1 Park Residences Complete Review – Home for Japanese Expat in Jakarta

Apartemen 1 (One) Park Residences sejak dibuka tahun 2012 langsung meraih penghargaan The Best Condominium in Indonesia, South East Asia Property Award 2012. Diperuntukkan bagi masyarakat kalangan menengah ke atas, terutama kalangan ekspatriat, dari Jepang, secara lebih spesifik.

Bagaimana desain unit apartemennya? Fasilitas apa saja yang ditawarkan? Apa saja yang bisa didapatkan penghuni dengan tinggal di apartemen ini? Bagaimana dengan biayanya? Jika anda sedang mencari apartemen untuk sewa atau pun beli di Jakarta, mungkin pertanyaan ini yang akan muncul.

Melalui tulisan ini kita akan coba bahas semua aspek dan informasi terkait 1 Park Residences. Semoga bisa membantu untuk mengambil keputusan untuk menyewa atau membeli unit.

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Freebitco.in Review – Free Money with Compounded Daily Interest

There are a lot of ways to earn free money on the internet. Free here means that we don’t need to pay anything first but we still need to do something.

Programs that offers free money using bitcoin as payment method is usually called as bitcoin faucet. Like a faucet, we can turn it on but instead of getting water, we can get bitcoin.

Usually we can’t just turn the faucet on as many time as we want. There are limits, to the amount of money and the number of time we can get money per duration of time. Since the value of one bitcoin is very high, bitcoin faucet lets us get only a small amount of satoshi, parts of bitcoin for free or in exchange to view some advertisements.

Freebitco is one of the bitcoin faucet and it is one of the easiest model of offering free money. There are other programs that we need to do more like taking a survey before we get paid.

It is a free money that we can get while working on our computer, or waiting for someone or traffic. Mobile version is available so we can use this program on our phone while we were outside. Every hour we get a notification, solve a captcha for a few seconds and get satoshi.

It is a very small amount. As of this writing, 1 BTC equals around 4,000 USD we can only get like 20 satoshi per hour and we need 100 million satoshis to get 1 BTC.

It is very small amount but what can we expect from a free program? That is if we only rely on just our hourly play.

There are some features we can use and other opportunity to make more money using this small amount of satoshi. If you want to know how, keep reading.

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Wealthy Affiliate Success Story – No College Degree

When people heard about Wealthy Affiliate (WA), they want to hear about real success stories. A lot of people tried to share some stories from various members but only their successful point in their journey. Somehow, it send a wrong message to other people.

Is it really that easy to be successful? A lot of people already set their mind to find a get rich quick scheme, especially because they are already have financial problem. So when they look into an article about people saying “I make $10000 with my website”, it’s either looks like another scam program or as it will happen overnight.

As for any new WA member, their mind already get stuck to start making money right away. They follow their training without having a big picture in their head about how long or how hard it is until they make money. When they realized that, most of them get frustrated, discouraged, and eventually given up.

They didn’t know that every successful members in WA had been dealing with the same problem they had. They thought those people were experts from the beginning and they were different.

For me, I would love to know every detail on what happen since a member join until they reach their success. That way, I have a better understanding of what I will be dealing with in the future.

This is my first writing about successful WA member. His name is Nathaniell.
I chose to learn more about him because he shared a lot about his experience since he started in 2010. Not only his success but also his failures.

He didn’t have any college degree, so hopefully this could encourage other with the same background that they could also be successful.

Here are the summary of what I can learn from him as WA member and hopefully it would be helpful for the other as well.

If you are not familiar with Wealthy Affiliate and want to know more you can read my review here or you can access the website Wealthy Affiliate. Continue reading “Wealthy Affiliate Success Story – No College Degree”

Wealthy Affiliate Review – A Whole Package for Online Industry

In this post, I’m gonna share about Wealthy Affiliate Review based on my experience with them.

A little back story about me, when I joined Wealthy Affiliate I had minimum knowledge of any online industry other than using Google to surf through the internet. As a young person, an opportunity to have extra income would interest me. I’ve tried many kinds of online income programs, but it wasn’t enough or failed, or scams or that I wasn’t sure to do it.

Usually when I heard the word “affiliate” it kinda scares me and immediately like “it must be about marketing or sales or talk to people, selling something” that I believed I couldn’t do it.

And yet, I joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2016. I’ve heard about them long before that. When an online money making program has been around long enough, it means that they could be legit. If they were scams, they wouldn’t make it more than two years.

So, I asked myself, what makes them different than other money making programs? I decided to give it a try since they offer something for free. Here is what I can find so far about Wealthy Affiliate.

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About Me

Hi, my name’s Mark. Welcome to my blog, my humble abode.

First of all, please excuse my English as it is not my first one. So maybe you will find a lot of grammar mistakes from my posts or even on this one.

This blog is just my way to keep my mind away from depression. I don’t even know if this is a good idea as a coping mechanism for any depressed person but at least, so far it can keep my mind busy enough. Just a depressed guy blogging.

This blog is a place for me to call home. It means that whenever I feel depressed, I can come back here to set my mind straight again. Whenever I feel my life starting to drift apart, I can always remind myself that I have something here that I can keep building and growing.

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