Nowadays, anybody can run their own cryptocurrency faucet. They can just buy a script, pay for hosting and fill up the balance with coins. However, that doesn’t mean they can run a good business.

They need to make a good cash flow where they can generate enough revenue and give them back to the users while still getting some profit. If they fail to do so, it’s just a matter of time before they will be out of business, probably even lose some money.

Most of the time, the only solution that these faucet programs can come up is just keep adding more ads. Or integrate a shortlink, which also can only add more ads and eventually they become very hard to use.

Apparently, that is not the case with this next one, In this one, they almost have no ads and yet, they are probably one of the highest paying faucet sites. Clearly, they have other solutions that work for this business model.

So, who is this Is legit or scam? How can we earn from them and how do we get paid?

Those are probably just a few questions that came to mind after hearing about the program. Well, in this article, I’m going to share with you my review based on my experience on using their platform and what I can find from the internet.

Hope this helps. Is going to be the best cryptocurrency faucet out there?

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Sister Site:
Type: Cryptocurrency Faucet (30 minutes, BTC)
Features: Betting Games, Offerwalls
Referral Commission: 50%
Payment Method: (BTC), Cryptocurrencies
Started Since: 2018
Last Payment: May 2023

News and Update

June 2023. It seems they consider my IP as a VPN or proxy. Well, there is nothing I can do with that because it depends on the ISP. As a result, I can no longer use the faucet or offerwalls.

I changed my status for this to PROBLEMATIC. If they won’t change that status and I guess I’m done with this one as well. I still have my earnings there and it is stuck because I haven’t reached the minimum to even convert their coins.

Maybe this one is legit but since this can happen to any user, I cannot recommend this site any further.

May 2023. recently got an update with a lot of changes. The biggest one is that we are no longer getting Bitcoin from the faucet claim. It is now offering SXT, their internal currency.

We need to get like 30,000 SXT before we can convert it to cryptocurrencies like BTC and other. It seems 1 USD is about 10,000 SXT so we need to collect 3 USD before we can convert.

We can still withdraw via using either BTC or TRX. The minimum is 10,000 satoshi as usual. But since we need more SXT first to convert, we can say that it is higher minimum.

Another change was that the is no longer working. We cannot claim the faucet from it again as separate reward.

The new site also shared more social medial accounts: Telegram and Discord. Weirdly enough, the site doesn’t mention their Facebook account.

Well, the site still has ALPHA label. So, we should expect some changes coming.


According to the data from, the owner doesn’t have other site beside that is also supported by payment system. The owner’s username is Bitplay, registered on since March 24, 2021. itself has been operated since 2018.

Actually, there is a sister site for this, called This is unusual because we can use the same ID, password and email from to sign in to

Inside, the balance will be integrated. However, the faucet itself works individually. So, it’s like we can claim twice within 30 minutes, but once on each. Besides the domain, interface, I assume that both sides work the same, so this review can be considered as Review as well.

The owner started a forum thread on in 2018 and it was considered as the official forum thread. Back then, the admin was very active, answering and solving technical issue for users. At this moment, the last reply was in September 2020.

The site itself has a chat support at the bottom right corner. Alternatively, we can also send email to if we need any help. Aside from that, I cannot find any account on Twitter but there is one for Facebook.

There is a rule that they will reset the balance if the user has been inactive for more than 30 days. I assume they won’t delete the account but the user will lose the money in that account.

At the bottom of the homepage, there is a link to which I assume is from the same owner.

We can use this link to create account with I recommend using a valid email address as it will be required to sign in or withdrawing purposes.

Cryptocurrency Faucet

Cryptocurrency faucet is the main feature on From a cryptocurrency faucet, anybody can earn money, usually in cryptocurrency, for doing almost nothing.

The least we should do to earn the money is just a click of a button. Most of this kind of programs nowadays will require more. We need to click and view some ads, visit and going through some webpages, and solve some captcha systems.

The amount of money we can earn from a cryptocurrency faucet usually is not that much, considering how easy and little the effort is. However, some of them allow us to repeat the process and let us claim over and over again after waiting for a period of time.

Overtime, with multiple claims and from multiple different cryptocurrency faucet programs, those pennies can eventually become very big. Combined with the chance of increasing value of the cryptocurrency, people can earn a lot from this type of programs.

In the case of, we can claim free Bitcoin once every 30 minutes. There are a couple of possible amounts of rewards that we can get per claim depending on how lucky we are.

How does it work?

After signing in to account, on the Dashboard, we can see a Wheel of Fortune next to the site’s logo. It will say FREE WHEEL IS READY and next to it, we should find a button that says SPIN NOW.

If we click on that button, the Wheel of Fortune feature will show up. Below the wheel there is another button that says SPIN NOW FOR FREE. We can click on it and the wheel will start rotating.

As we can see there are 12 different numbers on that wheel on each segment. These are the amount of satoshi that we will get from claiming this faucet. The wheel will eventually stop and the segment that will stop at the top will be the reward.

From my example below, I got 3 satoshi as that window said. Right below it, we should find a button that says COLLECT. If we click on that, a captcha system will show up. We can solve that captcha from hCaptcha to receive the reward.

Once we solved that captcha, we will see the wheel again but this time, the colors become all Gold. It is the PAID mode as opposed to the FREE one previously with the color.

We can spin again in that mode immediately but we need to pay 100 satoshi. The possible reward we can get is different but there is a chance that we get lower than the cost.

At the bottom of that wheel and button, we should see a 30-minute timer. That is the time we need to wait before we have access to the Free mode of the Wheel again.

We can also see the timer now on the Dashboard where the button for the wheel is. That is it with how to use and claim Bitcoin faucet from

We can repeat the process after 30 minutes since the last claim to gain more Bitcoin. Once we reach the minimum, we can withdraw our earnings.

While waiting for 30 minutes, we can also go to their sister site, to claim the faucet on that one. The claiming process is the same.

Earning Rate and Comparisons

The amount of reward that we can get is stated by the wheel. There is no other feature like loyalty or level bonus to increase the reward per claim. Here are the possible rewards and the USD value at this moment.

3 satoshi = 0.0006 USD
5 satoshi = 0.001 USD
7 satoshi = 0.0014 USD
10 satoshi = 0.002 USD
15 satoshi = 0.003 USD
25 satoshi = 0.005 USD
50 satoshi = 0.01 USD
100 satoshi = 0.02 USD
250 satoshi = 0.05 USD
2,500 satoshi = 0.5 USD
10,000 satoshi = 2 USD
250,000 satoshi = 50 USD

The lowest we can get per claim is 3 satoshi. More often than not, we can probably get higher. 15 satoshi is very common, maybe even the 25.

We can actually find out the reward we can get on average by accessing MY STATS menu on From my stats, I earned more than 30,000 satoshi by almost 3,800 claims. Based on that on average, I got like 8 satoshi per claim.

That number includes 3 times when I got 2,500 satoshi each. If we ignore those 3, the average is drop to about 6 satoshi per claim. If 1 BTC is about 20,000 USD per coin, 6 satoshi is about 0.0012 USD.

That is the rate every 30 minutes. In an hour, we can get like 0.0024 USD and if we can claim like 48 times, we can get like 0.0576 USD per day (288 satoshi).

The question is, is that a good earning rate? One way to find out is by making a simple comparison to other similar programs. In this case, other cryptocurrency faucet program.

Here are what I have tried so far. The value of each cryptocurrency is based on the value at the 2nd week of October 2022. Bitcoin is below 20,000 USD per coin and very volatile., usually as my standard for good earning faucet, can give us like about 10 satoshi ($0.002) at this time per claim every hour as the base reward which is what we will get most of the time. There is a chance to get higher rewards per claim from this. On average, 2 claims from in an hour can give higher than this., now the faucet can only give us 2 claims per day. For me right now about 20 coins a day and with 100 coins equals to $0.01 means $0.002 per day, or about 10 satoshi of BTC. Two claims from on average and we can probably get higher than this in a day., a 5-minute faucet can offer like 0.001 DOGE ($0.00006) per claim. On average, one claim from is about 20x higher than one claim from this. and their group, each as hourly faucet can give altcoins about 1,449 litoshi ($0.00075) at this time as the base prize. On average, one claim from can give almost twice as much as one claim from this., also can give constant amount but only 0.5 satoshi (0.0001 USD) every hour at this moment. One claim from can at least give 6x higher than from this., has a faucet feature, give at least 1 satoshi (0.0002 USD) in BTC per hour. One claim from can at least give 3x higher than the lowest from this., an auto faucet, at this time, with maximum bonus, can give like 2.54 satoshi per hour ($0.0005). On average, one claim from can give almost 3x higher than this with the current value., an hour faucet, can give us like 0.0227 DGB or about $0.0002 per claim. On average, one claim from and we can get 6x higher than one claim from this., an hourly faucet, can offer like 3 satoshi ($0.0006) per hour or up to 72 per day. One claim from in half an hour is about the same as this. offers like 0.0027 DOGE ($0.00016) per claim per 10 minutes or about 0.00096 USD per hour. On average, one claim from is 7.5x higher than one claim from this., another lump sum faucet, offers like 2 satoshi of BTC (0.0004 USD) after 10 minutes waiting, without the bonus. The rate from this is about the same as from but we need to claim more often., a 30-minute faucet, can give us like 5 ALTH per claim or about 1.37 satoshi of BTC per claim ($0.00027). On average, one claim from is more than twice as much as this., a 20-hour faucet can give like less than $0.0004 per claim as the base reward. On average, one claim from is 3 times higher than this for a day., a 30-minute faucet, offers like 17.5 coin per claim or about 3.5 satoshi at this time ($0.0007). On average, can give higher reward than this., an hour faucet and we can claim like 20 coins (about $0.0002) per claim as the minimum. On average, 1 claim from can give 6x higher than this., a 24-hour faucet offers multiple coins. If we claim all of them, we can get probably lower than $0.0015 or currently about 8 satoshi from various different cryptocurrencies. One claim from on average can give almost the same as this., a daily faucet, where we can earn about 0.0000135 ZEC ($0.0007) per day. One claim from is almost twice as much as one claim from this., a 5-minute lump sum faucet can give us like 1.62 satoshi ($0.00032) per claim. Four claims from this in half an hour and we can get higher reward than on average., as a 5-minute faucet can give us 2 satoshi of BTC ($0.0004) per claim. Three claims from this within half an hour and we can get higher reward than on average., a 30-minute faucet can give us like at least 1 token per claim ($0.0001). On average, can give 12 times higher than this per claim., offers 4 claims of 60-minute faucets that can give us about 0.0008 USD per one faucet claim. Three faucet claims from this in an hour is about the same rate as faucet on average., a 15-minute faucet can offer between 2 to 4 satoshi of BTC per claim (currently, about 0.0004 to 0.0008 USD). Two claims from this in half an hour is still lower than what we can get from on average. is currently a 30-minute faucet from which we can earn about 0.8 satoshi of Bitcoin at least per claim which is about 0.000157 USD. On average, one claim from can give 8 times higher than this. with 60-minute multiple faucets can give like 0.000005 USD per hour from each faucet. One claim from is actually 240 times higher than one claim of this with the current value. with 30 minutes interval time, can give like 0.0002 USD per claim at least. On average, one claim from is 6 times higher than this., with 1 minute interval time but only up to 5 claims per day can give like 0.0007 USD per claim. Three claims from and we can get higher than this for a day., a 5-minute faucet can give like 1 satoshi per claim or currently about less than 0.0002 USD. The rate is actually about the same as but we need exactly 6 claims from this in half an hour. can offer like 2CP per 5 minutes which is worth 0.0004 USD from their faucet. Three claims from this in half an hour and we can get about the same rate as from on average. has multiple faucets with multiple timer and reward can give up to 0.00025 USD per claim every minute. We need like 230 claims from this to get the same daily reward as on average., a PTC with faucet feature can give 0.001 USD per claim every 60 minutes. With 2 claims from per hour and we can probably get slightly higher than one claim from this., another Bitcoin faucet can give us at least 24 satoshi per day or about 0.0047 USD. With 4 to 8 claims a day from and we can get about the same as this.

TheALGOFaucet, where we only need to claim once a week, can give like 0.0005 ALGO per day or about 0.00016 USD per day. One claim from can give almost 4 times higher than this for a day, depending on the coin’s value.

These are just comparing strictly between the faucet earning rate. There are more things to consider like the claiming process or how easy to withdraw.

Some programs can offer other earning feature or bonus that could make them a better choice. On the other hand, some users might not be able to use those other earning feature and can only rely on faucet.

Comment and Suggestion

I’ve been using this since the start of 2022. As some may know that at this moment, we are currently in the bear market for cryptocurrencies. The value will keep going down, probably until the next halving for Bitcoin.

When I was using this for the first time, the value of BTC was around 50,000 USD per coin which is now about less than 20,000 USD. I noticed some changes about my earning rate from

Back then, getting just 3 satoshi per claim was very common like for almost every claim. As I said before, during this time, getting that lowest reward is like once every couple of claims.

However, when the value was high, I hit the 2,500 satoshi reward three times over the course of several months. Probably within the first 2,000 claims.

After the price dropped, the average reward per claim started to get higher but I haven’t gotten any jackpot like that again. Based on that experience, I assume that the owner has a control of reward rate that the user will get.

They can easily adjust it to reflect the current value of the coin, which is a nice thing for faucet owner like this. Other faucets will just use dynamic price. If the price go up, the rewards or set of rewards will automatically go down.

That is not the case here. The possible rewards remain the same but the probability was changed. For users, that means the same. When the price goes down, it’s an opportunity to earn more coins by the same number of claims.

Considering that we still have to reach the same minimum before we can withdraw, it is faster when the price is lower.  Since the reward is exactly in Bitcoin, we might want to hold it until it goes up, if it goes up.

I guess, it can be depressing in this bear market to keep losing the value of our earning. It is not a big deal if we just choose to sell Bitcoin immediately to any fiat currency or stablecoins. Luckily, they support payments via which has internal exchanger to USDT.

Usually, I will say that I have a problem with a faucet that still use Bitcoin as the main internal currency. Especially if 1 satoshi of BTC is like the lowest possible amount. It means that they cannot go lower than that.

This may not be a big deal during bare market. During the bull, actually, it doesn’t help the owner. They will still only give us like 1 or in this case 3 satoshi as the minimum from the faucet even if the price keeps going up. I’ve seen other faucet became bankrupt because of that.

On the other hand, I guess, we can say that has managed to survive that situation. Maybe the owner knows what to do, then.

Based on the comparisons above, depending on the value of Bitcoin, this might be one of the faucet with the highest earning rate. At least, based on the average that I got. Even if my average go a bit lower than that, this one is still very high. Again, with the current value of Bitcoin.

Since, they do not set the reward based on dynamic price exactly, the owner can just stay in this reward rate without changing it. While on other faucets with dynamic price, if the price goes down, we will get higher reward per claim and we can tell from every claim. Not this one.

Sadly, this one doesn’t have a history report for each claim. The only way we can tell whether the rate changes or not is by keep withdrawing as soon as possible and compare the interval time between each withdraw, assuming we keep using the site for the same frequency. At this moment, from my 3 withdraws, all of them were still within 3 months apart. That is for using only the faucet feature to earn and not others.

Since they do not offer any bonus like loyalty bonus or so, it’s hard for users to keep coming back to this. The minimum to withdraw is also very high even after using micro wallet service. Most people don’t want to wait for that long.

Or even if they use this, maybe they will stop after they have made it to the first withdraw. I thought we can just make a Bitcoin deposit and then withdraw the funds alongside our earnings since it doesn’t seem that they use separate balance.

According to the FAQ page, if we make a deposit, we have to spend them first in betting games. Otherwise, we have to pay 10% fee if we withdraw them immediately. There is no fee for withdrawing just from the earnings.

The claiming process is not exactly easy but not annoying with too many pop up ads. In fact, this one doesn’t seem to have any ads, which is very surprising. That means, their main revenue comes from those betting games.

What surprises me the most from this is that this one pays their users a lot. According to data from, if we look at the paid amount in the last 24 hours, usually is in the top 10, among sites.

Back to about claiming process, there were times when I failed to get the reward even after solving the captcha. But it doesn’t happen much for now. Sometimes, we don’t even need to solve any captcha at all. Maybe the system even fails to load that 3rd party program captcha.

It’s a good thing that they don’t use the captcha from Google. If they do, there will be peak times when it becomes harder to solve them. In that case, we might not be able to claim the faucet at all.

HCaptcha also has their own issue. Mostly when they use a weird new one occasionally. From what I understand, the owner of the site gets to choose whether to use those experimentation captcha versions or not. For, we may find those versions. Usually this will just prevent us from claiming the faucet for a day or 2 before they use the old one back.

I also noticed that we need to stay on page while the wheel is rotating. If we switch to a different browser tab, the wheel will just keep spinning. Is that mean, it’s possible to get a different result if we wait for a different time?

Since the captcha happens after they show the reward that we got from that spin, and the captcha is the way to receive that reward, maybe we can try again by not solving the captcha. This is in the hope that the next spin will give a better result.

I don’t know if it is possible or not but we still have to spend time waiting for the spin, reloading the page for every retry. Maybe that can increase the rate from 3 satoshi per claim to 10 or 15. I assume the owner will just set some limit but for some people maybe it is a nice increase to get 5x higher.

I assume that people will try to earn more by using the PAID feature. While the feature shows a wheel. However, it doesn’t mean that the probability for each segment is equal. Because if it does, there is no way I keep getting a lot of lowest possible reward.

In a way, that wheel is kind of deceiving. For the paid feature, we have to spend 100 satoshi for every spin. Unless we get 100 satoshi or higher, we lose the money. There are 4 possible rewards that are lower than 100 satoshi.

The position of those 4 are the same as the lowest possible rewards in the Free section. If we get the same result of segment as from the Free section, more likely than not we will get lower than 100.

Therefore, I do not recommend using that feature at all. It’s like another betting feature.

Overall, this is not a bad faucet to earn if we ignore that paid section. The earning rate is quite high but situational because of the BTC value. It may just take longer to withdraw than most other sites if we only use the faucet.

With that high earning rate and rather easy claiming process without any ads, maybe we shouldn’t miss this one.

Betting Games

This is not an earning feature. These are games that we can play on where we need to make a bet first. If we win, we might get more money than the amount we’ve spent. But if we lose the game, we lose the money,

It’s not like a game where we have a lot of control for the outcome. More likely than not we will lose. Of course, the money will go to the owner. So, we can consider it like a donation for the site.

However, I personally will not recommend using any of them at all to earn. If just for playing, then, that’s fine. In fact, some of these games have FUN MODE as opposed to PAID MODE. With the Fun mode, they will provide some made up money that we can spend to play the game.

We can lose all of the money if we want and it will just reset again. However, if we win, we won’t get any result as well. For those who are still thinking about making a real bet, it’s actually a good feature to get familiar with how the game and its feature works.

Anything under the GAMES menu on is a betting feature. If we click on the PROVIDERS menu, we can find out that there are a lot of different providers that this site use.

These are 3rd party programs. Maybe the owner gets some commissions from those programs if we spend some money to play the game.

There is one Dice Game that is actually owned by The one under the BITPLAY provider seems to be theirs. For that, we need to enter a bit more of our information like date of birth and names before we can access the game.

While I do not recommend using it, I’m curious about this feature. It seems that any faucet that managed to survive for years of offering their service always involves this kind of feature. Those who relies on just revenue from ads will have a tougher time.

As I said before, maybe this is main revenue. I don’t see that they have advertising feature or even just ads. And yet, they can keep paying huge amount of money everyday. That is just based on payments via They are probably sending a lot more directly to numerous wallets.

So, for faucet owners, maybe this is a good study case for a good business model in this industry. While I do not recommend people betting their money, it seems there are still a good number of people that love this feature.

Another interesting thing about this feature is the Rake Back Bonus. According to the Help or FAQ page, if we make a deposit and lose some money on the betting games, they might give us some cashback. They will send this bonus once a week every Monday.

Depending on the amount of money that we’ve lost on the betting games, we might get higher reward. For example, if we lose between 1 to 1,000 satoshi total in a week, they will send back 1% and we will get up to 10 satoshi back.

This goes up to 10% if we lose like 0.1 BTC or more. Again, this bonus only applies for those who made a deposit. If we just lose money from our earnings, they will not give any bonus from that.

I assume that we can just make a deposit and the losses from earnings will still count. Either way, what we get is nothing compared to what we have lost.  What makes this interesting is that seems to gain a lot of revenue and still can offer this bonus.


This one is another earning feature on Offerwalls are 3rd party providers who collect job offer from users. They will work with a platform like as the host and the host will display those jobs to the users of the host.

If the user can complete the job, the provider will pay the host and the host will share that money with the users. There are a lot of different types of job or offer that we can find from the Offerwalls, like survey, mobile app installations, sign ups, watch videos, PTC or even shortlinks and many more.

Every provider will offer different type of jobs. In the case of, there are 6 different providers, from Ayet Studios, Offer Toro, Adgate Media, TheoremReach, CPX Research and Wannads.

However, most of them are only offering Surveys, Mobile Apps and Sign Ups. We can access this feature by clicking on the menu that says OFFERWALLS on the dashboard of

From that, the next page we see will show a list with those providers. We can choose any of them and the page will reload all of the available jobs from that provider.

Each job usually has a short description of what we should do, a requirement that we need to meet in order to complete the job. On the right end of each job, they should show the amount of reward we can get for completing the job.

On, we will earn satoshi of Bitcoin from their offerwalls. The amount of satoshi we can get is between several satoshi, hundreds, thousands, or even up to ten thousand of satoshi.

So, we can just click on the job and follow the instruction and see if we can participate to complete the chosen job.

Comment and Suggestion

To be honest, I’m not a fan of offerwalls. Other people say that offerwalls will give higher rewards than other earning feature.

That might be true because with just one task, we can even get higher than the highest possible reward from the faucet feature. The problem is that not everybody can access them.

These tasks are not just some random giveaway but the task giver will want to get something. For example, if it is a survey, they want to get relevant data, from people with the right background or condition not just anybody.

Most of them will be based on the user’s geographic location. If the task is meant for certain specific country, only people from that country can access them. Usually people who live in US or Europe will have better chance.

For other country, they might want to rely on local tasks. However, that is just one requirement to filter the audience. There might be some more requirements. If the survey is about gadget, the survey probably can only be accessed by people who use specific gadget.

Even if we can access them, there is still no guarantee that we will get paid. The task giver might consider our work as incomplete and they will not pay us. This is aside from the holding balance by If we can see some additional amount in the holding balance, that means the task giver has paid and we just need to wait.

But from completing the task, it will take like days before they send the payment, if ever. If they don’t there is not much we can do.

We can’t complain to as the host but we need to complain directly to the providers. Most of the time it will not work. A lot of people say that we should just move on and try another task and see if that will work.

Usually I will only use PTC type of offer because they are universal and relatively very easy. However, compared to other type of task, PTC only give us very low reward. Moreover, most of providers doesn’t support that kind of task and we are seeing fewer numbers than before.

I can only suggest giving each task and providers a try. If they work for other people but not me, then good for them.

For me, I only consider offerwalls just to help me reach the minimum amount to withdraw faster. They might be essential for other programs that doesn’t use any micro wallet service. But has both.

I have to say that holding the balance by the host is a unique thing. Maybe there are others that do the same but I haven’t seen them yet. This might be a bit annoying for the user but if it is going to help the host, I guess we should just try to accept that.

But if I could access those high paying task, maybe I should just complete them on other programs. Maybe those programs don’t use any micro wallet and we will need other earning features to help us withdraw the earnings.

I think most of them will not allow us to complete the same task even if we come from different host. It is a limited opportunity, so for those who use a lot of other programs that offer the same offerwalls, they might want the best way to use it.

Based on the availability from the providers and the kind of task we can use, they are mostly similar between one to another. They are either survey or mobile apps, not enough variety.

Even though I might get minimum access to any of these jobs or offers, having an alternative earning option is good for the platform. More people can try them out and maybe some will find the feature works for them. In that case, they will have more reason to stay in the platform to keep using it.

Referral / Affiliate Program

There is a way to turn from an active income source into a passive one. That means, we don’t need to do a lot or actively use the earning features but we can still earn something passively.

That is by using the referral or affiliate features. What we do is we invite other people to join the program and let them use the platform. In this case, the program is and they can use the platform to earn.

Those invited will become our referrals. As their referrer, we will earn commission, a percentage of the amount they earn from using the platform.

It is true that we will get even lower amount. However, that is based on just one activity of one referral. The more referrals we have and the more active they use the platform will increase the chance to get more commission.

Moreover, we will earn those commission passively, 24/7 even while we are asleep. The earnings from the commission can be higher than if we actively do ourselves.

This one is a bit different compared to referral feature on other platforms. The question is, can this one from be as good as it sounds?

How does it work?

Like on any online program offering a referral or affiliate commission, each member will get a unique link with their ID attached to it. It is called referral link or reflink and this next one is mine for

If anybody click on that link and use the program, they will become my referral. And if they use the platform to earn, as the referrer, I will get a commission, 50% from the referral’s earning. This will not be taken from the referral’s work.

What we need to do is to share the link to anybody online on any platform that we regularly use. The platform can be our social media accounts, forum, group messenger for family and/or friends, email or even website or blog that we own.

Anywhere we can post the link and the public can access it will do. Even Google Docs can work, if we let the file visible.

To find our own unique link, we need to access the main Referral feature page by clicking the menu on the left that says REFERRAL. The page should look similar to the previous image.

On that page, there should be a white field with a link that is similar to my link above. The difference is only the unique code at the end that is dedicated for the account.

If we click on that link, the page has automatic copy system, so we don’t have to worry about sharing an incomplete link. Right below the link, the page also has share button to 3 different social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and VK.

There is a button that says DOWNLOAD OUR GRAPHIC KIT but at this moment, the link is empty. The bottom part of the page will show the stats for the total number of users that we have invited, the amount of money that they made and the commission that we got from them, in satoshi.

Aside from those, they do not provide more tools to help us promote like banners or tracking system. But the link is the most important part.

How to get (more) referrals?

Well, sharing the link is a must but how exactly? Sharing to the wrong people is like a salesman approaching stranger. People hate that.

If we try to share on our social media, people might get annoyed if they are not interested. Especially if we are spamming, sharing over and over again like multiple times within a day.

We could lose our followers, risking any network we have built. Maybe it’s better to have alternate account specifically just to share this kind of program.

We look for community or other users that we know are interested. Or only when they ask, then we can share with them the link.

A better way might be to share on forums. Not just any forum of course, but related to online money making program, bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies.

The problem with using any free platform like this is that we are probably not the only one who promote the same program. We have to offer something more than just the referral link like anybody else.

Another thing is that these free platforms have rules that they can suddenly change about promotion and not to mention, shutting down their service entirely. We have to start over our campaign if they delete them.

A better way would be to have our own website. We can share anything not just one program but others with the same, similar or related topics.

Having a website is like having a shop in real life. People can always come back to and find out more programs to use.

Then we can use those free platforms, forum or social media accounts just for promotion. A good way to get backlink or generate traffic.

Since it’s an online shop, it will stay open 24/7, no need to wait for us to wake up and can be accessed from everywhere around the world. The best part of having our own place or website is that any search engine like Google will do the promotion work nonstop.

And they will show the website as a result to exactly people who are interested in it. They use the search engine to look for it and get the website we build as the result. No need to worry about being annoying salesman.

Those people will access the website, see what we have to offer. Maybe a review like this, other or similar program we use, sharing experience, opinion, views to let people know that we understand this kind of program.

If they are interested, they will become our referrals for any program we promote. Once we have enough referrals for or every program we promote, we can have passive income even full-time income.

That is exactly how people can build their business online. They own a website, fill the website with contents that can help promote a program, and let it work automatically.

If you are interested to know more about how to build a website and turn it into an online business, keep reading. I will share with you later about a training program that anybody can use.

In the meantime, let’s head back to for a little bit.

Comment and Suggestion

At this point I haven’t gotten any referrals for Because of that, I cannot tell for sure whether the feature is working or not. What I’m about to say is based on my experience with other similar programs and assuming it will work the same way as the others.

First off, the referral page only mentions one commission rate, which is 50%. However, from their official forum thread on, they are offering different commission rate for different features. For referral’s earning from faucet, we still get 50% but from offerwalls, they will only give 10%.

They also give 0.5% from the amount of referral’s bet to their game. In that one, it doesn’t matter if they lose the money. The referrals just need to make a bet.

That info was updated in 2021 while the thread itself was opened in 2018. So, I assume it still works in that setting, which is confusing as they are different from the main page itself.

From that main page, we can assume that we will also get 50% from the offerwalls, which is higher than what they said on the forum. Also, the main page doesn’t say anything about commission from betting games.

Compared to the referral features on other platform, offering different rates based on features is a common practice. Considering that any user can earn thousands of satoshi from a single offer from offerwalls, if the platform has to pay 50% of that, they might go bankrupt. Not saying it’s happening.

For other jobs with smaller reward, it may not be a big problem. I assume that the referral needs to get paid first before the referrer will get their commission. That means, the job must be confirmed first, which can take a couple of days for the referral and probably more for the referrer.

Some platforms may not even offer a commission from various features. Some even offer just from one feature but not all of them.

This is actually a positive thing for referrer. Even if the referrer does not have access to complete any job at all, the referrals still might and that will generate commission. All we need to do is probably promoting this site to other users from US or Europe.

Not every referral will use it but the point usually is that we only need just a small number of active referrals. As long as they can keep using features and generate commission for long term even if just for small amount, it’s much better than if the referrals just do once and not return at all.

We can still increase this passive reward by inviting more people.

50% from the referral’s faucet earning is probably the highest among similar programs. There are a couple of other faucets that will give this high while the rest will only give like 20%, 10%, 5% or even nothing.

I assume that they will count the commission from each referral’s faucet claim immediately. There are others that will count like once a day and the commission will be based on their earnings from previous day or so. Again, I don’t know for sure with

Since the faucet reward is in satoshi and they are a fixed amount with several possibilities from the wheel, we can expect about what we can get. For the higher reward, like 2,500 satoshi, that means the referrer will get 1,250.

The question for the lower amount is whether they round it up or down. Like if the referral gets 3, 5 or 7 satoshi, do we get 1, 2 and 3 satoshi as commission in that respective order if they round it down? Or do we get 2, 3 and 4 satoshi if they round it up.

This is not really a big deal as we still get something. Maybe when the price of BTC goes up and 3 satoshi is the reward any user can get most of the time, we will technically only get like 33% rate.

My concern is when the price goes up even higher. If then, they choose to drop the reward down to 1 satoshi, will the referrer still get something? If they do, then, it’s like the commission rate becomes 100%. That can be financially dangerous for the platform.

Not that it’s going to happen anytime soon. It’s just, if they use a different internal currency, they will not have to worry about this future problem.

Assuming that it works, the commission based on the betting is an interesting one. Somehow, not every platform realizes how important to give incentive to people who brought more people to the platform to spend money.

While I do not encourage people to do betting but this can apply to platforms with advertising feature or paid membership. If we can bring money in which is helpful for the platform, why won’t we get some rewards. That is what Amazon and other online platforms are doing for those who can bring customers.

I actually prefer that they offer commission from the deposit, not just the spending. But then, since we can still withdraw the deposit without spending them, except for fees, I can see why that cannot work.

0.5% is also not that much. One of the game requires 20 satoshi as the minimum bet. For that, the referrer can get 0.1 satoshi which is an impossible amount for the platform. If they round down, the referrer will gain nothing.

The referrals must spend like 200 satoshi before we can get something. Some referrals will do but it’s not going to be a sustainable income source. Once they have lost all of the money, they might not return to the site at all. Or even if they do, they might not use that betting feature again.

Sadly, they do not provide a data of how much betting that happens on the platform each day. I assume, they will not generate much commission.

While I like all of the possible passive income source we can get from the commissions, I wish they can also offer different earning features like PTC, shortlinks or others. Those can give a reason for users to keep using the site and if those users are our referrals, the referrer can definitely earn more.

Otherwise, those users will probably use the faucet for a bit. Maybe only until they reach the minimum to withdraw but that can be the end for them. It is also possible that they will just give up before even getting paid.

One good thing about related to this referral feature is that they have proper registration process with emails and not just wallet address. This is important for building a long-term passive income source.

We want referrals to keep coming back using the same ID instead of a different one. If they can sign in with just any wallet address, nowadays it is very easy to generate a new wallet address. If that’s the case, the next time they sign in using a different address, it is possible that the referral is no longer ours.

The system will consider that wallet address as a new account. If it is an active referral, we might stop getting commission, even if they stay active. Luckily, that is not the case with

Of course, with email address, any user can still do the same. But it is not that easy to make a new email everytime and manage multiple email addresses.

So, using proper registration with emails, the risk of losing our referrals is lower but it can still happen. We can keep inviting more people and grow the commission we can get. That is more difficult to happen if we can lose referrals.

Another risk of losing referrals if suddenly the referrals forget to sign in for like 30 days or so. From what I understand, the system will either reset or delete inactive accounts.

If the referral is indeed done with using the site, we are losing them anyway. However, if they were just having problems at the moment but they can come back later, that is another issue. To be fair, a lot of online platforms will delete inactive accounts anyway, so it is not just this.

It can be helpful if the platform has a feature to let users contact each other, especially between referrals and their referrer. The referrer can then run a competition or contest between referrals. Whoever is active enough on using the platform can win a prize. Something like that can give an incentive for referrals to keep coming back and maybe use the site more intensely.

The referrer can then just use the commission or part of the commission and give that back to the referrals, even just one of them. While the referrer is not getting income but it can help grow their team. Other people will try to join that referrer.

Sadly, does not provide detail data about each referral. Even something simple like automatic cashback to each referral can be a powerful promotional tool.

With all of that in mind, I think potentially, is a good referral feature to build a long-term passive income source. I just wish that they can add more feature, possibly earning features to give more reason for users to keep coming back and probably invite more.


Now that we’ve learned everything we can do on, we should understand how they handle the payment. We need to know how to withdraw the earnings and for those who want to spend their money betting, there is a way to make a deposit. accepts deposits in more different cryptocurrencies than the options to get paid from them. At this moment, they will accept deposit in 7 different cryptocurrencies: BTC, DOGE, TRX, USDT (TRC-20), BUSD (BSC), Solana and BNB (BEP-20).

Any deposit will be automatically converted into BTC currency. That means, depending on the rate, we might get different amount of BTC for the same amount of deposit in different currencies. For non BTC deposit, each currency will have different minimum of deposit.

To withdraw, they are willing to pay in 6 different cryptocurrencies: BTC, DOGE, TRX, XRP, LTC and BCH. All of the payments will be sent directly to the corresponding cryptocurrency wallet of our choice.

For payments in BTC, there is an alternative way, which will be via, a micro wallet service for lower minimum to withdraw. We can use this link to create account with or learn more from Review.

Technically, this micro wallet service also accepts payments in those cryptocurrency options directly to the corresponding wallet, except for XRP. So, if we use the deposit address from our micro wallet account, we can still get payment from

Any wallet can do, as long as we know how to use the wallet. For those who don’t have any wallet, I can also recommend using wallet from for BTC, DOGE and LTC because of their investment feature.

For just wallet for more different cryptocurrencies, I can also recommend using or Both of them are exchangers platform.

How to Deposit

To make a deposit, we can first access the Deposit page of There is a menu that says DEPOSIT on the left navigation bar. If we click on that, the next page we see should be similar to the previous image.

As we can see, at the top, there is a drop-down bar to choose the cryptocurrency we want to make deposit with. The page will then show a deposit address for the chosen coin, including the QR code.

There is a green copy button that we can use to minimize copying incomplete address. Right below that copy button, for non BTC deposit, they will say the minimum amount, before the network transaction fee. They also say about the conversion fee from non BTC deposit to BTC but so far, all options have 0 fee.

For more information about the deposit, the page has a button that says NEED HELP? above the address part. If we click on that, it will tell us the number of network confirmation that each cryptocurrency needs before the money will show up in our balance after the sending.

Somehow it talks about more different cryptocurrencies that they no longer accept, such as ETH or ADA.

As I said before, any deposit will be automatically converted into BTC, the only main balance on

At this point, I have not made any deposit to so I don’t know how long it will take. On that deposit page, there is a section for deposit history with a Status column on the right. I assume that we can see the transaction ID to check on the blockchain explorer.

Aside from that Deposit page, next to our balance at the top right corner, we should see a button that says Deposit. A pop-up window will show the same feature as that page.

How to Withdraw

For this one, I have only tried the micro wallet payment option and that’s what I will be sharing in this section. I assume the process will be the same with just extra steps for the micro wallet.

To withdraw, we first need to access the WITHDRAWALS page from the menu on the left. The next page we see right after should be similar to the previous image.

As we can see, there is a form that we need to fill to request the withdraw. At the top they will show our balance. Right after that, we can choose the cryptocurrency we want to get paid with.

The next part, specifically just for BTC option, we can choose the withdrawal method, either directly to BTC address or Right below that is where we should enter the wallet address, regardless of the option we chose.

In the last field, we can enter the amount to withdraw. There is a button that says ALL which will enter the entire balance to that field. If the amount doesn’t meet the minimum requirement, right below that we should find a red text that says it’s below the threshold.

Below that section, the page will tell us the minimum. Most of the options require 10,000 satoshi in our balance. The exception is payment to BTC address which requires 30,000 satoshi.

After we have entered all of the info, we can proceed by clicking on the button that says WITHDRAW. A pop-up window will appear and says that they have sent a confirmation link via email. We need to click that link or they won’t process the payment.

After clicking that link, we will go back to the Withdrawal page again. But this time, at the bottom we should find an entry on the payment history report. If they have not processed it, the Status should say either PENDING or NEW.

We can find out more about all of the possible status that the payment can get from PENDING, NEW, MANUAL, COMPLETED or DECLINED.

If it gets a NEW status, then all we can do is just wait. The page says that they will process the payment before 00:00 UTC. For payment via, we should see an entry in the payment history from Satoshi Hero as shown by the fourth picture below.

This indicates that they have sent the payment. From my experience, the first payment took almost a day. The latest one was almost instant.

That is it with the process of getting payment from via the micro wallet.

For any issue with deposit or withdraw process, the page suggests sending an email for support to

Conclusion is one of the Bitcoin Faucet from 2018. While we can get free Bitcoin from them, but we can also withdraw the coins to several different cryptocurrencies.

The faucet itself is like a wheel of fortune. We can spin the wheel and depending on the segments of the wheel that stop at the top, we will get different amount of Bitcoin satoshi. The lowest one is 3 up to 250,000 if we are lucky.

The process is very easy. We just need to solve one captcha from hCaptcha in every claim and there is no pop-up ads that we need to deal with.

While the rewards stated on the wheel doesn’t change or depends on the dynamic price of Bitcoin, the owner can still adjust. When the price of BTC goes up, we might get lower earning rate on average and vice versa.

Since the minimum to withdraw remains the same, it will take longer to reach that minimum when the price goes up.

On average, the earning rate is quite good compared to other faucets. But that is situational based on the current rate of BTC. We can claim the faucet once every 30 minutes.

Sadly, there is no bonus feature to increase the reward like Loyalty bonus or so. There is an option to immediately spin the wheel again but we need to pay 100 satoshi for every spin before the interval time. For this Paid mode, the minimum reward is slightly higher. But if we are not lucky enough, for every spin, we can lose money.

Aside from the faucet, the only other earning option is Offerwalls. There are a couple of different providers but all of them have the same type of offers. Either survey or sign ups which may not work for all users.

Maybe the main feature of is the betting games. There are a couple of different games we can play from various providers. Some allow us to just play for free but if we win, we won’t get anything.

If we do make a bet using our Bitcoin, we can get higher than the bet but only if we win. Otherwise, we lose that money.

What makes it interesting is that they are offering weekly Rake Bonus. Essentially, they are giving back some of the losses like 1%. However, this only works for users who made a deposit and lose the bet. Losing our earnings doesn’t count.

The last feature is the referral or affiliate features. We can get 50% from the referral’s earning, according to the website. However, on other forums, offerwalls might give lower commission rate. We can also gain commission if the referral made a bet.

Potentially, this is a good one for long-term passive income source. However, maybe they need to add more earning features not just from bets. We might get commission from referral’s bet but if they lose money, they might not want to come back.

They also accept deposit using several different cryptocurrencies. But any of them will be converted automatically to BTC. Technically we can still use it as a wallet but if we want to withdraw the deposit without making bets, we have to pay a lot of fees.

For payments, they are willing to pay in several different cryptocurrencies but most of them will be sent directly to the wallet. The exception is BTC which we can get paid via micro wallet service. Usually, they will process the payment within a day.

Overall, is not a bad faucet. I just wish that they can offer more earning options that I can have access to that doesn’t require betting.

So, if you still consider this as an opportunity for more coins or make it as a long-term passive income source, you can start by creating account with via this link. It’s FREE.

Earn More Coins from Similar Programs

There are a lot of other programs, not just faucet like this where we can earn more cryptocurrencies like BTC, DOGE, BNB and many more. Some of them will pay via the same micro wallet but others can just send the payment directly to our wallet.

Here are some that I have tried so far. Links are to a review article for each program. I recommend checking the article to find out the latest update.

Last update: November 2022.

For programs that will pay via Remember that there is an exchanger feature on this micro wallet., BTC) (Faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins)
(Ad Network, Bitcoin) (faucet, 5 minutes, BTC) (faucet, 5 minutes, USDT) (faucet, 5 minutes, Multi Coins) (faucet, 3 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 5 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 1 minute, Multi Coins) (PTC, BTC) (Faucet, 5 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 15 minutes, BTC)
(Faucet, 1 hour, Bitcoin) (Faucet, 1 minute, DOGE) (Faucet, 1 hour, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 10 minutes, Dogecoin) (Faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins) (PTC, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins) (PTC, BTC) (PTC, BTC) (Faucet, 5 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 45 minutes, BTC) (Faucet. 60 minutes, BTC)

Here are for programs that will send the payment directly to our wallet. Faucet (Exchanger, Multi Coins) (Faucet, PTC, Offerwalls, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins) and the Group (Faucet, Multi Coins) (Faucet, Investment, BTC) & Group (Faucet, Investment, Multi Coins) (Faucet, ZEN) (Faucet, Multi Coins) (PTC, offerwalls, Multi Coins) (Faucet, PTC, Shortlinks, Multi coins) (Investment, Exchanger, Faucet, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 5 minutes, BTC) (Faucet, 1 week, ALGO) (Faucet, 10 minutes, Multi Coins)

I don’t always update every article on this website. Please check this Complete List for the latest one.

Final Words

As mentioned before that we cannot earn that much from or any of the cryptocurrency faucet. Usually, the key is to use the referral program, get a lot of referrals and let them do the work and we get the commission passively.

There is no need to rely on just referral program from We can try and promote other referral programs as well. As many as we want.

In order to do that, it’s better to have our own website, promote the program until we can get enough referrals and they can generate income for us. This is not only limited to digital product but we can also promote physical product.

Share a link from a marketplace like Amazon, or directly from big brands like Apple, and if people buy something, we can earn some commission. It’s not limited to just tech product but any passion we have from food, travel, sports, movies.

That is how we can have an online business.

If you are interested to learn more about building a website and turn it into a business, even a passive income, there is a training program that you can try.

On this training, not only we can learn about how to, but we can actually set up the website, grow it until it can generate income. We can learn from a lot of experts who were once just like you and me, know almost nothing about online business.

This is an easy training program that even a guy without a college degree can use it. Within two years he started to have a full time income from his website and quit his regular job.

We can even ask the owner the help out directly. Try it. Join the program for FREE and try to reply their first message to you and see if they get back and help you out.

You can learn more about the training from my review here.

We grow the business and website by using affiliate programs just like Here is my list of other affiliate programs that you can try.

I will keep updating the page and add more programs. So, stay tuned.

Well, that’s all I can share with you about, a cryptocurrency faucet program. Maybe I missed something and you have more question about it, or if you want to add your experience, view, opinion, don’t hesitate to use the comment section below.

Maybe you also have other experience with other similar programs with this, hopefully a better one, you can suggest something as well. I would love to help if I could and learn more about online program.

Hope my reviews can help. Thanks for reading.


Mark M.

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