Maybe you get tired from the ads we have to click, load and views from a lot of online program. All of that just to earn some pennies.

A lot of new programs are launched everyday so we can have another options and keep trying to find a better program to earn money from. If you are looking for a program with the least disturbing ads to view, maybe you should try

Who are they? Are they legit or scams? Is it free? How does it work? Can anybody use them? How much money we can earn from them?

Those are probably just a few questions that came to mind when we hear about an online program. Especially a money making program.

In this article I will share with you my review based on my experience with them. Maybe they are the next program for you to earn money from? Hope this writing can give you some answers.

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Type: Faucet (Hourly, Bitcoin)
Feature: Weekly Contest
Referral Commission: 50%
Minimum Withdraw: 25,000 satoshi
Payment Method: Bitcoin
Started Since: May 2018

News and Update

Since the end of August 2019, suddenly can’t no longer be accessed. We can only see white screen from that website.

I have tried contact the owner via email and so far there is no response. Another user also have tried asking the same question via twitter.

Therefore, I have to change my status for into SCAM. I guess this was the intention for changing the withdrawing policy from weekly to monthly at the start of July or August.

Maybe that should be an indication of a program becoming a scam. So it has been for over a year before they decided to shut down their business.

The earning rate is very low, but the minimum to withdraw is high and they don’t offer any micro wallet. Even after using the program daily for about four months, I didn’t even reach the minimum.

For themselves, they don’t even have many income source other than displaying ads and that is very low number, not even an annoying one. On the other hand, they have been very generous for running a weekly contest, rewarding the highest earner.

Hopefully we can find new and better programs to replace


In short, is a faucet program offering bitcoin. From a faucet program people can earn money for free, usually with cryptocurrencies.

The amount we can claim is not big, just pennies and depends on the program, but we can do it over and over again every time frame. Some offer every hour but there are programs that offer every 5 minutes. is a faucet program created by Slavik Malezhik from Ukraine. We can actually check his domain registration data from WhoIs tool with Hostinger as his registrar.

Their purpose, based on the website is to introduce people to Bitcoin. So people can earn from them first before actually using it, buy it or even make it as investment.

I don’t know much about Ukraine but it seems the website is available both in English and Russian. We can change it at the top right corner of their website or later after we join from member dashboard.


There is no dedicated page about company profile but at least the owner opens a lot of channel to contact him. Both for English and Russian user.

For English users can follow their twitter, for Russian the VK and channel for both on Telegram. The content is more or less the same.

They make announcement about new feature, problem with payment, downtime and back online again, etc. There is also a ticket system on the website.

We can send email directly to or If we check the WhoIs tool, maybe we can send directly to the owners email,

Sign Up and Accounts

To start using and earn free coins, we can sign up from their homepage. Fill in username, email and password.

From the terms, we cannot use VPN or proxy, no multiple accounts are allowed, no automation or bypass. Since they are offering free money in exchange to view ads, like any other online business, we need to turn off the ad blocker feature before using this program.

News and Update (July 2019)

Starting from July 2019, changed their policy from a 30 minutes faucet into an hourly one. There is no further explanation whether this is going to be a permanent change or just adjustment due to fluctuation of bitcoin price.

The payment is no longer weekly but only once a month. I think we can still expect to see another change.

The rest of this review is still based on their previous policy. Some info, comment and suggestion may still applicable but some no longer so.


After we logged in, the first page we see is the FAUCET page. Like any other program offering free money, we will see ads.

As we can see from the picture below, there is a horizontal banner and three rows. The middle one is the only feature from Bitnyx and the other are for displaying ads.

How does it work?

Claim up to 30 satoshi every 30 minutes. Just click on the CLAIM button to get free satoshi.

That is what they say on the website. Yes, we can just click and we will see the amount of coins we get.

No need to solve any captcha.

The box will change from saying READY TO CLAIM, to showing the amount we get. Then the timer will show up, and we have to wait for 30 minutes before we can claim again.

There is a setting for sound notification when the timer is done. Check the setting page and make sure we turn it on. Test it out first.

I think the sound is still working even if we are on other page besides Faucet page. Perhaps the sound is just very low to me. Clearly we still need to keep the tab open.

If we are on other page, we can see  a white horizontal line at the top filling the bar from left to right that also works as timer.

Is it really no captcha?

The answer is only by default. After a couple of claim, or even the second one, we will sometimes see error on claiming.

After that, the page will automatically reload within 3 seconds and there, we have to solve it. The picture below is the example.

I thought that we need to wait for the ads to be fully loaded before hit the claim button. Since that is probably the only way they make money, by displaying more ads.

But, no. Even if the ads are there, we can still see error from time to time.

Based on what we can see from their social media account, it seems that they started like any other program. They use the captcha but from CoinHive not Google reCaptcha.

It seems that using CoinHive is giving a lot of trouble to users and people are asking to add the reCaptcha. Which, they removed it again after only 2 days.

If the error happens, they only offer us with Google reCaptcha. No alternative.

How much can we get?

Based on my 30 claims, I can get like 12 satoshi per claim. So compared to other program, this offer is either the same or less than average.

Usually I consider as the standard of what we can get. From there, at this time, we can get like 25 satoshi per 60 minutes.

Not to mention, there is enough chance to get the second group, which we will get 20 times from that number. But here on Bitnyx, the highest is just 30 satoshi per 30 minutes or 60 per hour.

As I always say, more claim per hour doesn’t always mean more money. There are time for solving captcha, loading the page and ads, not to mention if we forget to claim right away.

For me, it is probably a good thing if they give less money. It means a higher chance for the program to stay around longer. offers slightly more but they have been around since 2013. Hopefully Bitnyx can do the same.

Of course that is if the owner do a good job managing their finance.

There are rooms for flexibility

This is an important thing, especially for those offering cryptocurrencies. As we know that the price of bitcoin can go up and down drastically.

What a faucet can offer is probably the same but since the price suddenly go up, the faucet can have a hard time paying their members. One of the solution is to use dynamic price to determine what they offer.

It seems like the same also applies for Bitnyx. We know that we can get up to 30 as they promise us but that doesn’t mean they can’t lower the chance to get it from the back.

Right now I can get like between 10 to 18 coins but when they need they can lower it to 5-10. Another solution is to change the timer.

They have done this before even though it was not because of the fluctuation of bitcoin price. More about technical problem on their end.

They can change the timer to 60 minutes or per hour or even longer. Some people might not like it but the choice is either that or they shut the business down completely.

They also did offer a lower waiting time to 20 minutes. I think that was just one time for promotion only.

Weekly Competition

This is the generous offer from Bitnyx. They are giving away more free money every week. Any member will automatically enter the competition as soon as they make the first claim of the week.

How does it work?

What we need to do is just to claim the biggest amount of satoshi during the week. The highest one will get another 100,000 satoshi.

The winner will be determined every Sunday at 23:59 UTC. The reward will be send to the balance of the site.

So we just need to claim each 30 minutes for the whole week right? No. It says the biggest amount. There is a luck factor in this.

If someone claims every 30 minutes and always get like 10 satoshi, he will be beaten by those who get lucky and always get 30 satoshi per claim, assuming both of them are doing the same.

But yes, the more we do it, a better chance on getting to the top.

To be honest, I really can’t tell how they can afford to do this every week. Even the ads are very minimum, displayed only on Faucet page.

Perhaps they can also change several aspect for this if somehow they can no longer afford it. Maybe lower the reward or make it as bi-weekly or even monthly competition.

Hopefully not just more ads to see.

Is it worth doing it?

No. It’s better to get some sleep instead of waiting every 30 minutes for seven days.

The winner is just one. Based on the amount of coins we can get we can lose with just 1 coin less than other member. Consider it as a luck or lottery.

Back then the competition is like a referral contest from Donkeymails where our referrals claim is also counted as our claim. Another faucet owner, with username Gregc1131, won the competition six times because he has the most referrals.

Perhaps to stop him from keep winning every week, Bitnyx change their policy to only count our own claim, not from referrals. Still, based on the faucet page, Gregc1131, is still considered as the most active members and has already withdrawn 0.07 BTC.

Thanks to referral program, he can earn more than the competition reward and that is without the need to claim. That means no longer need to enter the competition.

So, instead of wasting our time with competition, better check out the next feature that can earn us even more. Unlimited perhaps.

Referral / Affiliate Program

So this is a feature that we can use to earn more money. For those of you who are not familiar, from affiliate or referral program we can get paid by inviting other people to join the program as well. In this case, to join Bitnyx.

Those people will become our referral and if they use Bitnyx service, we can get paid. And in this case, the service is to claim free coins.

So we get paid for helping other people get money as well. Not really a bad idea, right?

How does it work?

Usually from any company offering an online affiliate program, we will get a link with our ID attached to it. This one below is mine for Bitnyx.

If anybody clicks on it and join the program, they will become my referral. Every claim for free coins by those referrals, I will get 50%.

We can get this link from the faucet page or the REFERRAL page. What we need to do is to share that link to other people.

Bitnyx provides us with share button to several social media platform. If we have either Facebook, Twitter, VK, Google Plus, Telegram, Path or Tumbler account, we can use it.

Other tools we can use from REFERRAL page are banners. There are several sizes of promotional banners with relatively the same design.

Use the drop down menu to pick the size. We can download the banner image first or we can copy the HTML code from here.

At the bottom of the page, we also have our tracking system to know how many referrals we have and their activity on Bitnyx. Maybe you want to give some reward to those members, run your own competition.

How to get referrals

As we can see from the list of top active members, these members have the most active referrals. The referrals generate enough income to get those members to the top.

As I mentioned before, that GregC1131, since May 2018, almost at the start of Bitnyx, has already over 5,000 referrals. For 10 months, he already got 0.07 BTC and it is still a growing number.

Now he has 11 faucet programs offering free coins as well. is just one of them.

One thing that he does and we can do as well is to start a website. By having a website, we offer people a place to come back to, find out more about similar program.

Instead of being an online salesman, offering links as brochure to other people, annoy them, we build a record on our website. Tell people that we are just recommending a lot of different website, not just overselling one we are working with.

We show people that we are serious and understand about this field. Tried a lot of programs and recommend the best based on our experience.

One day, people can keep coming back to it when they feel they want to try. Or, we can also offer new and more programs for them to use.

Those 5 thousands referrals are just the one from Bitnyx. Gregc1131 has a list of hundreds or maybe thousands of programs. Maybe you can find some of those here on this website that I’ve written a review about.

If we can have enough referrals for each affiliate programs we use, technically we can have unlimited income. And once again, that is, without us to do the work ourselves, or we can say, a passive income.

Clearly, that is not just what Greg did to grow his business. If you are interested to learn more about how set a website, grow them into a business, keep reading. I will tell you later of a training program that we can use.

In the mean time, let’s get back to Bitnyx a little bit.


Now, we already have the free coin. How can we get that money?

Since there is no other feature to use, nothing to spend the money we get on and so no point in having our balance keep on the account. Withdrawal will be done automatically once we reach 25,000 satoshi every week on Monday at 00:00 UTC.

Back then, the limit was 50,000 satoshi. I don’t think they can go lower than that unless they use a service like FaucetHub.

There is no transaction fee for every withdraw. On WITHDRAWAL page, we can see the time left before the next withdraw and the wallet address to send the money we earn to.

If you don’t have any wallet for Bitcoin, I recommend to use It is actually another bitcoin faucet program but they also offer daily interest if we keep 30,000 satoshi to our balance.

Compounded. So theoretically, it can grow itself without we need to do anything. This way, what we can earn from Bitnyx might be just pennies but if we invest them to someplace else like, it will be worth it later.

Read more about from my review here.

If you follow my recommendation, use the deposit address from account and set them as wallet address to Bitnyx. Our withdraw from Bitnyx will become deposit to

We can add or change the wallet address on SETTING page of Bitnyx. They will send us confirmation email everytime we add or change it.

From this SETTING page as well, we can decide to turn the automatic withdraw on or off. If somehow we are having trouble accessing our wallet, or if we want to change or use multiple wallet, we can turn it off to postpone the withdraw.

But we have to wait until next week to get paid.

No deposit?

Yes, there is no way to make any deposit to Bitnyx. There is nothing to purchase and more importantly, there is nothing to lose here. Earn as free member.

Other faucet programs might offer something like buying lottery ticket or some booster feature so we can earn more per claim. There are even those who offer a gambling game or feature. is one of those. So, take my advice, don’t use the gambling feature.

We can say that there is no risk for using Bitnyx. But on the other hand, those additional features can also be an income source for the program.

Well, at this point, Bitnyx is still relatively new. Usually some adjustments are to be expected.


There is nothing much to discuss further. At least for now. I will try to keep this updated.

What they can offer for users is relatively the same or lower than other program. Which is supposed to be good for stay around longer.

But at the same time, there is no other income source other than limited space to display ads. I think nobody really want to see ads but in order for the business to become sustainable, I think adding some more is not going to be a problem.

The best thing about this website is the minimum number of ads. Even if we have to view them, there is no pop up ads or tabs or window, no distracting ad.

The ads are all in place and I would say rather beautifully. Compared to other faucet using FaucetHub this is a very nice website to see.

Hopefully if they are going to add more space to display ads, the can keep this quality.

Simple claiming process without Captcha, even that is not always true, is the next best thing about Bitnyx. Usually I will not recommend any faucet program less than 60 minutes but considering how easy it is to use, even a 30 minutes timer is not a problem.

What we can get is less for more claim per hour. And it is just pennies but if you follow my suggestion it can eventually be an investment.

There is no risk with this program, and it’s free to earn. Start claiming your free coin here.

Final Word

Remember about Gregc1131? He is the most active members on and with over 5,000 referrals that help him get over 0.07 BTC.

That is just from one program. If we check out his faucet program here, he has a list of hundreds of other program he use.

If he has enough referrals for each of those programs, imagine how much money he can get a month. That is how we can have a business by having a website.

We can start by collecting pennies from many faucet programs for free then we can invest them to build and grow a website. If you want to know more about it, try this online business training program.

Using this training platform, we can learn and actually set up our website, build and grow them until it can generate income for us. We can learn from many experts there who were once just like you and me, probably know almost nothing about online business.

We grow the business and our income using an affiliate program just like Here is my list of all affiliate programs that I have used.

The training is an easy program to use. Even a guy without a college degree can be a millionaire by using them.

We can even get help directly from the owner themselves. Try it. It’s FREE to join the program and try to reply the message from the owner. See if they reply back to you.

That is all I can share with you about Maybe I missed anything and you still have more questions about it or you want to add or share your experience with this program or other similar program, don’t hesitate to use the comment section below.

I would love to help if I could and learn more about online program. If you like my reviews, check out my websites for more or you can suggest a program for me to try or write a review about.

Hope it helps. Thanks for reading.


Mark M.

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