Usually, one of the way to find out whether an online program is legit or just scams, is to check how long has it been since they launch the program. A good program that keeps paying will stick around while the scams would probably not pass the first year.

If we have been using some online money making program for awhile, especially PTC or any GPT program, we might have noticed that there is a program with a donkey as its logo once in a while. Donkeymails has been around since 2005 and at this time they are still operating, showing ads and pay their members.

So what do they offer? How much money can we make it here? What do we need to do to make money here? Is it free?

From this article, I will share with you my review about based on my experience for more than a decade. There are other programs with much better design or script or probably can give us more money but the fact they are still paying me to this day maybe it is worth a look.

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Sister Site:
Type: Paid to Click
Features: Offerwalls, Multi level referral Program, Games, Traffic Exchange, Paid to Promote, Paid to Review, Lottery Game
Minimum Withdraw: $0.5 (STP), $1 (Bitcoin, Payeer, Perfect Money)
Payment Method: Perfect Money, Payeer, STP, AdvCash, Uphold, Cryptocurrencies via Coinpayments, Cointopay, Cryptopay
Referral Commission: 10%(level 1), 5% (level 2), 3% (level 3), 2% (level 4), 1% (level 5)
Started Since: 2005
My Status: NOT AVAILABLE (For Earning)
Last Payment: February 2020

News and Update

February 2020. I did get my last payment from both and It seems they are going to keep offering the service to advertise but not for earning. So, probably I won’t be using their program anymore.

January 2020. and other website of their group has announced that they are going to stop their service as earning program starting February 2020. After that we can only make deposit and use the deposit to advertise.

We need to submit withdrawal request before February 20, 2020.


If we have seen on of their promotional banner, it says “No Minimum Payout PTR”. That was the old time when they did offer no minimum payout. But then, the payment processor they used that time is no longer around.

Instead of PTC (paid to click) they brand themselves as PTR (paid to read). Maybe back then spamming is not as bad as today. So they send us email with link and we can get paid.

But then, we have to follow the same procedure as if we use a PTC from that link. Click on ads, wait until the timer is up and we get paid.

Donkeymails has been around since 2005 as both PTC and PTR. It is part of the who owns like 13 sites and Donkeymails is their biggest PTR site.


The group was started by Sebastiaan Broekhof. Back in 2002 he launched his first website of the group, the first PTR program,

His wife, Jill also has her own PTR program and together they launched several more programs after that.

After PTR, they also launched programs for several sector like traffic exchange program, casino program, and for those who want to have a website to promote their referral ID, they have hosting and domain registrar program.

With the help of their family in Netherland, now they managed more than 800,000 members and get almost 12,000 new members monthly for all of their websites. I think it’s already more than that since in January 2013, Donkeymails itself already has more than 750,000 members.

Most of their websites are relatively similar. Designed by Caty from Caty Design Studio. Since they started this more than a decade ago, the design are not as minimalist as other program we can find today.

To contact them regarding any website from the group we can use a messenger WowApp to Sebas’ account. For anything related to Donkeymails, there is also a ticket system if we access the CONTACT US page at the bottom of the website.

Donkeymails point system

Aside from earning cash by using Donkeymails. We can also get point which can be redeemed to use other features.

Remember that we can only withdraw our cash earnings. Try to spend our points first because we can’t convert them into cash.

Roughly 1 cent equals to 250 points.

Sign Up and Account

To signup we need to access the Sign Up page at the top of the website. Fill in our email and they will send back a confirmation mail.

I think it’s different from now but back then I sign up a username that I use for login. Now we can use email as well to log in.

Based on their terms, we can only have one account per individual per household. Using VPN is not allowed to login or to click advertisement.

Make sure we turn our VPN off first before accessing this website.

Do not try to access this program from internet pool like from our school or campus. I used to have accounts for other website from the same group.

Some of them got banned, I think because of using school’s internet. I really didn’t understand anything. It cost me several income source because of that.

There are other website that I can still access my account but can no longer withdraw my money from. I did ask them why and they said they suspect me trying to create multiple accounts.

So be careful, make sure we have our own internet line.


To login, click on the Members Tab at the top of website. We can use our username or email.

After we login to Donkeymails, we will see their member dashboard. If we already familiar with a newer program with their minimalist design, the classic look of Donkeymails interface can be confusing.

There are a lot of ads and the ads is not just a picture or banner but text ads. So we need to know which one is an ad and which one is a menu, link or announcement.

It is really not that hard but maybe it takes time to get used to. As we can see there are five boxes of menu mostly with red font links and a title menu with a very small black font.

Each can navigate us to other features of Donkeymails, which I will explain each of them one by one below. Here is the outline, hopefully can help understand what those words or links are.

Earnings Menu

This is the first one. Members home is exactly this page. Use it to return if you ever get lost in here or we can use again the login menu MEMBER to get back to this page again.

Most on this part is an offer by Donkeymails themselves especially with the word DONKEY in it. Except if there is an offerwall name, that’s is a third party program.

See the offerwall section below to know which offerwall company is available here. You’ll also find out the difference between those from Donkeymails and those from other offerwalls in the term of earnings.

Most of them in this part is to earn money. Except for YOUR INBOX, EARNING STATS, UPGRADE MEMBERSHIP.

Offerwalls Menu

Mostly for OfferWalls. Between the title Offerwall menu and the box, we can see several logos, that is offerwalls companies’ logo. That is not all of them, but at least can help others who barely knew about offerwalls to give them some example.

Unlike any other website we can find right now, usually they will have a separate page to distinguish between their main feature and those from the offerwalls. Here we can see links from the same offerwalls each with different task.

Donkeymails also separates between those who offers or which task will pay with cash or with points. Remember that we can only request payout in cash but points can’t be convert to cash.

Referral, Advertise and Upgrade Menu

This part is not really hard to understand as link name if very self explanatory. Here we can find link to referral program and what Donkeymails suggest to get more referrals.

From this section we can also upgrade our membership and advertise. And there is also a link to advertise as upgraded member, using their bonus ads.

Account, Cash, and Payout Menu & Other Info Menu

This part is about our account info and our earning balance on Donkeymails. We can also make a deposit here and request to withdraw our earnings.

I really don’t know why there are links with blue color font instead of red like the others. Other than Donkey Adcoop, I will explain later below, those links will lead to outside website.

Hopefully this can help any user to navigate to each features of Donkeymails. What are those features?

Paid to Click

This is the main feature of Donkeymails where users can earn money. As the name suggests, we get paid by clicking on ads.

Other PTC program will ask more than that like, we have to actually see and stay active on the tab not moving anywhere. Since this is a very old program, all we need to do is wait until the timer runs out.

Donkeymails PTC

To start with, we can click PAID2CLICK or POINT2CLICK link from earnings menu. From Paid2Click we can get paid by cash or points but the Point2Click is just for points.

After that the link will send us to a page with 5 ads to click. Usually the ads are using clickable banners, pictures or GIF, or just tagline.

They are sorted based on value. Higher value doesn’t mean longer timer.

This goes without saying but since there is a chance that the ads could run out of views, maybe we should click from the page one. One ad could run out of views while we view the other.

I think the highest value I got was 1 or 2 cents and the lowest could be 0.01 cents. For points we could get like from 1 to 3 points. The timer is between 7 to 15 seconds.

We can just click on it, and they will open a new tab. Before we get to see the ad and the timer, there is a bot checker or captcha system. Choose one number out of five based on the hint.

Unlike other PTC nowadays, the ads are clickable again after 24 hours since we get paid from viewing each of them. Other program would have one refresh time daily.

Paid to Read / PTR (Mails)

So, this is actually where the “MAILS” part of the name Donkeymails, come from. They offer us to get paid by receiving emails and read them.

By read them, it means, we need to know which link from the email is the paid ad. Sometimes there are 3 paid ad links not just one per mail so make sure we try to read them.

It really is not that hard. We need to click on them and that will open a new tab for a paid to click mechanism as explained above.

Donkeymails stated that what we can get will never below 1/ 4th cent. Back then, I can get emails like the picture above almost everyday sometimes few times a day.

Not I can only get once every a few days. While there used to be a few other similar websites that offer this but no longer a popular business model.

Some might consider this as spamming. While in fact, we can set whether to receive it to our email or just on Donkeymails account, or both from the ACCOUNT SETTINGS menu.

What I like about this feature is that we don’t have to access the entire website. The link will only bring us to the countdown window of PTC.

We don’t need to see other PTC ads and be tempted to click them all. This is important, especially if we are in the middle of doing something else.

I don’t know but it really feels very easy like collecting pennies each day just clicking those from emails. Different from trying to click everything from the website and it feels like a job.

Sometimes it can be a reminder to click and collect extra money day by day. While now accessing the entire website is like a burden now.

Nevertheless, it is still an opportunity to earn money, yes, just pennies.

Special Ads

Since this could be a mindless thing to do, there are several “special” or unique ads that we might miss out but also need to be careful with.

The first one is the Cheat Bot Checker which placed with the value of 0.02 cents. This is the old ways to catch anybody trying to automate the process. The captcha itself is an additional feature if I remember correctly.

If we keep clicking on that ads, our account will be considered as cheater and suspended. Not sure how many times and I’m not willing to try but I think it’s okay if we just click on that by mistake.

Another ads that we should be careful is the donation ad. If we click on that instead of getting credit, we will lose 2 cents. No need to worry about getting suspended but not sure if we can get it back.

Don’t forget that 2 cents is roughly our entire earning for a day from PTC feature. Unless we really want to make a donation, be careful not to click it.

There are also two ads with either 0 cash or points. I think that Donkeymails also use this feature to promote or make announcement about themselves. No need to worry about those.

In addition for promoting other features, there are several ads that will lead us to one of the offerwalls page. Not sure but I think we still get paid since there is a value on those ads, just without the countdown process.

The same goes for those with frame breaker or redirecting to another page, leaving Donkeymails. Based on their advertising page, there is an advertising package that allow to show ads with 0 timer.

Donkeymails even encourage people to use that package for the ads with framebreaker. I could be wrong but I think they didn’t offer this before.

There is no way to know which ads are like those. Just a bit annoyance.

Well, I guess that is part of an adjustment they had to make to stay very long in the business.

There are also some not working ads. I think this is from advertisers’ end. They already pay for it but not setting the url correctly.

I can see like a page or 5 ads are like this. Just skip to the next page.

Contest PTC

Between Paid2Click and Point2Click page, there is one more page, CONTEST PTC. Here we can click ads and earn points from 0.001 points to 0.301 points.

The contest is every total of 350 ads are clicked from any member, a random winner will be chosen to earn 5 cents. The winner is not necessarily the one who clicked at zero left.

At the time of this writing I can see there are 4 pages each with 5 ads. So we can get like 20 out of 350 chance if we click them all.

Not sure if the ads will reset in 24 hours and we can add another clicks or it will only reset after the round ends. After all they just need like 20 members to click.

Even if we don’t win, we still get some points to use for advertising.

My comments

Based on my experience, I can get like 20 pages of cash ads, or 100 ads a day. This can get me like 2 cents. While other PTC can only give us like less than average 20 ads each day.

And this has been long enough while other newer PTC suffers from declining number of ads. The new PTC can get like 30 ads but that’s just the beginning.

As an old program, the feature is not as complicated as the new one. There is still no way to force people to actually view the ads.

Back then I can use several PTC programs at once. We can just click the ads, and change to another tab with different program and click their ads.

Even if we just use one PTC, doesn’t mean we need to view the tab with timer and ads. We can stay at the ads list, the one with five ads to click, and when the timer is done, that page will automatically refresh.

While I can’t recommend people to do so but I’m saying there is a way to exploit this even without using any bot. My point is that this could be a good place for earners but not advertisers.

The good thing is that Donkeymails offers other features for user to earn more money so people keep advertising here. Try to Compare to, which is younger but only offers PTC.

People click their ads and there is nothing else to do. This makes users leave and move on to other program while in Donkeymails they could stick around longer.

By having a lot of features to earn money also give a diverse income for Donkeymails. So what are they?

Offer Walls

If we look at the members menu, we can see a lot of links with the word offer walls. Unlike typical websites these days, Donkeymails doesn’t put those offerwalls in one main page or category.

They have a link to a category but they placed them like other offerwalls. Try access the link  with the word “DAILY SURVEYS”, it has a lot of offerwalls offering survey.

But instead, I think, as offerwalls owners, we can pay them to put our link on special spot to get more exposure. We can even put it separately between the type of offers, which is why we can see there are PTC part, cash part, survey part from the same offer walls name.

What are offer walls anyway?

Offerwall is basically another website offering a way for user to earn money. The difference is we don’t access their website directly but we access the host, in this case, Donkeymails, as a browser to access those offerwalls.

Each of money making program usually has their own currency which can only be used for their website only despite most of them labelled as USD or other fiat currency. Instead of having their own currency, these offerwalls are paying users using the host currency.

This way, we can earn more money, reach the minimum and withdraw faster. These offerwalls is not strictly tied to the host but we can find the same one from other host as well.

The offer can be anything, almost like Donkeymails itself. They can be a paid to click, paid to sign up, watch videos, survey. Each of those offerwalls has their own specialty.

As a third party, each of them has their own rules or terms to use. Some will credit user immediately but for others, user must reach a minimum earnings.

Some even can charge us back like if we use VPN. We need to learn how to use them individually and they can also be different between one host to another.

Offerwalls available on Donkeymails

These are just the list at the time of this writing. As a third party, they can be taken down or added anytime. I will try to keep updating them.


My comments

I’m not a big fan of these offerwalls. The biggest problem is usually because the offer is limited to certain criteria, especially those surveys. If we are not from US based or maybe from Europe, we have lower chance to even qualify to take the offer.

Other type of offer like sign up or installing apps is usually more complicated to complete the task. Usually I can rely on those PTC offers only since they are very simple.

But I think we see less of them nowadays. Not to mention, what we can earn from those PTC is less from the host. Why?

Because these offerwalls have to pay the host as well. In fact, from other host, the host will only get paid after a user complete the task.

Some people say that even PTC is just collecting pennies, not worth the time. We get even less from offerwalls.

In the end, I agree that we can be more productive than that. But these are just limited opportunity for those who really need money but cannot afford the time to do it.

If you are qualified to complete the high paying offer, then do it. But, if not, we better look for something else.

I suggest that we just use them when we just need a couple more pennies to reach the minimum for withdrawing. Not doing it as a daily thing unless we really have a free time without anything to do.

If we consider every feature provided here on Donkeymails or other hosts, we can turn this into a passive income. Keep reading to find out how.


As the name suggest, an advertiser post an ad to join a program. We sign up to that program, then we can get paid.

That is the simple version. So this is like asking other people to become their referral for other program in exchange to get some money.

Some just want us to join and we get credit or paid to our Donkemails balance. Others wants more like we need to do deposit right after we sign up and we get paid back more.

After we sign up we need to paste the confirmation email from the program to the box below the ads on Donkeymails. This is to prove that we actually did sign up with them.

Then they will verify and if they approve it, we will get paid. The payment can vary from 5 cents to 200 cents depending on the task. Usually they will ensure if we have to make some deposit first, they will return more.

There is also a donation ads. Like the PTC part, if we click on it, we will lose 200 cents. That is $2.00 so be careful. We can also get paid with points.

Donkeymails Paid2SignUp

There are three links or menu about PAID TO SIGN UP from Donkeymails member dashboard earnings menu. One if for international program, another is for selected countries and the last one is for user from USA only.

The selected countries are Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and USA.

If we try to join the offers but not from one of these countries, we can get banned without notice. To make sure that only the right user can enter, Donkeymails create a barrier page with a warning before the actual list.

My comments

We can also see this kind of task from other offer walls. For me, this is not a good way to promote program or to even earn money from.

Sure we can just join and get the money. But, there is also a chance that the program is actually good. Just a bad user promoting in a bad way.

Then, just to earn several cents, we sign up, thinking that this is just another program we will forget. We use the email or password we are not going to remember to register.

Once, I joined one program that can be an income for me. I didn’t forget the password or email or username but I forgot about the secret code to withdraw the money.

I have tried to contact the owner but no response. Hopefully you don’t have to make the same mistake.

Don’t forget that we have to use our real info for this, despite there is a chance that nobody will care. Some programs don’t allow people to join from the same IP or one household.

Even Donkeymails states that we are not allowed to join again with the same program from different advertiser. So we are risking our Donkeymails account or the other program.

Since this involves the advertiser, a third party, I’m not sure Donkeymails would guarantee a payment.

So, instead of wasting time and risking our account and credentials, maybe we should look for other opportunity here on Donkeymails.


This is another feature that we can earn money from Donkeymails. Click the link PAID TO PROMOTE from the member dashboard, earnings menu.

This is also one of those features from Donkeymails without a proper instruction about how to use it. Or at least, not good enough for me. So what I’m about to describe is mostly just me guessing since I haven’t use it.

This is how it works. First we will be given several links to promote.

All of the links are promoting Donkeymails, so it’s like a referral program. Each one of them have specific criteria like it is limited to be promoted on English sites only or how do we get paid with.

They can give us either cash, credits or points based on number of clicks or hits they get. Points can’t be converted to cash but 1000 credits can be $0.5. There is a converter within this section.

Donkeymails suggest that we use mostly Traffic Exchange programs to promote this. They have a list of approved programs.

Each link also has a tracking system on this PAID TO PROMOTE page of Donkeymails. We can see how many hits they already get.

Every thousand hits from different country can give us different rates of credits. Based on the tier list page, we can get from 50 to 1000 credits per 1000 hits.

My comments

If we have to use traffic exchange program, it means that we have to surf ourselves in order to get those links hits in return. Depending on the traffic ratio, we can get 2 for 1 or even 1 for 1.

For one hit or view we need to surf like 15 to 20 seconds. But we can use a lot of traffic exchange programs at the same time.

Let’s say we use all 5 top programs Donkeymails recommends at the same time, we need like 1 or 2 hours of surfing to reach 1000 hits. Not only we get $0.5 but we also get some other benefit from each programs which can also be cash.

Not sure but there is a chance that the people who view the links can become Donkeymails member as well. We can earn more from them. Read more about Donkeymails referral /affiliate program below.

But still, this is relying on a third party program just like offer walls. There is a chance that after doing the work Donkeymails won’t approve them.

Make sure we check the tracking tools whether the hits are counted or not before we actually do the hard work. But before that, let’s check other earning features from Donkeymails.

Maybe it will be worth the work.


This is donkeymails traffic exchange feature. Traffic exchange is a program, where we can get credit for viewing a page or a website and we can assign the credit to our page or website to get a view in return.

There are traffic exchange websites where this feature is the main program not secondary like Donkeymails here. Usually they can offer several different traffic ratio like 1:1, 2:1, or 3:2.

For 1:1 means that we get one view for viewing one. Some websites demand user to view more or less for one but longer or shorter viewing time.

The credits we get can be assigned to several websites we choose. The limit to number of websites or URLs also differs from one program to another.

Traffic Exchange Status and URL

After we click on MANUAL SURF tab from one of the EARNINGS MENU, we can see our credit status, weekly overall status and a form to submit our URL. We can assign up to 5 URLs as free member and up to 20 for premium member.

Some TE websites will require user to add a link right away. But we don’t need to do that with Donkeymails. We can just earn credits and even get random cash bonus.

We can also set how often our website get some exposure. From once every 4 hours, to 12, 24 as default or 48 hours.

We can also see how many credits we have. There is also a form to purchase credit. With cash we get 1 credit for $0.001 and around 5 points per credit.


We can hit the START SURFING button to start collecting credits. That will lead us to a new tab to surf.

On this tab, there are several elements, like chatting room at the left, the website to view at the bottom right, timer and captcha at the upper left and our surfing status on the upper right.

For donkeymails we get 2:1 ratio and 15 seconds each. We can see the credit we already have at the top right corner.

Fifteen seconds per ad we have to wait before we can choose a correct number from 3 options based on the hint. It seems that there is no locking mechanism so we don’t really need to stay active on that surfing tab.

Even though they say that “when the timer reach 0”, the countdown is not working. So we just have to wait until the timer change into captcha.

So far not so many users are using this feature. Maybe less than 20 people. This could be a good chance since there are daily random prizes.

Up to $25 random cash prize, more than 350 cash prize and credit bonus daily for surfing a number of pages. It’s random not a fix number.

There are only around 20 users. It could be higher on weekend. The chat room also has limited history, like only the last 20 conversations which includes announcement who joins in.

My comment

First of all, we can’t use this for the Paid to Promote feature mentioned above. If we want to use those feature, we need other traffic exchange programs.

Based on my one time experience, I got three cash bonus from surfing less than 50 sites. I got two $0.0001 and one $0.00025. The next 25 sites I got 3 bonus credits.

I’m not saying that would be the standard but if it is, probably not really that bad to keep collecting money. Unlike PTC where we have to wait until 24 hours, we can keep surfing here.

Unless of course, every active websites is set to 48 hours to view again. There are currently only 65 active websites.

If no user submit their website, we cannot use this feature. The picture below shows what happen if they run out of website to surf.

There is no harm on using the credits we get for free to get some exposure to our website. Maybe get one or two to join us.

Usually I keep collecting and when I have a new program that I recently joined, then I use all the credits on that program. Or, totally forget about it.

If getting some conversion is really the goal, I think using the real Traffic Exchange websites would be better. Donkeymails already has maybe over a million users since 2005 and only 65 know or care about this feature.

Paid to Review

Another feature from Donkeymails that people can use to earn money is by writing a review. Click the “GET PAID TO REVIEW!” link on Earnings Menu.

On that page, we can see there is 5 ads to review per page and there is only two pages. We can get 1 cent per review.

We can first click the link and we get to see a new tab with the website that we are going to write a review about. After that we can comeback to Donkeymails paid to review page.

To post a review, we can write our review in the box. Not sure but it seems there is no limit to how long.

Then we can give a star rating. Give 1 for the worst and 5 for the best.

Once we finish, click submit.

My comments

To be honest, I just recently know about this feature right when I tried to write a review on this website. Despite the fact I’ve been a member since ten years ago.

Unlike other feature, Donkeymails doesn’t give any instruction on how. So I tried to submit one just to test out.

We can see for each ads, there are two steps, one is to click the link, which lead to the website. Step two is a bit confusing.

Step two can be a tagline, or even a question which I think, to help people write a review. The question is about the website to review.

I tried to answer that, based on what I can find from the said website. Then I give 3 star rating and submit.

After that the ads will disappear fro the list. But, when I tried to check my account balance, I didn’t get paid immediately if not at all.

Perhaps there is a confirmation process on the advertisers end. If that is the case, then it is very subjective. Maybe they will only confirm if the reviewer signup with the program.

I gotta say this might not a good idea to earn, despite 1 cent is a high paying compared to other feature.

I don’t think people will actually use this feature. Maybe for advertiser can be good enough just to get the cookies for some affiliate programs that will ensure those reviewers to become our referral.

Just let them click our referral link and wait until they actually sign up. If ever. Even if they did sign up, no guarantee that they will stick around to use the program.

If you really want to write a review, you can try like me on this website. Write a review, post it on your own website. You can at least get actual traffic and if you are lucky and the program is good, the visitors can be our referral.

Instead of helping advertisers to get referral just for 1 cent which is not a guarantee, how about helping ourselves. If you want to know more about this model of online business, keep reading, I will tell you about a training program that anybody can use.

In the mean time, let’s head back to Donkeymails.

LOTTO – Lottery Game

On Earning menu section, there is a link to DONKEY LOTTO. It’s not just a lottery but a lottery game. A chance to hit a jackpot for $25.

First, to play the game we have to buy lottery ticket. Either with 250 points or $0.01 per ticket. Then we can hit play.

Then we have to guess five numbers, each between 1-9.  All of them at once, not something we can stop in the middle. We also have to guess them in the right position.

For two right numbers we get 1 cent. We get 10 cents for 3 right numbers.

For 4 we get 400 lotto views. We need to put our link on Lotto rotator.

Not really sure where to put our link. I think the ads we have to watch while playing is where they show it.

For 5 right guesses we get a jackpot, $25 to our balance.

After we input our numbers, we still have to view an ad like PTC for 15 seconds. When the timer is up, then we can see the result.

My comments

This is just another way to gamble our money. Not exactly lottery where we can just buy ticket and with great luck we can hit the jackpot.

Choosing those 5 random numbers means, to hit a jackpot, it’s only 1 out of 59049 possibilities. Make one mistake and we get  to 400 lotto views, which, in my opinion, nobody would actually see or even play the game.

If you really want to at least try it, use the point we can get for free. We can’t turn them into cash but we can buy points with cash.

I suggest we use the money for something else here on Donkeymails. Like buying referrals from membership or invest somewhere else.

Maybe you can find some programs to invest on my website.

Referral / Affiliate Program

If you are not familiar with affiliate program, it is a program from a company like Donkeymails, where we can get paid for inviting other people to join and use the company’s service. For Donkeymails, we will get paid if people can also earn some money here.

For online affiliate program, we will get a unique link with our ID attached to it that we can share them. This one below is mine for Donkeymails.

If anybody click on it and join, they will become my referral. I will get paid if they can make some earnings here.

In theory, if we can get enough referrals, we can have our passive income. We don’t need to be the one doing the work, like clicking ads.

If they keep earning from using Donkeymails, we will keep getting paid even while we are asleep. That should be the goal, right?

The Multi Level Affiliate Program

So this is not something new. More like something old that nobody else is doing anymore.

For most affiliate programs we will only get paid from a direct referral that join using our link. Those who join using our referral’s link will not making money for us.

But here, with Donkeymails, those people will become our level 2 referral and we still get some percentage.

It gets better. Donkeymails also offers five level deep of referrals commission.

Of course the earning is smaller from deeper level. At least, we don’t have to really compete with our referrals for finding another downline.

We can get 10% commission from earning by our direct referrals or level 1. From level 2, we can get 5%, 3% from level 3, 2% at four and 1% at five.

Other similar programs nowadays might offer like 25% to 50% only from direct referrals. Is it better with multi level thing?

I guess not. At least, like I said, nobody offers something like this anymore. But we can still get something from here since they didn’t change it.

Well, 10 % sounds big, but in reality for this type of program is just a matter of cents. Of course this could be multiplied with more referrals to join.

Based on their FAQ page, we will only get paid when the commission has reached 1 cents. So we have to wait a couple of days before checking our balance.

We can see the number of our referrals for each level on the EARNING STATS page.

The Promotional Tool

Other than the referral link, Donkeymails also provides us with several other tool to help us promote. We can find those tools from the referrals page, by clicking the menu REFERRAL LINKS.

There are several banners with different shape and size that we can use. They are still using old images for banner which some information is no longer relevant.

If you really care about it and want to use this, try using the one without the line “NO MINIMUM PAYOUT”. Instead use the one with “LOW PAYOUT”.

They also have a splash page we can use. Usually our referral link will only send people to the homepage.

Splash page is like a sign up page with compact only important information. This is a better tool if we want to advertise on any advertising platform like PTC or using the traffic exchange service.

There are two splash page that we can use. One of them is dedicated for visitors from USA only.

Referral Contest

They say that this is a monthly contest but based on the history, occasionally they didn’t run for a month or two. And it could start anytime of the month but it always run for 30 days.

The winner is the one who has the most active referrals. Active means the referrals need to click on Paid to click Ads.

The total prize is $350. The number 1 winner can get $100 and if the winner makes 500 or more active referrals, they win extra $100.

How do we get referrals?

Donkeymails even has a page on how we can promote and share our referral link to get more downlines. We can click on menu “HOW TO MAKE DKM REFS!” from the member dashboard.

Here is the list of what Donkeymails suggests.

have our own website
Traffic Exchange
Other PTC websites
Submit Articles
Social Media
Google Sort Ads
Submit Websites to search engine
Paid Promotions

Basically they are promoting other websites, where, I think, they become the affiliate to those websites. Other that are websites from the same group as Donkeymails,

What we should remember is that all of these are from old stuff that used to work in the past. Probably not as effective as when they introduce this back in 2005.

I think the idea is just to desperately placing our Donkeymails banner or URL in everywhere we could. Yes, it is better than doing nothing at all.

I have tried some of them if not at all. Eventually I got several referrals for other programs but it didn’t last very long.

Remember that program like Donkeymails offers just pennies. We may need a month before we can reach the minimum to withdraw by using their service all by ourselves.

If we want to make money here, we need a referral that want to stick around long enough. A good quality referral.

My suggestion

I think having our own website is a great idea. We can do whatever we want there or even build and grow it into an online business. Even a passive income.

But in order to do that it requires some money. To pay for hosting and domains. Sure, we can use the free blog like Blogspot.

The problem is that for free service like Blogspot, there is a chance that they will take down the service and we will lose all of our works. If not, they can change the rules or terms and make our work completely useless.

The same goes for relying on the suggestion above. Whether by using social media, google ads, traffic exchange, advertise using paid promotions like PTC.

Each has its own limitation. Once expired, we have to start over.

By having our own website, we can create content, write a review, share our experience and info to help other people. We build traffic to our website and then we monetize them.

If you want to know more about how to create our online business, grow them to become a passive income for ourselves, keep reading. I will share with you an online training that we can use.

Yes, it requires money to start. That is what program like Donkeymails are there for. We can start collecting money before we can invest to our own business.

You can find other programs where people can earn money for almost free here on my website.

Payment Method & Withdraw

This is one of the most important question for any money making program online. How do we get paid?

After all the work we’ve done here, clicking and viewing ads, or even promoting to get referral that can turn pennies to hundred of dollars. It would be terrible if we cannot get paid because of limited payment options.

Since 2005, Donkeymails have used and change a lot of payment processors. From e-gold, LibertyReserve, then Paypal before what we have now.

Most of them are taken down because of their ends not Donkeymails. This usually leads to shutting down other similar program but not Donkeymails.

Payout Request

To request payout, we need to click “REQUEST PAYOUT!” link on the main member dashboard or from earning stats. This could lead us to either one of the following.

An actual request page when the payout request is open or a payout closed page. With so many users, maybe million, Donkeymails have to do a bit restricting the payout request.

They will open for a couple of days, then they closed down the request to actually process all of the existing request. If we miss out, we need to wait.

They also make announcement about when they will open again on the closed request page. You can see the example from the picture below.

Payout Process

As you can see from the request page, there are several payment method we can choose. Each of them with the minimum amount and the transaction fee from Donkeymails.

We need to set up which payment method we are going to use on our account info first. Submit our payment ID via their ticket system like this and they will notify us once they make the change.

The payment method we submit will be set as default. We need to submit another one if we want to change to other method. So it’s not like an option we can choose anytime we want.

Back to the request page, we can see our payment ID, the minimum, our balance and we can set the amount of money we want to withdraw or use the checklist to withdraw full balance. We can also choose whether we want or not for our username to be shown in beenpaid page.

After we click the submit button, we are not going to receive the money until they closed down the request to give them time to process. Instead, we will get at the bottom of the request page, a notification that our request is in the queue and the position number.

We can still edit or cancel the request before they closed down.

When the payouts process are done, Donkeymails will send notification via the Paid Mail which we can click to get paid. So make sure we set those paid mail to our email not just to our Donkeymails account.

Payment Method

Right now they are accepting to make payout via the following methods. You can click the link to open an account with them.

Perfect Money, $1 minimum, 10% fee
Payeer, $1 minimum, 5% fee
Solid Trust Pays, $0.5 minimum, 0% fee, or TrustBTCFaucet, $1 minimum, 5% fee + $0.1 (Bitcoin only)
Cryptopay, $1 minimum, 5% fee + $0.1 (BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP)
Coinpayments, $1 minimum, 5% fee + $0.1 (other altcoins)

For depositing, they also open for Advcash. If we want to deposit using cryptocurrencies they add Cointopay as well.

Cryptopay service is limited to BTC, ETH, XRP and LTC only. If we want to use other coins, try Coinpayments.

If we want only to use Bitcoin, Donkeymails suggests as a wallet. It is actually a faucet program but by making payment there, we can earn free coins and daily interest.

It is a good way to invest our earnings. You can read more about from my review here.

Donkeymails also suggests TrustBTCFaucet as alternatives. It is also a faucet and offers interest. If I have to choose I prefer

It’s just a way for Donkeymails to earn money if people open account from their either link. Any Bitcoin wallet can work.

Making a deposit here?

In general, I would not recommend anybody to make any deposit, especially if we can earn money for free. Not to mention if the deposit is just to advertise in PTC like Donkeymails.

The depositing method they offer from FUND YOUR ACCOUNT! page, is technically buying right away an advertising package. So it’s not for money we can spend later.

Another problem is that the deposit process has to be done manually. We make payment from processor to their account, no automatic process internally. Then we have to submit a confirmation and wait again before we get what we pay.

So there is a risk of sending to a wrong ID. If you still see it as an opportunity, Donkeymails offers 5 advertising packages from $10 to $250.

Additionally, they offer a bonus from 2% to 20% depending on the packages we choose. They also said that the advertising package allow targeting which will cost more.

Upgrade Membership

People can start using Donkeymails service as a free member. We can earn money for free, no need to pay anything first.

Donkeymails offers to upgrade our membership status, of course, with some benefits. But is it worth it? What do we get?

All of the upgrade membership packages is for a year. We can pay using Perfect Money, Payeer, STP, Advcash, Cryptocurrencies, bank or credit cards.

From earnings is also available but not for every package and we need to contact them directly. Here is the list of membership packages.

Baby Donkey Membership ($10/year)

Get 1 free referral, 25,000 banner views, extra ads to earn more, cannot pay from earnings

Small Donkey Membership ($20/year)

Get 2 free referrals, 50,000 banner views, extra ads to earn more

Big Donkey Membership ($30/year)

Get 3 free referrals, 100,000 banner views, extra ads to earn more

Huge Donkey Membership ($50/year)

Get 6 free referrals, 1,000,000 banner views, extra ads to earn more

Yearly Super Donkey Clicker Membership ($80/year)

Get 5 free referrals, extra ads to earn more, total of $91.25 worth of ads

Yearly Super Huge Donkey Clicker Membership ($150/year)

Get 10 free referrals, extra ads to earn more, total of $182.5 worth of ads

About membership package

First, we get free referral from people who surf Donkeymails directly without sponsor or upline. If each of them is actually using Donkeymails to earn, this is a great way to get referrals.

This is permanent, direct referrals not rented. And if our referrals buy or get their own referrals, they would become our level 2.

No need to promote anything just pay Donkeymails to send us the referrals. Not really sure, but I think we are not going to get referrals right away.

I think we have to wait because Donkeymails said a random upgraded members will be chosen when they get a new member without referral ID.

Next, for smaller packages, we get banner views. Based on the advertising page, the banners will be placed a the top of every page rotation.

If we buy them without membership, 50,000 views is 5,000 points or $5.00. For 1,000,000 views the cost is $49.99.

So if we are planning to purchase some banner impressions here, we can get bonus with purchasing membership with the same price. We get referrals and the last one is extra ads to click.

Based on advertising page again, there is a package where the ads will only be shown to upgraded members only. And it is a one time only so those who purchase them gets unique visitors.

For the two biggest membership packages, they don’t get banner impressions but instead, they get high paying ads. Each ads is worth 1 to 3 cents until we get either 25 cents or 50 cents everyday depending on the package we choose.

In theory, if we buy either one of those two packages, what we can earn for the entire year can be paid back. But we have to do clicking ads almost everyday at least, 50 ads per day.

Is it worth it?

My comments

First, the banner impressions. It is limited. After we run out of impressions, it’s gone.

If we really want to make use of it, try to promote new program or create our own banners to attract viewers. In general, I’m not recommending anybody to advertise on any PTC unless we have one of those two criteria.

But this is a bonus from buying a membership. If we don’t use it, it’s a total lost. Maybe we can keep the credits until we are ready but I’m not sure.

Second, the additional ads to click. I think it is based on whether there are advertisers or not.

If there are no advertisers, we don’t get anything. Even if there are, they could run out of clicks maybe less than a year.

And that is just on their end. What about us?

Are we willing to click everyday? Fifty ads per day at least for the entire year.

The last one, the free referral. This actually can be a long term earning potential even after the membership expire and we don’t need to renew.

The problem is that we don’t actually know what kind of referral are we getting. If they are a committed member, we are lucky, if not, our lost.

Up to ten referrals is a very low number for a year. If we have to purchase the membership package, can we buy more now for the next year or the one after? Or we have to wait for a year and got stuck with inactive referrals?

Can we actually do a better job on promoting and getting referrals? No need to pay more, no need to wait for a year.

We can set a system where it’s going to keep promoting online 24/7 the whole year. If you really want to know how, keep reading to find out.

But if what you want is to buy referrals, Donkeymails offer something else without membership. Check out the next section

AdCoop – Buy Direct Referrals

From the member main dashboard, we can find there are three links DONKEYMAILS ADCOOP. Click on them to find the offer about buying only for referrals.

The referral we get is the direct referral or level 1. Ad Coop is a campaign by Donkeymails to get referrals. They are doing the promotions for the buyer.

Just like when we buy the membership, we don’t get the referrals right away. We have to wait and probably as the second priority after the membership offers.

So it’s like a preorder and when they find someone, they are going to give not to us but others who buy the Coop as well. It’s a guarantee that we get referrals but not when.

More importantly, they also state that there is no guarantee that the referral would be an active one. Of course, if we do our promotions ourselves this could happen. Only small percentage of referrals would be and stay active.

What they offer

The rate is $10 for 10 guaranteed referrals. If we buy $1000 we get 2000 referrals.

The good thing is that we can keep buying AdCoop as many as we want. No need to wait like membership.

AdCoop, the advertising campaign will start the first day of next month after we buy. As stated above, there is no guarantee as when we will get the referrals.

Unlike the membership package which they would assign new member without ID, with AdCoop, they actually use our referral ID to promote. Which means, there is a chance that we can get more.

The guaranteed number is just a minimum. With $10 package, in theory, we can get like 20 if we are lucky. But, yea, that is just pure luck, like gambling again.

I don’t see any offer to pay with our earnings like they do with membership. So we need to withdraw our earnings first then pay them either with STP, Perfect Money or CoinPayments.

I don’t know why they offer less payment options for this. Maybe they just forget to update.

My comments

I don’t have any experience with this or if I would ever use this feature. Compared to the membership package, this is so much better.

If you think this is an opportunity, then, this is the best deal since referral, if active, will give us non stop earnings. That’s even if we stop doing the clicking ourselves.

If you really want you can try, collecting $10 and immediately buy this. Don’t wait until we have money to buy more expensive package. The bonus is only if we buy the $1000 package.

Keep buying and eventually we will get some active referrals.

But, let’s think about this.

This is just a program where people can earn money only if there is an advertiser. Even though Donkeymails seems capable to keep the advertisers, but the number is still declining.

The more user they get even if they become our referral, make money for us, what they actually do is decreasing ads view. One day, no matter how many referrals we get, that only means losing advertiser faster.

Donkeymails probably is going to be around but with almost empty ads. No ads, and it won’t generate income for us or the referrals. Our referrals will slowly stop being active and they become just a number.

If we see the referral contest, the highest number of active referrals is less than 500. That is from hundreds of thousands members of Donkeymails.

Those $10 we invest will become nothing eventually. Should we keep trying to do it or is there a better way to invest our earnings here?

There are other investment programs online we can try. Just make a deposit and we can get some profit. Maybe you can find some programs here on my website.

I would suggest we invest to ourselves. Create, build and grow our own website and turn them into an online business.

If that is what you want, keep reading to the end part of this article. I will share with you a training program we can use.

With that training, we can still get referrals for Donkeymails for relatively free and for a long term. And we can utilize other similar program as well, not get stuck with just one program.


Just for the sake of covering everything about Donkeymails, I would discuss a bit about their advertising section. In general I will not recommend anybody to advertise in any PTC.

Unless, only for people with a relatively new and similar program to promote or they own the program. As stated above, try to invest to ourselves.

If, advertising here can help grow our own business, maybe we need to advertise once or twice. But still, there is always another options to do so.

Earners can read this section to understand what they can get from those advertiser.

What they offer

To advertise, we need to click on the menu ADVERTISE WITH DONKEYMAILS. That will lead us to page with a lot of advertising package.

They seem a lot but not as many as we think. It’s just a poor presentation where with better script they can simplify the looks. But, it’s an old program after all.

Here is the outline

Advertise on Paid Email, see the Paid Mail section above. The options are to give more money to viewer with longer timer. Packages with more clicks are available and can be targeted or no timer.

Advertise on Paid to Click, see the Paid to Click section above. The options are to give more money to viewer with longer timer. Packages with more clicks are available. From no timer to up to 35 seconds.

Advertise on Paid to Promote, see the Paid to Promote section above. Giving 1 points for 10 seconds view or 2 for 15. Packages with more clicks are available.

Country Targeted Paid to Click, advertise on paid to clicks but limited to location of the user. Can choose more than one country. Longer timer for more money. Packages with more clicks are available. Just one click allowed per user so its unique.

Pre targeted PTC, advertise on PTC but the targeted country is limited to US, UK, Canada, Australia, or Tier 1 and 2. For 15 seconds timer to get 0.25 cents or 10 seconds for 0.1 cents. Packages with more clicks are available.

Banner Impressions, advertise using our program banner. Displayed on every page, mixed with others in rotation. Packages with more impressions are available or with larger size, static for a whole month or week.

PTP side banner or text impression. Get 300,000 daily impressions on PTP page. Package available for 1 week, 2 week, 1 month or 3 months duration.

Skyscaper Banner impression on PTP page. Packages are available for more impressions.

Country targeted Banner impressions on partner website. Packages are available for more impressions.

Advertise on Paid to Sign Up, see the paid to signup section above. Packages with more guaranteed signups are available.

Advertise on Paid to Promote Rotator. Other user will do the promotion on other website and get paid from paid to promote feature. Packages with either worldwide views or targeted countries are available.

Sponsor Link. Text impressions on the left widget of Donkeymails website or at the bottom alongside multimoneygroup websites links. Terms available in monthly up to one year.

Advertise on Manual Traffic, see Manual Surf section above. Alongside user’s website, our ads will be inserted. Package with more guaranteed manual visitors are available and displayed only once per user per 24 hours.

Donkeymails Account Funding, see the deposit sub section of Payment and withdraw section above. Deposit fund to our balance with bonus advertising package.

Advertise on search email, like the paid mail but to selected countries only. Ads will be send via email to users from US, UK, Canada, Australia.

Advertise on Lotto, see the Lottery games section above. Display the ad while user wait the result of their lottery game. Package with more views are available.

Advertise on Paid to Click for Upgraded Members only. See the upgrade membership section above. User can only click once per ad so each click would be unique. Packages are available for higher prize, longer timer, more clicks, and either to all membership or with minimum upgraded membership.

Special Package. This part is actually at the top of the page. Packages available are mostly discount promo from the existing packages as described above. We can get lower price by checking this section. There are also other advertising like Facebook PTC special.

For any advertising we choose to buy, we can see the status, remaining clicks on ADVERTISING STATS page.

My comments

If we really want to advertise here, but not for a new program or we are not the owner, there are some tips we can use. One of them is to create our own landing page.

Don’t just use the affiliate link offered by the program. Chances are, there are other advertiser who promote the same program. By using our own landing page, splash page or even our banner, we can at least make people think that this might be a new program.

Try to create a page showing multiple programs instead of rotator. So people can compare and assume that the new program might be similar to the other that they have tried.

If we actually buy one of those package, make sure that the ads are working. We might not lose the views but we already spend the money.

Try to compare the price between advertising here and someplace else like Google Adwords. With so many people using Google Adsense on their web, we might get a better and wide audience.

I really don’t have any idea about the conversion rate for advertising here or anywhere else. My advice would be to try each package to find out which advertising package can give us not just a referral but an active one.

Instead of blindly spend money on advertising, do a research. We have to make a plan.

If there are better options to advertise outside Donkeymails then consider to do it there. Hopefully the money we spend is worth it.


Even if it’s just a matter of few dollars, cents or pennies, Donkeymails has paid me more than other similar programs that I have used. The simple features the offer helps me to focus to get my earnings instead of spending it to other feature.

A newer paid to click program even offer people to rent referrals without enough number of advertisers. Eventually people get stuck without getting anything, just keep circulating the money.

This is an old program, not with a simple, minimalist design like other new program. A lot of ads here and there but not very distracting, and probably some outdated content.

Most PTC programs usually suffers with declining number of advertisers. People tend to move from one program to another easily.

Yet, Donkeymails already establish their own customers to keep them going since 2005. So many have changed since then, especially the payment method which can bring down new programs but Donkeymails is still around and pay their users.

Once again, this is just a Paid to Click program. We can only earn so little but still there are some people who can use them because they can no longer afford the time and energy to work more.

With just clicking ads in their spare time, not a big effort, they can build up some earnings to invest on other things. Not a program to stick around forever but can lead to something bigger.

If that is who you are, you can start your earnings here. It’ free to earn.

I think it is also safe to assume that any program from is also paying. They offer several other PTC but they say Donkeymails is the biggest one.

The script is more or less similar so if we can use this one, we will have no trouble using their other programs. Maybe there is one or two distinct features for each program.

Final Word

So what do we do after clicking ads and collecting some pennies into dollars? As I said a couple times above, we should try to invest in ourselves.

Instead of relying on one program like Donkeymails, we can use other program that also offer affiliate program. In theory, with just one program, we can get as many referrals as we can and earn us unlimited amount of money.

By using a lot of programs, not only we open more income source but also diversify in case one of them shut down. Unlike being a corporate slave we can work with other companies and invite other people to the best program we choose, without worrying about getting fired.

Paid to Click is just one type of program online that offers affiliate program and Donkeymails is just one of many PTC programs available. If we look at the list of recommended programs on Donkeymails, those are the affiliate programs that Donkeymails can earn from.

You can also find some other programs here on my website. Anybody can use them. Here is my list of all affiliate programs that I have used.

That is what we should be doing. Establish a website where people can always get back to and provide them with information and lead them to join helpful programs that we can earn.

If you really want to know more about building online business, here is one of the training that we can use. Right here, we can even get help from the owners themselves to actually set up a website and grow it to become a passive income by using all of those affiliate programs.

Join in, and try to reply the owners message for you, ask them anything. See if they get back to you.

Here is my review for this training if you are interested to know more. No need to trust my word, but you can try it for FREE.

Well, that is all what I can share with you about my review for Donkeymails. Maybe I missed something, or if you still have questions, or you want to share your experience with this or other similar programs, don’t hesitate to use the comment section below.

I would love to help as I could and learn more about this online money making program as well. Hopefully my articles helps. Thanks for reading.



Mark M.

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