exactly 24 hours before we can view again on that kind of PTC but not here in Ideally we need to keep checking the page, see if there is new ads available from time to time but  not everybody can have that.

For me, the best way is to view ads before the reset time, maybe an hour before, and right after the reset time. After the reset time is when we can see all of the available ads even though as mentioned above, there is no way to get it all.

Before the reset time is to make sure that maybe somebody else redo the advertising after they run out of viewing quota. Again, if possible we can check more often like every hour, every 3, 6 or 12 hours.

Usually on other PTC program in general, we can expect higher number of advertisers right before weekend as in Friday or at the start of every month. If we can have spare time around that, we can take advantage to earn more.

Compared to other PTC, I think this one has higher earning potential. Within 4 days I can get like almost 3,000 satoshi. Maybe just need a week and we already reach the threshold to withdraw with FaucetHub.

Not to mention, that is just me with less than 1 in rating. Higher ratings can give users more ads to view.

Sustaining our rating can be essential. Just need to view one ad once every week to prevent the rating getting lowered.

Similar program, such as, with just one type of ads but more complicated, I need like a few weeks to reach the same number. And there is no other way to increase the earning potential on

With today’s Bitcoin price, which 1 BTC = 10,000 USD, I can get like 0.07 USD per day. This is even higher than what I can get from Donkeymails, which the last time I remember was around 0.02 USD.

Donkeymails offers a lot more ads like over 50, even as new member and also a lot more options to earn. They have been around way longer since 2005, which means their number is very solid, good enough to sustain the business.

People might think that the better program would give a higher earning potential but for me, they are not very sustainable. If they are being too generous, they could suddenly run out of business.

Not to mention how volatile the price of Bitcoin is which can go up high and down very low drastically. Either they have to make adjustment with the pricing, or they are going to shut down.

But at this time, it has been two years since they were launched. If they can indeed keep the numbers, then might be one of the best PTC program.

I will still suggest people to prepare for the worst. Maybe the more member to use this, they would eventually have to.

For ads from regular surf ads, try not to close the newly opened tab before the timer is done, or else, we will lose our chance to get paid from that ads for that day. We need to wait until the reset time, assuming the advertisers doesn’t redo advertising and if there are still viewing quota left.

If we are just using this program and nothing else, we don’t have to worry about closing the ads tab mistakenly. But if there are several faucets and each of them open new tab that we forget which they are from, we could end up closing the wrong one.


Like other Paid to Click program, also offers user a way to advertise. The ads we have to view in order to get paid is from another users.

Unlike a faucet programs, they usually just use an ad display network, a third party. PTC programs handles the advertising as well.

Advertising is actually the main feature for any PTC program. The earning free money was brought later as a way to bribe people to view the ads.

If we already use the earning way here, even if we have no intention to spend the money to advertise, we can still learn something from the advertisers point of view. In this section we are going to discuss about how people advertise on

General Rules

Any user can pick any category of how they want to advertise to the earners. In general, for every category of ads the rules are no warez or illegal content, adult sites or hacks, or website with viruses.

Even though says that they are going to review every ad, I think we can still see ads that do not follow the rules every once in a while. The terms page said that will take 15% commission between payment by advertisers and earn by users.

There is a page about the price that we can access from the menu at the bottom right. Based on that page, we can see that we have the options to target users based on two things, their rating and their language.

We can set to display the ads specifically just to those with rating higher than 0, 1, 5, 10 50, 100. The language is either to show to all, to English only or Russian only.

Advertisers can get discounted price if they have over 100 rating.

How does it work?

To start advertising, click one of the menu under ADVERTISE options from the left navigation side. Just like how we can earn we can choose how user will see our ads.

We need to create campaign for each category individually even if the ads is the same. Read the previous section of how each of the categories work.

If this is the first time advertising on AdBTC,top, after we click on any category, the next page will tell us that we don’t have any campaign or didn’t create one. Click on LET’S CREATE ONE! to proceed. We can see the number of active members at the time.

After that, the next page we will see is something like the picture above. We need to fill the form for our campaign. Each category is similar but has some differences like price, or some info to fill.

Filling the form and clicking on CREATE CAMPAIGN will not necessarily start the advertising right away. After the campaign we can still edit something, add funds, even pause the advertising from getting displayed and delete them.

Please read the next part about each category and what we can or can’t do later. They have differences from one to another.

So we don’t have to worry about making mistake and we don’t have to create the campaign again after we run out of quota. The picture below is what we are going to see after the CREATE CAMPAIGN button.

If we already have funds on advertising balance, it will not be used for any campaign right away. We first need to add funds to advertising balance, then after that from the advertising balance, we need to add funds to the specific campaign we choose.

There is no way to transfer funds from the main balance straight to the campaign. Below is the categories and about what we can or can’t do later.

Advertise on Surf Ads,
8 satoshi minimum per view for 15 seconds ad
+10 satoshi for 30 seconds
+15 satoshi for 45 seconds
+30 satoshi for 60 seconds
The set timer can’t be changed later, need to create new campaign
Set website URL (editable later)
Set target based on rating system (editable later)
100 character description (editable later)
Options to set daily limit later

Active Window Surfing Ads
10 satoshi minimum per view for 10 seconds ad
+5 satoshi for 15 seconds
+15 satoshi for 30 seconds
+20 satoshi for 60 seconds
The set timer can’t be changed later, need to create new campaign
Set website URL + Test Live URL
100 character description
Set daily visit limit (editable later)
We can’t edit the URL and description later
No targeting options

Autosurfing Ads
5 satoshi minimum per view for 15 seconds ad
+5 satoshi for 30 seconds ad
+10 satoshi for 45 seconds ad
+20 satoshi for 60 seconds ad
The set timer can’t be changed later, need to create new campaign
Set daily visit limit (editable later)
Options to add hourly visit limit later
Options to add visit limit per minutes
We can’t edit the URL later
No description
No targeting options

After we create any campaign, there is a number beside the menu on the left for each category. The number indicates how many  active ads for that category even if we don’t put any funds.

Comment and Suggestion

Basically if we want to advertise here on, we first need to decide which campaign we want based on the price and the timer. This can’t be change later and we will be charged with the same price later, except maybe when we get 100 on rating.

Then the URL comes next. The SURF ADS category is clearly easier to use since with one campaign, we can use it for multiple ads. We just need to change the URL later, although we can create one campaign for every ad.

This category is also the only one with targeting option based on rating system. The question is what is the rating even mean for advertisers?

Based on how we can increase our rating, higher rating means viewing more ads, staying active, advertising, or buying and getting referrals. I don’t have any experience or numbers about conversion but since we won’t be charged more for targeting higher rating users, we can try it out. See if it can deliver better conversion.

The active window category has probably the best conversion rate because viewer has to stay active in the ad’s tab to start the countdown. But it is also the most expensive one.

The autosurfing category is the cheapest one but I think it has the lowest conversion rate but it offers many options about visit limit.

The question is now, should we advertise here on

In general, I would advice against advertising in any paid to click program, especially if we are trying to get more referrals. Of course, advertising here doesn’t mean we need to promote online money earning program, but the users or viewers are limited for this type.

So if we still want to advertise here, the best way is if we have totally new program, similar to themselves. It could be another paid to click, faucet, online program, online investment, anything related to Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies.

If we don’t have new program, we can still create a unique landing page, that could lead to the old program we promote. Combined with active window surfing ads category, create a very interesting promotional page, that will attract viewers to scroll down or even click the next link.

Use the time they have to spend viewing efficiently. Write long article and advertise with longer timer.

If we want to advertise with the other category, make sure we understand how the cookies will work to get referrals. For some online programs, we don’t need viewers to actually view or even join the program right away.

If the viewers can just open the program page, the page will create the cookie and “stamp” the viewers as the advertiser’s referral. There are programs that offers lifetime cookie which advertisers can still get the referral even if the referral join the program years later. But some just offers very short time cookie.

The good thing about advertising on is that advertisers can start advertising with just the minimum number of views. In general, other similar programs would require people to at least buy like 1,000 views minimum., the minimum is 1,000 views with 40 satoshi per views. The quality is like the Active Window Surfing Ads but the price is 4 times higher.

Cointiply, a faucet program, also offers Paid to Click service which to advertise with them we also need to buy 1.000 views as the minimum with about 15 coins per view and 100 coins means $0.01. The quality is also like Active Window Surfing with the price per view just a bit higher.

Donkeymails, an old PTC since 2005, offers about $3.00, also for 1,000 clicks. That’s about 30 satoshi per view for advertising Surf Ads from with almost 4 times the price as well., another faucet program which also offers paid to click, we can start advertising with just 100 views or clicks for 2,500 satoshi or 25 satoshi per click. The quality is similar to Surf Ads but the price is 3 times higher.

Another great thing is that we can at least get something by advertising. Getting higher rating which could help users as earners, getting less captcha to solve.

Based on the number above we can actually say that advertising here is way cheaper than the average. If we really consider to advertise, doing it here offers more benefit.

Other alternative where we can advertise for free is by using MellowAds. It is a display advertising network, which offers faucet and we can use the earnings to advertise on their network.

Referral / Affiliate Program

What we can get from, like any other paid to click program is actually very low. After all this is just easy money, with very little effort to do and no risk. Some people might say that this is not worth the time.

Even so, this pennies earning program can turn into a passive, even unlimited income if they are offering referral or affiliate program. What we do is we invite other people to join, and if those people use the service, we will get paid.

The service here is of course the earning program, clicking ads,  so we will get paid by helping other earning money. It is actually not a bad idea.

How does it work?

Like any other online company, offering affiliate program, each member or affiliate will get a unique link with our ID attached to it. It is called a referral link and this one below is mine for

If anybody click on that link and join, they will become my referral. Every click on ads they do which they get paid, I will get commission 10% of their earnings.

If they are spending to advertise here on, I will get 5% of their spending. That is just from one referral and we can get as many as we can.

We just need to share this link to other people on any online platform we use like forum, social media account, messenger, email or even our own blog or website.

The link can be found by clicking on REFERRAL SYSTEM, the second menu from left navigation side menu. We will see a page similar to the picture above.

Just make sure when we copy the link, we copy them completely. Missing even just one character from that link means losing an earning potential as we won’t get the referrals.

Not only referral link, on that page, we can also find four promotional banners with various designs and sizes. Just click on the exclamation mark and it will display the banners alongside the HTML code, ready to be used.

To make it easier to share the link, there are also several social media share buttons so we don’t have to worry about copying the wrong link. The buttons are for Twitter, Google+, Facebook and since this is a Russian based website, there are also two buttons for Russian social media platforms, VK and OK.

How to get more referrals?

Well, sharing the link is a must but how exactly? Sharing to the wrong people is like a salesman approaching stranger. People hate that.

If we try to share on our social media, people might get annoyed if they are not interested. Especially if we are spamming, sharing over and over again like multiple times within a day.

We could lose our followers, risking any network we have built. Maybe it’s better to have alternate account specifically just to share this kind of program.

We look for community or other users that we know are interested. Then we can share with them the link.

A better way might be to share on forums. Not just any forum of course, but related to online money making program, bitcoin or cryptocurrencies.

The problem with using any free platform like this is that we are probably not the only one who promote the same program. We have to offer something more than just the referral link like anybody else.

Another thing is that these free platforms have rules that they can suddenly change about promotion and not to mention, shutting down their service entirely. If that happens, our campaign would be gone and we have to start over.

A better way would be to have our own website. We can share anything not just one program but others with the same, similar or related topics.

Having a website is like having a shop in real life. People can always come back to and find out more programs to use.

Since it’s an online shop, it will stay open 24/7, no need to wait for us to wake up and can be accessed from everywhere around the world. The best part of having our own place or website is that any search engine like Google will do the promotion work non stop.

And they will show the website as a result to exactly people who are interested in it. They use the search engine to look for it and get the website we build as the result. No need to worry about being annoying salesman.

Those people will access the website, see what we have to offer, and if they are interested, they will become our referrals for any program we promote. Once we have enough referrals for or every programs we promote, we can have passive income even full time income.

That is exactly how people can build their business online. They own a website, fill the website with contents that can help promote a program, and let it work automatically.

If you are interested to know more about how to build a website and turn it into an online business, keep reading. I will share with you later about a training program that anybody can use.

In the meantime, let’s head back to a little bit.

Buy Referrals / Referral Market

If we don’t want to waste time, promoting to get referrals, we can actually buy referrals for To buy one, we just need to click on REFERRAL MARKET link from the left side navigation menu which we will see a page like the picture below.

Here, we can see a list of every referral available to buy. There are about 2,100 members at this time if we drag the filter bar to the maximum. The filter indicates that the cheapest one to buy is 2 satoshi and up to 1.1 BTC as the most expensive one.

This includes those who haven’t done email verification after joining They have the lowest price but we can’t buy them before they become verified member.

The most expensive one at this time is about 1.1 BTC but the user doesn’t seem like doing anything, no earning or spending. Maybe just dummy member since that member seems to be the oldest one available.

The next one, second most expensive is worth 0.8 BTC. This member is also the first one with activity.

The data shows the registered date, total earned, today’s earned, spend on advertising, balance and price. By default the data is sorted based on today’s earned.

To buy them, we just need to click on the cart logo at the right end of the list. If we click that icon, we can see further data about that referral like the last time accessing the website and total number of referrals.

Should we buy referrals here?

In general, like on the advertising section above, I would advice against any spending here. I agree that with the data we can get from the website, there is a chance that we can find some good referrals but it’s not going to be that easy. How?

For starters, we have a registered date for each referral. There is no way to change that but with the same date, there could be several referrals.

Then, we can look at their total earned data. This data could change but only one way, increasing.  These two parameters would be essential to identify the referrals since there is no ID that we can see.

The rest of the data will show us whether the account is still active or no longer be used. I don’t recall anything about account deletion due to inactivity, only decreasing of rating system. Maybe the lower the rating gets, the lower the price, but I’m not really sure about this.

Try to look at their balance and how many referrals they have. It is possible that they will be back to withdraw if they are still making money but it’s not a guarantee.

Some can be very active, like clicking daily but some can be less active like once a week. Look at the last time they accessed their account.

If they don’t have any balance left but the spending keeps increasing, there is a chance that they are not just earners but also advertisers. After all, compared to other similar programs, this is not a bad way to advertise since we can also increase our rating.

If they have high total earned but no balance or spending, means they regularly withdraw their balance. With all of that consideration, I think we can narrow down and focus on some numbers. Hopefully at the time we find the right referrals, we already have the money to pay.

Here is the catch about buying referrals.

The data we can see only indicates how the referrals did in the past which sometimes doesn’t reflect the future. They could suddenly get bored and stopped clicking assuming that we did get an active one.

I don’t have the number for this but we need to make sure, the money we spend can at least reach the break even point. Not to mention, this is just about the referral. What about the themselves?

Even if they could stick around very long, there is a chance that they could change their policy which could affect something like user’s earning and their motivation to even advertise here.

Unlike other program which offer another way to earn like Offerwalls. only has their own Paid to Click ads.

With all of that in mind, I would suggest that people should try to invest their earning on something else. Preferably outside

A good advice about investing is that we should diversify our earning portfolio. We should have other source of income instead of keeping them in one place.

If something happen with that one place, we still have other alternative. There are other ways to get referrals for free or cheaper one, as mentioned above.

If you still consider buying referrals as a good way, try to just buy one by one. Just don’t blindly buy any referral.


For any money making online program, withdrawing is one of the important things. After so much time we spend on clicking ads or even promoting to get referrals, how can we get paid?

Remember that we can only withdraw from the main balance. There is no way to transfer back from advertising balance to main balance.

There are two ways that offers to pay. The first one is directly to our Bitcoin wallet and the second one is via FaucetHub, a micro payment processor.

For both methods we need to have a bitcoin wallet first. The difference is that either get paid directly to the wallet, or we collect first via FaucetHub alongside our earnings from other programs that supports FaucetHub as well.

If you don’t have any bitcoin wallet, you can try opening one with It is actually a faucet program but we can use it to accept payment and they offer daily interest feature. In theory, we can grow our money there by just keeping funds there, like a bank.

How does it work?

To submit a withdraw request, we can click on the first menu from the left side navigation menu, WITHDRAW. This will send us to a page like the picture above.

Make sure we register the wallet address first to either method. Click on the blue CHANGE button to submit. will send a confirmation email with an authentication code that we have to copy and paste again on the website.

To withdraw, from the point in the picture above, we can either click the blue FAUCETHUB button or the green DIRECT TO WALLET button. The minimum is 4,000 satoshi for FaucetHub and 50,000 satoshi to wallet.

If we don’t have a sufficient amount to withdraw, the page will show error message but if we do, we can proceed. The next step is to set the amount to transfer, and we need to submit our password.

Then we can wait up to 3 working days even with FaucetHub. Other program that use FaucetHub usually can process the withdraw instantly, like within minutes.

Withdrawing via FaucetHub has maximum limit, 30,000 satoshi while the direct one doesn’t have that. claims that they will take no fee for either method.

After we submit the withdraw request, we can no longer submit another one. Only once every 24 hours. also provides a page about latest withdrawal or payment proof. There is even page for detailed payment transaction, indicating the ID, time, amount and fee that pay.

We can access them from the menu at the right bottom of the website. Each communal payment, not individual per account, is about 0.04 – 0.055 BTC with 0.0015- 0.0025 BTC as fee. already set aside funds to pay the network fees.

Read more from my Review.

Comment and Suggestion

There is a general problem with any cryptocurrencies. Unlike digitalized fiat currencies which we only transfer the amount of money every transaction, with cryptocurrencies we also send a data, block of data called Block Chain.

The more transaction we do, transferring even with the same amount will lead to a bigger data size which will lead to a higher network fee. Sending 1 bitcoin with just 1 transaction could have cheaper network fee than sending 10 transactions of 0.1 bitcoin, even though the total amount is the same.

It is possible that the network fees will be higher than the amount we have. With that in mind, we can’t just withdraw our cryptocurrencies earnings as many times as we want from wallet to wallet.

This is why a micro transaction processor like FaucetHub came. The idea is to reduce the number of transaction between wallet to wallet with very little value. The transfer between FaucetHub accounts is only the amount not the data.

The withdraw from FaucetHub to our wallet then is what will contribute to higher network fee. So, even with FaucetHub, we still need to collect high enough value of cryptocurrencies before we withdraw them. Some people suggest that we should wait until we have like $100 or more worth of cryptocurrencies. collects our earning from other programs as well, not just This way we could reach higher amount sooner by using more programs.

Of course, it doesn’t matter if we are willing to wait for the same amount on alone. Like waiting until we get 1 BTC on will be the same as waiting and withdrawing 1 BTC from FaucetHub.

The difference is that on FaucetHub we can have other programs to reach that number sooner and so far, offers no other way to earn.

You can find other programs that also use FaucetHub here on my website to help get paid sooner. Here is a list of some of them that offers Bitcoin as well.

Cointiply (Faucet / PTC / Offerwalls) (Faucet / Offerwalls) (Faucet / PTC / Offerwalls) (Faucet) (Faucet)

These are just a few that I have tried. On FaucetHub there are many more which also offers other cryptocurrencies and maybe different way to make money.

Another consideration is whether which of or FaucetHub will likely to close down sooner. After waiting and collecting money for so long, they suddenly shut down and we lose our money.

Not saying that they will and there is no indication for that right now but we still need to have a plan B. I would say that FaucetHub, supported by a lot more programs that use their service has better chance to survive while will have to support themselves.

On the other hand, if you are not using to earn, only to advertise which you will use the earning to advertise again, circling the money in it, there is no need to use FaucetHub. If not, you can create free account with FaucetHub using this link.


Well, I guess that’s is all about is one of the paid to click program where we can get easy money by clicking and viewing ads.

As the name suggest, use Bitcoin to pay and accept payments. The best part is that they also use FaucetHub as the payment method.

With a micro transaction processor, they can offer higher earning potential as Paid to Click program compared to other similar programs. FaucetHub also connects with other programs, opening to more users and traffic.

This is good for advertisers. Another good thing for advertisers is that they offer to start advertising even with just 1 view, just 5 – 10 satoshi. Unlike other similar programs requires to buy at least 100 or even 1,000 views which we need like 10,000 satoshi before we can start advertising.

The best way to advertise on is to use Active Window Surfing category. This one is the most expensive choice but it will force the viewers to actually view the ads which could lead to a better conversion rate.

Another benefit by advertising is that they can boost member’s rating. Higher rating could lead to cheaper advertising fee and solve less captcha to get more ads and earn.

The unique feature from is the chance to buy referrals. The great thing about this is we can actually track down the referrals record so we can make sure which one has a good potential.

The bad part is that doesn’t offer other way to earn like offerwalls. The website is also a Russian based website. We can see mixed ads between English and Russian.

There is a small chat room with some official staff but based on slight observation, they mostly respond with Russian. The site itself use English, even I don’t have that much trouble using it, just lack of information for the FAQ.

The referral commission is just 10% from their click and 5% for advertising. It is rather low but the potential to turn this into a passive even unlimited income is there.

If you consider this as an opportunity for extra income or even more, you can start creating account with via this link. It’s free.

Earn More Coins from Similar Programs

There are a lot of other programs, not just faucet like this where we can earn more cryptocurrencies like BTC, DOGE, BNB and many more. Some of them will pay via the same micro wallet but others can just send the payment directly to our wallet.

Here are some that I have tried so far. Links are to a review article for each program. I recommend checking the article to find out the latest update.

Last update: November 2023

For programs that will pay via Remember that there is an exchanger feature on this micro wallet. (PTC, BTC) (faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins) (Ad Network, Bitcoin) (faucet, 5 minutes, BTC) (faucet, 5 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 2 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 5 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 1 minute, Multi Coins) (PTC, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 5 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 10 minutes, DOGE) (Faucet, 10 minutes, BTC) (Faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins) (PTC, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins) (PTC, BTC) (Shortlinks, USDT) (Faucet, 60 minutes, Multi Coins) (faucet, 30 minutes, BTC) (Faucet. 60 minutes, BTC)

Here are for programs that will send the payment directly to our wallet. (Faucet, 2 days, ALGO) Faucet
(Exchanger, Multi Coins) (Faucet, PTC, Offerwalls, Multi Coins) (Faucet, PTC, Offerwalls, Multi Coins) (Faucet, investment, BTC) and the Group (Faucet, Multi Coins) & Group (Faucet, Investment, Multi Coins) (Faucet, ZEN) (Faucet, Multi Coins) (PTC, offerwalls, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 1 week, ALGO) (Faucet, BTC) (Faucet, 60 minutes, Multi Coins)

I don’t always update every article on this website. Please check this Complete List for the latest one.

Final Word

As I mentioned before that what we can get from this program is actually very low. The key is to use the referral program, get a lot of referrals and let them do the work and we get the commission.

In order to do that, it’s better to have our own website, promote the program until we can get enough referrals and they can generate income for us. That is how we can have an online business.

If you are interested to learn more about building a website and turn it into a business, even a passive income, there is a training program that you can try.

On this training, not only we can learn about how to, but we can actually set up the website, grow it until it can generate income. We can learn from a lot of experts who were once just like you and me, know almost nothing about online business.

This is an easy training program that even a guy without a college degree can use it. Within two years he started to have a full time income from his website and quit his regular job.

We can even ask the owner the help out directly. Try it. Join the program for FREE and try to reply their first message to you and see if they get back and help you out.

You can learn more about the training from my review here.

We grow the business and website by using affiliate programs just like Here is my list of other affiliate program that you can try.

I will keep updating the page and add more programs. So, stay tuned.

Well, that’s all I can share with you about, a paid to click program. Maybe I missed something and you have more question about it, or if you want to add your experience, view, opinion, don’t hesitate to use the comment section below.

Maybe you also have other experience with other similar programs with this, hopefully a better one, you can suggest something as well. I would love to help if I could and learn more about online program.

Hope my reviews can help. Thanks for reading.



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