Dell Latitude 5290 2-in-1 Review

Recently, my 8-year-old laptop broke down so I have to look for a new one. A lot has changed since I bought that laptop.

Not just the technology inside a laptop but also how and what I use the laptop for. Since I’m not a tech genius I really don’t know what to buy or what to look for from any laptop.

As a non US citizen, I don’t have as many laptop options available from my local stores and not as updated. But then, Dell Latitude 5290 2-in-1 recently came in and got my attention.

The product itself was initially released in about January, 2018. So, it’s about one year late in my country. While the world is ready for a folded touch screen smartphone or even laptop, I still have to settle down with 2-in-1 convertible and detachable laptop.

Well, it’s not that I can afford the folded touch screen. I’m just pointing out the reason for a late review.

Dell Latitude 5290 2-in-1 is considered as a clone of Microsoft’s Surface Pro laptop. Latitude laptop is the business laptop line from Dell which is supposed to be stronger and long lasting than any consumer laptop like their Inspiron line.

So, what are the specifications? What can we use it for? Heavy gaming? Streaming 4K? Editing videos or just daily office work?

Can we upgrade later?  Is it worth the cost? Those are probably just few questions that come to mind when people are about to buy a laptop.

In this writing I will share with you what I can find from the internet and what I understand about Dell Latitude 5290 2-in-1 review. Just a reminder that I’m not an expert and a non English speaker.

I’m just an ordinary guy trying to figure out what laptop to buy. Hopefully, this can help anybody make some decision.

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A 5 minutes faucet usually has a number of claim limit per day. With that, we have a choice whether to spend few hours consecutively claiming or spread them and claim the entire day.

If you are looking for a faucet program with 5 minutes timer, but with other earning options, you might want to try Right now, this could be one of the faucet with the highest amount of bitcoin based on the earning potential from faucet alone.

So who are they? Are they legit or scams? How much money can we get? Is there any downside with this program?

Those are probably just a few question we have in mind after hearing about With this article, I’m going to share with you my review based on my experience with them and what we need to know about them.

Hope this helps answer some questions. Are they the next best faucet for Bitcoin?

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Beverly 90210 Mid Rise Condominium Gading Serpong Review

Apa anda sedang mencari kos atau hunian di Gading Serpong? Berencana untuk tinggal sementara atau menetap karena pekerjaan atau kuliah? Mungkin apartemen Beverly 90210 bisa dipertimbangkan untuk menjadi pilihan.

Kawasan Gading Serpong sendiri sudah cukup berkembang tidak hanya sebagai kota satelit pendukung kota metropolitan DKI Jakarta, namun juga terus melengkapi fasilitas yang tersedia di dalamnya untuk menjadi sebuah kota yang mandiri. Tidak hanya perumahan dan ruko, akan tetapi juga tersedia sejumlah sekolah dan kampus hingga perkantoran, membuat kawasan Gading Serpong menjadi pilihan bagi banyak orang untuk tinggal.

Apartemen Beverly 90210 merupakan salah satu hunian yang disediakan oleh Paramount selaku salah satu pengembang kawasan di Gading Serpong. Awalnya ditargetkan bagi mahasiswa sebagai alternatif tempat kost, namun dengan kondisi yang ada banyak juga dihuni oleh mereka yang berlatar belakang keluarga muda, mulai dari baru menikah hingga memiliki satu anak.

Sekalipun apartemennya masih memiliki banyak kekurangan, kawasan Gading Serpong sendiri terus berkembang dan menutupi kekuranngan fasilitas tersebut. Belum lagi akses mudah untuk mencapai kawasan di sekitarnya  seperti BSD, Alam Sutera, Karawaci dan Tangerang yang menambah pilihan fasilitas bagi penghuni.

Dengan konteks kawasan yang tidak padat seperti Jakarta, masih banyak ruang terbuka dan sedikit gedung tinggi, menjadi nilai tambah bagi Gading Serpong. Udara yang masih lebih segar dan jalanan yang cukup lapang hingga bisa dimanfaatkan untuk berolahraga.

Oleh karena itu perlu dilihat konteks secara menyeluruh untuk memahami nilai sebenarnya dari tinggal di kawasan Gading Serpong ini. Tulisan ini akan membahas tidak hanya mengenai apartemen Beverly 90210 dan fasilitasnya di dalamnya saja, tapi juga apa yang tersedia di sekitarnya dan bisa dimanfaatkan oleh siapapun yang tinggal di apartemen ini.

Semoga tulisan ini bisa membantu.

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In the past, I would tell people not to use any faucet program with less than 60 minutes timer. But then, we need to keep looking for alternatives from other program, especially those that offer special feature like interest.

With interest, we don’t need to do anything just maintain some amount on our balance and the money can grow from the interest. Like a bank.

This has led me to try Another program replicating model but instead of 60 minutes faucet, we get a 5 minutes.

So, who are they? Are they legit or scams? How much money can we earn for free? What is the interest rate? How to use this program?

Those are probably some questions that came to your mind after hearing about Trust BTC Faucet. With this article, I will share with you my Trust BTC Faucet review based on my experience and what I can find online.

Hopefully this could help. Are they the next source for passive income?

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Maybe you get tired from the ads we have to click, load and views from a lot of online program. All of that just to earn some pennies.

A lot of new programs are launched everyday so we can have another options and keep trying to find a better program to earn money from. If you are looking for a program with the least disturbing ads to view, maybe you should try

Who are they? Are they legit or scams? Is it free? How does it work? Can anybody use them? How much money we can earn from them?

Those are probably just a few questions that came to mind when we hear about an online program. Especially a money making program.

In this article I will share with you my review based on my experience with them. Maybe they are the next program for you to earn money from? Hope this writing can give you some answers.

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List of Tabletop Games

Whether it’s a board game or card game, nowadays, tabletop games are more than just Monopoly or Game of Life. There are thousand of new games being released every year from around the world.

These games can offer multiple different mode to play. From competitive, cooperative, multiplayer or we can even play some games alone.

This is the list of all of tabletop games that I have played and written a review for. Most of them are card games but there maybe several other board games coming.

Usually I prefer games in smaller box because they are easier to setup and play, fast playing time, affordable, and compact. Just because the game is big, it doesn’t always mean they have a better gameplay compared to the smaller ones.

Bigger games do have better chance on offering a more interesting and deeper gameplay because of multiple different components they can add. However, as a result the setup and the playtime will take even longer and some people like me, cannot always afford that.

People say that there are games for any kind of person. These are just a small portion of the game in the world that I find them interesting or that I have access to.

I will keep updating this article with more games and their review. So, stay tuned.

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