In the past, I would tell people not to use any faucet program with less than 60 minutes timer. But then, we need to keep looking for alternatives from other program, especially those that offer special feature like interest.

With interest, we don’t need to do anything just maintain some amount on our balance and the money can grow from the interest. Like a bank.

This has led me to try Another program replicating model but instead of 60 minutes faucet, we get a 5 minutes.

So, who are they? Are they legit or scams? How much money can we earn for free? What is the interest rate? How to use this program?

Those are probably some questions that came to your mind after hearing about Trust BTC Faucet. With this article, I will share with you my Trust BTC Faucet review based on my experience and what I can find online.

Hopefully this could help. Are they the next source for passive income?

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Type: Faucet (5 minutes, BTC)
Feature: Raffle/ lottery, Interest, Hi-Lo Game, Loyalty Bonus
Referral Commission: 50% faucet, 0.25% wager, 1% raffle, 25% interest
Minimum Withdraw: 15,000 satoshi
Payment Method: Bitcoin
Started Since: 2016


So, who is trustbtcfaucet? The simple answer is a faucet program. A faucet program is where we can get free money usually cryptocurrency, in exchange for doing something, usually viewing ads.

Like other similar program, it’s not that easy to get full information about the owner. It is very typical, no company profile or about me page. What we can find from using WhoIs tool, is only that they are registered in London, Great Britain.

A lot of faucet program usually trying to replicate who has been in the business since 2013 while trustbtcfaucet started in 2016. So, I’m going to make some comparison between the two of them.

Like other similar program as well, this websites display a number of ads in the shape of banners almost on every page. Usually this will become one of their income source.

The good thing is that the ads are not distracting or at least not covering their main feature. Some could be annoying but that not on their end.

Contact and Support

Trust BTC Faucet provides some channels for users to contact them. There is no actual contact form on their website, only email address to send question or complain with the service.

We can send it to They use twitter, telegram, and Facebook to make some announcement about new features, additional, change or problem with the website and also payment report.

On their website we can see separately between news page and payment report page. There are also some Youtube videos with different languages that we can watch on the homepage to learn more about how to use Trust BTC Faucet.

They also provide user with an FAQ page and HOW IT WORKS page, mostly with the same content on both of them. The links are at the bottom of their website.

Sign up and terms

To start using this program we can sign up first by clicking on REGISTER page at the top. We submit our username, email, password and we need the bitcoin address right away.

If you don’t have any address yet, you can use first. Use their deposit address as payment address to sign up. is actually a similar program, a faucet but we can use it as wallet. Read more about from my review here

After that, we need to solve captcha either reCaptcha or SolveMedia. They will send confirmation mail that we need to click a link on it before we can sign in using our username.

Some terms to remember is that we are only allowed to have 1 account. One claim per account per IP address every 5 minutes.

VPN and proxies are not allowed as well. Make sure we turn VPN off before sigining in or use the website further.

There is also a 60 days inactivity limit and the account will be suspended.

Loyalty Bonus

This is actually not the main feature but I put it as first because there is something that we need to do first before using faucet, the main feature for the rest of the day. This is an additional thing that we can get for logging in consecutively.

After we sign in, on the dashboard we can click on LOYALTY BONUS menu or from the top EARN menu, one of the drop down.

How does it work?

Each day, every member get a chance to spin the wheel to get one of 8 possible bonus. The first day we sign in we can get 1 spin, two for the second day and for the third day and after we can get 3.

Just click on the chicken icon at the center of the wheel. After we use all of our chances of the day, the wheel won’t spin again but instead we will get a notification saying no more pin.

Here is the list of the bonus that we can get.

3 satoshi
10 satoshi
5 raffle tickets
10 raffle tickets
25 raffle tickets
5% claim bonus
15% claim bonus

The useless one is getting “THANKS”, not very lucky. Satoshi and raffle tickets are both self explanatory but more about raffle on another section below.

The most valuable bonus is the claim bonus. Every faucet claim we make will get additional satoshi based on the claim bonus we get.

If we read the explanation on the dashboard, we can see that they used to offer 20% claim bonus but not anymore. Maybe sometime later we can get again as limited time promotion.

Claim bonus only works for that day. This is why we need to do it first, or we can’t maximize our claim.

If we get the bonus later, we probably can only get the bonus for several last claim of the day. Each day starts and ends at 00:00 UTC.

It is also possible to get the same bonus or multiple claim bonus. If we are lucky we can get 45% bonus. Getting three THANKS would be the worst, like we forget about the bonus at all.

Faucet – Main Feature

This is their main feature, the faucet, where we can start earning bitcoin for free. Click on BITCOIN FAUCET on dashboard or click on Freebitcoin from the drop down EARN menu.

We can earn up to 888 satoshi per claim every 5 minutes. Just by completing a single captcha.

How does it work?

We will see a page like the picture above. Just click on green CLAIM button when right above the button says “You can claim now”. Otherwise it will tell us the remaining timer that we have to wait.

After we click on the green button, a pop up window will appear like the picture below. We have to solve a captcha to prove we are human.

We can choose between Google reCaptcha or QBK Captcha. Actually this is the first program I use to offer QBK captcha and I recommend people to use it instead of reCaptcha from Google.

Just easy to solve equation, fast loading, and error rarely happen. We need to drag the number of the answer to the right of “=” sign.

After that click on VERIFY blue button between captcha and the ad. If we solve it right the captcha window will show a green check mark. Then we can click on the blue CLAIM button at the bottom.

After that we will see the random prize we will get for that claim just like the picture above with a timer before we can claim again. Notice that aside from the claim, there are two more rewards we can see at the result page.

The first one is claim bonus. This was mentioned on the section before about Loyalty Bonus.

If we have a claim bonus for the day, the bonus will be added to the number after the word “NOW”. So, it’s like before and after.

The second one is the number of free raffle tickets, will be explained later. We can get up to two tickets per claim if I’m not mistaken.

The amount of BTC we actually get

So far, even though it’s random, but what we can get are actually several constant numbers. It’s either, 3, 5, 8, 10, 26, 52, or 88 satoshi. And that is what I got so far.

Based on the top claim for the past 24 hours that we can see below the CLAIM button on faucet page, the higher amount can be around 100, 300 and of course 888 satoshi.

With the claim bonus, we can get higher than 888. They also round up so for 3 satoshi and 5% bonus, we can get 1 satoshi bonus.

Based on my claim so far, I think between 5 or 10 satoshi would be the average per claim.

The minimum 5 minutes timer

I still don’t know the exact number but after a number of claims within a day, they will slow down the timer. Maybe after 30 claims, the countdown will be like 4 or 5 seconds per count.

So it will become like a 20 or 25 minutes faucet. At first, I thought this is just a delayed countdown because I open multiple browser tabs, but it’s not.

After a couple more claim, it can even reach like 12 seconds per count. Like an hour faucet.

They actually make an official statement, saying that the 5 minutes is just a standard and they could change it. Instead of for longer timer that works like a normal countdown, we get slowed down countdown.

There are other faucet programs that offer 5 minutes faucet as well but for limited time of claiming each day. Usually we can no longer make any claim but on this one we can still claim but way too long compared to the amount we can get.

The countdown will reset everyday back to the normal 5 minutes at 00:00 UTC. Don’t forget to claim the loyalty bonus first before claiming again.

As of May 16, 2019 it has normal countdown but longer interval or timer. After 30 claims the 5 minutes timer become 20 minutes.

Other Consideration

There is no sound notification after the timer is done. Another thing is that there is no way to stay logged in.

After about 30 minutes without accessing any page from the website, we will have to log in again.  Usually this will not be a problem for a 5 minutes timer.

But if the countdown is slowed down and without sound notification, we tend to forget about it and thus, we need to log in again. This could be very annoying, and we might want to stop claiming here, wait for it to reset.

My comment

Compared to other faucet program with 5 minutes as well, what we can get from free claiming is very low here. Just 5  to 10 satoshi every 5 minutes. for example, at the time of this writing, we can get like 15 to 20 satoshi every 5 minutes, without any limit before slowing down. But of course, in exchange for that we need to view ads, accessing page by page, solving double captcha and double layer captcha while here the QBK captcha is very simple.

Another five minutes faucet,, at this time, offers like 4 or 5 satoshi per claim and can get up to 50 claims per day. But, we have to stop after that, wait until the next day to claim again.

And that is if we collect Bitcoin. We can get more from claiming other coins.

Compared to as my standard for faucet, I can get like 300-500 satoshi everyday. From here, based on my first 2 weeks of claiming I can get the like 300 satoshi.

So I think, from just the faucet, we can get the same but here every 5 minutes, requires more claiming. More time consuming.

The potential is higher on since we can get like $200 worth of satoshi, which can be like 0.038 BTC at this time while we can only get 888 satoshi here. But of course, both of them those lucky numbers are almost impossible to get.

On one hand, offer a very low free money can be helpful to sustain the business but it will take too long for earners. With very low offer they probably don’t use dynamic price, it is not flexible enough to manage the volatile market of any cryptocurrencies especially BTC.

What we get here is not really a random number here but a random of several numbers. At the time the bitcoin will go higher, like when it reached 4 times of today’s value, can TrustBTCFaucet stay in business or do they need to offer even lower than 5 satoshi per claim?

I think the flexible aspect is the claim limit. They can just reduce the number or right away slow down the countdown.

This is just from one feature. Maybe we should look at their other feature.

Annual interest

Annual interest is their next feature. It is actually on top of the dashboard menu, ANNUAL INTEREST and from the EARN drop down menu.

If we click on that page, we will see something like the picture below. We can see the annual interest they use for the day.

It is actually a daily interest. We will get paid everyday but the interest rate is based on annual number and they will change it everyday.

They say we can get 4.08-5.18 % based on operation income. From the same page, we can track the rate from the last 7 and 30 days with charts.

There are also personal statistic and calculator. We can see how much money we earn from the interest based on our balance and the interest projection within a day, a month and a year.

How does it work?

In order for any member to be eligible for this feature, members need to have minimum 30,000 satoshi on their balance. The rate will be calculated and paid everyday, compounded to the balance.

The next day, if we still keep the balance plus the interest, we will get interest from interest the day before. In theory, we can grow our money here without doing anything, just keep the balance like a bank or investment.

With 1 BTC on balance, we can get around 10,000 satoshi for the interest of one day. Don’t forget that we can keep adding them with the free bitcoin from the faucet.

My comment

The minimum is actually the same from who offers similar daily interest as well. What offers as standard rate is actually the lowest from Trust BTC Faucet.

Both of them are subject to change but TrustBTCFaucet do it daily. So in general, the rate is higher here.

As I mentioned before, this flexibility is good to sustain the business since they use cryptocurrencies where the price can go up or down instantly. They could suddenly have to pay more and run out of business if any member decide to withdraw.

So this could be a great alternative to Not putting all the eggs in one basket to save some in case something bad happen to the platform.

But there is a drawback, the inactivity time limit. After 60 days without accessing our account, the account will be suspended.

For me, this could be a bad thing. Sure, most people will stay active by logging in, claiming the free coins from faucet but there is still a chance that we might forget about it or we choose not to access to let the money grow instead of spending it.

And yet, suddenly it’s gone. When we can keep enough balance here, the interest is already larger than the faucet can ever give us.

Still, this can be a good alternative, as long as we don’t forget about it. Just a suggestion, should we choose to use it to keep our money, maybe make it as payment account.

We get paid, probably from other program and have them send to this account. At least, then, we can check periodically.

We can move it elsewhere later if we want but if not, we can still get the interest. Don’t forget to activate the 2 Factor Autenthicantion feature to secure the access to our account.

Multiplier Hi-Lo Dice Game

This is the betting feature for this program. Yes, it’s a gamble and we will lose money if we use THIS feature.

A lot of people would say that this program is a scam because they gamble and lose their money using this feature. I don’t recommend anybody to use it so I’m not going to discuss much about it.

Just trying to be thorough with my review. If you are not ready to lose money don’t use it. Just skip to the next part.

How does it work?

If you still want to try, it’s on the HiLo page from the dashboard or the EARN drop down menu. What we need to do is just bet high or bet low.

We win if we bet high and the number is higher than 5250 or we bet low and the number is lower than 4750. That’s it.

The number has 5 digits but I think it’s only up to 10,000. So the chance to win is still 47.5% for either choice.

What we can see at the left side of the HiLo page is a tool to raise or lower the bet instantly. In case we are not patient enough to do it manually, they provide us with auto betting tool.

There is a limit to profit that we can get. Up to 1 BTC only. Based on their twitter account, they used to run wagering contest, even a referral wagering contest from time to time.

Not only they give prize to those who wage the highest amount but also those who get a lot of referrals and tell the referrals to wager. The contest can be for a whole month or a year.

My comment

For those who want to lose more money can try using the auto bet feature. There is a limit to what we can win but to what we can lose, the limit is what we have on our balance.

We can set the limit but that’s only to stop the betting process. There is a chance that we can lose more than the limit.

On one hand, people will lose their money here but on the other, this can be an income source for Trust BTC Faucet. The same goes for other online program who offer similar feature.

The limit to the profit for user is also a good way to prevent them for losing money too much money. The chances to win is very low but it doesn’t mean that there are no lucky members at all.

At least, we give them time to prepare the money or maybe adjust the interest rate. So, assuming we can win, then they will just lower the interest rate for a couple of days after and we will get lower interest.

If we lose, it’s like we are making donation for them and if we win, a lot of other people will pay for that. Why not just let the money grow instead of gamble them?

Once again if you still consider this as opportunity, do it on your own risk. Consider investing the money to a better program.

Raffle / Lottery

The next feature is the lottery. If we want to test our luck, we can try this one.

Click on RAFFLE page from the dashboard, or from EARN drop down menu to see the status of the lottery event, the ongoing one and the previous rounds.

They say it is provably fair. It means the owner can’t manipulate the result to choose some winner they like. Fair on choosing random winner.

How does it work?

It’s a weekly lottery event. Within that week, we submit a number of tickets and if we are lucky, we can be one of the ten winners.

We can use the free tickets from the faucet or we can add the number of ticket by buying them for 2 satoshi per ticket.

The ticket can only be used once. The more we submit to the same round, the better chance to become a winner.

Every round starts and ends every Tuesday at 1:45 UTC. We can win with just one ticket and we can only win one prize per round.

Buying ticket doesn’t necessarily mean submitting to the current round. We can use some other time.

From this RAFFLE page as well, there is a tool for purchasing tickets and allocating.

What can we get?

The prizes are determined by number of tickets submitted by all members. Total prize is number of tickets multiplied by 1.8 satoshi for ten winners every week.

Here is the list of prize for each winner.

1st: 26.67% of total prize
2nd: 16.67%
3rd: 13.33%
4th: 12.21%
5th: 10%
6th: 6.67%
7th: 6.11%
8th: 3.89%
9th: 2.78%
10th: 1.67%

Based on the few last rounds at the time of this writing, the average total tickets is from over 200,000 ticket to over 400,000 tickets.

My comment

In general I would not recommend anybody to buy more tickets. We can buy but we cannot sell back.

With just one ticket we can win and if we keep claiming from faucet, we will get more than one ticket. Based on my experience for the first two weeks of using this program I almost got 1000 tickets just from claiming.

There is no point not to use the ticket. The question is how to increase the chance to win.

There are two ways that I can think of. First is to keep collecting tickets and after we have enough, we submit them all at once in one round.

Wait until the last day of the round and see if our tickets is enough. If not, we can wait and keep collecting.

The problem with this one is that it’s going to be awhile before we reach that number. As I mentioned above, every round the total tickets can reach at least 200,000 tickets.

To reach 50% chance, we also need that number. Assuming we win something, there is a chance that we can only get number 10 and also a chance to not win at all.

The second way is to keep spending the tickets whenever we get. One way or another maybe we can win something. But don’t know when. Consider it as bonus, instead of thinking too much about it.

Just like the faucet itself. The more we claim, we will eventually get a higher prize.

There is actually one more way. It’s to combine both ways. While we keep spending some of our tickets every round, we keep increasing what we keep.

The point is, this is a free resource that we can use and get something. Whichever way we choose, it’s better to spend it instead of not at all.

Referral / Affiliate Program

This next feature is going to turn this program from giving us pennies into hundred or even thousand of dollars. From doing our own claiming into a passive and unlimited income.

With referral program, we invite other people to join this program and if they use the service, we can get money. In case of Trust BTC Faucet, we invite them to claim free coins.

We can get money for inviting other people to earn money for free. Not a bad idea, right?

How does it work?

As many other online affiliate programs, we will get a link with our ID attached to it. This one below is mine for this program.

If anybody click on it and join the program, they will become my referral. If they use any feature I mentioned above, I will get paid. That means from claiming, wagering, interest, or lottery.

We get 50% from our referral’s claim, 0.25% from their wager, 1% from their raffle winning, and 25% from the interest. So, even if our referral just keep the money there get some interest without using other feature, we can still get something too.

We can find our own referral link from the REFER drop down menu and click the REFERRAL SYSTEM page. There are other tools that we can use as well like banners with several sizes of two designs, and share button to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumbler, Pocket, Reddit, LinkedIn, Pinboard, WordPress, or via email.

If we click on MY REFERRAL page, we can track down our referrals’ claim and earning. Total or per referral.

What we need to do is to share our own link. We can use the share button or share it ourselves on other platform like our own website, forum, or any other social media.

Just make sure we copy the link right because if we miss just one character, we’ll be losing a potential income source.

How to get more referrals?

Assuming, we share this program to people who are interested, it can be a good way. But, if not, we’ll only be like a salesman approaching random people trying to sell something.

If we use our personal social media account, people might get sick and we can lose our follower. Don’t overdo it.

Any forum discussing specifically about faucet, cryptocurrencies or online money making program would be a great platform to share since we already know that the users are interested in it.

The problem is, as using other platform, that we are going to have a lot of other people promoting the same thing. We might not be the first one.

Another thing is that those platforms can always change their policy of how we can use it for our promotion. Not to mention, they could even run out of business, which make our promotion campaign will be a waste.

But the idea to have a platform is good. It’s like having a shop in real life, so people can always come back to when they need to check out something new.

Another way is to have our own website. We can set our own rules, promote anything we want, talk about this program and maybe keep adding more and new programs.

By keep adding more contents to our website, one way or another search engine like Google can find our website. Any search engine will then become our salesman, connecting us with those who are interested instead of us approaching a stranger.

Even better, since those search engine will work 24/7 promoting our website. No need to wait for us to wake up.

If you are interested about how to set up a website and grow them into an online business, generating passive income from program like Trust BTC Faucet, keep reading. I will share with you later how.

In the meantime, let’s head back to Trust BTC Faucet a little bit.


With so many features to earn and to purchase, the next question would be how to make a deposit and withdraw funds to Trust BTC Faucet. Especially to withdraw, it would be a bad idea after the time we spend claiming but we won’t be able to get paid.

The good thing is that they only use Bitcoin. But still, is there any minimum? Any fees? When do we get paid?

We can click on our balance to see a drop down menu containing, DEPOSIT page, WITHDRAW page, and history for each.

How to withdraw funds

There are two ways of how we can withdraw from Trust BTC Faucet. Instantly or manually.

Either way we need at least 15,000 satoshi to withdraw. Extra 666 fees for an instant withdraw which we will get our money right away.

The manual withdraw is free but we have to wait maybe until the end of the day before they process them. See the PAYMENT PROOF page to see the status PAID or PENDING.

They used to process the payment twice a week but now it’s everyday. A delay up to one day can be expected with more and more users.

If we need to change our wallet address, we can do it from the account setting page. Click on the username.

Should we make a deposit here?

In general, I would not recommend anybody to make any deposit. Especially if we can earn it for free and because we can lose a lot from gambling and buying lottery tickets here. Just to be safe.

But still, what we can get from claiming is rather low. Maybe we want to get interest right away, making the 30,000 satoshi deposit would not be a bad idea.

Also, with bitcoin and the deposit feature, we can use this platform as our wallet to accept payment from other program. The deposit address can be found on the dashboard, the DEPOSIT page, and any page where we can purchase something.

We will automatically get a fixed deposit address. They say they will process any deposit after 1 confirmation.

Not really sure about this but, It is said that 1 confirmation is only for $1,000 or less. With today’s rate of bitcoin, which 1 BTC equals around 5,000 USD maybe we should deposit less than 1 BTC or at least contact them first.

ADVERTISE via mellowads

This might be the last part about Trust BTC Faucet. For those who want to advertise on Trust BTC Faucet, display their ads, they can do it via MellowAds.

So, what is mellowads? It’s another program where people can advertise and for website owner to register their websites space to publish the ads.

People can advertise via mellowads and let them choose the publisher or they can deal directly to the website owner using mellowads platform. There are 14 spaces to display ads with various banner size on Trust BTC Faucet.

Six of them are for CPC/CPM based, or this is where we need to deal directly with Trust BTC Faucet. The rate is about 5,000 satoshi.

Should we advertise here?

In general, I would not recommend to spend the money for advertising. But there are some exception like if we have a totally new program or we own the programs ourselves. Even for that there is always a way to advertise for free or cheaper way.

If you want to advertise here, it’s best to promote similar program and of course, not promoting Trust BTC Faucet itself. Mellowads is in fact limited to this category.

The problem is that once again, we are going to compete with other people, probably promoting the same thing. We need to use our own banners instead of using the one the programs provided.

Or, we can promote our own website, as I mentioned above, have the banner as well and display it here. We promote not just one but on one page, we promote several similar programs, the better if we promote similar to Trust BTC faucet so user might notice.

The good thing with mellowads is that we can start advertising for free. Mellowads themselves offers a faucet program which what we get can only be used for advertise there.

It’s a 24 hour faucet, just one claim per day. Keep collecting before we can advertise.

If you consider it as opportunity, you can start claiming for MellowAds here.


As a faucet program, what we can earn from Trust BTC Faucet is actually very low. Even the 5 minutes timer has claim limit.

After around 30 claims, the countdown will slow down until each count becomes like 5 seconds. Then it will become a half an hour faucet with very low earning.

Less maximum earnings, less reward, no sound notification and limited login time without any activity compared to Even with claim bonus from loyalty bonus, unless we are very lucky to get three of them, the earnings would not be enough.

With the interest feature, what we can get is more or less the same compared to The problem is that there is a 60 days inactivity limit before the account get suspended.

Just don’t forget to access the account once in awhile, should we use it to keep our money and activate the 2FA feature.

Still, a very low income they offer for free means they could ensure to sustain the business, keep them longer.

With the referral program they offer, the potential to become a passive and full time income still remains. We just need to get enough referrals.

Claiming from faucet is not for a long term thing here but still can be alternative to keep and grow our bitcoin. Just don’t spend our earnings for gambling and lottery, spend the free tickets we get instead.

If you are still interested to use Trust BTC Faucet, you can start claiming your free coins here. It’s FREE.

Final Word

As I mentioned before that what we can get from claiming the faucet is actually very low. The key is to use the referral program, get a lot of referrals and let them do the work and we get the commission.

In order to do that, it’s better to have our own website, promote the program until we can get enough referrals and they can generate income for us. That is how we can have an online business.

If you are interested to learn more about building a website and turn it into a business, even a passive income, there is a training program that you can try.

On this training, not only we can learn about how to, but we can actually set up the website, grow it until it can generate income. We can learn from a lot of experts who were once just like you and me, know almost nothing about online business.

This is an easy training program that even a guy without a college degree can use it. Within two years he started to have a full time income from his website and quit his regular job.

We can even ask the owner the help out directly. Try it. Join the program for FREE and try to reply their first message to you and see if they get back and help you out.

You can learn more about the training from my review here.

We grow the business and website by using affiliate programs just like Trust BTC Faucet. Here is my list of other affiliate program that you can try.

I will keep updating the page and add more programs. So, stay tuned.

Well, that’s all I can share with you about Trust BTC Faucet. Maybe I missed something and you have more question about it, or if you want to add your experience, view, opinion, don’t hesitate to use the comment section below.

Maybe you also have other experience with other similar programs with this, hopefully a better one, you can suggest something as well. I would love to help if I could and learn more about online program.

Hope my reviews can help. Thanks for reading.



Mark M.

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