It seems that after 2020, the value of cryptocurrency, will just keep getting higher and higher at least for a while. The popular ones like Bitcoin can go like from $40,000 to $50,000 per coin within a week or so.

That means, even a single satoshi or the lowest possible amount of cryptocurrency we get now will have higher value within a month or even more. At the same time, there will be a point where giving away just 1 satoshi is already too much.

Which is why I started to consider using programs where we can earn rather highly right now even though they are not going to last very long. This next one, is probably one of them.

So, who is Is legit or scam? Which cryptocurrency we can earn from them? How do we get paid?

Those are probably just a few questions that came to mind after hearing about the program. Well, in this article, I’m going to share with you my review based on my experience and what I can find from the internet.

Hope this helps. Is going to be the best cryptocurrency faucet program out there?

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Website: (BTC)
Sister Sites:
Litecoin Faucet (LTC)
Dogecoin Faucet (DOGE)
Tron Faucet (TRX)
Binance Faucet (BNB)
Solana Faucet (SOL)
Bitcoin Faucet (
Litecoin Faucet (

Dogecoin Faucet (
Tron Faucet (
Feature: daily claim limit
Referral Commission: 20%
Payment Method:,
Started Since: January 2021
My Status: PAYING
Last Payment: December 2023

News and Update

December 2023. Republished the article again from 14 December 2022.

July 2023. The site is back online now. I already got paid again from this. The referral commission rate is now 20%.

April 2023. It seems the site is no longer available as a crypto faucet as discussed in this article. The owner might use it for different purpose, probably the same but no information at this point.

I changed the status for this to NOT AVAILABLE for now.

December 2022. Republished the article from the original date of 19 March 2021.

November 2022. They have an antibot system that we need to answer a couple of times before we can reach the faucet page. I thought it was broken but apparently it worked.

October 2022. The faucet got into infinite loop with pop up ads to the point that it is impossible to claim the coin. Changed the status for this to PROBLEMATIC.

September 2022. They added Binance and Solana faucet.
Binance Faucet (BNB)
Solana Faucet (SOL)

May 2022. Apparently this one is still active. They keep changing the faucet like between mandatory or optional shortlink process as part of the faucet claim.

One interesting change was that we can now enter our username to get paid. Actually, we can no longer use the wallet address again. But this can change.

The problem is that, now I need to change the referral links for all of their faucet. Here is one link just for the BTC faucet.

April 2022. Somehow I cannot find these sites from the list of sites anymore. It is possible that they have stopped their service. Also, if we go to page, they now have a blog page.

January 2022. Apparently, we now need to go through a shortlink first before we can claim the faucet from The problem with this is that if they do not have any funds, going through that shortlink would be a waste.

April 2021. The daily claim limit has been reduced to 15. Apparently, they already removed all of their faucets supported by the service.

March 2021. Ever since this article was written, there were some changes. First, the timer is now 5 minutes for all of the faucets. That means the earning rate comparisons in this article is probably not that relevant. also hides the balance of the coin. That means the only way to know whether the faucet has some funds or not is by checking the latest claim at the bottom of the page.

In March 2021, got hacked and probably lost more than $600,000 worth of cryptocurrencies. has stated that they will cover the loss. However, this will affect not just the users but also the faucet owners as they cannot operate the faucet and manage the funds. has decided to open a Bitcoin faucet supported to service. Maybe they will add the other coins as well.

Here is the link to earn Bitcoin via I think it is a good idea to have an alternative.

We can use this link to create account with Learn more about the micro wallet from my review here.

Update: Here are the links to earn the other coins, Dogecoin Faucet, Litecoin Faucet, and Tron Faucet.


There is not much we can find regarding or the owner which is very typical among similar programs. They don’t have any profile page, just faucet page and links, usually affiliate links to another page that can support the owner. was launched in January 2021, so they are still relatively new to this point. I think the owner also have another website called, which we can find the link from

Both of these websites offer the same cryptocurrency but maybe this one is for short term use while the other is better for long term. Also, both of these are supported by micro wallet.

At this time, there are about 600 daily users just for a single faucet of

Cryptocurrency Faucet is one of the simple instant cryptocurrency faucet program. From a cryptocurrency faucet, anybody can earn money, usually in cryptocurrency for doing almost nothing.

The least we should do is just to click a button. Most of this type of programs nowadays will require more like click and view some ads, visiting links and going through pages and solve some captcha system.

The amount of money we can get from any faucet is usually not that much, considering how easy and little the effort is. However, usually these programs allow users to repeat the process, claim the reward over and over again after waiting for a period of time.

By keep using them overtime alongside with many more similar programs, those small amount of money will eventually become something big. With the hopes that the value of the cryptocurrency to get higher in the future, using this type of programs becomes an earning option for some.

In the case of, this is essentially four different faucets offering 4 different cryptocurrencies in a single website. We can claim either Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin or Tron from once every 10 minutes from each of them.

The claiming process is rather simple. However, for those who are not familiar with cryptocurrency, wallet, micro wallet, the process can be a bit confusing at first.

Here are a little step by step guide of how to earn from

STEP 1 – Open a Cryptocurrency Wallet

In order to accept any cryptocurrency as a payment, we first need to have the right digital wallet specifically just for that cryptocurrency. From the wallet, we will get a wallet address, like a payment ID that we can use to accept the payment from other people.

Any wallet will do, as long as we know how to use it. For those who don’t have one yet, I recommend using the one from

From this, we can have a wallet for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin in a single platform. Another reason why I recommend it is because also offers  investment.

Only by keeping the coins there, we can earn daily interest, compounded to the balance. In theory, the money can grow by itself.

So far, they probably offer the highest fixed rate of 0.02% daily. Also, has their own faucet just like

Learn more from my Review. We can use this link to create account with

For Tron wallet, we can use either or, where they offer staking option, another investment program.

The next step will be to get the wallet address from or any of the wallet we use.

STEP 2 – Get a Wallet Address

A wallet is just a platform while the address is the payment ID. We can tell any merchant or anybody to send the cryptocurrency to that ID or wallet address.

For those who are using the wallet, after we sign in, we will immediately arrive on the WALLET page with a list of many different cryptocurrencies as shown by the next picture.

What we need to do is to find the row for either Bitcoin, Dogecoin or Litecoin. At the right end of the row, we will see 2 or 3 icons. If we click on the first one, with the down arrow, it will open a window like the one shown by the second picture below.

As we can see, it says DEPOSIT ADDRESS. The address is a combinations of letters and numbers that is rather difficult to memorize. We need to copy that address and it is recommended to use the green copy button at the bottom.

Remember that each cryptocurrency will have different wallet or deposit address even though for the same account in the same platform or wallet. The second picture below shows the wallet address for Dogecoin.

The address for Bitcoin and Litecoin will be different. We have to make sure that we use them correctly.

If we use different wallet or platform, the process will be similar. It is just a matter where they will put the address.

Now that we already have the wallet address, the next step is to open a micro wallet.

STEP 3 – Open a Account

Sending any cryptocurrency payment directly to any wallet will require some minimum amount and a transaction fee to process. Since a cryptocurrency faucet can only offer relatively very small amount, we first need to collect them in an intermediate platform, a micro wallet.

For, they only work with, a micro wallet platform. They will first send the coin to our account, and after reaching the minimum, we can ask to send the coin to our wallet.

In this case, our account wallet. Any wallet will do.

We can use this link to create account with

Learn more from Review and find out more earning programs similar to

Opening a account is not enough. We also need to link the wallet address or register the payment ID to our account, which is the next step.

STEP 4 – Link the Wallet Address

To link the wallet address, after we sign in to account, we have to go to DASHBOARD and then USER DASHBOARD. From the Dashboard, we have to click on the LINKED ADDRESSES menu of the second row.

The page we see will be similar to the next image. There will be 3 fields. The first one is to enter the wallet or deposit address.

The second one is to enter the label. This is to remind us the platform or wallet of that address. In my example here, we can enter STAKECUBE.NET or the name of the wallet we use.

For the last one, we need to choose the right cryptocurrency. Remember that we cannot mix them together. Bitcoin wallet is to accept Bitcoin, Litecoin wallet for Litecoin, etc.

Double check again the address with the source before we link them. Missing even just one character means losing the money.

Then, we can click on the green LINK button to proceed. If we do it correctly, we can see the linked address at the bottom of that page.

There is a delete button at the right end if we think the wallet that we just linked is wrong. We just have to repeat the process of linking.

Only after the address has been linked, we can then use the link to accept payment from any of the supported faucet programs. is just one of them.

Now, we can start earning.

STEP 5 – Earn from has several faucets each offering different cryptocurrencies on its own page. We can use any of these links below to access any of them.

Bitcoin Faucet (BTC)
Litecoin Faucet (LTC)
Dogecoin Faucet (DOGE)
Tron Faucet (TRX)

For my next example, I will be using the Bitcoin Faucet. Regardless of the cryptocurrency, the process is the same. It is just that we will be using different wallet address for the corresponding faucet.

The faucet page will be similar with the one shown by the next image. If we scroll down a bit, we will find a field where we can enter the wallet address.

In this example, the field will say FaucetPay Bitcoin Address. We just paste the linked wallet address in here and then click the CLAIM button right below it to proceed.

There will probably some pop up ads when we click any part of the page. After we click the claim button, a small window will appear as shown by the next picture.

This window will have two captcha or antibot system that we need to solve. As we can see, currently, the first one is from hCaptcha. Solve it until the small box has a check mark.

Then we go to the STEP 2 or the second captcha system. For this we need to click four boxes in the same order as the instruction above it.

Each time we click the box, the box will disappear. After we click on the fourth one, another button that says GET REWARD will appear to replace those boxes.

We can click on it to proceed. If we think we do it in the wrong order, there will be a reset button right next to the instruction after all 4 boxes has disappeared.

The four boxes will appear again with that button and we can try again. Once we are done, the page will reload and we can see the result as shown by the second picture below.

The page will be similar as the first one but this time, there will be no field to paste the wallet address and button to claim like before. As shown by the picture it will say “1 satoshi was sent to you on“.

That is it with the claiming process. If we try to reload the page again, as shown by the third picture below, it will tell us how much longer we have to wait before we can claim again.

The faucets are set to be accessible again after 10 minutes. We can keep doing this 25 times a day per faucet.

The limit will reset again 24 hours since the claim, not since the last one. It doesn’t reset at the same server time either.

While waiting for 10 minutes on one faucet, we can try to earn from 3 other faucets. We can use the menu at the top that says OUR FAUCETS and click the faucet of the next coin.

STEP 6 – More Coins on

The only way to know whether we actually get paid or not is by checking our account. From the User Dashboard, we can scroll down and find payment history to our account.

If we do get paid by, we can see the history similar to what is shown by the previous picture. It will have an entry that says CLAIMCLICKS followed by the right cryptocurrency.

That is it with the claiming process. We can keep doing it, claim from until we have reached the minimum to withdraw before we can ask to send the coin to our wallet. In this example, that would be to send to account or any wallet we use on STEP 1.

Alternatively, we can also try other programs supported by We can check the Faucet list page or here are some that I have tried so far.

ES Faucet (Faucet, Multi Coins, Exchanger) (Faucet, Bitcoin, more earning options) & group (Faucet, Bitcoin) (Faucet, Multi Coins, more earning options)
Fire Faucet (Auto Faucet, Muti Coins, more earning options) (Faucet, Multi Coins, more earning options) (Faucet, Bitcoin) (Faucet, Multi Coins, more earning options) (Faucet, Multi Coins) (Faucet, Multi Coins, more earning options) (Faucet, Bitcoin, more earning options) (Faucet, Multi Coins, more earning options) (Faucet, Dogecoin, more earning options) (Faucet, Bitcoin) (Faucet, Multi Coins) & group (Faucet, Multi Coins) (Faucet, multi Coins) (Faucet, Multi Coins) (PTC, Bitcoin) (Ad Network, Bitcoin) (PTC, Multi Coins, more earning options)

These are just some that I have written a review for up to this point. Check out Review for more programs or this article for the latest update or even more ways to earn cryptocurrency beyond the micro wallet.

Remember that also has an exchanger feature or the Coin Swap. This will let us convert any coin to just a single cryptocurrency.

So, even though we don’t necessarily collect certain coins, we can earn them and trade them later to the coin that we do collect. By doing that also, we can reach the minimum to withdraw even faster.

To withdraw from, each coin will have different minimum amount and fee. They will then process the payment manually about 4 hours since the request has been submitted.

Also, we probably have to wait for a couple more hours before the transaction is confirmed on the network. Then, we can check whether we get paid or not in our wallet.

Earning Rate and Comparisons offers a fixed reward for each claim we do with their faucet. They may change the reward in the future depending on many different factors such as the value of the currency.

This is typical. If the value gets higher, usually the reward will be lowered and vice versa.

Here are the details at this moment. This is when 1 BTC is about $50k.

Bitcoin: 1 satoshi per claim ($0.0005). Up to 25 satoshi per day ($0.0125).
Litecoin: 130 litoshi per claim ($0.0003). Up to 3.250 litoshi per day ($0.0075).
Dogecoin: 0.0058 DOGE per claim ($0.0003). Up to 0.145 DOGE per day ($0.0075).
Tron: 0.00479793 TRX per claim ($0.0003). Up to 0.11994825 TRX per day ($0.0075).

With 25 claims per day as the limit, it will take like 250 minutes or over 4 hours to claim everything in a day. In USD, based on the numbers above, we can get $0.035 per day(67 satoshi or 1,500 litoshi or 0.62 DOGE or 0.56 TRX).

The question is now, is that a good earning rate? One way to find out is by making simple comparisons between earning rate with other similar programs. In this case, other cryptocurrency faucet.

Here are some that I have tried so far.

Comparisons to Other Programs, usually as my standard for good earning faucet, can give us like less than 5 satoshi at this time per claim every hour as the base reward which is what we will get most of the time. There is a chance to get higher rewards per claim from this. If we are willing to claim every hour the entire day, this will give higher rate than, now the faucet can only give us 2 claims per day. For me right now about 20 coins a day and with 100 coins equals to $0.01 means $0.002 per day, or about 6 satoshi. We can get over 15 times higher per day with, a 5 minute faucet can offer like 1 satoshi per claim. Then, this can give higher in 10 minutes than Bitcoin faucet but the claiming process is much more complicated. and their group, each as hourly faucet can give altcoins about 323 litoshi at this time as the base prize. With 3 claims from in an hour, we already get higher than this., also can give constant amount but only 1 satoshi every hour at this moment. That is the same as one claim from Bitcoin faucet of, has a faucet feature, give at least 1 satoshi in per hour. The average rate should be higher but that minimum is the same as one claim from Bitcoin faucet of can give like 0.005 DOGE as the base reward per claim per hour as the base reward. That one claim is even lower than one claim from, a 1 minute faucet and no limit can give random amount per claim, currently about 0.0052 DOGE at least. That is about the same amount per claim as but we can get 10 more from this., an auto faucet, at this time, with maximum bonus, can give like 1 satoshi per hour. That is just the same amount as one claim from, an hour faucet, offers like just 1 Bitcoin satoshi per hour. We can get higher but it is almost impossible to achieve. and most of other faucet programs can offer higher than this., another hourly faucet with multiple faucets, offers like 10 satoshi as the minimum per hour from the Bitcoin faucet only. That is almost twice as much as what we can get from per hour., an hour faucet, can give us like 0.0027 DGB or about $0.0002 per claim. That one claim is already lower than one claim from, a no timer faucet, with 40 claims per day will give about 300 LPONS per claim or about 37.5 litoshi per claim. The reward per claim is lower but for a daily rate, that is the same as but with all faucets.

ES Faucet, another lump sum claim faucet, which we can earn from 30 minutes, offering 13 different coins, can give like 0.27 satoshi after waiting for 30 minutes per faucet as the base prize only. The possible highest daily rate from this is more than twice as much as if we are willing to claim every 30 minutes., an auto faucet, could offer like 120 litoshi per hour or 2,880 litoshi per day. That is almost twice as much as what we can get from per day., an hourly faucet, can offer like 2 satoshi per hour or up to 48 per day. We just need 2 claim from the Bitcoin faucet of to match this hourly rate. and their group offers like 0.013 DOGE per claim per 10 minutes or about 0.078 DOGE per hour. That one claim is more than twice as much as one Dogecoin faucet claim from, a 6 minute faucet can offer like 2 satoshi per claim or 20 satoshi per hour. That one claim is already higher than one claim from, another lump sum faucet, offers like 2 satoshi after 10 minutes waiting, without the bonus. That one claim is already higher than one claim from, a 30 minute faucet, can give us like 5 ALTH per claim or about 206 litoshi per claim. We just need 2 claims from Litecoin faucet and already get higher than this., a 20 hour faucet can give like less than $0.0004 per claim as the base reward. That is just slightly higher than one claim from, a 40 minute faucet, offers like 1.25 satoshi per claim. We just need 2 claims from in the same time, to get higher rewards than this., an hour faucet and we can claim like 80 litoshi per claim as the minimum. One Litecoin faucet claim from is more than 1.5 times higher than this., a 15 minute faucet can offer like $0.000036 per hour or $0.000864 per day. One claim from and we already get 10 times higher than one claim from this., and their group can offer like 0.0035 DOGE per claim and we can claim once per 5 minutes per faucet. So, in 10 minutes or with 2 claims from this the reward is higher than, a 24 hour faucet offers multiple coins. If we claim all of them, we can get about $0.0018 or currently about 3 satoshi. We just need 3 Bitcoin faucet claims from to get the same amount., a daily faucet, where we can earn about 0.0008 DOGE and 0.00000047 ZEC per day or about $0.000064. One claim from is already 5 times higher than this. a once a day faucet can give us like 18 satoshi per day. From, we can get like almost 4 times higher than this by claiming everything., a 5 minute lump sum faucet can give us like 0.81 satoshi per claim. That means for 10 minutes, this one offers like 1.5 times higher than, as a 10 minute faucet can give us 1 satoshi per claim. This is probably the closest similar programs with but with different currencies., a 40 minute faucet can give us like at least 5 tokens per claim or 7.5 tokens per hour with every 10,000 tokens is worth about $1 at this time. That means, we can get $0.00075 per hour or $0.018 per day. One claim from and we can get more than 4 times higher than this one., a multi coin 6 minute faucet can offer like 1 satoshi per claim. That one claim is the same as but with shorter time., a PTC with 60 minute faucet, can offer like $0.0025 per hour as the minimum. One claim from is already higher than one claim from this.

This is just comparing strictly between the faucet earning rate. There are more things to consider like the claiming process or how easy to withdraw.

Some programs can offer other earning feature or bonus that could make them a better choice. On the other hand, some users might not be able to use those other earning feature and can only rely on faucet.

Comment and Suggestion

This is relatively still a new program, less than a month at the time of this writing. They will probably have to adjust the earning rate or add more revenue to their site like adding more ads or integrate with shortlinks and such.

That is also assuming that they can keep the supply of the cryptocurrency. Most simple instant faucet programs like this usually doesn’t last very long.

The website is still online but the owner doesn’t replenish their balance again. It is even harder at this point of time when the price of Bitcoin keeps getting higher.

The owner may have to spend the same amount of coins but overtime, the value gets higher and suddenly they can no longer buy the supply again. Which is why if we want a sustainable faucet programs, the program needs to have its own internal currency. This way, they will have the control over their finances.

Other cryptocurrencies with lower value like DOGE and TRX that they already use can do but for limited time. If the price keeps going up as well, they will have to deal with the same problem again.

That 1 satoshi as the reward from their Bitcoin faucet will eventually stop. I suspect they want to offer something lower like the other coins but that is already the lowest possible amount.

The solution on similar programs would be to consider 1 satoshi as the integer instead of 1 BTC. Then they have to keep the amount first in their website, allowing the user to accumulate some balance first.

This will not fix the problem permanently as well. The next problem would be the micro wallet itself. must change how they count their Bitcoin as well. Otherwise, we can only withdraw every 1 satoshi and that can take a while.

These are the reasons I don’t use simple instant faucet like this. Sure, with short interval time, they tend to offer higher rewards than others as we can see from the comparisons above.

The claiming process itself is not that hard. There are a lot of similar programs where we have to solve 2 captcha systems like this. Some even force us to solve more per claim.

The first one is from hCaptcha, 3rd party program. More faucets nowadays have started to use this instead of reCaptcha or Solve Media.

This can be as annoying as reCaptcha where we have to deal with smaller pictures over and over again. I heard that any owner will get some monetary compensation for using this unlike the other 2.

Unfortunately, there is no alternative. That means, if hCaptcha become accessible due to whatever reasons, we cannot claim until they fix it.

The second captcha is just standard one from their script.

There is no sound notification to let us know that we are ready to claim again. Even there is no countdown timer. If the remaining time is less than 1 minute, the page will still say 1 minute.

I do appreciate the links to their other faucets from one. Considering we can treat them as different faucet, it is a good idea to make it easy to claim and move to the next.

I would rather they just use icons though, instead of drop down menu.

It is nice to have multiple different cryptocurrencies. If the owner can afford and manage it, adding more faucet for more different coins will be great.

However, this will add another problem for the owner. They have to manage buying and selling more different coins. There will be time when one faucet will be empty for a long time.

For this kind of program, another solution that I have seen so far that can try is to integrate with a shortlink. This is not just to increase their revenue but also higher reward for the user.

I do hope they will put it as optional feature instead of forcing them every claim. Not sure if it is even possible with that number of claims per day.

Regardless, we can try to earn from before the claiming process becomes very complicated.

Referral / Affiliate Program

As mentioned before, the amount of money we can get from or any faucet program is not that much. They are just pennies and some people think it is not worth the time.

However, by offering a referral or affiliate commission, any program can become a source of passive income. What we need to do is to invite other people to join the program and let them use the service.

In this case, the program is and the service is to earn money by claiming the reward from the faucets. As the referrer, we will earn commission. The amount is based on some percentage of the referral’s earning.

It is true that is even lower than what we can get by ourselves. However, that is just from one claim of one referral.

The more referrals we have and the more active they use the platform will increase the commission we can get. Moreover, we will earn those commission passively, 24/7 even while we are asleep.

That is the basic idea of any referral or affiliate feature. The question is, can this one from be as good as it sounds?

How does it work?

Like on any online program offering a referral or affiliate commission, each member will get a unique link with their ID attached to it. It is called referral link or reflink and these next ones are mine for

Each coin or faucet will have its own link like a separate programs. So, with 4 coins, we will get 4 different links.

Bitcoin Faucet:

Litecoin Faucet:

Dogecoin Faucet:

Tron Faucet:

If anybody click any of those links and use those programs, earn some coins, they will become my referral. As the referrer I will get commission, 35% based on the referral’s earning, not taking it from their hard work though.

What we need to do is to share the link to anybody online on any platform that we regularly use. The platform can be our social media accounts, forum, group messenger for family and/or friends, email or even website or blog that we own.

Anywhere we can post the link and the public can access it will do. Even Google Docs can work, if we let the file visible.

The links can be found at the bottom of each faucet page. It will say REFLINK followed by a URL with red font color as shown by the previous picture.

Unfortunately doesn’t provide us with tools to help us promote their program. However, the link is the essential one.

How to get (more) referrals?

Well, sharing the link is a must but how exactly? Sharing to the wrong people is like a salesman approaching stranger. People hate that.

If we try to share on our social media, people might get annoyed if they are not interested. Especially if we are spamming, sharing over and over again like multiple times within a day.

We could lose our followers, risking any network we have built. Maybe it’s better to have alternate account specifically just to share this kind of program.

We look for community or other users that we know are interested. Or only when they ask, then we can share with them the link.

A better way might be to share on forums. Not just any forum of course, but related to online money making program, bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies.

The problem with using any free platform like this is that we are probably not the only one who promote the same program. We have to offer something more than just the referral link like anybody else.

Another thing is that these free platforms have rules that they can suddenly change about promotion and not to mention, shutting down their service entirely. We have to start over our campaign if they delete them.

A better way would be to have our own website. We can share anything not just one program but others with the same, similar or related topics.

Having a website is like having a shop in real life. People can always come back to and find out more programs to use.

Then we can use those free platforms, forum or social media accounts  just for promotion. A good way to get backlink or generate traffic.

Since it’s an online shop, it will stay open 24/7, no need to wait for us to wake up and can be accessed from everywhere around the world. The best part of having our own place or website is that any search engine like Google will do the promotion work non stop.

And they will show the website as a result to exactly people who are interested in it. They use the search engine to look for it and get the website we build as the result. No need to worry about being annoying salesman.

Those people will access the website, see what we have to offer. Maybe a review like this, other or similar program we use, sharing experience, opinion, views to let people know that we understand this kind of program.

If they are interested, they will become our referrals for any program we promote. Once we have enough referrals for or every programs we promote, we can have passive income even full time income.

That is exactly how people can build their business online. They own a website, fill the website with contents that can help promote a program, and let it work automatically.

If you are interested to know more about how to build a website and turn it into an online business, keep reading. I will share with you later about a training program that anybody can use.

In the meantime, let’s head back to for a little bit.

Comment and Suggestion

At this point, I don’t have any referral yet. So, I don’t know exactly how the referral feature works. I cannot even tell if they actually work. So, keep that in mind.

First, the commission rate, 35% is a bit higher than the average. The highest one among similar programs are 50% but of course there are many that offer lower like 10%, 5% or even nothing.

So, it is rather generous. However, how much do we get exactly?

For Litecoin, we can get like 45 litoshi from 130 litoshi. If the referral earn 0.0058 DOGE per claim, we will get 0.002 DOGE and for Tron, for every 0.00479793 TRX, we get like 0.00168 TRX as the commission.

The problem is the Bitcoin faucet. If the referral already get the lowest possible amount, which is 1 satoshi per claim, do we as the referrer still get something?

It will be too generous for them if they do also give 1 satoshi which makes the rate becomes 100%. I really doubt that.

That means, promoting to earn the Bitcoin faucet of might not be very useful. At this point, maybe no similar Bitcoin faucet is worth it.

Again, the point of any referral feature is to earn passively. It doesn’t matter if the Bitcoin faucet give us higher reward if we actively claim it ourselves.

Actually, maybe that is the reason why they keep offering Bitcoin faucet because unlike for the other coins, the owner doesn’t have to spend extra money paying the referrer.

Luckily, we can consider each of the other 3 faucets as a stand alone program. We can include or mention as one of the faucet program to earn Dogecoin, Litecoin and Tron, each with its own campaign.

It also doesn’t matter if the daily earning rate with 25 claims is 25 satoshi. They will not accumulate the commission unlike other programs, which in this case we can get like 8 satoshi per day.

The payment for commission happens instantly, right after the referral’s claim. So, we can consider it as a loss for each bitcoin faucet claim done by the referral.

Since faucet is the only earning feature on, we cannot expect more commission. Also, if the faucet has no funds at all, the referral will not earn anything and we will not get commission as well.

Even if they still have some claims left, we have to wait for the owner to refill the coin. This will make some users, could be our referrals to just stop using the faucet.

That is just talking about the commission rate. There are some fundamental issues related to how the referral feature works that prevents this kind of program to be a long term passive income.

Usually the idea is to have a lot of referrals, hopefully some will be active enough to generate decent amount of commission. However, with how things work on, this is not going to happen.

For example, there is no registration process. If we do register with an email or such, usually the referrals will be tied with the referrer, forever. As long as the referral keeps coming back using the same ID, they can return and generate more commission.

That is not the case here. What we do on this simple instant faucet is enter a wallet address and get paid. I suspect, that if the referral stop using our link to access the website, we will stop earning commission as well. Please let me know if I was wrong about this.

It is like the referral has to bookmark our link and have them access the page only from that link. Which is almost impossible and out of our control.

The moment they access one faucet and move to another, maybe we don’t earn any commission from them using the next faucet. Unless again, if they access the other faucet using our links as well.

We can create a page where we offer all of the links that the referral can bookmark. Even that is not a guarantee. The referral can even make their own.

Another issue for me is the use of wallet address to claim. People can easily change their cryptocurrency wallet address. Sure, it doesn’t matter if the referral change their address if they keep coming back using our link.

However, I would argue, if they change their address, the next time they access the faucet, they will not come via our link. At least, this increase the chance not to happen. as the supporting micro wallet actually offers to use email address to send payment. Unfortunately, this type of faucet has not been able to make it work.

So, with this system, there are many ways to lose our referrals. We have to keep promoting while hoping to get new referrals which that will not last very long.

This kind of program also relies heavily on the micro wallet. There is a chance that they may have to change the micro wallet like what happened to before.

If the faucet can find a new one using the same system, it is not as bad as if the system is different. For example, if they then use, the referrer will have a different referral link and we have no choice but to edit the campaign or have a new one.

With all of that in mind, we probably have to spend the same amount of time promoting as if we actively use the platform ourselves. It is also not a guarantee that this faucet will still be around when we already have a lot of referrals.

It is very easy for the owner to just abandon this type of program.

So, I think is not really for long term passive income source. It is just a faucet we can claim and earn from ourselves while we still can.

Conclusion is one of what I consider as a simple instant faucet program supported by a micro wallet service. This faucet will not have more features or pages that we can access.

We just enter the wallet address that has been linked to Then, we claim the reward, by solving two captcha systems and get the coin.

Here, we can earn either Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin or Tron once every 10 minutes, up to 25 times a day per faucet. Each can be considered as a stand alone faucet, so while we are waiting for the interval time before we can claim again, we can visit and earn their other faucet.

It is easy to navigate between their faucets as they put the links on each faucet page. After the claim, the faucet will have a timer but not a countdown, and there will be no sound notification.

The reset time for daily claim is not based on one server time but each claim is replenished 24 hours since that very claim. Currently, since they are still relatively new, at most, we have to deal with a couple of pop up ads.

The earning rate is rather average for typical faucet with short interval time except maybe for the Bitcoin which they cannot go lower than 1 satoshi. I suspect they cannot really keep offering BTC for long term but the other 3 will do.

The reward is rather fixed amount, assuming the price or value of the coin remains the same. Other than the faucet, currently there is no other earning feature or even anything to boost the reward like optional shortlinks. also offers some referral commission. The rate is 35% for all coins, which is not the highest but higher than the usual among similar programs.

We definitely will earn something if the referral earn any coin except for Bitcoin. It will be too generous for them if they still give 1 satoshi to the referrer as commission.

Which is why, we probably should promote the other 3 if we want to earn passively. However, this is probably not a good program for long term income source.

With no registration process and the use of wallet address to sign in or rather earn instantly, there will be too many ways to lose the referrals. Even if the referrals stick around, it is very unlikely to earn some commission forever.

This is a typical issue for instant simple faucet program. They are more for actively use where we can earn higher rate instead of promoting them for passive income. Maybe we should try their sister site for that purpose.

So, if you still consider this as an opportunity for more income source, you can start earning with via this link. It is FREE. We just need to have a wallet address linked to

Earn More Coins from Similar Programs

There are a lot of other programs, not just faucet like this where we can earn more cryptocurrencies like BTC, DOGE, BNB and many more. Some of them will pay via the same micro wallet but others can just send the payment directly to our wallet.

Here are some that I have tried so far. Links are to a review article for each program. I recommend checking the article to find out the latest update.

Last update: December 2023

For programs that will pay via Remember that there is an exchanger feature on this micro wallet. (PTC, BTC) (faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins) (Ad Network, Bitcoin) (faucet, 5 minutes, BTC) (faucet, 5 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 2 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 5 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 1 minute, Multi Coins) (PTC, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 5 minutes, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 10 minutes, DOGE) (Faucet, 10 minutes, BTC) (Faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins) (PTC, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 30 minutes, Multi Coins) (PTC, BTC) (Shortlinks, USDT) (Faucet, 60 minutes, Multi Coins) (faucet, 30 minutes, BTC) (Faucet. 60 minutes, BTC)

Here are for programs that will send the payment directly to our wallet. (Faucet, 2 days, ALGO) Faucet
(Exchanger, Multi Coins) (Faucet, PTC, Offerwalls, Multi Coins) (Faucet, PTC, Offerwalls, Multi Coins) (Faucet, investment, BTC) and the Group (Faucet, Multi Coins) & Group (Faucet, Investment, Multi Coins) (Faucet, ZEN) (Faucet, Multi Coins) (PTC, offerwalls, Multi Coins) (Faucet, 1 week, ALGO) (Faucet, BTC) (Faucet, 60 minutes, Multi Coins)

I don’t always update every article on this website. Please check this Complete List for the latest one.

Final Words

As mentioned before that what we can get from or any faucet program is actually very low. Usually, the key is to use the referral program, get a lot of referrals and let them do the work and we get the commission passively.

There is no need to rely on just referral program from We can try and promote other referral programs as well. As many as we want.

In order to do that, it’s better to have our own website, promote the program until we can get enough referrals and they can generate income for us. This is not only limited to digital product but we can also promote physical product.

Share a link from a marketplace like Amazon, or directly from big brands like Apple, and if people buy something, we can earn some commission. It’s not limited to just tech product but any passion we have from food, travel, sports, movies.

That is how we can have an online business.

If you are interested to learn more about building a website and turn it into a business, even a passive income, there is a training program that you can try.

On this training, not only we can learn about how to, but we can actually set up the website, grow it until it can generate income. We can learn from a lot of experts who were once just like you and me, know almost nothing about online business.

This is an easy training program that even a guy without a college degree can use it. Within two years he started to have a full time income from his website and quit his regular job.

We can even ask the owner the help out directly. Try it. Join the program for FREE and try to reply their first message to you and see if they get back and help you out.

You can learn more about the training from my review here.

We grow the business and website by using affiliate programs just like Here is my list of other affiliate programs that you can try.

I will keep updating the page and add more programs. So, stay tuned.

Well, that’s all I can share with you about the faucet program, Maybe I missed something and you have more question about it, or if you want to add your experience, view, opinion, don’t hesitate to use the comment section below.

Maybe you also have other experience with other similar programs with this, hopefully a better one, you can suggest something as well. I would love to help if I could and learn more about online program.

Hope my reviews can help. Thanks for reading.



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